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Two for Blue

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When people say college is wild, Blue didn't expect it'd be getting-two-boyfriends type of wild.

Yep, Blue has two boyfriends.

He didn't mean for it to happen- he didn't even know how exactly that happened but here they are and he's not giving them back.

His two Phis- they like to dote on him. They look after him, they take care of him, they spoil him. They just have different means to it.

With P'Champ, it means saving him from P'Dew's brutal drills sometimes. It means massaging and pampering after a hard workout. It means treating him to meals and desserts most times. It means piggyback rides and coddling and tight hugs.


"Come on, faster!" P'Dew is making him run suicides- a sprinting drill to improve his agility and stamina. "You're slowing down! Move those legs! Faster! Faster!"

"P' please how many more times?" Blue cries. "Can we take a break? Please???"

"You can still whine means you can still run. Save your breath and stop dawdling!"

Their goal was for Blue to join the starting line up. And Dew, as his training partner has upped his drills so he can play in an official match before he graduates.

"Right," P'Dew says on his last set, "five minutes break after this and then we go 5 laps around the track."

"No Phiiii"

It was at that moment he sees P'Champ jogging to their side of the field.

"P'Champ! P'Champ! Help!"

Instead of finishing his set, Blue runs to the captain and clings to him like a limpet.

"He's been running for so long, you guys aren't done yet?" Champ holds on to Blue's tiny waist to support the weakened boy.

"I can't feel my thighs, Phi" he pitifully appeals to the Captain.

"You're spoiling him. How can he improve if you keep coddling him like that."

"I'm not coddling him, I'm just saying..." he nods his head towards the field where the rest of the players are, "those guys are already cooling down and you're still making him run drills. What time were you planning to let him go?"

"Well, if you didn't interrupt we could've started running around the tracks and cooling down after but I guess that's not happening today huh, Ai'Captain?"

"Continue tomorrow. We're gathering in 5." Champ pats the baby Koala clinging to him, "Come on, Nong, cool down and then we're getting milk tea after."


"Stop spoiling him" Dew whines.

"I am not" Champ denies.

"And treat me milk tea too!"

"No," Champ says as he walks away "you're not my boyfriend."

Blue sticks his tongue out to his P'Dew before running after his P'Champ.

"P'Champ piggyback me Phi!"

"Ai'Brat!" Dew jogs after them, "Come on, I'm your boyfriend-in-law, treat me milk tea too!"

Later, P'Champ massages Blue's sore thighs when they're the only ones left in the locker room.

"Did you warm up properly?" P'Champ asks, concerned.

Blue makes a non-committal sound. Neither a confirmation or a denial.

"I knew you were rushing your cool down earlier, you brat." P'Dew scolds him.

"Did not". He is lying face down, cheeks squished on the bench.

"Next time do both properly, alright, Nong?"

Blue grunts in acquiescence; too incoherent for words. P'Champ's hands are magic.

"Alright done. Turn over and raise your legs."

Blue does so but has trouble keeping his legs up in the air.

"Keep them up or it's ice bath for you later!"

Champ props his legs on his shoulder.

"Look at you. Is this proper? Freshman and haven't even made the line up yet getting special treatment from the Captain."

Blue turns a cheeky grin to P'Dew, "Boyfriend privileges"

"Ai'Babyyyy" Blue's cheeks get squeezed in admonition.


People who don't know them would probably assume that Dew bullies Blue a lot but to their friend group, it has been long obvious that he just likes to tease his junior. What none of them knows, however, is just how much he likes to spoil and pamper this junior.

Because it only happens in specific conditions and locations. Like in his bedroom. In the middle of the night.


They're on the floor of Dew's condo. The lights are off but the room is illuminated by the moonlight shining through the parted curtains of his windows.

Dew is leaning against his bed while Blue sits between his legs, his back to his Phi's chest. It may look like they're cuddling except his pants are off, his knees are apart, and his head thrown back.

Blue keens as Dew swipes the head of his leaking shaft before roughly bringing the tight circle of his palm down. The uneven rhythm of sometimes fast, sometimes excruciatingly slow has been making him sing for so long he has lost track of time.


"Does it feel good, baby?" Dew threads open-mouthed kisses from neck to his jaw to the skin behind his ear.

"Soo goooood, P'.... mooore"

Dew turns Blue's chin to the side to meet his mouth and starts sucking on Blue's tongue. Then, his other hand slides under his Nong's half-buttoned uniform, exploring.

Teasing fingers pinches and rolls his nipples so good. He knows they'll be too sore and sensitive tomorrow that he'll feel them when wears his uniform.

"Yeah? Feel goo baby? That feels right?" he whispers before swirling his tongue in his ear.

Blue cants his hips trying to chase after his Phi's rhythm. And the action reminds him of his senior's own bulge, still tucked in his underpants, to his back. Small clumsy hands tries to find purchase but Dew shushes him.

"It's okay, baby...let me handle that later." He brings back Blue's wandering hand to hold on to his arm. "Take care of Nong first."

Dew traces Blue's lips with his other hand before slowly pushing his fingers in for the younger to suck. "Gonna take care of Nong so good."

He takes his fingers away from the boy's mouth to skim his perineum, gliding back and forth. He slightly slides Blue on floor so he's fully resting his whole upper body on him, and his wandering fingers has access to that special place-- that clenching bundle of nerves that makes Blue whimper.

"It's okay, baby. It's okay. Shhhh..." Dew soothes him. "Phi is gonna make you feel good."

He traces the rim of the sphincter, not going in, just rubbing round and around.

"Ahhhhah... P-...P'Dewww.." Blue clamps his hand on Dew's arm while the other one finds anchor gripping his Phi's hair. "M'so close..."

Ever so gently, Dew pushes the through the tight opening and searches the spot inside where he is most sensitive. And when he finds it, like a kid in an arcade, he gleefully and repeatedly smashes Blue's happy button.

"Hnnggg... I'm c--..ah AHhh!"

The over stimulation pushes him to his climax. As he lay boneless, panting, and coming down from his high, Dew showers him with kisses.

"You're alright. I got you... I got you..."

Later, he gets carried to the bathroom to wash up because he's too lazy and exhausted to bother but his Phi wouldn't let him sleep without cleaning himself.

Not too exhausted to get his Phi off tho, no matter how he says otherwise. P'Dew told him: 'Just stand there and be pretty and I'll take care of the rest.' But that's a lie. Yes, he was just standing there and being pretty while his thighs got fvcked. But still. His thighs participated in that.

After, when they finally get to actually showering, he gets scrubbed down, eyes closed, leaning on his Phi. That part, he admits, he has no participation whatsoever.

Huh. Maybe P'Dew is right; maybe he is a little spoiled.


Much as they like to baby him, they also like to bully him.

He's not exactly tiny- he's fun size okay! It just so happens that both his Phi's are almost a whole head taller than him. That means they're the perfect height to rest their chins on his head or sometimes, their elbow too.

Only P'Dew does that tho. P'Champ likes to lift him off his feet when he hugs him tightly.

Lately, however, P'Dew has taken to throwing him across his shoulder like a sack of rice and spiriting him away.

One moment he could be reading the bulletin board or talking to P'Tanthai or standing in line for lunch and the next, he'll be looking at the floor over P'Dew's ass. It is disconcerting every single time.

For reasons unknown to anyone other than his crazy Phi, whenever P'Dew sees him standing still for more than 5 seconds, he is gonna get thrown over his shoulder and carried away to someplace else. He has given up trying to stop him, or much less, trying to understand his lunacy and just let him be.

"You know, you look like a kidnapper, right?" P'Champ tells him one day. "If Nong was wearing an oversized T-shirt and shorts with his Ironman backpack, people are gonna report you to the police."

They are in line for some pork skewers and once again, he is hanging around his P'Dew's shoulder while P'Champ is behind them feeding him snacks.

"Well good thing N'Blue is obviously wearing his college uniform. Nobody would mistake him for a child."

"Adult people gets kidnapped too!" Blue chimes in.

He gets spanked in the butt for his trouble.

The people around them have been throwing them weird looks since they came but all parties involved looked unbothered and chill- all three of them so they've been left alone in peace.

"Why do you do this?"

"I dunno. It's just-- he looks so small and easily manhandled."

"M'not small!" Blue protests.

"You're tiny" Dew answers matter-of-factly.

"You're just freakishly tall!"


"Stop teasing him" P'Champ poke Dew's back to move him along the line. "Move, it's our turn."

"How many do you want, Brat?"

"I want 7 sticks Phi" The prospect of food makes him an obedient abductee suddenly.

"Khun, give us 12 sticks"

The vendor eyes them strangely but doesn't comment on their business. They take 12 sticks to the barbecue grill to heat up instead.

Dew tells Blue to take out his wallet from his back pocket to pay for their pork skewers.

"You're not gonna ask me how many sticks I want?" P'Champ butts in.

"I'm not paying for your food. You're not my boyfriend, hmp!"

"Aren't I your boyfriend-in-law? Ai'Stingy!"


P'Dew's teasing is mostly annoying but completely harmless. P'Champ's, on the other hand, is breathtakingly intense; it makes his knees so weak he could barely walk in the morning.

Have you ever been railed so good you could only hold on to the headboard or the sheets or onto him or to whatever you could hold on to because it's just so saliva-drooling, toe-curling, mind-numbingly good?

That's P'Champ. His relentless drive scores him goals not just on the football field but on the mattress as well.

"No, no, no, no, Phi don't leave me, don't take it away please P'Champ, put it back in na? na? na?"

If P'Dew likes to bully him on the field, then P'Champ likes to bully him in bed.

Like right now, he's on top of him, one hand locking Blue's wrists above his head while the other is holding on to his leg resting on his shoulder.

"Nong, be a good boy and hold on a little longer okay. It'll feel so good when we come together. Just a little bit more."

He's every bit of a Captain on the bed as he is on the field. A little bit bossy, never harsh, firm in his maneuverings, and a stamina of a seasoned Spartan soldier preparing for a campaign.

P'Dew would say P'Champ is power-tripping. Nobody would believe him because P'Champ has always been a fair and good Captain. A real sportsman during training and matches. On bed, however, he is a tyrant. And his particular brand of torture is edging Blue for hours.

"Phi I'm so close no no no don't pull it out again." There are tears in the corner of his eyes. Blue has pleaded so many times knowing full-well he can't do a damn thing to shake his Phi's resolve.

"I'll put it back again, just turn around for a bit, my good boy. You are Phi's good boy, right?"

"Mm... 'm P'Champ's good boy."

He has been on the brink of release for so long he doesn't even know where he gets the coherence to string words right now. Might be due to the frustrating circumstances, his adrenaline pumping extra supply to his brain unit.

Meanwhile, Champ has assisted in turning him about. He places a pillow underneath for Blue to clutch and leaves a kiss on his shoulder.

Once Blue is properly laid down on his stomach to his satisfaction and comfort, Champ begins again.

He take his shaft and slowly rubs it to Blue's already loosened opening.


Blue rocks his hips to push back to his Phi's ministrations. Or at least that's what he was trying to do. Champ grabs his hips and presses down. His Phi holds him steady.

"I thought you said you're a good boy?"

"M'sorry m'sorry! Blue is a good boy. I promise..."

"Alright... I believe you..." Slowly, he pushes it in as Blue gasps with the new angle this position is hitting. "N'Blue is the best boy!"

Champ kisses his nape and bites his shoulder as he vigorously grinds behind Blue. When he switches to fast and shallow thrusts, the tears in the Nong's eyes flows nonstop.

"please please please" Blue chants.

He has lost track of how many times P'Champ has brought him to the brink of climax only to pull away the last second. And by the rhythm of things, it seems like he's not planning on finishing soon.

"On your knees" Champ taps Blue's leg. He supports his chest as Blue gets up on his knees.


The first thrust pushes his torso forward. That made P'Champ immediately pause.

"Knees weak, Nong?"


His Phi chuckles in amusement.

He takes his hands to his and one after the other, makes them hold on to the head board.

"Hold tight"

Then he started again. One hand supports his hip while the other roams Blue's chest. Lightly pinching his peaks, dipping in his bellybutton, until downwards where he takes the twitching length in his hand and gives it a few strokes.

Overwhelmed, Blue loses control and comes.


Oh he's gonna get punished.

"Aow, Nong"

Phi very strongly prefers coming together. Every time, they sleep together, P'Champ would tell him to wait, wait for him, finish together.

"Ah! I didn't mean to Phi. I'm sorry." He automatically begs for mercy.


His Phi still kindly assists him by sliding his grip up and down his flesh until Blue finishes.

He always tries so hard to please his Captain but it doesn't always happen. Like, today.

P'Champ is brushing the sweat off his temples. His gently combs back his slick hair and patiently waits for him to come down from his haze.

"You okay?"

"I was wrong! Mercy, Phi..." he cried.

"It's okay, it happens..." he lulls him in a false sense of security. "It's just... what do I do with this then?"

He's still hard as a tree trunk. His member looks fierce and still ready to battle.

"You know how your P'Dew has been training your stamina for months now? Maybe I should train you as well. What do you think?"

His punishment is different each time so he doesn't know how to handle this. Sometime, his Phi is lenient, sometimes he doesn't let him sleep, and sometimes he gets bruises all over he can't lift his shirt in public. He has no idea why they're talking about football training at the moment but it's making him nervous.

"I got you a ring. Look!" From the bedside drawer he pulls out a small circular object obviously too big for his fingers, but also too small for his wrist.

"That ring won't fit, that's too big!"

"Oh this is not for your fingers Nong. It goes someplace else..."

He learns where that someplace else is later when he's reduced to begging and moaning and begging again. and moaning again.

"ah ahh I'm still sensitive wait P'Champ please mercy have mercy..."

After all of that is over, Blue can't even keep his eyes open anymore in exhaustion but he still twists his head and requests for a kiss.

"I'll do better next time, Phi" he promises.

"What better? I told you, Nong Blue is already the best. As long as you're comfortable, it'll always be good for me too" he punctuates that with a deep kiss.


He doesn't know what glitch in the system handed him these two men in his life but he's not giving them up without a fight.

Life is twice as troublesome with P'Dew and P'Champ but it is also twice as fun. He wouldn't have it any other way.