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Advent 2014 Fics

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Severus looked down at Ellie. He and Harry were watching Lily's daughter, while Lily traveled for her job.

"Yes, sweetie?" Severus asked.

"Can we watch The Charlie Brown Christmas special?" she asked, eyes wide. She had learned in the crib how to use the "puppy dog" look effectively.

"When it is on?" Severus asked, boosting her up to sit on his lap.

"Tonight," she said.

"Before or after your bed time?" Severus persisted.

"Umm... both?" she giggled.

"Ah!" Severus tried to not laugh.

"Grampa Harry says it's a 'classic,'" she parroted.

"And how much television have you watched today?" Severus frowned.

"Not that much?" she tried.

Which meant she had watched her daily limit of television. Ellie would sit in front of a television all day not given any restriction.

"You could watch with me," she offered.

"I could, could I?" Severus teased.

"Grampa Harry said he'd make hot cocoa," Ellie countered.

"With marshmallows?" Severus asked.

She nodded solemnly.

Severus pretended to consider.

"If you get your pajamas on before it starts, so you can go right to bed," Severus suggested.

Her face lit up. "I can do that!" She threw her arms around him for a warm hug.