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Cold, rainy, chilly autumn to the point of breaking nerves, which with cold long fingers makes its way under Jisung's soft cherry pullover. He cringes a little, tries to find his mug of unfinished mint tea on the table, and noticeably relaxes when the not-cooled ceramics pleasantly warms his palms.

- Guys, your energy was really crazy! I still have goosebumps on my skin, - Chan laughs as he tries to put the phone down comfortably.

Jisung crushes his chilled ankles under him and wraps himself more tightly in warm fabric, trying to compensate for the heat from the bed, from which, by the way, he did not want to get up at all, but wanted to quickly put his tired body on the pillow to insanity and fall asleep as a dead sleep, because the atmosphere is the performance was really crazy: the fans shouted loudly, smiled so happily and sunny that they dazzled hundreds of spotlights with their energy. This feeling of excitement before the performance and euphoria after it made Han's heart squeeze painfully - he loved to see the return of their hard and everyday work.

- What are you thinking? - a relaxed Felix is lying next to him, who is simultaneously trying to maintain a dialogue with Chan and wants to steal several cookies from Changbin's plate, who is too carried away by studying the composition of the packaging from under them.

“Well, it doesn't matter,” Han says aside and pushes the package of his favorite milk chocolate closer to him. Felix snorts vaguely and tries to read at least one of the thousands of comments that come after every second.

- Where is Minho? - reads comments from Chan. “Hey Jisungie, where did Minho go?


“I'm here.” - The door to the room opens and Minho walks in, trying to get to the table as quickly as possible along with large bags, from which a pleasant aroma emanated.

“You should have seen the happy face of the poor delivery man when he deprived his back of 5 kilograms of food at a time,” the elder laughs and wearily flops down next to Han.


"We would have ordered a kilo less if someone wasn't too hungry, '' - Hyunjin laughs, clearly hinting at the younger rapper. - Am I right, Jisungie?
The younger skips these jokes and perks up as soon as he sees his favorite rolls and a package of muffins with raspberry filling on the table - everything the younger loves.

Amid a heated discussion of their future plans for the next month, Jisung tries to try each and every one as quickly as possible, stuffing his cheeks.

"And share?" - he hears a whisper near his ear and hastily turns around to see Lee's interested face. Minho slowly looks at his cheeks and grins. “Did I tell you you look like a squirrel, Hannie?”

“I hear it literally every day, hyung. Stop it." - the younger mutters displeasedly under his breath, not being distracted from the meal.

"I advise you to drink less soda at night, if you do not want to run back and forth all night and stomach problems."

"I advise you, hyung, to chat less and eat less, because in about three minutes there will be only crumbs of food here'' - Han retorts, clearly pleased with his answer.

“How lovely,” - Minho takes the younger’s soft, warm cheeks in his cold hands and squeezes a little. Before the younger has time to hit the elder's hands, he takes the younger's two hands in his own and gently rubs it, causing the younger to blush. He leans a little so that the words come only for Han and asks: - why do you have such cold hands and why did you dress so lightly? Not twenty degrees outside the window. ”Minho raises his eyebrows to the bridge of his nose and walks into another room for a blanket. - “Here you go, cover your legs.”

"You are being discussed so vigorously ” Jeongin says quietly and watches the confused face of the leader, who cannot understand what caused such a violent reaction. - Can you contact a little less? We don't want fans to die from your cooing, - the youngest still does not calm down.

And everything seems to be going well: everyone is actively supporting the conversation, talking about situations behind the scenes, sharing their impressions and expressing enormous gratitude to their fans for supporting and loving them, because this is exactly the kind of return they achieve. The air is full of idylls of Hyunjin's loud jokes and Jeongin's infectious laughter, but the whole idyll is spoiled by a few comments that Jisung noticed out of the corner of his eye as he was overly focused on the chat.

“Have you seen his cheeks? He got so lazy that he became the fattest member in the group.”

“Seriously, he just needs to stop eating and be prettier. Are we asking so much? "

“His rap and dance performance has deteriorated so much that because of him I have lost the desire to listen to them and perceive them as a group. How did he pass the selection of participants?"

Han's heart stops and he feels how much his stomach cramps at the thought of his insignificance in the group. His face is noticeably pale, which looks whiter in the light of the lamps, and his lower lip shakes a little. Previously, Han quite calmly took criticism in his direction, trying to approach it judiciously and wisely, he tried to get emotions from positive and enthusiastic comments, rather than dwell on negative ones and walk like lost in water all day. Han has constantly heard praise from Changbin for his clear rap and admiration for the ability to write an entire song in just a few hours, filled to the brim with deep meaning and a spectrum of emotions, but is he really trying so badly for his fans that they openly talk about such things? And he seems to spend as much time in the gym as in a recording studio. True, he does not get up at five o'clock in the morning to do the morning workout, as Minho-hyung does, but rather prefers to lie in bed this time. But these minutes of a relaxed and serene state are not reflected on his body in the form of hated soft barrels, a slightly bulging tummy and plump fingers, right?

- Jisung? - the elder has already been trying to call out to the younger for three minutes, who is staring with glass eyes at the wall opposite. - Hani, is everything all right? - takes it by the shoulder and shakes a little. - Hannie?

- Yes, everything is in order, - the younger answers in a dull voice and puts on an unnatural smile. Minho looks at Jisung intently, noting his sudden change in mood from perky to sadness, notices how the corners of his plump lips droop down and his eyebrows come down to the bridge of his nose - a sign of deep thought. In order to somehow stir up his friend and bring him to his senses, he moves closer to him, puts the crown of his head on his shoulder and wraps a ring of hands around Khan's thin waist, pushing him towards him. - Hani, what is ...

- I want to sleep, - not wanting to answer the question, says the younger and smiles at the hyung on purpose to hide his real emotions. - Good night, hyung.

Jisung removes the soft blanket that the elder has carefully thrown from his shoulders, and shrinks noticeably when his feet touch the cold parquet floor. He wishes the members and fans a good night, once again expressing his gratitude, and leaves the room, silently closing the door behind him.