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Life Is Silly Sometimes.

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Claire Brown does not like Morgan Reznick.

There, end of story. The blonde doctor was snobbish, obnoxious, heartless and just outright annoying. Claire didn’t know why everything Reznick said or did just got to her so much, it’s definitely not because she was attracted to the blonde the moment she laid her eyes on her. Oh no, not her blue-green eyes, or her pretty face or her irritating fake smile.

Claire entered the locker room, and headed to change into her scrubs. Her work shift starts in another half an hour, so she knows she has time to head to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee. She wondered when would Reznick arrive, the perfectionist doctor always come just as early as her. Speaking of the devil, the door to the locker room clicked open, and the familiar sound of boots reached her ears.

“Brown.” Reznick nodded in her direction, head held high as she walked confidently to her locker.

Claire scoffed under her breath, it’s just like the blonde to act so high and mighty. Maybe the comment Reznick made regarding the pedophile’s death yesterday still bugged her.

“Dr.Reznick.” Claire mutters and quickly closes her locker door, rushing to get out of the stuffy room, especially when tension always strangely rises when she’s in the same space as the other doctor. Whatever.

“Wait-” Reznick called out just as Claire’s hand reached the door handle.

“What?” Claire snapped, her short attitude seemed to surprise both herself and the other doctor. Reznick faltered at her tone before plastering a fake, all-to-perfect smile.

“Nothing, it’s fine.”

Claire rolled her eyes and got out the room. When she stepped out the room and took in the fresh air, she silently berated herself. She admits that she was rude, she didn’t know why she acted the way she did. If the other doctor were Park or Shaun, she would have a completely different attitude.

“Dammit, Claire.” Claire cursed under her breath before heading to the cafeteria, she’s blaming her terrible attitude on the lack of caffeine, even though she knew better. Maybe she’d apologize to Reznick when she sees her again later.

When their shift started, it was complete chaos. She was working under Dr.Melendez with a leukemia patient when the news came in. There was a virus from Malaysia that infected one of their patients, at first it was nothing, it was just another day in the ER room. Before long, the situation worsened and half of her friends as well as Dr. Lim were under quarantine.

Claire, Dr. Melendez, Andrew and some of the board members could only watch hopelessly from the screen as Shaun collapsed due to sensory overload while Reznick was trying her best to keep it together to undergo a surgery without the OR room. Claire knows Reznick is an impressive doctor, she was calm and collected, her (lack of?) empathy allowed her to make quick, sharp judgement and work efficiently. Claire watched the other doctor trying to take a shaking breath after the death of her friend, Tyler. There was nothing going on between the two of them, Claire knew that and she didn’t care about that, she was more worried about Reznick’s state of mind. Her respect and admiration for Reznick grew tenfold as she watched Reznick keep strong even though everyone around her was falling into chaos.

Claire’s heart ache for Reznick and Dr. Melendez when they all saw Dr. Lim collapsed in the quarantined room, she wished she had the courage to break into the quarantine room and help the other doctor. It was harder than she imagined to see the usual calm and collected, cold hearted doctor suddenly helpless but still trying to keep it together. Dr. Melendez wasn’t doing any better besides her, he was watching at the collapse form of Dr.Lim with a helpless, pained desperation.

After another 10 stressful hours, the quarantine finally broke. All the doctors were fine and cleared to go home. The whole shift Claire had Reznick in the back of her mind as she focused on her own patient with Dr.Melendez, and the moment she was cleared she all but rushed to the locker room. She wanted to see Reznick, she wanted to apologize for her morning shitty attitude and tell how proud she was of the other doctor for all that she did today.

When she entered the locker room, she was met with Shaun and Park’s tired smile, bur Reznick was nowhere in sight.

“Dr.Brown. Good work today.” Park said.

“You too.” Claire smiled back, “Have you seen Reznick?”

Park looked at her curiously for a while, before saying “check the rooftop.” Claire turned back out immediately with a quick thanks, she did not notice Park’s knowing look.

Upon reaching the rooftop, Claire saw a figure hunched on the floor, rocking back and forth. From the lock of blonde hair, Claire knew who the other person was. Once again, her heart ache painfully seeing the usually confident doctor so vulnerable. She quietly approached the other Doctor.

“Reznick?” She softly called, the blonde did not hear but rocked harder, from the way she was struggling to breathe, Claire realized the other woman was hyperventilating.

“Morgan!” She called louder and reached out to touch the woman’s arm. Morgan immediately flinched and looked up with a tearful, panicked look. Claire choked on her own sob. She kneeled down and put both of her hands on Morgan’s arm, applying pressure.

“Hey, look at me, look at me.” She said to the other doctor, but Morgan’s eyes were moving left and right too fast, as if she couldn’t focus, she was still rocking back and forth. It took only a second for Claire realized Morgan was acting like Shaun when he was uncomfortable, he would look left and round and fidget. Claire took a sharp breath at the realisation but this was not the time to make a diagnosis.

“Morgan!” She raised her voice and that caught Morgan's attention. The blonde looked at Claire helplessly. “Breath with me, Morgan. Breathe in….breathe out.That’s it, you’re doing great.” Claire continued softly until Morgan’s rocking and breath calmed down. Claire moves her thumb softly back and forth on the other’s woman’s arm. When Morgan has finally calmed down, Claire slowly moves to her side and without thinking, reaches out her arm to pull Morgan into a side hug. They stayed like that for a while, until the blonde broke the silence.

“Go ahead, say what you want to say.” Morgan said angrily, even if her voice still shook a bit.

Claire looked at her in surprise. “I wasn’t going to say anything, Morgan.” When Morgan made eye contact with her in anger and embarrassment, “Well, other than I think you’re one of the strongest women I know, Morgan Reznick. I don’t think I could have performed as steady as you if I was in your situation. You’re incredibly smart and brave to me.” Morgan looked at her in surprise.


“And I also want to apologize to you about how I treated you this morning, it was completely uncalled for.”

Morgan was stunned silent, Claire could only smile gently, one could say almost tenderly at the other woman.

“Are you...are you not going to mention what you just saw?” Morgan breaks the eye contact and stares ahead, jaw set tensely.

Claire automatically rubs her thumb on Morgan’s arm again, subconsciously providing comfort for her. She stares ahead too and replies: “Not if you don’t want to. I won’t tell anyone.” Morgan kept quiet for a long while, so long that Claire thought she had fallen asleep sitting up.

“I was diagnosed with level 1 autism when I was very little. Thankfully, my parents noticed it immediately and gave me a lot of treatments including therapy. With time, I got better and I was deemed healthy and normal by the time I reached my teens. It still gets to me whenever I get overly stressed.”

Claire listened and digested all those information quietly, she still said nothing but only nodded.

“If you ever tell this to anyone, I will make it my life mission to make your residential life miserable, Brown.”

“I won’t.” Claire looked at Morgan, “I still stand with what I said about you.”

It took a moment for Morgan to realize what she said, before a blush overtook her face. Claire thought she looked beautiful.



Claire was singing when Morgan called. Her heart skipped a beat, she wants to believe whatever they talked about yesterday might have made them a little closer, but she didn’t want to assume anything.

“You up for mimosas? I was just about to head to Hollanders, and I thought you might want to join me.” Morgan’s chirpy voice rang through, a completely different tone from yesterday night.

“You thought I might want to join you for mimosas?” Claire asks tentatively, is Morgan asking to spend time together on their day off?

“Why not?’

“Because we don’t like each other?” Claire replies.

“We don’t really know each other.” Morgan replies as Claire’s heart skipped another beat in almost giddiness, but she knocked it out. “Hollander’s has the absolute best brunch in San Jose. I’ll drive, I’ll buy.”

“How about you just tell me what is it that you actually want?” Claire huffs.

“What else is it you’re gonna do? Sit around, play guitar and sing into your phone?”

“Wait, how did you know what I was doing?”

“I didn’t, but that’s what your profile on a certain dating app says what you like to do on your days off.”

What?? “Are you stalking me?” A blush covered Claire’s face, she might or might not have written ‘bisexual’ on her tinder profile, why was she feeling embarrassed? Claire was not one to be ashamed of her own sexuality, it took her awhile to realize that she was not embarrassed about her sexuality, but that Morgan knows that about her.

“One mimosas and I’ll tell you the fake profile that I use for’ oppo’ research. The guy I picked for my profile is gorgeous, you really wanna risk swiping right on me?”

Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. Pft, Morgan didn’t need to use a different profile to be gorgeous. Wait- what? Claire shook her head real quick, this is not the time.

“I’ll drive myself.”

“It’ll be fun, meet you in an hour.” Just like that, Morgan hung up on her. Claire took a second to look at her phone, thinking what she just signed up for.

She stood up and headed to her closet, what was the right dress code for a brunch with your co-worker you hate but kinda have a minor crush on? She wanted to dress to impress, but didn’t want to overdress. Claire huffed again as she shuffled through the clothes in her closet.

Morgan has once again, succeeding in getting to her without actively trying.

An hour later, she was sitting across Morgan in a cute little shop. It was pretty empty but it gives out a peaceful and calming vibe. She thought it’s quite perfect after the hectic shift they had, not that she’ll tell that to Morgan.

“Diego Luis.” Morgan said to her after they were served mimosas. Morgan was dressed in all black with a necklace, her blonde curls falling prettily on her shoulders, Claire mentally shook her again. Stop, you useless bisexual. “My pseudonym, I think Latin names are sexy.”

“You might want to pace yourself, we don’t even have the menu yet.” Claire says as she watches Morgan drink her mimosas. Morgan looked at her and smiled cheekily.

“I’ll be fine.”

“Hey listen, I’m really sorry about that EMT. I heard you guys were kinda close?” Claire strikes up a conversation, her own stomach sinking as she observes Morgan’s reaction. Her blue eyes dimmed and her lips pursed.

“You were wrong, I barely even knew him.” Morgan shrugs but her eyes said otherwise, Claire knows the EMT’s death affected Morgan.

“Okay. But as long as I’m here, if you wanna talk about-”

“I don’t.” Morgan interrupted her swiftly, Claire frowns. “I want a brunch partner, not a shrink.”

Claire frowns further, why is the other woman so infuriating. She was just being a nice friend, maybe for once Claire just wants the other woman to speak her mind.

“I’m not trying to be a shrink, I’m trying to be a decent human being.”

“Of course you are, St.Claire to the rescue.” Claire continues to frown, that’s it.

“What is your problem? You literally blackmailed me to be here, and now you have the nerve to act like I’m the one-” Claire was once again interrupted, this time by her cellphone. She took one glance to look at the caller ID, and huffs in further annoyance. Great, this day couldn’t get better, here I thought we could actually ‘know each other better.’

“I’m going to take this outside, if you just want to get that check, that’s fine by me.” Claire stood up and left, leaving Morgan to stare blankly as she left.

Of course her mom was going to fucked up, of course she was getting evicted, with the money that she paid for. She stomps back inside, “I have to go.”

“Mimosas, plural. That was the deal.” Morgan says. “You had a quarter.”

Claire got out her purse to pay, “Well, my mom is getting evicted.”

“Fine. I’ll come along.”

What now? Claire glares at the other woman, she was definitely not in the mood, she was naive to think that Morgan would treat her nicer after yesterday but today was proof enough that the other woman does not like her, and Claire does not have the time nor energy to unpack that.

“I’m not lying, I have to help her move.” Claire says, annoyed and hoping to get rid of the other woman.

“I could use the exercise.” Morgan says stubbornly.

Claire rolled her eyes, what is it about this woman who is just so relentless? Yesterday, it was a trait Claire admired, today it was a trait that annoyed Claire.


“Two cars are better than one.” Morgan replies, avoiding eye contact with the brunette.

“Stop. What is going on?” Claire finally says. Morgan flinched, looked away and took a shaky breath.

“You were right. Tyler’s death was….upsetting.” Claire’s eyes filled with understanding, but Morgan immediately changed the topic, not wanting to disclose any feelings. “I can carry a lot. And I’m great with moms.”

Claire thought for a second, but the quiet desperation in Morgan’s eyes did her in. She understands that Morgan wasn’t great with talking about feelings, she could relate to that. And she is not about to leave the other woman alone when she was feeling vulnerable, dammit.

“Okay.” And that was that.
Claire was being bombarded with so many surprises today, she didn’t know what she did to deserve it. Breeze lied, as she always did. Claire does not know why she always, always ends up giving her mom a second chance, a second chance to give her false hope and break her heart all over again. She knew her mom had issues, knew she was bipolar, knew she was an alcoholic, she knew it all but deep down, she still wanted to believe her.

Breeze was not being abused, but when Claire and Morgan thought she was, the first thing that Claire did not expect her to say was ‘Let’s go show him not to mess around with women’, and drove to where the man was working at the moment.

Morgan stepped out of the car, armed; another thing Claire did not see coming. But she saw the determined way Morgan held the gun discreetly yet confidently, saw the way she stepped in front of Claire to threaten the other man. Claire is not a fan of guns, big time but she has to admit that her attraction towards the blonde kinda just leveled up, like a lot. The protective way Morgan acted made Claire feel safe, and cared for even if Morgan was technically doing it for her mother. She was however, curious why Morgan would own a gun and why did she seem so comfortable with handling one.

When everything was said and done, they drove back to Claire’s place. They could have splitted ways from Breeze’s apartment but they just naturally drove back to Claire’s.

“Thank you.” Claire says to Morgan at the doorstep. “You didn’t have to help my mom with all her mess today, but you did. You know what? I think deep down you do have a heart after all.”

Morgan scoffed, “Of course I do, I just chose not to show it because people tend to use your kindness against you.”

“Only you would think that. Kindness actually makes people closer to you, it forms connection. And believe it or not, I believe that kindness helps more in our career.” Claire jabs back playfully, a quirk of a smile on her lips.

“Yeah, yeah whatever, St Claire.” Morgan smirks cheekily at her, Claire wants to be annoyed at the pet name but she somehow found the pet name almost...affectionate? She didn’t know how to reply to that, and for a short second they just stood there looking at each other with a tiny smile. It was awkward but for some reason, Claire did feel like the distance between them got smaller.
“Well, I’m going to head back now, the sun’s almost down. Bye, Claire.” Morgan says before turning around, in a moment of panic Claire shot her hand out to grab the blonde’s arm.

“Wait, Morgan!” Claire said as the blonde turned around in curiosity, it’s now or never. “Have dinner with me.”

Morgan’s eyes filled with surprise, “Now?”

“Uh, yes, now. Why not?” Claire blushed, her hand still on the other woman’s arm, she could feel the warmth seeping through Morgan’s clothes, and she suddenly had the urge to rub her thumb again. She blushed some more.

Morgan smiled, surprised at the turn of events. “Why?”

Because I don’t want you to go yet?

Claire cleared her throat and reluctantly let go of her hand. “Well, I feel bad I had to cut short our brunch date.” In Claire’s mind, it was blaring with loud alarm noises, she did not mean to say date! “We can just order pizza or whatever.”

If Morgan heard the word date, she didn’t mention it, but her cheeks were tinted pink. She acted annoyed and rolled her eyes fondly.

“I mean, if you insist.” She smiled cheekily. Claire likes this side of the blonde, a lot. This Morgan wasn’t the one who showed up at work, not cut-throat, cold hearted Morgan; this was protective and playful Morgan.

“Come in then. It’s too cold outside.” Claire hung up their coats before going to the kitchen to make some tea. “Sit anywhere you like, I’ll make us some tea. Is green tea okay?”

“Yeah, sure thanks.” Morgan replied from the living room. She was looking around the tiny apartment, it was neat, minimalistic but warm and cozy. She spots the guitar on the couch and sits gently next to it, afraid of making it fall. On the coffee table, there was a notepad with handwritten words, some scribbles and some music notes.

“Here.” Claire passed the tea to the blonde and put hers on the table. “Sorry, it’s a mess. I forgot to clear them up when you called.

“You make your own lyrics?” Morgan blurts out.

Claire blushed, “Yeah, just for fun. Gosh, this is embarrassing.” She closed the notepad and stuffed in on the bookshelf on top of the couch. She then took the guitar before placing it back to it’s stand against the wall.

“Don’t be ashamed now, I’m actually quite curious about your singing. I heard your mom is a great singer.” Morgan smiled encouragingly

“She was.” Claire smiled sadly as she sat down next to Morgan, leaving a small distance between both of them on the small couch.

“What happened?” Morgan asks softly, knowing that she’s edging on sensitive topics. “You don’t have to tell me anything, but I’m here to listen.” Not wanting to seem too soft, Morgan quickly adds, “and the pizza.”

That got a small laugh from the brunette, “No, it’s nothing major. It’s just that she couldn’t hold a job.” Claire looked at Morgan, seeing only patience in her blue eyes. “She used to sing at bars a lot, that was her main source of income when I was little, she loved to play her guitar and practiced singing at home before her show.” Claire smiles, staring ahead. Those memories of her mom singing and the gentle acoustic of the quitar were fond, one of the very few memories she loves. “She loves to sing, she also loves to drink. So there’s that.” Claire didn’t tell Morgan about the physical and verbal abuse she had to endure up until she was 18, she didn’t want to ruin the day with the topic of her mom, again.

Claire glanced at Morgan, but she didn’t see any pity in those blue eyes. She was relieved, she didn’t need pity, just company.

“What were you singing before I called you?” Morgan changed the topic, knowing Claire does not want to talk about her mother anymore.

“Oh gosh.” Claire laughs and covers her face, “Did you see my notebook?”

“It was in my direct eyesight, I couldn’t help it! I didn’t touch it, don’t worry.” Morgan laughs as well, “Come on, sing something.”

“God no, it’s too embarrassing!.” Claire says underneath her palm, still laughing. Then suddenly, two warm hands were gently prying them from her face, and she was met with two blue eyes. When did they get so close?

“Come on, just once? Consider it a favor for missing out on the mimosas.” Morgan teases, though Claire knows the blonde will back off if she sternly says no. In this case, Claire can’t seem to, not when Morgan was pulling a puppy look with her pretty, pretty eyes.

“I’m already paying for the pizzas later.” Claire rolls her eyes playfully, but stood up anyway to get her guitar. Morgan was grinning triumphantly, it kinda makes Claire wanna kiss that stupid grin off, not realizing that she had a grin on her face too.

She grabs the guitar and the notebook, before sitting down on the couch again, facing Morgan. She adjusted the position of her guitar and opened her book.
“Okay, don’t laugh okay? Nobody heard me sing before.”

“I’m the first to ever hear our local surgical resident sing? I’m honored.” Morgan teased some more, Claire glared at her but she knew her glare didn’t bring heat. Morgan leaned slightly closer towards Claire, and Claire’s heart started to beat all over the place again.

“I’m still developing this, so it’s very short. Here goes.” Claire took a deep breath and started to sing, her hair fell over her cheek but she was just focused on her singing. Her voice shook a bit when she felt Morgan’s hand reach out gently to tug her hair behind her ear, and they lingered there for a moment. The moment was tender, and it gave Claire butterflies in her stomach. She didn’t dare to look at Morgan.

When the last note ended, Claire looked up from her guitar and found Morgan looking at her with a gentle look. Not for the first time, Claire wants to lean forward and capture the other woman’s lips with her own. The moment was still tender and delicate, and it feels loaded with intention. Claire glanced at Morgan’s lips before looking at the blonde, and her heart skipped another beat when she realized Morgan was looking at hers. What if she just leaned in, is it so bad to indulge in her little crush? Her little crush that was slowly getting bigger?

A distant bark broke the moment and made them jump apart, the guitar hit the floor with a loud thunk, Claire thought her heart fell out of her chest, her face was as red as a tomato.

“I’m going to order pizza!”

“I need to use the restroom!” They both said at the same time, jumping to their feet. In a very awkward fashion, Morgan brushed by Claire to rush into the restroom, their hands brushed inevitably in such a small space. They both blushed some more.

In the restroom, Morgan splashed cold water onto her heated face. What was she thinking, what just happened or more importantly, what was going to happen if that stupid dog didn’t bark. Outside in the living room, Claire was having the same dilemma as she half heartedly ordered some standard pizzas on the phone, thoughts running a mile a minute. When she finished the call, she rushed back into her bedroom to get her laptop. A movie is what they both need right now as a distraction.

When Morgan came out of the restroom, Claire was already sitting on the couch, avoiding eye contact with the other woman at all cost.

“Hey, I ordered the pizzas. You want to pick a movie?” Claire said when Morgan sat back down on the couch. Morgan glanced at her in surprise again, she didn’t think Claire would want to spend more time with her after what almost happened.

“We’re watching a movie?”

“Oh, we don’t have to.” Claire said, thinking that Morgan didn’t want to spend more time than necessary with her after what just happened. “I just thought, never mind I don’t know what I thought.”

“No, it’s alright. I suppose a movie is fine. It’s only a quarter past seven.” Morgan said quickly.

“Anything you have in mind?”

“Not really, I don’t really watch movies.” Claire gapped at that.

“What do you mean you don’t really watch movies, have you even heard of Harry Potter?”

Morgan rolled her eyes, “Of course I have, I just never read it or watched it. It’s not a big deal.”

“Not- “ Claire scoffs aloud, “Not a big deal? Oh no, I think I have to cancel on that pizza!”

“Don’t be dramatic, we’re studying science, I grew up in a family of doctors. You don’t need something as trivial as magic when you have the wonders of science.” Morgan teased some more, the look on Claire was ridiculous, she looked like she was going to pass out. The awkwardness from before was gone, replaced by playfulness once again.

Claire insisted on watching Harry Potter from the first movie, going on rants about all of the interesting facts about the book. Morgan wondered if she could mention that she liked Lord of The Rings more than Harry Potter as she watched the brunette fondly.

They ate pizza while watching the movie, so what if they ‘secretly’ glanced at each other more than the movie during the entire show or if they were basically cuddling the entire time, it was no one’s business but theirs.




Claire’s night shift ended at 7am, she was emotionally and physically tired, her back and the sole of her feet were sore, her stomach was growling in hunger but all she wanted was the warmth of her bed back at her apartment. She didn’t see Morgan the whole shift since the other doctor was in charge of the morning shift, somehow the hospital seemed a little too quiet and dull without the blonde’s chirpy, straight forward snarks.

She was leaning her forehead on her locker, the cold metal of the locker provided her a tiny moment of escape and support for her tired body. She did not hear the click of the locker room, not the sound of boots.

“Hey, are you okay?” Morgan’s voice reached her ears, and she tiredly raised her head to look at the doctor.

“Yeah, just tired.” Claire tried to smile, but was too tired, she felt like her legs were gonna give out. Morgan quickly put down her things on the bench before stepping up to the brunette.

“Come here.” Morgan raised her arm and Claire immediately collapsed into her arms, her hands wrapped around Morgan’s waist. Morgan’s hug was something she didn’t know she needed up until now, she was warm and steady. Her taller statue meant Claire could fit her head in the crook of Morgan’s neck, and she greedily took in the smell of the blonde’s shampoo and subtle perfume.

In a moment of weakness, Claire could almost laugh at herself of how things have changed between Morgan and her. A few weeks ago, she was cursing Morgan’s existence and couldn’t even stand to be in the same space of this locker room with her, and now Morgan was someone she goes to to complain or share her Friday night.

“You smell good.” Claire mumbled and really believed she could fall asleep right there and then. She felt fingers running through her tangled, messy hair before the comforting weight of Morgan’s face leaning back on her head for 3 seconds.

“Come on, I got you breakfast.” Morgan let go of the hug, it felt too short. Claire grumbled lowly as she felt Morgan letting go.

“Coffee?” She asked as Morgan led her to sit on the bench.

“Hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, just enough that you won't fall asleep on the drive home.” Morgan passed her a tiny tray with the drink and a paper bag.

“What’s this?” Claire asked as she took the paper bag, humming contently as she drank the hot chocolate. “Gosh, you’re a lifesaver.”

“I don’t know, I simply picked it from the café on the way to the hospital.” Morgan said quickly, and looked away. Claire glanced at her weirdly at her response before peering into the paper bag.

Inside the paper bag was a single dark chocolate croissant from her favorite café that she once mentioned to Morgan last month, and that cafe was definitely not on the way to the hospital. Claire suddenly felt like crying.

“Morgan…” Claire could hear the tear in her voice, she’s too tired to keep herself together, dammit. “Frascati’s is definitely not on the way to the hospital.” She said to Morgan, but Morgan was still avoiding eye contact, a blush filling her cheeks.

“It is from my apartment.” She replied too quickly and Claire snorted out a laugh.

“No, it’s not.”
“Whatever, you’re going to eat that or not?” Morgan huffed in false annoyance, and Claire felt her heart grow two sizes bigger.

“Thank you.” Claire said and after a moment of hesitation, leaned forward to brush her lips on Morgan’s cheek. It was very light and very quick, it wasn’t exactly a kiss. She was happy to see Morgan’s face blushed redder.

Morgan cleared her throat and stood up, “Eat and take a good sleep.” She looked at Claire sternly, “ I have to start my shift soon.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Claire smiled cheekily and Morgan rolled her eyes.

“Wanna have dinner with me?” When they saw each other again, Claire was reading a patient’s report at the nurse’s station 2 days later.

“Huh?” She looked up to see Morgan at her side, reaching for something from the station. The nurses ignored them after giving them a curious glance, Morgan glared at them.

“Dinner at Paesano? You won’t believe the week I had.” Morgan asked casually again.

“Morgan, we worked in the same hospital, under the same bosses.” Claire wrote something on the report, but the corner of her lips quirked up. “But yes on the dinner.”

“Great, see you there at 8 or do you wanna go together?” Claire tried to fight off the incoming blush on her face, ‘going together’ meant one of them picking up the other, and that sounds too close like a date.

“I’ll get there myself.” Claire glanced at Morgan, the other doctor just nodded before striding away.

“So….is there anything going on between the two of you?” Mrs. Mindy asked suddenly from the station, she was a mid 40s nosy nurse who loved all kinds of drama in the hospital. Claire jumped, she forgot where she was for a moment.

“What- No, of course not. Morgan was just being friendly.” She shook her head, it’s not like she needed to explain herself.

“Hmmm, Morgan huh.” Mrs. Mindy replies shortly, shooting an amused look at Claire, Claire shook her head again, failing to shake off the blush and strode away as quickly as possible, pretending to look busy.

Hours felt like years until their shift ended, Park and Claire headed to the locker room when Morgan was just about to head out. Their eyes met and they shared a tiny smile, Morgan brushed past them after saying a quick ‘I got to go now, bye guys.”

When Claire and Park were alone again, Park spoke.

“You know, you two aren’t as subtle as you think.” Claire turned around immediately.

“What? What do you mean?” She asked before realizing, “Oh! That nosy Mindy, so the whole hospital knows we have dinner together now??”

Park looked at her blankly before saying, “No, actually. I meant the secretive smiles and looks you two give each other, and that your bickerings aren’t as cold anymore. But uh..good to know! Good luck!”

“Oh my gosh, Morgan is going to kill me.” Claire groaned in her hands. “Sorry, Park. Can you not tell that to anyone please?”

Park chuckled, “Sure thing. So are you two dating now or something?”

“Or something, I guess. I don’t know, we never really call it dates.” Claire blushed again, before taking her things out of the locker.

“Guess you’ll know soon.” Park smiled encouragingly.

Claire looked at him, “Do you know something?”

“No, don’t look at me like that. It’s just Morgan and I have been working together way before you two did, so I kind of treat her as a sister.”

“Are you giving me a shovel talk?” Claire looked at him amusingly, it was nice to know Morgan has someone on her back. Park only shrugged.

“If you know it, you know it.”


The dinner went well, it wasn’t anything special. Morgan was acting the way she always does, conversation between them was easy and free-flowing. After weeks of hanging out with the blonde, it was easy to enjoy each other’s company. To be honest, it wasn’t any different as any other time they shared a meal. Claire didn’t know if she was more disappointed or relieved. They have been skirting around each other. Claire doesn’t know what she was expecting, was she expecting Morgan to suddenly be publicly affectionate and flirt with her? That’s not who Morgan was. Morgan was subtle, soft and displays her affection through small gestures, and Claire wouldn’t have it any other way.

When they drove back to Claire's place, Claire had a strange sense of Deja Vu when they walked up to her doorstop. Claire clutched her purse and turned around, ending the dinner like this was a little anticlimactic.

“So, is this like a date or you know, just us hanging out?” She asked Morgan, the blonde stepped closer to her and Claire’s breath hitched.

“I don’t know, what does a date usually include?” Morgan teased, her voice soft.

“A kiss?” Claire replied shyly, it was out of character for her, but Morgan was just too close right now, she can almost feel her breath on her.

“So kiss me.” Morgan whispered as she leaned in, but paused right in front of Claire’s to let her close the gap.

Claire imagined their first kiss a lot of times, most of the time she thought of lips crashing to end an argument, or a passionate kiss to take away Morgan’s stupid smirk. Turns out their first kiss was soft. So, so soft. Morgan’s lips were soft and delicate, and they moved gently against her. Her lips tasted like red wine.

1990 Merlot to be exact.

Claire thinks she’ll remember this moment forever. Their lips parted way too soon for her liking, until she heard Morgan took a shuddering breath and her hands clutching her waist. She opened her eyes and swallowed, Morgan's clear blue eyes darkened, and her pink lipstick was slightly smudged.

"Again." Morgan said, more like demanded. Claire would have rolled her eyes if it wasn't so attractive. She gently pushed the blonde against the door and was glad for her high heels that she didn’t have to tip toe so much. She reached up and cupped Morgan’s face, looked at her before kissing her again. This time they were stronger, lips moving together before Claire sucked Morgan’s lower lips into her mouth, Morgan’s unexpected moan caused heat to bloom in her stomach. Not one to lose, Morgan licked her lips and her lips parted naturally to allow entry, before things could get more heated, they were once again by the distant bark.

They both smiled into their kiss before they parted.

“That dog should just fuck off.” Morgan said, her cheeks flushed and her eyes creased into pretty half moons. Claire giggled out loud, before uncontrollable laughter burst out of her. She just kissed Morgan freaking Reznick, life is so silly sometimes.

“What are you laughing about, Brown?” Morgan fake frowned for a second before laughing herself, her hands tightening around Claire’s waist. When their laughter died down, Claire leaned her forehead against Morgans and simply breath

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” She asked and felt Morgan’s smile.