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With You, Anywhere Will be My Home

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"They should come in any second now," a beta student murmured as he took a glance at his watch. 

"I can't believe we come in earlier every single day just to see them greet each other," the omega next to him rolled her eyes, but the grin on her lips gave away that she was not actually complaining.

"If you word it like that, we really sound pathetic," the last beta giggled as she had her eyes wandering between the two opposite entrances of the building. 

And just like any other day, the door to the main entrance opened first, revealing their favourite omega teacher, Mr. Park. 

Mr. Park opened the door, gave two alpha students, who were standing close, a blinding smile that obviously made them stutter out a "Good morning!" and bow deeply in front of him.

He was as chic and stunning as always, dressed in an elegant shirt with a matching pair of pants and combined them with his chelsea boots. He looked so expensive and sophisticated, and a collective sigh could be heard from the crowd of students who let everything be and just looked at him.

Mr. Park had a pregnancy a few years ago, and ever since, he had a few more curves on his body. It made him look so soft and omegan, so beautiful, and the same thought ran through everyone's mind: "His mate is so lucky to have him."

Mr. Park was strutting down the hall, body as straight and confident as if he was walking a catwalk, when the back door to the school opened, this time revealing everyone's favourite alpha teacher, Mr. Jeon.

The way Mr. Jeon walked into the building, so relaxed and a lazy grin hidden under his wavy black frings, had another round of sighs fill the air. 

Where Mr. Park was chic and elegant, Mr. Jeon was cool and stylish with his tight black jeans and chunky combat boots, finished with his black turtleneck sweater. 

His tall and buff body was a sight for the eyes, long legs toned so deliciously as the muscles in his thighs flexed with every move he did. He smiled at the students, who greeted him and bowed in front of him, before he turned around and gave all his attention to the one person who was walking towards him. 

"Mr. Park," Mr. Jeon greeted him with a light bow of his head when they were close to each other. They didn't stop walking, just slowed down their pace as they slowly walked past each other. 

"Mr. Jeon," Mr. Park greeted him back and smirked as he put his hands into the pockets of his pants. 

"Looking good today." Mr. Jeon grinned as he looked at Mr. Park's outfit appreciatively. Mr. Park only chuckled as he passed Mr. Jeon, but turned his head around to give him a knowing smile. 

"I know, Jeon," he sighed dramatically. "But you know, you don't look that bad yourself," he added before he turned his head around and started walking off faster again. 

Mr. Jeon could only chuckle as he turned around himself and made his way to his own destination.

And as all the students stood there, they found the encounter from a few seconds ago so hot and confusing at the same time, when they looked at the backs of the teachers and saw the unmistakable scars of mate marks on their individual necks. 

But those marks were not from each other.




"Perfect, sweeties. That's it for today, see you again next week," Mr. Park gave his students an adoring smile that was immediately reciprocated by his students. They bowed in front of him before they left the gym one by one to go and change back into their school uniforms.

A smile grew on Mr. Park's face as he stretched his arms in the comfortable sports wear he was wearing and remembered helping his students with moves they weren't confident in yet. When he helped them, saw how happy they were with their results, proud of themselves, he knew that he chose the right job. Nothing in the world could make him happier than this. 

After he changed back into his clothes, Mr. Park hummed a song to himself as he walked through the cabinets of the omega and beta change rooms to check if someone forgot something or if someone was still in there. He was pretty exhausted from the PE class he just gave, but he still had a few more hours to spend in school.

The first two beta cabinets were empty, though he found a small necklace in one that he grabbed and put in his bag to ask the students during the next PE lesson if it belonged to them. 

When he walked past the last omega changing room he heard muffled noises and looked in it, only to see the back of one of his students sitting on the bench all by himself and putting his clothes into his bag. 

Mr. Park immediately recognized the sport shirt and blond undercut and knew it was his student, who was really passionate in sports and wanted to join the school basketball team.

"Oh, Jang Sanyoon, you are still here? Did you talk to Mr. Jeon about the basketball club?", he smiled. 

But it died down on his face when Sanyoon turned to him with tears streaming down his cheeks, distress suddenly evident in the air and Mr. Park wondered how he didn't smell it before.

He immediately knelt in front of the young omega and cupped his cheeks with his hands.

"Oh no, what happened, are you okay?", he asked with concerned eyes as he tried to release calming pheromones for the younger wolf. 

Sanyoon's lips wobbled and he started sobbing when he tried to answer.

"I-I a-asked him b-but…" Sanyoon broke down in heartbreaking sobs as he tried to shield his face from his teacher, but Mr. Park's firm hands held his face in place. 

"Sweetheart, what happened?", he asked again with a way softer voice. "You can talk to me." 

Sanyoon sniffed as he looked at his teacher's eyes.

"H-he said that… that I should forget the basketball club a-and focus on other stuff b-because…" Sanyoon's voice broke into another sob. "Because the s-school club is nothing for o-omegas." 

Sanyoon's entire body shook with the force of his sobs, his broken voice was enough for Mr. Park to know that the poor boy was actually telling him the truth. 

Mr. Park's blood boiled at the thought of someone breaking the little omega's heart like that, even more so a teacher, who was supposed to support the young omega and be unbiased. Mr. Park thought he knew Mr. Jeon pretty well, and he had never seen him do or say anything that sexist before. He was beyond disappointed, and he knew that he couldn't just stay silent about this.

"I was so e-embarrassed when he told me to focus on m-make-up and leave basketball to the a-alphas," Sanyoon sniffed and Mr. Park gulped harshly before he sat up next to his student on the bench and pulled him into a hug.

"Shsh," he tried to console him. "I promise you that I'm going to talk to him. He has no right to talk to you like that," Mr. Park assured him, unable to stop the tears in his own eyes at the thought of another teacher doing something that horrible to a young person, who looked up to him and counted on his support.


Mr. Park was practically fuming as he walked towards the staff room in quick steps. His eyes were red in anger as they targeted the door to the staff room and blended out everything else.

"Ah, Mr. Park, can I ask-"

"Later sweetheart," Mr. Park interrupted the omega student with a fierce voice that left the poor girl obviously speechless as his steps continued to carry him forward in the same fast pace.

All the students in the hall, who were released to lunch break, halted in their steps and quickly moved to the side to let the teacher have his way. They were not used to a Mr. Park like this, and truth be told, he looked really scary. 

Mr. Park opened the door to the staff room with a harsh grip that made the door bounce against the wall in a loud noise.

All the eyes of the perplexed teachers turned to him, but he had only eyes for one of them.

Mr. Jeon looked at him with a confused expression, brows knitted together as if he was trying to figure out what problem Mr. Park had.

Mr. Park walked towards him in quick steps before he raised his hand and pointed his index pointer at him.

Mr. Jeon had his long hair parted and revealing his forehead, long stature hovering above Mr. Park. The shorter of the two teachers knew that he would be drooling over the handsomeness of the other any other time, but right in that moment, it did nothing but annoy him further.

"You," he hissed. "What the fuck, Mr. Jeon? What the actual fuck?" 

He turned louder with every word, pressing his finger into the other's firm chest so much it definitely must have hurt.

"What are you talking about?" the other asked, and Mr. Park snorted. 

He really had the audacity to act as if he didn't know.

"Oh, you don't know?", Mr. Park chuckled, but it sounded so obviously fake.

"Do you want me to tell you?" He grinned at first before his expression changed to one of fury and rage. "You asshole had the fucking audacity to tell Sanyoon to forget his dreams of playing basketball because he is an omega ?" 

A collective gasp could be heard from the other teachers, who were watching the scene unfold before them with curious eyes. Mr. Jeon gulped so obviously as he turned his eyes away, but Mr. Park was far from being finished with him.

"You asshole," he paused. "You really told him to leave basketball to alphas and focus on omega things like make-up instead?" 

"Oh my god," someone whispered at the back, but Mr. Park didn't care. 

He just shoved his finger further into the other's chest, eyes narrowing as he continued.

"How dare you?", he asked. "How dare you be so full of yourself and tell a student something that degrading?" 

Mr. Jeon tried to grab his wrist, but Mr. Park pulled his hand away before he even had a chance.

"Can you listen to me before you jump to conclusions?", Mr. Jeon asked, obviously losing his patience. "Listen, Mr. Park, I-" 

But Mr. Park had none of it. Just huffed sarcastically as he rolled his eyes and turned around to leave the staff room.

"Save it," he murmured. "I'm just really sorry for your mate, you know? The poor omega. He probably didn't know that his mate thinks this lowly of his kind." 

And with that he left the room, walked down the hall, and left behind an alpha, who just experienced the biggest shame and hurt of his life.




Jimin sighed and leaned his face onto the steering wheel. 

He was hungry, he was tired, he was exhausted. But he couldn't find it in himself to just leave the car and walk the stairs up into his home. 


Jimin had his mate sitting upstairs, maybe playing with their pup, maybe watching TV. His mate had already picked up their son from kindergarten and sent him a message. Maybe they had already prepared some dinner for Jimin, too. 

But in that particular moment, Jimin figured, the house in front of him felt like anything but home. 

Jimin sighed for what must have been the hundredth time that day and slowly unstrapped his safety belt and got out of his car. His bag felt so heavy in his hands as he climbed the stairs and finally reached their apartment door. He unlocked the door with his keys and stepped in. He could hear his husband do something in the kitchen while he was humming a song Jimin couldn't recognize. 

Else it was quiet. 

It seemed like Jimin's mate didn't realize his arrival, even though his scent must have filled the entire place already with how strong Jimin's emotions were. But he was so focused on cooking that he didn't notice and so Jimin didn't bother going over there to greet him. He hung his coat in the wardrobe and went to his working room to put his bag next to his desk. He thought about just going to bed for a moment, as he didn't want to see or talk to anyone. But Jimin wasn't that petty. And his son could not do anything for his shitty alpha of a father, so punishing him, too, would be very childish of Jimin. He wanted to spend a bit of time with the little one.

Jimin sighed and slowly went back to the kitchen. The entire apartment smelled like his alpha's mocha and cream and his pup's chocolate and strawberry scents. They must have been playing before he arrived. Jimin tried to keep his anger going and continue being mad at his mate, but the scent of home had finally filled his senses and he almost considered stopping to be mad. 

Only almost 

His husband turned around in surprise at the new presence in the door frame and grinned brightly. "Hey, baby. Are you hungry? I just cooked for you." 

As his eyebrows lifted in surprise, Jimin couldn't believe how his mate could be this ignorant. 

They had fought this morning, so many people had witnessed their fight. And instead of talking about fixing it, his mate now straight up ignored it. 

Jimin sat down at one of the stools by the table and hid his face in his hands.

"What the fuck?", Jimin asked calmly. "You are just gonna act like nothing has happened?" 

He couldn't see, but he could hear how his husband groaned and turned down the heat of the stove. 

"I thought we agreed to not mix work and private life?" 

"That was before I found out how poorly you think of me, Jeongguk," Jimin chuckled humorlessly. 

When he didn't receive an answer immediately, Jimin rolled his eyes and turned to Jeongguk. Any other day, looking at him standing there in his gray slacks and white see-through t-shirt might have made him wet his pants with slick. Jeongguk was a sight to see. His silver watch was embracing his wrist and putting a nice contrast to his hand and arm tattoos. He was also well-built, had delicious muscles and would pin Jimin on the bed, the wall, or any other surface so often by using them, making Jimin a moaning mess under him. 

Today wasn't anything like that, though. Jimin felt annoyed with every glance he had to shoot Jeongguk's way. Knowing that Jeongguk had degraded his student and basically told him to leave football to big alphas and instead worry about make-up or other omega-stuff had made Jimin angry. He could feel his anger rise again. 

How could Jeongguk even say something like that? 

He was mated to an omega himself, he had a child himself, and still he made another child omega cry. For what? What did he gain by doing that?

When Jimin looked up and into Jeongguk's eyes, he felt so exhausted and tired. Jimin didn't want to have this conversation at all right now. But there was no way around it. 

"That's not true. I don't think any poorly of you or any other omega. You know that." 

Jeongguk had his eyebrows furrowed, his lips pressed into a thin line. Usually Jimin knew that this was his serious face, but he couldn't think straight right now. 

"I don't know anything, Jeongguk. All I know is that you purposely degraded a freaking child , crushed his dreams and made him cry like I have never seen before." 

When Jimin turned his serious eyes at Jeongguk, the alpha gulped and something similar to remorse or regret filled his eyes, but it was gone as soon as it came.

"I had my reasons. If you just listened to me instead of being petty like this, you would know." 

Jimin started laughing for real at that and stood up to be on a somewhat equal eye level. 

"You had your reasons?", he repeated Jeongguk's words with a smirk on his face, but Jimin hated the blurry sight he had in that moment, a clear indication that his tears were not far from falling.

"Yes, I had. Do you think he would have survived between so many alphas? I did it for him, so that he-"

Jimin waved his hand dismissively as he turned around to leave the kitchen for good and go to sleep. He was so tired, he didn't want to stay there for another second. 

"I don't want to hear your stupid excuses, Jeongguk. No excuse in the world is enough to make a child cry like that and ruin his dreams." 

But Jeongguk didn't think so. 

He followed Jimin in quick steps and reached out for his wrist again. 

"No," he spitted out. "You are going to listen to me. I said I had my reasons-"

"And I said I don't care!", Jimin finally snapped, slowly but surely losing his patience. He knew that his eyes were red from all the tears he tried to suppress. "I don't fucking care, Jeongguk. You have a pup yourself! What if Jungmin presents as an omega, as well? What if he wants to play basketball? Will you tell him to forget his dreams and concentrate on omega-stuff instead?" 

It must have hit a nerve, because the next thing Jimin knew, Jeongguk's grip on his wrist tightened and bordered on painful at the mention of his own pup.

"Jimin," Jeongguk hissed with a warning tone.

Jimin scoffed once again. "Of course you get mad when it's about your own pup. Did you once think about what you would feel if a teacher humiliated your pup like you did with Sanyoon?"

Judging by how Jeongguk's grip loosened on his wrist and he turned his eyes away with a shameful expression, Jimin got his validation.

His mate really had not thought about that.

"Papa?", a small voice asked.

Jimin and Jeongguk went rigid at the same time. It was so clear that both of them were thinking the same thing over and over again when their eyes met.

Please make him not have heard that. Please make him not have heard that. Please make him not have heard that. 

If there was one thing they hated more than arguing, it was Jungmin hearing them argue. The first time the little boy heard them raise their voices at each other, he had cried the whole night until both his parents had cuddled him and assured him that everything was okay. The image of Jungmin crying tears after tears because of his parents made Jimin tear up as well, and since Jeongguk and him agreed on the fact that that should not happen ever again, they were careful when things got rough and tried to keep their voices low, even after Jungmin was fast asleep in another room.

Today, though, both of them clearly had forgotten about the fact that their little baby could hear them as well. And even if Jungmin didn't hear anything, their scents were so distressed, that he would be able to detect their fight just from their scents alone.

They looked at each other with big, anxious eyes before they turned towards the door, and of course, Jungmin had teary eyes and pouty lips and looked like he would break down in tears any second now.

"Baby," Jimin mumbled with a low voice, wary of his little son's tears, but it was the wrong move. Because Jungmin's tears streamed down his face and his little body shook with the force of his sobs. 

Jimin's own tears that were already waiting in his eyes streamed down at the sight of his little baby crying like that, and he fell on his knees and stretched out his arms for Jungmin.

"Come here, love," he murmured and Jungmin immediately ran into his arms and hugged him tightly. 

His tears soaked into Jimin's shirt, but Jimin didn't care. Just stroked his baby's hair and back and tried to calm him down by murmuring sweet nothings into his hair.

He couldn't see Jeongguk behind him, but when Jungmin cried out a "No!" and shook his head violently, he turned his head and saw that Jeongguk was kneeling next to him, had his own hands stretched out to reach Jungmin as well.

But Jungmin rejected his touch.

Jeongguk looked so broken with his big glassy eyes and parted lips, that Jimin couldn't help but feel a big pang in his chest. 

"Minie", he whispered into Jungmin's hair. "Appa wants to hug you, too." 

"No!", Jungmin repeated and shook his head violently again. "Appa made papa hurt. Papa is sad." 

This time Jimin didn't need to look at his mate to know that he must be really heart-broken. His spiced up scent gave it all away.

"Let's go to bed, baby?", Jimin asked his little pup. "And appa will come later?"


Jungmin's reply remained the same.

"No appa. Only papa and Jungminie." 

Jimin knew that his following words would hurt his alpha even more, especially since it had been a long time since they last slept separately. But he couldn't find it in himself to be bothered.

"Sleep on the couch tonight, Guk." 

Then he stood up with Jungmin in his arms and left the kitchen for good, went to the bedroom and lied down with his pup.

Jungmin refused to let his papa go even for just a minute, and together they fell asleep with the comforting scents of each other.

They left a kneeling Jeongguk behind, crying, the freshly cooked meal on the stove completely forgotten.


When Jimin woke up the next morning to his alarm, Jungmin was still all over his body, drooling onto his neck as he was still asleep. Jimin smiled fondly at his baby and brushed his bangs behind his ear to reveal his baby's peaceful face.

The little one definitely came after Jimin. Big pouty lips, chubby cheeks, the smallest button nose. The only feature he had that resembled his appa more were his big bambi eyes. 

Even closed, they definitely reminded Jimin of the shape of Jeongguk's eyes.

Thinking of him, Jimin decided to stand up and wake Jeongguk, who must be still fast asleep in the living room.

He carefully laid Jungmin on the other side of the side before he decided to stand up. But right when he turned on the bed and stretched his legs out, one of them bumped against something and when he looked up right into a pair of big eyes looking at him from underneath in the still relatively dark room, he almost yelled in fear.

"Jesus Christ, Jeongguk, what the hell are you doing there?"

Jeongguk was kneeling on the floor right next to him, and Jimin only saw the dark bags and red-rimmed eyes on the second glaze. He immediately reached out to cup Jeongguk's face, no matter how mad he was, his heart couldn't stand seeing his mate like this. 

"Guk," he murmured in pain.

"I'm so sorry, Jimin," Jeongguk whispered, eyes filling with fresh tears in an instant.

"I couldn't sleep all night, I'm so, so sorry. Please don't hate me, I promise I only wanted to protect Sanyoon from the other alphas. I heard them say nasty things about him and thought it'd be best if he just didn't join and stood away from them. I wanted him to hear those words from me rather than his friends and classmates." 

Jeongguk sniffed before he leaned his cheek on Jimin's thigh, who immediately reached out to stroke his hair and calm him down.

"Did he cry a lot?" 

Jeongguk's voice was so small as he asked, and Jimin knew that he could either make or break him with his next words.

"He did," he admitted cautiously. "When I found Sanyoon crying in the changing rooms I got so mad at you. I sent him to you, you know? When he told me that he wanted to play basketball, I was so happy and I thought he would be in safe hands if he had you as his coach." 

When Jeongguk's tears soaked into Jimin's pants that he was still wearing from last night, his inner omega couldn't bear seeing Jeongguk like this, and he sighed as he continued stroking his hair.

"I'm sorry," Jeongguk murmured again and again, until he was finally calm enough for Jimin to apologize to him as well.

"I'm sorry, too, baby," he whispered as Jeongguk raised his head to look at him with a confused expression. Jimin brushed his long hair out of his forehead lovingly and reached down to press a kiss on his hairline.

"I understand that you wanted to protect Sanyoon, and while I don't agree with the way you did it, I should have listened to you." 

Jimin pressed his lips together and looked at Jungmin who was still sleeping. 

"I'm sorry for Jungmin, as well. I know that you hate sleeping without us, but he got all protective of me." 

Jeongguk nodded his head as he grabbed Jimin's hand and pressed a kiss on his palm. 

"I understand why he did that. It was a lesson for me as well. Seeing Jungmin like that reminded me that I fucked up as a teacher." 

"At least you accept your mistake," Jimin assured him. "You are not fully forgiven until you apologize to Sanyoon, too, though," Jimin reminded Jeongguk with a stern expression, and the alpha immediately nodded in acceptance. 

"I know, I will apologize. The very first moment I see him I will apologize and offer him a spot in the club. I will talk to the alphas to warn them of doing anything that could harm Sanyoon, too." 

Jimin smiled softly before heturned to Jungmin and bended over to kiss his chubby arms and lightly shake him awake.

"Baby, Jungminie, wake up, baby." 

"Papa," Jungmin whined. And both Jimin and Jeongguk's instincts went on high alert in an instant.

"Baby, what's the matter?", Jimin asked immediately, reaching out to check Jungmin's body heat. Thankfully, he was neither cold nor hot.

"Papa, Jungminie's tummy hurts," the pup whined, and Jeongguk went to the other side of the bed in quick steps and held his pup's hand.

"Do you want appa to bring you a heat pad, baby?" 

Jungmin whined. "Appa, tummy hurts."

It seemed like he had forgotten about his attitude towards his appa, as he stretched his arms out towards Jeongguk, wanting to be held. 

Jimin decided to leave appa and son alone to give them a moment after last night, and mouthed at Jeongguk that he would bring a heat pad. 

Once he returned, Jeongguk had already climbed on the bed and held Jungmin close to himself. He stroked his stomach and kissed Jungmin's hair from time to time.

Jimin climbed onto the other side of the bed and snuggled into Jungmin's other side before he carefully placed a little towel he brought along on his baby's stomach to not burn his sensitive skin before he put the little heat pad with elephant design on the towel.

"Is this okay, baby?", he asked Jungmin with a worried expression. "Hurts, papa," he only repeated again as he sniffed with his little red nose.

It was clear that none of his parents could go to work when their pup was in this state, and the little one could not go to kindergarten either. 

Jimin removed his phone from the charger on the bedsite table and called Jungmin's kindergarten first to inform them about Jungmin's hurt, before he called the school they worked at to tell them that he and Jeongguk would not be able to make it that day since their pup was sick. 

When Jimin put the phone on his nightstand again and dragged a blanket over his mate, pup and himself, his eyes glanced over Jeongguk's mate bite and the wedding ring on his hand that was brushing through Jungmin's hair.

He sighed as he remembered that their marriage was a secret for basically everyone else. They had decided to keep things private to avoid drama at their workplace, and sometimes it was hell to know that people knew they had mates, but nobody knew that their mates were each other. After all they even went to school separately just to ensure that nobody knows.

But when Jimin looked at Jeongguk and Jungmin, his little family, his little home, he knew that he didn't need other people to know. He loved having this domesticity for himself. 

He closed his eyes as Jeongguk hummed a sweet melody for Jungmin to calm down and maybe fall back asleep, and let himself dwell in the warmth of the moment.


Their students were once again in the hall that morning, waiting for their favourite teachers to step into the building and greet each other with their flirty smiles and words. But when they both were absent, missing because their pup was sick , a few lamps lit up in some of their heads while others were left completely confused, wondering how it was possible that the first and only time both of the teachers were missing at the same time, it was because of the same reason as well. A pup.