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A Trainer Named Lucas

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Chapter 1: Lucas Diamond

COF: Lucas Diamond

It was a usual day in Twinleaf Town, wind breezed through the small but content town. The trees rustled as leaves were falling. It was quiet but it was a peaceful quiet. Unlike the rest of Sinnoh, Twinleaf Town had always been a forgettable town but to the people who lived there, that wasn't a bad thing.

6 pm (Thursday Evening)

"Honey, dinner is almost ready!" Johanna shouted.

"Okay, thanks, Mom," Lucas shouted back.

Lucas Diamond was an average young adult in the Sinnoh Region. He always was so quiet and reserved and not one to stand out but he has a heart bigger than anyone could imagine. But one thing kept him from being like most kids, he didn't have any pokemon. Honestly, he never wanted to become a professional Pokemon trainer. He loved Pokemon as much as everyone else but he never imagined himself as someone to be a great trainer, so he focused on other things.

Lucas ran down the stairs and sat at the table with his mother.

"Mmm smells delicious Mom," Lucas said, eating his food rather quickly.

"Thank you, Lucas, so any plans tonight?" Johanna asked.

"Not really, Barry asked me to stop by his house tonight," Lucas said, cleaning his mouth.

"Oh my well that sounds fun make sure you have your key," Johanna reminded him.

"The last time was an accident," Lucas laughed to himself.

One time when Johanna was out of town, Lucas locked himself out and had to stay at Barry's place for the weekend. Never in his whole life did he want to rip his own ears off then at that moment.

Lucas finished his meal and cleaned up the dining room and kitchen for his mother, she had always supported him even when he denied being a pokemon trainer. Being a trainer was every kid's dream and Lucas always admired people who did it but he never wanted to do it.

While Lucas was getting ready he looked back at the text he got from Barry on his phone.

"Hey loser, meet me at my place tonight I got something big to announce! Be there by 9 and if you're late I'm fining you 10 million!" The text read.

Barry Platinum was Lucas's best friend and to him, he was like a brother. They always had each other's backs no matter what. Barry loved pokemon even as a kid and as he grew that loved as well grew. Barry always had on the same black pants and brown shoes. Along with his favorite orange and white striped sweatshirt with a white scarf. He was moderately tall with blond hair and almost orange eyes. Barry was so full of energy that even Lucas found it exhausting at times but in the end, he wouldn't change a thing about him.

8 pm

"Mom, I am leaving!" Lucas shouted.

"Okay honey, be careful," Johanna shouted back.

"Okay, sweetie has fun, and don't forget your cap," Johanna said while watching tv.

Lucas put on his favorite red cap and headed outside the cold wind hit Lucas's face and to a lot of people it would discourage a lot of nighttime traveling but to him it was normal. While walking he noticed his other neighbor, Dawn playing with her pokemon in her front yard.

Dawn Rowan was another one of Lucas' best friends. She had pokemon in her blood. She's the daughter of the renowned Professor Rowan. They met when they were kids just like Barry and from then on their relationship grew. Lucas never considered dating her though, she viewed her as too much like a sister. She always had a white cap on and a red and pinkish coat with a skirt underneath. Lucas always thought she was crazy about wearing a skirt in the Sinnoh region but hey whatever.

"Hi, Dawn!" Lucas said while jogging over to her.

"Oh hi, Lucas what are you doing out this late I thought you would be in bed by now," Dawn jokingly laughed.

"Haha anyway, Barry asked me to stop by his house tonight you know him," Lucas stated.

Dawn, Lucas, and Barry all had a sibling-like relationship and they all had their "roles" so to speak.

Dawn always kept the two boys from fighting and she always found a way to lift everyone's spirits in bad times.

Barry was the rowdy one and always led them on crazy adventures and most importantly he always defended Dawn and Lucas no matter what.

Lucas was the brains of the three. He always was two steps ahead of everyone and the one who put himself in the face of danger if it means doing the right thing. He found ways to keep the three from getting in trouble from their "amazing" adventures that Barry always seemed to find for them.

"Well don't keep him waiting otherwise he'll fine you like he usually does," Dawn laughed.

She wasn't wrong, Barry had this thing where he would fine people for not being fast enough. It was odd but Lucas found it funny and sometimes even fined him back to go along with it. Barry had his flaws but Lucas loved him like a brother, they might as well be brothers out of the three friends Barry and Lucas had the strongest bond. That isn't to say that Dawn was left out but it speaks volumes about the relationship they had as kids and even as 18-year-old young adults.

"Yeah, I am good though it's only…. 8:15," Lucas looked back at his watch.

"Well I have some things to do with dad tomorrow, catch up with ya later?" Dawn said looking back at him, smiling.

"Sure thing dork," Lucas laughed as he headed for Barry's house.

Lucas politely knocked on Barry's home door and waited and waited and waited and waited for at least 5 minutes.

Is no one home? I know I'm early but Barry should be here.

Lucas looked at his watch and raised his eyebrow, he was about to walk off but then the door opened quickly that even he was a little startled by the sudden opening.

"LUCAS…..oh my Arceus dude I said 9 and it's 9:05, that's it I'm fining you 10 million," Barry said in his usual energetic voice.

"Ugh, dude it's only 8:20," Lucas said while showing his watch.

"Wait what?" Barry looked at his watch and then back the clock and realized his watch said the wrong time.

"Ah, fuck dude this thing sucks," Barry cursed at himself.

"Yeah….wait did you wait an extra 5 minutes just so you could fine me for being late?" Lucas questioned.

"What…...noooooo…...not the point," Barry said as he almost dragged Lucas up to his room.

Despite Barry being an adult at this point he still had the energy of a 12-year-old.

"Dude, watch the scarf man," Lucas brushed himself off.

"Sorry bro but I got something amazing to show you," Barry said excitedly.

Barry handed Lucas a letter. Lucas looked at the letter and was amazed to see it was from Professor Rowan.

Dear Barry,

I know you have waited your whole life to get a pokemon but we believed you just were not ready. However after seeing you grow up and take on jobs and more responsibilities I, your father, and your mother finally believe you are finally ready. Barry, I want to give you your very own starter pokemon. I know it is a bit late but hey better late than never right. I will be at your house tomorrow with two pokemon for you to choose from. We are all super proud of you.

-Professor Rowan

It was almost surreal. Lucas knew Barry wanted his own pokemon but he never thought he would be getting the rarest type, a starter pokemon.

"Wow, dude congratulations," Lucas smiled.

Maybe now he'll stop talking about pokemon every 20 seconds…..probably not.

"Thanks, bro I can't wait finally I can go on my journey and become the champion," Barry shouted.

"Be sure to visit me when you're on top," Lucas laughed to himself.

"Oh don't worry you'll be like an assistant...yeah," Barry laughed and punched Lucas's arm playfully.

"Oh yeah, that's my big plan," Lucas laughed sarcastically.

"I hope you'll stay for when the professor comes over," Barry said

"Sure why the hell not finally you'll quit yapping about it," Lucas laughed.

"You're just jealous that I, Barry Platinum, am going to be the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world," Barry pointed to himself.

"Sure you are," Lucas chuckled.

The two boys stayed up talking for a couple of hours. Barry kept going on and on about his soon-to-be new pokemon and Lucas smiled through it but in reality, wanted to sew his mouth shut up but he also had this sort of admiration towards it. He found inspiring how much passion Barry had for something he never got to do. Barry must have drilled his way into Lucas' head because for a split second Lucas considered thinking of getting his own pokemon as well.

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Chapter 2: Adrenaline Rush

COF: Lucas Diamond

8 am (Friday Morning)

The alarm clock started beeping and pierced Lucas's ears. He reached over and grabbed his alarm clock. His eyes slowly blinked as he went from asleep to awake.

"You represent an escape from bliss," Lucas said, tiredly.

Lucas went about his daily routine which consisted of showering, brushing his teeth, and getting dressed. He turned on the tv to see what was going on in his region.

"In other news, citizens are terrified in Veilstone City after the infamous Team Galactic forcefully installed their headquarters and started to harass the city's residents," the reporter said.

"Assholes, someone's gotta stop those degenerates," Lucas said as he tied his shoes.

Despite being an average kid, Lucas always had this sense of right inside of him. He couldn't explain it but whenever he saw something wrong he had to step in.

Team Galactic has been around for a while now, they would constantly roam around Sinnoh stealing items, money, pokemon, etc. Thankfully for Lucas they never bothered Twinleaf Town; they saw it as a pitiful village rather than a full-fledged part of the Sinnoh Region.

Lucas turned off the tv and headed downstairs and grabbed an apple before leaving his house. While walking to Barry's house he kept thinking to himself about Team Galactic and how much he had a disdain for them and how no one is trying to take them down. Lucas had family members robbed by Team Galactic and had seen first hand the damage they could cause and it made his blood boil.

Lucas was always one to keep a level head but thieves pissed him off more than anything. Lucas was a big believer in hard work pays off. He never took shortcuts and always tried to do the right thing whether or not it was the safest option or not. One time he rushed in to save Dawn from a flock of nasty Starly's. Again not the safest option without a pokemon but it did not matter, someone was in trouble and Lucas couldn't just sit there and do nothing. He suffered scratches and bites but to him, it was worth it. All the townsfolk were impressed with him. Most people with pokemon wouldn't take on a flock of pokemon let alone without one.

Lucas went up to Barry's house and before he even got to knock Barry rushed out and bumped into him.

"Ow," Lucas said, falling to the ground.

"Lucas come on dude too slow I'm fining you one million for being too slow, also another two million for dirtying my shirt," Barry said as he brushed himself off and took Lucas into his house.

"Sorry sorry I overslept and had to get ready," Lucas said.

The two boys walked into Barry's house to see the infamous Professor Rowan sitting on the couch.

"Lucas Diamond," Professor Rowan greeted.

Professor Rowan got up and hugged Lucas while patting him on the back, they were both happy to see each other.

"Good to see you old man," Lucas smiled and hugged him back.

Professor Rowan was more than a professor to Barry and Lucas. He was a father figure to them. Barry's dad was always away at the battle frontier and Lucas's dad passed away shortly after his birth due to illness. Professor Rowan took them in and spent time with them, was there for them, taught them about life and pokemon. It only added to the bond between Lucas, Dawn, and Barry and while Dawn has steered more towards helping her father she still always kept in touch with the boys and never forgot about them.

"Come on professor, it's timeeeee," Barry said, not attempting to hide his excitement.

"Okay okay," Rowan laughed and pulled out two pokeballs.

One Pokeball contained the water type Piplup.

One Pokeball contained the fire type Chimchar.

"AWESOME, man I wish I could have both," Barry said looking back and forth between the two.

Lucas just looked at them and all of a sudden he felt his heart rush. He was put off by it because it was a feeling he never had before.

"I'll choose him," Barry said, picking up the ball containing Piplup.

"Come on out buddy," Barry said, opening the Pokeball.

The ball opened and a Piplup came out. It was very small but cute. He waddled up to Barry and smiled.

"Hey there buddy," Barry smiled, picking up Piplup.

"You and I are gonna be best friends!" Barry said as he ran outside.

"Heh idiot," Lucas laughed to himself while sitting on the couch.

Lucas looked up and saw the other Pokeball on the table and that feeling was back. He looked at it and picked it up with interest and opened it and a little Chimchar came out and looked up at Lucas.

"Uh hi," He said nervously and kneeled to him.

Chimchar looked up and smiled at Lucas and climbed on him.

"Woah hey there," Lucas smiled as the fire monkey climbed onto his back.

"I see he has taken a liking to you," Professor Rowan said as he came back in.

"Ha yeah, I don't know why," Lucas said smiling at the Chimchar.

"You know sometimes Pokemon choose their trainers instead of trainers choosing their pokemon. Lucas, you should have him," Rowan said smiling at the two.

"What? Oh no Professor," Lucas said shocked.

"Lucas, that Chimchar is the happiest I have ever seen him when he is with you. Honestly, it would be harsh to deny him," Rowan said.

"I guess you're right, it's just I never imagined myself as a trainer," Lucas said as he walked in front of a mirror.

"Lucas I have been a professor for 20 plus years and I have never seen someone more fit to be a trainer than you," Rowan said as he stood next to Lucas.

"Really me?" Lucas questioned.

"Absolutely and to prove it I want to trust you with a favor," Rowan sat back down.

"What is it?" Lucas asked he was both intrigued and nervous.

Rowan pulled out a device from his backpack. It was a Pokedex!

"This is a Pokedex, it's a device that fills up with entries the more pokemon you encounter. I need people to fill it up for me and I gave Dawn one and even Barry one but I have one more and I want you to have it." Rowan smiled as he put the Pokedex on the table for him.

"Woah….that's insane really me?" Lucas picked it up and stared at it and then at Chimchar.

"Absolutely," Rowan said with a smile.

"I don't know….," Lucas questioned himself.

"Try it out, go out for a couple of days, give it a shot and if you do not like it you can return it," Rowan smiled at Lucas.

That's a big task, going out and catching pokemon. I always knew Barry would go down that route but can I really take on such a task?

Before Lucas could even formulate a response he was interrupted by a certain someone.

"LUCAS...YOU GOT A POKEMON TOO!" Barry shouted from outside and dragged him out to the yard.

"Dude, watch the scarf man come on," Lucas said as he pulled away from Barry.

"Ha don't even cause I challenge you to a pokemon battle Lucas," Barry said with a grin.

"Uhm….what," Lucas said nervously, for he had never battled before.

Rival Battle: Lucas Diamond vs Barry Platinum (1 on 1)

"You heard me," Barry said as he ordered Piplup to step forward.

Piplup stood tall ready to fight.

Chimchar hopped off Lucas's shoulder and got into a battle position.

Shit shit shit what the hell do I do?

Lucas was panicking inside, he had no idea what to do. It looked so much easier on tv than in real life.

"PIPLUP HIT HIM WITH A TACKLE," Barry shouted encouragingly.

The Piplup tackled Chimchar and hopped off him and waddled back to Barry with a grin.

"Nice work buddy," Barry smiled at him.

"Um, Chimchar….get up and um fight," Lucas said with no confidence.

The Chimchar looked back at Lucas confused.

Piplup kept tackling and beating Chimchar and Lucas felt horrible. He didn't know what to do. He knew he wasn't cut out for this and now a pokemon was going to get seriously hurt because of him. Piplup was about to tackle Chimchar again. This was his first pokemon battle and he failed miserably. Then all of sudden something from his gut came right out of his mouth.


Where the hell did that come from?

But it worked. Chimchar dodged Piplup's attack and scratched him right in his face and sent Piplup back to his trainer.

"Holy shit it worked," Lucas smiled.

Seeing his pokemon due well gave him this rush of adrenaline like he had never felt before…...he loved it.

This feeling, holy shit this is awesome!

"Chimchar, rush at him and hit him again," Lucas said confidently and smiled.

"Crap Piplup, dodge him," Barry shouted.

But it was too late Chimchar scratched Piplup again and followed up with another and with that Piplup was out. Lucas had won the battle.

"NOOOOO," Barry said as he picked up his Piplup.

"Man you never said you were a trainer Lucas," Barry said with a pout but smiled at the end.

"I'm not but that was so fucking cool," Lucas shouted, he sounded like a child almost.

"Yeah yeah beginners luck, good job but I'll get ya next time," Barry said as he carried Piplup to get healed.

"You amazing Chimchar, nice job," Lucas said as he kneeled down and high-fived the fire type.

Rowan walked over to Lucas and put his hand on his shoulder.

"I don't even know what happened one second I had no idea the next-," Lucas said, being interrupted.

"You felt something on the inside and went with your gut while having a rush of adrenaline wanting your pokemon to win?" Rowan said with a smile.

"Yeah…..what was that," Lucas said.

"That's called being a trainer," Rowan said to Lucas.

Lucas thought to himself. So this is what it means to be a trainer. Lucas had never had that much fun in his life. He smiled to himself.

"About that offer professor…..I'll do it." Lucas smiled to himself.

And from then on Lucas's journey began, it all started with that first Adrenaline Rush!

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Chapter 3: Leaving Home

COF: Lucas Diamond

3 pm (Sunday Afternoon)

"Chimchar, use Scratch," Lucas commanded.

Chimchar scratched the wild Bidoof for the third time and then raced back to his trainer awaiting the next command. He was weak but determined. Lucas pulled out a Pokeball and tossed it at the wild Bidoof. He watched in anticipation as the Pokeball twitched three times and then stopped signaling that it had been captured. He added the wild Bidoof to his team along with a Starly he captured earlier. They were small but he felt that they could make a great addition.

"HA Gotcha," Lucas shouted happily.

"We're getting better at this buddy," Lucas said as he high-fived Chimchar.

Lucas reached into his backpack and pulled out his newly acquired Pokedex and started to ready the entry. The way it worked was whenever Lucas encountered a pokemon he took a photo of it and a new page was made about the pokemon stating its type and specific information relating to it.

"This thing is insane," Lucas said while reading the page.

"Yo Lucas," Barry said as he ran over to him.

"What's up," Lucas asked as he put the device away.

"So now that we have pokemon I thought it was time for me to tell you something," Barry said as he put his arm around Lucas.

Lucas raised an eyebrow, whenever Barry was going to tell him something it was either extremely stupid or extremely odd, it was a toss-up most times.

"What did you come up with now?" Lucas asked with a raised eyebrow.

"So you know Lake Verity?" Barry said with a grin.

"Yeah what about it?" Lucas asked.

"So apparently there is this legendary pokemon who has been there for centuries and we are gonna catch it," Barry said.

Barry went on about how the pokemon was extremely powerful and that no one has even come close to catching it before. The two walked to the lakefront where Barry pointed to a cave in the middle of the lake.

"You mean to tell me that we with our super under trainer basic pokemon are going to capture a legendary creature that has been roaming the earth for centuries?" Lucas asked.

"Well now that you put it like that… sounds even more exciting," Barry said.

As Lucas and Barry walked more into the lakefront they noticed some new faces there, people they had never seen before. Before they were spotted they hid in the thick of some trees and listened to the conversation between what seemed to be a middle-aged man with blue hair and a man in normal clothing smoking.

"This is pretty extreme man, if you think we can pull it off I could probably plan something," The man said.

"This is the beginning of our master plan my friend, together we will bring an end to this emotion dependent world, and the disgusting people who live in it we will create a new world," The blue-haired man said while gazing at the cave in the center of the lake.

"You know you sound like a fortune cookie sometimes," The man said with a chuckle.

Lucas and Barry were confused. New World? Free of Emotion? What was this weird guy going on about? When they spotted the dreaded symbol on the blue-haired man's clothing they figured it all out, they were from Team Galactic.

"Oh hell no," Barry said as he rushed from the trees.

"Barry?!" Lucas said, getting out with him.

"Hey, you guys better get out here if you know what's good for ya," Barry said, clenching a Pokeball.

The two men looked over at the trainers. Barry was glaring right at them. One of the men tossed away his cigarette and reached for one of his pokeballs.

"No no there's no need for that," The man said while pushing the man's hand away from his pokeballs.

"I apologize for our intrusion but there is something very special about this lake that I, Cyrus, wanted to see for myself," Cyrus said as he walked towards the two.

"You guys better get moving we don't like Team Galactic around here," Barry said while gritting his teeth.

"What the hell is so interesting to a group of thugs like you," Lucas questioned.

"That is none of your business," The man said.

"Please step aside and we will leave peacefully," Cyrus said.

Lucas and Barry moved out of the way but kept their eyes on both of the Team Galactic members as they left the lake. Lucas was happy that they didn't fight; he knew first hand that Team Galactic was not afraid to do some pretty horrible things.

"Man they were lucky that we weren't going to battle otherwise we would have destroyed them," Barry said, putting his pokemon away in his bag.

"Mhm yeah," Lucas said, still looking in the direction they left in.

Lucas was lost in his thoughts. Who was this Cyrus guy? Why didn't he try to steal their pokemon? Something seemed very off about his rather polite nature and Lucas didn't like it not one bit. Also, that other guy was odd, he looked like a normal person and not a member of Team Galactic.

"Yo Earth to Lucas," Barry said, shaking Lucas.

"Wha...oh sorry what is it," Lucas snapped back into reality.

"I said I am heading out to go get my first gym badge….haha this is the start of me becoming the best trainer there ever was. Anyway, you need to get better too, maybe eventually you'll catch up to my skill level. That first battle was beginner's luck. But next time I am going to crush you," Barry said with a grin as he started to run off to the nearest gym in Oreburgh City.

Now that Lucas had found an interest in battling he wanted to hone his skills and get better in whatever he could. And it seemed the best way to show your skill advance through the ranks was obtaining gym badges. The only problem is the Oreburgh city was a while away from home and if he left for Oreburgh he might as well join Barry in going on an adventure across the Sinnoh Region. This means he would be far from home even as far as Snowpoint City which alone takes 3 days to get to.

Am I really going to leave my home, I mean Red and Blue did it and even Brendan from Hoenn, and look at them.

Lucas came to a conclusion and decided and he needed to talk to someone before he packed his stuff and left. He walked into his house and played the conversation in his head over and over.

"Mom, I need to talk to you," Lucas said as he sat down on the living room couch.

"Yes, honey?" Johanna asked while coming downstairs.

"Um so I talked to the professor and… I'm going to fill out the Pokedex for him," Lucas said both excitedly and sadly.

"Oh my, what does that mean?" Johanna asked.

"I'll be leaving Twinleaf and travel across the whole region," Lucas said seriously.

"But I thought you didn't want to be a trainer?" Johanna asked.

"I did but then I battled Barry and I got this rush and I love it and I've been doing more and more trainer related things and Mom it's the best I love it the training, the learning, the catching it's all great," Lucas said with a childish smile.

Johanna just smiled and hugged Lucas finally he found something he wanted to pursue. What kind of mother would she be if she didn't support him.

"Well if it's really what you want to do then I support you," Johanna said while hugging Lucas.

"Thanks, mom I'll come to visit I promise and I'll call you often," Lucas hugged back.

And the next day Lucas packed his bag and set off to Oreburgh city. He checked his wallet and there it was his very own trainer card.

Trainer Name: Lucas Diamond

Home: Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh

D.O.B: December 16, 1990

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Slate Gray

Lucas walked through the grass and reached Sandgem Town. One of Professor Rowan's assistants taught Lucas about PC boxes and Technical Machines and other trainer related things. Dawn was also there as well. She was studying some water pokemon on the beach. She taught him a little about types and how sometimes strategy and planning is the best way to win battles rather than brute strength.

Lucas was amazed it was like a whole new world for him. While buying some medicine for his pokemon Barry's mom stopped Lucas and asked him to give Barry his Parcel at Jubilife city. Common Barry, leaving without taking proper inventory.

"I'll get it to him," Lucas said.

"Thank you, Lucas, you always knew how to keep Barry out of trouble, do me a favor and make sure he doesn't hurt himself," Rita said.

Rita loved her son, but Barry tended to sometimes go into situations without thinking. Lucas agreed especially after the whole Lake Verity situation.

On the way to Jubilife city, he battled some trainers. He was slowly getting better and better and was even shocked when they gave him money for winning.

So this is how trainers make their money.

Eventually, Lucas found himself in the famous Jubilife City. He was amazed by the buildings, he had heard about Jubilife City but he had never seen it for himself. It was unlike anything he could ever imagine. The buildings were huge and he couldn't even see the top. The roads were super smooth and the city had this business feel to it. Jubilife City was always the hub for businesses so it made sense.

"You...Mr," A man in a clown suit said as he ran up to Lucas.

"Yeah?" Lucas asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Have you heard of Poketch?" The Clown asked.

"Yeah, why?" Lucas asked curiously.

"Well then if you can get all three of these coupons then you can get a free Poketch with 4 apps on it," The Clown said excitedly.

"Woah really, okay what do I do?" Lucas said with a smile.

"Okay, so there are three clowns in this city we will all ask you some questions relating to Pokemon if you get them all right you get one coupon, gather all three, and go to the Poketch building and receive your prize." The Clown said while holding the first coupon to show.

"Awesome I'm in," Lucas said.

Lucas saw this as an opportunity to put some of his knowledge and latest experiences to the test.

The questions were all easy. Lucas aced them in a breeze through the real challenge of finding all the clowns. He did find it weird that they were dressed up as clowns but hey it makes them stand out he assumed. He returned to the Poketch building where the CEO of Poketch was there to greet him.

It was a dream come true he had always loved Poketch, their inventions were so cool and something every trainer needed. He planned to get one when he had enough money but hey if he could get it for free then how could he pass that off. His Poketch contained 4 apps. One that displayed time, one that showed his pokemon team, a calculator, and a Memo pad. As a bonus for being a trainer, his Poketch was upgraded to contain a Pedometer, Berry Searcher, and a Dowsing Machine. Lucas thanked the CEO and was on his way.

"Wow, this is awesome, definitely useful for my studies," Lucas said.

Lucas was walking around asking people if they had seen his rather hard to forget best friend and eventually he spotted a man in a brown jacket.

"Um, sir can you help me," Lucas said as he walked up to the stranger.

The man in brown turned around and Lucas saw a badge on his waist. It meant he was an agent of the International Police.

"Oh, you're an officer?" Lucas asked, looking at the badge.

"Agent but I guess you can call me that, the name is Looker," Looker said, extending a hand.

"I'm Lucas and I am looking for my friend. His name is Barry, he has a white and orange striped shirt," Lucas said while shaking his hand.

"Oh I saw him, he went into the trainer school down the road," Looker said as he pointed to the trainer school.

"Thank you and might I ask why are you here?" Lucas asked.

"I'm investigating Team Galactic, the IP thinks they are getting worse and worse so I was sent here to check them out," Looker told him.

And from then Lucas told Looker about the Lake Verity incident and Cyrus. Looker was extremely grateful for this information and told him that if finds anything else he should report to him asap. Lucas agreed and they exchanged numbers for easier contact. From there Looker left Jubilife City and Lucas went straight to the trainer school.

"Grass types are weak against fire types," Barry muttered as he wrote that down.

"Yo moron of course Grass is weak against Fire," Lucas said as he thumped Barry's head.

"Yeah look it might be easy for you to memorize all this stuff Mr. Smartass but the rest of us need to study it. And once I memorize all this stuff it's only going to add to the fact that I am going to destroy everyone and be the best," Barry said as he laughed and got up.

"Psh you got a long way from that and here, as usual, you forgot something, you're so impatient man you gotta remember to take an inventory before you leave," Lucas laughed as he gave Barry his Parcel.

"Oh crap thanks man and since you did this for me I am now in your debt so here," Barry handed Lucas a whole map of the Sinnoh region.

"Gee thanks I could have picked this up at the nearest bus station," Lucas said as he put it in his backpack.

"Now I am not in your debt and since we are in a trainer school," Barry grinned at Lucas and pulled out a Pokeball.

"Heh...alright I'm down," Lucas grinned as well reaching for his Pokeball.

Rival Battle: Lucas Diamond vs Barry Platinum (3 on 2)

"Time for some payback no more going easy on you Lucas. Piplup show Lucas what you got!" Barry shouted as he sent Piplup out.

Alright now for some knowledge, I don't want Chimchar in there because of the typing...I got it.

"Starly come on out!" Lucas shouted as he released Starly from her ball.

Starly came out and stood ready. Lucas had used Starly for a little while on his way here so he was familiar with his attacks and he figured while he did not have a type advantage over the Piplup he knew Starly was faster.

"Piplup, shower Starly with some Bubbles," Barry said confidently.

Piplup tried his best and launched some bubbles at Starly.

"Starly dodge it and hit that Piplup with a Wing Attack," Lucas ordered.

And just like Starly hit Piplup with her wing and sent him flying back to his trainer.

"Come on buddy get up," Barry exclaimed.

"Starly don't let him breathe Tackle," Lucas commanded.

"Wait for it," Barry said to himself.

Lucas noticed Barry not rushing into an attack. What was he planning? As soon as Starly was close enough Barry shouted.

"Piplup, Pound that Starly into the ground," Barry yelled.

It worked, Piplup pounded Starly down before she even had the chance to dodge. It was evident Lucas was not the only one getting better at battling.

"Ha eat that Lucas," Barry said with a confident grin.

Lucas analyzed the situation. It seems the real only thing Starly has over Piplup was speed.

"Alright Starly minor setback but we can do this. Use Quick Attack," Lucas said.

The Starly got up rather quickly and sped right through Piplup with great speed and left Piplup on the ground, he was out of commission.

"Don't sweat it, buddy you did great," Barry said as Piplup returned to his ball.

"Amazing work Starly," Lucas smiled while Starly happily came back to her trainer's side.

"Alright smart guy try this I'll show you a Starly. Starly you're up." Barry exclaimed as he released his own Starly into the battle.

"Wait you had one this whole time?" Lucas questioned.

"Yeah, you're not the only one building a team," Barry said with a grin.

"Now Starly, show this guy how real Starlies battle, use your Wing Attack," Barry commanded.

Barry's Starly flew with such speed Lucas had never seen before and took out his Starly. Lucas was shocked up until this point he thought Starly's speed was unmatched.

"Damn, you did great buddy take a break," Lucas said while returning his Starly to her ball.

I need someone to take that Starly out, now that there isn't a type advantage anymore.

"Chimchar, you're in charge here," Lucas exclaimed as he sent his fire-type starter out into battle.

"Chimchar how the hell does that make sense you going soft on me Lucas," Barry laughed.

Lucas had a plan though and once he has a plan almost nothing can come between it.

"Chimchar uses Leer," Lucas commanded.

Chimchar did as he was told and intimidated Starly, lowering its defense.

"Uhh weirdo, anyway Starly, Wing Attack," Barry ordered.

Barry's Starly attacked Chimchar with the Wing Attack as Lucas kept using Leer for three turns.

"Well Lucas looks like you haven't prepared for me you haven't landed a single scratch on my Starly and your Chimchar looks ready to drop allow me to end this Starly one more Wing Attack," Barry yelled unaware that Lucas still had one more Pokemon but to Lucas, Bidoof wasn't even going to be needed.

"Chimchar, dodge," Lucas commanded.

The Chimchar dodged with incredible speed that shocked Barry.

"Wait what…," Barry looked shocked that Chimchar was fast enough to dodge.

Lucas had been training Chimchar to dodge attacks more quickly after their first fight; he felt that dodging incoming moves were just as important as attacking.

"Chimchar….Ember," Lucas ordered.

At that moment Chimchar launched a small but impactful ember right at Starly, hurting it more than usual due to its at this point horrible defense. Starly was down and Lucas had won. Lucas just grinned at Barry, he won...again.

"Take a rest bud," Barry said as he returned Starly to its ball.

"But how did you?" Barry questioned.

"I used Leer to lower your Starly's defense," Lucas said immediately.

"Yeah I know that but if your Chimchar is fast enough why did you take all those Wing Attacks?" Barry asked confused.

"Easy, letting you hit me gave you more confidence, and as I predicted you got sloppy and rushed to finish the battle instead of thinking about what I had planned. If I dodged every move you would have caught on," Lucas said.

Barry was shocked, how he could think that far ahead.

"Damn it you got me again. Well, good fight dude nice strat," Barry said regrettably.

"Well, now that I know your secret I will crush you next time. Now then I have a gym leader to beat and some training to do race ya to Oreburgh city and if you're late I'm fining you," Barry said laughing and already running.

That was Barry. While he wanted to destroy Lucas and become the best, he was still his best friend, a couple of victories to give Lucas a confidence boost didn't matter to him plus it wasn't going to matter once Barry had become the greatest pokemon trainer ever.

Lucas healed his pokemon and made his way to Oreburgh City. He felt he was ready to take on a gym leader.

Chapter Text

Chapter 4: Lucas vs Roark

COF: Lucas Diamond

2 pm (Tuesday Afternoon)

Lucas put on his backpack as he left the motel. He stayed in Jubilife City overnight, he never liked traveling at night. He had to get adjusted to sleeping in different places almost every night but it didn't seem to bother him. He liked Jubilife City but he had to keep moving so he slowly made his way out of the city and onto route 202. After battling some trainers and a little more training he felt he was ready for the big leagues, well the start of the big leagues.

Since battling Barry at Jubilife his Chimchar had evolved in Monferno and his Starly had evolved into Staravia while training. His Bidoof learned some new moves although he still had a long way to go, but Lucas saw the potential in him. He also found himself a Shinx that kept following him along the route so he eventually caved in and called it his own. After some walking, he reached the entrance to the Oreburgh Gate, at the end of this tunnel waited for his first gym badge.

Alright Lucas you can do this.

"Ah excuse me, Trainer," A Hiker said, approaching Lucas.

"Um yes, can I help you?" Lucas asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Up ahead you'll notice some rocks that are not breakable...unless you have this," The Hiker said as he pulled out what look liked a technical machine but it looked a bit different.

"What is it?" Lucas asked curiously.

"It's a hidden machine, they are like technical machines but they can be used in scenarios other than battling. This particular one contains Rock Smash and it can be used in battle and whichever pokemon you give it to can break those types of rocks in your way," The Hiker said.

"Interesting, how much do you want for it?" Lucas asked almost knowing where this was going.

"Oh no, I want to give you this because I remember when I was a young trainer like you and I wish I had this," The Hiker said with a smile.

"Oh wow thank you I appreciate it," Lucas said, smiling as he took the disc.

"Now the only prerequisite with hm's is you need a certain badge for each one," The Hiker said.

"Wait there are more?" Lucas asked curiously.

"Oh yes there's many of them that I am sure you'll find along your journey but the prerequisite for Rock Smash is you need the Coal Badge, which you can obtain in Oreburgh City by beating Roark," The Hiker said.

"I I can teach it to my Pokemon and use it in battle but I can't use the other use until I get the desired badge for it?" Lucas wanted to confirm.

"You got it, you are a bright one aren't you. What's your name?" The Hiker asked.

"Lucas, Lucas Diamond I'm from Twinleaf Town," Lucas said.

"Lucas, I am Roger. I hope our paths meet again," The Hiker said as he left the cave.

"Thanks again," Lucas said as he moved on.

The cave was pretty small only one way through until he could use Rock Smash. He taught Bidoof the hm to maybe give him a better set of moves. He battled two campers in the cave. Honestly, it felt weird that an adult-like himself was beating children and their pokemon but that's battling he assumed not limited to any age. Not before long, he found himself in Oreburgh City.

"Wow, it's bigger than I thought," Lucas said surprised as he walked around until he reached the gym where Barry was standing.

"Lucas, dear Arceus man you are so slow. I'm fining 2 million for that," Barry said, shaking his head.

"Yeah yeah, so where is the gym leader?" Lucas asked.

"Apparently he is in the mines so I will sit right here and I will wait," Barry said as he plopped down at the entrance.

"Why don't you just-," Lucas said, then being interrupted.

"Lucas I have some intensive sitting to do. I will wait all night if I must…... ALL NIGHT LUCAS!" Barry exclaimed.

"'re a weirdo dude," Lucas said while laughing and walking off to the mines.

Lucas made his way down to the mine to try and find Roark but it was no use everyone had the same uniform on. After battling some more trainers and catching some more Pokemon in the mines he finally found Roark. He was mining with his Pokemon and lost track of time and left for the gym. Lucas took this time to let his pokemon play for a bit cause once they went into the gym there was no fun and games.

An hour later and he went right back to the gym to challenge Roark. He was planning all kinds of scenarios in his head when all of a sudden he saw Barry sprinting out of the gym almost right into him.

"Woah dude, slow down," Lucas said, stopping him.

"LUCAS DUDE I DID IT I BEAT ROARK," Barry said, not even trying to hold in his excitement.

"Woah, dude, that's awesome," Lucas said smiling, seeing Barry win gave him some more confidence in himself.

"Check it out!" Barry said as he pulled out the Coal Badge.

"Woah…," Lucas said, looking at it.

"Ha maybe one day you'll get one of these Lucas but it's okay not everyone is good enough to get a badge on the first try, like me," Barry said cockily.

"Yeah whatever you're gonna be the one chasing after me," Lucas said with a grin.

"Oh ho, where did this confidence come from," Barry said while playfully punching him on the shoulder.

"Oh, maybe cause I beat you twice," Lucas said, laughing returning the punch.

"Yeah yeah, you got lucky but I know all your tricks now so next time you'll be destroyed," Barry said while putting his Pokeballs in his bag.

Barry and Lucas said their goodbyes and Barry said he was off to go for his next badge, while Lucas was ready to get his first badge. He walked into the gym and got this feeling of anticipation. He couldn't wait to battle a gym leader. What would he learn from him? Would he win or lose? What strategies would he find? After battling two trainers he finally reached Roark.

"So you made it this far, welcome to the Oreburgh City Gym," Roark greeted Lucas.

"Thanks…," Lucas said, a little intimidated.

"I'm Roark but we already met in the mines. I assume you are here to obtain your first gym badge, " Roark said while chuckling.

"That would be correct," Lucas said with a serious look.

"Your look, for some reason it makes me want to battle you, even more, shall we begin," Roark said while picking up a Pokeball.

"Whenever you're ready," Lucas said with one already in his hand.

Gym Battle: Lucas Diamond vs Roark (4 on 3)

"Alright, let's rock Geodude come on out," Roark said while releasing Geodude into the field.

"Monferno, show em' what you got," Lucas said as he released Monferno from it's Pokeball.

"It's time for me to see your potential as a trainer, do your worst. Geodude, Tackle," Roark shouted.

Roark's Geodude started to rush at Monferno.

"Monferno dodge him and hit that Geodude with a Mach Punch," Lucas commanded.

Monferno acted as if that is exactly what he was already going to do. He dodged Geodude by jumping over him before the tackle hit and punched the back of the Geodude with a hard fist.

"Very smart however I planned for that, Geodude, Rock Toss," Roark shouted.

Roark's Geodude tossed a rock right at Monferno that sent him down to the ground. It became apparent to Lucas that the tackle was just a distraction to get close. But Monferno got right back up, his durability to take attacks had grown from his training.

"Shake it off buddy we got this," Lucas encouraged his fire type friend but still had a look of concern.

Monferno looked back at Lucas and grinned as if saying that he's okay.

"Geodude another Rock Throw," Roark commanded.

"Monferno dodge and get in close," Lucas commanded.

While Geodude tossed the Rock straight at Monferno, Monferno slid right underneath it and was right in Geodude's face before it even knew it.

"Mach Punch!" Lucas shouted.

With one punch Monferno blasted the Geodude back to its trainer, down permanently.

"Damn, that was good," Roark thought to himself.

"Good job Geodude take a rest," Roark said to his fallen rock friend as he put it back in its Pokeball.

"Awesome work Monferno," Lucas shouted happily.

"Alright hotshot, try this, Onix you're up," Roark shouted as he threw Onix into the field.

Lucas had caught an Onix before but man it never ceased to amaze him how huge it is. But no worries he still had the type advantage. Although when he looked at Monferno he looked stunned and a little scared.

"Hey buddy, he's just another obstacle. You can do this," Lucas shouted.

Monferno looked back at Lucas and smiled.

"Encouragement is very important to being a trainer, I'm glad you realized that at an early stage of your career," Roark said with a smile.

"Hey, I'm not the one putting my ass on the line here, it's the least I can do," Lucas said.

"His cooperation, his kindness, his encouragement at such a young stage…..this kid is something else," Roark thought to himself.

"Alright, Monferno get in close for another Mach Punch," Lucas shouted with confidence.

"Onix, dodge it and use Rock Throw," Roark shouted.

Monferno tried to hit Onix but it was stopped abruptly by a rock that sent him down. However just like before he got up, a bit weaker, but he got up.

"Damn he's like a tower. Monferno needs some kind of boost…..I got it." Lucas thought to himself.

"Monferno come back here," Lucas commanded.

Monferno returned to its trainer with confusion.

"What's he planning?" Roark asked himself.

Lucas leaned down and whispered something into Monferno's ear and all Monferno did was nod.

"Alright Monferno, rush in and get close," Lucas ordered.

"Onix another Rock Throw," Roark said, almost disappointed, he thought Lucas had something better.

The Onix hurled a rock down towards Monferno.

"NOW!" Lucas shouted.

With a swift movement, Monferno leaped and boosted himself up with the rock hurling down at him and hit Onix with a huge Mach Punch.

"What the hell….," Roark said shocked.

"HAHAHA, nice one Monferno," Lucas said, somewhat surprised that it worked.

The Onix fell flat on its back clearly not getting up.

The bigger they are the harder they fall.

"Wow...nice play, I have never seen that before," Roark said still with shock in his voice as he returned Onix to its Pokeball.

"Thanks, I kinda just came up with it on the spot," Lucas said.

"Is this guy going to ace my team with one Pokemon?! No, I just need to take out that Monferno," Roark thought to himself.

"Cranidos come on out," Roark said, releasing Cranidos.

"Monferno, let's finish this, rush in again and use a Mach Punch," Lucas commanded.

Monferno rushed in about to hit one more Mach Punch.

"Cranidos, dodge." Roark said.

Cranidos dodged the punch with speed Lucas was impressed by.

"Holy-," Lucas said.

"Headbutt him hard," Roark commanded.

The Cranidos lifted his head back and slammed the Monferno with full force back to Lucas not getting up.

"Damn...good work buddy you have nothing to be ashamed of, take a rest," Lucas said, returning Monferno to his ball.

"Crap no one else on my team knows fighting moves….except," Lucas thought to himself.

"Go Bidoof," Lucas launched Bidoof into the battle.

Lucas knew in terms of sheer power Bidoof stood no chance against Cranidos but he did have a type advantage move, Rock Smash.

"A Bidoof?" Roark asked.

"Alright, Bidoof just like we practiced," Lucas said with some confidence.

Bidoof just looked back at Lucas and smiled and awaited instruction.

"Cranidos, end this, Headbutt," Roark ordered.

"Bidoof, counter with a Rock Smash," Lucas ordered.

To his surprise Bidoof got it done he dodged the headbutt and smashed a rock right onto Cranidos' exposed head.

"Awesome job Bidoof," Lucas exclaimed with happiness.

"Damn it, that hit my Cranidos hard. No matter," Roark thought to himself.

"Cranidos shake it off, another Headbutt," Roark ordered.

Cranidos recovered extremely fast almost as if it trained for this type of situation and slammed the full weight of its head onto Bidoof.

Fuck that had to hurt him a good amount, he's done...

However to both of their surprise, Bidoof showed a sign of life, he was still kicking.

"WHAT?!" Roark shouted.

"BIDOOF ANOTHER ROCK SMASH," Lucas shouted just as shocked as Roark.

Bidoof used what strength he had left and smashed one more rock on Cranidos' face, sending it crashing to the ground. It was over and Cranidos was out. Lucas had won.

"OH MY ARCEUS," Lucas couldn't believe it, Bidoof pulled it off.

Lucas ran over to Bidoof and hugged him.

"Nice fucking work buddy you did it," Lucas said.

Roark was shocked but overall very impressed, while Barry won because of strength, Lucas won because of strategy and encouragement, an overall much more impressive way of winning especially against a strong type like rock.

"Wow...what a match," Roark said as he went up to Lucas.

"Yeah it was tough but I learned so much both about gym leaders and rock-type Pokemon...thank you," Lucas said.

"And thank you for the excellent battle you are something, Lucas. And now it is time for your reward," Roark said as he showed Lucas the Coal Badge.

"As a trophy of your victory I hereby award you with the official Sinnoh League Coal Badge, you earned it," Roark smiled.

"Thank you," Lucas said as he took the badge.

"I hope our paths meet again Lucas," Roark said as he went to take his Pokemon to the Poke center.

Lucas just stared at it. His first badge, it was so shiny he could see his reflection in it. It gave a feeling of accomplishment, something he had felt before but not to this degree.

"You really did it buddy. We are all proud of you," Lucas said to Bidoof, releasing all of his pokemon to celebrate with him and Bidoof.

The Bidoof just smiled at Lucas and jumped up and down with excitement. Monferno was weak but he was able to stand up and pat Bidoof on the back as his way of saying thanks. Shinx was too busy chasing Starly to care what was happening but Lucas didn't care. He was so happy and proudly walked out of the gym with one thing on his mind.

1 down 7 more to go!

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Chapter 5: A Less Than Cheerful Reunion

COF: Lucas Diamond

10 am (Wednesday Morning)

Lucas got his things and made his way out of Oreburgh City. After his gym battle, he checked out the Oreburgh City Mining Museum. Since he was going to every place in Sinnoh he figured he might as well take everything in and enjoy his time away from home. But he knew he couldn't stay forever and the next morning he was back on the road.

He figured the best course of action was to go to Eterna City for his next gym badge. According to the map, the best way to get there is to go back to Jubilife City and go north and eventually through Floaroma Town. With this route, he should reach Eterna City by the next day. However, that means he had to go through the infamous Eterna Forest. While the forest was beautiful and full of pokemon it was very easy for trainers to get lost. It was comparable to Kanto's Viridian Forest. While on his way back to Jubilife he explored the rest of Oreburgh Gate that he couldn't before. Down there he found the move Flash that he knew he could use to light up caves. Finally, he arrived in Jubilife City and was shocked to see Professor Rowan, Dawn, and three mysterious guys. Intrigued he went on over to them.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Lucas asked, approaching them.

"Lucas, thank Arceus you're here these Team Galactic grunts are harassing me and Dawn," Rowan told him.

As soon as Lucas heard the words Team and Galactic he was ready to battle all three of these degenerates.

"You guys better back off we have nothing for you," Dawn told the grunts.

"Don't be so tense kid, we just want all of your father's research, this has nothing to do with you, so I suggest you step aside," One of the grunts told Dawn, stepping closer to Rowan.

"Hey, she said back off didn't she," Lucas said as he stepped in front of the professor with a glare on his face.

"Oh lookie here we got ourselves some brave kids well do the math kids there are three of us and two of you," Another grunt said while laughing.

"NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT," Barry said as he ran on over.

"You always have an entrance don't ya," Lucas said with a smirk.

"Isn't that always how he is," Dawn said as she pulled out a Pokeball.

"It looks like these kids wanna battle, let's beat them and steal their pokemon," One of the grunts told the others.

"It's gonna look pretty bad when these "kids" destroy you," Barry said with a glare.

Tri-Battle: Lucas Diamond, Dawn Rowan, Barry Platinum vs Team Galactic Grunts

The grunts threw out a Zubat, Geodude, and Shinx.

"Yeesh you guys are already done, Prinplup, come on out," Barry said as he released Prinplup out.

"Save some for the rest of us, Barry, Monferno back him up," Lucas said with a grin as Monferno ran up next to Prinplup.

"About time we had one of these, Grotle go have some fun," Dawn said as she released Grotle from its ball.

"Such valuable pokemon Geodude, Rock Throw on Monferno," One of the grunts said.

"Shinx back em up and Thundershock that Prinplup," The second grunt said.

"Zubat, Wing Attack on that Grotle," The third grunt said.

The grunts laughed as their pokemon closed in on their respective targets.

"Monferno, Mach Punch that Geodude," Lucas ordered.

"Prinplup, use Metal Claw on Zubat," Barry commanded.

"Grotle, use Razor Leaf on Shinx," Dawn yelled.

Just like that all three of the grunt's pokemon were stopped short but the evolved starter pokemon and with one attack each the battle was over.

"HA you guys suck," Barry laughed.

"Holy shit," One of the grunts said.

"What the..," Another grunt said.

"How did they…," The last grunt said.

"Hopefully you have learned your lesson," Rowan told the grunts.

"You'll pay for this just wait," One of the grunts said while running off with a second one.

"Oh what you want some more," Dawn told the last remaining grunt.

"How the hell did you beat us," The third grunt said with an angry look.

"Because they treat their pokemon with love and respect and don't steal maybe you can learn from them," Rowan told the grunt.

'SHUT UP OLD MAN," The grunt said pushing Rowan to the ground.

"DAD!" Dawn said, running over to him.

"YOU'LL NEVER BE BETTER THAN US," The grunt said, pushing Dawn as well.

"When we have our way you're pokemon will be our tools and you'll be working for us," The grunt said while laughing.

Dawn had a look of disgust and then a grin.

"What's so funny," The grunt looked confused and turned around to see Lucas and Barry behind him with looks of rage on their faces.

Lucas and Barry beat the living crap out of the grunt with a mix of punches and kicks and didn't stop until Dawn and the professor called the boys off which alone wasn't until ten minutes. While all three of them looked out for each other, no one put their hands on Dawn let alone the professor.

"Man this fucker is heavier than he looks," Barry said as he tossed the grunt on the grass.

"Yeah, lay off the rage candy bars man...if he can hear us," Lucas said, pushing him to the corner with his foot.

"Is he dead," Dawn asked the two.

"Nah…..see he's breathing," Barry said pointing to the grass blades moving because of the grunt's breath.

As Lucas looked at the unconscious grunt he heard someone yelling and turned to see Looker running over holding what seemed to be a gun in his hand.

'YOU GUYS OKAY!" Looker shouted as he ran over.

"Who are you?" Barry asked.

"Agent Looker of the International Police, I heard yelling and ran over, Lucas is everything alright?" Looker asked.

"You two know each other?" Rowan asked.

"Yeah we met a couple of days ago he's investigating Team Galactic, don't worry everything is fine just had a few...problems with some grunts," Lucas said.

"Good, sorry I was talking to people in the city. I need to find out where their base of operations is at," Looker said.

"We saw them running that way if that helps," Lucas said pointing in the direction.

"Greatly, thanks, Lucas, sorry but I have to run, you have my number if you need me," Looker said running in the direction.

"So we're not going to be arrested for beating him up," Barry shouted.

"I'll let this one slide, plus you guys "defended" yourselves," Looker yelled with a chuckle.

Dawn walked up to Lucas and Barry and hugged them. Lucas and Barry arrived just in time, if they were any later Dawn feared Professor Rowan and herself would have been seriously hurt.

"Not exactly a happy reunion but it's good to see you guys," Dawn said smiling.

"Same to you, are you okay?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, thanks boys I appreciate it," Dawn said, hugging Lucas and Barry again.

"Yeah, I was just in the area so for you it's a lucky sighting of the future best trainer ever," Barry said laughing.

Lucas, Barry, and Dawn talked for a while, making up for the lost time. Lucas showed Dawn his first badge and Barry went on about his amazing team. The three laughed and talked like they still saw each other every day. After an hour Dawn and Rowan walked them to the end of the city where they had to part ways for now.

"Lucas and Barry thank you," Rowan said with a smile.

"Don't mention it, professor," Lucas said.

"Yeah those guys had it coming," Barry said with a grin.

"They were after our research, they're planning something big," Dawn added.

"Well whatever it is, that Looker man seemed to be investigating, hopefully, the whole Sinnoh International Police will get involved and these hooligans will pay for their actions," Rowan told the three.

"About time they did," Lucas said quietly.

Yeah, they need to pay for something else too...

And from there Dawn and Professor Rowan said their goodbyes and left Jubilife City. Not even seconds after they left Barry forced Lucas to pull out his first badge. Lucas showed Barry with a confident smirk on his face.

"So it feels awesome to have a badge right," Barry said with a grin.

"Yeah feels good now I am going to Eterna City," Lucas said.

"Really?! Same here, race ya," Barry said with a grin.

"Fine but don't be sad when I win," Lucas said.

"YEAH YEAH IF YOU'RE LATE AGAIN I'LL FINE YA," Barry said, shouting already running.

Lucas was not going to race; he just said that to have some alone time to think. Beating those grunts gave him this great feeling. For years he had to just sit and watch as Team Galactic did what they wanted but now he had the power to change things.

And with that Lucas was on his way to the Eterna Forest. While on the route he did some more training with Bidoof and Shinx. Eventually, Shinx evolved into Luxio and Bidoof evolved into Bibarel. Lucas was impressed with the change in the size of Bibarel but with this training, he was looking forward to using Bibarel more often. Luxio learned some more electric moves and Bibarel learned a water move and Rollout.

Eventually, Lucas made it to Floaroma Town. He noted just how showered in flowers it was. He noticed more Team Galactic grunts blocking a pathway. When confronted the grunts stubbornly did not let Lucas through. Lucas eventually left but he was coming back. He obtained a watering can courtesy of the locals and stopped by the Pokemart and Health center and made his way onto route 205. While walking he noticed more grunts blocking the pathway he needed to go through. Something was off and to confirm this he saw a little girl crying in the middle of the pathway.

"Hey sweetie, what's wrong," Lucas asked, kneeling to her.

" d-daddy," The girl said crying.

"What about him?" Lucas asked.

"S-some bad people are being mean to him, they are keeping him trapped in the Windworks," The girl said, still crying.

"Where?" Lucas asked.

The little girl pointed to the Wind Works just up ahead. Lucas calmed the girl down and gave her his scarf to comfort her.

"Don't worry I'll get your daddy back," Lucas said smiling at the girl.

"Thank you so much," The girl said while hugging Lucas no longer crying.

Lucas got up and walked towards the Wind Works with a smile on his face for the girl but deep down filled with determination. He wasn't leaving the Valley Windworks without that poor innocent man.

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Chapter 6: A Local Hero

COF: Lucas Diamond

Lucas marched right up to the Valley Windworks building and saw a Team Galactic Grunt standing in the way.

"Beat it, kid," The Grunt told Lucas.

"You guys have an innocent man in there, how pathetic are you people," Lucas said with a snarl.

"Smartass remarks aren't going to get you inside now, beat it unless you wanna get your pokemon taken," The grunt told Lucas.

"I'd love to see you try," Lucas mocked the grunt.

Lucas easily aced through the grunt so fast the grunt didn't even know what happened. All that training really paid off Lucas was getting really good at battling. He could read people, it came so naturally to him and he always seemed to know what people's strategies were. He found it part of the fun.

"How the hell….alright I admit it you're really good but I am still not letting you in," The grunt said, shutting the door on Lucas' face and locked it.

"Asshole," Lucas cussed to himself.

"I need to find a key….wait a minute there were those grunts back in Floarma Town," Lucas said as he rushed back to Floarma Town.

He found that the two galactic grunts were no longer there but instead harassing a local in the meadow.

"HEY LEAVE HIM ALONE," Lucas said, pulling out a Pokeball and running up to him.

"Who do we have here, looks like this kid is trying to tell us what to do," The first grunt said laughing.

"Man you either have balls of steel or you're just plain stupid kid," The other grunt said.

"Why don't you find out which one I am," Lucas growled.

"Your loss," The grunt said.

Like the other grunt, Lucas swept through the grunts with Bibarel and Monferno. It felt good to know he was teaching these grunts a lesson about messing with innocent people. It was a feeling he couldn't explain but he couldn't just stand by and watch someone who can't defend themselves.

"Holy crap who is this kid," The galactic grunt said while slowly back away.

"I don't know but we should go," The other grunt said with a little fear in his voice.

Lucas just watched as the grunts ran off. Of course the moment they lose they grab their ball and run away like cowards what else was he supposed to expect.

"Thank you so much," The man said as he shook Lucas' hand.

"It's no trouble really are you okay?" Lucas asked.

"Yes, I am fine because of you, what's your name young man?" The man asked.

"Lucas, Lucas Diamond," Lucas said with a proud smile.

"Lucas, you have my eternal gratitude. I run a honey shop, stop by whenever you want, whatever you want free on the house," The man said.

"Wow, thank you," Lucas said.

"Oh but you have to help my friend. Those thieves took him to the Valley Windworks," The man said.

"I was just there. I can't get in without a key," Lucas said with a little disappointment in his voice.

"I have a spare key, please take it and save him," The man begged.

Without hesitation, Lucas took the key and ran right back to the Valley Windworks and snuck into the Windworks. It was crawling with grunts and he knew he couldn't take them all on so he stayed out of sight. He thought he was safe when a grunt came up right behind him.

"Be quiet," The grunt said while grabbing Lucas.

"Get the fuck off me," Lucas said while struggling.

"Lucas, calm down it's me," The grunt said while taking off his hat, it was Looker.

"Looker, what are you doing here?" Lucas asked.

"I'm undercover, I am trying to get in deep with Team Galactic to find the higher-ups," Looker said.

"Well there's an innocent man they are holding hostage," Lucas said.

"I know it's terrible but I am not in a position to do anything. It would mess up my mission but now that you're here," Looker said to himself.

"Where is he, I'll take care of the rest," Lucas assured him.

"You're brave Lucas, I commend you. He's on the top floor," Looker said with a smile.

"Damn, how am I supposed to get up there?" Lucas asked.

"I can distract them for you but once you are up there you're on your own. Be careful one of the commanders is up there, her name is Mars," Looker told him.

"Got it," Lucas said.

"If you mess with her you'll be a huge target for Team Galactic, you really want all that attention?" Looker asked.

"I don't care about that, that man's daughter needs him and I promised her I'd get him back no way am I quitting now. I don't care who they send after me. I am not leaving here without him," Lucas said in a serious tone.

"Few people have your courage and heroism Lucas, it's inspiring," Looker said, patting Lucas on the shoulder.

"I'll distract them….until we meet again Lucas," Looker said, putting his hat back on.

"Thank you, Looker," Lucas said.

"No, thank you, Lucas, we need more people like you in the world one day you're gonna go far kid," Looker said with a smile as he went up and distracted the guards.

Lucas acted fast, sneaking past them he went to the top floor of the wind works where he found the man being harassed by two grunts and a girl with red hair. She must be the one Looker talked about, Mars. Just seeing them harass a defenseless old man, it infuriated Lucas.

"Hey assholes," Lucas said, stepping into the room.

"Oh, looks like we got some company everybody, and who might you be," Mars said, turning to face Lucas.

"I'm the guy that's gonna kick all of your asses if you don't let him go," Lucas said, already holding a Pokeball in his hand.

Mars just laughed and sent the two grunts to deal with Lucas as she kept harassing the man. And to her surprise, Lucas was finished with them in a matter of minutes.

"You're quite the trainer aren't you," Mars said with a grin.

"Why are you doing this?" Lucas asked.

"That's classified sweetie, even to a cute little trainer like you I can't tell," Mars said with a grin.

"So how about I just beat you and you get the fuck out of here," Lucas said sternly.

"As if, Zubat, show this brat how Team Galactic does business," Mars said, releasing her Zubat.

"Luxio, I need ya," Lucas said, releasing his Luxio.

Luxio came right out and got ready for battle. To Lucas, this wasn't just a battle it was a test to see if he could really stand up to Team Galactic. Sure the grunts were easy but Commanders were on a different level.

"Zubat, use Confuse Ray," Mars ordered.

The Zubat shot a beam that hit Luxio and made him stagger around.

"Luxio, snap out of it and use spark," Lucas said.

But the effect was already in motion and Luxio hurt himself. Mars laughed as Lucas got more and more frustrated but he had to focus.

"Come on Luxio get your mind right we gotta win this," Lucas told the electric type.

"I just need to get one good electric attack and that Zubat is out, problem is Luxio's confused….I got it!" Lucas thought to himself.

"Luxio, charge," Lucas commanded.

Luxio began charging energy. Since it isn't a physical attack the confusion did not affect it.

"Zubat, Wing Attack," Mars ordered.

Zubat hit Luxio with a big impact but he was still able to fight.

"Luxio, Keep charging," Lucas said.

"What is his deal? No matter how much he charges any attack will hit his own Pokemon," Mars thought to herself.

"Uhm Zubat, use another Wing Attack," Mars commanded.

As Zubat got closer and closer to Luxio, Lucas finally put his plan into motion.

"LUXIO, SPARK," Lucas shouted.

Luxio released a huge spark of electricity hitting himself but due to the large radius from charging it hit Zubat and sent him flying down.

"What the hell?!" Mars said to herself.

"Nice work Luxio, come back take a rest," Lucas said, returning Luxio to its ball.

"I can tell you're a smart brat as well, and you're starting to piss me off. Purugly, end this," Mars said, releasing Purugly from its ball with a more angry tone in her voice.

"You and your group have pissed me off for years," Lucas shouted, releasing Staravia from its ball.

"Purugly, use Scratch," Mars commanded.

The Purugly quickly rushed at Staravia and scratched his face, sending him back.

"Staravia, shake it off and use Aerial Ace," Lucas said with more eagerness to win.

Staravia flew quickly towards Purugly and slashed at it with some wind pressure dishing out serious damage, this was just making Mars angry.

"You're such a pest! I won't let you get in our way, Purugly, use scratch again!" Mars shouted.

"I will not let you hurt an innocent man or anyone for that matter, your joy ride is over I will stop all of you! Staravia dodge and end this with another Aerial Ace!" Lucas shouted.

Staravia dodged the scratch attack and once again went up to and rushed down at Purugly slashing it, knocking it out. She lost.

Mars couldn't believe it, for years Team Galactic stood unchallenged then all of a sudden this random trainer just starts making threats. She had heard of other teams being mettled with like Red from Kanto foiling Team Rocket and Brendan from Hoenn ruining both Team Magma and Aqua. Even though she lost this battle she is not going to let him ruin Cyrus' plans.

"You...little….brat, you made the biggest mistake of your life. This won't be the last team you hear from us you will pay for meddling with us. Your days are numbered," Mars said getting her pokemon and leaving the building with a glare on her face.

"And stay out," Lucas shouted back at her.

"Lord Arceus, thank you," The man said hugging Lucas with tears in his eyes.

"Are you okay?" Lucas asked.

"Yes I am, thanks to you, what's your name?" The man said.

"Lucas and I are glad you're okay, your daughter is waiting outside," Lucas said.

"Oh, my Arceus is she okay?!" The man asked in a panic.

"She's fine, I made sure she was unharmed," Lucas reassured.

"Thank you so much son, you're a real hero," The man said hugging Lucas.

Lucas walked the man out and his daughter ran up to hug her dad and gave Lucas his scarf back. She was ecstatic and kept calling Lucas a hero, it was funny cause he didn't feel like a hero he was just doing the right thing. They brought Lucas back to Floarma Town where the town folks all thanked Lucas for kicking Team Galactic out of the town. Lucas was overwhelmed he didn't think he would get this much attention but on the inside, he felt good that he helped so many people. Lucas was interviewed and was given a great place to rest for the night despite him wanting to reach Eterna City by tonight but he was indeed tired and his pokemon deserved a rest. The whole town threw a celebration for him. Lucas didn't think much of it but to the folks of Floarma Town, Lucas Diamond was a local hero.

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Chapter 7: Eterna Forest

COF: Lucas Diamond

10 am Friday Morning

Lucas spent his last day in Floaroma Town and headed off to Eterna Forest. Monferno and Staravia walked alongside him as they enjoyed being outside of their balls a lot of the time. Bibarel and Luxio would rather stay inside them and save their energy for battles or other times when they are needed. Lucas felt that while in Eterna Forest he should do some training with his current team. While he still had two more slots open and he felt that he shouldn't slack on training and building bonds with his current team. Lucas already had solid bonds with everyone on the current team. He feels that was due to him always treating them with respect no matter how young or small they were. He never yelled or mistreated them, but when they would act up he never hesitated to put his foot down. Finally, his team reached Eterna Forest the final barrier before getting his second gym badge.

"Alright this is perfect for some training right," Lucas said while looking at Monferno then at Staravia.

They both nodded and rushed into the forest.

"HEY WAIT UP," Lucas said laughing and running after them.

Lucas released both Bibarel and Luxio to play the others. Monferno and Luxio always loved to wrestle with each other. Sometimes they would get too rough and Lucas would have to intervene but it was all in good fun. Staravia for some reason liked to sleep on top of Bibarel, probably because he was soft which was perfect as Bibarel was a big napper himself but when it was time to work Bibarel held his own. His evolution really helped him grow from someone that Lucas always had to be worried about to being able to take his fair share of hits and still put up a fight. Not long after Lucas spoke with his whole team. They all had areas to work on and that is what they were gonna do before they left the forest. Monferno needed to work on his accuracy and harnessing his fire. Staravia needed to work durability and be able to withstand attacks. Luxio needed to work on distributing his energy throughout a battle rather than using it all in one attack leaving him tired. Bibarel needed to learn how to be on Lucas' level when it came to intelligence and communication, while he didn't need to be a genius he wasn't very smart unfortunately but Lucas could work with him.

"Okay, Monferno, you are going to focus on long-range fire attacks. I need you to be able to hit a target from far away while using your fire. Can you do that for me?" Lucas asked. Monferno nodded and went to an area with some rocks.

"Good Luxio, you and Staravia are going to fight. Staravia you go down too easily I know it hurts but you gotta be able to get back up and Luxio you need more stamina you use all your energy in one attack, while very powerful you have to save some and use equally and efficiently," Lucas said to them.

Luxio and Staravia nodded and went off to an open area and began to spare. Lucas would check up on them later.

"That leaves us Bibarel, listen man you are crazy strong but no offense you aren't very bright I will be working with you personally. I need to help you get better at planning and communicating, can you do that for me, buddy," Lucas said.

Bibarel nodded and hugged Lucas with a smile. Bibarel wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed but was always willing to stand by Lucas' said. Countless times trainers passed by him while he was a Bidoof and it made him sad and thought he would never have a friend. But then Lucas came by and gave him a chance and for that, he was eternally grateful. Bibarel showed the most affection towards Lucas.

"Alright alright," Lucas said laughing.

"Seriously though battles are going to get tougher and I need us to be on the same page," Lucas said.

Bibarel nodded and got into a serious mood waiting for instructions. Lucas started with getting into wild pokemon battles with Bibarel. The exercise was simple, Bibarel had to take Lucas' command which was a vague one, and try to figure out which attack was best. Bibarel had no problem with simple specific attack orders such as, use Water Gun, Lucas thought he needed to assess the situation at times and decide for himself which attack was best so he wasn't over-reliant on Lucas' instruction.

12 pm

"Bibarel, attack," Lucas said pointing at the wild Dustox.

Bibarel thought about it for a second and used Rollout throwing a rock at the bug and flying type.

"That's it, nice work," Lucas said happily, it took a couple of battles but Bibarel was starting to understand.

Lucas tossed a Pokeball and caught the Dustox, he was still working on his Pokedex and caught every new pokemon he found. He was proud of Bibarel and saw that he looked very tired. They did one more battle, one more real test.

"Bibarel, you know what to do," Lucas said.

Bibarel was on his own for this one against a wild Gastly, an opponent for which Bibarel had no type advantage move for. Bibarel used what he had learned from Lucas and rushed right at the Bibarel and received a harsh blow from the Gastl sending it back but far from fainting. Bibarel learned not to rush in so he used Water Gun and looked back at Lucas. Lucas said nothing, not giving him any hints. Bibarel dodged a couple more attacks and finished him off with a Rollout. He did it without any instruction. Bibarel won a fight.

"I knew you had it in you," Lucas said, petting Bibarel.

Bibarel hugged Lucas and returned to his Pokeball.

"Take a rest buddy you earned it," Lucas said with a smile as he walked over to Luxio and Staravia.

Staravia had physical bruises and Luxio was tired but he still had some energy. Staravia was quiet and reserved just like Lucas himself out of all of his team she was the smartest one. Luxio was like a dog but in a good way, always by Lucas's side and always willing to fight for him. Ever since he started following Lucas on Route 202. Luxio liked to fight first and think last which led him to use up all of his energy in one attack. Lucas watched as they fought and they have improved. Staravia kept getting back up and countered. Luxio kept using small energy electric attacks and was keeping up in a long stretched out fight. He let them go on for ten more minutes until he saw bruises and fatigue beginning to take over them.

"Okay Staravia, don't beat yourself up too much, take a break and Luxio rest up," Lucas told the two.

They made a ton of progress the last time he checked up on them Staravia was on top of a tree and Luxio was wasting energy trying to headbutt the tree down. It was the first time he saw a pokemon laughing. Lastly, there was Monferno, Monferno was always by Lucas's side, his trusty starter their bond was the biggest one but Monferno liked to cause trouble and that created some headaches for Lucas but he still loved him. One time he kept terrorizing a flock of Budews while Lucas was training Luxio. Lucas had made his way over to him and saw that he was trying to perfect Flame Wheel by using it on rocks at quite the distance harnessing both power and accuracy from a distance. It wasn't perfect but was significantly better.

"You're getting better, Mon, now try hitting that one over there," Lucas said while pointing to the rock that is the farthest away.

Monferno nodded and focused, he shot a flame wheel barely hitting the rock.

"Good much better than before but we have some work to do but overall good work you can take a rest, and no terrorizing pokemon or trainers," Lucas said laughing.

Monferno smirked back at him and went to go hang out with the others. To let everyone rest and get some cool fresh air he kept everyone out of their balls to relax with each other while he took inventory in his bag. He gave everyone a snack; Monferno got spicy chips, Staravia got sunflower seeds, Bibarel got some Pecha berries and dried banana chips, Lucas found it odd how much Bibarel liked fruit but it's good for him so no reason to judge, and finally Luxio wanted some beef jerky. While it was a little expensive Lucas thought it was necessary to reward his pokemon for a job well done as a morale booster and an incentive to work hard. Lucas himself sat down and enjoyed an iced tea and a sandwich he bought from Floarma Town. A trainer lifestyle isn't a luxurious one but he loved it.

They spent the next hour joking around and relaxing until Lucas heard a voice.

"HELP, HELP," The voice called out.

"Alright guy's playtimes over someone might need our help," Lucas said, returning Luxio and Bibarel to their balls.

"Mon, Star, come on they might be hurt," Lucas said running in the direction he heard the voice from.

Monferno kept up with him while Staravia flew up to try and find the source of the voice.

"YOU SEE ANYTHING?" Lucas called out.

Staravia nodded and led the way with Lucas and Monferno not far behind her. Thoughts raced through Lucas' mind as he ran he prayed he wasn't too late and that he could help this person before something bad happened. They reached an opening deep in the woods. To find a woman in a green calling out for help.

"Hey miss, are you okay," Lucas said as he scouted the area for trouble.

"Oh thank Arceus someone heard me, I thought I was all alone out here," The woman said, hugging Lucas.

"Help is here, what's wrong?" Lucas asked.

"I am horribly lost, my map is ruined and I can't get out," The woman said almost hysterically.

"Woah Woah calm down it's okay you aren't alone out here I can lead you out," Lucas said trying to calm her down.

"Really, oh thank you so much…." The woman said, not knowing his name.

"Lucas," Lucas finished.

"This is Monferno, say hi," Lucas said looking at Monferno.

Monferno looked at Cheryl and smiled at her.

"I'm Cheryl," Cheryl said while nodding her head.

"Nice to meet you, come on I can take you out of here," Lucas said with a polite smile.

"Such a gentleman," Cheryl said, keeping up.

"How did you get lost?" Lucas asked.

"Well I came out here to see some pokemon and got spun around and before I knew it I had no idea where I was. I tripped in a puddle and my map got ruined so I started to yell for help, what about you? What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I came here to train my pokemon also to get to Eterna City to get my second gym badge," Lucas said.

"Oh so you wanna take on the Pokemon League," Cheryl assumed.

Lucas had never thought of that before he was getting the badges but he never thought about what he would do if you ever got them all. He didn't even know who the champion was. As the ultimate challenge, the champion and the pokemon he or she has are unknown by the public so you can't practice making it more of a challenge. He knew the elite four Aaron, Flint, Bertha, and Lucian but couldn't even imagine beating them.

"I don't know about that but one step at a time," Lucas laughed.

Lucas lead Cheryl thought the forest was a peaceful scene with light shining through the trees above them and with the sound of pokemon. Lucas had never seen anything like it; he almost didn't want to leave. After being approached by some trainers Cheryl offered to help Lucas. It was like the triple battle he had in Jubilife with Barry and Dawn. Cheryl offered more support with her Chansey and Monferno went on the offensive. It took some getting used too but overall Lucas appreciated the help.

4 pm

"What's that?" Lucas said pointing to an old house.

"Oh that's the old Chateau it hasn't been lived in for over 80 years," Cheryl commented.

"Wow, any pokemon in there?" Lucas asked.

"I don't know but it serves as one of those ghost tales, oh my the exit," Cheryl said with a smile.

"Heh only took us a couple of hours, man there are so many more trainers than I thought," Lucas said, taking off his cap.

"You have nice hair, why do you wear that cap?" Cheryl asked.

"Oh this, it was my father's he passed away a while ago and I always wore it," Lucas said looking at it.

"I am so sorry," Cheryl said.

"It's okay he was a good man from what my mom said. I hope he's in a better place now," Lucas said with a small smile.

"Well the good man feature surely got passed down to you, I never would have gotten out of here without you, thank you, Lucas," Cheryl said with a smile.

"My pleasure so this way takes me to Eterna City right?" Lucas asked.

"Yes it does I live in Eterna City so if you need a place to stay here is my address," Cheryl said and gave Lucas a piece of paper with the address on it.

"Wow, thank you very much," Lucas said.

Monferno nodded as a way of saying thank you himself.

"Until we meet again Lucas," Cheryl said waving and leaving.

"Nice lady," Lucas said looking at Monferno as he smirked.

"Oh stop it, I do not like her," Lucas said.

Monferno nodded sarcastically.

"Whatever," Lucas rolled his eyes and laughed.

Lucas started to walk out of the forest but not before looking at the old Chateau. He felt drawn to it for some reason. He would go into it but small trees were blocking the way and he couldn't get through. He would come back to it but for now, it was time for him to enter Eterna City for the very first time.

Chapter Text

Chapter 8: The Woman in Black

COF: Lucas Diamond

11 am Saturday Morning

Lucas spent the night at Cheryl's house he finally got that home feeling that he missed. Sleeping in motels wasn't exactly the most comforting in the world so sleeping in an actual house was more than a nice welcome to him. That morning, Lucas ate breakfast and thanked Cherly for her hospitality. Cheryl said Lucas was welcomed anytime and waved as he left her house.

Lucas stepped into Eterna City, it looked bigger than it was on tv. Monferno stayed close to Lucas, he wasn't the biggest fan of huge areas.

"Hey buddy it's alright I'm right here let's go explore alright," Lucas said with a reassuring smile.

Monferno nodded and walked with him.

Lucas didn't know where to start, it was massive but something caught his eye and not in a good way. It was a Team Galactic base in the center of the city, seeing it just made Lucas sick to his stomach. He just stared at him with a glare on his face. He hated Team Galactic even more now that he had seen first hand how much fear they cause people. Lucas would bust right in and kick their asses out but there were those small trees in the way.

"Great, those again how the fuck am I supposed to get through," Lucas said kicking one.

"You'll need the hidden machine Cut," A woman said watching him kick the tree.

Lucas turned around to see a woman in black clothing smiling amusingly at him. He blushed a little and stopped kicking it and walked up to her.

"Heh, sorry about that I just can't stand those people in there," Lucas said.

"I understand I am not the biggest fan of them either, their morals and horrible treatment of pokemon upset me as well," The woman said.

"Exactly they treat pokemon like tools and it angers me to no end, every pokemon should be treated with respect I don't understand how they get away with this" Lucas said.

"Your feelings towards pokemon, it's nice to see someone with morals and don't see pokemon as more than battle partners," The woman said.

"I'm Lucas," Lucas said, extending a hand.

"Cynthia and I see you are a trainer yourself," Cynthia said, shaking his hand and looking at Monferno.

"Oh him yeah we are exploring Sinnoh together I have others but they are resting right now I just trained them pretty hard in Eterna Forest yesterday so I want them to have as much energy as they can for the gym leader," Lucas said.

Cynthia just looked at him. There was something about him, his disdain for criminals, and his love for pokemon, and being a trainer, it reminded her of herself when she was younger, it was kind of admirable. As she was listening, she noticed something in his pocket.

"Is that a Pokedex?" Cynthia asked.

"What, oh yeah you know about this?" Lucas was confused, he thought him, Barry, and Dawn were the only ones with Pokedexes.

"You must be studying for Professor Rowan, it's been a long time since I have seen him, I went on my own adventure when I was younger and he gave me one," Cynthia said.

"How did you ever complete it?" Lucas asked.

"Oh heavens no I got too busy so it had to be put on the side I still have it though, great memories," Cynthia said.

"Yeah, anyway so this HM I need it to cut down these trees?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah it contains Cut," Cynthia told him.

"Looks like that's my next goal then," Lucas said.

Lucas liked to keep a goal in mind whether it be getting somewhere or finding something he needed. Having a goal in mind keeps him motivated and kept from him getting too offtrack.

"Is this your first time in Eterna City?" Cynthia asked.

"Yeah it is, it's bigger than I thought," Lucas said.

"Why don't I give you a tour I come here quite often," Cynthia offered.

"That would be great, thank you," Lucas said with a smile.

Cynthia guided Lucas through the city showing him the bike shop, restaurants, and the gym where he still needed Cut to get past those tiny trees. Lucas told Cynthia about his goal of completing the Pokedex and his run-ins with Team Galactic. Cynthia Cynthia led him to three statues in which Lucas looked at with a sense of curiosity he had never had before.

"These three statues represent three ancient pokemon that shape our world. Dialga the keeper of Time, Palkia the keeper of Space, and finally Giratina the keeper of Chaos," Cynthia said as she looked at the statues.

"Why would you need a keeper of chaos?" Lucas asked.

"You need bad things in this world Lucas, it keeps the balance and really shows the good in people," Cynthia said.

"That's so interesting, it really makes you think," Lucas said.

"Yeah, I love mythology and ancient stuff. It's a huge hobby for me," Cynthia said.

"That's so cool," Lucas said.

"Thanks, hey can I ask you something?" Cynthia asked.

"Yeah what's up?" Lucas asked.

"A lot of people get their first pokemon when they are younger but you just started, why is that?" Cynthia asked.

Lucas told Cynthia how he never had plans to be a trainer but it wasn't until he got his first taste of battle that really opened his eyes and ever since then he has been in love with being a trainer. He went on and on about how thrilling it was to catch a new pokemon and how close he felt with his team. Cynthia just smiled, she had never seen such exciting energy in a starting trainer. Lucas was in the middle of talking when she saw a guy with blonde hair creeping up behind him.

"LUCASSSSSSSSSS," Barry said, shaking Lucas by the shoulders and laughing.

"JESUS FUCK BARRY," Lucas said shocked and quickly turning around.

"You should've seen your fucking face," Barry said laughing.

"What do you want dude," Lucas said, catching his breath.

"I was just in the area and just got my second gym badge," Barry said, showing off the badge.

"Woah that's awesome dude, I just got here last night so I still have to take on the gym. Right now I am trying to get the HM Cut, that building belongs to Team Galactic" Lucas said pointing to the building.

"Oh Cut I got it from some hiker after beating him so yeah good luck I got lucky and snagged one and I was wondering about that building, the scumbags tried to rob the Pokemart yesterday when I got here, of course being as awesome as I am I took care of them. Also, dude congrats on what you did in Floaroma Town, shit was awesome, kicking some Team Galactic ass so I'll hold off on fining you for getting here so late," Barry said and then looking over at Cynthia confused.

"Whose she?" Barry asked.

"Oh this is Cynthia, Cynthia this is Barry my best friend and rival," Lucas said.

"Wonderful to meet you," Cynthia said.

"You too, you're looking at the future best trainer in all of Sinnoh," Barry said.

"I look forward to seeing you," Cynthia said and then looking at her watch.

"Oh my, I have to go. It was nice meeting you two I hope we see each other again Lucas," Cynthia said.

"You too, oh wait can you tell me where to get the HM?" Lucas asked.

Cynthia just had a grin and gave Lucas a disk, it was the HM! Lucas smiled and waved at Cynthia as she left. She was super nice and Luas hoped that they could be friends and that he saw her again on his trip.

"Sooooooo, you banging her or what?" Barry said with an arm across Lucas's shoulder.

"WHAT, NO," Lucas said suddenly.

"Dude she is hot if you're not going for her I will," Barry said.

"Dude she's way out of your league," Lucas said laughing.

"What no way once I become the champion I'll get her," Barry said.

Barry and Lucas spent a little bit catching up and Barry went on his usual tangent about how he is going to be best and such. Honestly, anyone else would hate Barry for talking so much but Lucas had gotten used to it, and looking at it now he still wouldn't change a thing.

"So Lucas, since we are here….." Barry smirked at Lucas.

Lucas just grinned and pulled out a Pokeball. It was time for a battle with his good old rival, Barry.

"Ponyta, let's start this off," Barry said, releasing Ponyta into the field.

"Bibarel, come on out!" Lucas shouted sending Bibarel in.

Bibarel came out and stared right at Ponyta ready to put some of that training to use.

"We've been practicing since our last battle, Ponyta, use tackle," Barry shouted.

Ponyta rushed and tackled Bibarel before he could dodge.

"Bibarel, use water gun and get back to a standing stance," Lucas shouted.

Bibarel did exactly what Lucas said and showered Ponyta with water and even used a tackle himself for extra damage which Lucas was happy to see, Ponyta stammered back trying to get the water off, due to the type advantage it took a lot out of Ponyta.

Barry learned in their last battle that Lucas was the most dangerous when people do not have multiple plans so instead of rushing back in he took a page out of Lucas's book and thought about it for a second.

"Ponyta, use tackle again," Barry said.

"Bibarel, counter with Water Gun," Lucas said, a little confused.

Ponyta rushed right at Bibarel but Bibarel dodged and showered the fire horse again leaving it out of commission. Lucas didn't understand how Barry spent all that time thinking just for that. Before Lucas could even call Bibarel back.

"Roselia, come out and use Mega Drain," Barry said as he quickly released Roselia.

Roselia moved like she already knew the command before Barry said it and latched onto Bibarel and drained it of energy leaving Bibarel fainted. Lucas was shocked, impressed, and in awe. Barry had not only thought about Bibarel's attack but also about what pokemon he could use next, it was brilliant.

"Damn…..nice move," Lucas commented.

"Ha, you aren't the only one with ideas Lucas," Barry said with a smile.

Lucas just smiled, it was humbling to think that Barry learned something from Lucas but it was time to see what he was made of. Lucas was smart but he still had a lot to learn and always loved hard battles; it taught him the most.

"Monferno, use Flame Wheel," Lucas ordered.

Monferno with his new training and was able to hit Roselia with it sending it flying back to Barry.

"Rose, get up and use Stun Spore," Barry ordered.

"Shit, don't let that hit ya Mon, keeping attack from distance," Lucas shouted.

Barry pointed right at Monferno and commanded Roselia to keep going and she took another hit from the flame wheel while running towards Monferno but before she was taken out, she hit Monferno with the stun spore, paralyzing him.

"Shit," Lucas thought to himself.

He didn't expect Barry to sacrifice Roselia for that. Barry was so hard to calculate for Lucas, despite having brilliant tactics of his own nothing could outshine Barry's unorthodox and unpredictable nature. It made it hard for trainers and gym leaders to read him. The only reason Lucas can do it to a degree is that he's known Barry all his life but Barry still found ways to surprise him. You think Barry is going to do one thing and he does the other, in the end making yourself unpredictable for your opponent is a good trait for a great trainer.

"Heh, just as planned, Prinplup, quickly take advantage," Barry shouted as he sent Prinplup out into the field.

"Mon, come on man you gotta get yourself together buddy focus on dodging attacks until you can counter," Lucas shouted concerned for his partner.

Monferno tried to move but couldn't, he had never been paralyzed before and therefore had no gameplan. Before he knew it Prinplup was hitting him with a bubblebeam. Monferno got back up but still couldn't move.

Lucas had to come up with something but he had never experienced a paralysis attack before he had nothing all he could do we take this as a learning experience. Still, he had to keep his cool; he had to show Monferno that everything was gonna be okay.

While Lucas's team was growing up they still depended on him so he always tried to remain calm and set an example for them especially in times like this where the chips are down.

"Monferno, try as hard as you can to land a Mach Punch," Lucas ordered.

He tried his best, he really did but Monferno couldn't move and was hit again with a bubblebeam. It was too much and Monferno was out, he felt so ashamed. He let Lucas down he let his teammates down. Lucas ran over to him and put a hand on his fallen friend seeing his ashamed face.

"Don't worry about it buddy you did great take a break," Lucas said putting Monferno back into his ball.

"HAHA, Prinplup nice work that is what I am talking about up top," Barry said high fiving Prinplup.

"Luxio, let's go," Lucas said, sending Luxio out into the field.

"Prinplup be careful, that Luxio is dangerous," Barry warned.

"Luxio, use a spark and use that speed to ensure it hits," Lucas ordered.

"Shit, there's no way Prinplup can out speed that Luxio," Barry thought to himself.

In Barry's eyes Lucas was a tactician, the ideas he always had and the skill he developed so quickly while being a trainer impressed him. He could predict Lucas but the problem was that Lucas always had like three contingency plans for every move. It was honestly scary how in-depth he goes when he plans.

They were opposites. While Lucas was predictable he was smart and could plan for almost every situation which made him dangerously accurate and very hard to outsmart. Barry, on the other hand, used a lot of unorthodox tactics and made himself unpredictable which made it hard for any trainer to get a leg up on him plus he liked to take risks that trainers would normally stay away from but to Barry if the reward outweighed the risk he took it which made it very dangerous for trainers to underestimate him. They were both great trainers in their own right so when they clashed it was always a strain on both of them to try to get the quickest advantage. One excels in knowledge and planning and one excels in unpredictable attacks and risk-taking methods. It made them perfect rivals.

Luxio outsped Prinplup and hit a spark of electricity down on his head.

"Prinplup, latch onto that Luxio," Barry ordered.

"The fuck?" Lucas thought to himself.

Prinplup grabbed Luxio and held onto him. Luxio tried to shake him off but Prinplup stuck to him like glue.

"Luxio, another spark," Lucas ordered.

"Prinplup, Metal Claw but hold off on it," Barry ordered.

Lucas was trying to figure it out but like always it was no use. Luxio sent a spark of electricity through Prinplup but the electricity carried right into Prinplup's claws. Lucas finally understood but it was too late.

"Prinplup, NOW!" Barry ordered.

Prinplup absorbed the pain and slammed the metal claw filled with electricity down on Luxio, shocking and hurting them both.

Metal is an excellent conductor of electricity and Barry knew that so by absorbing the spark into the Metal Claw not only would it take some heat off Prinplup's whole body but it would make the Metal Claw more powerful on Luxio.

His plan worked and it took both of them out. To Barry sometimes sacrifice was the best course of action and while he loved his pokemon he realized sometimes unorthodox methods are the clear way to winning a battle.

It was down to one more Pokemon each. Both Barry and Lucas sent out their Staravias.

"Okay, Star it's time to end this," Lucas encouraged and started to think of a plan.

"This battle is mine Lucas," Barry yelled.

"Staravia, use Quick Attack," Barry commanded.

Barry's Staravia rushed with amazing speed but Lucas had planned for this. While Barry was unpredictable, sometimes he would slip up and do the exact thing Lucas expected making it easy for Lucas to come up with a counterattack.

"Star, take the hit and slam down with a Wing Attack," Lucas ordered.

"OH SHIT," Barry yelled.

As Barry's Staravia tackled Lucas' Staravia with her training was able to take the hit and slam her wing down and fly up with Barry's Staravia.

"Okay now speed down and slam Staravia to the ground," Lucas ordered.

"Staravia, use Endeavor," Barry shouted.

Lucas was thrown off guard, he had heard of Endeavor; it made the target pokemon's health the same as the attacker. It was a risky move because it could potentially end the battle with one more attack but that was Barry always taking the risks. It worked. Lucas' Staravia was weaker and slowing down and the energy it had holding Barry's Staravia was loosening.

"SHIT," Lucas thought to himself.


Barry's Staravia managed to get out of the hold due to a lack of energy Lucas' Staravia had and slammed down on Lucas' Staravia with what little speed it had left.

The battle was over, Lucas had lost.

"HAHAHAHA YES STARAVIA," Barry shouted with excitement and went to hug the bird.

Lucas knelt by his Staravia and smiled at her.

"You did great Star, you'll get 'em next time take a rest," Lucas said, returning her to her ball.

Lucas lost but he was proud of his team. Their training paid off, they improved in their respective areas but they still had some work to do. Barry returned his pokemon to his bag and rushed over to Lucas to help him up.

"Hey, dude nice battle," Barry said.

"Yeah, you too man you finally beat me," Lucas said laughing.

"What do you expect from the future best trainer in Sinnoh," Barry said, putting an arm around him.

"So that's 2 for you and 1 for me," Barry said.

"You're keeping track?" Lucas asked.

"Hell yeah it's good to keep score to see who's better," Barry said.

"So that means I'm better," Lucas said.

"Well um…...shut up," Barry said chuckling.

Barry and Lucas both healed their pokemon and ate dinner together as usual Barry went on and on and didn't even touch his food he just kept talking and even forgot to breathe sometimes it was impressive to Lucas. After dinner, Lucas and Barry went to the edge of the town.

"Well, I'm off to Hearthome for badge numero tres," Barry said.

"I still gotta get this badge and I'll meet ya there," Lucas said.

"Better not be so late again or I'm fining you," Barry said.

"It was good to see ya, glad to see you're getting stronger I was on the ropes for that battle no doubt…..keep it up," Barry said playfully punching Lucas's arm.

"You to bro, stay safe," Lucas said waving as Barry left.


Lucas rolled his eyes and booked a motel room. He didn't want to stay at Cheryl's again. He felt like a burden so he got a room and released all his pokemon to wander.

10 pm

Lucas showered and came in to see his team with frowns on their faces.

"Hey what's with the sad mugs, it was a great battle," Lucas said sitting down in front of them.

They just looked at him with a look that said sorry for failing and Lucas frowned a little himself but lost that frown in a second.

"Guys come on, it was a loss, it happens you don't mope around, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. Look we lost today as a team no one here is at fault if I'm being honest I'm proud of all of you," Lucas said.

Lucas's team just looked with confused looks. How could he be proud of them, they lost.

"Bibarel you improvised and was on the same page as me during that fight, Luxio you took down Prinplup arguably Barry's strongest pokemon that's no easy feat, Star a couple of days ago that one hit you took would have knocked you out but you got back up and carried on and I know if Barry didn't use Endeavor you have kicked that other Staravia's ass and Mon seeing the distance you had and you still landed all your attacks, that was amazing," Lucas said smiling.

His team had some slight smiles. That cheered them up a bit.

"Guys, we can't win them all. It was our first loss and it won't be our last, it's how we grow. Failure is just as important as victory, I'm proud to have you all on my team and I wouldn't give up any of you," Lucas said.

"With that being said what do you guys say tomorrow we kick that gym leader's ass and get our next badge!" Lucas shouted encouragingly.

The whole team roared agreeing with him. The night carried on like most nights, Monferno tackled Luxio and playfully fought with each other as normal. Bibarel snuggled up to Lucas like a giant pillow smiling at him. Staravia also sat with Lucas. Lucas loved moments like these away from the battling and just bonding with his pokemon. He loved all of them and he meant every word he said.

Later that night while everyone was asleep, Lucas stepped outside and looked across the street to see the gym and had one thought in his mind.

Tomorrow he was getting his second gym badge!

Chapter Text

Chapter 9: Lucas vs Gardenia

COF: Lucas Diamond

Lucas looked up at the gym with a knot in his stomach, after battling Roark and seeing how hard gym leaders could be there was always this thought in his head. Was he good enough? As Lucas approached the entrance he saw the set of rules that are plastered to every gym. Gym battles in Sinnoh and even in other regions are taken very seriously and there are three simple rules all challengers and gym leaders must abide by.

One: No healing items or stat-boosting items are allowed in battle.

Two: No sudden switches, you must wait until your current pokemon faints to use another one.

Three: If you lose a gym battle you must wait one week for another battle.

While these rules are only enforced in gym battles, pokemon league battles, and battle frontier battles everyone lived by them in normal battles.

If anyone broke these rules they would be banned from collecting badges and the badges they did collect would get taken away. The only rule Lucas was ever nervous about was the third one, waiting a whole week for another chance at the badge was a scary thought. A lot of trainers get discouraged due to the wait and give up, this made getting all eight badges even more impressive but Lucas wondered if he was part of that majority.

He walked into the Eterna City Gym to find an interesting sight. It was bright green with leaves painted on the wall. The floor was replaced with grass that gave the building this earthy scent. It was bright and vibrant very different then Roark's gym. This change of scenery was nice for Lucas, most of Sinnoh was filled with dark colors. This building would be hell for Luxio as he seemed to have an allergy to pollen and Lucas could tell this place was filled with it. There was what looked to be a giant hole in the middle of the building On the other side was Eterna City's gym leader, Gardenia.

"There she is, your badge is mine," Lucas said to himself with a serious look on his face.

"Although, how the hell am I supposed to get there," Lucas said.

"You have to beat the trainers," A man said.

"Huh?" Lucas asked.

Lucas turned around to see a man in a suit at the entrance. He had seen someone like this at Roark's gym but never interacted with him.

"You see the giant circle in the middle?" The man asked.

"Yes," Lucas said.

"Well, it's like a clock, the hands move and that's your way of getting to the gym leader. You see the four trainers around the clock?" The man asked.

"Yeah, I assume that when I beat one it moves and once I beat all four I can challenge Gardenia," Lucas said.

"Look at you, someone's bright, but yes once you beat all four the clock arms will lead you to Gardenia," The man confirmed.

"You sure those "clock hands" are stable for me to walk on?" Lucas asked.

"Absolutely….I think," The man said.

"Great," Lucas said, walking up to the clock.

Lucas walked across the grass blade hands until he met a trainer. Monferno easily went through the trainers due to the type advantage. Every time he beat someone the clock handles would move to the next trainer and before long he beat all four and was onto Gardenia. Lucas walked on up to her with some nerves in his stomach but not as much as when he faced Roark.

"You must be Lucas," Gardenia greeted.

"Yeah….how did you know?" Lucas asked.

"Your friend told me you would be coming by soon, his name was Barry, he said you were going to be the second-best trainer in the world," Gardenia said with a chuckle.

"Of course he did, yeah that's Barry...I love him though," Lucas said rolling his eyes.

"You two are….lovers?" Gardenia said with a raised brow.

"NO NO NO I mean in a friend type way," Lucas said with a face flustered.

"Oh, I'm sure," Gardenia said laughing.

"It's really not like that," Lucas said.

Great now Lucas had a gym leader thinking he was gay, not that there was anything wrong with that but Lucas most definitely was not gay.

"I also read about you, you freed Floaroma Town, very impressive and noble of you," Gardenia commented.

"Thanks, those assholes had it coming," Lucas said.

"It's not every day you see a trainer do something like that," Gardenia said.

"It's about time someone stood up to those criminals," Lucas said.

"I agree, so what's your next move," Gardenia grinned.

"I came for your badge. I need it to kick Team Galactic out of this city," Lucas said.

Gardenia smiled. It was the first time she had heard a trainer wanting to get rid of Team Galactic, someone who didn't just want her badge. She has tried many times to get rid of Team Galactic but failed, she could only take on so many grunts. Whether or not Lucas could do it, she didn't know but Lucas automatically received her respect for that. First Floaroma Town and now here, it was clear to Gardenia that this kid had guts.

GYM BATTLE: Lucas Diamond vs Gardenia (4 on 3)

"Well, then I won't keep you waiting anymore, Turtwig come on out!" Gardenia shouted.

"Wait, what?" Lucas said.

How did she get a Turtwig, Lucas thought there was only one Turtwig in the Sinnoh region and it belonged to Dawn. It threw him off guard for a second but came back to reality.

"Staravia, let's win this," Lucas said as he released Staravia.

"Your friend had one of those too, let's see if yours is just as good," Gardenia said.

"Oh, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised," Lucas said confidently.

"Turtwig, use Razor Leaf," Gardenia commanded.

Turtwig launched a bunch of sharp leaves towards Staravia. Luckily Lucas thought about this type of move and knew Staravia could dodge it, and he was right Staravia dodged most of them but one lucky leaf scratched Staravia right in the face leaving a cut.

"Shit, you okay Star," Lucas asked.

Staravia looked back at him and nodded.

"Alright, retaliate with an Aerial Ace," Lucas shouted.

Staravia slashed Turtwig with a razor-sharp blade of air inflicting a good amount of damage due to the type.

"Using a move that never misses, most people do not rely on this move even though it never misses," Gardenia said.

"That's because Aerial Ace leaves most pokemon open but I've trained Staravia to keep her defenses up while using it," Lucas said.

"Interesting, Turtwig use Reflect," Gardenia ordered.

Lucas cursed at himself, although the move was not physical it was going to make things a little harder for him because of the defense boost Gardenia's team had. Lucas knew he couldn't run down the reflect effect cause it would take a toll on his team so he was forced to try to end this asap.

"Star, use Wing Attack," Lucas shouted.

"Counter with another Razor Leaf," Gardenia shouted almost instantly.

Staravia flew right at Turtwig and smacked him hard with a wing but in return was met with sharp leaves that sent her back. Due to the defense boost, Turtwig survived but was weak.

"Staravia, end this with another Aerial Ace," Lucas ordered.

"Turtwig, another Razor Leaf," Gardenia yelled.

The two pokemon clashed and Turtwig was down and Staravia was barely still able to fight but she didn't faint.

"Your Staravia is very tough, it's nice to see you have the same amount of skill as your lover," Gardenia said with a grin.

"Yeah, I…..WE ARE NOT LOVERS," Lucas shouted.

"Uh-huh, Cherim, come on out," Gardenia said as she sent out Cherim.

"Alright Star, you're doing great hang in there girl," Lucas said.

Staravia weakly nodded.

"Star, use Aerial Ace again quickly," Lucas shouted.

Staravia raced towards Cherim and slashed it with another sharp blade of air but was hit with a Leech Seed in return, Staravia was down but took some of Cherim's health with it.

"Good work Cherim," Gardenia said, petting Cherim.

"You did great Star, take a little rest you'll get a treat after this," Lucas said returning Staravia to her ball.

"Okay time for my ace in the hole," Lucas thought to himself.

"Monferno, come on out," Lucas shouted.

Monferno came out and looked around the grassy building and looked back at Lucas.

"No, you can not light this building on fire, I need you to focus buddy okay," Lucas said.

Monferno rolled his eyes and looked back at Cherim and got into a battle position.

"Interesting, if you had a fire type this whole time why didn't you start with it?" Gardenia asked.

"Because I didn't want to wear down my biggest advantage so early," Lucas said.

"Looks like he planned this, nice to see someone with some brains, still that Monferno shouldn't be able to outspeed Cherim," Gardenia thought to herself.

At that exact moment almost instantly Monferno rushed right behind Cherim and hit it in the back with a Flame Wheel.

"Shit….how the hell," Gardenia was shocked. Before she couldn't even get a word out the Monferno attacked with speed that Gardenia was even impressed by.

"Monferno, keep it up, don't get him a chance to attack another Flame Wheel," Lucas ordered.

"Cherim, dodge that watch out," Gardenia said with a little concern.

Monferno was too fast and with another Flame Wheel Cherim was down.

"Looks like I underestimated him, I should know better after his friend beat me," Gardenia said to herself.

"Nicely done, Mon like we practiced, keep that accuracy and speed up," Lucas shouted.

Everything was going according to Lucas' plan, he had taken out two of her pokemon with one remaining. As long as he had everything under his control the badge was his and he could get Team Galactic out of Eterna City. There is one problem, Monferno, if Monferno was taken out the battle was over, none of Lucas' team could handle a grass type, Bibarel was super weak to them and while Luxio could surely put up a fight, he still would have trouble so Luxio was more of a last resort in this battle.

"Roserade, it's up to you," Gardenia shouted, sending Roserade out.

Lucas pulled out his Pokedex to see if it had anything on Roserade and he learned that it's a grass type and a poison type which was bad. He had hoped it was all grass types but deep down he knew that there was going to be one that wasn't so straightforward, like Roark with Cranidos. The Pokedex told Lucas that the mix of poison and grass made it extremely formidable. Lucas loved the Pokedex for this reason, he used it all the time to assess pokemon and find out how to catch them and beat them.

"Monferno, use Flame Wheel from a distance," Lucas shouted.

Monferno launches a wheel of fire towards Roserade but it dodged. It was obviously Gardenia's strongest pokemon.

"Roserade, get in close and use Razor Leaf for increased accuracy," Gardenia shouted.

"Let's see how good you really are Lucas," Gardenia said with a grin.

"Bring it," Lucas confidently grinned back.

"Monferno, counter with a Mach Punch," Lucas ordered.

Just as Roserade was about to attack Monferno jumped behind her and punched her in the back of the head. Lucas smiled, he thought he had this in the bag until he saw that Roserade had reached behind her and gripped onto Monferno's arm after the punch.

"Roserade release a Stun Spore," Gardenia shouted.

Roserade released a yellow spore of dust around her hitting Monferno and doing what Lucas thought was the worst possible outcome, paralyzing him. Even with the impact of the Mach Punch Roserade shrugged it off like it was nothing.

"Fuck," Lucas said to himself.

After seeing what happened last time with paralysis, Lucas was starting to get worried he tried to look for an opening to develop a halfway solid plan.

"Roserade, Headbutt," Gardenia yelled.

"SHIT, MON GET OUT OF THERE," Lucas yelled.

Monferno couldn't move, Roserade headbutted Monferno into the ground. A couple of turns went by as Roserade kept hitting Monferno hard, the end was in sight for him. Monferno kept struggling but couldn't get anything moving, he was ashamed he let Lucas down again. The man who took him in and gave him a good way of life and all he could do was sit there and watch.


As Monferno was fading he heard those words over and over again echoing to himself. He thought about his life up until this point. The battles, his teammates, how good of a trainer Lucas is to him. He kept trying to muster the energy to move. More and more he felt this small burst of energy go through him. Slowly and slowly it was building and Monferno grabbed onto all of it as his trainers' words kept echoing.

"Roserade, another Headbutt, this time really hit him," Gardenia yelled.

Roserade rushed in, Lucas looked away and he couldn't watch. This was it once Monferno went down the battle was certainly over.

WHAM! Is all Lucas and Gardenia heard as Roserade was sent flying back to Gardenia with intense force. Lucas looked back and saw Monferno weak but he was up, he hit the hardest Roserade with one of the hardest Mach Punch of his life. Monferno had broken the paralysis effect.

"How the hell….," Gardenia said, shocked.

She had never seen a pokemon break paralysis so quickly and to be able to hit with even harder force than before was baffling to her.

Lucas on the other hand had the biggest smile on his face. Monferno looked back and winked while breathing heavily, he was hurt but okay.

Roserade slowly got up that Mach Punch had taken a lot of her.

Gardenia knew she couldn't go for another Stun Spore she needed to attack and end this.

"Roserade, use Razor Leaf and stay away from Monferno," Gardenia ordered.

"Monferno, us-" Lucas was about to say but saw Monferno hand telling him to stop.

Monferno looked back and nodded saying to Lucas, Trust Me. Lucas was nervous if Monferno went down, that was it for him but he knew Monferno and he knew that he could do this.

"Your call dude," Lucas said.

Monferno ran right towards the razor leaves. Lucas was in disbelief, what was he doing! Gardenia grinned, she knew that despite the typing if those leaves hit Monferno he was done. Monferno breathed and lit his fists on fire and focused. He had one shot at this and one shot alone, he took it. With a swift movement, Monferno burnt all the leaves rushing at him.

"WHAT," Gardenia shouted in disbelief.

"Holy shit," Lucas said wide-eyed.

Monferno jumped and with the last bit of energy, he had left and launched a new move he created, the Burning Mach Punch. The punch connected with Roserade and along with the sheer force of the fighting move it burned Roserade with fire sending it crashing on the wall. Roserade fell and was not getting back up.

Gardenia was wide-eyed, she had lost before but she had never seen a pokemon like Lucas' Monferno and the trust Lucas had for him. Lucas was smart for sure but in addition to his battle intelligence, he had pokemon that was equally as resourceful. Staravia gave Turtwig a run for his money and even weakened Cherim. Monferno destroyed Cherim and even broke out of paralysis. It was clear to Gardenia, Lucas didn't get here because of luck.

Lucas ran over to Monferno and hugged him.

"You did it, buddy, you really did," Lucas said hugging.

Monferno hugged back and collapsed into his arms exhausted.

"Take a rest buddy, you earned it," Lucas said, returning Monferno to his ball.

"Excellent battle, Lucas I see why you're Barry's lover," Gardenia said laughing and walking over to Lucas.

"You aren't gonna let that down are ya," Lucas said laughing.

"Nope, seriously that was a really good battle, you're gonna go far," Gardenia said presenting Lucas with the Forest Badge.

"Awesome, now to deal with those Team Galactic degenerates," Lucas said.

"I have to warn you, Lucas, that building is heavily guarded. I have tried multiple times to stop them but it just seems to get more populated," Gardenia said.

"I have to try, otherwise I won't be able to live with myself," Lucas said.

"Good luck and I hope you kick those criminals out of our city," Gardenia said.

"Thanks, I am going to try everything in my power to make sure they never hurt anyone again," Lucas said.

"It's good to have someone with your determination and courage on the good side, if there is anything I can do to help please let me know," Gardenia said.

"Actually, there might be something I could use your help with," Lucas said.

Chapter Text

Chapter 10: Becoming a Target

COF: Lucas Diamond

Lucas and Gardenia went to the town library and pulled out some papers and maps. Gardenia was a little confused by this but Lucas knew exactly what he needed.

"What do you need this for?" Gardenia asked as she pulled out a map of Eterna City's layout.

"I wanna see something," Lucas said, clearing the table. "Put it right here."

Gardenia laid out a giant map outlining both the above-ground and underground layout of Eterna City, while Gardenia was confused Lucas was already thinking of multiple ideas and plans. He was not going to leave this city in the hands of Team Galactic, however, this was going to be much harder than Floaroma Town, this base was much larger and heavily guarded. Lucas needed a way in but he couldn't just bust through the front door.

"So looking at this I wanna see if there are alternate entrances to the Galactic building, going in guns blazing with no plan is like suicide," Lucas said.

It was, while Team Galactic took an oath of no guns or weapons they still used their pokemon to attack people if need be. It was a risk that he was willing to take, for too long Team Galactic has been harassing people all across Sinnoh and Lucas was going to try and take out every single one of them.

"So, what's your plan?" Gardenia asked.

"I was hoping maybe there is an alternate way, I did some research and where Team Galactic is based, it used to be a warehouse so that means that there was a basement," Lucas said.

"So you wanna use that to secretly enter the base," Gardenia said.

"How are you going to get in, it's probably locked and guarded," Gardenia asked.

"I have someone on the inside, I can get in," Lucas said.

"I'll go with you," Gardenia said.

"No, the fewer people the less likely I am to get caught, I appreciate it but I have to do this alone," Lucas said.

Doing this alone may be suicide but I can't risk anyone getting hurt. Hopefully, Looker can pull through for me.

"There seems to be an opening by the back of the building, looks like some kind of maintenance pipe to the sewer," Lucas said pointing to the map.

"You are really going to go down the sewer?" Gardenia asked.

"Hey if it means saving this city, then it's worth it," Lucas said.

This kid really is something, rarely do I have the courage to stand up to these people.

Lucas thanked Gardenia and went back to his motel room. He wanted to wait until night time to execute his plan. Though the thought constantly raced in his head, if he got caught it could mean the end of him. Lucas didn't care though, these innocent people didn't deserve to be in this state of fear. And if it meant Lucas risking his life for them then it was a risk he was willing to take. He stepped out to the balcony of his small room and looked at the city. The mix of the sunset with the busy lights of signs and businesses made it seem as if it wasn't turning a night at all. Eterna City was a lot like Jubilife regarding a city that is never quiet. The sidewalks were full of life and the sounds of laughter and conversation permeated the city. This type of scenery was new to Lucas considering that you could hear a pin drop in Twinleaf Town.

Lucas took off his hat to feel the wind breezing through his hair. The cold wind felt nice, as a citizen of Sinnoh, Lucas was used to the cold temperatures, he knew to enjoy this now because when he reached Snowpoint City the cold will be the bane of his existence. His breath turned to an icy air but it wasn't unbearable the city was filled with life. It was amazing to him that even though the city was filled with Team Galactic they still functioned like normal citizens.

Lucas released all his pokemon to roam in the room. He wanted to give them a pep talk on their next mission.

"Okay everyone gather around," Lucas said sitting on the bed.

Bibarel, Luxio, Staravia, and Monferno sat in front of Lucas with curious expressions on their faces.

"So tonight we are going to free this city, we are going to kick some Team Galactic ass, but I'm not gonna lie to you guys it's very dangerous and honestly I would be lying if I told you guys I wasn't scared, so if anyone wants to stay behind I understand," Lucas said.

Automatically, Monferno jumped onto the bed with Lucas saying that he was in, Luxio pawed Lucas' knee saying that he wasn't going to leave his side. Staravia flew onto Lucas' shoulder. Last was Bibarel who just stood there, Lucas looked at him with questioning eyes.

"You don't have to Bibarel, I'm never going to force you guys to do anything you aren't comfortable with," Lucas said.

Bibarel walked over to the bathroom and Lucas assumed that meant that he was out.

I don't blame him, this is dangerous I honestly wouldn't bring any of them but I need pokemon to defend myself if things go south.

Bibarel walked out with Lucas's backpack in his hands and gave it to him as a way of saying when are we going? Lucas brought everyone in for a group hug with some tears in his eyes.

These aren't just my friends…...they're part of my family, who knew you could be so attached to them, I won't let them down.

4 hours later (11 pm Eterna City Sewer)

Lucas looked through the sewer with a flashlight. The poorly light sewer pipe gave this creepy feeling to Lucas and sent chills down his spine with how dark it was. The walls were smeared with dirt and moisture, the ground was covered in dirty water filled with things Lucas refused to think about, the smell was almost a mix of garbage and excrement. The water made a sloshy sound that Lucas was disgusted by, this was the part he hated. The cockroaches crawling along the wall and the Zubats flying around the place made Lucas question who would even work down here. The sound of dripping water and Rattatas fighting for scraps of food made him almost consider going back but he pressed on. A couple of times the smell got too much for him and vomited once. But deep down Lucas didn't care about the sewer he had to worry about Team Galactic.

As long as everything goes according to plan I should be okay.

After walking for what seemed to be forever Lucas finally reached a door that leads to the backside of the building. This was the moment of truth, if his plan went right, Looker would be behind this door waiting for the signal if he failed it would be Team Galactic grunts and he would most likely be captured.

Sweat ran down his cheek and Lucas's shaking fist went up to the door. Once or twice he thought about leaving, maybe this task was too big for him, maybe he needed to let the authorities deal with this. The authorities had their chance and now it was Lucas' turn to try to save the people of Eterna City.

Death is a serious consequence here Lucas, am I really going to do this…...what about Barry, Dawn, Professor Rowan, and Mom.

Lucas thought about it long and hard as this was the point of no return. Once he was in he was in deep. He knew doing this would make him a person of interest for Team Galactic, this wasn't like the Valley Windworks. This was a base of operations for them, he estimated there was going to be at least thirty grunts.

If I die, I die a hero.

Lucas knocked on the door three times and nervously waited. His hand clenching a Pokeball and his face full of both fear and determination. The handle turned and out came a grunt.

"It's about time," Looker said, wearing his undercover grunt uniform.

"Arceus man, that whole moment scared the fuck out of me," Lucas said walking in.

"Heh sorry sorry, so you wanna rid Eterna City from Team Galactic's control?" Looker asked.

"Yeah, who's in charge here?" Lucas asked.

"Her name is Jupiter," Looker said.

"What's with all the planetary names?" Lucas asked.

"Apparently it's supposed to show that they are on a higher level of existence I think, I don't know really it's all weird," Looker said.

They should all be called Uranus.

"Jupiter is on the top floor she's holding a man and his pokemon hostage, if you can get her to leave this building they will follow," Looker said.

"So beat Jupiter and Team Galactic leaves Eterna City?" Lucas asked.

"Exactly, I can get you to the third floor, but from then on your own, people are getting skeptical about me so I can't make a scene," Looker said.

"I get it, thank you, Looker," Lucas said.

Lucas and Looker crept around the building, to Lucas this looked no different than a normal business building, it was weird to think that this normal building would house some of the worst criminals.

Maybe this belonged to a small business and they took over, I wouldn't put it past these assholes.

Looker distracted some grunts which allowed them to reach the third floor. Lucas had a Pokeball in hand ready for a fight, the scary part was over now it was time for action.

"Okay, this is as far as I go, good luck Lucas," Looker said.

"Thank you, Looker, any word on the police getting involved?" Lucas asked.

"They want to wait until they are weaker, I don't get it but I don't make the rules, I'm just a puppet and they pull the strings," Looker said.

"Well thank you, really it means a lot to have someone on the inside," Lucas said.

"Call me if you get anything, goodbye Lucas," Looker said.

Lucas secretly crept up the floor, dodging grunts it was hard but doable anytime he did need to battle he'd threaten the grunt not to say a word and surprisingly it worked he made his way up to the fourth floor with no panic between them.

Okay, it seems they follow a standard walk around the path of the floor, with the right timing I should be able to slip right through the rest of these guys.

With this in mind, Lucas raced his way into a room filled with file cabinets. They were everywhere, while Lucas was dead set on getting rid of Team Galactic he couldn't pass up on the opportunity to get some intel on the team. Searching through files he found a bin named Problems, he pulled out three files one was named Red, one was named Brendan, and one was named Wes. Apparently, these were other trainers who posed threats to their region's respective criminal organizations.

File 124:

Name: "Red"

Age: 21 (as of 2008)

Region: Kanto

Qualities: Quiet, took down Giovanni's Team Rocket, Champion of Kanto (former), captured Mewtwo, completed the Kanto Pokedex








File 125:

Name: Brendan Emerald

Age: 25 (as of 2008)

Region: Hoenn

Notes: Calmed the guardians of the sea, sky, and ground (Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza), took down Team Magma and Aqua, Champion of Hoenn, completed the Hoenn Pokedex








File: 126

Name: Wes Lycas

Age: 24 (as of 2008)

Region: Orre

Notes: Former member of Team Snagem, Blew up their base and stole the Snag Machine, current location unknown


Umbreon aka Novo

Espeon aka Neo

Lucas had heard of Red and Brendan but not Wes, Orre itself was super far away from most of the regions even farther out than Unova. Sometimes Lucas forgot Sinnoh wasn't the only region in the world. Orre itself was very crime-ridden, poor, and corrupt. So the fact this Wes guy took down Team Snagem was very impressive.

All power to them, some real heroes here, maybe one day I'll be on this level. Also  Lycas? That's kind of funny, it's like my name.

Lucas pulled out files on the Team Galactic commanders. Finally, something he was looking for Lucas got 6 files on them.

Name: Cyrus Akagi

Age: 35

Rank: Master

Name: "Saturn"

Age: 27

Rank: 1st Commander

Name: "Jupiter"

Age: 24

Rank: 2nd Commander

Name: "Mars"

Age: 24

Rank: 3rd Commander

Name: Cheron Azure

Age: 40

Rank: Lead Scientist

Name: Michael Rollins

Age: 25

Rank: Advisor/Overseer

Michael Rollins, that's a new name at least the other commanders I have seen on the news and have even heard of Cheron, but not him.

Lucas put the files away in his backpack and started to make his way out of the room when he was confronted by a grunt.

Shit, just what I need right now.

Just as Lucas was about to reach for his pokemon the grunt shoved him to the ground and took his bag, Lucas was now left without his team.

"Look at what we have here, I bet there are some valuable Pokemon in here," The grunt said, shaking the bag.

"Give it back," Lucas said standing up.

"You know stealing is a criminal offense. I should have you arrested," The grunt said, mocking Lucas.

"You're one to talk," Lucas said with a scowl.

The grunt released an Arcanine that backed Lucas up to a corner. The Arcanine growled at Lucas giving off heat that made Lucas sweat through his clothes.

Shit, shit, shit!

"Let's see how long you can last in that heat before you pass out," The grunt laughed.

All of sudden all Lucas heard was a struggle and the grunt falling to the ground unconscious and the Arcanine fainting almost immediately while being sprayed with water. Lucas was confused until he heard that all too familiar voice.

"Lucas I gotta say, taking on a huge base for Team Galactic alone, you are one crazy bastard," Barry said walking into the room in a Team Galactic uniform.

"Heh, like you're one to talk," Lucas said, getting up.

"Man, sticking my neck out to you, that's a 50 million fine Lucas," Barry said with a smile, deep down he was happy he got there before Lucas got hurt.

I never thought I'd be so happy to get fined.

"How did you get here?" Lucas asked.

"Well I came back to town and Gardenia told me your little plan, so I figured you could use some backup," Barry said.

"Wait how did you get in, the door is guarded, and why are you in their uniform," Lucas asked.

"Uhhhhhh," Barry said.

30 minutes prior

He knew Lucas needed help but the plan Lucas used to get in wouldn't work for Barry so he needed to figure something out after seeing a grunt get separated Barry started to follow him until he was out of sight from anyone. Barry went up behind the grunt and knocked him out with a quick blow to the back of the head and dragged him into the alleyway. Not long after Barry was in a Team Galactic uniform. He walked right up to the entrance with no one questioning him.

Okay, Barry time to turn on the Platinum Charm.

Barry touched up his hair a bit and walked right up to the lady at the entrance counter.

"Hey there, you mind letting me through," Barry asked the lady.

"Sorry only authorized members are allowed inside," The lady said.

"Aww okay, I mean honestly I'm just hoping to get a look at ya from the back," Barry said charmingly leaning on the counter with a seductive smile.

"Haha, very funny but the rules are the rules even to a handsome fellow like yourself," The girl said with a smile.

"Aww come on just one peek, come on it can give a guy lots of ideas," Barry said leaning further in.

"W-well, heh um I wish I could let you in, I really do but again the rules are the rules," The lady said blushing.

"Well how about we keep it between us huh come on just one time I'll be in and out and maybe in and out of something else later," Barry said with a wink.

"I could get fired though if I see you going in there," The lady said.

"Okay so let's just say you "drop your pen" there and the door happens to open," Barry said.

"Um heh okay, just quickly go," The lady said with a shy smile.

"Thanks, toots, appreciate it," Barry said walking past the entrance.

And from there Barry went about the building looking for Lucas. He hated wearing this uniform but sometimes you have to take what life gives you.


"Well you know I just had something lined up, nothing too serious," Barry said.

"Well you showed up at the right time, thank you," Lucas said with a sigh of relief.

"It's what we do bro, we look out for each other," Barry said punching his arm playfully.

"You saved my ass, you really did," Lucas sat down.

"Hey, it's alright man," Barry said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Lucas took a second to breathe, that was the most intense moment of his life. Barry sat with Lucas, deep down he was feeling the rush as well, two kids messing around with criminals it definitely wasn't what he wanted to do but deep down Barry hated Team Galactic just as much as Lucas.

"So what's the plan, Einstein?" Barry asked.

"On this floor is one of the commanders for Team Galactic, Jupiter, if we can get her to leave the city, Team Galactic will leave Eterna City," Lucas said.

"Well lead the way," Barry said, giving Lucas his bag.

"Wait, there are so many grunts walking around I need a plan to be stealthy," Lucas said looking around.

Barry looked down at the unconscious grunt and back at Lucas. Lucas also looked down and sighed.

"Fine," Lucas said, grabbing the grunt's uniform.

With this Lucas and Barry were free to roam the floor, there they found captured Pokemon and stolen trainer goods. It made them sick, Lucas vowed to come back for them but Barry had different ideas.

"You go on ahead, I'm not leaving them here," Barry said walking into the room.

"Barry dude…" Lucas said with concern.

"Lucas, I am not leaving these innocent pokemon here while these assholes do Arceus knows what to them, it's not right, what's this world coming too," Barry said with anger.

"Just go, I'll catch up with you," Barry said.

Lucas looked at Barry, while he didn't want to leave him but he knew Barry could take care of himself, he knew Barry better than anyone else so he left him. Lucas kept searching around the Team Galactic building until finally, he heard arguing from one of the rooms.

That must be where they are holding that guy and his pokemon also that probably where Jupiter is!

"Look it's as easy as this, we just want all your bikes," Jupiter told the scared man.

"Why do you want them?" The man asked.

"Team Galactic is going to melt the metal down and use it, now we can do this the easy way or the hard way," Jupiter said pointing to the man's Rattata and Starly.

"No please leave them alone," The man pleaded with hands put together.

"We don't have to do this, Mr. Ross just give us what we need," Jupiter said almost calmingly.

I've had it, enough is fucking enough!

"HEY, LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Lucas shouted with a glare on his face.

Jupiter looked behind her and was confused, to her it looked like a grunt was stepping out of line.

"You are talking to a commander, grunt, show some discipline," Jupiter said with a scowl.

"Talk about discipline, maybe your parents should have taught you some, maybe you wouldn't be harassing an old man," Lucas said glaring right at her.

She thinks I'm a grunt, less detection nice call on the uniform Barry!

"Go watch the hallway for me," Jupiter said, turning away from Lucas.

"Maybe you should let him go, god forbid we have another Floaroma Town situation," Lucas said with a balled-up fist.

"As if that kid is going to show up here, stop playing around or I'll have you punished," Jupiter said, starting to get annoyed.

I just need to stall time until Barry gets here, with the both of us there's no way she can win!

"I just think you are wasting your time on him," Lucas said, trying to make himself seem calm.

"And I think you need to shut the fuck up and does and I say!" Jupiter yelled angrily.

Don't raise your voice at me you prick.

"Or what huh," Lucas said, losing his cool a little.

"You little brat, you're no better than that ki…..what a minute," Juniper said.

Fuck, might have gone overboard there.

"What's the color of the day grunt?" Jupiter asked.

"Um, green?" Lucas said, taking a shot in the dark.

"So you're Lucas huh," Jupiter said.

Shit, the jig is up.

"Yeah, so what," Lucas confirmed.

"Oh, this is great once I capture you and steal this man's store I'll move up the ranks of Team Galactic," Jupiter said laughing.

"Gonna have to catch me first," Lucas said pulling his Pokeball out ready for a fight.

Jupiter called out to grunts in the hallway. In seconds Lucas had 5 grunts all ready to battle him. Lucas grinned and waved his hand in the "bring it on" motion.

The battles were easy for him, he wiped the floor with the grunts, all he had was a grin on his face staring right at Jupiter. Jupiter was stunned, she had never seen someone beat trainers so fast, it was no wonder he got to Floaroma Town. But she had something up her sleeve. She just smiled as Lucas finished up with them.

"Looks like it's just you and me," Lucas said.

"Seems so, but I won't be battling you today Lucas," Jupiter said.

"Giving up so easy, I thought Team Galactic was supposed to be fearless," Lucas said.

"Oh we are but we are also smart and prepare for these types of situations," Jupiter said snapping her fingers.

Not long after Lucas felt a sharp stun that sent him to the ground, one of the grunts behind him stunned him. The pain was unlike something he had ever experienced before, it was like a sharp sting all across his body, every time he tried to move it hurt even more.

Fuck that hurts I j-just gotta m-move!

It was no use Lucas couldn't move a muscle he looked up only to see Jupiter laughing, this filled him with rage. He kept fighting and fighting and was able to pick himself up to Jupiter's dismay.

"How did you….no matter you're still coming with us, once you are disposed of the better," Jupiter.

Then all of a sudden the grunt was dragged out of the room. Then the room was filled with 20 or so pokemon and one trainer commanding them all, Barry, the pokemon all glared at Jupiter and Barry rushed to Lucas' aid.

"Two for two I am on fire with rescues aren't I Lucas," Barry said with a grin.

"H-hell yeah," Lucas said, still wincing from the pain.

"A-all my pokemon," Jupiter said looking around her.

"YOUR pokemon, these pokemon were stolen from trainers and the wild, you people make me sick, give me one reason why I shouldn't allow them to tear you limb from fucking limb," Barry said with a fire of anger in his eyes.

"Barry, no she isn't worth it," Lucas said holding him back.

"You little brats….." Jupiter said.

"You get every Team Galactic grunt to stand down and get their asses out of Eterna City and you don't come back, got it!" Lucas said with a stern voice.

Jupiter scowled at them, how could she be beaten by two kids. She had no choice she hated defeat but it was better than being mauled by pokemon.

"," Jupiter said quietly.

"What was that?" Barry asked.

"I said deal, you know what I fucking said," Jupiter snarled back.

"I know I just wanna hear your ass admit defeat again, I want you to have that shitty feeling inside of you for the rest of your life, now fucking beat it before I kick your ass out physically," Barry said.

Lucas and Barry watched as all the grunts left the building. Any grunt who stood up to Lucas or Barry they were put down easily with their teams and the army of pokemon they had. Barry laughed and insulted every single grunt as they left the building. Lucas just watched and as Jupiter left the building she stopped at the both of them.

"You guys were lucky, but you just made yourselves targets," Jupiter said with a scowl.

"Well you tell your boss, no matter how many you send, we'll kick all their asses," Barry said putting an arm around Lucas.

Lucas was quiet, he didn't say a word just glaring as if his eyes were talking for him. He hated them just as much as they hated him. He stared right through Jupiter and saw that she was nothing but a coward.

You can target me all you want because to me you are all targets as well.

Even though it was late in the night, Lucas and Barry were praised by everyone, the whole city was celebrating. Lucas and Barry were seen as heroes, they made the national news. People were dancing and laughing as the city had never seen before. Lucas and Barry sent the pokemon to a shelter to help return them to the wild and their trainers. The mayor and Gardenia went straight up to Lucas and Barry to express their gratitude.

"You two did it, thank you from the bottom of my heart," Gardenia said.

"This is just the beginning," Lucas said with a determined grin.

"Just something someone who considers themselves to be the best would do, don't worry about it," Barry said with a cocky grin, pointing to himself.

"Well from all of us at Eterna City, you have our gratitude, now please stay and celebrate with us this is truly a historic day," The mayor said, shaking their hands and going off to celebrate with everyone.

"We -no, you did it, bro," Barry said with a smile.

"We did it, Barry," Lucas said, putting his arm around him.

They both realized what was happening and Lucas quickly took his arm away.

"Gay lord," Barry teased.

"Shut the fuck up," Lucas said laughing.

As they were talking a news reporter came up to them, they were barraged with cameras and lights, that's something they were gonna have to get used to. They were treated like celebrities, definitely a change of pace for them.

"You kids are heroes, what are your names?" The reporter asked.

"Lucas Diamond, Barry Platinum," The boys said.

"Well, Lucas and Barry consider yourselves regional heroes, you'll be seen all over, Sinnoh," The reporter said.

The whole night was spent celebrating, the city's mayor deemed this day Liberation Day. Lucas was ecstatic, people were happy because of what he did this is what it was all about. Barry felt even more confident in himself than before, just one more step to becoming the best in his eyes.

Twinleaf Town (Palmer and Rita's house)

"THAT'S MY LUCAS, GO GET EM HONEY," Joanna said with a huge smile on her face and tears in her eyes, her son was a real hero.

"Atta boy Barry, show those degenerates whose boss!" Rita said with a grin, she knew her son wouldn't let those scumbags get away with what they were doing.

"Alright that's it, son, kick some ass just like your old man," Palmer said with a proud smile.

Professor Rowan's Laboratory

Dawn was at the professor's lab watching with a smile on her face. Her best friends are heroes, she was proud of them.

"They got along, that should also make the news," Professor Rowan said laughing.

"Yeah, I'm happy they are okay though taking on Team Galactic, that's insane," Dawn said while putting books away.

"Barry it is shocking to see but I always knew Lucas had that in him, watch one day one of those two will be champion," Rowan said with a smile.

"They are doing very well with their Pokedexes; they send me progress reports every day," Dawn said.

"Good, good, look Dawn I need to talk to you," Rowan said walking up to her.

"Yes, Dad?" Dawn asked with curiosity.

"I'm getting older now and I don't think I can be the professor anymore," Rowan said.

"DAD! Don't say that you're the greatest professor the world has ever seen," Dawn said with almost disappointing eyes.

"Dawn, I am officially retiring and I want to pass the lab to someone," Rowan said looking at photos around the office of them.

"Gus has been your assistant for years and I think he would do amazing," Dawn suggested.

"We did talk about that but we agreed that someone else would be more fitting for the job," Rowan said with a smile.

"Who then?" Dawn asked.

"Dawn, you have been learning the business ever since you were born and honestly I would like to keep this in the family," Rowan said putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Dad….." Dawn said wide-eyed.

"Dawn I want to pass off the lab to you," Rowan said.

That night history had been made, Lucas and Barry were heroes and freed Eterna City from Team Galactic and Dawn Rowan had been given the title of the Pokemon Professor of Sinnoh. But elsewhere not everybody was celebrating this historical night.

Veilstone City Team Galactic HQ

"That's twice that kid has gotten in our way, Master we have to do something," Saturn said in his chair.

"He's tough when I fought him he had this look of determination and sheer fucking will, it's almost comparable to Red or Brendan," Mars said crossing her arms.

"I know, I saw them at Lake Verity, both of them, I didn't get much off of his friend, Barry, but Lucas I felt a strong energy from him, it's commendable," Cyrus said just watching the news.

While everyone was talking, one guy was staying quiet and just eyeing Lucas and smoking a cigarette, the kid was a hero and honestly reminded him of himself when he was 18, his determination and will almost match his to get out of a situation he had been in when he was younger. He didn't think much of him when he first saw him at Lake Verity.

"Hey, Mike, you with us?" Mars asked.

"What, oh yeah sorry just thinking," Mike said, taking a puff of his cigarette.

"Did you ever think of a nickname like the rest of us?" Saturn asked.

"I'm still thinking, get off my back will ya," Mike told Saturn.

I'm in no rush to get one of those stupid nicknames you idiots give yourselves even Cyrus laughs at them behind your backs.

"If Lucas and Barry wanna act like pests, I say we treat them like so," Saturn said.

"I agree, we should find them and take care of them quickly," Cheron said.

"Woah Woah, come on they're just kids who got lucky do we need to make a big deal out of this?" Mike asked.

"They took down one of our biggest bases, this is clearly a sign," Saturn argued.

"Okay, we can get it back honestly we should just focus on the plan, we are so close to being able to launch it that focusing energy on this would just be foolish," Mike told the room.

"Then what is your suggestion?" Saturn asked.

"Keep eyes on them and if they get near Team Galactic territory then we engage on them, we are so close to executing our grand plan that there is no need to waste energy on them, once the plan is executed trust me they won't be a problem," Mike said leaning back.

"I agree, proceed as planned but keep your eyes open, consider Lucas and Barry here as people of interest," Cyrus ordered.

Though Saturn did not agree with this decision, what Cyrus said was final and he could do nothing about it but dislike Mike more than he already did. Mike took a sigh of relief and took another puff from his cigarette and launched smoke into the air.

Good, no need to hurt a couple of kids just trying to do the right thing, it's not like we're saints.

"Saturn, Mike, please come with me, I have some business to attend to," Cyrus said, getting up from his chair.

3 am Spring Path

"Those fools really think some kids are going to bring us down," Saturn said walking.

"In time Saturn they will see the error of their ways, once we have the new world things will be different," Cyrus said.

"Yeah yeah while you two are spouting mystical shit, what the hell am I supposed to do with this bag," Mike said walking alongside a Machamp carrying a bag.

"Set it down in this clearing," Cyrus ordered.

"Saturn you look like a dork by the way," Mike commented.

Teasing between Mike and Saturn has been a thing since they met, out of all the commanders Mike disliked Saturn the most, his arrogance and pretend to be Cyrus acted rather annoyed him.

"Mike, must you always spout insults at me," Saturn said.

"mUsT yOu aLwaYs sPoUt iNsuLts aT mE, dude you sound like a physics teacher who never got laid in college," Mike said, helping Machamp put the bag down.

"That's why you're the one handling the bag," Saturn said,

"No, because you are too pussy to do it," Mike said.

"Both of you quiet, no need to attract unnecessary attention," Cyrus interrupted.

"Yes Master Cyrus," Saturn said.

The bag shuffled, startling all of them. Mike opened the bag to reveal a bloody and beaten man barely moving. The man's name was Ron Thomas, he owed Team Galactic some money and thought he could get away with fleeing the region. Now while Team Galactic was more on the ideals aside, it didn't stop them from getting their hands dirty sometimes. To Mike this was nothing new, it was just part of the job.

"Machamp, take care of him, Mike you as well," Cyrus ordered.

"I told you this Cyrus, my pokemon do not kill, I refused to let them commit those acts," Mike said.

"You dare to disobey Master Cyrus, we should have you kicked out and punished for that," Saturn hissed.

"No no Saturn, like all humans Mike has a right to believe in what he wants," Cyrus said releasing a Houndoom.

The Machamp started beating the man to death and Houndoom eventually lit the bag on fire, burning the evidence. Mike just stared at the roaring flame as the fire reflected in his eyes. Nothing was new to him anymore; this was just another day in the office.

You know as far back as I could remember I always wanted to be rich…

Chapter Text


Regular Italics: Thoughts

Bold Italics: Talking to the Audience

As far back as I could remember I always wanted to be rich. Being rich would solve all of my problems. You know I consider myself more of a good/bad guy, I want to do the right thing but sometimes the bad thing is the good thing to me. If you really think about it you need bad guys to have good guys so wouldn't that make me good because I inspire good guys? Before you start judging me let me get through this whole boring-ass story first and then you can tell me that I'm crazy, okay? Good.

Chapter 11: Michael Rollins

COF: Michael Rollins

I was born in a small hospital outside of Oldale Town in 1983, and yeah I'm not from Sinnoh honestly I wouldn't have moved here if it wasn't for this job I hate the snow personally. You see my family was rather how do I say, extremely fucking poor. We made enough money to afford the bills for the house and that's it when it came to food and everything else we had to improvise. The stuff we bought was never named brand and arguably not expired. My life was kinda shit honestly, my father was a carpenter that made no money and my mom was a register clerk at a clothing store, and with me and my little sister Angela in the house, it made for hard times.

Littleroot Town, Hoenn

September, 1998

Age: 15

"Michael, I need you to go to the store for milk," Macy said yelling to her son.

Macy, my mom, was super nice, and that is where I got my looks from she was the typical mother who always loved her kids and honestly would love me even if I told her what I was doing today.

"I got it Ma give me a minute," Mike said, folding his laundry.

My parents always trusted me with the funds of the family, they said I was smart when it came to monetary decisions and so they asked me to handle a lot of the money. Not the best parental decision but it seemed to keep us afloat somewhat. Stuff like bills, shopping, etc. was all in my hands.

Mike put on his favorite clothing; long dark blue jeans with a white t-shirt and a green long sleeve over it. He combed his dark brown hair and looked in the mirror at his blue eyes. Mike always thought had some good lucks on his side, he grabbed the money and walked to the town's grocery store. Littleroot town was very small and only had about 5 houses, a grocery store, and Professor Birch's lab. Compared to the rest of Hoenn it had no rivers or lakes or other bodies of water. New people didn't show up often, Mike's family moved there 10 years ago and no one has moved there since so in the eyes of the townsfolk they were still the new people. This changed when Mike noticed a moving truck parked at the house next to May's.

"Huh, newbies," Mike said looking at the house with his hands in his pockets.

While walking through the store Mike noticed someone, somebody he had never seen before in the store. He looked to be about his age, his skin was a little darker as if he was constantly at the beach. He wore black pants that looked like baggy jeans and had this hat on that was green and white. It looked so natural that he almost thought his hair was white. He was trying to find a way to the cereal on the top. Poor guy, he was never gonna reach.

You see my parents always taught me that you should always try to help someone in need, apparently good things will come your way if you did…...whoever made that shit up needs to get jumped.

"Here I got it," Mike said, walking up to the shelf.

Mike climbed up the shelf, he had done this in the past so many times he knew exactly where to put his foot so the shelf didn't fall onto him. The boy just watched as Mike grabbed the cereal he wanted. Mike dropped down and landed perfectly unlike many times where he just fell on his face.

"Wow thanks, man, you got some real climbing skills don't ya," The boy said laughing.

"Ha yeah let's just say I know this store from the inside out," Mike said.

"Really, where are the eggs?" The boy asked.

"Turn back to the entrance and make a left," Mike said with a grin.

"Damn, what about chips?" The boy asked.

"Aisle 7, row 4," Mike said.

"Man you're a loser," The boy said jokingly laughing even more.

"Yeah yeah shut up," Mike said, chuckling himself.

It was a lot to remember but after going to this store for god knows how long it became second nature to me, at least I wasn't the one who was going to fall flat on my ass just to get some cereal.

"You look new, are you the people who just moved in?" Mike asked.

"Ha, my mom said we would stick out like a sore thumb," The boy said.

"Well considering my family was the last ones to move here like 10 years ago we notice," Mike said laughing.

"Well yeah, I'm from Johto, Cianwood City to be specific," The boy said.

"Johto huh, isn't that where Team Rocket is?" Mike asked.

"No, that's more Kanto, though Team Rocket has been slowly trying to get a foot in Johto, we left because of that and my dad got a gym leader job here," The boy said.

"Wow that's cool, I'm Mike," Mike said with a smile.

"Brendan," Brendan said with a smile as well.

From then on we were friends, really close ones too. Brendan and I almost bonded overnight, we both had similar views on things and we both like to cause trouble. Brendan would talk about how he wanted to be a trainer just like his dad. Norman was a cool guy as well, he taught us about types and how pokemon battles worked. But as time went on the money troubles at home kept piling on. Some nights my parents and I would look over bills and try to determine which ones should be put off over the others. Christmas was never a big thing for me I was lucky to get new clothes… sucked, but there was a silver lining. Brendan's family sort of adopted me. I was always welcomed at their house for dinner, they got me birthday presents and in times of need helped out my family. I started to think that good people existed after all.

Oldale Town, Hoenn

April, 2000

Age: 17

10:30 pm

Mike was cleaning the bar at a small diner, ever since he turned 17 he got a job to help pay the bills in the house. He liked it, it was always busy so he was never bored but tonight it was empty. The diner was small with about 5 tables and a bar. The walls were painted blue that gave the diner this almost 1970's feel to it. Of course, the air conditioning didn't work so it was super hot in there. The old television was always playing some kind of pokemon news tonight it was about how Orre was getting worse with Team Snagem. As poor as Mike was he was thankful he wasn't in Orre.

The job was solid but like any part-time job, the pay wasn't the best. Every night I would dream, what would my life be like if money wasn't a problem.

"Hey Mike, there are two customers over at the end could you take them?" John asked.

John Simons was my boss and he was a pretty good one too, he understood my situation because he had been there. He was fair but sometimes he got on my nerves as anyone else would. I think we all know someone in our life that we like but sometimes you just wanna toss them in a lake… just me?

"Yeah John I got it," Mike said, tossing the towel over his shoulder.

Mike made his way over to the two men sitting. One had blue hair and the other had purple hair, it was weird to him but hey customers mean money. They were dressed nice and the one with blue hair looked to be about in his late twenties and the purple-haired man looked to be about in his mid-thirties.

"What's going on guys, can I start you off with some drinks?" Mike asked the two men.

"Um yes let me just get water," The man in blue hair said.

"Same here, water please," The man in purple hair said.

"No problem I'll get those out for you right now," Mike said leaning down the bar to get some glasses.

As Mike was under the bar he heard the two men talking, he could barely make out what they were saying. Curious he popped back up with a plan in his head.

"Sorry guys I gotta get two more glasses from the kitchen," Mike said.

"No problem take your time," The man in blue hair said.

Mike went to the kitchen and crouched down on the ground and crept back under the bar to listen more.

"This operation has to work Master Cyrus," The man in purple hair said.

"It will work, I have gone over this plan a million times Charon," Cyrus said.

"Okay run it by me one more time," Charon said.

"I have memorized the security guard routes, once we disable cameras follow me and I'll get us to the vault, once we got the money I'll lead us out of the bank through the back," Cyrus said.

As I listened to them I had two thoughts in my head, one was like the hell?! These guys are going to rob the bank…..and the other was that their plan could use some work. First of all the security guards change routes after a certain amount of time to avoid plans like these and second of all the vault has its own separate alarm and camera system. Like it's so obvious, how did they not see that?

Mike crept back to the kitchen and came back out, acting like he didn't hear anything.

"Once we have the money, we'll be able to afford expansion to Sinnoh, where my plan can start to take shape," Cyrus said before Mike got to the table.

"Here are your drinks guys," Mike said, giving them the two glasses of water.

"Appreciate it, kid," Cyrus said, giving Mike a 5.

"Thank you," Mike said, putting it in his pocket.

"Let me ask you, something kid, do you ever feel like life isn't fair to you but to others sometimes?" Cyrus asked.

"All the time man," Mike said with a slight frown.

"People like us get the short end of the stick but keep your head up one day everything will work out," Cyrus said, sipping his water.

He didn't seem like the typical "bad guy" you would see in a story or movie. He treated everyone with respect and saw me as someone just trying to get by in life and he respected that. I found myself not hating him despite hearing their plan to rob the bank.

Mike and Cyrus talked about life and how tough times could be. Cyrus would tell Mike that humanity has become too greedy and no one cares for each other anymore. Mike told Cyrus about his home life and how he agreed that people are too selfish and take things from others in need. They connected, Cyrus himself had a rough childhood with his parents both being laid off from jobs and former co-workers screwing him over, he understood what Mike was going through and the way he handled things Cyrus was reminded of a young version of himself. Charon didn't seem too interested in talking but Cyrus and Mike carried on laughing and chatting like they were long-time pals. A couple of hours later, Cyrus and Charon paid the bill and got up.

"It was nice talking to you," Cyrus said with a grin.

"Yeah man you too," Mike said, cleaning the table.

Something in my head was gnawing at me, telling me to tell him about the mistakes in his plan but how could I? What he was doing was illegal but his intentions and his attitude didn't seem that way. Like he was Robin Hood doing illegal things for the greater good, though I didn't know why he needed the money. Something told me he wasn't the guy to want to exactly rule the world with an iron fist.

"Cyrus...wait," Mike said.

"Hm?" Cyrus said walking back.

"It's about your…..plan, I overheard it," Mike said, almost ashamed.

"You were eavesdropping, how dare you," Charon said angrily.

"It's fine Charon, I should have expected someone like you to overhear us, okay so you heard our plan just so you know the police will not believe you," Cyrus said with a serious look on his face.

"...I won't tell the police, if anything I saw some flaws in your plan," Mike said looking straight at Cyrus.

"Flaws?" Charon asked with a raised brow.

"Interesting, explain," Cyrus said sitting back down.

Mike told Cyrus and Charon everything wrong with their plan, he felt bad for helping criminals but at the same time, he felt good that he was making a difference in someone's life, even though it wasn't good. Cyrus and Charon were skeptical but his logic made sense. Cyrus was a manipulator while talking to Mike he did a personal test to see if he was undercover or someone who would be an issue if a situation like this would occur. Charon was fast to dismiss Mike as someone trying to scam him but Cyrus took note of what he was saying.

The Next Day

Mike and Brendan were hanging out in Brendan's room, compared to Mike's house his room was super clean with a lot of green and posters of Norman and other Pokemon-related things. The house always smelled like baking which was nice. The smell was all around Littleroot with everyone's windows open. The weather in Hoenn was always either really hot or humid and on some rare occasions, cool. Today was that rare day so everyone's windows were being cracked open and the crisp breeze was sent through the houses that gave it this cool but warm feeling. Mike loved days like these because it was perfect weather to either sit inside and enjoy the cool air or go outside. Mike was eating a banana watching the tv with Brendan, they were flipping in between gym battles or regular soap operas. One of their favorite past times was to make fun of how bad the shows were. It was a simple time but eventually, Mike saw something that caught his eye on the news.

"Dude, go back," Mike said, getting closer to the tv.

"Alright alright calm yourself," Brendan said switching back to the news.

"Breaking News, the Oldale Town bank has had all of its belongings stolen, security believes the thieves broke into the vault while in between changing routes and somehow knew about the camera systems. Experts say that this is the largest bank heist in the town's history and one of the biggest in Hoenn's history, police urge you to call them if you have any idea about who or how this was committed," The reporter said.

"I can't believe it, one of the largest in Hoenn history, what the fuck is this world coming too man," Brendan said.

"Yeah it's crazy," Mike said, biting his banana and watching the tv studying every minute of the broadcast.

It was almost surreal seeing someone get away with that large of crime…..and all because of me. Brendan was all ready to go track those guys down but even he knew that with no pokemon we stood no chance.

"I hope those people get what they deserve, karma's a bitch sometimes," Brendan said.

"Yeah….." Mike said.

"Quick question, what's your favorite stone?" Brendan asked, trying to change the conversation.

"Um...I'd say Topaz, shits pretty cool, what about you?" Mike asked.

"Man you know mine, Emerald," Brendan said laughing.

"Imagine being named Topaz," Mike said.

"Dude that would be fucking sick," Brendan said.

"Yeah like your first name is Topaz, okay what about the last name?" Mike asked.

"Hmmm oh, what about Heart?" Brendan said.

"Topaz Heart sounds like the main character of a story," Mike said.

"A pretty fucking awesome story too," Brendan added.

"We should be writers," Mike said laughing.

"Yeah, oh so did you see that May got her first pokemon?" Brendan asked.

"Oh yeah, she told me about it, a Torchic right?" Mike said.

"Yeah, it's so cool, the professor said he might be able to get some more Pokemon for us," Brendan said excitedly.

"That would be pretty awesome, I always wanted a pokemon of my own," Mike said.

"I wanna be a gym leader just like my dad, a strong trainer who can whip these newbies into shape," Brendan said with a grin.

"You sure you don't wanna become a drill instructor Brendan," Mike said laughing.

"Laugh now Michael Rollins but someday you'll see Brendan Emerald as the world's best gym leader," Brendan said with a cocky grin on his face.

"I can only imagine what life must be like with a gym leader in your family," Mike said curiously.

"Dude, it's awesome everyone respects you and your family and my dad is super famous," Brendan said.

"Must be nice…..oh shit what time is it?" Mike asked frantically.

"Uh a quarter past 4, why?" Brendan asked, looking at his Pokewatch.

"Shit dude I gotta get to work," Mike said getting up and running out of Brendan's house.

"I'LL GET YOUR BIKE," Brendan yelled while running to Mike's bike.

Mike rushed out of his house with work clothes on and got on his bike. While biking over to the diner he kept thinking about the bank and wondered if Cyrus and Charon would ever remember the kid that helped them with their "activity". Mike took his usual route to Oldale Town, following Route 101 it was filled with trees and trainers with their pokemon. The sound of trees rustling with the breeze almost gave Mike a calming sensation and the smell of berries and grass was always pleasant. The sound of leaves breaking under his bike made almost a rhythmic sound that he started to replay in his head. Mike was a guy of order and organization; he liked to have plans and think about every consequence, it made for an easier life. The route was filled with the laughter and yelling of trainers battling, trainers, or hanging out with their pokemon. Even though it was the most popular profession in the world, Mike's family were not trainers, none of them collected or even had their own pokemon.

As Mike walked into the diner he was approached by his boss. Mike was expecting a lecture about being 5 minutes late so he was mentally preparing himself to shut him out.

"Mike, what are you doing here?" John asked.

"Sorry boss I didn't mean to be late I lost track of time but I'm here now," Mike said.

"What are you talking about, you're off today," John said smiling at Mike.

"What? Why?" Mike asked, confused.

"A couple of customers came in and "vouched" for you to be off today, I don't know why they like you but hey money talks right," John said showing Mike a 100.

"Yeah, I guess," Mike said, still confused.

Okay, this is weird. Either I am about to be fired or something else is going on here.

"They are in the back of the store they want to see you, whatever you did...thanks," John said walking off.

I remember being nervous, who the hell would want to see me. Was it the police? Did they find out about my involvement? A thousand thoughts raced through my head and honestly, it was terrifying.

Mike went behind the store to find none other than Cyrus and Charon. They were waiting for Mike and took him to an empty warehouse. It was dark and so empty a pin being dropped would be echoed. The cobwebs and Rattatas running around the place definitely showed Mike that this place had been abandoned long ago. A couple of windows were present but were so dirty and dusty that there was almost no light shining through them. They had cracks in them and were molded over. It smelled bad from the rotting mold and moisture.

The place gave off movie villain vibes like where a villain would keep his or her base to try to intimidate the main character but really it just comes off as hey I'm an asshole who wants to sit in a moldy room with no light for some fucking reason.

"Sit," Cyrus said, pulling up a chair.

"But-" Mike said but was interrupted.

"Just sit, Michael," Charon said.

Mike sat on the chair, it was rusted over he hoped that Cyrus and Charon weren't using this as their base because chances are they would die from a bacterial infection before they got to do anything.

"That intel you gave us, proved to be the reason our heist was successful," Cyrus said sitting across from Mike.

"I was skeptical but you were telling the truth," Charon said, crossing his arms.

"Okay so are gonna kill me to get rid of any involvement or traces back to you guys?" Mike asked.

"No, actually quite the opposite, we want to thank you," Cyrus said, pulling out a briefcase.

"Thank me?" Mike curiously asked, looking at the briefcase.

"Thanks to you we have 12 million Pokedollars to expand our "business" so to speak and it's because of you kid," Cyrus said, giving the briefcase to Mike.

"You're a smart kid, consider this a reward," Charon said.

Mike opened the briefcase, inside was 500,000 Pokedollars. Mike's eye's widened. This was the most money he had seen in his entire life. The green money reflected in his eyes and a smile came across his face.

It was dirty money but I didn't give a shit, that was 500k that could pay off all my family's bills for a year. It wasn't until Cyrus' next question where something clicked in my head.

"You know Mike, this world is full of ungrateful people and I want to change that, and with this money, we are one step closer to fixing this world of ours and I would like you to join us, you have proven to be a valuable asset when it comes to plans and ideas, Charon and I want to bring about a new world where everybody is equal. Nobody is scammed or worth less than others….not even people like your family. Stick with us that 500k will be the least amount of money you earn," Cyrus said grinning at Mike.

Mike just sat there, becoming a part of this was something extremely illegal but that money, being rich was something he could actually be. His family wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore and he could finally make something of himself.

"We are moving to Sinnoh to begin our operations in 1 week, give it a thought," Cyrus said, giving Mike a phone number.

"Why Sinnoh?" Mike asked.

"It has certain pokemon there that will aid us in our mission, plus with the scientific research there I can use it to our advantage," Charon said.

Cyrus and Charon walked out of the warehouse but before he left Cyrus turned to Mike.

"Kid, people like us have to work twice as hard as everyone else, doesn't sound a little unfair to you?" Cyrus asked before leaving.

He was right, it was unfair how people get handed opportunities, and people like Mike got screwed out of them. Of course, he didn't want to get involved with this but really what other option was there, work at the diner and be poor for a long time or try to make something of himself and get rich.

Two Days Later

Mike hid the money from everyone until he could find a good lie to show how he got this money and when the heat started to die down from the bank robbery he didn't spend any of it. The lie was simple, Mike had gotten a business job in Sinnoh and got a huge bonus for signing up. This would explain the money and it would also justify the move to Sinnoh to his family. It needed some work but the foundation was there, if he was gonna do this he was gonna do it right.

"Yo, Mike you there?" Brendan asked, snapping his fingers.

"What...oh yeah sorry just drifted off," Mike said looking at Brendan.

"I can tell you've been like this for the past couple of days, you good man?" Brendan asked with a look of concern.

"Yeah I'm good just bills and shit," Mike said.

"Oh I get it," Brendan said, throwing a rock into the lake.

"Hey Brendan let me ask you something," Mike said.

"What's up?" Brendan said looking at him.

"Suppose somebody does a bad thing but it's for a good reason…...are they a bad person?" Mike asked.

"Well, I guess it would depend on the situation if the intentions are pure normally I'd say crime is never the answer but say someone is in your case and they robbed a gas station to feed their family I wouldn't hate them for it," Brendan said getting up.

"Interesting…..," Mike said.

"Why do you ask?" Brendan asked, taking a bite of an apple.

"Nothing just on my mind," Mike said looking into the lake.

"Alright well just make su-" Brendan said being interrupted.

"HELP ME," A voice called from inside the forest.

"The hell was that?" Mike said getting up quickly.

"I don't know, let's go, someone could be in trouble," Brendan said running.

Brendan ran without any hesitation, like what the hell could we do if someone was in trouble we don't have pokemon. Sometimes Brendan did things without thinking them through but he had a good heart. It reminds me of that kid here that's causing problems for Team Galactic.

Mike and Brendan ran deeper into the forest only to find Professor Birch. He was calling for help while being chased and attacked by two Poochyenas. Brendan and Mike both had slight grins on their faces.

Out of all the pokemon to be attacked by your scared of those things.

"MIKE, BRENDAN, HELP!" Professor Birch yelled out.

"How?!" Brendan asked.

"IN MY BAG THERE ARE TWO POKEBALLS TAKE THEM!" Professor Birch yelled, running.

Mike and Brendan ran to the bag and saw the two pokeballs one contained a Treecko and one contained a Mudkip.

"Awesome, Pokemon," Brendan said.

"You pick first," Mike said.

"No, you," Brendan countered.

"No, you," Mike said.

"No yo-" Brendan was about to say.

"JUST PICK ONE," Professor Birch yelled out.

Brendan grabbed Treecko and Mike grabbed Mudkip and launched them out.

"Wow," Brendan said with a smile on his face.

"Cool," Mike said with a grin.

The two Poochyenas turned their attention to the starters and got into a battle position. Mike and Brendan were excited, their first pokemon battle!

"Okay time to do what my dad taught us, um Treecko use Pound!," Brendan yelled.

"Mudkip, try to use tackle!" Mike shouted with a little less confidence.

The two pokemon attacked and they both hit. Mudkip tackled one Poochyena to the ground and Treecko pounded its fists into the other Poochyena causing them to run away.

"Awww that's it?" Brendan said disappointed.

"I can't believe that worked," Mike said.

"Thank y-you," Professor Birch said panting.

"Are you okay Professor?" Brendan said helping him up.

"Y-yeah I'm okay, you two did well out there," Professor Birch said.

"We can't have our professor dying on us," Mike said with a slight smile.

"Do you want your pokemon back in their balls?" Brendan asked.

"No actually as a token of appreciation keep them," Professor Birch said with a smile.

"REALLY?!" Brendan said wide-eyed.

"Awesome," Mike said, also wide-eyed.

"Congratulations boys, your first pokemon," Professor Birch said with a smile.

Brendan could barely contain his excitement he went on and on about how this was the start of his life as a pokemon trainer. Mike on the other hand was more focused on Mudkip, he had never owned a pokemon before. As Mike was thinking Brendan called out to him.

"HEY MIKE," Brendan said, running over to Mike.

"Yeah?" Mike asked sitting next to Mudkip.

"So we both got some pokemon, you know what that means?" Brendan said with a smirk.

"Uhhhhh, we go out for lunch?" Mike asked.

"No…..well yeah sure I'm down but we have to see who is better," Brendan said pulling Mike up.

"Michael Rollins I challenge you to a pokemon battle," Brendan said with a cocky grin.

"Brendan, I don't wanna embarrass you," Mike said, smirking.

"LET'S GO," Brendan shouted.

Pokemon Battle: Michael Rollins vs Brendan Emerald (1 on 1)

"Alright dad let's see if I can do this, Treecko let's go," Brendan said, encouraging Treecko to go forth.

"Mudkip, show 'em who's boss," Mike said.

Mudkip and Treecko faced each other ready to fight. The adrenaline sensation went through both Brendan and Mike. Mike was especially nervous, Brendan had battling in his blood but Mike normally just listened to Norman and didn't think much of it. For him, this was his chance to see if he could do things like these.

"Treecko, let's waste no time, pound that Mudkip," Brendan shouted.

"Mudkip, dodge, and hit a Tackle," Mike commanded.

Both pokemon rushed at each other. Treecko tried to jump onto top of Mudkip to get a Pound in but Mudkip dodged just in time and tackled Treecko to the ground.

"Hahaha nice Mudkip," Mike said smiling.

This is actually kinda fun.

"Treecko, shake if off buddy we gotta win this," Brendan said.

Treecko got back up but he was weak. Pokemon when they are first adopted can normally only take about two hits due to the lack of training.

"Mudkip, quickly go for another Tackle!" Mike ordered.

"Treecko, dodge it," Brendan said, a little concerned.

Treecko tried to dodge but Mudkip had the advantage and tackled him again, this time Treecko stayed down.

I won, it was a very fast battle mostly because our Pokemon were both a little tired from the previous encounter.

"Damn you kicked my ass bro," Brendan said, picking up Treecko.

"Is he okay?" Mike asked.

"Yeah I think so just needs a pokemon center," Brendan said petting Treecko.

"Looks like I'm the superior trainer," Mike said laughing.

"WHAT NO WAY," Brendan said.

The two boys walked out of the forest and to heal their pokemon at Professor Birch's lab. Mike showed his family Mudkip and they were both curious and happy for him. Mike was the first person in the Rollins family to own a pokemon. Mudkip loved Mike and his new home. He had this habit of making bubbles when he was happy and it always made Mike laugh. They got along quickly and Mike loved having a constant partner with him. However, Mike still had one thing on his mind, Cyrus and Charon.

I didn't even know if their plan was going to work, I might just be walking into a trap but that 500k was a promising sign. But what about Brendan and the life we had here in Hoenn. The way I saw it I had two options, stay in Hoenn and continue to get worse in terms of money or risk it all and go to Sinnoh and maybe become rich and make something of myself and help my family. Unfortunately in life sometimes you have to get rid of the things you like in order to advance…

Mike met with his family and talked to them. He told them that he was offered a job in Sinnoh in a Pokeitem business. In return, he told them that this would grant him benefits and a great paycheck. As a sign of good faith, Mike showed his family 10k out of the 500k that he got as a "signing bonus". They weren't on board at first but after talking it out Mike's family agreed that this was their best shot at getting out of the hole they kept digging themselves into and with that decision it was final. Mike was moving to Sinnoh.

The Next Day

Brendan's House

"Wait, no man you can't go, we have so many plans!" Brendan said sadly.

"I know dude I know but this is my chance," Mike said.

"...fuck Mike," Brendan said sitting on his bed.

It was hard telling Brendan I was leaving, like heart twisting hard. He was my best friend and now we would be separated. I still tear up a bit when I think about it.

"Will you visit?" Brendan asked.

"I don't know, I hope so," Mike said sitting next to him.

"What am I gonna do without ya though for years we have stuck by each other's side," Brendan said.

"Dude, you will make your way in life, you're stubborn as hell and once you set your mind to something you always accomplish it, I have no doubt I'll see your name in the news one day," Mike said, tearing up a little.

"Looks like you and I won't be becoming top trainers in Hoenn huh," Brendan said.

"You have to carry that idea on without me, we'll still keep in touch and you better kick ass or I swear to Arceus man," Mike said chuckling a little.

"Ha, same to you…..thank you, Mike," Brendan said.

"For what?" Mike asked.

"You helped me get comfortable here, I didn't have many friends in Johto or here but then you came in and showed me what real friendship is," Brendan said looking at Mike.

"...same here man," Mike said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Mike and Brendan hugged both with tears in their eyes. Little did they know that two adventures were about to start.

"Stay safe in Sinnoh," Brendan said letting a tear fall.

"You become the best trainer this region's ever seen," Mike said also with a tear falling.

"You're damn right I will," Brendan said.

Solaceon Town, Sinnoh

December, 2001

So far the move to Sinnoh was going well. My mom got a job at a clothing shop and my dad was now a construction worker. Decent money honestly for them but my new ahem "job" with Cyrus and Charon was a success. With the money they had, they were able to convince some people to go into business with them. Cyrus named us Team Galactic because of some universal plan type bullshit I don't really remember. In the span of one year Team Galactic had grunts and some new commanders. Cyrus personally picked them out but for me it was different. You see I don't want to be a target of interest for the police so Cyrus named me the advisor. It was my job to oversee all the plans that we were coming up with and fixing them and trying to make them less moronic than they sounded sometimes. Cyrus and I continued to build a friendship outside of the business. He would come over to the house and even have dinner with me and my family. We got a nice little house in Solaceon Town it was nice and better than Hoenn except it got so fucking cold.

"Delicious Mrs. Rollins," Cyrus said cleaning his mouth with his napkin.

"Oh thank you, Cyrus, you were always so polite, so how is the business with Mike? I hope he is behaving himself," Macy said while eating.

"Oh, he is an amazing employee, couldn't ask for someone better," Cyrus said grinning at Mike.

Yeah, I was a goddamn good employee alright.

"I'm surprised you can even do work Mikey," Angela said laughing.

My sister Angela was pretty average she loved to tease me and call me Mikey, she is the only person allowed to do that and if someone else called me that I'd break their hand.

"Shut up," Mike said.

"So Cyrus, what exactly do you do again?" Daniel asked.

Daniel Rollins, my father. Arguably someone I get more traits from than anyone in the family. He always liked to ask questions and was especially skeptical about this job. You see people like my father were the reason I had to lie, if he knew what Cyrus and I were actually doing he would kill both of us.

"I am a manager of a distributor of Poke Items such as potions, pokeballs, etc," Cyrus said.

"Interesting and that allows Mike to have a good paycheck," Daniel said with a raised brow.

"Dad, come on," Mike said.

"No no Mike it's fine he has a right to ask questions, you see sir business has been booming recently and as you know Mike is more than a regular employee he is a supervisor of shipments which I am sure you can agree is an important job," Cyrus said.

"I agree and I don't mean to be rude. I was just curious," Daniel said.

Cyrus worked his magic on my family, see Cyrus was a charmer he could spin any conversation and also manipulate people into seeing things his way. It's how he convinced people to join Team Galactic such as his commanders and lower ranks he called grunts. People like me and Charon saw how he worked and both respected and scoffed at it, what a dishonest way of communicating with people…...and it fucking works like a charm.

"Oh look at the time Mike we have to go," Cyrus said looking at his watch.

"Oh shit yeah," Mike said getting up.

"Michael, language," Macy said glaring at Mike.

"Sorry mom," Mike said, kissing her cheek.

"He'll be home later tonight, thank you for having me over. It's always a pleasure," Cyrus said, shaking Daniel's hand.

"Anytime, bye Michael," Daniel said.

"Bye dad," Mike said, grabbing his coat and leaving.

Mike and Cyrus waited until they were far out of the town limits before engaging in actual business conversation. It was winter in Sinnoh so the snow was starting to stick and the temperatures were unlike anything Mike had seen before. He could see his breath and the icy bite of the wind made his face cold in an instant. The trees were covered in snow; he only imagined how bad it was in the infamous Snowpoint City.

"Charon should be meeting us with the commanders soon, if we pull this off Mike this will be our crowning achievement," Cyrus said.

"Yeah I know and it's gonna work. I've been brainstorming this plan for months now," Mike said lighting a cigarette.

"You know those are bad for you right?" Cyrus said, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, and what we do is legal," Mike said, smoking.

"Touche, but Mike, what we do is for a bigger purpose, it's nice to see someone as young as you that sees the bigger picture. It gives me hope for the future," Cyrus said waiting at a door to a warehouse.

"Eh, I ain't no saint," Mike said, putting a foot on the wall.

We were on the verge of our biggest plan yet, you see Veilstone City was the second-largest city in Sinnoh, and in the middle of it was a massive building. It was so big it contained access to the city's power plant, bank, and businesses. And we were gonna take it and make it our headquarters. Now, why not the biggest city, Jubilife, and well the answer is simple, that place would give us too much attention, now yeah Veilstone will give us attention but it'll die down as people submit to us but taking Jubilife, that would cause a riot and we weren't prepared for that yet.

Eventually, Charon and the commanders arrived and they all sat down to discuss how this plan was going to work. The way Mike had it set up everyone had a role. Saturn and Jupiter were in charge of getting guard uniforms and cutting off cameras. Mars was going to sneak in after the cameras were cut and unlock the back entrance for Charon from there he is going to hack the building's security system giving Cyrus access to the power, doors, and gas vents. Mike and Cyrus were going to infect the vents with a knockout agent Charon made to knock out guard pokemon. It wasn't going to hurt them but it was going to render them useless. After all, this is done, Team Galactic will force the owner of the building to surrender control and once they had that building Veilstone City belonged to Team Galactic.

"Okay, so is everything ready?" Cyrus asked.

"Yes, Jupiter, and I have memorized the routes Mike sent us," Saturn said.

"I know exactly where to go when the cameras are out," Mars added.

"The chemicals are in your bag and I'll rush to the computer," Charon said.

"No fuck ups we got one shot at this, and a small time frame," Mike said.

"Have faith in us Mike," Jupiter said.

"It's not my job to have faith it's my job to make sure we are on top," Mike said.

"Mike and I will send the gas down the vents, everyone will be given radios so we can keep in contact, this is it everyone this is the moment the world will see what Team Galactic truly is," Cyrus said.

I went over this plan with a fine comb for hours every day for about two months, I sent everyone specific details about their positions and with help from Charon we figured out exactly where everyone was going to be.

Wednesday Night

9:00 pm

9:00 the first round of outside guards change positions.

"Okay Todd time to head out," Todd said to Ryder.

"Alright let's go," Ryder said.

The two guards started to walk back into the break room only to be confronted by Jupiter and Saturn. Using a stun baton they knocked out the guards and hid their bodies in the lockers and took their uniforms.

9:30 The guard of the cameras goes to get coffee.

The guard left the camera room to fill up his mug. Saturn snuck into the room and planted a chip that would shock the system killing the cameras with a simple press of a button. They both left right before the guard went back in. To make things easier for Charon and Mars, they took care of the guard and any employees that wandered near the back entrance. Saturn hit the button and the camera system was frozen, this kept the pictures on the screen but the cameras weren't functional leading the guard to believe all was well.

9:45 all employees go home leaving just the night guards and the owner in the building, Saturn and Jupiter have exactly 3 minutes and 35 seconds to get Mars in undetected. Mars said she would figure an alternate way in.

"Took you guys long enough, what time is it," Mars asked.

"9:47, really this window was the best entrance?" Saturn asked helping her in.

"Hey shut the hell up, all the other doors are guarded," Mars hissed.

10:00 Mars should have exactly 45 seconds to unlock the back entrance and sneak Charon into the building before the guard walks back around.

Mars quietly opened the door and Charon ran in quickly in just the nick of time. They ran to the server room and Charon did his magic. In minutes he was able to route the system's power grid and everything to the remote Cyrus had on the roof. Mike and Cyrus were dressed in black to avoid detection.

10:30 Cyrus and I crawl through the vents when given the signal and gas the vents for any guard pokemon.

Cyrus got the message on his phone from Charon.

"He's right on time, let's go," Cyrus told Mike.

"Almost there man, we are so close," Mike said, crawling into the vent from the roof.

"Don't celebrate yet," Cyrus said.

"Once we ge-," Mike said but fell out the vent through an empty shaft and right onto the floor.

"MIKE," Cyrus quietly shouted, trying to grab him before he fell.

"Ow fuck," Mike said holding his ribs.

Wow, that hurt.

"Mike if you can hear me try to find your way to the top floor I'll meet you there," Cyrus said over the radio.

Mike got up as soon as he realized he was out in the open and saw the light of a flashlight and dove under a desk in what seemed to be an office room. He covered his mouth to avoid audible breathing. The guard's footsteps grew louder and louder until it was right in front of him.

I remember thinking I was fucked, no way he was not going to hear that crash and doesn't check under the desk. This was it, I was going to jail and everything was fucked.

The guard was about the check under the desk when there was a struggle and the guard was knocked unconscious.

"So much for your plan huh," Saturn said, helping Mike out from under the desk.

I never thought I would be so happy to see that face only a mother could love.

"Hey every plan has its flaws...thanks," Mike said.

"Shut up let's get you to the top floor," Saturn said.

Saturn and Mike quietly made their way, they had to sneak past plenty of guards, and with their combined brainpower, they figured out a way to not be detected. They finally reached the stairs to the top.

"I'll watch the stairs, go meet Master Cyrus, and don't fuck up this time," Saturn said with a smirk.

"Yeah yeah," Mike said going up the stairs.

As Mike snuck through the halls the gas entered the building and the bodies of knocked-out pokemon almost flooded them. Charon had made it so that humans were immune to the gas. Mike eventually made his way to the Owner's office where he met with Cyrus.

"You okay?" Cyrus asked.

"Yeah, I'm good," Mike said.

"Once we get in there lock the door so he can't make a run for it," Cyrus said.

"Got it," Mike said.

Cyrus was about to go in but before he did so he put a hand on Mike's shoulder.

"This is it my friend, our journey to victory begins here," Cyrus said breaking into the room.

Mike locked the door as intended and Cyrus began threatening the Owner. He said to hand over control of this building or he was going to use the remote he had to shut this building down screwing up the whole town's electrical grid. The Owner pleaded for Cyrus not to do anything but wouldn't budge. Cyrus was starting to get more and more irritated. Cyrus was normally a peaceful man and rather used intelligence and critical thinking to get his way but sometimes that didn't work.

"What about if I toss you out the window," Cyrus said grabbing the man shoving half his body out the window.

"NO NO NO," The owner begged Cyrus to let him go.

"God damn Cyrus is that necessary?" Mike asked.

"Quiet Mike this is how you run a business you gotta kick ass sometimes," Cyrus said.

After ten minutes of arguing and threatening the owner gave in, he surrendered the ownership of the building and the keys to go with it. The Veilstone Center now belonged to Team Galactic.

The whole team celebrated, the commanders laughed and talked all night with bottles of champagne and card games. Cyrus was the happiest he had been in years despite losing most of his emotions. Mike had the feeling of joy in him. It was the best feeling he had in a long time.

"We did it, Cyrus," Charon said laughing with joy.

"It worked cause this genius right here, HAHA," Cyrus said pointing to Mike.

I had never seen Cyrus so happy, now that we had Veilstone in our control people would take us more seriously.

Mike looked in the mirror and smiled, finally, he did something that he was happy with. This was the beginning of the good times for him and Team Galactic.

Eterna City, Sinnoh

August, 2005

Age: 22

Mike stood against the wall smoking a cigarette, he looked up at the sun as it gazed down on him even though his protective sunglasses. His clothes looked brand new and his confidence grew overnight. He walked around Eterna City with swagger, he smiled and winked at the ladies. His family had paid off their house, he was getting respect from everyone around him, it was a glorious time for him.

I could do whatever I wanted in some cities, all I needed to do was say some kind of special codeword and bam I got everything, I had new clothes and shoes, they were expensive and honestly, I had never felt this good in my whole life, ever since we took Veilstone Cyrus and Team Galactic were making tons of money and power was handed to us and every time someone tried to stop us well let's just say they didn't try for very long.

Mike took a puff from his cigarette and pulled out his Pokeball to release Blacksteel into the city, Blacksteel loved the sun and ever since Mike got his upgrades he gave his pokemon the absolute best life he could. They deserved it, they stuck with him through the bad times and they believed in him. Mike never made them do the "dirty jobs" he had to do but they always got a piece of the prize.

Deep down I knew what I was doing was wrong but hey fuck it I had given shitty cards all my life it was time I took something I wanted and that's what I did, I didn't have to worry about bills or food or anything, my parents and siblings got what they wanted and everyone was happy. Even my mom's boss who had been a real pain in the ass recently stopped being so mean to her. See Ryan here decided that he wanted to treat my mom less than anyone else and even pushed her down once. He needed some convincing to leave her alone.

"MACY CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK SHE WANTS, GOT IT!" Mike shouted, choking Ryan with his own tie.

"I swear to god hurt her one more time you're gonna deal with me, understand," Cyrus said punching him in the mouth a couple of times.

Ryan muttered out a "got it" as Mike finally let the tie loose, allowing him to breathe fully again.

I think we got the message through. After that night, Ryan never bothered my mom again. Hell, he even gave her the week off with triple pay, how's that for encouragement. . I didn't have the heart to tell my family what Cyrus and I were actually doing. Our names were kept out of the news they knew about Team Galactic but they had no idea about our involvement and I wanted to keep it that way. I kept in touch with Brendan and apparently he was the one who took down Team Magma and Aqua and he had become champion of the Hoenn region, talk about opposites he knew nothing of my involvement either, and honestly, I don't know how he would have reacted if I told him the truth.

Mike was walking down the street, taking in the view of everything when suddenly someone crashed into him.

"Ow, fuck," Mike said sitting up.

"I am so sorry mister," A woman said, helping him up.

The girl looked to be about Mike's age. When Mike got a good look at her, he just admired how good she looked. Her eyes were gorgeous and were clear as the ocean and her hair gave her this badass look that was very attractive to Mike.

Oh, no trouble at all bumping into someone like you.

"It's fine don't worry about it, I got in the way too," Mike said dusting himself off.

"I am just rushing to get to the pokemon league as fast as possible," The woman said.

"Oh, going to take the challenge on?" Mike asked.

"Yup!" The woman said.

"Well I wish you luck," Mike said trying to get a name.

"Cynthia, and you are?" Cynthia said with a smile.

"Mike, maybe we'll get a new champion," Mike said.

"Hopefully, my team and I have been training for a long time, whatever happens, I couldn't be more proud of them," Cynthia said.

"Wait why are you in Eterna City if you're going to the league?" Mike asked.

"I wanted to see the statues before I left, then I realized I was here longer then I wanted, I have to go but I hope to see you again, bye!" Cynthia said running off.

Huh, I wonder if she'll win?

Mike didn't focus much on it, he had to get back to headquarters but not before giving his team a little walk. Over the years Mike had gotten his pokemon team together. He had his starter Swampert, Aggron, Dusknoir, Salamence, Flareon, and Magnezone. He loved all of them; they stuck by his side and despite being part of a crime organization they were all so friendly. Not long after Mike was back in Veilstone City, they were going to discuss how to get control of Eterna City.

And that leaves us now. Boring I know but hey I have a story too you know. Am I proud of what I've done, not really but it doesn't haunt my conscience anymore so I guess that means I have come to terms with it. You know I went from such a shitty situation to I'd say a solid-state of living sure I am a criminal but hey sometimes in life you have to take matters into your own hands and this is the case I did. I'm not proud of what I've done but at the end of the day, I wouldn't change anything…..

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Chapter 12: A New Member

COF: Lucas Diamond

Lucas finished packing his things and left the motel. The smell of bread filled his nostrils and made him realize how hungry he was. Lucas had this horrible habit of putting off things like eating or drinking water when he was focused on something else. Now that no one was there to remind him he really needed to get used to not starving himself. Ever since leaving home, he had to get adjusted to a lot of things but to Lucas, it was all a part of the experience.

"Maybe I can get my team some treats," Lucas said to himself.

This gave him an excuse to go into the bakery, there he picked up 5 things. An egg sandwich for him, a cookie for Bibarel, A poppy seed bagel for Staravia, Jalapeno bread for Monferno, and bacon for Luxio. Lucas released everyone at the park and they all ate and played together. Lucas grew more and more fond of playing with his Pokemon like they were actual friends and it was times like these that he really loved being a trainer. As he was playing with pokemon his phone began to ring, which was odd because he normally never received calls.

"Hello?" Lucas answered.

"Hey idiot, it's Dawn," Dawn said on the other line.

"Oh hey, what's up," Lucas said, smiling to himself.

"Nothing much, look I wanna have a get together in Hearthome City with you and Barry I heard you are on the way," Dawn said.

"Uhh yeah I should be there towards the end of the day," Lucas said looking at his watch.

"Great, when you get here meet me at the Heart Diner," Dawn said.

"Sounds good, good to hear from ya Dawn," Lucas said.

"You too stay safe, cya there," Dawn said hanging up.

Lucas put his phone away and put everyone back in their balls, normally he would have someone walk with him but this time he wanted to be alone. Lucas liked to be alone with his thoughts sometimes, it cleared his head, and with his next gym battle and Team Galactic constantly on his mind, he definitely could use the clear mind. As he was walking he noticed from across the city a sign for a bike shop.

"Maybe I can rent a bike, it would be great for travel," Lucas said, putting on his hat.

It was true, some routes of Sinnoh were hours long, and having a bike would cut that time basically in half. While Lucas loved the exercise, his legs would start killing him after an hour of walking.

As Lucas made his way through the city, he got stopped multiple times for an autograph and pictures. It still felt weird to him that he was seen as a hero when he was just doing the right thing. People would smile at him and constantly thank him as if he just got home from war. It was definitely something he was going to get used to. Eventually, he made his way to the bike shop. He had seen ads about this place back at home and wanted to see first hand why everybody loved it.

"Um, hello?" Lucas asked, looking around the store.

"ONE SECOND," A man shouted from the back.

Lucas walked around and the place was filled with all different kinds of bikes. So many colors and designs that it was almost disorientating to look at them all. Lucas was shocked and just stood there with wide eyes every time he found a bike he liked he immediately found another that topped it. The bikes were on the walls, the ground, attached to the ceiling. It was clear why this was the most popular bike shop in Sinnoh.

"See anything you like?" The man said smiling at Lucas.

"Yeah….a lot of them, how do you get so many of them?" Lucas asked dumbfounded.

"I have connections with stores not just in Sinnoh, I can have any bike from any region here," The man said.

"What about the Mach bikes from Hoenn?" Lucas asked.

"Give me a week," The man almost immediately.

"That's crazy, people are so lucky to buy from here," Lucas said walking around and looking at all the different bikes.

"You're that kid right, Lucas," The man said.

"Yeah….nice to meet you," Lucas said, he was waiting for him to ask for a picture or something of that nature.

"In that case, pick one, anyone you like it's on the house," The man said.

'Wait…..what," Lucas said, not believing what he just heard.

"Team Galactic really has been hurting business for me so what you did, you have my eternal gratitude, please anyone you like," The man said with a smile.

Lucas didn't know where to start, he was so ecstatic he wanted a bike his whole life but never could afford it. It was the number one thing on his Christmas list every year when he was a kid. After looking for about 20 minutes he found one, the perfect one. It was black with green stripes and the tires looked slick and gave him this great feeling just looking at it.

"I'll take this one," Lucas said, pointing to it.

"Ah, an excellent choice," The man said, unchaining it.

"Wow, really it's free?" Lucas asked.

"Of course, thank you for helping our city," The man said.

Lucas walked out of the shop with his new bike. He pulled out Monferno and started to go on and on about the bike.

"It's so clean Mon, look at this thing," Lucas said.

As Lucas went on and on, Monferno lost interest and went to chase Starlies. Lucas just rolled his eyes, why would he pour his soul into someone who has the attention span of a Wurmple.

"Alright that's enough Mon," Lucas said, pulling out his Pokeball.

Monferno rolled his eyes and went back into his ball, leaving Lucas alone again. Something Lucas realized is that with a bike he could take the Cycling Path, there could see Wayward Cave and go through Mt. Coronet to Hearthome making his traveling time cut in half.

"Fuck yeah, I was expecting to get there at the end of the day but if I start now I can make it there by sunset," Lucas said to himself.

And with this plan in motion, Lucas hopped on his bike and rushed to the Cycling Road. It was so nice to feel the wind from riding the bike, he took off his hat and let the breeze rush through his dark brown hair. It felt great to be going as fast as he was and the nature scene was beautiful with visions of Starlies flying above him and berries planted on the side of the path, Sinnoh was in the stage of in-between Winter and Spring which was the perfect time for Lucas. It wasn't too cold and everything was starting to grow back giving the routes this natural feel to them. The leaves were starting to grow back on the trees and melted snow gave the ground a mixture of water and dirt. The sun gave Lucas a warm feeling mixed with the slightly cold temperature Sinnoh was famously known for.

Lucas reached the Cycling Road and just stared at the long stretched highway right above the front of Wayward Cave. Lucas saw tons of trainers on the road just ready to battle someone. Luckily Lucas had visited the Pokemon Center before reaching the road. They were battling each other and some were training pokemon but they had that look in their eyes that, as a fellow trainer, Lucas knew very well.

"Time for a little practice," Lucas said smiling to himself.

It took a while but Lucas got through the path, the trainers were tough but everyone got the job done. For the longer and tougher fights, Monferno and Luxio carried the team and for more casual or smaller battles Bibarel would overwhelm them with his size and Staravia would outspeed them. There were new pokemon for him to document. Luckily the trainers were nice enough to allow Lucas to put their pokemon in his Pokedex. There were so many new ones and by the end of the road he had close to 15 new submissions to his dex. Lucas was always a collector and this Pokedex was a dream come true to him, he was rewarded for collecting new entries and discovering new pokemon and it made being a trainer that much better.

After a bit, Lucas reached the end of the road but before he went through the route he wanted to check out the infamous Wayward Cave. Wayward Cave was always a point of interest for Lucas, it was almost a secret due to its presence always being in the shadow of the Cycling Road but he knew that there were some really interesting and cool pokemon to see not just inside the cave but outside of it as well.

"Bibarel, come on out," Lucas said, releasing Bibarel.

Bibarel was confused and looked around for trouble, assuming that's why Lucas called him. When he saw nothing he looked back at his trainer with a confused look.

"Relax buddy there is no trouble here I just want a walking partner for when we go into the cave, also I know how much you like the rocks," Lucas said petting Bibarel on his head.

Bibarel smiled and nuzzled Lucas's hand as a thank you and they walked around the entrance of the cave. Lucas saw Ponytas, Gligars, and Machops. Bibarel spent the whole time picking up different rocks, his intelligence was still not very large but his heart made up for it.

"Okay Bibarel let's go, you can keep your favorite rock but only one," Lucas said.

Bibarel looked at the two he had in his hands and spent 3 minutes deciding which was better, he finally settled on a white one that was smooth.

"Man you and rocks," Lucas said laughing as he entered the cave.

The cave was mostly a maze and Lucas found some useful items lying around from abandoned camps and even some trainers wanted to battle. Bibarel was overwhelmed with the number of rocks laying around and just loving the alone time he and Lucas were having.

"I said one Bibarel, you don't have room," Lucas told Bibarel while looking through his bag.

That pokemon likes rock more than Trainer Steven I swear.

Bibarel walked up to Lucas and gave him a rock that looked like the wall at Roark's gym, the moment when Bibarel showed that he belonged on the team. Lucas took it and smiled, he always saw the potential in Bibarel even when he was a Bidoof but that moment was something truly special to both of them and they never forgot it.

"Thanks, buddy, I'll keep this one," Lucas said smiling as he put the rock in his coat pocket.

Bibarel smiled and hugged Lucas being affectionate as always.

"Alright buddy alright you're suffocating me," Lucas said laughing.

As the pokemon and trainer were messing around a quiet voice came from around the corner, it was a girl who looked tired.

"Um, excuse me," The girl interrupted.

"Oh, hi there can I help you?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, I'm lost and you look like you know your way around, mind helping me out a bit?" The girl asked.

"Of course, follow me," Lucas said leading the way.

The girl walked with Lucas, she looked younger than him, she had long red hair and wore a skirt which Lucas thought was weird to be wearing that in a cave.

"So what's your name?" Lucas asked.

"Mira, and you?" Mira asked.

"Lucas," Lucas said.

"Oh yeah, I saw you on the news, congratulations, truly impressive what you did," Mira commented.

"Oh thank you, I don't think I did anything special but others think otherwise," Lucas said.

"You did something people would never do, and that's pretty special and really commendable," Mira said.

Mira went on about how she was a trainer herself and how she specialized in special attacks. Lucas listened very closely because any information about battles was noteworthy and he found her talks about special attacks very interesting. Eventually, when they reached the cave exit, Mira had a sigh of relief.

"You're a lifesaver, thank you," Mira said.

"No problem," Lucas said.

"Just a random question but why were you in that maze anyway?" Mira asked.

"I was looking for some rare pokemon but so far haven't found anything," Lucas said disappointedly.

"There's another entrance to the cave kinda hidden from view that you can try," Mira said.

"Seriously?" Lucas asked, surprised.

"Yes," Mira said.

As they walked out of the cave, Mira took Lucas to the secret entrance, she was right it was very hidden from view and almost had no way of standing out. The only reason Lucas really saw it was because Mira had to point it out to him.

"God it could have fucking teeth and I still wouldn't have seen it," Lucas said.

"Ha, yeah it took me a couple of times to see it too, I have to go but I hope to see you again, goodbye Lucas," Mira said waving.

"Bye, Mira, good luck in your career," Lucas said, still looking into the secret entrance.

Lucas walked into the cave and it looked the same but automatically he saw Onix's and different pokemon. However, one Pokemon for some reason caught his eye, a Gabite. Gabite evolves into the pseudo legendary Garchomp, very few people have them because they are known to be extremely hard to tame and it takes a strong trainer to get the trust of one. Lucas wanted one, he knew Gabite would be a great addition but also saw it as an opportunity to see if he is a good enough trainer.

"Bibarel, I need you to use Yawn on that Gabite," Lucas whispered to Bibarel.

Bibarel yawned at Gabite which released a cloud of some sort that hit the wild Gabite making it fall asleep.

"Nice work buddy," Lucas said, pulling out a Pokeball and throwing it at Gabite.

It was a success, making Pokemon fall asleep was the best way to capture them giving them almost no resistance to pokeballs.

One Hour Later

Lucas released his new Gabite into a field and it looked confused and even angry. This was to be expected by the wild dragon type. Lucas tried to talk to him but it was no use, Gabite refused to listen and even kicked dirt at Lucas. This went on for about 20 minutes until Lucas pulled out a couple of treats for Gabite, only then would he even look at Lucas.

"Look, I know you probably hate me right now but I know we can make a good team," Lucas said, kneeling to Gabite.

Gabite still had an angry look on his face but was listening and stopped trying to defy Lucas for a second. Lucas took this as an opportunity and took Gabite into the field and tried to battle with him but things went unexpected…

First Battle

"Gabite, attack," Lucas said

Gabite just turned around and threw a rock at Lucas.

"Seriously," Lucas sighed.

Second Battle

"Gabite, use Dragon Claw," Lucas ordered.

Gabite turned around and bit Lucas on the leg.


Third Battle

"Gabite, let's do this, use Dragon Claw," Lucas ordered again.

Gabite instead used Dig but Lucas didn't care it was progress, horrible progress but progress nonetheless.

A couple of hours passed by and Lucas gave up. Gabite still would not listen to him directly and would still give him a major attitude. Lucas was getting really annoyed and decided that this was enough training for today and put Gabite back into his ball.

"We'll work on you later, I gotta hit the road," Lucas said hopping on his bike.

Lucas biked through Route 206 until he reached 207. He knew this connected back to Oreburgh City and if he wasn't in such a rush he would have stopped by but he knew he was so close to Hearthome City. He just needed to go through Mt. Coronet and he was home free basically. Route 207 has a more mountain type environment which was expected. It had less mud and trees than Route 206 and in some ways, Lucas' preferred this environment.

However, what Lucas was really here for was to finally see Mt. Coronet. Each region has it's famous mountainscape. Hoenn has Mt. Pyre, Johto and Kanto have Mt. Moon and Mt. Silver, Unova had Twist Mountain, and Sinnoh had Mt. Coronet. It was the center of so many myths and legends about Sinnoh regarding Arceus and the creation of the region. Lucas rushed to the entrance with excitement in his body, he was finally going to see what all the hype was about.

It was dark and had this creepy feeling in it with a mix of mystery. Water dripped down from the ceiling and the cries of Zubats filled the cave. Lucas had to climb up rocks and even navigate past little areas of water. There were so many avenues to go and Lucas was almost overwhelmed but he had to stay focused. He explored a bit and even saw some new pokemon.

'Wow this place is insane," Lucas said looking at a pond within the cave.

While the place was cool, Lucas was not equipped to really take on Mt. Coronet yet but he knew he would be back. With one last look, Lucas left Mt. Coronet and with a heart filled with readiness to go back once he was ready.

Lucas went through Route 208 and it had bridges over a river of some sort, it felt like a completely new part of the region on the other side of Mt. Coronet. It was weird but Lucas wasn't complaining, with his lack of travel experience he was happy to take in all sights he could, every route he wanted to see and every town or city he wanted to experience all of it. Hearthome City was famous for Pokemon Contests so he was definitely going to see a couple of them and couldn't wait to experience all the town could offer.

Before Lucas knew it, he was right at the doorstep of Hearthome City, but before Lucas could dive into gym battles, shops, and contests first things first he had to meet with Dawn and Barry.

Chapter Text


Chapter 13: Old Faces and Rivals

COF: Lucas Diamond

Lucas walked into Hearthome City and was amazed by the liveliness, people were talking on the streets, kids on their bikes and the atmosphere was almost like Jubilife City. The ground had a brownish tile effect and gave the city a more rustic feeling. The people in the city were so friendly and finally, Lucas wasn't bombarded with people asking for photos or an autograph. Lucas found a place to park his bike and decided to take Luxio out for a walk, normally he would take Monferno but he wasn't a fan of huge crowds.

"Come on buddy, let's walk around a bit," Lucas said to the thunder cat.

Luxio nuzzled Lucas' leg and walked alongside him.

Before Lucas could go to the diner, he wanted to have a look around a bit. He wanted to find three things; the Pokecenter, Pokemart, and the Gym.

After about 30 minutes of searching, he found the Pokecenter and Pokemart. Luckily they were near each other and it wouldn't be a hassle to go from one to the other. The gym was still not found and Lucas searched everywhere. He even found a church while looking.

Lucas himself was not very religious, of course, he read the Bible and learned about Arceus and the creation of the world but he never considered himself religious. He didn't pray or go to church every Sunday despite living in Sinnoh. Sinnoh itself was very religious mainly because in the bible it was the first region to be created and some believe Arceus himself lives on top of Mt. Coronet.

Out of respect, Lucas walked into the church. It was quiet and almost depressing but had a slight hopeful feeling around it, it was weird to him. The church was filled with artifacts Luxio kept clawing at the carpet on the ground, he seemed more interested in that than anything else. Normally Pokemon were not allowed to be in church but this one seemed to be okay with, Lucas even saw other pokemon with people and given they were more well behaved than Luxio nobody seemed to be bothered by him.

"You look new," An old lady said to Lucas.

"Oh, yes I am, I'm not from around here I just wanted to stop by," Lucas said.

"Fear not, all of Arceus' children are welcomed here," The old lady said with a smile.

"Forgive me but I am not very religious so this is all a bit strange to me," Lucas said looking around at the artifacts around the church.

"I was just like you when I was younger so don't feel alone, a lot of people don't practice until they get much older," The old lady said sitting down.

"It's just interesting to me to see how people practice differently, there are religions all around the world, I hear on the news about people fighting about it, is that what religion is really about?" Lucas asked, sitting next to the lady.

The old lady sighed and shook her head as if she had been asked that question a lot. Lucas felt guilty, he was a stranger here and had no right to ask such sensitive questions. He was about to apologize and take his leave when the lady pulled out a bible.

"We do not condone such violence in this church. Religion is not about being right, it's not even about proving that yours is superior to others. Religion is a way for people to come together and celebrate common thoughts, think of it as a club but much holier," The old lady said.

"I thought so, my mother told me to ignore those people and focus on what I think is right," Lucas said.

"And she's right, unfortunately, those people do exist and give a somewhat bad reputation to what is otherwise a very peaceful practice, I don't think anyone should be ostracized for thinking differently, even someone like yourself who doesn't practice," The old lady said.

That made Lucas feel a bit better, to know that he was accepted despite not being a god obeying person his whole life. The lady went on about how religion should be seen as a comforting thing when the unknowns in life such as death and the afterlife scare people because no one really knows what happens next. Lucas told the lady that he was journeying all across Sinnoh for Professor Rowan and that with all the alone time he has, something has come across his mind. The lady apparently was the priest of the church and felt a strong presence about Lucas and told him that he was welcomed anytime.

The priest blessed Lucas and he was on his way out. Luxio had carpet in his paws and it annoyed him and kept whining.

"Don't look at me, you did that to yourself, maybe you'll learn not to do that," Lucas said sternly.

Lucas tried to love his pokemon to his heart's content but sometimes a little punishment and tough love were needed to make sure they behaved. He would never hit them or anything horrible like that but sometimes he wasn't so cuddly with them.

20 Minutes Later

After walking around, Lucas went to the diner where Dawn asked him to meet up. He was excited to see her again. Dawn never wanted to go on a huge adventure through Sinnoh and it was something she and Lucas bonded over when they were kids. She was more interested in science and being with her father.

"Yo dumbass you're late, that's a fine," Barry said walking up behind Lucas.

"Yeah, yeah sorry about tha…..wait aren't you late too?" Lucas asked.

"aReN't yOu lAtE ToO, not about me Lucas for once think about something else besides the godly nature of myself," Barry said.

"Yeah totally, godlike," Lucas said.

God of being an arrogant douche you're like Trainer Blue.

Lucas and Barry walked into the Diner where they met with Dawn. The three of them hugged, it had been a reunion they wanted for a long time. Barry automatically told Dawn how great of a trainer he was. Dawn looked at Lucas and he had this look of "yeah I know, this is what I have dealing with" but also with a smirk.

"Soooo, what's the haps Dawn," Barry said sitting down.

"Yeah, what's up," Lucas said.

"Well guys I have a very big announcement," Dawn said with a smile.

Dawn was so proud to tell her best friends what the big news was until Lucas and Barry started to act like well Lucas and Barry.

"You're pregnant," Barry said.

"Yeah that's what I was gonna say," Lucas said sipping some water.

"I'm-...wait what," Dawn said looking confused and dumbfounded.

"You….got…..a…….in….you," Barry said slowly.

"I'm not deaf you idio- ," Dawn said, being interrupted.

"We are going to be awesome uncles," Lucas said fist-bumping Barry.

"Oh yeah for sure, I'm gonna buy the baby clothes," Barry said excitedly.

"I'll get a baby carriage, wait who's the dad?" Barry asked.

"Oh yeah," Lucas said looking back at Dawn.

"Is it him?" Barry mouthed while pointing to Lucas.

Dawn was both in shock and relieved to see that they haven't changed one bit.

"Guys, I'm not pregnant," Dawn said laughing a little.

"WHAT," Barry said shocked.

"Oh...okay," Lucas said.

"Very far away from that talk boys," Dawn said laughing.

"Damn it I had so many ideas for baby names," Barry said throwing his hands up.

"So what's up?" Lucas asked.

"Well, I am now the new professor of the Sinnoh region," Dawn said, both nervous and excited.

Barry and Lucas were wide-eyed and Barry even spat his water out, onto Lucas that is. Dawn just giggled at both what just happened and their reactions.

"Holy shit," Barry said.

"EW DUDE WHAT THE FUCK!" Lucas shouted.

"Oh don't be a baby," Barry teased.

"Oh my god you two," Dawn sighed.

"Wait….Professor Rowan is retired?" Lucas asked, wiping the water off of him.

"Yeah….dad has been wanting to retire for years now and he thinks I am ready to take over the lab," Dawn said.

Barry and Lucas were happy for Dawn they really were but a small part of them was sad. The man who acted as a father figure to them is now gone from such an important position. Barry loved Rowan because his dad was always away and he stepped in while Palmer was away. Lucas's dad passed away from sickness when he was very young so Professor Rowan also took care of him and gave him that fatherly love he gave Barry. Lucas and Barry were both thankful for the old man and respected his wish to give the lab to Dawn.

"Well, that's awesome congrats, Dawn," Lucas said.

"Yeah, now you can tell us where all the legendary pokemon are," Barry said excitedly.

"That's not how it works but I do have something for you," Dawn said, pulling out two devices.

"What are those?" Lucas asked curiously and examined them.

"These are communication devices for your Pokedexes, now that I am running the lab I will not be able to respond on my phone very often but these devices will connect you to the Lab's computer," Dawn said, putting the devices on the boys Pokedexes.

"So with this, we can almost instantly contact you and the lab." Lucas assumed.

"Indeed, call if you need any info on cities or pokemon," Dawn said with a smile.

Lucas was in awe with the news and the device. This was so useful, now he could get first-hand intel on pokemon and places with a push of a button. Barry on the other hand saw this as a cool knick-knack to learn about trainers in the area.

The three went on about their recent adventures and of course, Barry took up most of the talking time. Lucas was happy to see Dawn again and even happy to hang out with Barry. With all the Team Galactic business going on it was nice to just relax and have some fun.

2 hours later

Lucas, Barry, and Dawn left the diner and were laughing and talking when Dawn saw the contest hall. Hearthome City was famous for its pokemon contests but Dawn was smiling for a different reason.

"Guys, let's check out the contest hall," Dawn said.

"Uhhhh why?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, I'm busy doing anything else," Barry said.

"Come on, one look it's the most famous contest center in the world, no choice we're going," Dawn said walking towards it.

Despite Lucas, Barry, and Dawn treating each other as equals, whenever Dawn wanted to do something they did it. Even if Lucas and Barry didn't want to, Dawn's choice was final. They didn't know why things were like that but ever since they were kids that was the rule.

The three walked in and while Lucas was excited he wanted to get the gym badge first before going to the contest hall and Barry felt like going to hell was a better alternative than watching a Pokemon contest. However, to their surprise, Johanna and Rita were on the inside waiting for their sons.

"MOM," Lucas shouted and ran to hug Johanna.

"Holy shit….mom," Barry said, also running to hug Rita.

Johanna and Rita knew Lucas and Barry were on their way to Hearthome City so they decided to surprise them and Dawn knew all about it. The two boys were happy to see their moms, they hadn't seen them in months at this point and while they call their moms, it wasn't the same. Johanna was checking Lucas for injuries and Rita was just happy to see her son walking in the footsteps of his father. Dawn smiled and even texted her mom in the wake of all the motherly love.

"I saw you on tv, I am so proud of you," Johanna said, kissing her son's head.

"Your father and I are very happy for you son," Rita said to Barry.

The boys got this overwhelming feeling of joy after seeing their family so much so that they wanted to show them how good they both were. Both of them were thinking about it but as usual, it was Barry who would make that thought a reality.

"HEY LUCAS," Barry shouted.

"WHAT," Lucas shouted back.

Barry walked up to him and pulled out a Pokeball. With a grin on his face and his confidence at an all-time high.

"Let me show my ma here how much better I am than you," Barry said.

"Is that so, you're on," Lucas said with a smirk.

Rival Battle: Lucas Diamond vs Barry Platinum (5 on 4)

A crowd of people gathered around Lucas and Barry as they went outside to the street. Both of the trainers had the biggest look of determination on their faces.

"I got too much riding on this to lose, Staravia you're up," Barry shouted as he sent Staravia into the room.

Staravia came out of its ball and flew around to make an entrance, definitely something Barry would teach his pokemon.

"Luxio, win this for us," Lucas shouted, sending Luxio out.

Luxio came out and roared as if he had been waiting for a fight. Lucas stared a hole through Barry, this was redemption for last time. Barry was also staring down Lucas, his whole life he wanted to make his mom proud and this time he wasn't going to disappoint her.

"Staravia, use Quick Attack," Barry shouted.

Staravia wasted no time and quickly sped right to Luxio, normally Luxio would stand no chance against this type of speed but training was slowly paying off for him.

"Luxio, dodge it and use Spark," Lucas ordered.

Luxio narrowly dodged the fast bird and hit it with a ball of electricity. It was super effective against the flying type but Barry had a trick up his sleeve.

"Staravia, attack with a Wing Attack," Barry commanded.

Barry had two plans for this attack, either he would hit the Quick Attack giving him the first hit advantage or if he missed Staravia would be close enough to 100 percent hit a Wing Attack. It worked Staravia punched Luxio back with her wing giving a massive hit of damage. Lucas cursed at himself for not seeing that attack but this wasn't the end of the world.

I still have the type advantage on me, if I keep getting these electric attacks off I can take out one of his best pokemon.

"Luxio, keep on her and use Spark again," Lucas ordered.

Barry was shocked, it wasn't like Lucas to take an aggressive battle style.

Luxio recovered from the Wing Attack and shocked Staravia with another ball of electricity. Staravia tried to get away but Luxio kept on her and eventually shocked her into submission. Staravia was out.

"Aggressiveness, when did you grow a pair?" Barry asked with a slight grin.

Lucas just smirked back as if mocking Barry. Barry wasted no time and sent out his next pokemon.

"Ponyta, come on out," Barry shouted, releasing the fire type from his ball.

Lucas raised an eyebrow, this was completely the opposite of what he planned. However, he was paying the price for trying to predict Barry.

That's an odd choice, what's he planning.

Luxio got into a battle position and was ready for his next order.

"Luxio, Bite that Ponyta," Lucas ordered.

Luxio ran forward and noticed Ponyta wasn't moving which both Lucas and Luxio thought was strange. But as Luxio was about to lunge for a Bite attack.

"Ponyta, now," Barry yelled.

In one swift move, Ponyta tackled Luxio to the ground catching him off guard and blasting fire into Luxio's face. Barry called this move the Fire Tackle.

Luxio was out, he already couldn't stand heat much but having a whole blast to the face made it even quicker for him to be finished.

"Holy shit," Lucas said, putting Luxio back in his ball.

"What happened to that smirk," Barry said with a confident grin.

"Oh don't worry, we are just getting started, Bibarel you're up," Lucas said releasing Bibarel into the field.

At this point, the crowd was going nuts around the two. Pokemon battles were watched around the world and people loved to be as close as possible to the action. The roaring of the crowd only heightened the Trainer's determination to win.

"Shit, Revenge Advantage," Barry thought to himself.

Most pokemon battles worked like this when you lost your current pokemon you would try to use one that gave you an advantage over the foe. This was called Revenge Advantage because it would normally lead to the foe losing the other out of revenge.

"Bibarel, use Yawn on the Ponyta," Lucas ordered.

Bibarel sent out a beam out of his mouth that hit the Ponyta making it drowsy, Barry cursed at himself as he knew once Ponyta fell asleep it was all over for Ponyta.

"Ponyta, rush in with a Tackle," Barry shouted.

Ponyta ran at Bibarel and tackled him to the ground and kept hitting Bibarel. Barry had one thing in mind if Ponyta was going down he was taking Bibarel with him. It was strategies like this that made Barry a hard trainer to beat even for someone like Lucas who liked to think things through he could never plan for Barry's attacks. Luckily, Ponyta slowed faded, and fell asleep.

"Bibarel, Water Gun now," Lucas commanded.

Bibarel sprayed the fire horse with water ending the round almost immediately. Barry thought if he sent our Roserade, Monferno would just clean this up easily he had to plan.

"Prinplup, come on out," Barry said, sending out his starter.

Lucas had to think about this, he couldn't use Monferno if Bibarel was KO'd, he could try and use Staravia but that would be a strength test and she would most likely lose.

"Bibarel go for another Yawn," Lucas ordered.

If I can put Prinplup to sleep it'll give me more time to develop a better plan.

Bibarel tried to make the Prinplup drowsy but he missed to Lucas' dismay.

"Prinplup, Peck," Barry shouted.

Prinplup used the missed attack to his advantage and attacked Bibarel with his beck leaving a mark on his shoulder. Bibarel kicked Prinplup off and got up holding his shoulder.

"You alright?" Lucas asked, concerned about his friend.

Bibarel nodded and rushed at Prinplup slamming a Headbutt on Prinplup. Bibarel had one thing over Prinplup was a more diverse move set. Prinplup had mostly water and a steel move both were not very effective over Bibarel but still inflicted some damage.

"Prinplup, get in close and keep pecking," Barry shouted.

Prinplup took the Headbutt and kept close and attacked Bibarel with his beck focusing on the injured shoulder. Each attack was like a knife and it was starting to wear Bibarel down but Prinplup was losing some energy himself. Bibarel was a tank and could take the most attacks out of anyone on Lucas' team but even he had his limits. As Bibarel kept up the defense, Barry pulled out his secret weapon.

"Prinplup, use it now," Barry commanded.

Prinplup used a combined move of his own and turned his beck into steel and used what he called Steel Beck. While Steel attacks didn't do much to Bibarel, at this point any attack to that shoulder was too much and with one final attack, Bibarel was down.

Bibarel was ashamed, he never liked letting Lucas down but even had his limits and they were reached.

"Don't worry about it buddy, you did great out there, take a rest," Lucas said, putting Bibarel back into his ball.

Barry rejoiced and looked back at his mom and winked.

"Staravia, come on out," Lucas shouted, sending the bird type into battle.

"This is it, if I can take this one out, I'm home free there is no way Lucas mastered using a Gabite yet," Barry thought to himself.

"Star, I need you to take that Prinplup out quickly, go for a Quick Attack," Lucas ordered.

Staravia rushed in quickly but Barry had a card to play.

"Prinplup, halt her advance with Bubblebeam," Barry commanded.

Prinplup launched water bubbles right at Staravia trying to slow her down but to Barry's shock, she was still coming Lucas grinned and knew that this was because of her endurance training. Staravia eventually knocked Prinplup straight down and flew back to her trainer.

"WHAT," Barry shouted.

"HAHAHA," Lucas shouted.

"Shit looks like he's been training her hard, I need to take that Staravia out, but Prinplup is weak and Roserade you get destroyed by Monferno...think Barry think," Barry thought to himself.

"Staravia, keep on him," Lucas ordered.

"I got one shot at this," Barry thought.

Staravia was racing towards the downed Prinplup and when she got close.

"Prinplup, Steel Beck," Barry ordered.

With those three words, Prinplup hit the hardest Steel Beck and slammed it right into the back of Staravia causing intense damage. Barry was about to celebrate when he saw the worse had occurred, yes the Steel Beck hit but so did the Quick Attack and it hit even harder. Prinplup was out along with Staravia.

"Double out...never seen one of those before," Lucas said, shocked.

"Me neither," Barry said, shocked as well.

Barry was cornered, but he had one more card to play.

"Roserade, you're the last one, finish the mission," Barry yelled, sending out Roserade.

"Monferno, finish this," Lucas yelled, sending out his starter.

This was it, Barry had to use his last-ditch effort, as long as Monferno went down the battle was his, and he hadn't tested this plan yet but he had no choice.

"Monferno, Flame Wheel," Lucas ordered.

Monferno launched a Flame Wheel towards Roserade but Barry planned for this and trained Roserade to evade moves much quicker. Roserade dodged the Flame Wheel and with Barry's command shot out a Poison Sting, this poisoned Monferno. Part 1 was complete.

"Shit, Mon you okay?" Lucas asked.

Monferno gave a thumbs up but Lucas knew the clock was ticking it wouldn't be a matter of time until Monferno gave into his poisoning. Barry knew he had a shot of winning but everything had to go his way or else it was over.

"Roserade, Stun Spore now, watch out for the fire," Barry shouted.

Roserade ran in and dodged one Flame Wheel and successfully hit the Stun Spore but was attacked by another Flame Wheel, this one hit and hit hard.

"Damn it," Lucas said worriedly.

"Fuck," Barry cursed.

Both pokemon were weak but Barry's plan was successful. Monferno was poisoned and stunned but Roserade was not too fresh either. Barry smiled on the inside, all he had to do was dodge Monferno's attacks and he was home free.

The plan was working, Monferno kept attacking and Roserade was dodging. Lucas was sweating, he knew that the paralysis and poison was a deadly combination and was started to feel the lost depression kick in. Barry was cockily smiling and then he looked to see his friend and how disappointed he was, he looked at Lucas' mom and saw that she could feel her son's pain. Barry wanted to win there was doubt about that but was he really willing to embarrass Lucas in front of his mom for it? Barry knew that Lucas wanted to impress his mom just as much as he did but who wanted it more?

Lucas was coming to terms with the loss, you can't win them all and he hoped that his mom was still proud of him when he heard something.

"Roserade, get in close and use a Razor Leaf," Barry shouted.

What the fuck?

Roserade looked back at her trainer curiously and Barry just nodded his head. She followed her orders and rushed in. Lucas was confused for about a second then he put it all together, that son of a bitch.

"Monferno, Burning Mach Punch," Lucas ordered.

Monferno used what strength he had left and sent Roserade back with a punch ending the battle with Lucas as the winner.

The crowd went wild and applauded the two trainers for a great battle. Johanna ran to her son and hugged him she had tears in her eyes, she had never been this proud of anyone in her whole life. Lucas hugged back and looked over at Barry who had a small grin on his face. Lucas nodded as if saying thank you.

"You're welcome," Barry whispered.

Rita went over to her son and smiled at him, she knew what he did and she was even more proud of him.

"Sorry, I lost," Barry told his mother.

"You lost with dignity rather than winning without morals, and that is even more impressive," Rita said, hugging her son.

Dawn was on the sidelines watching and not only was she happy for Lucas, but she also gained a new level of respect for Barry after what he did.

Within the crowd was the town's gym leader, Fantina who thanked the boys for a wonderful show and was impressed with both of them.

"Yeah, that's what I do," Barry said with a grin.

"You two don't seem to be from around here, would you like to take on this town's gym?" Fantina asked.

"Hell yeah!" Barry shouted.

"What else are we here for?" Lucas asked with a smile.

"Excellent, I'll see you at the gym, I can't wait for our battles," Fantina said, leaving the two.

A couple of hours later, Rita and Johanna said their byes to their sons and took the train home. Dawn eventually made her way back to the lab but now she was less sad because she knew they could contact each other much easier. After a while the two boys were alone.

"You know I didn't see that coming," Lucas said, watching as Barry and his pokemon played together.

"See what coming?" Barry asked, pretending to not know what he was talking about.

"Thanks...really," Lucas said, smiling at him.

"I know the feeling of wanting to impress your mom, it's a lot of pressure I have to live up to my dad and that's tough sometimes," Barry said.

"Yeah you got a lot to live up too but knowing you you'll kick those expectations out of the fucking water," Lucas said with a laugh.

"Just this once though, next time we're gonna see what you're really made of no more going easy on you Lucas," Barry said with a grin.

"Trust me, you won't need to go easy anymore," Lucas said with a grin of his own.

The two boys spent the night chatting and hanging out like the friends they are because they knew that tomorrow it was back to being rivals.

Team Galactic HQ

Michael Rollins

Mike walked to Cyrus's office, as the advisor of Team Galactic, Mike received all the plans and looked them over. This newest plan they had was critical for their success so Mike wanted to make sure everything was iron solid and he found some flaws in them that he wanted to talk out with Cyrus.

"Cyrus, can I come in?" Mike asked, knocking on the door.

"Yes yes come in," Cyrus said.

Mike entered the room and it looked just as fancy as it always had. The office was big and the walls were painted a dark blue that gave the room a classy villain vibe that Mike liked. There was a carpet from the entrance to Cyrus's desk and two chairs in front of it. Cyrus had the biggest window behind his city with this gorgeous overview of Veilstone City. Mike had a similar one in his office but not to this degree.

"What can I do for you Michael," Cyrus said, leaning back in his chair.

"It's about the plan, I found some flaws," Mike said, sitting down.

"Such as?" Cyrus asked.

"Well for one, attacking one lake at a time can give the IP time to guard the others, I think we should attack them all at once," Mike suggested.

"That's a lot of manpower Mike," Cyrus said with a raised brow.

"Cyrus, you're a smart man you know how the International Police operate, they get wind of this and the whole operation goes south," Mike said.

"Michael Michael, you think too much my friend," Cyrus said, pulling out a bottle of alcohol.

"That's my job man," Mike said with a chuckle.

"And while you do a great job at that, sometimes you have to think about relaxing, drink?" Cyrus asked, pulling out two glasses.

"Yeah sure," Mike said.

"I understand your concern and I agree with you but with such manpower, I want to bring it up with the rest of the group," Cyrus said, pouring two glasses of Kanto Vodka, the most expensive alcohol in the world.

"Kanto Vodka, are we celebrating boss?" Mike asked with a smirk.

"Not yet my old friend but soon we will," Cyrus said, putting the glass in front of Mike.

"So to recap I suggest we use explosives on all three lakes at the same time catching the IP off guard and giving us a better chance at capturing these pokemon before they escape," Mike said, picking up the glass.

"Again great idea but a plan like that takes a lot of people, we'll discuss it in the next meeting we still have a bit before we have all the explosives," Cyrus said, clicking the two glasses together and taking a sip.

"We also have a mole among us, I am trying to figure out who it is but God knows they are sneaky as a fucking Rattata," Mike said sipping his beverage.

"In time we will find them, Mike, in time," Cyrus said.

One hour later in the Server Room

Hunter "Looker" Langley/ Undercover

"Hey, Rome we need an update on that firewall now," A grunt told Looker.

"Got it, give me a couple minutes," Looker said.

Looker had assumed the role of Farid Rome, a cybersecurity employee for Team Galactic. This assignment was tough as Looker had been undercover only one time but being an IP agent is about doing uncomfortable things. After all one time, he had left to die in the desert of Orre.

Looker was in charge of getting information on Team Galactic and figuring out their endgame but he kept hitting a brick wall. Only the top leaders knew about the plan and while he was in Cyber Security, it was nowhere near as important as Commander. Looker finished his reports and updates and left the server room, his base of operations was an unused radio room deep in the base of Team Galactic where he reported into the IP once a day and with any new information he had collected.

Normally Looker would have a gun to defend himself in case he was compromised but right now he was on his own. IP agents are to work in the shadows and keep things one hundred percent deniable which means no screwing up. It was a lot of pressure but Looker had things under control. At first, it was hard because he was new but after a month he was able to get his current position and use the Team Galactic Cyber Systems to his heart's content. He learned the names and locations of potential operations which were met with gratitude by the International Police

Looker went to the break room where he was met with someone who he was especially curious about.

"Hey Rome," Mike said, pouring some coffee.

"Hey Mike, how's it going?'', Looker asked.

"You know the same old, trying to find this mole we have," Mike said, mixing some creamer in his coffee.

"I'll keep on the database and let you know if I find anything weird," Looker said.

"Yeah….you do that," Mike said, walking to the door.

"You know man we should grab dinner sometime," Looker said, looking at him.

"I could grab a bite at around 9," Mike said, looking at his watch.

"I'll see you then," Looker said, sipping the coffee.

Looker watched as Mike left the room. All he could think about it is the lack of information Mike has in the Team Galactic database despite having a rather important role. But tonight, Looker was going to learn more about Team Galactic's Advisor.

Chapter Text

Lucas ran to the pokemon gym both full of excitement and typical gym leader nerves. This would be his third gym battle and he spent all of last night thinking about strategies he could use against Fantina. But whatever he thought off came to a standstill. Stumped he decided to use that new device Dawn gave him.

"Lucas, I knew you'd be the first to use the device, what's up?" Dawn asked over the computer.

"Hey, sorry to interrupt but I am about to go into Fantina's gym. She's a ghost type, any ideas?" Lucas asked.

"Ghost-type, let me check," Dawn said, looking at some files.

"Okay, it says here that Normal Types are immune to Ghost attacks, does that help?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah, very helpful. How are Water attacks and Fight moves?" Lucas asked.

"Water moves are fine but Ghost types are immune to Fight moves and also Normal moves, it's like a tie between them," Dawn confirmed.

"Great, guess a Normal-type will be both my best and worst option" Lucas commented.

"I guess so, I recommend starting with Bibarel but be careful she is a gym leader after all she probably has a plan for normal types," Dawn added.

"Thanks, Dawn, I'll call with an update," Lucas said.

"Good luck," Dawn said before hanging up.

Lucas reached the gym and saw Barry already running you, of course, he got there first.

"Lucas, too slow that's 4 million," Barry said, running up to him.

"Shut up dude, unlike you I don't have caffeine coursing through my fucking veins," Lucas commented.

"Well you better get a needle and catch up," Barry said, leaning against the wall.

Lucas just rolled his eyes, yesterday he and Barry were chatting like the friends they were but now it was back to business. Barry had gotten up way before Lucas just made sure he got the gym badge first.

"Any tips?" Lucas asked.

"It's like a maze, you'll see a symbol on the floor and you have to navigate through trainers to one of three doors to find your way," Barry said, looking at his badge.

Lucas thanked Barry and walked inside, right away it was dark. It was foggy, it gave the gym this creepy vibe and with the dark purple walls and dimly lit ceiling, Lucas could easily tell which type this gym was associated with. The ground was tiles of dark purple and black with skulls as guiding ways for a maze. Lucas pulled out a flashlight and looked at the ground to find his first symbol, a skull. Lucas saw other peering lights throughout the maze, it had to be trainers.

The maze was fairly simply to Lucas, take the symbol and find the matching door. The problem was the maze, sometimes he got spun around and ended having to face trainers along the way. Trainers in gyms never bothered Lucas, he always managed to get past them and he always scoffed at the power difference between them and gym leaders. The maze had three levels to it with each level getting bigger and more complex than the next.

Lucas finally finished the maze, he entered a brightly lit room that was the polar opposite of the maze. The walls were bright purple with spotlights all around. Lucas now thought he was on a dance stage. He could hear music used at the contest hall as Fantina came in through spiraling stairs. She walked with elegance and class as she eyed Lucas.

"I was wondering, when you would arrive," Fantina said, walking down the stairs.

"And I was wondering when I walked out of a ghost gym, what's with all the lights and shit," Lucas smirked.

Fantina was a tall woman with purple hair and a purple dress. She spoke with smoothness in her voice comparable to butter. She looked at Lucas seductively and had eyebrows so neat it was impressive. She eyed Lucas with both intrigue and desire, ever since she saw Lucas on the news she wanted to meet him, battle him, and maybe go out for dinner.

"It's to make my arena pop like a dance stage," Fantina said.

"For a ghost type?" Lucas asked confusingly.

"Despite my type, I am still very much a performer Mr. Diamond," Fantina said smoothly.

"Dual jobs, that sound stressful," Lucas commented.

"It is, I use gym battling as a way of blowing off steam, as well as other ways," Fantina winked.

Lucas just blushed, right away she knew this would be another Gardenia situation.

"Ever since we met I have been looking forward to this," Fantina said, pulling out a Pokeball.

"As you would say, let's dance," Lucas smirked.

Chapter 14: Lucas vs Fantina

COF: Lucas Diamond/Hunter "Looker" Langley

Gym Leader Battle: Lucas Diamond vs Fantina (5 v 3)

"Duskull, Dance for me!" Fantina shouted, releasing Duskull into the field.

"Bibarel, you're up," Lucas said, sending Bibarel out.

Bibarel looked at the ghost type and got a little scared but stood his ground, his trainer needed him and he was going to give it his all.

"Ah a normal type, an excellent choice," Fantina commented.

"Thanks," Lucas said.

"Duskull, Pursuit," Fantina ordered.

Duskull faded and almost became invisible and pounded Bibarel. Lucas was shocked, normally a gym leader would have moves tied to their types but it seems this was Fantina's counter to normal types. Have a diverse set of moves to counter any bad type matchups.

"Shit, Bibarel, Water Gun," Lucas commanded.

Bibarel shot jets of water at the Duskull, hitting it but it seemed to not do a lot of damage. Right away Lucas knew he had to think of something else but the problem is that Bibarel can't use most of his moveset. While he was immune to Fantina's hardest-hitting moves, Bibarel couldn't do much on the offensive. Bibarel took another two hits but held his ground.

"Your Bibarel seems to be able to take a good amount of hits, you have raised him well," Fantina complimented.

"Thanks but is this a battle or a date," Lucas scoffed.

"Maybe both," Fantina smirked.

Lucas just blushed, he was never hit on by a girl, and even if Fantina was messing around like Gardenia it was enough for him. Lucas snapped back to his senses and remembered that there was a gym badge on the line and maybe this was a tactic.

"Bibarel, another Water Gun!," Lucas ordered.

Bibarel shot more jets of water, hitting Duskull but again to little damage. Lucas had to try something else.

"Duskull, get in close for another Pursuit," Fantina ordered.

Duskull once again hit the Pursuit and this time even harder, Bibarel took the hit again but was fading.

"Bibarel, use Yawn," Lucas ordered.

Bibarel launched a Yawn cloud hitting Duskull causing him to get drowsy.

This is good, if I can make the Duskull fall asleep that'll give me some time.

Lucas wanted to switch Bibarel out but couldn't, making Duskull sleep would be his best option. Fantina on the other hand knew she had about one turn to get one more hit in before Duskull was practically done. She needed to leave as big of an impact as she could. It was hard because Will-o-Wisp would be useless in this situation and she couldn't use Duskull's other moves due to the type. This really was a stalemate for both of them.

"Duskull, one more Pursuit try and hit a Will-O-Wisp at the same time!" Fantina ordered.

While the Will-O-Wisp wouldn't do much damage it still would hit with an impact. She was right, Bibarel crashed down on the ground, Lucas was both impressed with the Duskull and concerned for Bibarel. However, Bibarel weakly got up and Duskull fell into a deep sleep.

"Bibarel, Water Gun one more time," Lucas shouted.

Bibarel shot more jets of water this time using the rest of his energy and knocking out the Duskull.

"NICE WORK BIBAREL," Lucas shouted with excitement.

"He isn't just a flunk," Fantina grinned to herself.

"Stay in this Bibarel, two more to go," Lucas shouted.

Bibarel nodded and smiled through the exhaustion at his trainer, Fantina didn't know all of Lucas' team so it was going to be tough but she had a typing that favored her more than anyone else.

"Haunter, show them your style," Fantina shouted, releasing Haunter into the field.

Haunter came into the field and stared right at Bibarel with a deathly grin that even creeped Lucas out.

"Bibarel, waste no time, Water Gun," Lucas ordered.

Bibarel shot jets of water but it missed due to fatigue and Bibarel was cut down by a huge Sucker Punch. Bibarel was out but he took Duskull with him.

"Nice work, Bibarel take a rest, Staravia, come on out," Lucas shouted, sending Staravia out.

If I can't hurt them at least Staravia can outspeed them.

"Haunter, hit a Hypnosis," Fantina ordered.

Haunter tried to lure Staravia to sleep but she knew exactly what to do and sped right through Haunter with a Wing Attack so fast Fantina dress flew upwards giving Lucas a view of sorts.

"OH SHIT SORRY," Lucas shouted, covering his eyes with his face flushed red.

"That bird is fast, very well done. I can see how you have made this far." Fantina laughed while putting down her dress.

"Yeah, she's my ticket to getting your badge," Lucas smirked, still a little red.

"Is that so, you're confident but not as much as your friend," Fantina said.

"Please no one can be more confident than him, he's worse than Trainer Blue," Lucas scoffed.

Lucas and Fantina eyed each other, Lucas saw a gym leader who was an obstacle but Fantina saw an aspiring trainer with a passion comparable to the champion of the region which she secretly knew. Now it was time to test his limits.

"Haunter, Dead Silence," Fantina ordered.

"The fuck is that?" Lucas questioned.

Haunter disappeared and crept so quietly Fantina almost lost him. He hit Staravia with a nasty Sucker Punch that was impossible to see coming. Fantina seemed to use Haunter's ability to turn invisible as a way to execute moves.

"Staravia quickly hit an Aerial Ace," Lucas ordered.

Staravia hit Haunter back with an Aerial Ace that sent him back. The move seemed to hit harder than Water Gun. Staravia had things much easier because unlike Bibarel most of her moveset wasn't useless. However, Staravia didn't know any combo moves which have become a staple in Lucas' battle style as of late.

"Haunter, use Shadow Claw," Fantina ordered.

Haunter with that one command scratched Staravia with a black shadowy effect inflicting horrible damage.

"Shit, Staravia, another counter this time with a Quick Attack," Lucas ordered.

Staravia went as fast as she could and sliced right through Haunter shocking Fantina again with the speed.

"Staravi-" Lucas was about to say but Staravia was already working.

Staravia grabbed Haunter and flew way up into the air shocking both Fantina and Lucas. Staravia grinned at Haunter and flew down and slammed Haunter into the ground so hard Haunter left a dent in the ground. Haunter was down and Staravia learned Brave Bird.

"What the," Fantina said shocked.

"Holy crap," Lucas said stunned.

Fantina had one more Pokemon, luckily it was her best Pokemon. She knew Lucas was good enough to beat her but she really wanted him to prove it.

"Mismagius, end this with class," Fantina said, launching Mismagius into the field.

Mismagius came out and immediately exhibited an aura of power that worried Lucas. Staravia stared right at her.

"Staravia, let's end this, Quick Attack," Lucas ordered.

Staravia rushed right at Mismagius but was stopped by a harsh Psybeam. The attack sent Staravia crashing into the wall.

"STAR," Lucas yelled, running to Staravia.

Fantina herself wondered if she went too far but saw that Staravia was moving and had a sigh of relief.

"Hey, it's okay you can rest," Lucas said, pulling her Pokeball out.

Staravia got up as if saying that she was okay and Lucas nodded. If he wanted to bond more with his pokemon he had to trust them in times like these.

"Mismagius, Magical Leaf," Fantina commanded.

Mismagius sent a storm of leaves hurling towards Staravia. Staravia flew straight up and expertly dodged the leaves and flew straight into Mismagius hitting a Brave Bird, damaging herself as well. Mismagius grabbed onto Staravia and took the hit but also used this moment to strike with a Shadow Ball.


"END THIS MISMAGIUS," Fantina shouted.

Fantina was impressed by the adrenaline and rush she felt while battling Lucas, it was comparable to another activity she loved to do.

Mismagius raised her hand and got another Shadow Ball ready but as she was about to hit she noticed that the grip Staravia had on her tightened. It tightened extremely and Staravia felt this burst of energy, unlike anything she had ever felt before.

"What's going on?" Lucas questioned.

All of a sudden Staravia grew in size, her beck was sharper, her wings were stronger. Her voice was more intense. Staravia evolved into Staraptor. Mismagius stared in disbelief as Staraptor grabbed her arms and carried her to the top of the arena with ease.

"Heh, get her girl," Lucas smirked.

Fantina just stared, she had never seen an evolution mid-battle before, it was scary, it was awe-inspiring, it was beautiful.

Staraptor sped down beck first with top speed slamming Mismagius into the ground making a crater. The battle was over, Lucas had won his third badge.

Staraptor flew back to Lucas and hugged him. Lucas was over the moon both for the win and for her. Staraptor was now Lucas' second fully evolved Pokemon.

"Fantastic battle," Fantina commented, walking over to Lucas.

"You too, sorry for the crater," Lucas said, nervously laughing.

"Don't worry about it, this happens, you truly showed me that you deserve to be here," Fantina said with that seductive grin again.

"Thanks I learned a lot from this battle, I hope we can do it again sometime," Lucas commented.

"Most definitely, but for now I present you with the Fog Badge," Fantina said, giving Lucas his third badge.

Lucas walked out of the gym and smiled at himself. Three down, five to go.

Meeting Room, Team Galactic HQ

Hunter "Looker" Langley/Farid Rome

Looker walked into the meeting room to see it was empty. The only person sitting there was Mike. The man who had no file he could find on the database of Team Galactic, a man whose history was almost nonexistent. His assignment required him to get information on all important Team Galactic members including him. Luckily, Looker had training on how to socially engineer people into getting information without making it seem obvious.

"Farid, please sit," Mike said with a smile that looked both inviting and dangerous.

"Mike, it's about time we did this," Looker sat down.

The two of them sat across from each other both with fake smiles and shook hands.

"It's nice to relax every now and then, it gets tiring going through these plans and finding out the hundreds of ways it can go south," Mike said, pulling out a cigarette and offering Looker one.

"Oh no thanks I don't smoke," Looker said.

"Scared of cancer huh, ha that won't be what kills you," Mike said, smoking.

"I think if we are going to work together we should get to know each other," Looker said.

"I agree making friends is good business," Mike said.

Mike looked right at Looker as if asking him to go first that same smile stayed on his face, it both intrigued and creeped Looker out and that was saying something considering the work he has done.

"I hate talking about myself, it's so egotistical," Looker scoffed.

"I agree, when people just go on about their lives I just wanna shove them off a cliff I think we all know someone like that, okay I'll start," Mike said, leaning back in his chair.

"Okay, where are you from, Sinnoh?" Looker asked.

"Me no...Alola," Mike said.

"You seem to have no pokemon from Alola though," Looker added, raising an eyebrow.

"I prefer Hoenn Pokemon. I have them brought to me, they are just so wonderful," Mike added, tossing one of his Pokeballs up and down.

"So you're a trainer?" Looker asked.

"I guess you could call me one, I have a team but I mostly have them for the company. My job doesn't require a lot of Pokemon," Mike said.

"So many people just use Pokemon for crime, it's disgusting," Looker said, letting out a bit of IP agent.

"Yeah, I agree I think Pokemon should be seen as companions, not tools but who am I to judge," Mike said, putting the Pokeball away.

"So Alola, you know I've only been there once," Looker said, noting that in his head.

"Yeah, it's sunny and there are a lot of beaches. It's almost like that whole region was made for vacations," Mike scoffed.

"Yeah, I'm from right here in Sinnoh, I wish I could go somewhere warm like that," Looker smirked.

"I moved here and got a lumbering job, that's where I met Cyrus," Mike commented.

Looker was both confused, normally he could tell by a person's voice and body language if they were lying but there was something about Mike that no matter what he said it sounded like the truth, his body oozed confidence and his eyes dominated the encounter.

"What about you?" Mike asked.

"Me, you know the classic story, the family is poor and needs money and I joined crime, you know how it goes," Looker said.

"Yeah...too many people like that in the world," Mike said.

Looker saw a crack, a small one he got him. Now he knew that Mike's family was poor, he was a trainer, he was from Alola and he met Cyrus through a lumbering job. He couldn't risk interrogation tactics he knew Mike would see through that. He couldn't risk blowing his cover.

"This job pays well but god damn it takes a toll on your soul doesn't it," Looker commented.

"Tell me about it, that pain you feel that'll become normal here if you have any sense of morals," Mike said, putting his feet up.

"Normal, is that even a word here," Looker scoffed.

"I always question whether or not I should keep doing my job, yeah it's illegal and I don't like hurting people but at the end of the day there have to be villains for good guys to exist right?" Mike asked.

"True," Looker said.

"I mean without us, people like the IP would be out of a job so I say we have a role in society just as big as the good guys," Mike said, taking a puff of his cigarette.

Looker was captivated by those words, almost as if he agreed with that. At that moment he got a glimpse of the real Mike. Someone who knows what he is doing is wrong but does it anyway for some unknown reason. Someone who isn't oblivious to the bigger picture.

"I gotta ask, why did they choose you for the advisor, of course, no disrespect but just curious," Looker said.

"Well I have a knack for seeing the dumb things people do and correcting them, I take all the plans and find everything wrong with it, my job is literally to complain," Mike laughed.

"Sounds like a stressful job, ever consider quitting?" Looker asked.

"All the fucking time dude, but I have my reasons for staying, in terms of stress, yeah seeing some of the things these idiots come up with makes my head hurt like seriously these are the people in charge," Mike said irritated.

"So they're stupid?" Looker asked.

"Not really, they have talent. What I don't get is how they see their plans, they are only interested in how their plans affect Team Galactic, I see how it affects the region and take that into account," Mike added.

"Speaking of plans, I heard talks about a big plan, mine telling me what it is?" Looker asked.

"Wish I could man but that's classified," Mike said quickly.

Classified, that was a word Looker was used to saying not hearing. For a minute there was just silence, both of the men looking right at each other with tension in the air that could be cut with a knife. For dinner, there was no food just talking. Two men who both had suspicions of each other.

"So that Lucas guy is really something," Looker said.

"Yeah, I admire his courage and see myself in him a bit that's why I'm not so keen on destroying him," Mike said.

"And if you disagree with something do we stop it?" Looker asked.

"Not really, Cyrus ultimately makes the choice but he takes my opinion over others given my position," Mike said.

Looker was getting some good information here, his original region, his motive, and position. That is all he needed to continue his operation in peace. Just as he was gonna ask another question, Mike's phone rang.

"One second," Mike said, leaving the room to answer his phone.

Looker quickly took out a pad and wrote the information he had down before he forgot it, this meeting was a success. Though he needed more information it was a start. Mike returned to the room and started to grab his things.

"I have some matters to attend to. This was fun we should hang out again...Farid," Mike said.

"Agreed," Looker said standing up.

The two men just looked at each other with more fake smiles and went their separate ways. Mike watched as Looker went back to his living quarter's area. He smiled to himself because as Looker was getting information on Mike, he was also getting information and he took one thing from this meeting.

"The IP sure knows how to pick them, now for an insurance policy," Mike smirked to himself.

Later That Night

Looker was alone when he received a text from his CO saying to call them. Making calls to the officials was hard to do while undercover so if they wanted Looker to call them, it means it's important. Looker went to a faraway closed off area of the headquarters to make the call.

"Agent Langley," A superior office answered.

"Sir, everything okay?" Looker asked.

"Yes, you're doing a good job but a CO from Johto wants to speak to you, I'll send you the address," The officer said.

"Sir, I can-," Looker said but was interrupted.

"I don't care what you are doing right now get there, that's an order, and you're representing Sinnoh so show some discipline," The officer commanded.

Looker sighed, he knew it was risky but orders were orders.

"Yes sir," Looker said.

Looker hung up the phone and went to the address, it was a house in the middle of Veilstone. He had passed by it lots of times but never saw people go in and out of it. Before long he was called inside.

"Color of the day?" The man asked.

"Green, Agent Langley of Sinnoh's Counter-Terrorism," Looker said, sitting down.

"Captain Thomas Depp of Johto's Counter-Terrorism, I understand you're UC?" Depp asked.

"Yes sir, investigating Team Galactic, sorry for speaking out of line but what is a Johto agent doing in Sinnoh?" Looker asked.

"I'll get straight to the point, Team Rocket has a new boss named Simon, he's trying to get Team Rocket back on top," Depp said.

"Rocket...I remember those assholes," Looker said, crossing his arms.

"Exactly I understand in between the years of 1990 and 2003 you were involved in a group tasked with assassinating Giovanni's second in command?" Depp asked.

"Yeah, part of Counter Terrorism me and 3 other agents," Looker confirmed.

"Excellent, I need you to recall those events, anything you can remember, the information might be helpful," Depp said, pulling out a pad.

"Why don't you ask Ramierz or Black, hell or even Maxie he was there," Looker said.

"Ramirez is with a Trainer, Black is in Galar right now and Maxie is in prison. You are our best assets for this," Depp said.

"A trainer?" Looker asked.

"Yeah, a kid named Ethan Gold he's been a thorn in Simon's side for a while now and he's talking to him," Depp said.

"We have two people just like him here, Lucas Diamond and Barry Platinum, they are causing trouble for Team Galactic," Looker added.

"Good, we need more people willing to go against these douchebags anyway I need you to go back to the beginning," Depp said.

The beginning, alright it all started when I was called to Kanto's Counter Terrorism for a "special" assignment.

Chapter Text

Warning: This chapter contains graphic violence and events that may disturb you, keep in mind that these events are NOT for comedic effect and are used to advance the story. Read at your own risk.

Let's start with an easy question, how did this start?

In 1989 I was called to be apart of Kanto's Counter-Terrorism Squad 437 it was focused on finding Brian Rojas, the second in command for Team Rocket.

Who was in it?

Oscar Ramirez, he was pretty much our defacto leader almost. The guy was skilled but had a bit of temper when it came to criminals.

And who else.

Max Lanes, of course, the famous leader of Team Magma but before that he was with us, he was an ice cube that's why I like the bastard though very smart the best land navigator the IP has ever seen to this day. Then there was Aaron Black, our Foreign Asset he had been to every region at least ten times he knew exactly where we should go whenever we went overseas.

You were the FNG?

Fucking new guy ha it took me a while but they trusted me.

Why do you have the nickname Looker?

When I was in Tracking I could find anyone with no exceptions, so they gave me the nickname stupid but it stuck.

Why was your target, Brian Rojas?

The IP had tabs on Giovanni already so we were sent after his second in command but the mission amplified after '90.


Like you don't know?! After what he did in Lavender Town?

Yeah tragic...

Lavender Town, Kanto

October 16, 1990

Evan ran through the burnt buildings and into town. Screams and gunshots pierced the air and the sight of people being shot and pokemon trying to run filled the 9-year-olds eyes. He ran while crying, his mother and father were dead and his house lit on fire.

"Kill them all, no one is to be left alive," A man screamed.

Evan hid underneath a house holding his breath as Team Rocket grunts walked past. The sound of women and children crying plagued his mind like a disease. Men trying to fight off the grunts but were met with gunshots. It was a scene out of a bad nightmare.

Evan crawled out of the hiding space when he thought the coast was clear and saw no one. He didn't know where to go so he went back home. Smoke filled the room but he didn't care; he ran up to his room where he grabbed his Pokeball and released an Eevee.

"Eevee," Evan said, hugging the pokemon and crying.

Eevee held onto the boy trying to comfort him but was interrupted by a man in a green long sleeve shirt.

"Look at what we have here," The man smirked.

Eevee rushed at the man but was met with a swift kick and a bullet to the head killing it.

"Fucking hell, that thing could give me rabies," The man shouted.

"EEVEE," The boy shouted crying.

"Quit crying and die like a man," The man smirked, holding his gun to Evan.

Lavender Town, Kanto

October 17, 1990

Kanto Counter-Terrorism Agent Hunter Langley

Hunter sat in the helicopter watching the scenery go by. It had been so long since he had been to Kanto. Unfortunately, he wasn't there for happy reasons. The smell of smoke stole the clean air. Hunter looked out and saw destroyed buildings and the aftermath of fires. He knew he was about to see something he didn't want to.

"Holy shit," Oscar cursed.

"They said it was bad but oh my Arceus," Aaron said in disbelief.

"It's hard to look at," Maxie said in disgust.

The town was destroyed with burnt buildings. Bodies of innocent civilians all around the town. Pokemon sprawled across the walls as if they were led there and killed. It was a scene straight out of a horror movie. Mothers holding their children and fathers protecting their sons, all dead. Blood pooled all across the town and the smell of rotting corpses mixed with smoke. Hunter threw up as he looked around the town.

He walked into a house and saw one of the most horrific sights he had ever seen in 5 years of being in the International Police. A child and an Eevee lifelessly propped up against the wall. Already his nose had become accustomed to the smell of burnt and rotting corpses. The child had a look of terror with 3 bullet holes in his chest and the Eevee's tail was curled up showing a sign of distress. Eevee had one hole right through the head. Hunter felt his heart sink, how could anyone hurt a child or even a Pokemon. It was disgusting and filled him with rage mixed with sorrow.

"Hey, forensics have the….," Oscar said before turning to the sight.

"His pants were filled with urine, he was terrified," Hunter said.

"Nothing we can do now man," Oscar said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"The Eevee was also scared but there are visible bruise marks," Hunter said.

"He fought back," Oscar finished.

"Three shots to the kid and one through the head to the Eevee," Hunter said kneeling down.

Hunter walked outside and saw medics picking up bodies of women, men, and children. Pokemon Veterinarians handled the dead Pokemon.

Lavender Town was absolutely massacred by Team Rocket, the man responsible for this attack was none other than their target.

"Time of attack is roughly about 20:45 yesterday," Maxie told the two.

"And obviously the team used guns," Aaron said, joining the group.

"It makes me wanna vomit, seeing this," Oscar commented.

"I already did, this is too far," Hunter said.

As the four men looked at the town in disgust, Oscar could barely contain his anger.


"The higher-ups hate him but they have a separate thing going for Giovanni," Aaron said.

"All this and we still have to bring Brian in alive," Maxie commented.

The men finished their business and left Lavender Town. Hunter couldn't stop thinking about the horrific scene that he just witnessed. All he knew was that it fueled the hatred for Team Rocket even more.

It was horrible…..children shot dead, pokemon slaughtered. It still hasn't left my mind. When I first was tasked with this assignment it was professional, I didn't care about Brian but now… I personally wanted to put a bullet in his head. That day was forever dubbed the Lavender Town Massacre.

Chapter 15: Hunter "Looker" Langley

COF: Hunter Langley

Later that Night

"Okay so at 20:45, Team Rocket starts to open fire on Lavender Town, the attack was led by, you guessed it, Brian Rojas," Oscar said speaking to the group.

"The guy's a ghost he disappears and reappears somewhere else," Looker said.

Aaron was examining photos from the scene trying to find any leads, finally, he got something.

"Hey check this out," Aaron said, bringing the picture to the drawing board.

"It's a bullet….so what," Maxie said, confused.

"Take a look at the shell, it has a symbol on it," Aaron said pointing to it.

The bullet had a symbol on it and to the rest of the group, it seemed to be the mark of the creator.

"Am I missing something?" Oscar asked.

"That symbol I know, it's somewhere in Alola," Aaron said.

"They got their bullets from Alola?" Looker asked.

"Team Rocket doing business with other regions, it isn't unheard of," Maxie added.

"If we can't find Brian, maybe the people who supplied them can follow the shell," Aaron said.

"We're going to Alola," Looker said.

"I heard it's lovely this time of year," Oscar said.

Hau 'Oli City, Alola

October 21, 1990

It was my first time in Alola, the sun hurt my eyes even through my sunglasses. The city was surrounded by water. It almost made me think we were in Hoenn. It was massive with shops and homes all around the place. The colors were vibrant and it gave the city this tourist attraction feeling. The air was crisp and unlike anything I had ever inhaled before. Melemele Island itself was a wonder to behold and if I wasn't on the job I'd vacation there. We saw different forms of familiar pokemon known as Alolan form; it was actually kinda cool. Aaron said he knew some people that might be able to help us.

"Are you sure we can trust these people?" Looker asked.

"Definitely, I've known them for quite some time," Aaron said knocking on the door.

"Maxie, be on your best behavior," Oscar teased.

"Oh yeah, 'cause you're so inviting," Maxie said, rolling his eyes.

A man answered the door and looked at Aaron with a smile and the rest of the group with confused nervous looks.

"Rod," Aaron smiled.

"Aaron, it's been a long time," Rod smiled.

"Who's at the door honey?" A woman yelled.

"It's Aaron," Rod yelled back.

"Oh wonderful invite him in," The woman shouted.

The group entered what seemed to be a small but cozy house. It looked to be only suited for a small family.

"Aaron, why didn't you call," The woman said.

"Wanted to surprise you, Mrs. Heart," Aaron hugged.

"Vanna please, I'll get us some tea," Vanna said.

"And who are your friends?" Rod asked, a little concerned.

"Oh um this is Agent Oscar Ramirez," Aaron said pointing to Oscar.

"How's it going," Oscar said with a small wave.

"Agent Max Lanes," Aaron said pointing to Maxie.

Maxie responded with a smile and a nod.

"And Agent Hunter Langley," Aaron said, pointing to Looker.

"Nice to meet you," Looker said.

"Guys this is Rod and Vanna Heart, when I was sent to Alola for a bit they were my guides and friends here, they taught me so much about the region," Aaron said.

"Oh it's really no trouble, maybe after tea, we can grab some food," Rod said with a smile.

"I hate to be a downer but we aren't here on vacation," Aaron said with a straight face pulling out his badge.

"Oh well then um what can I do for you?" Rod asked.

"Have you heard about what happened at Lavender Town recently?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah, it's horrible," Vanna said, coming out with tea.

"We understand that the man in charge of this attack purchased bullets from Alola, specific Melemele Island," Aaron said, pulling out pictures of the bullet.

Rod and Vanna had concerned looks on their faces, they had known Alola to be peaceful for the most part, and hearing that bullets from this region fueled a horrific massacre scared them.

"Sir, Ma'am, this symbol does it look familiar to you?" Maxie asked, pointing to it.

"Um yeah it's the logo of a resort off the coast off of Konikoni City, I think it's called Paradise Resort," Rod said.

"I don't recall them making bullets though," Vanna added.

"City of merchants, not surprising," Aaron said.

"I heard talks of workers there doing deals with criminals but I didn't think it was true," Rod said.

Looker wrote all the information down. He had heard of Paradise Resort. It's the most expensive resort in the world it took an entire small island in Alola and to him was more like a small town than a resort.

"Is there any reason, this place would sell bullets to Team Rocket?" Oscar asked.

"It's nice and all but like any other place in the world that place is full of corruption, money talks," Rod said.

"Ain't that the truth," Maxie said.

So the bullets came from Alola?

Yeah, Brian wanted to buy from a place no one would suspect, and who on earth would suspect a resort in the middle of fucking Alola of all places.

Mr. and Mrs. Heart, should we be concerned about them? They seemed to know a bit of information.

Not at all, they weren't involved, I hear they have a kid now, Topaz I think the name was.

Paradise Resort, Melemele Island, Alola

October 22, 1990

Looker was asleep on the plane and all he could dream of was the sight from Lavender Town. The nightmares of dead civilians and blood haunted his mind. Looker wanted nothing more but to get justice for the people who died in that attack. Looker was in the assault, he tried to reach for his gun but noticed it was gone. He ran for cover and watched as children had bullets go through them and pokemon were pinned to the ground and executed. Looker tried to run to save them but was in an endless loop of running and not getting closer. The gun was going right to the pokemon and tried to go faster and faster until all of a sudden.

"Hunter!" Oscar said, shaking Looker awake.

Looker shot awake in a panic and was breathing heavy. The whole group was looking at him with concern.

"W-what happened?" Looker asked.

"You started yelling in your sleep," Aaron said.

"We thought you were dying," Maxie added.

"Don't die yet, we can't afford another FNG," Oscar laughed.

"S-sorry just after Lavender Town," Looker said.

"Yeah, it's horrible that's why we gotta find this guy," Maxie said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Looker was focusing on controlling his breathing and pulling himself together. The IP academy trained him on how to deal with situations like this and the main idea was that he needed to put it out of his head for a while.

"I hate to break up the festivities but we're here," The pilot said after landing.

"Time to get up, let's go," Oscar said, kicking his leg.

Looker got up and put on his sunglasses as he stepped off the plane. The resort was huge with a big bright color mix of white and green. The resort was as big as the island with three beaches and tons of bars. Palm trees gave the resort a more aquatic feeling.

"So this is how the 1 percent vacation," Maxie said, looking around.

"It seems nice how much do you think it costs to spend the weekend here?" Oscar asked.

"More than you make in a year," Aaron said.

"No kidding," Looker laughed.

The team walked around the resort. It was filled with stores and the cleanest sidewalk Looker had ever seen. The lack of clouds showed the crystal blue of the sky as the sun beamed down on the place. Kids running around the place and adults laughing and having fun gave it a much better atmosphere to Looker.

"We're meeting with Ryan Young, he's the main computer guy, he can tell us exactly where those bullets were made and who picked them up," Oscar told the group.

"Keep your safety on," Aaron reminded everyone.

As IP agents, Hunter carries a pistol on him at all times for protection. IP agents are not allowed to use pokemon in any way so to make up for it they are the few only organizations that carry firearms.

"Maxie, Aaron, sweep the area to see if you find anything suspicious remember Mr. Heart said there were talks of criminal activity keep an eye out, Looker with me we'll take Ryan, got it?" Oscar asked the group.

"Good with me," Aaron said.

"Got it," Maxie nodded.

"Lead the way," Looker said.

Looker and Oscar went to the main cybersecurity desk where they saw upgraded computers and top of the line technology that was almost on par with the IP's systems.

"Holy shit, how much money do these people get?" Oscar asked.

"Probably more than they need, it's the richest resort in the world," Looker said.

Oscar and Looker went up to the front desk. As Looker was about to friendly ask to see Ryan, Oscar had other ideas in mind.

"Sir, we are with the International Police and we are going to see Ryan Young please open the door," Oscar said, pulling out his badge.

"I'm sorry sir no one is allowed in with an appointment," The man said.

"Yeah about that, we are in a hurry so you have two options let us in or I'll call your supervisor to tell them you were getting in the way of International Police activities and get everyone in this overpriced computer lab fired," Oscar said with a smile.

The man opened the door immediately and they walked right through. Looker was impressed he didn't know how much power he had when it came to public areas until that day. Looker and Oscar went into Ryan's office. He was a thin guy wearing a striped shirt with glasses and what seemed to be a lollipop in his mouth.

"Seriously, this is our guy?" Oscar asked,

"Who are you, people?" Ryan asked.

"We're IP agents and we have some questions for you," Looker said.

"Ugh fine make it quick," Ryan said, rolling his eyes.

"Recently this resort was tied to giving bullets to Team Rocket, now we know it isn't your fault but we need to know who signed off on the shipment," Looker said.

"First of all that's not possible and second of all I can't reveal who signed off on shipments, it's against my rules," Ryan said.

"Don't play the moral compass here your resort is responsible for hundreds of deaths you're lucky the IP doesn't shut this place down now please work with us here," Oscar said, getting irritated.

"You have no right to my stuff here so now please leave," Ryan said with a smirk rolling his eyes.

Looker nudged Oscar almost signaling something. With that one move, Oscar went behind his desk and stared a hole straight through Ryan.

"You want to talk rights and what we can and can't do fine, first of all, spit that fucking lollipop out your god damn mouth before I shove it down your throat," Oscar shouted, slamming his fist on the desk.

Ryan spat it out immediately and looked Oscar wide-eyed.

"Second of all you're gonna get me the name and location of that shipment and who signed off on it or I'll arrest your candy ass for obstruction of justice and send you to prison where you'll suck on something else, are we understood," Oscar said.

"Y-yes sir, no problems here," Ryan said, typing on his computer.

"Thank you we made this more difficult than it needed to be," Oscar said looking over his shoulder.

"First of all, if a shipment went to Kanto then it traveled by ship, it gets signed off on when it arrives," Ryan said.

"Who signed it?" Oscar asked.

"Um, someone named Brian Rojas, does that help," Ryan said.

"Yeah very...wait what's that," Oscar said pointing to an order.

"That's another order going to Kanto," Ryan said.

"Do you guys even make bullets?" Looker asked.

"Yeah, we make them and sell them to IP divisions across the world. This last shipment went to the Kanto IP division. What's the problem?" Ryan asked.

"The problem is that you aren't selling to the IP, you're selling it to terrorists posing as the Kanto division don't you people check who you're selling too?" Oscar asked.

"Look man, that's not my job, all I know here is that the last package was handed off to what I thought was the Kanto IP division," Ryan said scared.

"Where is that next shipment right now," Oscar asked.

"Currently on route to Vermillion City an order for 400 pounds of bullets," Ryan said.

"I need the exact GPS location right now," Oscar ordered.

Ryan pulled up the location and Oscar took a picture of it and they left in a hurry.

"Someone from Team Rocket must have hacked the Kanto Division and posed as them to steal bullets," Looker said.

"And now they're doing it again this time is double the amount of ammunition we need to let the higher-ups know, we could be looking at Lavender Town 2.0," Oscar said running.

So Team Rocket found a way to steal bullets from the IP.

Yeah and when Rod said people were corrupt there he meant it, apparently Paradise Resort gave Team Rocket a secure cargo ship designed for specific orders just for them. Normal employees just thought it was going to average customers when really it was being sent straight to them.

What else was on the cargo ship?

Plans for building some kind of super pokemon, we didn't know the full details all we knew was that we needed to intercept that ship and see for ourselves what was on it.

I understand it was a joint mission?

Yeah Kanto's Counter-Terrorism and Pokemon Rescue, we had reason to believe Team Rocket was using pokemon as labor slaves.

How did Team Rocket manage to get a cargo ship?

Money talks…..

What happened then?

….A shit show

Somewhere in the middle of the ocean, Alolan Waters

October 24, 1990

10:30 pm

"30 seconds," The pilot shouted to the back.

Looker looked out the helicopter to see the enormous ship. It was a stormy night and the thunder and roaring water of the ocean masked the sound of the helicopter. The mission consisted of 8 agents, four on Looker's team and four Pokemon Rescue agents. Maxie was reading a book seemingly unaffected by the whole mission, Aaron kicked his legs out of the helicopter, Oscar was smoking a cigarette when it was put out by the rough rain. The mission was for Counter-Terrorism to plant bombs on the lower deck while Pokemon Rescue saved any pokemon. Once they all left the ship the bombs would be detonated and the ship would sink into the ocean.

"Load up," Oscar told everyone.

All the agents put on their masks and loaded their guns up. The agents were allowed to use their weapons if needed.

"Counter-Terrorism, you guys leave first, we'll go around the back," A Pokemon Rescue agent told them.

"Rog, good luck boys," Oscar said.

Aaron kicked down a rope and the group slid down quietly. The whole goal of this mission was to remain unseen but Looker knew that was going to be nearly impossible.

"Let's move," Oscar said, leading the group.

Looker had never done an infiltration before. His heart was racing and he was scared but also excited, anything to stab Team Rocket where it hurt was good for him. The group reached the inside of the ship where they saw a grunt patrolling the doorway. Oscar wasted no time and walked up behind him and covered his mouth. He dragged him further away from the doorway.

"Night night," Oscar whispered, snapping his neck.

"A bit harsh don't you think?" Maxie asked.

"A bit harsh slaughtering children and pokemon don't you think? Get rid of that body." Oscar said.

Looker took the body and stuffed it into a locker. It barely fit but it worked. The group reached the lower deck where they found the engine and fuel storage. It was a perfect setup for them.

"Looker, Maxie plant bombs on the engine and fuel storage, Aaron you're with me we'll cover them lethal force is allowed you see anything, kill it," Oscar said.

Looker and Maxie crept their way through the floor. The intensity that Looker felt was almost pushing him down. One wrong move and the whole mission failed but it was his chance to prove to the group that this FNG is still a valuable member of the team.

"I got water in my boots, fucking hate the ocean," Maxie whispered.

"You always did," Looker smirked.

"I see two people in front of us," Maxie whispered, pointing to them.

"I'll take the one on the left, you're shot," Looker whispered, aiming down his sights.

Maxie shot the one on the right and Looker shot the one on the left in almost perfect synchronization. They hid the bodies and Maxie pulled out the bag full of explosives. Aaron and Oscar kept to the shadows and took out the guards patrolling the areas Maxie and Looker needed to get to.

"Surprised that there aren't any pokemon down here?" Aaron asked.

"Very, I hate shooting pokemon anyway I'm not complaining," Oscar whispered.

"Agent Ramierz this Agent Tung we cleared the upper deck and extracting the pokemon," Tung said over the radio.

"Copy that, we are still planting the bombs, and update me when all the pokemon are out," Oscar replied.

"Roger, be advised we found the shipment of bullets, confirmed on the ship," Tung said.

"Great, we'll meet you at the plane first rounds on us," Oscar smirked.

"Roger that, Tung out," Tung said.

"They look done we should start moving back n.." Aaron was saying but was interrupted by a loud boom that sent them flying back.

The bombs accidentally went off early and exploded. The pressure and sound made Looker's ears ring and sent him to the ground. When he came too he noticed the floor was covered in seawater, the ship was sinking and he was at the bottom of it. His ears were still ringing and bleeding as Maxie was shaking him.

"LOOKER, LOOKER, GET UP," Maxie said, helping him up.

"What the fuck happened?" Looker asked.

"Bombs went off early, are you hurt?" Maxie asked.

"No, I think I'm good, how the fuck did they go off?" Looker said, coughing.

"I don't know but we gotta go now, let's go," Maxie said.

The group reunited and started to run as fast as they could. Looker lacked behind due to the shock.

"437, what's your status we heard a boom down there," Tung asked.

"The bombs went off early, get onto the plane, we'll meet you out there," Oscar said, running.

The group ran into grunts and had to fight their way to the deck. Luckily Pokemon Rescue was able to get all the pokemon out already. They were just waiting for them. The group reached the top of the ship and ran for their ride. Aaron jumped on it first, then Oscar, then Maxie. Looker was the last and he was running as fast as he could to the plane with the ship turning on its side almost knocking him over.

"COME ON MAN, JUMP FOR IT," Oscar yelled.

Looker jumped and slapped his arms on the deck but started to slip and was falling off. He tried to get a grip but his suit and arms were too slippery.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK," Looker yelled, trying to grip on but fell.

He closed his eyes and thought he fell off the helicopter but opened them to find that he was caught by Oscar.

"Gotcha," Oscar said.

Looker looked down. He was about 300 feet from the ocean and if he fell it would have killed him. Oscar saved his life. He was pulled onto the helicopter and watched as the Team Rocket cargo ship sank deep into the Alolan Ocean. Mission accomplished.

So you sank the cargo ship and possibly prevented a terrorist attack but you were still no closer to finding Brian Rojas what did you do then?

The IP wanted this guy so badly they did deals with people I never thought they would.

Where did you go next?

Eclo Canyon, Orre

March 23, 1991

Looker looked up at some ruins in the desert. It was beautiful to him. It was poetic that he could find something so glorious in the middle of the wasteland that is Orre. Maxie seemed to be in love with Orre because of the lack of water. The whole time they were on the helicopter he would talk about how water halts human advancement. He kept going until Oscar threw a soda can at him.

"IT'S SHOWTIME LOOKER," Oscar yelled as he rappelled down a cliff to meet the team.

"See anything?" Looker asked.

"Sand, sand, and more fucking sand our contact should be on his way," Oscar said walking up to Maxie and Aaron.

"Anybody else hate this idea?" Aaron asked.

"Why do you think my safety is off?" Maxie added.

The IP organized a deal with Team Snagem, the crime group in Orre.


Team Rocket and Team Snagem always talk together. They figured we could get some information out of them if we struck a deal.

What was the deal?

Heh, we didn't bury all their members into the fucking ground.

The group sat at a tent they pitched, their meetup point was away from any form of civilization to prevent people from seeing the activities. The one thing everybody complained about was the horrible heat Orre was known for. Even Maxie thought it was too much at some points. Especially wearing long sleeve clothes and boots. The four men talked about their lives at home, they did this in their downtime to bond and get the feeling of home. Being gone almost all the time definitely takes its toll especially on Aaron and Oscar.

"How's Sadie?" Aaron asked.

"She's good, misses me Tommy is 3 now," Oscar said with a smile.

"Look at that, amazing," Maxie said.

"Do you and Katie ever think about having kids?" Oscar asked.

"Oh yeah we want one even got names for the kids we talk with our neighbors a lot," Aaron said sitting down.

"Tell us," Looker said.

"Well if it's a boy his name will be Hilbert and if it's a girl her name will be Hilda, our names agreed to share this concept so if we have a boy and they have a girl we already have names," Aaron said, pulling out a picture of his wife.

"Hilbert Black that sounds awesome like a badass ninja," Oscar laughed.

"How in any way does that sound like a ninja," Maxie laughed.

"Don't question me," Oscar smirked.

The group carried on their conversations when they heard the sound of Mudsdales riding towards them, they were 4 people approaching them.

"Here we go," Oscar said, getting up.

The men approached them and eyed them with glares but once Oscar showed them his badge they understood who they were. It took Looker all of his strength not to speak down to them, they were criminals and good for nothing scum bags.

"Hold you your end of the deal you're lucky we don't shoot your asses," Oscar glared.

"I am Wakin, an agent of Team Snagem we will take you to Gonzap...he can help you find Brian Rojas," Wakin told the men.

"And how are we supposed to get there," Aaron asked bitterly.

"We have Mudsdales for you, follow us, keep an eye out for Cipher," Wakin said.

"Great more people to look out for in this wasteland," Maxie commented as he got on the Mudsdale.

The group rode throughout the canyon to what seemed to be a building built into the side of the canyon. It had guards and it had an ancient feel to it almost as if it was used for something else before Team Snagem. The doors opened and a large base was on the inside with the stone walls giving it a very dimly lit appearance. The four men were led to the main room where they received glares from Team Snagem members and their pokemon. Looker had a bit of fear inside of him but never showed any of it, he was here as an agent not as a civilian.

"Sir, the IP agents are here," Wakin said.

"Leave us," Gonzap said.

The four of them sat at the desk of Gonzap, he was a bulky man with pale skin. His mustache was massive and other than that and very long eyebrows he had no hair. He wore a red jacket over his skin that gave him a bouncer feel to Looker.

"So you want information on Brian Rojas, let's cut to the chase what will Team Snagem get from this, your bosses won't tell me," Gonzap said.

"The deal is you give us all your info on Brian Rojas and the IP will give you 10 million pokedollars and won't destroy this place burying you and your crew in rubble," Oscar said.

"Such a sharp tongue that might get you killed," Gonzap smirked.

"And your voice is gonna get you killed if you don't start talking I SWEAR TO GOD," Oscar started to stand up.

"Hey, hey, hey," Aaron said, calming him down.

Oscar sat back down, Aaron was always the negotiator of the group, being in Foreign Affairs he was trained on how to seal a deal.

"Gonzap, we are all here on business. It's a simple deal, give us what we want and we'll be on our very way," Aaron said calmly.

Gonzap stared at Aaron for a bit before nodding and snapping his fingers. A little boy came into the room and looked at the four and glared as if saying to stop looking at him.

"Gentleman this is Wes, say hi," Gonzap told Wes.

Wes just waved and still had that uninterested glare on his face. By the looks of it, he couldn't have been more than 12 Looker though.

"Show these gentlemen to our records room," Gonzap told Wes.

"Follow me," Wes told the men.

The four followed Wes as they looked at each other in awe, how did Team Snagem have someone so young in their group.

"Hey um, Wes is it, how long have you been in Team Snagem?" Looker asked.

"Shut up," Wes said.

"Jesus it's like Maxie as a kid," Looker hissed.

"Shut up," Maxie said.

Wes took the four to the records room and left them. The four immediately split up and tried to find any and all files having Brian's name. As they were looking, Maxie went down the hall to a room that caught his eye earlier.

"You got anything there?" Looker asked the other two.

"Yeah just some files but nothing much," Aaron said.

"The fuck I thought they said they knew exactly where he was going to be," Oscar said.

"Oh we do, we just aren't going to tell you," Gonzap said, entering the room.

"This wasn't the deal we gave you the money now to hand over the intel," Oscar shouted.

"Oh we have the money but if you think we are giving intel to you people, you aren't as smart as I thought you were," Gonzap smirked and snapped his fingers.

A group of Team Snagem grunts surrounded the men and tossed a knocked out and tied up Maxie into the room.

"MAXIE," Oscar yelled.

"Take their weapons," Gonzap ordered.

The grunts took the group's guns and any other weapons they had.

"TWO FACED PIECE OF SHIT," Oscar said running up to Gonzap but getting a piece of rope to the neck.

Looker tried to fight the rope off but was wrestled to the ground and watched as Aaron and Oscar were choked into unconsciousness. Looker started to fade and just glared right at Gonzap.

"The IP will always be our true enemy," Gonzap said, spitting on them.

When Looker came to, he was tied up and beaten up on the back of a crate being carried to the middle of the desert. The grunts grabbed Looker by the arms. Gonzap stared right at him with a smile.

"Without water or food or shelter, if you are strong you may last a day," Gonzap said, kicking Looker to the hot desert sand.

The sun was bleaching the area, it felt like it was 200 degrees. Looker watched as knocked out Maxie, Oscar, and Aaron were thrown off the crate and they left. Looker looked up at the sun as the sand burned his skin. He passed out from heat exhaustion not long after.

2 hours later

Looker came too, his mouth was dry and he had a sunburn on his face. His hands ached from being tied up. He looked over to see his co-workers laying face down in the blazing sand. The sun glaring down and making the heat even worse. There was no sign of life for miles. He started to think he was gonna die there. 5 minutes later, Looker heard footsteps coming towards them. He looked up and saw Wes, the kid from the Snagem Hideout.

"Wes...," Looker said, squinting his eyes.

Wes said nothing and gave Looker a backpack and untied him. The backpack had water and medical supplies.

"I should trust this because," Looker glared.

"Because if you don't you'll die," Wes said.

"...thanks," Looker said, taking the backpack.

"There's a village to the west from here, don't come back," Wes said getting on a Mudsdale.

"You don't have to stay with them, you know, you can come with us and the IP can protect you," Looker shouted.

"I don't need protection. I have some friends to help me," Wes said, leaving.

You got lucky, Wes seems to have turned out okay as well.

Yeah, badass destroyed the base for us. Never got to thank him for that.

So what happened next.

Something very odd.

Somewhere in Northeastern Orre

March 23, 1991

"I see something," Maxie pointed while holding his ribs.

The group made their way to what seemed to be a village. The townsfolk were shocked to see newcomers, especially people from the IP there. The four men collapsed on the ground, even with the water and meds Wes gave them, they were still hurt and needed attention. The townsfolk ran to help the men and brought them into the shade and cooled them off. Their bodies were exposed to severe heat exhaustion and once they were cooled down, the medics bandaged them up.

1 hour later

"Thank you," Looker told the medic.

"My pleasure please rest for a while," The medic said before leaving.

"Well, is it too late to say I told you so?" Aaron said weakly.

"We lost all our intel, and got our asses kicked, nice," Oscar said.

"Not exactly," Maxie said while sitting up.

3 Hours Ago

Maxie went into a room that caught his eye. When he entered he struck gold, it was a server room. Everything that Team Snagem had on missions, people, and members had to be here. He had to act fast if he was spotted in here it could be bad. He quickly sat down and opened the computer and was astounded by what he found. Not only did he find Brian Rojas' information but more information on higher members of Team Rocket.

"Fucking gold mine," Maxie said with a smile.

He quickly plugged in a chip and downloaded everything he could onto it before slipping it into the frame of his glasses. Maxie left the room hoping to tell everyone about the great news but that last thing he remembered was being choked and fading to black.

"HELL YEAH," Oscar shouted.

"Nice fucking work dude, do you still have it" Aaron shouted.

Maxie took off his glasses and pulled the chip out. It had dirt on it but it was in very good condition. Maxie saved the mission. The group rejoiced at least something went right with this mission. Now they just needed to radio for extraction. Oscar suggested using the town's radio but it seemed they didn't have one. Aaron called one of the medics in and asked for help. She knew exactly what to do. She brought in a little red-headed girl.

"This is Rui, she is psychic," The medic said.

"No fucking way," Oscar said wide-eyed.

"I don't believe it," Maxie said, crossing his arms.

"You're thinking about fixing your glasses when you get back to base," Rui shyly said.

Maxie was wide-eyed and his mouth was dropped open. Looker laughed and told him to do him next. Rui was getting annoyed but didn't want to be rude but she also didn't like being used as a party trick.

"Sorry, sweetie can you help us get home?" Aaron asked Rui.

"I-I'll try," Rui said, hiding behind the medic.

Rui relayed a message to people in the next town to bring over a radio. It worked and the group was both in shock and astounded.

Rui worked with Wes, her abilities are incredible.

Yeah, and it saved our asses that day godspeed to her.

"You did great sweetie, thank you," Oscar said with a smile.

Rui smiled and hugged Oscar and left them. Maxie was still in disbelief that psychics exist and that she could relay messages to people.

"You good Maxie?" Aaron asked.

"I think we broke him?" Looker said, waving a hand in his face.

"I see it dumbass," Maxie said, swatting it away.

The group eventually got taken back to base where Maxie was congratulated for finding so much information. They knew where he was and the group was pulled in by the higher-ups. This was no longer a mission, it was an assassination. The intel revealed that Brian was going to be at a Warehouse Team Rocket uses on top of Mt. Moon.

So now you knew where Brian was, how did the job go.

Sweet sweet revenge. The warehouse they had was not only for Brian but for major plans for Team Rocket.

Mt. Moon, Kanto

March 31, 1991

The helicopter circled around Mt. Moon grunts looked up confused at the helicopter. Oscar smiled down on them as if saying hide now. Aaron as usual had his feet hanging out of the side. Maxie closed his book and loaded his gun. Looker held onto the bar and leaned out the side to fully see the warehouse. It was massive and Brian could have been anywhere. Luckily other Counter-Terrorism agents surrounded the mountain. Brian wasn't going anywhere.

"Whoever kills him first gets twenty bucks," Oscar said.

"Let's avenge those people," Aaron said bitterly.

Looker kicked the rope down and the group slid down onto the roof of the warehouse. Seeing as that was the signal tens of agents surrounded the front of the warehouse taking down all grunts on the outside.

"Agent Ramierz you're team is clear to enter, Team two is at the base of the mountain covering all exits, you're cleared to move," an Agent said over the radio.

"Roger, be prepared for heavy resistance, have team three meet enter through the backside of the warehouse," Oscar said.

"Copy that sir," The agent said.

Maxie tied the men to a base so they could repel through the window on the roof.

"Who's keeping score?" Aaron asked.

The four men broke the glass and slid down the roof and onto the floor. All the grunts in the lobby left and they were alone. This was perfect the less attention the attracted the better.

"Let's finish this," Oscar said, pulling out his gun.

The group followed Oscar to Brian's room.

"Breach and clear," Aaron said.

Looker kicked down the door and Poochyena rushed at him trying to bite him. Looker used his arm to block Poochyena's jaws.

"FUCK," Looker shouted putting his gun to the pokemon's mouth.

"Sorry pooch," Looker said, shooting the pokemon.

"You okay?" Maxie asked.

"Yeah I'm bleeding but I'm okay," Looker said, turning his head and seeing Brian Rojas.

"Brian Rojas," Oscar said, walking up to him.

Brian tried to talk but was met with a quick punch to the jaw by Oscar.

"GET YOUR ASS UP," Oscar grabbed him and put him against the window.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME IP DOG," Brian said, spitting on Oscar.

Oscar wiped the spit off him and just smiled at him.

"Right then, this is for the people of Lavender Town," Oscar glared.

Oscar slammed him on the table and tied a rope on his neck and tied it to a pole in the room. Oscar shot the glass on the window and shoved Brian out, hanging him outside the building.

Maxie looked out the window and shot him before leaving.

"Just in case," Maxie said.

It was done, Brian was dead and the warehouse was shut down. Pokemon Rescue came in and released all the pokemon Team Rocket had in possession from trainers and the wild. This operation a huge nail in the coffin of Giovanni's Team Rocket.

Bar in Eastern Kanto

April 2, 1991

"And just like that, they're separating all of us," Oscar said.

"They want any involvement we had covered up so yeah makes sense," Maxie said, sipping a beer.

Looker was sad, he just bonded with these men for almost 3 years and now they are being separated.

"I'm being sent to Johto's CT closer to home," Oscar said.

"Unova's CT, Katie's happy that I won't be leaving so much," Aaron said.

"Hoenn's CT, they have use for me there it'll be nice to be home again," Maxie smiled.

"What about you FNG," Oscar smirked.

"Sinnoh's CT, not my home but always wanted to go there," Looker said.

"I'm proud of what we did and it was my honor to work with the finest agents I have seen in 16 years," Oscar said holding up a shot.

The other three rose one up and drank together, this would be there last night together as the infamous International Police Counter Terrorism Squad 437.

And that's it.

Thank you I got a lot of info from this but there's something you should know.


Brian Rojas wasn't the mastermind behind Lavender Town.

WHAT, no of course he was, he was there!

We know that but he didn't plan it, that would our current target Simon he's the new boss.

He planned it...

Yeah makes sense for his character too.

Where do I find him?

Easy, focus on Team Galactic but afterwards, you will be on this case don't worry we'll get him.

Chapter Text

Chapter 16: Building a Bond

COF: Lucas Diamond

Lucas biked through the peaceful path of Route 209. It was nice to not have a path jam-packed with trainers. It was calm, the wind blew into the trees giving it the sound of nature. Wild pokemon rustling in the grass made Lucas feel right at home. He was on his way to Solaceon Town. Despite it not having a gym, Lucas was just as excited to go there as any other place he had been. He wanted to experience all of Sinnoh no matter how big or small it was.

Lucas thought about his battle with Fantina. It was close and even though he had 5 team members he could only use 4. Pokemon like Gabite are very stubborn to train, only certain trainers can create the bond needed to keep them in line. Luckily for Lucas, Gabite was still young so there was still a chance. Garchomps are some of the most powerful pokemon in the world and require a lot of work to tame. Lucas knew that for Gabite to trust him he needed to feel like Lucas was being honest with him.

This might be a bad idea but fuck it I have to try.

"Gabite, come on out," Lucas said, releasing Gabite.

Gabite came out and looked around confused. Once he looked back at Lucas he growled and turned his back to him. Lucas sighed, he didn't know that being a trainer could be this difficult.

"Look, I know you don't like me but we need to talk," Lucas said.

Gabite huffed as if saying no.

"I know how your kind can be tough, difficult, and stubborn but I still think we could make a great team please just listen to me," Lucas pleaded.

Finally, Gabite turned his head in Lucas' direction. Lucas shouted inside, finally a small win.

"One thing I feel like we can do is learn to trust each other, listen I have to put my faith in you just as much as you to me I'm not giving up on you so we need to work past this," Lucas said.

Gabite said nothing but eventually gave a small nod.

"Let's start with the basics, my name is Lucas Diamond, I come from Twinleaf Town and I just started my journey," Lucas said, extending a hand.

Gabite looked at the hand for a minute and eventually shook it and sat down.

"Good, can I call you Gabite?" Lucas asked.

Gabite nodded and Lucas smiled at him, finally, they were getting somewhere.

"Look you are one stubborn bastard, you want to do your own thing and you want independence I get that," Lucas said.

Gabite raised his eyebrow. That is what he wanted but how did Lucas know how that felt.

"Honestly this is the first time I have really been on my own and it's rewarding and I don't wanna take any freedom from you at all," Lucas said, looking right at Gabite.

Gabite slouched back a bit, maybe Lucas did know what it's like to want to be free.

"You wanna do your own thing and you don't care what anyone says, I GET THAT I know how that feels, I've been on Team Galactic's ass for a while now despite people saying I should steer clear I don't care what they say I am going to keep being a thorn in their side," Lucas ranted.

Gabite looked at Lucas, not with a glare but a straight face, so Lucas was stubborn like him but Gabite had a reason to be stubborn. For Gabite's whole life he saw his friends and family get captured by trainers so of course, he wasn't so fond of becoming a glorified pet. But why was Lucas so pissed at Team Galactic?

"People ask me all the time, Lucas, why do you get involved? I have been asked by so many news reporters and random people, why do I care so much," Lucas ranted, getting up and looking away.

Lucas never really told anyone why he hated Team Galactic so much, he didn't just have a sense of justice for no reason there was more to it.

"Back when I was younger about 10, I went over to my grandparents in Sandgem Town, they owned a little berry shop, that's how they stayed afloat," Lucas reluctantly said.

Lucas stopped, the story was hard for him to tell because it still haunts him every time he spoke about it but Gabite needed to know that he trusted him, and by telling him a personal story maybe it would open something up to him.

"Team Galactic robbed it, took all the berries and money, a couple of grunts wrecked the place too. Insurance couldn't replace this store and soon my grandparents went grandpa couldn't handle the stress anymore and took his own life. My grandma died shortly after presumably of a broken heart," Lucas told Gabite with tears in his eyes.

Gabite said nothing, he felt his pain of seeing family members leave and the pain it left inside of him.

"Those assholes killed my grandparents, so yeah NOW THAT I HAVE THE POWER TO I WILL BE A FUCKING THORN IN THEIR SIDE," Lucas shouted angrily.

Gabite walked up to Lucas and put a claw on his shoulder. Gabite still wasn't super happy about being with Lucas but he did find a new level of respect for him and understood why he did the things he did.

"Look I know you don't wanna be with me but I wanna build the strongest team I can to protect people, and having you around increases my chances," Lucas said, looking at Gabite.

Gabite looked into the sky for a moment, maybe Lucas wasn't as bad as the other trainers, the only other time Gabite saw a trainer nice to his kind was a long time ago when a girl with blonde hair took in one of his fellow brethren.

"I know we have a lot of work to do before we can call each other partners so let's get started. I know we can get past this, what do you say?" Lucas said, offering his hand.

With this new level of respect, Gabite shook Lucas' hand. He still had his eye on him but could see that he had a greater sense of what a trainer was and Gabite thought that if he was going to be with Lucas he could at least like the fact that he cared for him.

The two went through the route battling wild pokemon. Gabite still had trouble following orders but he did listen to Lucas if need be. Lucas was happy, finally, Gabite was listening to him, and finally, he could start to use him in battles.

It's gonna be awhile before his first gym battle but god damn will he be good with them, that sheer power is insane.

Lucas was right, the whole Garchomp line was extremely strong and durable in battle. Gabite went through 10 battles without needing healing or even a break. Gabite was also training his moveset, using it on other Gabites was good but it never really showed what his moves could do, now was the perfect opportunity to do so. Lucas was amazed by all the variety Gabite had he saw Iron Tail, Slash, and Take Down.

"Man, remind me to never get on your bad side...even more," Lucas commented.

Gabite looked back at Lucas and smirked but quickly got rid of it.

"I saw that first time I've seen you smile, it was because of my fear for you but I'll take it," Lucas laughed.

The two pokemon walked through the rest of the path together, Lucas talked to Gabite about himself and how at first he didn't want to be a trainer but then it became his favorite thing to do. Gabite thought he talked too much but admitted to himself that it was nice to hear someone talk to him normally rather than shouting or roaring at him. Lucas introduced Gabite to the rest of the team, he thought he should get to know his teammates since today was going so well.

First was Monferno. The two of them eyed each other for a bit but then started to communicate. They both liked to cause trouble and scare away smaller pokemon. Lucas sighed, he knew those two would have something in common but it's better than them hating each other. Monferno showed Gabite some fire moves which seemed to interest him. Gabite even tried to do some of his own but to no avail, he soon realized that he couldn't just do moves he had to learn them.

Next was Staraptor. Gabite looked at her with respect, acknowledging that she was fully evolved. Staravia raced Gabite to test his speed and to her surprise, Gabite was keeping up, of course, Staraptor was still faster but it was much harder to keep a lead on him than the others. Gabite showed Staravia his Dig move and how it was a lot like Fly, pokemon couldn't attack Gabite while he was underground proving to be an effective strategy to Lucas.

Luxio at first didn't like Gabite, they fought on almost everything but eventually stopped. Luxio loved the fact that he could spar with someone for so long and Gabite was just happy to pound Luxio like an accordion. Luxio showed off some electric moves and in return, Gabite showed Luxio Dragon Claw. It was fast, even throughout the battle training Gabite was doing with Lucas he never used Dragon Claw. It was sloppy but impressive as both Luxio and Lucas were wide-eyed from the speed and impact it could do. With enough practice, it could be Lucas's best singular move.

Last was Bibarel. Again, Gabite acknowledged the fact that Bibarel was fully evolved but Gabite couldn't overlook his goofy smile and lack of intelligence. Gabite was all energetic and Bibarel was...well Bibarel. Bibarel tried to get Gabite to lay on his belly and take a nap but Gabite gave Bibarel this look as if saying "that's creepy". With that being said, Gabite found it nice that a member of the team made it easier to relax, with Bibarel, Gabite sat down and looked at different rocks Bibarel gave him. He found it odd that Bibarel liked rocks so much but in time he found a couple he liked himself.

Lucas was relieved to see that Gabite could at least get along with everybody and while in every introduction he showed a level of reserve, he still attempted to get to know everybody and didn't kill them which is what he wanted.

"Alright Bibarel, come on back," Lucas said, putting Bibarel back into his ball.

Gabite looked at Lucas with a straight face as if saying "what now".

"Now, you can go relax in your ball, you did great today man and I know we still got a lot of work to do but thank you for making an effort," Lucas smiled.

Gabite finally showed Lucas a small smile and nodded. Maybe he was wrong about trainers, maybe this could be good for him. Sure he still missed his family back in Wayward Cave but Lucas didn't seem like a bad guy but in fact, has the kindness of that one blonde trainer.

"Rest up, we'll talk tomorrow," Lucas said, putting Gabite back into his ball.

Lucas got on his bike and raced through the path into Solaceon Town. It was small like Twinleaf with only a couple of houses, a Pokemart, and a Pokemon Center. The people in the town were quiet even when they talked. Lucas made his way into the Pokemart to shop for supplies. While looking he saw a woman with brown hair approach him.

"Hi there," The woman said.

"Hi, can I help you?" Lucas asked.

"You're Lucas right from Twinleaf Town?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah," Lucas confirmed.

Great another fan, at least it's only one, I can do a picture or something.

"My family is a big fan of yours. We love how you are trying to put a stop to Team Galactic," The woman smiled.

"Oh well thank you, just happy to help," Lucas smiled back.

"If you wouldn't mind I would love for you to meet them," The woman offered.

"Actually, I do need a place to stay for the night," Lucas said to himself.

"You can stay with us, we would love it, don't worry it's just me and my parents, you won't be bombarded with cameras and stuff," The woman chuckled.

"Thank you so much, I would appreciate that," Lucas said.

"Follow me," The woman said.

Lucas smiled to himself. Today went amazingly well, he got to bond with Gabite and he got a place to stay for free. It felt off having things go so well lately he had been all over the place with the events of Eterna City happening and his battle against Fantina it was nice to arrive at a town where he could just relax for a while. The woman brought him to her house. It happened to be the biggest house in the town and Lucas was amazed by it. It was the nicest house he had ever seen. As he walked inside, he felt cozy. The house was clean and spacious but still had a lot of stuff in it. It looked rich but also had this average family feel to it like they wanted to still save money despite what they earned. Pictures of a family of four were on the walls. A mother, father, daughter, and son.

"My parents went on a picnic, they won't be home for a bit so make yourself comfortable," The woman said.

"Thanks, this place is amazing," Lucas said.

"My brother had a huge hand in paying for this before we were poor and living in Hoenn," The woman said, pulling out two water glasses.

"Lucky guy," Lucas commented.

"He's a real know it all, always commenting on things and trying to meddle his way into plans, sometimes it just makes me wanna slap him," The woman laughed.

"I have a friend who always gets right in your face about things so I get it," Lucas laughed as well.

The woman gave Lucas a glass of water. He thanked her and drank it all, he told her about his adventure across Sinnoh. She was interested and said that he reminds her of Brendan the Champion of Hoenn.

"You know Trainer Brendan?" Lucas asked in shock.

"Oh yeah my brother was best friends with him when we were growing up, it was hard on him when we left but ultimately was the right move," The woman said.

"Holy shit that's insane, I'd love to meet him, he's a legend," Lucas said in awe.

Despite not wanting to become a trainer, Lucas loved the legends of the trainer world. People like Red, Blue, Leaf, Wes, Brendan, and May were all heroes and role models to kids around the world. Lucas was amazed people like this were fostering him for the night. Who could be so kind even to a guy like Lucas? He chalked it up to his newly acquired fame but she was so nice and the family's house was so inviting he had to know who these people were.

"I don't think I ever got your name?" Lucas said, sipping his water.

"Oh, where are my manners, Angela, Angela Rollins," Angela said with a smile.

Chapter Text

Resort Area, Sinnoh

12:30 pm

"And then Silver fell over in the mud," Mike said, laughing.

"Dude, you gotta tell me what happened afterward," Brendan said over the video call.

"I will, I will, oh I'm here I gotta go," Mike said.

"Alright same here got some new challengers, talk to ya later," Brendan said.

"Peace," Mike said, hanging up.

If there was one thing Mike was grateful for, it was his lasting friendship with Brendan. After he became champion of Hoenn he was super busy but always made time to talk to Mike. Mike was always busy as well but he tried to find time as well. Despite Brendan not knowing Mike's situation they acted like he never left.

"Nice work buddy, take a rest," Mike said, getting off and putting Atlas back into his ball.

It wasn't often that Mike had days off but when he did he tried to do relaxing things. Seeing his family, spending the day with pokemon, or going to his one of the only friends he ever made while in Sinnoh. Mike walked up to the biggest villa in the area. It was on top of a cliff and had an overview of the whole area. Mike was always astounded at how large it was. It was almost like its own building rather than a vacation home.

"More like a mansion," Mike said, knocking on the door.

The door opened and Mike smiled at his friend, they met about 3 years ago in Eterna City when they literally bumped into each other.

"You know I never stopped being amazed by how much space you have Cynthia," Mike said.

"Well being the champion has its perks," Cynthia smiled.

Mike and Cynthia met again the next year after she became champion. They saw each other at Sunyshore's beach where they laughed off their previous encounter. From then on they became friends and started to hang out together on their days off if they could.

"Trust me, Brendan never shuts up about them," Mike laughed.

"Oh I met him I'm sure he doesn't, Steven even warned me about his overexcited nature," Cynthia said, inviting Mike in.

The villa was so inviting, despite its large exterior, the inside was cozy with a home-style look to it. The living room had a gorgeous outlook of the ocean and sunshine was beaming down from the skylights. The furniture was spotless as if maids cleaned it every day despite not being used. The floor was a shiny oak that was glossed over. The whole place was extremely nice and even though Mike made his fair share of money, but even he couldn't deny that this would be out of his price range.

"You know Flare would love an environment like this… burn down," Mike laughed.

"Then please don't let him out," Cynthia chuckled, grabbing two fancy cups of tea.

"Ohhhh fancy I didn't know I was with an elegant queen," Mike bowed, laughing.

"Shut up you remind me of a farmer," Cynthia laughed, putting the cups down.

"HEY, I am an extraordinary gentleman," Mike said.

"Oh yeah Mike, because your whole aurora just screams class," Cynthia said, sitting down.

"Absolutely," Mike said, sipping his tea.

"Finally got a day off from the Poke items huh," Cynthia said, sipping her cup.

Mike told Cynthia he was a supervisor of Poke-Item shipments so he traveled a lot and that's why he wasn't around as often. It's not like he could tell the champion of the region what his actual job was.

"Yeah, went from Kalos to Unova, a real pain in my ass," Mike said.

"You wanna talk about pain, I underestimated just how much paperwork goes into being a champion," Cynthia said, sighing just at the thought of it.

"I'm just glad I can relax with a friend," Mike said.

"Me too, lately more challengers are coming up, love seeing the future generation but it gets exhausting sometimes," Cynthia said.

"Lot of stress I assume," Mike commented.

"You have noooo idea, still love it though I get to experience the region's best," Cynthia said, leaning back.

The two continued to talk for a couple of hours. They caught up on recent life events, it was harder for Mike because he was essentially leading a double life. He needed to be careful about what he said to people and made sure it fit in with the rest of his lies. They ate lunch and continued to chat. Both of them really enjoyed each other's company, it was so relaxing for Cynthia to be able to talk to someone who isn't a superfan and Mike was relieved to be able to let loose, to a certain extent, and not take everything so seriously. They got onto the topic of trainers and how both of them have a pretty solid team.

"You wanna battle?" Cynthia asked.

"Don't I need to beat the elite 4 first?" Mike asked.

"Don't need it to be recorded if I am just going to wipe the floor with you," Cynthia laughed.

"Oh haha not all of us can be the region's best, besides I told the team no battles today," Mike said, sipping his tea.

"Fine maybe next time but we will have a battle at some point, Mike," Cynthia teased.

"Yeah yeah and when I win don't cry," Mike chuckled.

"Oh, I'll be sure to keep my tears to a minimum. Oh did you see this new trainer has been rising in popularity lately?" Cynthia asked.

"Does he or she actually have badges this time Cynthia?" Mike asked.

"Yes he does, his name is Lucas Diamond, I met him myself, very polite guy," Cynthia said.

Lucas's name was something Mike was hearing more and more often, not only was he becoming a better trainer but an even bigger thorn in Team Galactic's side. Mike still wasn't too sure about him but even he had to admit his accolades for a trainer of his status was impressive.

"Oh yeah, I heard about him, you have a crush on him," Mike smirked.

"Ha no, much too young for me," Cynthia said.

"He is 18, the legal age," Mike winked.

"Oh shut up," Cynthia said.

Mike kept laughing and looked outside and saw the sun in a different position. For some reason, he always lost track of time whenever he hung out with Cynthia.

"What time is it?" Mike asked.

"3," Cynthia said, looking at her watch.

"Oh shit, I gotta go. My mom wants to see me later tonight and I have errands to run," Mike said, getting up.

The two got up and Cynthia escorted Mike to the door. He wanted to stay longer but he had some really important business to do. As for Cynthia, it was nice to have company and even a small part of her wanted Mike to stay longer but she understood he was a busy guy.

"It-um, it was nice to see you, Michael," Cynthia said, looking at him.

"Yeah, you too….you look good," Mike said.

"You too, call me it's always nice to have fun with friends," Cynthia smiled.

"Are you making a move on me champion?" Mike smirked.

"Only if you think so," Cynthia smiled as she closed the door.

Mike got back on Atlas and laid back for the ride back to the HQ. It was always nice to see Cynthia she was fun to hang out with despite her elegant nature seen on tv or in interviews. In-person she was a very laid back woman with a hint of confidence that was rightfully deserved. Mike always wondered what it would be like to battle her, after all, he did have all eight Sinnoh badges he could technically take on the league but that wasn't for him. He just wanted to hang out with her more, she was so funny and so comfortable to talk to. Seeing her more and more made him constantly think in his mind, what would happen if they dated?

Chapter 17: Insurance Policy

COF: Michael Rollins/Hunter "Looker" Langley

Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

4 pm

Mike sat at his desk analyzing files. He had some grunts raid Team Magma's old HQ because he knew he could find something on their old drives. Ever since they disbanded other organizations and even the IP have tried to take all the intel they could get their hands on. Most people knew Maxie was an IP agent and to Mike that meant if anyone was going to have useful intel on them, it was him. He was looking for names and faces but couldn't find anything.

Come on, Maxie you were an IP agent yourself, you're telling me you never stored old agent files for intel.

Team Galactic had a mole in it and Mike had a feeling he knew who it was but he needed proof. He figured Maxie and his old archives would be his best bet. The IP didn't retrieve all their data, there was a secret bunker room they never touched, Mike found out about it because he knew Maxie wouldn't have kept all his information in one place. No, he would hide it in a bunker just in case something happened, it's what he would do himself.

After 30 minutes of digging, he finally got something in an old personal folder Maxie had on his personal drive. Something he never thought he would see. It was a classified IP file, seeing something so secretive in Team Magma's possession was suspicious to Mike.

"Counter-Terrorism Squad 437?" Mike read the name.

Mike read the file, all of it. He was shocked by the amount of intel that was in it, a secret team tasked with assassinating Giovanni's second in command at the time. The contents of this file must have been so secret that even some specific details were blacked out. Mike wasn't interested in their mission, he was interested in names, why would Maxie have this buried deep in the archives?

Members of the team, Aaron Black, Oscar Ramirez…..Max Lanes, son of a bitch Maxie you did some secretive shit didn't you.

Mike saw one last name, it had a picture too. It was a face he knew well, someone he had seen before. It confirmed his suspicions, he knew exactly who it was.

Cyber Security Room, Team Galactic HQ

Hunter "Looker" Langley/ Farid Rome

Looker printed more files on Team Galactic, he had a special drawer for his findings. He had a cycle, he would work all day, and any files he found he stored them in the drawer and gave to his contact once a week. Being undercover was hard for Looker, seeing the things Team Galactic did and just sitting there made him pissed. He was an IP agent and seeing bad things go down without so much as blinking was hard for him. However, it was all part of the job he knew that all the work would pay off soon enough.

"Hey, Farid," A supervisor called.

"Yeah," Looker called out.

"My office, now," A supervisor called back.

Great, now what?

Looker got up and went to the office, whenever he was called over by authority it was nerve-wracking. Especially with criminals you never know what they are gonna do or what they found out. He went into the office and sat down. His mind was already going over the tens of situations that could happen. As an IP agent, Looker is trained to have an answer for basically any question while undercover. He took specialized training for the job and found a new level of respect for anybody who is undercover for long durations of time.

"Farid, have you finished your reports?" The supervisor asked.

"Yes sir, well most of them I have a couple left to do but the printer ran out of ink it's always something isn't it," Looker laughed.

"I hear that just make sure you have the rest done by tonight as a supervisor you need to set an example for the newbies, cybersecurity is a tough job for our organization so having example leaders is important to our success," The supervisor told Looker.

Despite Looker having the supervisor title, he was still under the watchful eye of higher-ups and even older supervisors. They had to be sure Looker was the right man for the job and it was stressful for Looker not only did he have to be in charge of some things but he had both the Team Galactic deadlines and IP deadlines to follow.

"Also, Mike wants to see you in his office, get up there and get back to work, dismissed," The supervisor said.

Looker was curious, why would Mike wanna see him? The dinner went well but he hadn't seen Mike since. He packed up his remaining reports and went up to Mike's office. He knocked on the door and heard a come in.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" Looker asked.

"Yes Farid please sit down," Mike said with his feet up.

"I have a lot of work to do so can this be quick?" Looker asked.

"Oh don't worry it will be," Mike said, pouring two glasses of vodka.

"Sir, I'm on the clock," Looker said.

"So am I, kinda, it's one drink what are you a lightweight?" Mike asked, laughing.

Looker took the drink, he knew it was risky god knows what could have been in it but as a UC he had to do a lot of things he wasn't comfortable with but did it to fit in.

"The mole is still giving out information, have you found anything?" Mike asked.

"Actually I have a lead, I think our mole is within the scientist area if you let me get my notes," Looker said, getting up.

"No, no it's fine, sit," Mike said with the same smile.

Looker sat back down inside he felt something was wrong, he didn't know Mike much but he also knew he didn't drink with people he has met with only once.

"The scientist area huh," Mike said, sipping his drink.

"Yes sir, you know a lot of people in that area are shakey of our work," Looker said.

"I also know people in cybersecurity are wary, Farid," Mike said, reaching into his drawer.

"But who sir?" Looker asked.

Mike pulled out a file and opened it. He looked at it and gave Looker a nod.

"You tell me...Hunter," Mike said, slapping the file on the desk.

Looker froze, he was compromised.

"Who?" Looker asked, trying to keep a character.

"Cut the act, agent, I know who you are, Hunter Langley aka Looker," Mike said, leaning back.

Looker tried to assess the situation but he was screwed, there was no way out.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't have you thrown off a roof and sent back to the IP in a body bag?" Mike asked.

"Killing an agent...doesn't seem like something you would do, Michael," Looker said, dropping the act.

"Impressive work, Squad 437," Mike said.

"That's classified information you won't get shit from me," Looker said.

"I don't care about that, your former friend Maxie kept a record of it so I have all the information," Mike said.

"He's not a friend anymore he's a criminal, like you," Looker said, glaring at Mike.

Mike got up and slowly walked over to the door. Looker remained in his seat frozen, he had to show no fear and keep a level head.

"Hunter, I'm a simple guy I understand your job and I even respect it," Mike said, shutting the door and closing the blinds.

"If you're suggesting something just say it asshole," Looker hissed.

"One call I make and your ass is dead, understand me?" Mike asked.

Looker just stared at the wall. Mike was right, but his loyalty for the IP rose above that even then he was saying goodbye to his friends and family in his head.

"Or...we can make a deal," Mike said, putting his hands on his shoulders.

"Like what?" Looker asked.

"Hmmm let's see I want an Insurance Policy," Mike said, walking back to his chair.

"The fuck does that mean?" Looker asked.

"I let you keep working your assignment, get rid of this file, keep you alive basically and in return, full immunity," Mike said, leaning back in his chair.

"Go fuck yourself," Looker said.

"Fine," Mike said as he reached for the phone.

"Wait...," Looker said both with regret and plea.

"Yes?" Mike asked.

" get rid of that file, keep this a secret, AND you tell me Team Galactic's got your immunity," Looker glared.

"I can give you what I know and that it involves a special pokemon, reshaping the world and it's happening on Spear Pillar," Mike said.

"I need proof, get me proof you got a deal but let's make one thing clear, you don't allude to this at all any screw-ups or one word and the deal is off, sure you'll kill me but I will have agents storm this place and arrest everyone in here and your ass will rot in prison," Looker hissed.

"You got a deal, Langley, I keep a secret, get rid of the file, and supply proof on what I know and I get full immunity from punishment," Mike said, extending a hand.

Looker shook his hand, he felt dirty but this was the only way to keep the mission going and staying alive.

"And how do I know you'll keep your end of the deal?" Mike asked.

"...the IP will contact you and inform you of your deal. I'll make sure your cooperation is in writing and signed by you and the IP, you'll get your immunity," Looker said.

Mike smiled and leaned back in his chair, he looked at Looker with the biggest "fuck you" grin.

"Pleasure doing business with you, Looker oh wait sorry Farid, now get the fuck out of my office, I've got dinner plans," Mike said.

Looker left the office full of anger, how could Maxie be so careless and copy a file of Squad 437. Even after he was in prison he screwed him over. At least he was alive and the mission as far as he was concerned was still active. However, he had one awkward phone call to make.

Solaceon Town, Sinnoh

4 pm

Michael Rollins

Mike arrived in Solaceon Town for dinner. Angela told him they had a guest, he was always excited to see who his family brought home. He sent Atlas back into his ball and walked over to his house. On the way he thought about his deal with Looker, he was going to keep his word but as long as Looker kept his. He knew his job was going to crash and burn eventually so in his eyes having a plan B was the least he could do. Now he had immunity but he did need to get proof on the information he told Looker. He brushed it off, right now he had to be with his family.

"HELLO!" Mike yelled as he entered his family's home.

"Michael, welcome back sweetie," Macy said as she kissed her son's cheek.

"Hi mom, where is everyone?" Mike asked, returning the cheek kiss.

"Oh the living room dear, our guest is so wonderful and so polite and funny too," Macy said.

"Does Angela have a new boyfriend?" Mike asked.

"Oh no, he's a traveler, stopped by the town and came for the night you two might become friends," Macy said with a smile.

"Where is the bastard," Mike laughed.

"Michael, you behave yourself now go meet the guest, dinner is almost ready," Macy said, walking back to the kitchen.

Mike walked into the living room to find Angela and his dad talking to someone. As soon as he saw his face he was wide-eyed. There was no way it was him.

"Michael, hi," Daniel said.

"Hey bro, this is Lucas," Angela said pointing to Lucas sitting on the couch.

Lucas and Mike looked at each other and both their faces turned straight. Lucas finally got to meet the mysterious man Team Galactic hired and Mike finally got to meet the so-called local hero of Sinnoh and thorn in his organization's side.

Chapter Text

Veilstone City, Sinnoh

Hunter "Looker" Langley

Looker met with his CO, Lieutenant Ryan Murphy of Counter-Terrorism's Sinnoh Division. In the IP there were ranks.

Highest: Captain  (Requires Exam and Recommendation by Cpt. or higher)

Lieutenant  (Requires Exam and Recommendation by Lt. or higher)

Sergeant (Requires Exam and Recommendation by Sgt. or higher)

Agent 1st Grade

Agent 2nd Grade (Looker's current rank)

Agent 3rd Grade

Lowest: Junior Agent

Looker had to report to him every week to update the progress of his assignment. He brought up how he was compromised by Mike and Murphy was ready to pull Looker out of there and they would raid the building arresting everyone. Looker then told him about Mike's proposal. Immunity for cooperation and information. At first, Looker thought it was a fine idea, despite not liking Mike he could see that this was the only way to maintain his cover, Murphy however was not so fond of the idea.

"Absolutely not," Lt. Murphy said, almost laughing.

"Lieutenant, I've been compromised, this is the only way to ensure the future of this mission," Looker pleaded.

"Michael Rollins is a manipulative terrorist Looker, we don't do deals with them, how the fuck did you even come to that conclusion, are you crossing over from being UC?" Lt. Murphy said.

Looker had heard stories of agents "crossing over" or having their minds changed while being undercover. Maxie had a similar situation he was undercover for Team Magma but was joined them instead and that caused a storm of chaos in the agency.

"No Lieutenant, I understand we shouldn't make deals with these people but Rollins has valuable information that could be of use to us, plus if we don't cooperate the mission is a bust," Looker said.

"How can you even trust this guy he threatened to kill you," Lt. Murphy said.

"Lieutenant, with all due respect I've gotten more death threats than I can count, and even if he is serious let's put it in writing, make him sign the deal, and make him know that if he breaks it consequences will follow," Looker suggested.

"Like what?" Lt. Murphy asked.

"Rollins has been on Counter-Terrorism's shitlist for a while now I know plenty of people who would love to take him out," Looker said.

"An assassination order for punishment, you remember the last time one of those was ordered? Oh yeah that's right it was on your friend Max Lanes and that failed," Lt. Murphy said.

Looker got a bitter taste in his mouth, Maxie was no friend to him anymore. He spat on the IP name when he joined Team Magma and caused a lot of pain to his former co-workers in 437.

"He's no friend of mine," Looker bitterly said.

"Control your tone agent," Lt. Murphy glared.

"Apologizes Lt., but I really want to keep this mission going, I wanna find out what Team Galactics' master plan is," Looker said, pacing.

Lt. Murphy watched as Looker paced. What made him a good agent was his persistence, he would always go back into place to try to get what he needed despite the danger.

"What did he give you?" Lt. Murphy asked.

"He said he didn't even know much but it was taking place on Spear Pillar and it involves one Pokemon and will change the world," Looker said.

"And you know this is true, how?" Lt. Murphy asked.

"He told me he would get me proof such as documents and all that stuff. He has access to things I could never get in UC," Looker said,

"Even if he gave you these documents, why should we guarantee his safety? What's in it for us?" Lt. Murphy asked.

"Because I can talk to him, once his deal is in place I can maybe encourage him for more information, he'll see that we aren't taking him as a joke. Sir, I can't use standard information prying tactics on him. It doesn't work, he sees right through them. He's not an idiot and we can't treat him like some low-level thug," Looker said.

"I understand that Looker but we can not risk the safety of one of our top agents and secrecy of this mission for the word of an unreliable informant," Lt. Murphy said.

"No disrespect Lt., you're already doing that by pissing this guy off by not cooperating," Looker said.

"Looker even if I wanted to go with this plan it's not up to me," Lt. Murphy said.

He's right it's not even Murphy's call. The higher-ups will never authorize this. I need to prove to them that Mike can be a valuable asset if they just give me what I need.

"I'll bring it up with them but I need something to back this up. You said Mike could get you proof of these plans?" Lt. Murphy said.

"Yeah, he said he'll get me some documents and what he knows," Looker said.

"Get me this document ASAP and something to show that Mike is willing to cooperate after the "deal" is made and MAYBE this could go into action and that's a big maybe Looker," Lt. Murphy said.

"And if I can't?" Looker asked.

"Then, we are pulling you out of this mission and raiding the Veilstone Base," Lt. Murphy said.

"THAT WON'T GET US ANYTHING!" Looker shouted.

"Langley these are the cards we are given….work with them," Lt. Murphy said, putting his coat on.

...yes sir," Looker said, with a bitter expression.

"Get me what I need and we'll talk but right now this is all we have, get it done," Lt. Murphy said, leaving the building.

Looker was in an inner panic. If Mike didn't get what he wanted soon he knew this whole mission would be over and sabotaged. He needed to meet with Mike to discuss further plans. But where the hell was he?

Solaceon Town, Sinnoh

Lucas looked at Mike and his face turned from a happy fun smile to a small glare. After finding that document at Team Galactic's Eterna City base he already knew who Mike was. His face looked familiar as if he had seen him a long time ago. And then it clicked. A couple of months ago at this point when Lucas first saw Cyrus at the Verity Lakefront, he also saw someone else there. He wasn't as polite as Cyrus and he even threatened to battle him and Barry. He didn't know who it was then but he could see now it was Mike.

Chapter 18: Aggressive Meetings

COF: Lucas Diamond/Michael Rollins

"Michael, this is Lucas you know that trainer that's been getting Team Galactic to back off lately," Macy said, smiling.

"Yeah I know him," Mike said, sitting down.

"...nice to meet you," Lucas said.

"You as well, what are you doing in a little town like Solaceon?" Mike asked.

"Just. Stopping. By," Lucas said, eyeing Mike.

"You two gonna kiss or something?" Angela laughed.

"Shut up, just...curious I always wanted to meet Lucas," Mike smiled.

Macy saw the two boys and was confused. As far as she was concerned these two have never even seen each other before why was there so much tension?

"Well, Lucas tell us was it like to confront Team Galactic?" Macy asked.

"Yes Lucas, tell us," Mike said, eating.

"Well they're just a group of degenerates, easy enough to take down," Lucas confidently said.

"Watch that confidence Lucas, it could get you hurt," Mike said, smiling right at Lucas.

"Well if Team Galactic wants some, they know where to find me," Lucas said confidently.

The family ate their dinner while the two kept keeping their composure but deep down it was different. Mike wanted to kick Lucas out of their house and make sure he never came back and Lucas wanted to pound Mike into the ground. When the family was done eating Mike wanted a way to be alone with Lucas, and he knew exactly how.

"Mom, I'll clean up don't worry," Mike said, getting up.

"I'll help I am a guest after all," Lucas said, getting up as well.

Mike knew Lucas also wanted a moment with him so he put them both in a position to be alone.

"Do you guys need some help?" Daniel asked.

"No dad, we got this just wait here, we'll be right back," Mike said.

"Thank you boys, Michael will you be staying long?" Macy asked.

"I'll stay for a little bit but then I gotta go," Mike said, carrying dishes back.

Lucas and Mike made their way into the kitchen where they were all alone. Finally, they could drop the pleasantries.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Mike asked.

"I'd like to answer that question outside," Lucas said, pulling out a Pokeball.

"Don't even Lucas my team is far more experienced than yours, you do this I will make sure your pokemon never walk again," Mike said, pulling Lucas in by his scarf.

Lucas was seething on the inside. He wanted to kick Mike's ass as a message to Team Galactic. Also by the looks of things, Lucas figured out Mike's family didn't know what he did. This made Lucas even more furious, how could someone lie to their family. But he knew Mike was right, his team was most likely way more experienced and he knew his next gym battle was coming up so he didn't want his team to get injured.

"You're getting to be a real pain in the ass for us, I'm getting tired of having to keep Team Galactic off of you," Mike said, glaring.

"Why hold back send them all my way," Lucas taunted.

"You got some balls kid, you're lucky my family is here," Mike said, letting go of Lucas' scarf.

"Watch the scarf," Lucas said, readjusting it.

Should have suspected he was an asshole.

Lucas put the dishes in the sink and started to wash them. Mike on the other hand wanted to physically throw Lucas out of the house, but he couldn't he had to suck up the fact that he was staying overnight. But he had to make sure Lucas wouldn't tell his family who he was.

"You know your friend has also been a pain," Mike said, referring to Barry.

"What about him?" Lucas asked bitterly.

"I'll skip to the point, if you tell my family anything or so help me god hurt them in any way I will have your friend in a shallow grave by the end of the night," Mike threatened.

"I wouldn't hurt innocent people any way I'm not like your kind," Lucas hissed.

"Glad we are on the same page," Mike said, leaving.

Lucas asked where the bathroom is and quickly locked himself there. He kept up the brave front but deep down he was afraid of Mike. He knew had a lot of power in Team Galactic as the advisor. Worried for his safety he called Barry.

"Hello Yellow?" Barry said, picking up.

"Dud-did you just answer with Hello Yellow?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, it's my new thing…..PRINPLUP PUT THAT DOWN!" Barry yelled.

"Dude, you know that list of Team Galactic members we found in Eterna City?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, why?" Barry asked.

"You remember the name, Michael Rollins?" Lucas asked quietly.

"Uh yeah, advisor right, really wanna fight him," Barry said.

"I'm at his family's house and he's here," Lucas said.

"WHAT?!" Barry shouted.

"Yeah, Solaceon Town, I knew the last name sounded familiar but I didn't put it together until he walked through the fucking door," Lucas said.

"DUDE, KICK HIS ASS," Barry shouted encouragingly.

"No way man he has a full team and god knows how powerful they are I don't wanna hurt my team," Lucas said.

"Well, shit man I would come over there but I'm in Veilstone it'll take me a couple of hours to get there," Barry said.

"Don't worry about it but look he threatened to hurt you and if I say anything, I'm not gonna but just watch your back because their main base is in Veilstone. Look stay there and I'll meet you there tomorrow," Lucas said.

"Got it, there's a gym here anyway that I wanna take on, keep me posted," Barry said.

"I will be safe I'll contact Looker as well tell him to meet us somewhere," Lucas said.

"Yeah that sounds good, I'll talk to you tomorrow," Barry said.

"Same cya man," Lucas, hanging up.

Lucas left the bathroom and rejoined the family in the living room. Despite Mike being from their family, Lucas found the other members to be so nice and welcoming. Macy was super sweet like his mom she was always smiling. Daniel was very stern but also nice. He liked to bring up all possible outcomes of situations when someone would tell a story. Lucas clearly saw who Mike inherited more from. Mike, on the other hand, was silent he kept to himself and didn't say a lot.

"Michael, how is work going?" Daniel asked.

"Good, lots of Poke-Item shipments coming in, very busy hours," Mike said.

Yeah Poke-Items, I'm sure that's what you do.

"So wait, what exactly do you do?" Lucas asked.

"I am a supervisor of Poke-Items," Mike said.

"Wow, must be very busy handling people's things," Lucas said.

"Yeah, always meeting deadlines," Mike said.

The family talked for an hour more. They talked about life and how their lives were going. The family was more interested in Lucas' life as a trainer, the only person who had a chance at that life was Mike but then he had to get a job to support his family. Lucas told them how it was to travel the region. The freedom he had but the enormous responsibility that came with it, raising pokemon was not easy, and being on his own was something both loved and loathed. Lucas then went on about the thrill of Pokemon battles and the feeling of seeing your pokemon grow up and become better and better. He showed them his Pokedex and Mike took note of the device, it looked like the device Brendan had when he started his journey. Mike felt his phone go off and saw he received a text, knowing who it was he decided it was time to go.

"Alright, I gotta go," Mike said, getting up.

" it time already?" Macy asked sadly.

"Yeah mom, I'll come back," Mike said, kissing her cheek.

"I'll walk you out," Lucas, getting up as well.

The two walked out and made sure no one was looking before conversing.

"You better not pull anything Diamond," Mike said, releasing Atlas.

Lucas looked up at the large pokemon and was stunned at how one of Mike's pokemon was so massive and intimidating. He was starting to thank his lucky stars they didn't have a battle. Lucas knew he was going to eventually battle Mike but doing it now would be suicide.

"Just so we're clear I'm going to take you guys down," Lucas glared.

"What's your fucking problem, yeah we're bad guys yadda, but what's your beef with us?" Mike asked.

"You guys are the reason my grandparents are remorse whatsoever you guys take and destroy lives and you don't even care, so yeah I have both personal and moral beef with you guys," Lucas glared.

"Hmph, keep going at your own risk be aware, you aren't just some kid in our eyes anymore," Mike warned.

"Keep coming and I'll keep knocking you guys down," Lucas said.

"Yeah, but you gotta ask yourself this Lucas, when is that luck gonna run out, eventually everyone loses," Mike said, flying off.

Lucas looked up for a while and thought about what Mike said, was he really getting in too deep? Should he back down? No Lucas was not going to be silenced anymore, he was going to keep going and make every member of Team Galactic's life a living hell.

Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

Michael Rollins

Mike made his way back to his office, he received a text from Looker saying that they needed to talk. He took that to mean that he was going to get his deal. He walked back to his office to find that Looker had already welcomed himself. He looked different, he had casual clothes on and pulled out his badge, and attached it to his waist. Looker felt that since he wasn't undercover with Mike he didn't have to wear the Team Galactic uniform.

"Looks like someone got comfortable," Mike said, walking over to his desk.

"Let's get right to it, the IP is having trouble establishing you as a person of interest for immunity," Looker said.

"Why did I think it was going to be easy?" Mike sighed.

"They consider you a terrorist and don't wanna negotiate with you," Looker said.

"TERRORIST, how rude," Mike said, popping in a piece of gum.

"They need some kind of proof that you are going to keep your side of the deal," Looker said, leaning back.

"Well after I get those documents for you I don't really know what else I could do, besides not killing you," Mike said.

"Exactly so for right now just get me those documents, you're sure it's taking place at Spear Pillar?" Looker asked.

"Positive they had me scope out the area for the presence of your kind," Mike scoffed.

"This isn't funny you do realize if you break your side of the deal you could be killed," Looker said.

"The IP would kill me, seriously," Mike said.

"Lot of people in the IP want you dead Mike, Counter-Terrorism hates you and the other admin's guts," Looker said.

"Such kind words, tell them I said hi, it looks like you have to convince them somehow," Mike said, getting up.

"I'll figure something and just so you know, if it were up to me you would be in prison right now," Looker said.

"Uh-huh, now get out of here we shouldn't be seen together so much they might get suspicious," Mike said.

"How do you know that?" Looker asked.

"After being with these people for so long I know their behavior patterns and Saturn is a stickler for thinking I'm against the Team," Mike said.

"Are you?" Looker asked.

"Eh, half and half, but seriously they plan to put in more security cameras soon, so we need to find a better place to talk," Mike said.

"I know a place just get those documents for me and we'll talk, that's your first goal I'll talk to my higher-ups," Looker said.

"Excellent, walk yourself out and don't even think about snooping through my stuff, cause I'll know," Mike said, leaving his office.

Looker sat there and was starting to question if this idea was going to work out. He looked at a picture of Mike and his family. He seemed like a family man, something Looker could respect.

He loves his family, one good thing about

Looker looked at the picture more and realized Mike was a huge protector of his family. A light bulb in his head went off. He took a picture of the photo and left the office. It was simple if Mike wasn't going to keep his end of the deal the IP could force him to. It seemed a little low for Looker but he knew the reward was saving the region so it outweighed the rather unconventional thought. It wasn't something the IP was normally for but they wanted a way to make sure Mike would keep his side of the deal and Looker had a way to know for sure.

Chapter Text

Solaceon Ruins

Lucas Diamond

Lucas looked at the cave paintings in the ruins and took pictures for more research. While Lucas enjoyed being a trainer he found the rich mythological presence in Sinnoh to be just as entertaining. While he was exploring the ruins he came into contact with one pokemon but in different forms. It was called Unown, he had heard about these in books. There was a whole alphabet of them and in Sinnoh, this was the place to catch them. He has encountered 7 types of them so far. He wanted to stay and catch them all but he knew he couldn't. The cave was old and full of cobwebs. Lots of paths leading down and up, almost like a maze. Lucas battled multiple trainers all there for the same reason, to catch Unowns and explore the ruins. Lucas eventually found his way into a room with writing on the wall but it was all in the Unown symbols.

"Holy shit, that's insane, wonder how old this is?" Lucas said, touching the wall.

Lucas had no idea what he was reading, he never studied the Unown language and now he kicks himself for it because it could be something amazing if he did. Learning the Unown language was extremely difficult not only because of the lack of research on the topic but because it was unknown if all the types of Unowns were found. Lucas took a picture of the writing and looked behind him to find some loot on the ground. He found some items that could sell for good money but he also found an HM called Defog. Lucas so far had a couple of HM moves he had Rock Smash, Cut, Flash, and now Defog. While Flash wasn't an HM move it had an alternate use making it just as useful as one to him.

"Defog huh, there's barely any information on you," Lucas said, looking at Defog.

Lucas released Gabite into the cave, he found out that he could use Dig to mine his way out of the cave with ease. Gabite looked at Lucas and looked around the cave with a smile, it reminded him of his old cave where he used to live.

"Hey, when you're done looking can you dig us out of here?" Lucas asked.

Gabite gave a small nod and walked around the room of the cave. Lucas still had problems getting Gabite to listen to him but Gabite was more likely to listen if Lucas just showed some respect. Lucas sat down and rested his feet for a while. He wondered what this new HM would do. He knew he could use it because Fantina mentioned it when she gave him the badge. He decided to call up an old friend he met at the beginning of his journey.

"Roger here," Roger answered.

"Hey Roger, it's Lucas we met all the way back a couple of months ago do you remember me?" Lucas asked.

"Oh yeah and how could I forget your face is on the news now haha how are you, my friend?" Roger asked.

"I'm great, got a couple of badges now, I found this HM called Defog, any info on it?" Lucas asked.

"Defog...oh yeah that's a less common HM but if you have it can clear an area of fog making it easier to see and better for your pokemon in battle," Roger said.

"Interesting, hey one thing why do I need a badge for HMs?" Lucas asked.

"The technology in the HM is connected to your trainer status when you use it, so when you teach it to a pokemon it connects to you trainer status through some fancy technology that even I'm too old to understand, bottom line is that the HM can see in your status and which badges you have and if you don't have the badge the HM will not be activated for your pokemon outside of battle," Roger said.

"So basically HM's are connected to my trainer status and sees that I have the right badge before I can use it outside of battle," Lucas confirmed.

"Yes, bright as always, long story short it's good for making it easier to see, other than that most people don't use Defog," Roger said.

"Interesting, does it do anything in battle?" Lucas confirmed.

"I mean...not really. I've never honestly tried to use it, let me know what happens if you do," Roger laughed.

"Thanks, Roger," Lucas said, hanging up.

Lucas put down his phone and just stared at the disc with curiosity.

What purpose could I have for you?

Route 209

Lucas calmly walked through the path of route 209. The tall grass made it very hard for him to use his bike but for him walking was fine. The tall grass masked the trainers hiding inside and a couple of times was close to having a heart attack. He figured this would be a good spot to also fill up his Pokedex with some entries. He found newly evolved versions of other pokemon he already caught, it saved him the entry. He noticed that a couple of pokemon was missing but after searching for a couple of hours he decided to consult the new professor.

Veilstone City, Sinnoh

Dawn Rowan

Dawn walked around the city admiring its beauty. Despite the looming dark shadow of the Team Galactic HQ she always loved Veilstone. It was modern but also had an old school feeling to it. She wanted to get out of the lab for a while so she decided to take the day off. Becoming the professor was a huge responsibility and even she underestimated the stress that came with it.

"Feels nice to just relax and walk around, I envy Lucas and Barry," Dawn said to herself.

"You envy Lucas, huh that's a first," Barry said, walking up to Dawn.

"Where the hell did you come from?" Dawn said, looking back at him quickly.

"I stalk you…..," Barry said with wide eyes.

"...uh-huh," Dawn said.

"I'm just fucking with ya, Lucas wants to meet up here, check it out," Barry said, laughing and pulling out the Cobble Badge.

"Looks like you're finally ahead of Lucas," Dawn laughed.

"Laugh now but I am, I'm gonna be the champion someday you know," Barry said.

"Uh-huh and what if Lucas wants to get there first?" Dawn asked.

"Please, he doesn't even wanna be the champion," Barry said, shrugging.

"Things can change after all he never wanted to be a trainer," Dawn said.

"True…," Barry said.

Dawn and Barry continued talking about being trainer and professor. Barry of course went on his usual tangent about being the absolute best like his dad. Dawn was happy to listen until her phone began to ring.

"Ugh, Hello?" Dawn answered.

"Hey Dawn, it's Lucas," Lucas said.

"Oh, really I thought it was the creator of Bill's PC," Dawn teased.

"Funny, hey listen I have a question. The Pokedex tells me of all these pokemon I never find on these routes, I search for hours and I can't find them. What's going on?" Lucas asked.

"Well other than that you suck, it might be time-based," Dawn said.

"What the hell does that mean?" Lucas asked.

"Sometimes pokemon only come out during different times of day," Dawn said.

"So some pokemon only come out at night or day?" Lucas asked.

"More specific than that, more like evening, morning, afternoon, night, etc. sometimes even the weather comes into play," Dawn added.

"Great, alright thanks I'm on my way to Veilstone City I'll call you if anything comes up," Lucas said.

"I'm actually in Veilstone City with Barry right now," Dawn said.

"SUP FUCKER!" Barry yelled into the phone.

Lucas backed his ear from the phone with a look of oh god on his face.

"Barry, stop it," Dawn said, shoving Barry from her phone.

"I'm on my way there now, I'll see you when I get there," Lucas said.

"Alright safe travels," Dawn said, hanging up.

Dawn and Barry walked to the cafe together. Despite Barry's annoying personality, Dawn always liked how energetic he was; it always seemed to put a smile on her face.

Route 210, Sinnoh

Lucas Diamond

Lucas took more notes, now he knew that some pokemon could come out at night. He was excited but also annoyed. On one hand, he was learning more and more and on the other, it meant sometimes he had to journey out late at night to catch more pokemon. He never thought catching pokemon could be so complex.

Lucas continued on Route 210 until he saw a little shop. He figured it would be a nice place to stop so he went in, it was a MooMoo Milk shop. MooMoo Milk is the most famous brand of milk in Sinnoh. Its sweet taste along with a slight bitter mix was something most people in Sinnoh grew up on. For people not from Sinnoh, it was gross but to Lucas, it tasted just like home.

"Hi there trainer, you look mighty tired, care for some Sinnoh-famous MooMoo Milk?" A woman asked in a cowboy accent.

"Uh, sure I'll take 3 bottles," Lucas said, pulling out his wallet.

The shop was super small but had a lot of people in it. Any MooMoo Milk store is always packed, Lucas was impressed he was even able to be served right away. Lucas also wanted to have his Pokemon try MooMoo Milk. The milk was also a medical product for Pokemon but if the Pokemon does not like it the milk does nothing for them. He wanted to try to ease his pokemon into it because one it's cheap and two it's everywhere if his Pokemon enjoyed the milk it was almost like free medicine for them. Since MooMoo Milk was a drink that has an acquired taste he wanted to get them into it as early as possible. Lucas wanted for them to try it earlier but things kept getting in the way.

"Thank you, ma'am," Lucas said, taking the bottles.

"Of course sir, you have yourself a Moo Moo day," The woman said with a smile.

Lucas left the shop and went to a secluded area of the route, with Monferno and Gabite on his team he felt it was a good idea to be away from people in case they didn't like the drink. Lucas released everyone on his team and watched as Monferno and Luxio immediately tackled each other and fought. Gabite sat down uninterested as usual. Bibarel collapsed on his back and almost immediately took a nap and Staraptor stood by Lucas and had a you see what I have to deal with face.

"Okay everyone, gather round come on...LUXIO STOP BITING MONFERNO!" Lucas shouted.

Luxio stopped and sat near Lucas, Monferno threw a pebble at Lucas while grinning but eventually paid attention. Gabite slightly looked over at Lucas and Bibarel looked up at Lucas while still lying on the ground.

"So I have this drink I want you to try, it's called MooMoo Milk it's medicine and also a very delicious drink," Lucas said as he gave Monferno a bottle.

Lucas's team looked at the bottle with curiosity, they were so used to PokeCenters and Potions that any other medicine was unknown to them.

"Take a sip and let me know what you think," Lucas said, taking a sip of his own bottle.

Monferno took a sip and seemed to enjoy it because he took a second sip. Lucas smiled, 1 down 4 to go. Staraptor took a sip and almost cringed but she didn't hate it. Luxio took a sip and seemed to like it out of all of them because he almost drank the whole bottle until Bibarel ripped it away and took a sip. Like in average Bibarel fashion a smile never left his face.

"Uh, do you like it, Bi?" Lucas asked.

Bibarel nodded and went back to laying down and playing with brown rocks this time.

"Okay...Gabite your turn," Lucas said, giving the bottle to him.

Gabite raised his eyebrow to the bottle and took a sip. He kept the milk in his mouth and just looked at Lucas.

"How is i," Lucas said but interrupted by Gabite spitting the milk in his face with a look of disgust in his mouth.

Lucas had a straight face and wiped the milk off his face, he would have been disgusted but after Barry spat water on him before it didn't bother him as much.

"You know you could have spat it at the ground," Lucas said, wiping his face.

Gabite grinned as if saying I know at Lucas.

4 out of 5 of his team enjoyed the milk, which was great for Lucas. It meant on the go medicine was cheaper. With that in his head, he put everyone back in their balls except Staraptor and got onto his bike. Ever since Lucas got a bike the only one who could keep up was Staraptor because she could fly. Of course, he still walked with his pokemon but whenever he was on his bike it was only Staraptor by his side.

"Okay Star, let's see who can get to Veilstone first, just follow the route" Lucas laughed.

Staraptor smiled and took off, Lucas shouted and sped up to her.

"NO FAIR," Lucas shouted while laughing and riding his bike.

Staraptor laughed and sped up leaving Lucas in the dust for the rest of the route.

"HEY COME ON," Lucas shouted, speeding up on his bike.

Chapter 19: Meeting Up

COF: Lucas Diamond

Veilstone City, Sinnoh

"Laugh all you want but next time I'm winning," Lucas said, chaining his bike and putting Staraptor back in her ball.

"Lucas, there you are, god, what is it with you and being late that's 5 million," Barry said, walking up to him.

"What's with you and fining people you ain't no cop," Lucas laughed.

"It's incentive after all one day I'm gonna collect all those fines," Barry said with a grin.

"I'm sure you are," Lucas rolled his eyes.

The two met back up with Dawn. She was seated in the diner and was happy to see Lucas in good health.

"Hey," Lucas smiled, hugging Dawn.

"Good to see you, I know we spoke on the phone but how have you been?" Dawn asked.

"I'm alright just moving along, a lot of stuff to see, hows being the new Professor Rowan?" Lucas asked.

"Stressful but rewarding, Dad finally gets to travel, he's in Johto right now," Dawn said with a smile.

"Big man in Johto huh," Barry grinned.

"Yeah, I know so exotic especially with the whole Team Rocket rise going on over there," Dawn sipped her water.

"Man I thought they were done for," Lucas said.

"They were, then some new crazy guy took over, and now he's trying to take over Johto, hopefully, someone steps in," Dawn said.

"Maybe we should go over there Lucas," Barry said.

"Not our problem Barry plus we got Team Galactic in our home," Lucas said.

"It's also none of your concern," Looker said, walking over to the group and sitting down.

"Speaking of criminals, how's Team Galactic?" Lucas asked.

"You know I can't tell you that Lucas," Looker said, chuckling.

"Are we famous to them?" Barry asked.

"Oh yeah, real famous if you can even call it that," Looker said.

"Are they in trouble?" Dawn asked.

"Well being in the same city as their HQ takes balls I'll give you that but I wouldn't get too comfortable here," Looker said.

"I called you here to talk about Mike," Lucas said.

Looker was surprised, Lucas had intel on Mike. He had to hear it especially because of the plan he had in place with him. Lucas went on about his family and how he acted. Looker loved this especially because of his plan to make sure Mike kept his end of the deal.

"His team is...amazing," Lucas said shamefully.

"You saw them?" Looker asked.

"I saw one...a Salamence and if he has a pokemon like that Arceus knows what else he's got," Lucas said.

"So it's not smart to go after him?" Barry asked.

"He'd destroy all three of us put together," Lucas said.

"Good thing I'm not after his pokemon," Looker said.

The three continued to chat about Mike, Looker warned Lucas and Barry that they should be careful while in Veilstone. Looker knew they had targets on their backs and the fact that they just waltz into Veilstone knowing that Team Galactic's HQ is here he thought they had balls or were just really stupid...or both.

Being in Veilstone gave Lucas a feeling he couldn't explain; he knew it wasn't smart to be in this city right now but he also really wanted someone from Team Galactic to mess with them, it's like he welcomed the danger. He felt like Barry which was always nice to him.

"Any piece of advice Looker?" Barry asked.

"Stay careful you guys have my number if you see anything or are in trouble let me know," Looker said, getting up.

"You can't leave, you just got here," Dawn said.

"I'm UC for these guys. It's bad enough I left the office. Being seen with you is almost a death sentence for me, just watch your backs, they aren't taking you guys lightly anymore," Looker said, putting down money for their drinks.

Looker left with some information on Mike's family it made it easier for what he was going to pull.

"It is getting late, I should get back home I got papers to work on," Dawn said, getting up.

"Oh wait Dawn here," Lucas said, sending Dawn the photos of the Solaceon Ruins and files of the Unowns he got.

"What's this?" Dawn asked.

"Some photos and files on Unowns, I was hoping you could help me decipher them, I wanna know more about the language," Lucas said.

"I have friends that study them...I'll see what I can get also I have something for you two," Dawn said, pulling out two discs.

"A cd?" Barry said, looking at it.

"You dipshit it's an HM," Lucas said, thumping Barry over the head.

"Contains Fly, probably the most useful HM of them all," Dawn said.

"AWESOME," Barry shouted.

Lucas' heart was pounding, he had heard of Fly but never expected to get it anytime soon, Staraptor could easily use this and now traveling was much easier for Lucas. He could go to any previously traveled place in Sinnoh. Staraptor only knew how to go to previously visited areas of Sinnoh, that was pretty much the only limit for Fly traveling besides cross-regions.

"Thanks, Dawn," Barry said, hugging Dawn and ran out of the restaurant.

"You really gonna give him Fly?" Lucas asked.

"He'll be fine...I think," Dawn laughed.

Team Galactic HQ

Michael Rollins

"He was at my family's house Cyrus," Mike said stressed.

"I don't know what you would like me to do about that Mike, Lucas can go wherever he pleases how did he even find out about them?" Cyrus asked.

"My sister let him in, he was just in the town it was a total accident," Mike said, leaning back.

Mike was still shooke by the fact that his organization's enemy was at his family's home. Lucas could screw everything up, he couldn't take that chance.

"I want total protection of my family, have some grunts guard my family's house so that he never comes back," Mike said, standing up and pacing around the room.

"Mike we have a lot of members but not that many, we aren't Team Rocket," Cyrus said.

"Well can't you get Simon to send some protection over here or something?" Mike asked.

"Please, I can sweet talk a lot of people my friend but Simon is a different breed of person," Cyrus said, looking through papers.

It was true, Simon was seen as a very violent psychopath that ruled Team Rocket with an iron fist, nobody dared to cross him he even proved to be more threatening than Giovanni. Simon took over control after Giovanni disappeared after the whole ordeal with Red and Blue. Cyrus was on his good side and didn't want to compromise that by asking for petty favors. Mike was a friend and one of his most trusted members but even Cyrus had his limits for helping him.

"I'm sorry Mike, you're gonna have to deal with this on your own," Cyrus said.

"Great, any updates on the big plan?" Mike asked.

"Mike come on I love ya but you know only me and Charon discuss those plans," Cyrus said, looking up at him.

"Come on man just give me something," Mike pleaded.

" know the god of Pokemon?" Cyrus asked.

"Arceus?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, we what do you think would happen if we could control him," Cyrus grinned.

"And how do you plan to do that, we don't even know if Arceus exists," Mike said, raising an eyebrow.

"Sorry but that's all you're getting for now," Cyrus said.

Mike sighed, he wished he could learn all about this secret plan but he had to deal with the cards he was given. He knew he would know eventually but he had a constant problem with wanting all the information at one time, it made it easier to plan things out.

"What do you say we grab some dinner tomorrow, the bistro sounds good" Mike suggested.

"I'm down, I'll meet you at the bistro tomorrow at 8," Cyrus said, signing some papers.

"Sounds good to me," Mike said, walking out.

Mike left the building and decided to go back to his family's house, he wanted to see them and see if Lucas said anything suspicious. Meanwhile, Looker ran to call his commanding officer after eavesdropping on their conversation. He needed to listen in on that meeting, it could contain something useful. He needed help though, thankfully he knew just who to call, an old friend.

Chapter Text

Eterna City Diner, Sinnoh

7 am

Hunter "Looker" Langley

Looker waited at the diner. He was used to getting up early from being undercover, he knew Mike and Cyrus were gonna meet but he needed some help to record the conversation. He couldn't risk being seen as an agent so he decided to leave the city for this meeting. With him was his CO, Lt. Ryan Murphy who he had since grown to like ever since starting this undercover assignment. Looker has an idea for how to get perfect feedback from their dinner and it required an old friend.

"You sure he's gonna be here?" Murphy said, sipping his coffee.

"He said he would, short notice but he's always been great at arriving on time, you know that," Looker said.

Agent 2nd Grade: Hunter "Looker" Langley

Home Region: Hoenn

Years Active:

1985-1989 (Criminal Tracking Squad/Hoenn Narcotics Division)

1989-1991 (Kanto Counter-Terrorism Division)

1991-Present (Sinnoh Counter-Terrorism Division)

Badge Number: 4690

"If this plan works I'll be impressed, this is very risky for both you and him Langley," Murphy said, looking at Looker.

Lt. Ryan Murphy

Home Region: Alola

Years Active:

1968-1990 (Alola Homicide Division)

1990-2005 (Kanto Counter-Terrorism Division)

2005-Present (Sinnoh Counter-Terrorism Division)

Badge Number: formerly 5294, Retired since becoming Lt.

"I know but we have to try, never know what they could say," Looker said, getting up.

"He's here?" Murphy asked.

"Yea," Looker smiled.

Looker walked over to the entrance to see someone he hadn't seen in a very long time. The glue that held the group together at first, Agent Aaron Black.

"FNG," Aaron said with a smile.

"Hey Aaron, good to see you again," Looker said, hugging him.

Agent 1st Grade: Aaron Black

Home Region: Unova

Years Active:

1977-1989 (Unova Foreign Affairs Division)

1989-1991 (Kanto Counter-Terrorism Division)

1991-Present (Unova Counter-Terrorism Division)

Badge Number: 6462

Aaron, Looker, and Oscar never lost contact after their mission in Kanto. Despite them all being separated they always called each other when they could and when Looker asked for Aaron's help he was more than happy to lend a hand.

"Lt. Murphy you remember Aaron," Looker said.

"Like hell I do, good to see you again Black," Murphy said, extending his hand.

"Lt. now huh congrats," Aaron said, shaking his hand.

"That's right, last time you saw me I was a Sgt.," Murphy laughed.

There was one time 437 reunited and it wasn't under the best terms. After Maxie betrayed the agency, 437 was called to Hoenn to assist in taking Team Magma down after Maxie's betrayal the higher-ups decided to put Ryan Murphy in charge of the unit. After his work, he was promoted to Lt. and sent to Sinnoh with Looker.

"Now we are meeting on better terms," Aaron said, sitting down.

"That's right, ever talk to your former partner?" Murphy asked.

"Every now and then...he's doing alright in there," Aaron said.

Aaron and Maxie were partners within 437 and had their own bond just like Oscar and Looker. While Aaron despised what Maxie did and how he left he couldn't bring himself to hate him personally and even went to visit him in prison every now and then.

"How are the twins?" Looker asked.

"Hilbert's alright he wants to be like me when he gets older and Hilda takes after Katie and wants to be a Pokemon Trainer," Aaron said.

"How old are they now?" Murphy asked.

"15, Hilda's started studying with Professor Juniper about Pokemon and all that trainer stuff, Katie is thrilled by it," Aaron laughed.

"Hilbert?" Looker asked.

"Focusing on school and taking the entrance exam for the academy, I mean I didn't exactly want him to be in the agency but...what can you do," Aaron said, sipping some water.

"Good to hear, now then let's get to business. We have a mission going on right now, where you debriefed?" Murphy asked.

"Uh yeah, Looker's UC for Team Galactic that's all I got now I'm more than happy to help you guys but I got my own situation in Unova going on right now," Aaron said.

"We understand that but Looker thought you would be good for this job, it's a one-and-down deal then you can go back," Murphy said.

"What's the job?" Aaron asked.

"Tonight I have two targets meeting in a restaurant in Veilstone City, they could be dropping details on plans that I have been trying to find for a while now and we need that conversation recorded and their meeting watched," Looker said.

"And that requires me because?" Aaron asked.

"The targets know me and this needs to be off the record and who better than an agent out of the region," Looker said.

Aaron raised his eyebrow and looked at Murphy, having a meeting recorded off the record was rare and Aaron had never done it before.

"Trust me I'm skeptical too but if it works this could help our case tremendously," Murphy said.

"...what do I have to do?" Aaron asked.

Veilstone City, Sinnoh

2 pm

Lucas Diamond

Lucas walked up to the gym but this time the gym nerves were gone. After battling all the other gym leaders before Maylene he knew what to expect from both pre-gym battles and the gym battle itself. After doing some research on Maylene he figured the best bet would be to lead with Staraptor. If he was lucky he could sweep her team. Though it was unlikely, he knew that she was a fighting type gym leader all of if not most of her team would be fighting types. Barry gave him some tips on the battle which was not like him but so he was hesitant to take it but it might come into play.

Lucas walked into the gym and it was a boxing gym layout. Rings surrounded the area with punching bags swinging to the sides. It seemed the only way to get through the gym was to move these bags and traverse through the rings to the gym leader. In classic format, trainers were everywhere just waiting to challenge Lucas. The walls were black and the area had an almost broadcast fight feel to it. The gymed smelled like sweat and was full of warm air that almost made Lucas gag upon entering.

"This is a gym after all both pokemon and real-life training," Lucas said, walking through the gym.

The air was getting to Lucas so much that he took off his coat only wearing his red short-sleeved shirt. He also removed his scarf and hat, one because it was too hot and two because he valued them so much that he didn't want any of the stenches from the gym to ruin them. Normally he would have a pokemon walking alongside him for the number of battles he was going through but he was scared the smell and air would make them pass out. Eventually, he cleared the gym, moved countless punching bags, and ran through rings. He felt as if he was working out himself.

"H-holy shit, this place is disgusting and work out inducing," Lucas said, panting.

"Don't insult my sanctuary!" Someone shouted.

Lucas looked behind him expecting the gym leader to emerge, expecting a fight with someone who looks like a rock. Someone who looks like Brock from the Kanto region. To his surprise, he saw a short girl with no shoes on squinting at him almost as if he had just told a little girl no to some candy.

"Um, who are you?" Lucas asked with a raised brow.

"They call me the bare-foot fighting genius, Maylene!" Maylene said with pride.

She looks like a beauty pageant entry...

"You're the gym leader!" Lucas said almost shocked.

"Yes, I am, got a problem with that?" Maylene asked.

"S-sorry I just expected something else," Lucas said, smirking.

Maylene sighed and responded by kicking Lucas in the "sensitive" area. As Lucas fell to the ground she smirked at him and crouched down.

"Uh-huh," Maylene smirked.

"My apologies," Lucas grunted while holding his "sensitive" area.

Maylene laughed and helped Lucas back up. She went on to explain how she was the youngest gym leader in the region and didn't get offended by Lucas's comment as she had heard it before.

"So why did you kick me in the dick then?" Lucas grunted.

"Because you deserved it, I can take comments but no one will laugh at me in my gym," Maylene said sternly.

"Understood," Lucas said.

"Now then I suppose you are here for a badge," Maylene said.

"You read my mind," Lucas said.

"Well then, stand and get ready to fight," Maylene said, getting into an actual fighting position.

"Wait not an actual fight!" Lucas said, tensing up.

Maylene laughed, that's something she always did to trainers and all of them had given the same reaction except for her opponent before Lucas, he had blonde hair and immediately tried to tackle Maylene.

"I'm just kidding with ya, I've seen you on tv. I know what your team is capable of and I look forward to seeing how my pokemon fair against yours," Maylene grinned while pulling out a Pokeball.

"Well then, you go first...genius," Lucas mocked.

Chapter 20: Lucas vs Maylene

COF: Lucas Diamond

GYM BATTLE: Lucas Diamond vs Leader Maylene (5 on 3)

"Meditite, show 'em your fighting spirit!" Maylene shouted as she sent out Meditite.

Meditite stood in zen mode but ready to fight. The psychic/fighting type eyed Lucas as if saying bring it.

"Staraptor, lead us to victory!" Lucas yelled, sending Staraptor out.

Staraptor flew off the ground and eyed Meditite. Despite the size difference the two pokemon seemed evenly matched. Staraptor had the type advantage with Meditite being a fighting type but Psychic was always formidable to any pokemon. Their moves were random and didn't even have to have physical contact to be effective.

"Meditite, use Rock Tomb," Maylene ordered.

Meditite wasted no time and soon rocks were falling on Staraptor. Luckily she was able to dodge most of the rocks but was hit by a few. Obviously, she had taken some damage but thanks to her evolution and endurance training she was still a heavy hitter.

"Staraptor, use Fly," Lucas ordered.

Staraptor grabbed Meditite and flew above the arena. Fly was a very powerful move despite it being an HM, it was still a move a lot of flying specialists had in their arsenal.

"Meditite, quickly use Confusion!" Maylene yelled.

Meditite snapped Staraptor into a state of confusion but not before Staraptor slammed Meditite to the ground inflicting serious damage. Staraptor confusingly went back to Lucas. When a pokemon gets confused their mind is in a constant state of nausea making it hard for pokemon to focus on something also causing their vision to become blurry.

"Star, snap out of it, come on," Lucas pleaded.

"Meditite, another Rock Tomb let's go!" Maylene shouted.

Meditite made me rocks fall on Staraptor and this time she took way more rocks to the face. However, she was still up, very weak but up.

Fuck I can't have my star pokemon out on the first round!

Lucas's mind was racing; he had to figure out a way to get out of this. Despite Meditite being weak, Staraptor was weak AND confused.

"Staraptor, come back to life for a second and use a Brave Bird!" Lucas yelled.

Lucas knew that Staraptor had a limited amount of time so he wanted to at least take out the psychic. Staraptor came to her senses just long enough to slam herself with force into Meditite knocking them both out.

"Suicide, interesting but smart play," Maylene commented, putting Meditite back into his ball.

"Confusion...annoying move," Lucas smirked, putting Staraptor back in her ball.

"Hey all's fair, Machoke let's do this," Maylene said, releasing Machoke into the field.

Lucas sat there a bit, with Staraptor out of the equation he needed someone who could stand with Machoke.

"Monferno, come on out!" Lucas shouted, releasing Monferno into the field.

Monferno can at least hold his own.

"Machoke, use Karate Chop!" Maylene shouted.

Machoke rushed at Monferno slapping one of his huge arms onto him, pushing Monferno to the ground. Monferno looked up at Machoke with disbelief, he had never been sent to the ground that fast before.

"Monferno, use Flame Wheel!" Lucas yelled.

Before Machoke could get back, Monferno sent a fast Flame Wheel into his face, sending Machoke back. Fire attacks didn't do a super amount of damage to Machoke but it hurt him nonetheless.

"Monferno, don't let him breathe, use Cut!" Lucas shouted.

Monferno rushed at Machoke ready to slice him but Maylene was quick on the trigger.

"Machoke, use Strength!" Maylene yelled.

Just as Monferno cut Machoke, he was sent flying back by Machoke with a Strength hit. Monferno was durable but Machoke's size and power were starting to wear him down. Luckily Machoke was starting to show some weakness as well. Monferno was shocked again he had never seen a pokemon this tough before. Maylene's training made her pokemon very hard-hitting and durable but luckily for Lucas his pokemon only uses 100 percent of their strength when hitting attacks.

"Monferno, you okay?" Lucas asked.

Monferno looked back and nodded. He was hurt but okay but he was visibly starting to get angry with himself and Machoke.

"Okay let's do this, another Flame Wheel!" Lucas ordered.

Monferno sent another big Flame Wheel towards Machoke and in a quick turn, Machoke sent rocks flying to Monferno with a Rock Tomb. Both pokemon were hit with attacks. Monferno started to bleed from the head with a cut and Machoke fell to his knees and showed visible burn marks on his chest. These attacks did real harm to the pokemon but neither of them stood down.

"Machoke, steady now Focus Energy," Maylene said.

Machoke steadied himself and seemed to stand still and power up, Lucas thought this was bad Machoke already was a heavy hitter but now he would be even more powerful.

"Monferno, quickly use a Burning Mach Punch!" Lucas yelled.

Monferno lit his hand on fire and launched right at Machoke with a burning fist. Monferno slammed his fist into Machokes jaw inflicting serious damage not from the fighting move but from the sheer power the move packed. Monferno put his all into this punch he hated how he had been losing fights recently and thought this was his redemption. He wanted to show Lucas that he could still be his top pokemon. Unfortunately, Machoke also had something up his sleeve.

"Machoke, Karate Chop!" Maylene commanded.

Machoke slammed a chop down on Monferno. Lucas, fearing the worst, reached for Monferno's ball but looked up to see Maylene's face in shock.

What the hell?

Lucas looked at the fight to see Monferno grabbing Machoke's chop, not letting it hit him. Where did this strength come from? How the hell could Monferno resist a chop that had been powered up by a Focus Energy?

Monferno stared a hole through Machoke, not only was he pissed that the Mach Punch didn't knock him down but he was pissed that he was already out of energy but for some reason the rage he had in his body made him regain that energy and more. Monferno's grip got tighter and his body got hotter. He grew instantly and pushed Machoke back with his grip. His fire grew hotter and burned Machoke more. Monferno roared as his transformation ended, he was now an Infernape.

Lucas was astounded. First Staraptor evolving, now Infernape. His top pokemon were getting to be at their best! Maylene was amazed at the new pokemon. His heat, she could feel it from where she was standing. Machoke looked at Infernape with grit trying to push his attack down but with no luck. Infernape grinned and punched Machoke back, knocking him down for good.

"HOLY SHIT, MON," Lucas shouted with a smile.

Infernape looked back with a smirk and looked at himself, he felt stronger and his energy had come back he felt that he was faster than ever.

"Damn, this is it my last pokemon...if he's gonna get this badge, I'm not gonna make it easy for him," Maylene thought.

"Lucario, give 'em one hell of a last stand," Maylene shouted, sending Lucario out into the field.

Lucas looked in awe, Lucario was always one of his favorite pokemon to watch on tv. He was so cool to him, his figure, his moves, his style of fighting. Lucas almost forgot he was in a gym battle and focused on Lucario for a moment.

Infernape slapped Lucas on the shoulder as if saying hey dumbass.

"What...oh yeah, Infernape let's end this, Flame Wheel," Lucas commanded.

Infernape sent a massive wheel of fire towards Lucario, Lucas still had the type advantage but he knew how tough Lucarios could be and while he had faith in his newly evolved starter he knew it wasn't going to be easy.

Lucario rapidly dashed past the Flame Wheel with its famous speed. Lucas was shocked and in awe, it was so cool he was ashamed to admit.

"Lucario, Bone Rush," Maylene ordered.

Lucario with its incredible speed hit the attack twice causing a good amount of damage from the typing onto Infernape but Infernape retaliated with another Flame Wheel this time hitting Lucario sending him back.

Lucario grunted at the fire type, he hated fire moves for the amount of damage they did to him.

"Infernape, rush on it with a Burning Mach Punch," Lucas ordered.

"Lucario, meet him with a Drain Punch!" Maylene yelled.

The two pokemon rushed at each other and Lucario was the first to hit his attack, draining Infernape of energy but was quickly met with the burning fist. Both pokemon were hurt from the attack but Lucario seemed to have more energy.

Lucas thought for a while, he needed to find a way to get an upper hand on Lucario. A move that would guarantee victory if it hit. It hit him, he knew how to get the upper hand.

"Infernape, come back," Lucas signaled with his hand.

Maylene was confused, Lucas wasn't allowed to switch pokemon out mid-battle, what was he planning? As a professional courtesy, she allowed him to talk with his pokemon.

"Lucario, rest up in the meantime," Maylene ordered.

Lucas whispered in Infernape's ear. He had a crazy idea but if it worked that badge was as good as his.

"You got it?" Lucas asked.

Infernape nodded with uncertainty.

"Hey, you got this you made me proud out there already, you've been wanting to do this move for a long time and I know you can do it. WHO'S GONNA WIN THAT BADGE!" Lucas shouted.

Infernape roared.

"WHO'S GONNA LOSE?" Lucas asked.

Infernape looked at Lucario.

"NOW GO BEAT HIS ASS!" Lucas yelled.

Infernaped yelled and charged at Lucario. Maylene was confused but wary as she commanded Lucario to do another Drain Punch. Lucario ran up to Infernape readying his fist to make an impact.

"DO IT NOW!" Lucas ordered.

Infernape harnessed the fire within him and created a flame in his hand that grew hotter by the second. He harnessed its power and before he knew shot the beam of fire at Lucario, Flamethrower. Lucario tried to back away but was too late and was engulfed in the flames. Infernape ran through the flames and smashed his fist in Lucario, delivering the hardest Burning Mach Punch yet. Lucario was sent into the wall and fell. It was all over, Lucas had won.

"I'M A GODDAMN GENIUS, NICE WORK INFERNAPE," Lucas said, running over to Infernape.

Infernape tiredly sat down and smiled at Lucas. He heard the words that he was proud of him in his head over and over, it was music to Infernape's ears.

Maylene was in shock a double attack that fast was hard to pull off but Lucas managed to do it and the fact that he knew that Lucario would try another Drain Punch...he really was that good.

"Wow, now that was fighting spirit," Maylene smiled.

"Thanks, that was amazing, so much fun, you really kept me on edge the whole time," Lucas smiled back.

Maylene reached into a shiny box and pulled out the Cobble Badge and handed it to Lucas.

"You earned it, well done Lucas," Maylene smiled.

"I love these moments, it's so rewarding," Lucas said, taking the badge.

"With this badge, you can now use Fly outside the battlefield, also more respect," Maylene said, putting her hands together and bowing, a show of respect.

Lucas bowed himself and thanked Maylene for a great battle.

"Come back, I'd love to kick your ass in a rematch," Maylene laughed.

"Oh I won't forget that offer, thank you also one day I will free this city of Team Galactic's rule, hang in there," Lucas said seriously.

Maylene smiled, Team Galactic had made visitors in Veilstone almost a rare occurrence. The only reason grunts didn't harass Maylene was because she would kick their asses but she always wanted someone to take them out. And if anyone could do it, she was looking at the guy.

Lucas walked out of the gym with pride and looked at his new Cobble Badge.

4 down 4 to go!

Chapter Text

Chapter 21: Undercover

COF: Aaron Black

Motel, Veilstone City

2 pm

Aaron sat up in his motel bed thinking about the plan Murphy and Looker told him. The role was that Aaron would be playing a waiter at the bistro Mike and Cyrus were meeting at. There he would set up a microphone at their table and observe them while Looker and Murphy watch from the sidelines. With Looker already being undercover he couldn't risk being seen by them and Murphy was a well-known LT. in Sinnoh. They chose Aaron because he was out of the region and no one knew about him.

It had been quite some time since Aaron was undercover, he was always someone to enjoy being an agent rather than playing the role of someone who wasn't. The role was only for one night so he figured he could do it. He wanted to get back to Unova to deal with their Team Plasma problem.

While in Unova, Aaron was assigned to investigate Team Plasma and find ways to gather information about their leaders, the Seven Sages. This team was different from Aaron, normally when he traveled the world it would be far away from his home region but Team Plasma was where he lived, where Katie lived, where Hilbert and Hilda lived. As a father and a husband, he wanted to do everything in his power to make sure his family was in a safe home. And they did, Aaron and Katie found a nice place in the quiet part of Unova, Nuvema Town, where the crime was almost non-existent even with Team Plasma in the region.

Aaron had a small smile on his face when he thought about his kids, the happiest moment of his life was when he held them for the first time, now they are 15 in the blink of an eye. He moved to Unova's Counter-Terrorism to be around them more, he was always away before and it even caused tension on his marriage but ever since moving back to Unova life had been good for the 1st Grade Agent.

"Alright Aaron, might as well look around the city," Aaron said, getting up.

To maintain the role even before tonight, Aaron didn't bring his gun and kept his badge hidden in his pocket. With a heavy presence of Team Galactic in the area, he didn't want anyone recognizing him in the bistro. Aaron walked into Veilstone and was amazed by the layout, it was huge but smaller than Castelia City. For being a city in the control of a terrorist organization, it operated normally and people went to work and kids were playing in the street. It was almost odd to Aaron who in his career had seen firsthand how much harm these organizations could be, his stomach still turns when he thinks about Lavender Town.

"Seems, they have all gotten used to Team Galactic...sad," Aaron said, walking around.

The city was clean with blacktop covering the streets and large stairways leading up to more buildings. The city had this clean atmosphere that was much better than Castelia. The black ground made everything else pop that remotely had any color which contrasted nicely with the cool blue sky of Sinnoh. Aaron walked into a diner, he just something quick to eat but ended up sitting down at a bar.

"Hi there, what can I get you?" A waitress asked.

"Um, just a cheeseburger, medium rare please," Aaron said.

"Okay, medium-rare, I'll get that right out sweetie," The waitress said, walking away.

Aaron looked up at the tv to see two kids on tv, they looked to be about only 18. The reporter was talking about how they could be the savior of this region.

Aaron had heard about trainers severely helping a region be free of rules of teams. He heard of Red and Blue of Kanto, Wes and Rui from Orre, and Brendan and May from Hoenn. Though he never had a pokemon himself he always enjoyed the career path of a trainer, the freedom to do whatever you want and learn so much on the road was comparable to that of an IP agent. Looker had told him about Lucas but he was seeing first hand how much effect he has had on Sinnoh in a short amount of time.

"Man that Lucas kid is incredible, Barry too, god bless them," A man said, sipping his beer.

"Yeah, but did you hear about what's going on in Johto?" Another man asked.

"Johto it's always Johto with you Frank huh," The man replied.

"Hey, I just like to keep tabs on what's happening over there Kevin," Frank said.

Aaron looked away from the two but listened to them. He was always interested in what's happening in other regions, after being in Foreign Affairs for so many years he was always so interested in too many things at once. One week he would be in Kanto, another he would be in Alola. This sudden change of locations always made him so interested in affairs outside of his home region. The last time he was in Johto, everything looked fine but this was before Simon Walsh took over Team Rocket.

"So what's happening over in Kanto's shadow huh?" Kevin asked.

"Apparently some kid named Ethan is messing with Simon's plans for domination in Johto, kinda like Lucas here," Frank said.

"Not for long, that Simon guy is one nutcase, lunatic if I may add," Kevin said.

"Yeah, but check it out, there's even a video of him," Frank said, pulling out his phone.

Aaron looked over Kevin's shoulder to get a view of the video. Not only was the name Ethan interesting to him but hearing about another team was always something he was willing to hear.

"So today we have here the local hero of Johto, Ethan Gold, who has stood up to Team Rocket as of late, Ethan why are you doing this?" A reporter asked.

Ethan took the mic and looked into the camera. He wore a backward cap and had on a red sweatshirt, his hair was neat under his hat with a little sticking out, and had dark brown eyes. His face was full of confidence and always seemed to have this grin on his face that would annoy others.

"Well it's quite simple...they suck," Ethan smiled.

"Well...some people have even called you a local hero, what do you say to that?" The reporter asked.

"Hey, being a hero gets you lots of ladies right, in seriousness though I'm glad people see me as this savior of the know I think I can make that stick, Ethan the savior of the masses what do you think?" Ethan laughed.

The reporter chuckled alongside him. Despite being in a dangerous situation Ethan always seemed to have a smile on his face and even laughed at the danger.

"I think that could stick very well, is there any message you wanna send to Team Rocket?" The reporter asked.

Ethan looked right into the camera and grinned.

"Is that all you got?" Ethan grinned while taunting Team Rocket.

"Man this kid makes Lucas look like the most mature person in the world," Frank laughed.

"Hey, I kinda like him, if he can find a way to laugh in a horrible situation like Team Rocket, there's gotta be some hope for the citizens there," Kevin said.

Aaron looked at the video and had a small smile, it was nice to see trainers go out of their way to help others, sure being an IP agent had its perks like being seen as heroes by the masses but it always made Aaron smile to know that others are willing to help. The IP has a history of working with trainers, they help agents get involved with pokemon crimes especially in the Pokemon Rescue Division which focuses on pokemon crimes such as trafficking, murder, abuse of any kind, and so much more.

Aaron ate his food, paid the bill, and walked out. He went to the bistro he was going to be in. The IP had contacted the owner of the bistro and told her that Aaron would be joining them tonight for police matters. All Aaron had to do was go in through the back and meet with her. But in typical fashion, Aaron wanted to meet the woman he would be working with tonight before everything went down.

The bistro was fancy with white as the walls but had dim lights to set a romantic mood for couples and a calm mood for others. He even thought about bringing Katie here sometime. Aaron met with the owner of the building who took him to her office. She was a short woman with blonde hair, she looked nervous and Aaron understood.

"You must be the agent," The owner said.

"Agent Aaron Black, nice to meet you," Aaron said, extending his hand and showing his badge.

"Ashley," Ashley said, shaking his hand.

"I see you're nervous but I can assure you everything is under control," Aaron said.

"So what is this about?" Ashley asked.

"I can't tell you much, all you need to know is tonight two guests will be here, they are very dangerous and no one should approach them except for me," Aaron said.

"Okay, I have gotten your waiter outfit, it's in the closet to my left, when you come through the back, there is a key under the dumpster, use that to get into my office and change," Ashley said.

"Understood, the IP thanks you for your cooperation," Aaron said.

"Of course, Veilstone is already under Team Galactic control, anything to help take them down," Ashley said.

Aaron left the bistro and back to his motel room, he decided to call Murphy, Looker was in his UC job at the moment so calling him would be dangerous.

"Murphy," Murphy answered.

"Hey Lt. I spoke with the owner of the bistro, I need to know what table the targets will be at," Aaron said.

"Looker should have that information when he gets out, I'll have him call you with what you need to know," Murphy said.

"Yes sir, this is a bit nerve-wracking," Aaron chuckled.

"When was the last time you went under Black?" Murphy asked.

"Um...'93 I think, did some work with Unova terrorists importing drugs from Kalos, a joint operation with the Narcotics division, what about you sir?" Aaron asked.

"When I was in Homicide I did some undercover work with an underground hitman ring every day I feared for my life, the last and only time I did UC work for Homicide, I mean not much opportunity for it you know," Murphy said.

"Sir if you don't mind me asking, why did you leave Homicide?" Aaron asked.

"My old partner took a bullet that was meant for me...died in my arms that night, just had to get out of there, took the Sergeants exam and transferred to your unit after Maxie pulled his little episode," Murphy said, frowning on his side of the call.

"Sorry for asking," Aaron said.

"It was a long time ago, I wouldn't go back. It's nice to see some living bodies as well, you know in Homicide it's already too late but now I have the power to prevent those homicides, it's reassuring I guess," Murphy said.

"In Foreign Affairs I never saw bodies so switching to CT and seeing Lavender Town was rough, made me hug my wife harder when I saw her," Aaron said.

"I could only imagine what went through your heads that day, you got Rojas though, I gotta go, I'll radio you tonight," Murphy said.

"Understood," Aaron said, hanging up.

Aaron went to a local Pokemart, he wanted some Sinnoh famous MooMoo milk, he figured he oughta try it while in Sinnoh. The last time he was here he didn't even hear about it. While there he noticed someone, it was Lucas! He didn't expect to see him here but Looker did say he was in the area for a gym badge.

"Potions, revives, and drinks...all covered," Lucas said, looking into his bag.

"Taking inventory?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah, gym battle coming up then it's a haul to the next city," Lucas laughed.

"You're Lucas right?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah, seen me on tv?" Lucas assumed.

"No I'm friends with Looker," Aaron said.

"Oh...are you an agent?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, Aaron, thanks for helping us out with Team Galactic," Aaron thanked.

"Of course, these people have gotten away with too much. I got my own beef with them too," Lucas said.

"Well good luck and be careful," Aaron smiled.

"Thanks, where are you from?" Lucas asked.

"I work in Unova," Aaron said.

"Oh wow, I've always wanted to go there," Lucas said.

"Well if you ever get over there find me, I'll give ya a tour," Aaron laughed.

"Thanks, I have to go but it was nice meeting you, good luck with whatever you are doing," Lucas said, leaving the Pokemart.

Aaron bought the milk and went back to his motel room, being so far from home made him remember his days in Foreign Affairs where he would be away for months at a time sometimes. Even though he was gone for a day he did miss coming home to his family every night. He decided to call Katie to see how things were going.

"Hi honey," Katie answered the video call.

"'s it going over there?" Aaron asked.

"Hun, you've been gone for a day," Katie laughed.

"I know but it's just a funny feeling like I'm back at FA," Aaron laughed.

"Well Hilbert's in your file room again, looking at old cases you said you didn't keep anything confidential in there right?" Katie laughed.

"Yeah anything he finds in there is fine, he's 15 I'm sure he's heard of murder and drugs and all that," Aaron said.

"And Hilda is with Professor Juniper, she took her out on a field day to see cave Pokemon," Katie said.

"She's gonna be just like you," Aaron said.

"Oh please I hope not, I sucked as a trainer that's why I became a nurse instead," Katie laughed.

"Hey your Stoutland was cute, I miss him," Aaron said.

Like any other animal, Pokemon die of old age and that's what happened to Katie's first pokemon, he was a good Stoutland and was by her side her whole entire short-lived pokemon journey and even after when she became a Pokecenter nurse. However he passed away shortly after Hilbert and Hilda were born, it was a rough time for the both of them but because they just had kids they had to put off their grief. Luckily for them, Hilda and Hilbert proved to help them during that time.

"Remember when we first met, he bit my ankle," Aaron laughed.

"Hey it's not my fault you smelled like steak," Katie laughed.

"I just got out of a restaurant," Aaron commented.

Aaron and Katie during Aaron's 5th year as an agent, while he was home he met up with some old friends. They went out to eat and when they left, Katie's Stoutland decided that Aaron's leg was a steak. Katie being a nurse in training at the moment helped Aaron and the rest was history. Katie knew that Aaron's job would be hard to get used to but she didn't care. She loved him, they got married after dating for 4 years and 22 years of marriage later she still loves him with all her heart.

Aaron felt the same way, he thought how lucky he was to have a wife so supportive of his lifestyle, Aaron loved Katie but he also loved the IP. His grandfather was in the Narcotics division of the IP for Unova and his stories of saving people and catching bad guys inspired him. If Katie had made Aaron choose between his job and her, he honestly doesn't know what he would have chosen but lucky for him he never needed to.

"How's Sinnoh and Hunter?" Katie asked.

"He's the same, hyperfocused and he's UC right now, Sinnoh is nice very fucking cold didn't miss that," Aaron said.

"Hey we get bad temperatures here too you know that. UC huh can you tell me about it?" Katie asked.

"You know that answer hun," Aaron sighed.

"Eh thought I'd bother you anyway," Katie smiled.

Katie had gotten used to the fact that Aaron couldn't talk about his current mission most times, since he was in Counter-Terrorism a lot of what he did was secretive at the time it wasn't until months later after a mission was complete that he could only talk about certain parts of it.

"Put Hilbert on here please," Aaron said.

"Alright, HILBERT COME IN HERE PLEASE," Katie shouted.

Hilbert ran into the room with his usual attire, a blue sweatshirt and a red cap Aaron got him when they went to a Pokemon Stadium. His hair was all over the place as usual and had more of his mother's skin tone of light tan.

"Hi dad," Hilbert waved.

"Hey buddy, don't mess up my file room will ya, I use it for work," Aaron laughed.

"I know dad, just looking at stuff it's so cool," Hilbert smiled.

"You know the rules, Hilbert you have to wait until you're 18 to join if that's what you even really wanna do," Aaron said.

"We went over this dad, I'm going to join," Hilbert said.

Aaron was proud that his son wanted to do what he did but he was also scared. Everything he had seen in his career he didn't know if he wanted Hilbert to be exposed to the same things.

The job was also dangerous, everyday Aaron was lucky he didn't get hurt or even killed but once Hilbert turned 18 unfortunately Aaron had no say in what he did. And he would never sabotage his application for the academy, at some point Aaron had to realize that he couldn't protect his kids forever. He was even scared of Hilda going on an adventure, she would be so far away and he knew what that was like but again at some point, he just had to let them go.

"When are you coming, home dad?" Hilbert asked.

"A couple of days Hilbert, the ride back home takes a long time you know that," Aaron said.

"Yeah, hey I think I found a clue for a case at home," Hilbert said.

"Oh, let me hear it," Aaron said.

"If a couple was found murdered in Team Plasma territory wouldn't it just be easy to find the latest member of Team Plasma that was with them?" Hilbert asked.

"True but a lot of variables to consider, when did he or she see them, what's the connection between the suspect and victims, etc. you'll learn about all of these in the academy and just experience," Aaron said.

"Damn, I gotta keep looking, bye dad love ya," Hilbert said, running off.

"Look familiar?" Katie smirked.

"God it's like me with my grandpa," Aaron laughed.

"He wants to be like you, nothing wrong with that babe," Katie said.

"I know just...wanna protect them forever you know even Hilda I'm scared for," Aaron said.

"And your parents didn't have the same fear when you first enlisted?" Katie said, raising an eyebrow.

"True, I guess, hey I wanna talk about something," Aaron said.

"What's up?" Katie asked.

"I'm getting older, maybe it's time for me to hang up my gun," Aaron said.

"I mean you have been in IP for 30 plus years hun it might be time to think about it," Katie said.

"Yeah I know," Aaron said.

"I don't wanna offend you but how much longer can you do stuff like this babe we aren't in our 20 and 30's anymore," Katie said.

"I know I know...I would get most of my pension so I don't know let's talk about it more when I get home I just wanted to bring it up," Aaron said.

"Well when you get home we'll sit down, look at the finances and the future, and figure it out," Katie smiled.

"Alright, I have to go, I gotta get ready for something, I'll call you when I leave Sinnoh," Aaron said.

" safe please, I always worry when you leave," Katie frowned.

"I know I'll live," Aaron laughed.

"You better, I love you," Katie laughed.

"Love you too, bye," Aaron laughed as he hung up.

Ashley's Bistro, Veilstone City

8 pm

"Radio clear?" Looker said through the radio.

"Loud and clear," Aaron said through his earpiece.

"Okay, once we kick this off I won't talk much. I sent you pictures of your target and their table, got that information earlier today, being UC has its perks I guess," Looker said.

"Just plant the microphone and keep an eye on them, make sure no one else interacts with them tonight," Murphy said.

"Rog' heading over to the table now," Aaron said, leaving Ashley's office.

Aaron walked over to a fancy table near the window, he placed a salt shaker that doubled as a microphone and recorder. The IP had a knack for making secret recording devices. The shaker had the microphone on its top that was sealed into the shaker, they would have no idea.

"This meeting better have something important Looker, I swear to Arceus," Aaron said.

"If not then I'll buy the beers," Looker laughed.

"Great now you sound like Oscar," Aaron said, walking back to the kitchen.

Cyrus and Mike walked into the bistro and sat at their table. They were dressed fancily and had smiles on their faces, Aaron didn't know how Cyrus managed to keep his name out of the news for so long but it made it easy for him to blend in with the civilians and he hadn't even heard of Mike until he was debriefed on Looker's assignment.

Aaron had a body cam in his uniform which he faced towards Cyrus and Mike.

"Is that them?" Aaron asked, he had pictures of them but he wanted to confirm it.

"Yeah, that's them, keep it cool Aaron," Looker said.

"Got it now shut up," Aaron chuckled and walked over to the two.

"Finally get to try this place," Mike said.

"Good evening gentleman, welcome to Ashley's Bistro I'll be your waiter today my name is Samuel can I start you two off with anything to drink?" Aaron asked, assuming a role.

Mike looked at Aaron and thought he looked familiar; his face seemed to be something in his mind that he couldn't place at the time. He shrugged it off, for now, might have been his work paranoia getting to him after hours.

"I'll have a bottle of red wine please," Cyrus said.

"Wine ew what are you 40? I'll get a bottle of beer, anything you got," Mike laughed.

"Haha wonderful I'll get those right away for you, enjoy your meal tonight gentlemen," Aaron said.

Unlike Oscar, Aaron could remain cool in the face of enemies. His ability to remain calm under pressure was something that made Aaron shine as an agent, and as for pressure being up close to a leader of a terrorist group and also being face to face with one of his most trusted employees would make anyone uncomfortable.

Aaron walked back to the kitchen to see Ashley waiting for him.

"How are they?" Ashley asked.

"Right now they are just normal customers, you told everyone to stay away right?" Aaron asked.

"Um yeah I told them that you were their specific host they were relieved we're packed tonight anyway," Ashley said.

"Yeah this place is nice, might be somewhere me and my wife would like to come too," Aaron said.

"Oh please if you do ever come just find me and I'll make sure you two are taken care of, on the house as well," Ashley smiled.

"Wow thank you," Aaron smiled back.

"Hey, you're helping all of us by getting these bastards off the streets even if it's not right now I'm glad the IP is stepping in," Ashley said.

In a warehouse miles away, Murphy and Looker were listening in on both Aaron and Mike and Cyrus.

"Was he always a lady's man?" Murphy asked.

"Nah that's mostly Oscar or myself," Looker said.

"No wonder you two were partners," Murphy said.

"So with the three guardians everything is set we just need a date," Mike said.

"We need to do it all at once capturing those three pokemon is essential to our plans," Cyrus said.

"I don't know we'll figure it out next meeting, so come on Cyrus spill the beans on this master plan," Mike urged.

"Michael I told you my friend I can't, no offense but you don't even have that clearance," Cyrus said.

"At least tell me what it involves," Mike said.

"Total control of the universe, it has two parts. Part one will be coming very soon. Tell me Mike have you ever heard of Giratina?" Cyrus asked.

"Devil right?" Mike asked.

"Correct well his world is something only seen in myths but not to us, we found a way to get there," Cyrus smiled.

"The fuck are they talking about?" Looker asked.

"Giratina was supposed to be the ruler of the Distortion World or hell, that doesn't exist," Murphy said confused.

"How the hell are we supposed to get there?" Mike asked.

"That's what the lake guardians are for. We can harness their power and use it to open a portal but we also need one more thing, well two things," Cyrus said.

"What are those?" Mike asked.

"Sorry Mike, that's all you're getting and I'm serious this time that part of the plan is still in the planning stages," Cyrus said.

"We're dealing with some mystical shit Cyrus you sure you know what you're doing?" Mike asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh trust me my friend when you see it all unfold there won't be anything mythical about it," Cyrus said.

"This is bad whatever their planning could be on a scale of Team Magma and Aqua awakening Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, that shit almost destroyed Hoenn," Looker said.

"Even worse, Giratina is more powerful than those three put together, if they are onto something we need to figure it out," Murphy said.

"Yeah well even Mike doesn't know about it...but I think I know who does," Looker said.

"Who?" Murphy asked.

"Lead Scientist Charon. He and Cyrus are pretty much as close as him and Mike," Looker said.

Aaron walked over to the two men again with their drinks.

"And have you decided on anything to eat tonight gentlemen?" Aaron asked.

"I'll have the clam sauce pasta," Cyrus said.

"I'll do a Filet Mignon medium rare," Mike said.

"Excellent I'll be right back and just curious where are you two from?" Aaron asked.

"Why?" Mike asked.

"Just always nice to know where my customers come from. We get lots of people out of the region," Aaron said.

"I'm from Hoenn," Mike said.

"What the fuck?" Looker said.

"What?" Murphy said.

"He told me he was from Alola," Looker said.

"...what else did he lie to you about...and is he even telling the truth now?" Murphy asked.

"I'm from Hoenn, which makes it even worse. First I gotta deal with Maxie being from there now him if it's even true," Looker hissed.

"I'm from right here in Sinnoh," Cyrus smiled.

"Sinnoh and Hoenn always nice to see people from Hoenn always wanted to go there and meet champion Brendan," Aaron smiled.

The rest of Mike and Cyrus' dinner was pretty uneventful but Looker and Murphy and Aaron got some really good information from this. They now knew that Pokemon was the main focus of their plans, specifically the Lake Trio, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. They also mentioned Giratina but they still needed more, thankfully Looker had an idea of who to get it from.

Motel, Veilstone City

10 pm

A knock was at Aaron's door. He went to answer it when he saw Looker and Murphy standing at the entrance.

"Hey guys," Aaron smiled.

"Hey man, can we come in?" Looker asked.

"Yeah," Aaron said.

"Thanks to you we got pivotal information on Team Galactic, on behalf of the Sinnoh IP thank you, Agent Black," Murphy smiled.

"My pleasure sir so what can I get you two?" Aaron asked.

Murphy then pulled out a bottle of whiskey with a smile on his face.

"Well a couple of glasses would be a start," Murphy smirked.

The three men stayed up for a while drinking and laughing. Looker missed being able to hang out with friends, part of being an agent he gave up a social life for the agency, and seeing Aaron again and seeing Murphy less serious was something he loved. After a while, it was time for Murphy and Looker to leave. It was sad because Looker knew this would be the last time he would see Aaron for a long time.

"Aaron good to see you, I'll be outside," Murphy said, leaving.

"Hey man, thanks for this I owe you," Looker said.

"No problem, not an FNG anymore huh," Aaron smiled.

"Compared to you old man I'll always be," Looker laughed.

"You got a good thing going here, don't fuck it up or I'll come back and bring Oscar and we'll kick your ass," Aaron laughed more.

"You know you don't have to leave," Looker said.

"I got my own thing going on in Unova Hunt, I'll be back though," Aaron said.

The two agents hugged, it was nice to have a mini 437 reunion. The only thing that was missing was Oscar but Looker knew he was doing okay over in Johto he had a new partner, a new kid named Dominick Lake that he was busy with. Hopefully one day he would get to meet him.

Looker walked out of the room and turned back before leaving for good.

"Say hi to the family for me," Looker smiled.

"Will do, good luck...Agent Langley," Aaron smiled.

Looker closed the door behind him. The reunion was nice but now it was back to work and before he could learn more information from Charon he had some unfinished business with Mike.

Chapter Text

Chapter 22: Seal the Deal

COF: Hunter "Looker" Langley/Lucas Diamond

Sinnoh CT Office, Jubilife City

Hunter "Looker" Langley

Looker looked around the office of the IP's Sinnoh Counter-Terrorism office, ever since going undercover he hadn't been back to the office and it was nice to not be surrounded by criminals. Going undercover made you assume a role that wasn't you and without having contact with good people for a long time it can take a toll on someone's mind. However, Sinnoh's IP has been recorded to do the most undercover work out of all the IP departments. The International Police had a department in every region. In the said department, there were divisions all designed to handle specific crimes or tasks.

International Police Divisions:

Regional Police: Every day police officers dealing with misdemeanors and nonspecific crimes; robbery, larceny, assault, etc.

Narcotics Division: Deals with any drug-involved crime in the region

Homicide Division: Deals with homicides and or missing persons (mostly within humans)

Foreign Affairs Division: Handles outer region issues within a certain region

Legal Dispute Division: Handles legal issues between people or groups (not always crime)

Counter-Terrorism Division (Looker's current area): Deals with terrorists, mass attacks (pokemon and humans), hostages, and organized crime

Pokemon Rescue Division: Handles any crime dealing with pokemon (abuse, murder, trafficking, etc)

Special Victims Division: Deals with any crime involving sex, children, elderly, disabled people, trafficking, and abuse (mostly humans)

Looker had been in two divisions, when he was first starting out in the IP he was in Hoenn's Narcotics Division within the division he was placed in the Criminal Tracking Squad. It was a squad designed to track and locate suspects, escaped convicts, and non-cooperating witnesses. There he got the nickname Looker because he had a talent for tracking. While he didn't get to do much tracking in his current assignment, Looker still used the skills he developed to find out more about a person.

Looker knew he wasn't going to be in the office for long, he just wanted to check in with Murphy about the plan he had regarding Mike but being reminded of who he was is something he always loves. Looker walked through the desks of agents and made his way to Murphy's office and knocked on the door.

"Sir, can I come in?" Looker asked.

"Yeah, come in, close the door behind you Looker," Murphy said.

Looker closed the door and sat at his desk, he knew that for Mike to comply with the IP he had to have some leverage on him to force his compliance. It might have been a cruel strategy but Looker was in a division where hundreds or thousands of people could be hurt so he wasn't exactly feeling so guilty.

"I got you those files you needed, Mike's family," Murphy said, putting three files on the table.

"Nice, only three?" Looker asked.

"Mike seems to have a small family: a mom, dad, and sister, everything you need to know about them are in those files. What do you plan on doing?" Murphy asked.

"Force Mike into helping us by threatening his family," Looker said.

"Agent you know the rules," Murphy said, raising a brow.

"Relax nothing is gonna happen to them but Mike is a family man the moment I even mention anything happening to them like being kicked out of Sinnoh and facing potential jail time for helping a terrorist, he'll submit," Looker grinned.

"That's rough Looker, you really are desperate for this guy's help aren't you," Murphy asked.

"I don't want his help but I want him to know that if he even thinks of ratting me out and that he knows we won't hesitate to do something about it if he does," Looker said.

"It's a shame he can't be an informant; he probably has a lot of secrets about Team Galactic," Murphy sighed.

He was right Mike couldn't become an informant unless he goes willingly or the IP has him in custody. Mike wasn't in custody because having Team Galactic's advisor in cuffs would one be harder than anything right now and two, set off multiple alarms to Cyrus and the commanders, something Looker wasn't willing to gamble with.

"I'll meet with him and have him sign a contract saying that he will not tell anyone about me and his cooperation in letting me remain within Cyber Security," Looker said.

"I got you your contract, you have until tonight to get that in writing understand?" Murphy asked, putting the contract on the desk.

"Understood, I have to go thanks Lt.," Looker said, grabbing the files and the contract.

Looker could just threaten Mike outright but having files on his family might scare him and show that Looker wasn't bluffing.

Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

Farid Rome/Hunter "Looker" Langley

Looker was at his computer, searching through the files of the team. While in Cybersecurity, it has given Looker an edge as an agent because there weren't a lot of agents accustomed to such high-tech computers. However, with Looker's role, it did actually teach him a few things about searching around computers and drives.

"Hey Farid, camera systems are down, see if you get us through," A supervisor told Looker.

"Yes sir, working on it now," Looker said.

Looker went to work, normally this would be an easy thing, he found out he had a knack for computers and fixing systems. The camera system in Team Galactic HQ was top of the line. HD, real-time, microphones, and easy to save the footage but every now and then it would have glitches and sometimes shut itself down. Having a good camera system was good for Looker to secure videos of activity in Team Galactic HQ, but it was also a curse, it made it hard for Looker to explore and snoop around the offices because of these cameras. As a side project, he was working on a program that could shut down the cameras with a press of a button but it was still a work in progress.

After fixing the cameras he noticed two people talking in the room, Saturn and Charon. Interested, Looker turned up the volume in the cameras to hear in on their conversation.

"Is everything ready?" Charon asked.

"Shouldn't I be talking to Master Cyrus about this?" Saturn asked.

"It's fine, I need to know if our contact is available," Charon said.

"He said he's willing to cooperate with us, Master Cyrus will be meeting with him next week," Saturn said.

Who the hell are they talking about?

"Once we have the explosives we set our plan in motion, this will be the beginning of our new world," Charon grinned.

"What about our little thorn, Lucas?" Saturn asked.

"Him...just saying his name makes me angry, we are still recovering from Eterna City and the Windworks, but we must wait sooner or later his false sense of heroism will lead him to us," Charon said.

"Can't wait, teach that little brat a lesson," Saturn hissed.

"Patience Saturn," Charon said, leaving the room with Saturn.

Looker quickly rewound the footage and recorded their meeting to his personal drive. A contact with explosives is something the IP needs to investigate. As Looker was saving the footage he got a text from Mike. He told Mike to meet him in the basement of the HQ, it had no cameras and was almost always empty. Looker fixed the camera issue and excused himself. It was time to see if he could pull it off.

Team Galactic HQ Basement

Mike leaned against the wall waiting for Looker. Mike hated waiting on people, it was so annoying to him because lateness was a personal pet peeve of his.

Mike considered his options, was he really going to let Looker roam the base undercover as an agent? While Mike was loyal to Team Galactic he knew that loyalty would not last forever and was always looking for a way to make sure he would be okay when Team Galactic eventually fell. It's not that Mike didn't have faith in Cyrus and the team, it was just that history tended to repeat itself and teams tended to always fall.

All of the organizations did, Team Snagem's base was blown up by some badass kid. Team Rocket was originally defeated by Red and Blue but Mike did hear of the events in Johto currently but figured it was only a matter of time. And finally, there was Team Magma and Aqua, Mike was always worrying about Brendan after he said he was gonna go after them. Seeing first hand what an organization could do he didn't want Brendan to get hurt but he turned out alright.

"Sorry I'm late, somehow your amazing camera system failed," Looker said.

"Well that's your job Cybersecurity dork," Mike scowled.

"At least I'm not a terrorist," Looker hissed.

"I'm not a fucking terrorist Looker, I don't massacre towns of people," Mike said.

"Yeah well we see you all on the same level of scum," Looker said.

"Enough with the pleasantries, what do you want?" Mike asked.

"Here's the deal Mike, you keep quiet about this whole undercover situation and we keep you out of prison but my higher-ups don't have faith you'll keep your end of the deal," Looker said.

"That doesn't sound like my problem IP," Mike said as if he knew that was coming.

Looker pulled out the three files and gave them to Mike with a smirk.

"The fuck are these?" Mike asked.

"Files on your family," Looker said.

Mike's eyes widened detailed files on every member of his family. Their address, occupations, ages, heights, weights, recent photos, everything. Mike had never been so furious and yet so scared in his life. He knew the IP could be ruthless and god knows what they had planned.

"Got your attention didn't I?" Looker smirked.

"Is this supposed to scare me?" Mike asked, putting up a front.

"Mildly, Mike we know you're a family man and despite our opposite morals I respect that so I'm gonna warn you, you're gonna sign this contract, and Mike if you violate it in the smallest bit, I will personally make sure you and your family rot in prison," Looker threatened.

"Hey man come on, they have nothing to do with this," Mike scowled.

"Doesn't matter, they are accomplices as far as the law is concerned, and if you think I'm lying I really wish you would push me," Looker said.

While Mike's family aren't accomplices, Looker was using a tactic he learned. Talking with more assertiveness in your voice made what you're saying sound more real. It was a classic tactic he learned from Oscar back in his days in Kanto and Looker was banking on the fact that Mike would be affected by this.

"We have eyes on your family 24/7 at any point I give word and IP agents knock down their door and arrest all of them, is that what you want?" Looker asked.

"No of course not you fuck!" Mike shouted.

Looker slammed down a contract on a table and tossed a pen at Mike. His eyes burned a hole through him. Mike was shocked normally he would remain calm during situations but this time even he could admit he was not in control here.

"Sign," Looker said.

Mike looked at the contract, this was the moment he signed this contract and he became a traitor to Team Galactic and if they found out then he was in big trouble but on the other side was immunity and a secure future for him and his family. With a click of a pen and flipping off to Looker, Mike signed the dotted line. He had officially made a deal with the International Police.

"Pleasure doing business with you Mr. Rollins, with this contract you now have full immunity for you and your family but remember we are always watching," Looker said, still staring at Mike.

"Yeah shut up, just remember if I feel that you aren't keeping your end of the contract, then if I'm going down you'll go down with me," Mike said, bumping his shoulder in Looker's as he walked off.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Looker asked.

"You aren't the only one who did their research...Hunter, what region were you from again oh yeah Hoenn right?" Mike asked.

"So what?" Looker asked.

"I wasn't gonna do this but since we are threatening families now, I did my own research into yours, for the sake of both of our families let's play nice," Mike said.

Looker stared right at Mike not showing fear but deep down something gnawed at him, Looker wasn't always in contact with his family but that doesn't mean he didn't love them. He left Hoenn to keep them safe because he knew that his job could potentially bring harm to them. What did Mike find out?

As Looker was about to confront Mike, he heard a rustle from above them. Above them was a back entrance to the building that no one goes there unless it was to unload shipments.

"There are no shipments today," Mike said, looking up.

"The hell was that?" Looker asked, looking up

Veilstone City, Sinnoh

Lucas Diamond

Lucas packed his bag and checked out of his motel room. One thing Lucas didn't like about being a trainer was that he was constantly checking into new motels. Some of them were dirty and rather overpriced. And while he could always fly back home now that he had the HM, he felt it would be too much on Staraptor because flying long distances was hard on pokemon. The use of Fly has been debated on whether or not it should be banned or not for being immoral and abusive to pokemon. Lucas would never want to abuse his pokemon but Fly was essential, with this being said he didn't want to rely on it too much though.

With Lucas was Luxio, he felt that it had been a while since he got to be alongside him so he decided to walk to the city with him by his side. Lucas couldn't wait to leave Veilstone but he did feel bad that he couldn't free the city as he did with Eterna. Veilstone wasn't like Eterna, Lucas knew that trying to liberate the HQ of Team Galactic would be borderline suicide. Lately, Cyrus had been on Lucas' mind. The man behind Team Galactic is the reason all of this was happening. While the hatred for Cyrus burned in Lucas he was also interested in him, what could happen to someone to make them build a criminal organization?

"Let's get you some snacks Lux," Lucas smiled.

Luxio just smiled and kept up with Lucas. Luxio was beginning to question himself, his other teammates were evolving and he himself had been at the Luxio stage of his growth for quite some time.

Lucas noticed the insecurities of Luxio and wanted to assure him that he still loved and knew it was only a matter of time before Luxio reached his full potential.

Lucas made his way to the Pokemart when someone came running out of the mart, knocking him to the ground.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry brother," The man said, helping Lucas up.

"It's fine don't wor-," Lucas said, looking up.

Lucas looked up to see a big man with a blue mask on. His clothes were blue with black around the thighs and yellow outlines. He looked like a professional wrestler and Lucas looked at him like he was crazy.

"You need to be more careful wandering around with people like me in the street brother," The man laughed.

Lucas thinking it was an act, decided to do something he would soon regret

"What are you gonna do put me in an armbar?" Lucas laughed.

As Lucas was laughing he was soon put into an armbar. The hold was painful and Lucas was shocked both from the pain and the fact a grown man in his thirties was putting him in an armbar.

"Tap out brother!" The man shouted.

Lucas tapped the ground and was released. Being a trainer was chalked full of surprises.

"W-what the fuck man," Lucas said, rubbing his arm.

"That's what happens when you mess with the Crash-ter brother," The man said, flexing his muscles.

Lucas raised his brow, this guy had to be off his meds. There was no way he was somebody important.

"I'm just kidding brother I'm Crasher Wake, the gym leader of Pastoria City," Crasher said.

Fuck. Me.

"You must be Lucas right, the kid who freed Eterna City," Crasher said.

"Yeah, and you're my next gym leader," Lucas said.

"I see a challenger, I look forward to battling you," Crasher said.

"Thanks also please don't put me in an armbar ever again," Lucas said.

"Sorry brother," Crasher laughed.

"Do I even wanna know why you talk like a wrestler?" Lucas asked.

"I'll be happy to tell you at the gym, I'm in a rush I gotta go brother," Crasher said, leaving the area.

Lucas was contemplating what just happened when he heard someone yelling his name.

"LUCAS, LUCAS," Dawn said running to Lucas.

Dawn ran to Lucas, hugging him. She was hysterical trying to talk but getting choked up.

"Hey hey what's going on, I thought you left," Lucas said, trying to calm her down.

"I did but I came back because I left my purse at the diner but then those..errr those," Dawn hissed.

"Hey what happened?" Lucas

"Those, those sons of bitches, stole my Pokedex, Torterra, and backpack," Dawn cursed.

"Who?" Lucas said.

"Team Galactic, someone named Mars stole my stuff, they have my Pokedex, Torterra, and my backpack which contains files on pokemon science," Dawn said.

Lucas knew what he had to do, if Team Galactic got their hands working on a Pokedex it could severely turn things in their favor. The Pokedex didn't just give you information on pokemon, it was sort of a bit of a cell phone. Dawn being the professor had a lot of important people listed in there that if Team Galactic found out about, it could do some serious damage.

"I'm going to get it back," Lucas said, marching off.

"Lucas, that's the whole HQ you're gonna be walking into," Dawn said, trying to stop him.

"We can't just let them take your stuff, they could seriously hurt people with the information you were carrying," Lucas said, looking back.

"At least wait and call Barry for backup," Dawn pleaded.

"He already left, you know him, I got this," Lucas urged.

Dawn finally gave in, she knew that once Lucas had a plan nobody was gonna change it.

"Just be careful, that place is packed with grunts," Dawn warned.

Lucas made his way to the building. It was large and had this pressure building aurora around it as if saying stay away. Lucas knew he couldn't just walk in the front entrance he needed a way to secretly get in. He looked around and spotted what seemed to be a back entrance.

"Perfect, hopefully, this leads me to the storage area, that might be where they took Dawn's stuff," Lucas said.

Lucas snuck his way into the entrance to avoid detection, he put Luxio back into his ball. He didn't want to make his pokemon fight unless they needed to. Lucas heard talking and dove to hide to see Mars and a couple of grunts walking back to the entrance.

"Commander Mars, why did we take that girl's stuff?" A grunt asked.

"Because we can and also she is the new professor of the Sinnoh region, she has to have some valuables on her," Mars said.

"That bitch again," Lucas hissed to himself.

Lucas went to take out his Pokedex from his bag to record them but when he got out his Pokedex he noticed the group was gone. How did they disappear so quickly? Lucas didn't care about the grunts he mostly wanted to keep his eyes on Mars.

"Where did she go," Lucas said, standing up.

Before Lucas knew it he heard a bang and sharp pain in the back of his head. He collapsed to the ground and felt blood trickle down his head. He looked to see the grunts walk in front of him, holding a piece of metal. Lucas tried to reach for his pokemon but the bag was kicked away by the smiling grunts.

"Let us take you to her," One of the grunts laughed.

Lucas could make a glare before drifting into unconsciousness. He had been captured by Team Galactic.

Chapter Text

Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

Hunter "Looker" Langley/Farid Rome

Looker sat at his desk, he kept working on his camera disabling remote. He knew that this could come in handy if he needed a quick escape. While working, he got the thought of Lucas in his head, he hadn't heard from him in a while but didn't think much of it.

Lucas had become more of a target than a person of interest lately for Team Galactic. As Looker was working he noticed a sight that stressed him out. All of the Team Galactic admins, Mike, Cyrus, and Charon together walking into the Cybersecurity room.

The whole room went dead silent and stood up at attention at the sight of them.

"Easy everyone, we aren't here for any of you. I implore all of you to return to your work," Cyrus said.

"YES MASTER CYRUS," The whole room shouted, sitting back down.

Looker sat back down as well, the power that Cyrus had over everybody else here was something out of a story for Looker, it was frightening. Feeling the pressure, Looker shoved his device in his pocket and cleared his computer screen of anything suspicious. Just as he finished covering himself up, he felt a strong presence behind him. He turned around to see the group behind him.

"My apologies Master Cyrus but is there something I can help you with?" Looker said, standing up.

"Yes Farid, I have been told you are one of the very best cybersecurity members we have and a personal favorite of my dear friend Mr. Rollins," Cyrus said.

Mike gave Looker a small grin that made Looker feel sour inside.

"We have had some talks before, very interesting man," Looker said.

"As a group, we feel that you are someone we trust with this so you are going to have to come with us, if you aren't too busy please," Cyrus said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

That fucker gave me up, that two-faced son of a bitch.

Looker walked with the group with his heart pounding out of his chest. He felt that he was going to die, he even thought of a plan to kill at least one of them before they took him out. His hatred for Mike soared through the roof, he already didn't like the guy but now that Mike screwed him over, his hatred for Mike would be something he took to the grave.

The group led Looker to a room with multiple monitors where he was seated. He was confused, he sat down at the seat and kept his cool.

"Mike thought you would like to see this Farid so please pull up the camera feed for the prison area," Cyrus commanded.

Confused, Looker did as he was asked and pulled up the camera feed for the cells of the prison area. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary except for one cell and with one look, Looker's eyes widened. His heart dropped as he saw Lucas, tied up inside a cell, unconscious.

"I know how much you hate Lucas, Farid so I thought I'd show you what happened to him," Mike grinned at Looker.

"Quite a sight isn't it," Cyrus said.

"Y-yes sir, an a-amazing sight," Looker said, holding his anger in.

"And I did it," Mars said with a smile.

"I told you, patience and we would get him," Charon smiled.

"Our biggest thorn, under our control," Jupiter said.

"Let's not be animals here, we still need something from him," Cyrus said.

"What would that be Master Cyrus?" Looker asked.

"Well might as well make him tell us where his little friend is, Barry Platinum," Cyrus said.

"He's just as big of a problem as Lucas is," Charon said.

"Well you know he isn't going to just give it up," Mike said.

"I know and while I do not like brute force I feel that it is necessary for some instances such as this," Cyrus said.

Looker had to act fast, he needed to get Lucas out of there and fast, or else they were going to really hurt him.

"I'll take this one Master Cyrus," Saturn offered.

"No, I will do this myself, after all, he has wanted to see me," Cyrus said.

Mike was shocked by Cyrus's offer, Cyrus wasn't normally someone to resort to violence at least on the first try but he had a point. Lucas was never just going to willingly tell them where Barry was.

"Cyrus, may I offer something?" Mike asked.

"Certainly," Cyrus said, rolling up his sleeves.

"Why don't you take our little friend here with you? After all, he hates Lucas I'm sure Farid would love to see up close Lucas being interrogated," Mike grinned.

Looker held his fist to the point of his knuckles turning white.

"I don't see why not, come now Farid," Cyrus said, leaving the room.

Looker got up and slowly walked out of the room but not before giving Mike a "fuck you" look.

Mike grinned, while Mike couldn't give Looker's position up he wasn't going to stop him from making his life a living hell in Team Galactic.

Chapter 23: Captured

COF: Lucas Diamond

Lucas slowly came too, he tried to move but was met with his hands and feet tied to a chair. His hat and scarf were missing and he felt blood on his back, probably from the blow to the head.

"Oh shit," Lucas said to himself, trying to move around.

Lucas could see marks on his wrists from the restraints and he tried to find something to help him free himself. It was no use, deep down he was scared, this was the scariest moment of his life. As Lucas continued to try to free himself he heard footsteps coming towards the cell.

"WHO'S THERE!" Lucas shouted.

"Easy now, Lucas," Cyrus said, walking to the cell.

Lucas stared right at Cyrus, then his face changed from anger to confusion when he saw Looker next to him.

Looker gave Lucas a look saying "go with it" and Lucas understood, he remembered that he was undercover.

"We meet at last Lucas, well we met before but that seems like ages ago doesn't it?" Cyrus asked, entering the cell.

"Fuck you," Lucas hissed.

"Damn boy you didn't even blink," Cyrus said.

"Since I'm still alive, you must want something from me," Lucas assumed.

"They did say you were smart, bravo isn't that right Farid," Cyrus said, looking over to Looker.

"Yes Master Cyrus, very smart for a kid," Looker grinned, keeping the role.

"Lucas we have two paths we can go down, one path where you are not harmed and one where you are," Cyrus said, leaning down to Lucas.

"Go on," Lucas glared.

"I have you where I want you, I have Professor Dawn's Pokedex," Cyrus said, looking around the room.

"We're just missing your obnoxious, loud, and mildly irritating friend, so tell me where is Barry?" Cyrus asked.

Lucas responded by spitting on Cyrus's face. Cyrus wiped the spit off and looked right at Lucas.

"Thought so Lucas I don't know what your problem is with us but just remember you asked for all of this," Cyrus, sending a punch across Lucas's jaw.

Lucas grunted in pain, spitting up blood but kept his mouth shut. He would never put anyone in danger and especially not his best friend. While the description Cyrus had about Barry was right, Lucas would die before he told Team Galactic where to find him.

"Come on Lucas, just tell me and this can end," Cyrus taunted.

Looker stood in the back and watched, every fiber on him wanted to stop this but he knew he couldn't, he had a plan but he couldn't execute it with Cyrus in the area he needed to be alone with Lucas.

"Farid, wanna take a hit?" Cyrus asked.

Looker didn't want to, but he had to remember he was someone else at the moment. He walked up to Lucas, Lucas looked at Looker with a "do it" face, Lucas knew there were no hard feelings between the two.

"Where is Barry?" Farid asked, slamming his fist on Lucas's knee.

Lucas grunted in pain, it hurt but less than getting punched in the jaw. This continued for an hour. 60 long minutes of Cyrus interrogating Lucas with punches, kicks, and threatening but Lucas never gave anything up.

"You are one tough son of a...," Cyrus said, panting and rubbing his fists.

Looker was both angry and proud, angry because of what was happening to Lucas and proud that he was taking all this pain and keeping his mouth shut. Looker thought he would make a great agent with this resilience.

"I need to get something, Farid, come with me," Cyrus said, taking Looker out of the cell.

Lucas spat out the blood that pooled in his mouth, his whole face hurt and his wrists were sore from the restraints. His whole body felt like garbage, he needed to get out of there but there was no hope anywhere. He felt his determination slipping from his body but he held on to whatever he had left.

"I need to go ice my hands and get some water, make this kid talk while I'm out," Cyrus said.

"Yes Master Cyrus," Looker said, watching as Cyrus left the area.

Looker walked back in and kept yelling at Lucas, asking him where Barry was. This was his chance, Looker reached his hand into his back pocket and pressed the button on his device. To his surprise, the camera shorted out and died. Lucas looked up confused, at this point one of his eyes was swollen shut so his vision was limited.

"That won't stay like that forever, they'll come down here any second now," Looker said, quickly freeing Lucas.

"What the hell was that?" Lucas asked, weakly trying to get up but falling to his knees.

"It's a device I made, we don't have much time right now all the camera's in this building are dead, this is your chance to get the hell out of here," Looker said.

"What about you?" Lucas asked.

Looker grabbed a large stone on the ground and gave it to Lucas.

"I need to stay here but this needs to look like an escape, listen to me very carefully, once you leave the prison area you'll see an elevator take it to the roof and take the fire escape down, nobody guards it normally but because you've escaped you'll have a limited time to leave before they cut you off," Looker told Lucas.

"Leave the area, take the elevator to the roof, escape through the fire escape got it, but again what about you?" Lucas asked, helping himself up.

"I need to stay here, I'm still working and to get me off the suspect list," Looker said, turning around.

"Hit me in the back of the head with the rock," Looker said, pointing to an area on the back of his head.

"I can't do that man," Lucas said, looking at the rock than at Looker.

"Lucas I need to be off that suspect list if you hit me in this area it will knock me out but not damage my brain we learned this in the academy, hit me hard and fast...I'll be okay, get out of here if they catch you a second time, I don't think they'll keep you alive," Looker said.

"You sure about this?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah just do it, and good luck, get out of this city and head to the nearest hospital," Looker said.

"I will, thanks Looker," Lucas said, hitting Looker in the head.

Looker fell to the ground and Lucas made his move, he slowly made his way through the prison area. He stopped every so often to relax his body, he found it incredibly hard to walk around. His wrists hurt, his face hurt, he had half vision. His ribs felt broken from the kicking and felt he had cuts on his face. It was truly the worst day of his life. He made his way into what seemed to be a contraband room.

"Finally some stuff I could use," Lucas said, limping into the room.

There he found his hat, scarf, bag, and something he never thought he would see. Lucas found one of his pokemon, in this shitty situation Lucas found some hope.

"HA, Luxio, thank god you're okay," Lucas said, hugging Luxio's Pokeball.

Lucas made his way through the area, his heart always beating. The prison area was dark and had a feeling of dread in it. The walls were concrete and soundproof probably to contain screams. The whole area made Lucas even more on his toes. He found the elevator Looker was talking about and had a sigh of relief, he made his way into the elevator for a much-needed rest.

Cybersecurity Room

Michael Rollins

"Can you fix it?" Mars said.

"I'm trying, give me a second," Charon said, trying to work the computer.

"We don't have time for this, Mike go check on Lucas, Mars and Jupiter find Master Cyrus, and make sure he's okay, Saturn, stay with me and try to get these cameras working," Charon commanded.

Mike ran out of the room, how did their cameras go down it made no sense. He felt as if something was going wrong.

"Rogue, come on out," Mike yelled, releasing his pokemon from his ball.

Rogue came out and floated alongside Mike.

"Head downstairs and make sure nobody leaves the prison area, I'll meet you down there," Mike said, running.

Rogue went through the floor. Mike ran as fast as he could, he knew he couldn't let Lucas escape the building, if Lucas was let loose on this building he could really screw something up. Mike made his way to the door guarding the back entrance to the prison but had a lock on it. Mike, not having his keys, tried to bust down the door but to no avail.

"Shit, Flare, get out here," Mike said, releasing Flare.

"Burn this door out of the way," Mike ordered.

Flare released a roar of fire from his mouth that melted the door off the hinges. Mike was always impressed by his Pokemon's strength and how powerful they got over the years of training them.

"Good work buddy, let's go," Mike said, running into the area.

Mike made his way to Lucas' cell to see he was gone and Rogue roaming the area.

"FUCK!" Mike shouted, looking down at an unconscious Looker.

"You son of a bitch, you helped him," Mike said, shaking the unconscious agent.

Knowing there was nothing Mike could do about Looker, he had to act fast. Mike knew that Looker probably gave Lucas a solid way out of the building. With 12 floors in the Team Galactic who knows where he was.

Lucas Diamond

Lucas leaned on the side of the elevator and was about to go to the roof when he saw that the 10th floor of the building was labeled Laboratories. Lucas thought that the rest of his pokemon could be there. Lucas pressed the button and watched as the elevator made its way to the 10th floor.

He hid behind the door until he knew it was clear. After he slowly made his way through the floor. It had a complete opposite feel to the prison, it felt clean and almost friendly. The walls were white and the floor was shiny. Lucas thought he was in the Hall of Fame. Lucas made his way through the lab and found himself in what seemed to be a secretive area of the laboratory.

"What the hell do they have planned here?" Lucas whispered to himself.

Lucas hid underneath desks and anywhere he could to avoid detection when he saw someone approaching. Lucas had only one goal in this area. Find his other partners. Lucas was not leaving until his pokemon were safe with him.

"Come on guys where are you?" Lucas asked himself.

At this point, the pain his body was in was almost unbearable but he had to keep going. He needed to make sure nothing was happening to his pokemon, even Gabite. Eventually, Lucas found his way to what seemed to be Charon's personal desk. It was massive and had junk on it but among the junk, he found Dawn's Pokedex, Pokeball, and other files Team Galactic stole from her.

"I forgot about these," Lucas whispered, grabbing the Pokedex, Pokeball, and files and putting them into his bag.

Lucas also found some other files labeled Operation Reshape. He stared at the files as the word classified was marked on them. They looked important and Lucas thought that maybe it was time to plan some payback. He stole the files, every one of them he could find.

"Let's see what you people are hiding," Lucas said, putting the files in his backpack.

Lucas crept his way through the rest of the laboratory and finally, he saw something that gave him another sigh of relief, it was the rest of his team. Safe and stored in a cabinet. Lucas was about to grab his pokemon when he heard someone coming right in his direction.

Lucas dived underneath a desk and held his breath.

"Charon, Lucas has escaped," Saturn said.

"I know I know Mike told me, how did he get past Farid?" Charon asked.

The two walked right by the desk Lucas was hiding under. They stood there for what Lucas thought was forever.

"I don't know but Farid was found unconscious, I think Lucas got free and knocked him out when the cameras died," Saturn said.

"Maybe someone hacked into our cameras and helped him escape, we need to get these cameras back on and find him," Charon said.

"Farid's computer was our best bet but we couldn't figure it out," Saturn said.

"Make sure Farid is helped and in our medical facilities when he wakes up he'll get 'em back up, have grunts all over this building by the hour," Charon ordered.

"Yes sir," Saturn said, leaving.

Charon left with Saturn and Lucas grabbed his pokemon and made his way back to the elevator. He had everything he needed, just one more thing was to escape.

Lucas made his way to the roof where he felt that he was free, his body was just about to give up on him too. Luckily Lucas thought that he was so close to the end of this hell.

Lucas limped to the ladder only to be met with Mars.

"Hi there," Mars grinned, grabbing Lucas and punching him back.

Lucas fell back and dropped his bag that was grabbed by Mars.

"Found ya," Mars laughed.

Lucas tried to crawl away but was met with a swift kick to the ribs. That was it, Lucas couldn't even stand anymore.

"I have to give it to you kid, you really got this close to getting out, how's that kick feel," Mars said, circling Lucas.

"M-much bet-better," Lucas said, grabbing his ribs.

"You son of a bitch," Mars said, grabbing Lucas by the collar.

Lucas headbutted Mars that sent her back.

"OW YOU, I hated you before but now holy shit," Mars said, holding her nose.

"How's that h-headbutt feel?" Luas mocked.

Lucas had one more hope, and it rested inside his sweatshirt. He reached in and rolled out a Pokeball and out came Luxio.

"Fine, we'll go down this route," Mars said, pulling out a Pokeball.

Mars released Golbat and Luxio glared right at him.

The battle was tough, Mars had three pokemon and Luxio had beaten two of them, a Golbat and a Bronzor. But Purugly was tough and Luxio was getting worn out.

"Come on Luxio, you got this," Lucas yelled.

Luxio ran at Purugly only to be met with multiple scratches. Luxio was sent to the ground, not getting back up.

"No...," Lucas said, crawling over to his fallen friend.

"Enough games, Purugly, get him," Mars commanded.

Purugly rushed at Lucas, Lucas closed his eyes waiting for the strike when all of a sudden he felt full of static. He felt a zap go through his body. He opened his eyes to see Luxio standing in front of him. But he was bigger and more electric. Luxio had evolved into Luxray.

"What the hell..," Mars said, backing up.

Lucas smiled, finally, Luxio had evolved.

Luxray roared and sprinted towards Purugly and bit down on her with electricity in his mouth, the Electric Bite.

Purugly was shocked until she went down. Mars was shocked, she had never seen Purugly go down that quickly.

"How did you...," Mars said in disbelief.

Luxray sent a zap into Mars, knocking her out.

"Thank you, buddy I'm so proud of you," Lucas smiled.

Luxray smiled at both his trainer and his new form. He helped Lucas up on his back and walked over to the ladder.

"You rest now buddy, I'll take it from here," Lucas smiled, putting Luxray back in his ball.

Lucas climbed down the long fire escape and was immediately grabbed by Grunts at the bottom, hiding from sight.

"LET GO OF ME!" Lucas shouted.

The grunts laughed and pinned Lucas down, one of the grunts reached for a knock-out serum. As they were about to inject it into Lucas. A pokemon seemed to scare them off as a couple of them were blasted by water.

"That's it Lucas, every time you get captured I'm fining you," His savior said.

Lucas knew that voice, he looked over to have a smile of relief on his face. It was Barry.

Barry ran over to Lucas and helped him up. At this point, it was a miracle he could even support half his body weight.

"How did you find me?" Lucas asked.

"Dawn told me after you didn't come back she called me, you look like hammered shit," Barry said.

"Yeah thanks, just get me out of here," Lucas laughed.

"Got it, I'll take you to the next city they have a hospital there," Barry said.

"Oh and I'm serious about that fine as well 10 million," Barry said.

"Shut up Barry," Lucas said.

He was happy to be alive at this point.

Chapter Text

Pastoria City, Sinnoh

Barry Platinum

12 pm

"Just a little further man, come on," Barry said, helping Lucas walk.

Lucas had passed out from pain during the flight to Pastoria. Barry had tried to keep his spirits up by continuing to talk to him as if he was awake. But deep down, he was terrified that something permanent may have happened to Lucas. Barry was not one to voice his fears, he was the type of guy to always maintain his normal overly hyper personality.

Most people found Barry to be annoying because of this aspect but Barry had done it because he feared that his personality was the only thing that made him unique. With his dad being the very best of the Battle Frontier, Barry always found himself being compared to his dad. Deep down he hated it, he hated how everyone just saw him as the second coming of his dad. The main reason he wanted to become a pokemon trainer was to carve his own legacy and prove that he wasn't a carbon copy of Palmer.

"Damn Lucas, you gained some weight during your journey," Barry huffed as he walked into the hospital with Lucas.

The nurses took Lucas in for evaluation. Barry sat in the waiting room for an hour before someone came up to him.

"Excuse me?" The doctor asked.

"Yes," Barry said, standing up.

"I'm Dr. Wyatt, you must be the one who brought my patient in," Dr. Wyatt said.

"Yes, thank you for seeing him," Barry said.

"Of course now I just need to ask some questions about Mr. Diamond if that's okay?" Dr. Wyatt asked.

"I'll see what I can do, hit me doc," Barry said with a smile, trying to maintain a feeling of happiness.

"Okay then...where is he from?" Dr. Wyatt asked.

"Um we're from Twinleaf Town in Southern Sinnoh," Barry said.

"Okay, does Lucas have any known illnesses?" Dr. Wyatt asked.

"No not that I know off, I called his mom she should be here either later tonight or tomorrow," Barry said.

"Okay and what exactly happened to him?" Dr. Wyatt asked.

"You don't wanna know...just know it was something regarding Team Galactic," Barry said.

"Okay and I'll need your name for the report," Dr. Wyatt said.

"Barry Platinum, Lucas' best friend, is he okay?" Barry asked.

"So far with a quick analysis, we found one broken rib, swollen right eye, and multiple injuries to the face and knee area. He's sedated and I'll update you with more updates as they come," Dr. Wyatt said.

"Got it...thanks doc," Barry said, sitting back down.

What the fuck were you thinking man?!

"If it makes you feel better, you got him here before anything worse could have're a good friend, we are doing everything we can but in my honest opinion I think he's going to be okay," Dr. Wyatt said.

"Anything...permanent?" Barry asked.

"Too early to tell but unfortunately injuries to the eye or head area have a bigger chance of permanent damages than a lot of areas so it is a possibility," Dr. Wyatt said.

"Damn it...thanks doc take care of him will ya...I need to fine him when he wakes up," Barry said.

Doctor Wyatt laughed and left. Barry leaned back, the most stressed he had ever been in his life. Lucas was not only a friend but a brother to Barry so seeing him in this condition took over his mind. Barry enjoyed that Lucas was going on his own journey because it meant he wasn't alone but if something warranted him into an early retirement it would take its toll on both Lucas and Barry.

Team Galactic Medical Facility, Veilstone City

Agent Hunter "Looker" Langley/Farid Rome

2 pm

Looker woke up in a bed. His head hurt and he felt fuzzy. Lucas hit him good and it worked, he was knocked out. When he came too he saw Cyrus sitting at his bedside reading a book.

"Master Cyrus," Looker said.

"Ah you're awake, good to see you are okay," Cyrus said.

"No offense Master Cyrus but don't you have better things to do than see if I'm okay?" Looker asked.

"I do but I felt bad for leaving you there alone maybe if I was there Lucas wouldn't have assaulted you and escaped," Cyrus said.

Good, he escaped.

"Do we know where he went?" Looker asked.

"No but let him go, for now, we have much more important things to deal with at this time," Cyrus said.

"The cave pokemon right?" Looker asked.

"Indeed, I am meeting with our contact to discuss our explosives ordeal until then take a week off to recover because once you come back chances are it'll be ready and that's when things are going to get really busy around here," Cyrus said, walking off.

"A week off huh, plenty of time," Looker said to himself.

Chapter 24: Out of Cover

COF: Hunter "Looker" Langley/Lucas Diamond

Looker left the medical area after getting some pain medication for his head. He was given a week to figure out who this contact was and he knew he would have better resources outside of Team Galactic.

Jubilife City, Sinnoh

International Police Sinnoh Counter-Terrorism HQ

4 pm

Looker walked into the headquarters for the first time in months and it was a breath of fresh air for him. It was nice to not be surrounded by criminals and constantly be on edge all the time. He walked back over to his desk and saw how much dust it collected since he left. Old case files, pictures of him and his family. A picture of him and Oscar back when they were partners. He smiled; it was nice to see his own possessions again.

The place was busy with agents on the phone, talking to people, and trying to solve clues. The walls were littered with papers regarding clues, suspects, and other Counter-Terrorism related things. Looker sat back at his desk and reached into his cabinet to find his gun. As an undercover agent, he couldn't so much as carry it on his person at all. He strapped the gun at his waist and attached his badge to his belt. He officially was no longer undercover at the moment.

"Back from under huh," Lt. Murphy laughed.

"Only for a week," Looker smiled.

"Good to have you back for a bit, how's your head?" Murphy asked.

"Hurts, Lucas did a hell of a number on it but I'll live," Looker said.

"Good you said Team Galactic had a contact about explosives?" Murphy asked.

"Yeah, I heard talks of a meeting to arrange where the explosives will be but I don't know where the meeting is, I hate to say it but I think we missed our mark on that," Looker said.

"Nothing we can do now except find that contact we still have a little while before they try to go all bomb happy on the lakefronts," Murphy said.

"I got a USB drive full of files. I'll take a look at it and try to find something," Looker said, plugging the USB in his computer.

"Let me know if you find something, good to have you back Looker," Murphy smiled and walked back to his office.

Looker leaned back in his chair and took it all in, being back in the IP made him feel comfortable again even if it was just for a week. Once Looker was done with his undercover work he would have to take some tests to prove he wouldn't turn on the IP. Because of Maxie, the IP had cracked down hard on undercover work, new rules and policies were put into place. Whenever someone comes out of being undercover they are tested and sometimes not put back to work for weeks on end even though he was in jail, Maxie still had an impact on the IP for good and bad reasons.

Pastoria City, Sinnoh

Lucas Diamond

8 pm

Lucas slowly came too, his body felt weak, and could only open one eye. He woke up to see Barry, Dawn, his mom, and Professor Rowan talking. His memory was foggy. The last thing he could remember was Barry coming to help him and passed out from the pain.

"Fuck...everything hurts," Lucas groaned.

The whole room turned and ran to Lucas' bed.


"Mom...easy," Lucas grunted.

"Hey easy man," Barry said, adjusting Lucas's pillow.

"Seriously you look like you got hit with a boulder," Dawn smiled both from concern and relief.

"Yeah thanks, Dawn," Lucas laughed.

"Took a tumble huh," Rowan said.

"Hey, professor good to see you," Lucas smiled.

"I am no longer professor Lucas please call me Daniel now," Rowan smiled.

"Ha...that will never happen, you're always gonna be Professor Rowan to me," Lucas said.

"And Dawn will be Professor...Dawn...kinda lame," Barry said.

"Shut up," Dawn said, punching Barry in the arm.

"So what happened after I passed out?" Lucas asked.

"I hauled your ass to the hospital dude you gained weight," Barry teased.

"I bulked up, now I could kick your ass now Barry," Lucas laughed.

"Uh-huh if you could lift up a branch I'd be impressed," Barry laughed.

"Oh by the way that's gonna be 20 million for having to lug your ass here," Barry said.

"Do you write these things down, man?" Lucas asked.

Barry pulled out a notebook.

"Yup August 13th, 1998 you're first fine was when you stole my legos, September 2nd, 1998 for when you tripped on our way to the park like a fucking dunce," Barry went on.

"Okay okay Barry I get it," Lucas said.

As everyone covered and was relieved that Lucas was awake, Dr. Wyatt came into the room.

"Hey doc look who's awake," Barry said.

"Excellent welcome back to the world Mr. Diamond," Dr. Wyatt smiled.

"Thanks though I can only see out of one eye," Lucas laughed.

"That'll be there for a couple of days, now you have some injuries such as one broken rib, bruised eye, bruised knee cap, bruised cheeks, and some other small wounds across your body," Dr. Wyatt.

"God damn," Lucas cursed.

"As a Pokemon Trainer I'd say you are gonna be out for at least a week there is no way you can continue right now with the way your body is right now I recommend going home for a while to recover," Dr. Wyatt said.

Great, a delay...

"What about my team...are they okay?" Lucas asked.

"We sent them over to a pokemon center they said they are fine and waiting for your return to get them," Dr. Wyatt said.

'Thank you doctor am I getting some meds for the pain?" Lucas asked.

"Yes small pain killers and if they don't work let us know and we will go from there but other than that Mr. Diamond I think you can be released tomorrow I'd say," Dr. Wyatt said.

"Thank you, doctor," Lucas smiled.

"Thank your friend there if he didn't get you I don't know what would have happened," Dr. Wyatt pointed to Barry.

Lucas looked over at Barry, he was right whenever Lucas seemed to be in trouble or in over his head Barry was there.

"Yeah thanks, homo, didn't know you liked me that much," Lucas teased.

"And now I wish you were dead," Barry said, crossing his arms.

The group continued to talk for a while until later that night when the hospital was closed for visitors.

"I'll see you at home sweetie okay," Joanna said, kissing Lucas' forehead.

"Thanks, mom I'll be home soon," Lucas said.

"Get better soon okay," Dawn said.

"I will oh hand me my bag," Lucas said, pointing to his book bag.

Dawn got Lucas his bag, confused.

"Here," Lucas said, getting Dawn's stolen things from his bag.

Dawn was elated she completely forgot about her stuff after hearing about Lucas.

"Oh my god, you got it!" Dawn said, hugging her Pokeball.

"I did...hopefully, that's all the papers you need right?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah it's all here thank you, Lucas," Dawn said with a smile.

"Anytime...bitch," Lucas laughed.

Dawn sighed and eventually left with Rowan leaving Lucas and Barry alone.

"You saved my ass again," Lucas said.

"Your ass did look like it needed saving," Barry laughed.

"Seriously man...thank you," Lucas said.

"What were you thinking were lucky I was there in time," Barry said.

Lucas was taken back with the sudden serious tone in Barry's voice.

"I just...couldn't let them win...again and take Dawn's stuff and her pokemon," Lucas said.

"You could have been killed," Barry said.

"I know but...we could have gotten killed lots of times so far..," Lucas commented.

He was right, Lucas and Barry have been in more dangerous situations in the past couple of months than they have been in their entire lives.

"I just don't want us to get in too deep with these guys you know..," Barry said.

"Barry for the first time someone is taking it to them we can't just stop man," Lucas said.

Barry contemplated it, he wanted to take down Team Galactic just as much as Lucas did but was it really worth putting his life on the line time and time again.

Front Desk

Agent Hunter "Looker" Langley

10:30 pm

Looker walked into the hospital and received a text from Lucas that he was awake.

"Excuse me, ma'am," Looker said, approaching the front desk.

"Yes sir?" The lady asked.

"I'm here to see a patient," Looker said.

"I'm sorry sir visiting hours are over," The lady said.

"I'm sorry ma'am but it's a police matter I need to see him right now," Looker said, pulling out his badge.

"My apologies, what's the name?" The lady asked.

"Lucas Diamond," Looker said.

"Room 210 down the hall," The lady said.

"Thank you," Looker said, walking down the hall.

"Barry for the first time someone is taking it to them we can't just stop man," Lucas said.

"Am I interrupting?" Looker said.

"Oh hey you made it," Lucas said, sitting up.

"Yeah you also did a number on my head," Looker said with a chuckle.

"Sorry about that I wanted to make sure it would knock you out," Lucas said.

"Oh it did, how are you feeling?" Looker said.

"Better now," Lucas said.

"And an even bigger pain in the ass," Barry added.

"Good to see you too Barry," Looker laughed.

"Your plan worked, thank you," Lucas said.

"Glad you're somewhat okay...the International Police is willing to provide you with protection during you're recovery period

"I'm fine really," Lucas said.

"Stubborn as always good," Looker said.

"I have something you might like," Lucas said.

Lucas pulled out the classified files he stole from the Team Galactic HQ, Looker was both shocked and thrilled. After not finding anything earlier these files could help the IP find the contact Team Galactic used for explosives. Looker said thank you and to get well. He wanted to stay longer but this was big.

Jubilife City, Sinnoh

International Police Sinnoh Counter-Terrorism HQ

12:30 am

"Roman Winters, his name kept popping up. I think he's our first suspect," Looker said, presenting the files to Murphy.

"The IP has no track record on this guy he just shows up out of the blue you sure about this?" Murphy asked.

"His name is consistent and look at this in 2002 he was arrested for possessing illegal chemicals used for making bombs and drugs," Looker pointed out.

"Then why is there no track record for him?" Murphy asked.

"I don't know, maybe bribed or something else I plan to ask him when I find him," Looker said.

"Look you have one week to find our bomb guy and if he is our guy then your investigation starts with linking him to Team Galactic," Murphy said.

"And Team Rocket," A man said, looking at the presentation.

Murphy and Looker turned around to see a man who looked to be about Looker's age.

"Um..can I help you?" Murphy asked.

"It's okay I'm on the job," The man said, showing a badge.

"You just watch presentations without saying anything, agent?" Murphy asked.

"Sorry I just got here...Agent Tung Kanto Pokemon Rescue," Tung said, extending his hand.

Agent 2nd Grade: Chester Tung

Home Region: Kanto

Years Active:

1985-Present (Kanto Pokemon Rescue Division)

Badge Number: 4382

"Lt. Murphy Sinnoh Counter-Terrorism, what are you doing here?" Murphy asked.

"Your guy also happens to be linked to Team Rocket, our intel shows that he may be in this region, I came here to talk but seems you guys are already on it," Tung said.

"Why do you look so familiar?" Looker asked.

"Been a while since we worked together, Looker, remember a cargo ship in Alola," Tung said.

It hit Looker, back when he was in Kanto CT he encountered Tung when he invaded the cargo ship that carried bullets for Team Rocket. He didn't think he would see him again.

"Holy still work in Kanto?" Looker asked.

"It suits me and I'm sure you heard of what's going on recently," Tung said.

"Yeah, it's horrible but what does our bomb guy have to do with Team Rocket?" Looker asked.

"Roman Winters has been known to associate himself with multiple criminal organizations serving as a seller of drugs, explosives, and sex slaves. Known clients are Team Rocket and Team Galactic. Our agents tracked his last location to somewhere in Sinnoh," Tung said.

"Working with two groups at the same time?" Looker asked.

"More money...I think we're at a crossroads here both looking for the same guy," Tung said.

"Sorry, but if he's on Sinnoh soil he's ours," Looker said.

"Yeah but our case has been going on longer than yours he's ours," Tung said.

"Enough both of you," Murphy said.

"Looker you have a week to find this guy you might need some help," Murphy said.

"What are you saying?" Looker asked.

"I'm saying since you two are looking for the same guy...say hi to your new temporary partner Agent Tung," Murphy said.

Tung and Looker looked at each other with raised eyebrows, while they were looking for the same guy and familiar with each other they didn't think they would be working together as partners.

"Get him and Agent Tung I'll be calling your boss and tell him or her that you will be staying here until we find this guy after you do it, we'll figure out who gets who," Murphy said.

Looker chased after Murphy.

"Sir with all due respect I don't need a partner," Looker said.

"Looker your last partner was Oscar and that was a long time ago you need to get used to working with others again, I've let it slide for a while now but a week by yourself to find a ghost isn't gonna happen you are to work with Tung to find Winters and I will hear nothing else about it do you understand?" Murphy said sternly.

"...yes sir," Looker said, walking out to Tung.

"Look I didn't think this was gonna happen either but this guy is dangerous," Tung said.

"What does Pokemon Rescue want with Winters? It seems like a CT case," Looker asked.

"Since Simon has been causing so much chaos the CT and PR have kinda teamed up until Simon is brought down so their cases are ours and vice versa," Tung said.

"You guys seem to have a lot more info on him than we do, any way we can get some of that info?" Looker asked.

Tung responded by putting a bag on Looker's desk with a file named Winters, Roman.

"Already with you," Tung said.

"We don't have any records on him, why do you have so much?" Looker asked, looking through the file.

"Nothing truly goes away Winters tended to bribe and threaten to get things "erased" but nothing really goes away this guy has committed a lot of things in Kanto and we saved it all ever since his big rise in the crime scene in 2000 we've been keeping an eye on him but we didn't know he had Sinnoh influence until recently," Tung said.

"How bad is this guy?" Looker asked.

"Pretty bad he's evaded arrest for the past 6 years this isn't gonna be easy and we got one week," Tung said.

"Well then let's get to work, the luck stops now, " Looker said.

Chapter Text

Federal Prison, Hoenn

Agent Hunter "Looker" Langley

Day 5: 6:30 pm

"You sure you know what you're doing, you know who this guy is right?" A guard asked.

Looker didn't say anything, he just kept walking. Being in this prison was already uncomfortable for him but seeing...him again was something different.

"I think we're good," Tung said, walking alongside Looker.

Looked grunted as he felt his ribcage, it still hurt.

"You good?" Tung asked.

"Yeah I'm alright," Looker said.

"Down the hall to the left, you know the rules agents," A guard pointed.

"Thanks," Tung responded.

Looker walked to the end of the hall with a knot in his stomach. What was he going to say? Was he going to be angry, upset, even a little happy?

"Hey," Tung said, shaking Looker by the shoulder.

"Wha-yeah?" Looker said.

"I can do this alone you know," Tung said.

"No no I'm good, let's catch this son of a bitch," Looker said, reaching the end of the hallway.

Looker and Tung went to multiple guards standing in front of an iron door.

Really all this for him?

"Agents Langley and Tung, we need to speak to this prisoner," Looker said, showing his badge.

"Alone too," Tung said, showing his badge as well.

The guards examined their badges and let them in. Looker swallowed his pride and walked in.

4 Days Earlier

Chapter 26: Tracker

COF: Hunter "Looker" Langley

Day 1: 10:30 pm

"Roman Winters, ex supplier of weapons, drugs, and other "necessities" to the following groups, Team Rocket, Galactic, and Magma. Gone off the radar after Magma disbanded but seems to have reappeared after Team Rocket's latest rise in Johto and Kanto and also seems to be involved with Galactic," Tung said.

"So he's a bigger asshole than I thought," Murphy said.

"Exactly and he's like a ghost, never stays in one place at a time, and they're almost no photos of the guy we had to pull these deep from Kanto's files," Looker said.

Murphy examined the presentation, this guy was not only linked to Team Galactic but Team Rocket. Team Rocket had been causing problems for Kanto and Johto for a while now.

After Red and Blue disbanded the original Team Rocket led by Giovanni in 2005, Giovanni mysteriously disappeared without a trace and Simon took over. It took him 3 years to rebuild what Red and Blue destroyed and with Red also being gone and Blue being busy with other things Team Rocket regained its power and started to try to control Kanto again and now they are trying to get a foothold in Johto.

Tung had been assigned to finding Winters for about a month now and his clues lead him to Sinnoh, though he was skeptical he would find something sufficient, anything was worth a try at this point.

"Any associates?" Murphy asked.

"Yeah, this clown, Gustavo Timmer, lucky for us he's in Sinnoh," Tung said, showing an image.

"Timmers used to be one of Winter's most trusted "employees"," Tung said.

"And then...," Murphy asked.

"He apparently found god and left and is now a preacher at Narcotics Anonymous in Sunyshore City," Tung said.

Looker and Murphy looked at Tung with eyebrows raised. Tung on the other hand gave an eye roll.

"Yeah, I know right, I don't believe it either," Tung said.

"Well, you ain't gonna find him now get out of here and get some sleep tomorrow you bring him in," Murphy told the two agents.

Looker and Tung got themselves ready and walked to the elevator. Looker felt off, it had been a while since he was partnered up but Murphy was right, Oscar was a long time ago and it was time to move on with a new partner and while Tung was only there for a week it was good practice.

"So who's interrogating holier than thou?" Tung asked.

"Why not both of us?" Looker asked.

"A Pokemon Rescue and Counter-Terrorism interrogation should be fun," Tung smirked.

"Where are you staying?" Looker asked.

"Hotel, you got an apartment?" Tung asked.

"Yeah, a nice little place in Canalave City," Looker said.

"Oh that's nice I love the oceany feel of that place," Tung said.

"Me too, it's quiet as well," Looker laughed.

"Good, I have horrible insomnia, whenever I can't sleep 'cause it's so loud, I walk around my city in Saffron," Tung said.

"Insomnia huh is that you showed up to our office really late last night?" Looker asked.

"I didn't think I would see you again. I just needed to see Murphy," Tung laughed.

Looker laughed, it had been a while since he had a normal conversation with someone, it was nice.

"Wanna head to a diner? Not exactly very tired," Tung laughed.

"Sure I know a place," Looker said.

Looker and Tung went to a diner overlooking the exit to Jubilife. Looker used to spend a lot of time there reading cases and clearing his head.

"Nice place, it's peaceful, quite a contrast to Jubilife," Tung commented.

"Yeah as you can tell I'm a fan of more quiet places," Looker chuckled.

"This job can be pretty rough. We can all use times like this," Tung said, leaning back.

"What horrors do you see in Pokemon Rescue?" Looker asked.

"Bad people man, I've had people tell me to my face how much they love molesting pokemon and just horrible things. I've seen abuse that just makes me wonder if killing them would be better mercy than saving them. It never leaves your mind," Tung said.

"I know what you mean, Counter-Terrorism is rough sometimes, I was there in the aftermath of Lavender Town, I had never puked my guts out so much in my life," Looker said.

"I was on the scene as well, horrible," Tung said.

"You deal with Pokemon Rings, how are those?" Looker asked.

While the world of Pokemon is full of trainers and lovers of the species just like with humans, some people want to use Pokemon to get rich and exploit them. Tung's division specializes in making sure that Pokemon have the same protection and rights as humans.

"Man those are...something else, people selling pokemon as sex slaves and abusing their powers for money or drugs, it's crazy and puts a damper on your view of humanity," Tung said.

Looker knew what that was like, the life of an IP agent was rough sometimes. Sure you were seen as a hero by the people and you get to do things others can't do but there is a huge emotional and mental and sometimes even physical toll that bears on an agent.

The crimes agents see every day it's not unusual for agents to retire solely because they can't handle it anymore especially in the more demanding divisions such as Special Victims, Homicide, Pokemon Rescue, and Counter-Terrorism. Both Tung and Looker had been exposed to events that no one should see but unfortunately, it happens and people like Looker and Tung are the firsts on the scene.

"That's crazy, I've done joint busts on rings before but that stuff is mostly for Special Victims, Pokemon Rescue, and even Narcotics, I deal with more mass attacks and groups like these," Looker said.

"Hey man I respect it, going to work every day not knowing if you'll come back alive is rough thinking, at least with me I can almost guarantee I won't die but you, going undercover and always being in criminals' crosshairs that's hardcore. I had a buddy in Narcotics and the amount of UC work they do is insane, they spend more time under than as an agent sometimes," Tung said.

Looker smiled, a lot of times agents would argue over which division was worse in terms of danger but Tung respected them all and felt that all the divisions were needed to make the IP as protective and effective as it is. Tung appreciated that Looker didn't try to compare them, he knew that their jobs and responsibilities were different and that the only thing they could be compared on was job experience.

"How's it going in Kanto?" Looker asked.

"Shit show, Simon's a lunatic who will do anything for power, if you ask me I would rather have Giovanni as leader again than him," Tung said.

"Did they ever figure out what happened to Giovanni or even Red?" Looker asked.

"Homicide is dealing with Red as a missing person but Giovanni that's more on the CT side but from what I've heard they think that after Red and Blue beat him he went into hiding in a different region and honestly if he is doing that leave him be so far nothing has come up regarding him or a new alias," Tung said.

"He's a criminal he deserves to be in jail," Looker snarled.

"I agree but right now we have better things to pursue and from what we found Simon has no contact with Giovanni, he's doing this all on his own," Tung said.

"He was responsible for the Lavender Town Massacre, we got the wrong guy back in the '90s and now I want the real guy, go get him for me will ya," Looker grinned.

"I got a bullet waiting for him if I see him," Tung said.

Looker took out his gun and unloaded the clip, there he took one bullet out of the magazine and gave it to Tung.

"That one's from me," Looker said.

Tung pocketed the bullet and laughed.

Looker and Tung ate and went their separate ways, Looker took the train back to Canalave and Tung stayed in a hotel. Both of them went home happy that they didn't hate each other.

Day 2: 10:30 am

Sunyshore City

"God damn it's bright here," Tung said, putting on sunglasses.

"Hey be thankful we aren't in Snowpoint City it's 10 degrees there," Looker said.

"God damn it was already chilly in Jubilife," Tung said.

Kanto is naturally really warm, compared to Sinnoh it's like Orre but Tung was more accustomed to the warmer temperatures than Sinnoh's natural cold weather. It took Looker a while to adjust to it as well.

"There it is, Narcotics Anonymous," Looker pointed.

Looker and Tung walked into the building and noted how clean it was, Narcotics Anonymous is a place where drug addicts or even former drug addicts could come together to talk about their problems without punishment, like AA for drug addicts.

"Welcome to NA, here we don't judge how can I help you two," A lady asked the two.

"We are looking for Gustavo Timmers, looks like this," Looker said, pulling out his picture.

"Oh he is in, are you two fans?" The lady asked.

"Oh yeah big fans," Tung said, showing his badge.

"Which room is he in?" Looker asked.

"Room 43 upstairs," The lady said.

Tung and Looker walked up the stairs.

"What are we bringing him in for?" Looker asked.

"...drug dealing?" Tung asked.

As the two were talking they heard a shuffle in the room and groans. Looker and Tung pulled out their guns and got on each side of the door.

"Open it," Looker said.

Tung kicked the door down and the two rushed into what they thought was gonna be a fight of some sort. Only to see Gustavo on top of a lady in a rather exposed position.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TWO?" Gustavo yelled, covering himself.

"How about indecent exposure?" Looker asked, putting his gun away.

"How old are you?" Tung asked as she covered the girl in a towel.

"...17," The girl said.

"Statutory rape as well," Looker grinned as he cuffed Gustavo.

"You made our jobs much easier Timmers thanks," Tung said, opening the door for Looker.

"I want a lawyer," Gustavo said.

"You might also want a pair of pants too, I could barely tell you were a guy down there at first glance," Tung said, picking his pants up with gloves on.

Day 2: 1:45 pm

International Police Sinnoh Counter-Terrorism HQ, Jubilife City

Interrogation Room

"You take broken down drug addicts and you have sex with them?" Tung said.

"It's not like that," Gustavo said.

"Really so what was it?" Looker asked.

"I was helping her," Gustavo said.

"...with your penis?" Tung asked.

"My client was having a consensual arrangement with a woman," Gustavo's lawyer said.

"That client is also 17," Looker said.

"I really help these people reform and sometimes they know and who am I to say no," Gustavo said.

"Well the law says that you have too," Looker

"Your client is looking at 30 years for indecent exposure and statutory rape," Tung said.

"Wait no come on I can't go back to jail," Gustavo pleaded.

"Well we can't help you with that but we may be able to help you with getting that 30 years shortened," Tung said.

"...what does he have to do?" Gustavo's lawyer asked.

"We want all the known safe houses for your friend Roman Winters," Looker said.

"Roman...I haven't seen him in so long," Gustavo said.

"You were also one of his most trusted employees. The guy told you things now cough 'em up, where would he go to try to maintain a low profile?" Tung asked.

"That was a lifetime ago I may be arrested right now but I am not the same man I was," Gustavo said.

"Yeah you graduated from terrorist to child rapist, what a change," Tung said.

"Just tell us where Roman had hideouts and we can help whatever sick way you need it," Looker said.

"Knock the sentence down to 10 years and he stays off the registry," Gustavo's lawyer said.

"We can make that happen," Tung said, looking at Looker.

Looker nodded. Gustavo's lawyer whispered in his ear telling him to take the deal.

"...if he wanted to be unseen there's one place he would go that I remember," Gustavo said.

Day 3: 4:00 pm

International Police Sinnoh Counter-Terrorism HQ, Jubilife City

"Gustavo said that Roman kept a secret warehouse in western Sinnoh, after doing my thing I've narrowed it down to one location, Iron Island has a warehouse that is reportedly used by the Island officials however recent reports have documented that no only is the warehouse not used by the Island but shipments of drugs and other things have been seen going into that warehouse," Looker said.

"How the hell did you narrow it down to that," Tung said, impressed.

"Looker here did a lot of work in a tracking unit in Hoenn, where he got his nickname," Murphy said.

"When it comes to tracking down things, I'm your guy," Looker grinned.

"Still pretty impressive western Sinnoh isn't exactly small," Tung said.

"Well after looking at his behavior and how he reacts to things I thought to myself he would want to go somewhere quiet and somewhere that doesn't have a big IP presence. Iron Island has almost no crime which means not a lot of IP presence and when I got the reports it just made me even more confident," Looker said.

"The IP is having drones sweep across the island if Roman is spotted you guys have the okay to bring him in," Murphy said.

"And the results come back when?" Tung asked.

"Tomorrow morning be back here at 4 am sharp," Murphy said.

Looker took this time to go to the range, it had been a while since he shot his gun, Looker was a decent shot but far from the best so any practice was good for him. Looker shot a couple of targets before noticing Tung walking into the range.

"Hiding out?" Tung laughed, he got into more casual clothes with a shirt tucked into his pants and two suspenders with a gun attached to one of them.

"You look, stupid man," Looker laughed.

"This is great fashion for my family thank you very much," Tung said, pulling out his own gun.

The two shot a couple of targets together with Tung proving to be a better shot.

"Remind me to never turn my back to you," Looker said.

"That would be stupid, friend," Tung smirked.

"When we get Winters I just need to know what he knows about Team Galactic then he's yours," Looker said.

"We appreciate it, don't worry we'll get what you need from him," Tung said.

Day 4: 5:30 am

Iron Island, Sinnoh

"30 seconds," The pilot told the crew.

Looker and Tung were on a helicopter going to Iron Island, they were part of a task force with the sole goal of capturing Roman Winters. The news came in earlier that morning that Looker was right, Roman was on the island laying low but now it ends.

Looker kicked down a rope from the helicopter and slid down. A guilty pleasure of Looker was always sliding down a rope from a helicopter, it made him feel more like a badass. Tung slid down with him and was on his back. The task force quietly went up to the warehouse and peeked into the window to see the warehouse was empty.

"Empty?" Tung asked.

"Seems suspicious," Looker said.

"Let's move in," An agent said.

The task force made their way into the warehouse both cautiously and boldly. Checking every corner and making sure every inch of the warehouse was clear. It was empty.

"Clear," An agent said.

"He was here earlier, where did he go?" Looker asked.

"I don't know but this place looks like a gold mine for intelligence, have a team come here and collect everything here," Tung ordered.

This made no sense why would Winters just leave his warehouse...unless he knew they were coming.

As it hit Looker the room was flooded with flashbangs blinded everyone in the room.

"AMBUSH GET TO COVER!" An agent yelled.

The room became full of people shooting at the task force. Bullets bouncing off the room and the noise continuously booming in the warehouse.

Looker was stumbling from the flashbang he could barely see as he reached for his gun and tried to aim. Tung grabbed his vest and pulled him to cover behind a metal table.

"Clear your eyes, I got you to cover," Tung said as he took a couple of shots.

The task force kept shooting themselves taking out a couple of members, not before a couple of them got shot themselves, luckily they were wearing bulletproof vests.

Looker's sight came back to him as he poked his head to get a couple of shots in before seeing Roman Winters among the criminals shooting at them.


"They're distracted, let's go," Tung told Looker.

Looker and Tung made their way to the outside of the building moving to the other side of the warehouse, before seeing a criminal come out of nowhere aiming his gun at Tung.

"Look out," Looker said, pushing Tung to the side and taking a bullet to the vest.

'OW FUCK!" Looker fell back in pain, it hit the vest but it still hurt.

"LOOKER!" Tung shouted, shooting the grunt and running to him.

Tung was helping Looker up as they heard another helicopter gearing up behind the warehouse.

"Leave me, go before he gets away," Looker grunted.

Tung put Looker down and made his way to the back of the warehouse, reloading his gun and ready to shoot but it was too late. He moved from the corner to see Roman Winters getting on the helicopter surrounded by guards. They shot at Tung as he took cover, returning fire as the helicopter took off. The last thing he saw was Roman waving at him with a smile on his face

Tung ran out from cover and shot at the helicopter in frustration. Roman got away.

"FUCK!" Tung shouted.

Looker limped his way to the back to see that the helicopter was gone.

"Damn...," Looker sighed.

"Target escaped on a helicopter, mission failed," Tung said into his walkie-talkie.

The gunfire stopped in the warehouse as the rest of the task force subdued the grunts firing at them.

Medics arrived on the scene to help the wounded and a clean-up crew arrived to help with the damage. Looker took off his vest to see a bruise on his rib area. Getting a bullet to the vest felt someone hitting his ribs with a bat, not fatal but still hurt.

"Sorry..," Tung said.

"No I held you down, fuck," Looker said.

"We need to get back to base to find out where the hell he's going," Tung said.

"Gustavo won't talk anymore and he was our biggest lead," Tung said.

"Someone else who knew Winters might be able to help," Looker said.

"Yeah but we don't have any suspects and finding new ones will take too much time," Tung said.

"You said he helped Team Magma until they fell right?" Looker asked.

"Yeah, why?" Tung asked.

"...I think I know someone," Looker said.

Present Day

The doors opened and Looker and Tung walked in. Looker never thought he would see the day where he would meet with him again but here he was and they needed the help. This was their last hope of catching Roman Winters anytime soon so they were desperate.

Looker walked into the cell to see someone from his past. Someone he used to call a friend. Someone he used to call a co-worker. Prisoner 627 formerly known as Agent Maxie Lanes.

Chapter Text

Chapter 26: Opposite Paths

COF: Hunter "Looker" Langley/Lucas Diamond

Looker sat down across the table from Maxie, he looked different. His facial hair had grown in the past 3 years and his hair was shorter.

"...Looker," Maxie said, sitting down.

"'s been a while," Looker said.

"Yeah 3 years to be exact, feels like longer," Maxie chuckled.

"You're in here for a reason, don't act like we are such good friends still," Looker said.

"Trust me I am reminded every single day of what happened," Maxie said, looking sad.

"You remember Tung right," Looker said, pointing to Tung.

"Vaguely," Maxie said, looking at Tung.

"It's kinda odd seeing you like this," Tung said back.

"I deserve it," Maxie said.

"Guards say you haven't caused a single incident since being locked up, knowing you would have a plan to get out of here by now," Looker said, raising his eyebrow.

"What's the point, serving a life sentence will just make me have to go on the run for the rest of my life. There's no reason to fight back especially after what I did, I'm living out the rest of days a peaceful man," Maxie said.

"Yeah this is coming from the guy who nearly destroyed all of Hoenn...our home," Looker said.

"I'm not proud of what I did, I'm even ashamed but I can't change the past...I wish I could," Maxie said.

Maxie's face had nothing but a look of depression on it. He did regret his actions and the harm he caused not only to his region but to the IP and the world.

"You know ever since I saw them take you away...I never understood why you did what you did," Looker said.

"It was a long time ago...I thought I was helping the world, then I realized how much destruction I was causing...those pokemon were so powerful, terrifying," Maxie said.

Looker watched as the person he used to call a friend turned into a monster. He never forgot the day he was told that Maxie was the leader of Team Magma, and when he saw the IP taking him away in cuffs, it was heartbreaking. He wanted to talk more but he couldn't. They were there for a reason.

"Look...I hate saying this but we need help," Looker grunted.

"Why would the IP want my help?" Maxie said.

"It's about someone you had contact with within your days of Team Magma, Roman Winters, ring any bells?" Looker asked.

"Roman...yeah he supplied us with illegal pokemon items," Maxie said.

"Such as?" Looker asked.

"Potions, pokeballs, elixirs, healing items, we used to take them and sell it all for double the price," Maxie said, ashamed.

"Not drugs?" Tung asked.

"No, never drugs, I may have been a bad guy but I never resorted to drugs," Maxie said.

"We believe Roman Winters knows the location of sold explosives to Team Galactic," Tung said.

"We think he may have retreated to somewhere in Hoenn, anything come to mind?" Looker asked.

Maxie just sat there, was he going to help Looker? The IP put him in jail but he deserved it. Thoughts like this clouded his mind, he was conflicted, he was angry but at himself mostly. He wanted nothing more but to rejoin the IP but he knew it wasn't going to happen. On the other hand, they put him away and while he deserved it, it still made him a bit bitter. He stayed quiet in the end.

"I don't think he's talking Look," Tung said.

"It was a long shot, I knew someone like you would never do anything good again," Looker said, getting up.

Tung and Looker were about to leave when all of a sudden.

"Map," Maxie said.

Looker and Tung turned back around.

"What?" Looker asked.

"I need a map of Hoenn, get me one," Maxie said.

Maxie knew that he was never getting out of prison but he could at least do one more good deed. He knew it would never make up for what he did but at the end of the day, he took the oath to protect and serve and still held it close to his heart.

Looker gave a small grin and walked out with Tung.

"Is he really helping us?" Tung said.

"I don't know but let's find out," Looker said.

Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh

Lucas Diamond/Barry Platinum

"God damn it," Barry shouted at the video game.

"Dude you just suck," Lucas laughed.

"Hey, it's been a while since I've played alright," Barry said.

Lucas had been home for almost a week now, most of his injuries had healed but he was still in pain with his broken rib. He couldn't wait to get out of bed and get back out there.

"Man when I get better those Team Galactic assholes are gonna pay," Lucas said.

"Just don't die again man...seriously," Barry said.

"Barry I know you aren't super keen on going after these guys," Lucas said.

"It's not that Lucas, trust me I hate Team Galactic just as much as you, and freeing Eterna City was amazing but...I just don't want us to get in too deep with them you know," Barry said, leaning back.

"I think I'm already in too deep," Lucas said.

"I think you are too, first Floaroma Town, then Eterna City, then breaking in and escaping captivity from them dude they hate you," Barry said.

"They aren't big fans of you either," Lucas said.

"I know that but they seem to really be more focused on you than me, they only tried to get after me after they captured you," Barry pointed out.

"What happened to the overly eccentric guy who was willing to dive right into things," Lucas smirked.

Barry grinned and got up.

"He's still here you dope, look man where you go I'm coming with ya but I just want us to be more careful from now on, no more rushing after these guys they got their eyes on us now. When we first started our journey I had the same mindset, running headfirst into things without imagining the results but you taught me to plan things out more, I guess you rubbed off on me," Barry said.

He was right, Lucas noticed that Barry had changed a bit since they started their journey. He was still the same unpredictable, cocky, overly hyper guy, but he was more methodical now especially with battling.

"And what about you, you used to be this quiet guy who never wanted to stand out now you're going headfirst into things," Barry grinned.

"And I guess you rubbed off on me," Lucas smiled.

"Look man for the first time, someone taking it to Team Galactic, normal everyday people see us and they feel happy and safe. These people need a hero," Lucas said.

"Yeah, I know...," Barry said.

"You wanna be more than just your dad's shadow and build your own legacy, then show these people OUR people that Team Galactic can't just walk on everyone, don't just stand there and do nothing when you see something," Lucas said.

Barry sat down long on Lucas' bed, sure he loved to help people and have the center of attention on him but it begged the question that gnawed at him ever since he freed Eterna City. Did Barry want to be a hero?

Federal Prison, Hoenn

Agent Hunter "Looker" Langley

"Here's your map," Looker said, putting the map in front of Maxie.

"We need any place Team Magma might have had to hide something or someone," Tung said.

"We didn't have many places but we had a couple of places," Maxie said.

Fortree City, Hoenn

Day 5: 9:30 pm

In Fortree City, there's a secret lever on top of the highest tree that opens a passage to a bunker.

"You see it?" Looker shouted.

"Got it," Tung said, hitting the lever.

"Everybody please stand back, police business," Looker told the crowd surrounding the agents.

The passage opened and a task force quickly went down the stairs. The task force busted open the door to the bunker to find that it was abandoned.

"Great it's empty," Looker said.

"Yeah but looks like a lot of old Team Magma shit down here, get a team down here," Tung told the task force.

Looker looked down at what seemed to be a list and crossed off Fortree City.

"In Mauville City, we took advantage of the technology and built another bunker underneath the gym," Maxie said.

"The gym leader never found out about it?!" Looker said.

"He's not very smart," Maxie said.

Mauville City, Hoenn

Day 6: 10:30 am

The power box to the gym has a secret hidden switch triggered by flipping other switches in the correct order.

The task forced busted into the gym to the surprise of Watson. The people lined up at the gym were shocked as well.

"Everyone, sorry to bother but we need everyone to leave this gym immediately and to not return until further notice," Tung said.

"What's going on here?" Watson asked, confused and a little frightened.

"Leader Watson, we apologize but you are going to have to leave this gym immediately, it's a police matter," Looker said.

"I am the leader of this gym and you can't tell me to leave!" Watson shouted.

Looker, already frustrated, lost his cool.

"Look here you stubborn old man you see this badge I have it means I have the right to shut any building down in a police investigation and right now what you're doing could be considered obstruction of justice that would result in you being arrested and your place here as gym leader to be removed," Looker said.

"...I'll get out of your way then," Watson said, nervously laughing.

Tung watched as Watson left the building and ran up to Looker.

"Yo, you okay?" Tung asked.

"Yeah, why?" Looker asked.

"You never lose your cool," Tung said.

"Sorry just, my chest and head hurts and I gotta go back to UC soon it's just rough," Looker said.

"You can go, man, we got this," Tung said.

" I wanna find this SOB," Looker said, going to the power box.

"What was the code again?" Tung said.

Turn all the switches off and turn them on in this order. The bathrooms, main room, backroom, and office.

Looker inputted the order and a hatch at the back of the gym opened. The task force climbed down to see another bunker but unfortunately looked like it hadn't been used a long time.

"Another dead end," Looker said.

"Other teams raided the smaller ones and he isn't there," Tung said.

"We're running out of time Ches," Looker said.

"I know are you sure that's all the places Maxie said?" Tung asked.

"Yeah we need to get back there," Looker said.

Federal Prison, Hoenn

Day 6: 12:00 pm

"I'm telling you that's all I remember," Maxie said.

"What are you hiding Lanes huh, you want a deal or something?" Looker asked.

"Hunter, you know me I don't lie," Maxie said.

"Oh yeah like when you said you were one of us right," Looker said.

"I didn't lie to you guys I don't remember any other places," Maxie said.

"Well do you have a personal bunker, something only you would know about?" Tung asked.

"..there's one place but there is no way he would be there," Maxie said.

"Where is it!" Tung shouted.

"At Team Magma's HQ there was a personal bunker of mine that was never used, hell it wasn't even finished being constructed, there is no way Winters found out about it...unless," Maxie said.

"Unless what?" Looker asked.

"Roman used supply shipments to an underground storage facility near where the bunker was being constructed," Maxie said.

"So how did he find out about your bunker?" Looker asked.

"He probably bribed someone to tell him but honest to god that is the last place I know if he isn't there then I don't know," Maxie said.

"Alright get the team ready," Looker told Tung.

"Wait," Maxie said.

"What?" Looker asked.

"The bunker entrance has facial scan...," Maxie said.

" way," Looker said.

"It's the only way you want to catch him you're gonna need me," Maxie said.

" second," Looker said, stepping out with Tung.

"No way man, Lt won't approve it," Tung said.

"If it is facial recognition I picture won't work it needs to be the real face. Hoenn's tech is pretty good," Looker said.

"You can ask," Tung said.

Looker hesitantly called Lt. Murphy, he didn't want to bring Maxie along at this point they were desperate.

10 minutes later

"For the last time Langley, no way," Murphy said on the phone.

"Sir I don't wanna do this either but I don't think we have a choice," Looker said.

"Langley you understand Maxie more than anyone and you understand more than anyone why he is in his own cell away from people," Murphy said.

"I get it I do but this might be our last chance to catch Winters, I will personally handle Maxie," Looker said.

"...he's your problem and I swear to god Looker if one thing happens you can kiss your badge goodbye," Murphy said.

"..understo-," Looker was saying but cut off by the sound of the phone hanging up.

Looker walked over to the guards.

"The IP is borrowing this prisoner, cuff him and have him escorted outside," Looker told the guards.

Looker and Tung had an escort truck outside waiting, Tung had no personal connection to this but even he realized that this idea was sketchy. Looker was conflicted, he wanted to believe that the Maxie he knew was still in there but had no idea what was gonna happen. The guards walked out with Maxie, he looked confused after all it had been a long time since he had been outside the prison yard.

"Kinda poetic huh," Maxie said.

"Just get in the truck and Maxie my badge is on the line now do anything out of sorts and I swear to god," Looker said.

"...I know what's it like to have the badge taken have my word this isn't a trick," Maxie said.

"Yeah how good is your word nowadays," Tung said, helping Maxie in the truck.

Looker gave Maxie a cap to wear.

"Better for all of us if no one recognizes you, once we get inside you will take us to the bunker," Looker said.

Maxie nodded and leaned back offering no resistance.

Mt. Chimney, Hoenn

Day 6: 4:30 pm

The task force made its way through the abandoned Team Magma HQ. The IP taped it off and it hasn't been used for years. Hoenn was planning to make it a museum of some sort to remember the history of Team Magma as a reminder. The task force was split into two, Looker took Maxie and part of the squad through the front and Tung took the rest through the back. Maxie walked through the building with a bitter-sweet feeling.

"Damn...never seen it like this," Maxie said.

"Been like this for a while," Looker said.

Looker had his hands on his gun at all times not only for Roman's men but for Maxie as well, he wasn't ready to take any chances with him.

"...Look," Maxie said.

"Shut up," Looker said.

"Hunter," Maxie said.

"WHAT!" Looker shouted.

"Safety's on dipshit," Maxie said, pointing to Looker's gun.

Looker looked at his gun and turned the safety off, he nodded at Maxie as a thank you and sorry for snapping.

The group made their way through the mountain, it was hard to navigate through it without Maxie's help, luckily Maxie was also one of the best navigators the IP had ever seen.

"Looker, this is Tung, I took the south squad through the back, we're moving towards you now with no sign of Winters or any other targets," Tung said over the radio.

"Rog, moving now," Looker said.

"You forgot to end the communication, you know saying Looker out," Maxie said.

"Really man," Looker said.

"Basics Look you know that," Maxie grinned.

Sometimes Looker forgot that before Maxie was a terrorist he was an agent and still knew the procedures and lingo. It's what made him so hard to catch years ago, he knew what the IP would do.

The two teams met up and after confirming the area was secure they talked.

"Okay, where is the bunker?" Looker asked.

"My office, if you would," Maxie said, lifting his handcuffs.

" it," Looker told the guard.

Maxie was released of his cuffs and led the group to his office, he inputted the code and stacked it up at the door as he used to.

"Nice call," Looker said, stacking up on the other side.

"Thanks," Maxie said, kicking open the door and letting Looker go in.

Looker made his way in and confirmed the room was clear, Maxie came in and moved his desk to see a latch.

"How did Roman get in if it's facially activated?" Looker asked.

"There was a master key, he must have gotten it somehow," Maxie said.

"You could have just told us where that was," Looker said.

"Yeah but then I would miss out on all the fun," Maxie grinned.

Tung looked at Looker and rolled his eyes. Finally, Maxie scanned his face, and the latch opened the group slid down the ladder, they made their way through the unseen bunker.

"Holy shit," Tung said.

The bunker was almost like a second floor to the Team Magma Hideout. It was big and bright, the walls were made with soundproof material so you couldn't hear anything. Looker felt small just being inside of it. The floor was spotless and this wasn't even the finished product of the bunker. You could hear a pin drop because of how quiet it was but if a gunfight broke out here no one would hear a sound upstairs. It was the perfect hideout for Team Magma. Contrasting to the rather dirty and ashy mountain of Mt. Chimney this bunker felt more like a futuristic set.

As the group kept going they noticed that it was too quiet. Right as the group noticed how quiet it was, gunshots broke out. It was Roman's men. They shot at the force as they took cover. This time they were prepared after last time. They sent out flashbangs and returned fire.

"We can take a shortcut over there," Maxie said, pointing to a hallway.

Tung and Looker escorted Maxie to the hallway and helped him through the area.

"Can't I get a gun?" Maxie asked.

"Yeah not happening," Looker said.

Maxie and the two agents made their way through the hallway only to be met with a flashbang. At this point, the cap covering Maxie's face was gone. Tung and Looker were blinded but Maxie turned away as soon as he saw it. Two grunts came out and started beating up Tung and Looker. Maxie tried to reach for a gun but was stopped by a grunt. The grunt was about to start beating him too when another called out to him.

"Hold it, that's Maxie from Team Magma," One of the grunts said.

"Holy shit you're right, please come with us, we'll get you to safety," A grunt said, grabbing Maxie's hand.

Maxie went along with it and went with the grunts as they brought him to Roman, who was watching the firefight from cameras.

"Well well if it isn't Maxie Lanes," Roman grinned.

"Hey Roman, it's been a while," Maxie said, smiling.

This is bad but I don't have a way out.

"They actually thought you would help them, nice job leading them here though," Roman smiled.

"Typical agents can't see the bigger picture," Maxie said.

Back in the hallway, Looker made his way to his feet. At this point, he already had a chest and head injury, and getting beat up more made him very hurt.

"Fuck I need a raise," Looker grunted, helping Tung up.

"They took Maxie," Tung grunted.

"We gotta get after them, they took our guns," Looker grunted.

"Still got my fists, one of them is going up Winter's ass," Tung said.

"That sounds...odd," Looker laughed.

"Shut up you know what I mean," Tung said.

The two agents made their way through the hall, listening to the gunfire between the rest of the task force and Roman's men. They found their way to the room where Roman was with Maxie. They had no plan and no guns, it was going to be difficult.

"How's prison treating you, sir," Roman said.

"It's...rough," Maxie said, sitting down.

"Well your days there are over," Roman said, pouring two glasses of wine.

"I appreciate it," Maxie said, taking the glass.

"Soon you will be back to where you belong, with me, and will become rich and powerful again," Roman said.

"I heard you sold some bombs to Sinnoh with Team Galactic, nice move," Maxie said.

"Not often I got a compliment from ya so thanks," Roman said.

"Where did you store them?" Maxie said.

Looker and Tung looked at each other and listened in.

"We put them on a truck heading to the lakes, they got a whole plan for that, I dropped them off at Pastoria Town, they have a front there," Roman said, sipping the wine.

Looker took out his phone and typed Pastoria Town in a notebook. Tung watched as Roman kept talking.

"I've been making deals with Cyrus and Simon, two very different business people, once we finish up here I'll take you to Simon in Kanto," Roman said.

Maxie nodded and got up from the chair to walk around while he thought of a plan. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Looker and Tung and looked back at Roman. It had been a while since he had one of these but he felt a plan coming in.

"Maxie, I have to say you seem jumpier than normal, is something wrong?" Roman asked.

"...yeah there are two agents outside the door listening in," Maxie said, pointing to Looker and Tung.

"That son of a bitch," Tung said.

Grunts went out and forced the two in at gunpoint, Roman laughed and put his arm around Maxie.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Tung shouted at Maxie.

"Shut up," Maxie said.

"We helped you," Looker said.

"And why would I help someone like you, someone who abandoned me in my time of need," Maxie said.

"Nice call Maxie," Roman said.

"Can we kill them now and move on," Maxie said.

"Of course, my gun is the drawer I'll let you pick," Roman laughed.

"You little piece of shit I knew you couldn't change, you're the same bastard they took down," Looker cursed.

"Yeah and what's new after all what did we learn in the academy Looker, never negotiate with a terrorist," Maxie said, pulling the gun out of the drawer.

Maxie made his way to Looker and put the gun to his head.

"Once I'm done with you two I'll hunt down Aaron and Oscar and finish what I started," Maxie said.

"I thought you regretted what you did?" Tung said.

"Please that was a lie to gain a little trust and it worked, Looker you know me...I always have a plan," Maxie smiled, cocking the gun back.

"Go to hell," Looker said.

"I'll see you there," Maxie smirked.

The two grunts laughed and had guns pointed at Tung and Looker. Maxie quickly wiped the grin off his face and quickly smacked Roman with the butt of the gun. He then grabbed him and put the gun to his head.

"GUNS DOWN NOW!" Maxie shouted at the grunts.

The grunts both in disbelief put the guns down. Maxie nodded at Tung and Looker who got up and subdued the grunts.

"What the fuck Maxie?" Roman said, struggling.

"Told you I always had a plan," Maxie said, letting him but keeping the gun on him.

Looker and Tung looked at Maxie with disbelief, this was all part of his plan. To let Roman think he was on his side and he didn't even disclose to Looker and Tung because he needed their reactions to be real. Tung wasted no time and subdued Roman.

"Cuffs," Tung shouted.

Looker tossed the cuffs to Tung and watched as he arrested Roman Winters, they got him.

"You son of a bitch," Looker said, looking up at Maxie.

"Deception Looker we also learned that in the academy, study up," Maxie said, handing the gun to Looker.

The gunfight had soon stopped as the task force finished it off by subduing the grunts and controlling the scene. Roman was brought out and escorted away back to Sinnoh.

"We got him," Tung said, going up to Looker.

"Yeah...," Looker said.

"Hate to say it but because of Maxie too," Tung said.

"I know, fucker still knows how to surprise me," Looker said.

"Let's back to base," Tung said, slapping his shoulder.

Looker looked back to see agents taking Maxie away, he offered no resistance and walked with them. Maxie saw Looker and just gave him a small smile before getting into the truck.

Looker took a deep breath and sighed. He felt a huge weight off his shoulders. Roman Winters was captured and he knew where the bombs were taken, mission accomplished.

International Police Sinnoh Counter-Terrorism HQ, Jubilife City

Day 6: 10:00pm

"You got everything?" Looker asked.

"Yeah that's it all my shit, I leave in the morning," Tung said.

"Hey um..thank you," Looker said.

"For what friend?" Tung asked.

"Being a good partner even if it was for a week," Looker said.

"You too, we'll probably see each other again, thanks for Roman you really helped us out," Tung said.

"Take care Chester," Looker said, extending a hand.

"You too Hunter, oh and I saw Gustavo was put on the registry after all," Tung said, shaking his hand.

"Yeah I may have pulled some strings, that guy is spending the next 15 years in prison and is on the registry forever," Looker said.

"Now that's justice," Tung laughed, getting ready to leave.

"Hold it," Murphy said, approaching the two.

"Yes sir?" Looker asked.

"You two did great out there, Agent Tung on behalf of the Sinnoh IP, thank you," Murphy said with a smile.

"Honor was all mine sir," Tung said.

"I hope we meet again," Murphy said.

Tung smiled and started to walk off not before taking one more look at the CT building, this trip really opened his eyes to the other divisions of the IP. With this, he gained more respect for the Counter-Terrorism Division.

"Looker my office," Murphy said.

Looker went with Murphy to his office, assuming that he was going to be chewed out for allowing Maxie to help them.

"Yes sir," Looker said.

"Maxie is back in jail and Roman is on a one-way ticket back to Kanto, you really did a nice job out there agent," Murphy said.

"Thank you, sir," Looker said.

"One more thing, congratulations," Murphy said, shaking Looker's hand.

"On what sir?" Looker said.

"The promotion, Agent 1st Grade," Murphy smiled.

Looker felt that amazing feeling, being promoted to 1st Grade was something he wanted for so long now and now it was a reality.

"Sir, I don't know what to say," Looker said.

"Don't say anything, be proud you earned it," Murphy said.

"Appreciate it, sir," Looker said.

"How did you like working with Tung?" Murphy asked.

"...he was good, Kanto cats got their own style of working, reminds me of when I was there," Looker said.

"Good see I told you, now go home and take tomorrow off," Murphy said.

"Sir I don't need a day off," Looker said.

"That's an order," Murphy said.

Looker sighed, he could use the day to rest his body and get prepared to go back to Team Galactic. He grabbed his coat and made his way back home. A job well done.

Federal Prison, Hoenn

Day 7: 1:00 pm

The lights came on in Maxie's cell to his shock.

"Hey turn them off it's too bright in here," Maxie said.

"I asked them to turn it on," Looker said, walking in.

"Oh...hey," Maxie said.

"Mind if I sit down?" Looker asked.

"Pick a spot," Maxie laughed.

Looker sat down and finally relaxed, he had a day off and he was going to spend it talking to someone he used to call a friend.

"You really helped us out," Looker said.

"You helped me too, first time in years I saw something other than prison bars," Maxie said.

"Yeah...look man it's still sad to see you here," Looker said.

"I deserve it, I did something horrible and I'm taking my punishment," Maxie said.

"Yeah...why did you do it, man?" Looker asked.

"I thought I was helping the world...I never wanted to hurt people, they tricked me into thinking what we were doing was good and it infected me until I saw the light," Maxie said.

"You mean when Brendan beat your ass," Looker laughed.

"Yeah...I saw Brendan and his whole attitude and reminded me of who I used to be," Maxie said.

"I'm not asking for another chance because I don't deserve it but if I got another chance man, I would do anything to make it up to the world," Maxie said.

Looker nodded, he didn't agree with what Maxie did and hell even despised it but he could at least see that Maxie still had that part of him that he knew so long ago. They just took Opposite Paths.

Chapter Text


Chapter 27: Back on the Road

COF: Lucas Diamond

Lake Verity Lakefront

10 am

Lucas Diamond

"One more time, let's go," Lucas ordered.

Infernape nodded, grunting, and sent out another Burning Mach Punch. Since Lucas had been home he wanted to train his pokemon harder, the gym battles weren't getting easier and he needed to keep up. He wrote down all of his current pokemon weaknesses.

Infernape: Needs to increase the temperature of his heat without hurting himself.

Luxray: Increase the range and accuracy of his electric abilities and power.

Bibarel: Increase control and power of his water attacks.

Staraptor: Increase the speed of flight and durability of her body.

Gabite: Focus and obedience.

Infernape landed the Burning Mach Punch on a target Lucas bought designed to withstand heat up to 150 degrees. He grunted in pain as the fire he was producing was too much even for him. Infernape had already mastered Flame Wheel, he could hit any long-range attack with it and Flamethrower was easy for him, he was always constantly working on his main attack. Ever since creating the Burning Mach Punch, Infernape always wanted to make it stronger so it could keep up with his other mastered attacks.

"You alright buddy?" Lucas asked, looking at his hand.

Infernape nodded. He made some progress.

Lucas thought of Infernape's fire as a power meter up to 100 percent. The higher percentage aka temperature of the flame he used the better the damage he would output however with this comes higher self-damage to his body. Right now Lucas noted that Infernape's fire could only get up to 45 percent of its maximum power before hurting himself.

"You did good, buddy, take a rest," Lucas said.

Infernape shook his head and pointed to Lucas's injury as if to say if you aren't resting neither am I.

"What this, don't worry man I'm okay I can walk now, we'll be back on the road soon," Lucas smiled.

Infernape smiled back and tackled him, playing around. With his evolution also came control of lowering his heat so it wouldn't hurt Lucas. He had no problem turning the heat down; he needed to work on turning the heat up. Lucas laughed and got him into a chokehold, of course not applying any actual pressure. Infernape grinned, he loved doing stuff like this and grabbed Lucas and overpowered him, bringing him to the ground and laughing.

Lucas and Infernape's relationship only grew as their time together increased. Lucas started his journey in December and it was already April. Time flew by for the both of them. They had their moments of arguing but at the end of the day Infernape always had Lucas' back.

"Alright, alright I give up," Lucas laughed.

Infernape let him up. Lucas playfully punched his arm.

"Take a little rest and then we'll continue," Lucas said.

Lucas left Infernape and moved on to Bibarel who had been practicing his water moves.

"How are you doing Bibi?" Lucas asked.

Bibarel responded by shooting his water halfway across Lake Verity. He was panting, this was taking a lot out of him.

"Hey hey man, remember to hydrate," Lucas said, pointing to the lake.

Bibarel took a drink and sat down.

"Good work, you're getting better little at a time that's all I'm asking," Lucas said, petting Bibarel.

"You're already doing better than you were before, we gotta get back on the road soon and the battles won't get any easier," Lucas said, petting him.

Bibarel to Lucas had one major problem, he was his main water type but his control on the water was struggling. The more water Bibarel produces or tries to control, the harder it is. Lucas would like Bibarel to get a grip on it so he could create devastating water attacks. Also, he wanted Bibarel to increase the pressure of the water he was given.

Bibarel got up and tried something he had been working on, he stuck his hands on the ground and a beam of water shot up from it.

"Oh, shit, nice one," Lucas said, impressed.

"How far away can you shoot it?" Lucas asked.

Bibarel tried again and got about 20 feet away but the pressure was lower and not as fast. Bibarel shook his head, disappointed with himself. Bibarel had always had the calm mood of the group but he saw that he was the one lacking in the power department so he took self-growth and training very seriously.

"That's good Bibi I don't expect you to master it in one day," Lucas said, smiling.

Bibarel took a small break before working again. Lucas knew that he would just be in the way so he moved onto Staraptor.

Star was flying in the air, going faster than ever but her wings were in pain. Lucas knew that Staraptor was the fastest on his team so maximizing that speed would benefit in traveling and battles.

"Star, down here," Lucas shouted.

Staraptor flew down to take a rest. She ached from the pain a bit but was visibly okay.

"You kicked it up a notch didn't you," Lucas smiled.

Staraptor needed to increase her durability too, that has and always will be her biggest weakness. Lucas didn't expect her to be a tank like Bibarel or even hard to hit like Infernape but he wanted her to be able to withstand a drawn-out battle. Lucas knew that Brave Bird was her hardest-hitting move but she hurts herself while doing it. Lucas wanted her to practice it while learning to go faster in flight.

"Let's see a Brave Bird," Lucas said, setting up a pile of sticks as a target.

Staraptor flew up with the already more intense speed and shot down and destroyed the pile of sticks.

"HAHA YEAH!" Lucas shouted.

Staraptor flew down, she visibly had a bruise on her wing from the attack but overall her durability was getting better.

"We need to increase the strength of your targets, what do you think should we use plywood, rocks, or something even harder?" Lucas asked.

Staraptor was determined to get better but she wasn't stupid, she pointed to the plywood with her foot. Lucas set it up and left her be.

Lucas had to go the farthest away to see Luxray. Lucas wanted Luxray to increase how much electricity he could charge while dealing out the most of it. Like Infernape, Luxray could only shoot out a certain amount of voltage before hurting himself. He didn't want to risk Luxray accidentally hurting someone so he sent him far away from the group.

"ERRRRRRRRRRRRR" Luxray grunted, absorbing electricity from a battery Lucas has been borrowing from the lab.

"I think this is going well," Lucas chuckled, putting on some rubber protection on his body.

To increase his power, Lucas had given Luxray a battery that was capable of storing up to 500k volts of electricity. With Luxray's new form he discovered that he can suck up electricity from an area to gain power with Charge, it was also his way of recharging after using a lot of electricity. The more he charged the more powerful his attacks along with the self-harm. He also measured Luxray with a power meter. He figured Luxray could only use about 45 percent as well.

To increase his accuracy and range, Lucas set up small patches of dirt in the area for Luxray to hit from afar. His spark had already evolved into Thunder so it was a matter of getting better with hitting targets. He used dirt because he knew it wasn't a good conductor so it wouldn't travel and hurt someone.

Luxray glared at the piles and sent out a Thunder to the piles, he hit 7 out of 10 of them, already an improvement. When it came to Electric Bite, Luxray would bite onto a nearby tree and shock it. Electric Bite was a double edge sword if hit it would easily be his most powerful attack but the longer he held on the more harm to his body it would cause and it would pile on if he used more than 45%. Lucas saw Electric Bite as mostly a last-ditch effort if Luxray can even get close enough, he would like him to use it freely but they weren't at that stage yet.

"Alright let's do a bite let's go for...30 seconds at full 45%," Lucas said, pulling out the clock app on his Poketch.

Luxray nodded and bit onto a tree and shot volts of electricity into it at full power.

"Hold it, hold it," Lucas said.

Luxray kept holding on, it was getting harder and harder and was starting to hurt his body.

"And," Lucas said, looking up but Luxray had already let go, 25 seconds.

Lucas sat next to Luxray while he recharged and rested.

"Close buddy, we'll get there," Lucas said, giving Luxray a treat.

"By the way, I'm thinking about calling you Lux...or Beacon cause you're like a beacon of electricity...OH, WHAT ABOUT LUX BEACON!" Lucas said.

Luxray shook his head.

"Just Lux huh," Lucas said.

Luxray smiled and nodded.

"Wait a minute, I've got an idea, stand up," Lucas said.

Luxray got up.

"Try to use it again but not at 45%, lower the voltage," Lucas said, resetting his clock.

Luxray did as was told and gripped on, this time only using 25% percent. Lucas was astounded as he gripped on for a whopping 45 seconds.

"THAT'S IT, MON COME OVER HERE," Lucas shouted.

Infernape heard his voice and ran over, Infernape already had very good hearing so Lucas knew he didn't have to go far.

"So with 45 the more Mach Punches you use the worse it hurts right?" Lucas asked.

Infernape nodded.

"What was the limit, how many punches could you do at 45% before stopping?" Lucas asked.

Infernape put up 4 fingers.

"Okay now try using it at only 25%," Lucas said.

Infernape was confused but gave it a shot, he ran around the area punching the ground, it worked and it didn't hurt as much he got in 9 punches.

"I'm a genius," Lucas said.

"Until you guys can increase your durability with 45% percent and even increase that percentage, when in battle only use it at 25%. It works like a meter the more percentage you use the less time you have with it, Luxray with 45% you could only hold on for about 25 seconds and could only use about 2 Thunder attacks before maxing out. Use 25 percent in a battle for increased durability until we can keep your 45% at higher durability. Infernape you do the same, so while we are training go all out but in battle lower it down a bit so you guys don't hurt yourselves too much," Lucas said.

The two pokemon nodded and went back to their workstations. Lucas had not only taught them new things but he also learned new things. One more Pokemon left, Gabite.

Gabite had also secluded himself, he wanted to increase his focus on attacks and Lucas wanted to overall increase his obedience.

Gabite was panting as he hit the stone wall with Dragon Claw. His physical attacks were impressive in terms of damage but there was something he wanted to try but was unable to, Dragon Breath. It was a special beam that a dragon could shoot out of his or her mouth and deal devastating damage. Gabite tried and tried but couldn't get it to work.

"Having trouble?" Lucas asked.

Lucas and Gabite had grown more respect for each other and Gabite even let the hatred go for the most part but they still butted heads and Gabite was not one to listen to orders.

Gabite nodded and got back to work.

"Look man I know you want me to use you in battles but if you aren't gonna follow orders I can't let you," Lucas said.

Gabite shook his head as if to say "whatever".

"Trying to do Dragon Breath huh?" Lucas asked.

Gabite nodded and tried again.

"You know most pokemon like you don't get to use that move until Garchomp level," Lucas said.

Gabite didn't care, he wanted to use it now he wanted to get it going so that when he was a Garchomp it would be even more powerful.

"Can I suggest something?" Lucas asked.

Gabite looked over at him.

"Normally when Garchomps do it, they lean forward with their hind legs back," Lucas said.

Gabite looked at Lucas as of saying "how the fuck do you know that?".

"Yeah I've spent too much time watching Garchomp battles," Lucas said.

Gabite took the advice and got into position. He tried one more time and this time a shot came out of his mouth, a small one, not very powerful but Gabite was over the moon.

"ALRIGHT!" Lucas cheered.

Gabite had a look of happiness on his face, the first time Lucas had even seen it before.

"So position does matter, I think you just need to reach deep down and get it but that was awesome!" Lucas said.

Gabite smiled, proud of himself, and basked in the glory.

"You really are something else," Lucas said, patting his back and walking off he knew Gabite liked his space.

Gabite smiled as Lucas left, slowly they were getting to partner status.

Professor Rowan's House

10 am

Barry Platinum

"And now he wants to go back out there and do it again, he's crazy he's," Barry was saying.

"Like you?" Rowan said.

"Oh come on Professor don't say that I'm one of a least I try too," Barry sat down.

"That dad thing is still bugging you?" Rowan asked.

"It's always bugged me...everyone just sees me as Palmer 2.0...I hate it, I love my dad but I hate being his shadow," Barry said.

Ever since Barry had been a kid everything he ever did was compared to his dad, he was never shown to be his own person with his own goals. Ever since then it's been hard for him to not try to do over-the-top things to try to separate himself.

"Barry, son, you have the opportunity of a lifetime, you want to separate yourself from your father then embrace being an enemy of Team Galactic," Rowan said.

"You too huh," Barry said.

"Look I'm not saying I agree with what you and Lucas have done but you're right son you're in too deep now I say fuck it, be a thorn and be a hero to these people," Rowan said.

"I'm no hero...selfish maybe," Barry said.

"And what's wrong with that?" Rowan asked.

"Heroes are always willing to go to new lengths. They set high expectations for themselves and they inspire all around them, Lucas has a great job at that part. Everywhere I go I hear about him," Barry said.

"New lengths you mean like becoming a Pokemon Trainer," Rowan said.

"What?" Barry asked.

"High expectations, you mean saying you're going to be the best pokemon trainer in the world," Rowan said.

"Inspire people, Barry, do you know how many times I've wanted to give up when it came to science but then I see your attitude and determination and it boosts me," Rowan said.

"Kid, not every hero is the same I mean look at Blue from Kanto, he ain't exactly pleasant," Rowan said.

"Yeah but he's so powerful his pokemon are top tier, he's my inspiration," Barry said.

"Do you think he was always like that?" Rowan asked.

"No, but," Barry said.

"Barry, yes Lucas looks like the ideal hero but you have something Lucas doesn't have. That eccentric personality and unwavering grit are unique to you. How did it feel to free Eterna City?" Rowan asked.

" felt good, all those people they're free now," Barry said.

"You think Lucas could have done that alone?" Rowan asked.

"No, the idiot almost died," Barry laughed.

"Barry you do things that most people don't even think of doing, things people think that if they do they would die and that's what a hero does. It doesn't matter about the presentation of the person it matters about the heart," Rowan said.

Barry looked at himself in the mirror, he always believed that everybody had a destiny. He always thought he was to be the best pokemon trainer of all time, but could he have been wrong? Ever since he and Lucas got involved with Team Galactic they were in a lot of trouble but on the other hand, people are much happier and it gives them hope.

"You got a good thing going son and yeah you are in deep, why not go deeper?" Rowan asked.

Professor Dawn's Lab

2 pm

Lucas Diamond

"Welcome to Professor Dawn's lab," Dawn shouted.

"This place sucks," Barry said.

"Yeah it's filthy," Lucas said.

"Fuck you guys," Dawn said.

Lucas and Barry high five each other and laughed.

"Anyway, I called you here to meet someone, ever since I became a professor I've had to meet a lot of people and these 3 in particular well 2 of them are people I think you would like," Dawn said, setting up the computer.

On the screen was a man in a lab coat as well and two people in the background that seemed to be fighting.

"COME AT ME YOU BITCH!" One shouted.


"Boys calm down, hello Dawn can you hear me?" A professor asked.

"Yes Professor Elm we can hear you, Lucas and Barry meet Professor Elm of the Johto region," Dawn introduced.

"Hi there," Lucas said.

"Hello Yellow," Barry said.

"Stop saying that shit it's weird," Lucas said.

"You're weird," Barry said, punching Lucas in the arm.

"YOU SON OF A," Lucas said, struggling with Barry.

"See what I mean," Dawn said.

"Oh yeah, a lot of similarities," Elm said.

"Boys shut up," Dawn said.

"Yeah Barry, stop it," Lucas said.

"I hope you die," Barry said.

"Anyway I thought you two would like to meet some people, Professor," Dawn asked.

"Yes, of course, Ethan you first," Elm said.

"HA YOU LOSER," Ethan said, proudly walking up.

"Boys this is Ethan Gold he is currently on his own journey in Johto," Dawn said.

"Oh she's hot, Professor you didn't tell me how hot she was," Ethan said.

"Ethan calm yourself please," Elm said.

"Yeah yeah I got this, you're looking at the best pokemon trainer to ever walk the earth," Ethan said, cockily pointing to himself.

"WHAT!" Barry shouted.

"Yeah that's right cry about it you little bitch I'm the best around here," Ethan said.

"YOU WANNA GO RIGHT NOW," Barry shouted.

"Bring it I'll take you and your friend both on," Ethan laughed.

Lucas sat and watched and had one thing on his mind.

I see the similarities too...

"Ethan shut up you literally lost last week," Another boy shouted.

"HE CHEATED!" Ethan shouted.

"Sorry about him, he's a bit...annoying," The boy said.

"This is Anthony Silver and along with Ethan he is also exploring Johto," Dawn said.


"He's not my friend, we just happen to cross paths on our journeys," Silver said.

"Trust me, man I know how rough it is to deal with an eccentric person," Lucas laughed.

"Tell me about it," Silver chuckled.

"And by the way Barry is it, I'm gonna be the best trainer of all time," Silver said.



"Dawn why are we meeting them again?" Lucas asked.

"I wanted to show you two that you aren't the only ones making an impact in your region, surely you have heard what's been going on with Johto and Kanto," Dawn said.

"Yeah the whole Team Rocket rises again," Lucas said.

"Well those two are also thorns in their sides, mostly Ethan," Dawn said.

"They're just jealous of how awesome I am," Ethan said.

"And you call me pompous," Silver said.

"All 4 of you should be proud of yourselves, you're all heroes in your region," Elm said.

"I'm the best one," Ethan said.

"You just met these people, at least try to have some respect," Silver said.

"Please they're just people I'm gonna eventually beat," Ethan smirked.

"WANNA BET ON IT!" Barry shouted.

"LET'S GO SINNOH BOY!," Ethan laughed.

"Our connection is slipping, Dawn let's wrap this up," Elm said.

"Oh okay well it was nice meeting you two," Dawn said.

"No problem and call me sometime," Ethan winked.

"Ethan, stop it," Elm said.

"He's just mad cause I banged his daughter," Ethan whispered.

"YOU DID WHAT!" Elm shouted.

"What!" Ethan looked back as the connection ended.

"Those two are something alright," Lucas said.

"Oh please it's like looking at you two Ethan's like Barry turned up to 11," Dawn said.

Lucas knew that powerful trainers were all over the world but these guys seem to have the confidence so they must be good especially Ethan. His cockiness is almost like Trainer Blue.

"Yo, you with us?" Barry said, shaking Lucas's shoulder.

"Oh yeah I'm here," Lucas said.

"How're your ribs?" Barry asked.

"Good I can move again still got the bandages but I'm ready to go," Lucas smiled.

"Alright I'll meet you at the town exit in a little bit got some stuff to do," Barry said.

"Same," Lucas said, watching Barry leave.

"You know you really changed him," Dawn said.

"Oh please he's still the same Barry," Lucas said.

"Yeah but he's much more focused now no doubt he got that from you," Dawn said.

"You think?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, and you took more of his courage diving into trouble, who are you?" Dawn laughed.

"Okay maybe a little has rubbed off on me, I guess that's what a travel partner does," Lucas said.

"Yup, good luck, and please stay safe," Dawn said.

"We will...probably," Lucas laughed, leaving the lab.

Joanna's House

4 pm

"Mom, I'm going," Lucas said.

"Wait...," Joanna said.

"Hm?" Lucas asked.

Joanna has a look on her face of fear. She loved that her son was doing what he loved but recently she didn't know what to think.

"I'm...I'm worried about you," Joanna said.

"Mom, I'm fine," Lucas said.

"No you aren't, you almost died...I lost your father I can't lose you too," Joanna said with tears.

Lucas took a sigh, he never really knew his dad but he knew how close he and Joanna were and when she lost him it was like a bullet. Lucas was the only thing she had in his life and now that he was getting hurt it just hurt Joanna more and reminded her of how much pain she felt when she lost her husband.

Lucas hugged his mom and Joanna burst into tears, she didn't want to lose the only family she had left.

"I have to do this mom, I found my calling," Lucas said.

"I know but for god's sake do you have to be so reckless, look at you," Joanna said.

"I know but for the first time, I'm doing something I love...I love being a trainer and yeah I love getting in the way of these people, they killed grandma and grandpa," Lucas said with a fist.

"I still worry, you're my son the only thing I have left, you leaving was bad enough but I know I can't go one day without worrying about your safety," Joanna said.

"Mom, I'm not a little kid anymore you have to trust me I will always come back to you," Lucas smiled.

"You promise me that Lucas Blake Diamond," Joanna said.

"I promise...Joanna," Lucas laughed.

"Don't you start, you're still my son," Joanna said.

Joanna let Lucas go, she was scared but he was right, Lucas was his own man now and she couldn't protect him forever all she could do was trust Lucas.

The exit of Twinleaf Town

4:30 pm

"Oi Lucas," Barry shouted.

"What?" Lucas asked.

"How about we race to Pastoria huh," Barry smirked.

"And how would you like to do that?" Lucas asked.

"We both got Staraptors right?" Barry asked.

"Yeah," Lucas said.

"Easy we fly there first one there is the winner," Barry smirked.

"I'm down, let's go," Lucas said.

Perfect to test Staraptor's new speed!

Barry and Lucas got their birds out and counted down.

"Let's win this Star," Lucas said.

"Time to blow this nerd away, right Sierra," Barry said.

"...Sierra?" Lucas laughed.

"Hey it's special to me...fuck you," Barry said.

The two took off and at first, it was fun, two friends racing but then they found themselves one-upping each other. The smiles went away and all that was left was determination.

"Come on Star," Lucas glared at Barry.

Staraptor's speed training paid off. She was going faster than ever but Barry seemed to be doing the same.

"Don't let him beat us," Barry shouted.

The two glared at each other both wanting so badly to win, that's what made them good rivals. They were best friends but they both wanted to surpass each other. Barry made it extremely vocal. He wanted to be the best but Lucas had developed a similar drive in his journey...he wanted to be the best too.

They didn't even have to battle to be competitive with each other, they brought out the best of each other, and neither wanted to lose to the other.

The two birds got closer and the two rivals locked eyes, both with determination and greed. Who wanted it more?

No way am I letting Lucas beat me!

No way am I letting Barry beat me!

Chapter Text


Pastoria City, Sinnoh

6:15 pm

Mike awoke to the smell of fire, his eyes were blurry from the smoke. He rubbed his eyes to see the corpse of the grunt on his body.

"Oh...OH FUCK!" Mike shouted as he shoved the body off of him.

He coughed as he got on his feet, leaning on the crumbling wall for support. Scared he reached around his body but remember he left his pokemon outside. On one hand, he was relieved they were okay but on the other, he knew he was all on his own. He walked out of the burning room to see a destroyed mess of the building. The fire was spreading all across the already destroyed rooms and the visual impact of the explosion was visible. Mike covered his mouth with his shirt to avoid breathing the remnants of the building. The sweat from his dirty forehead dripped into his eyes, blinding him even more.

"It's okay you're safe now," A person said from downstairs.

Who the hell is still in this building?

Mike didn't care; he just needed to find a way out of there.

To think this day started off pretty I'm trapped in a burning building... thanks god but I ain't dying yet, I have too much shit I still gotta do this week!

Chapter 28: Established Threat

COF: Michael Rollins

Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

11 am

"No way, Red would beat your ass," Mike laughed.

"Oh come on he's not unbeatable no one is dude," Brendan said.

"Yeah but you're not the one to beat him, I'd say if anyone could beat him right now it's Cynthia," Mike said.

"That's because you like her," Brendan smirked.

"Shut up dude, it's not like that," Mike said, with a small blush.



"Dude, just ask her out, you're a...reasonably... decent-looking guy," Brendan laughed.

"Very funny...okay maybe I do have a little interest in her but come on man she's so busy and so am I even if I tried it just wouldn't work," Mike said.

Mike did have a little thing for Cynthia, ever since he met her there was something about her he liked. Her strong presence, take no shit attitude, and strong desire to stay on top always was attractive to him. Business-wise she was so intimidating to people because of her reputation, but outside that she was one of the most laid back and enjoyable people to be around. But he knew that if they dated she would find out the truth and he couldn't let that happen. Besides, there was no way she liked him back.

"Are you making a move on me champion?"

"Only if you think so"


"Mike...Mike," Brendan said.

"Huh what, I'm here," Mike said.

"Do whatever you want but I think you should go for it," Brendan said.

"Don't go spouting this off to anyone you're lucky I even mentioned it to you," Mike said.

"Cause I'm your best fwenddddd," Brendan laughed.

"Do you two even talk?" Mike asked.

"Once a year they will have a champion's meeting for all present and former champions for a party in Hoenn, it's nice, she seems really sweet," Brendan said.

Brendan had been champion for about 5 years now, taking the position in 2003 from Steven. He would be the first to tell you how awesome it is but it's also very hard work. A lot of times he would contact Steven for advice.

The role of the champion is to serve as a representative of the region which means a lot of maintaining image and spotlights. Of course, Brendan still kept his personality but he needed to be careful about how he acted and what he said because they would reflect the whole region of Hoenn.

Along with being the most powerful trainer in Hoenn, Brendan had to be an example for the younger generation of trainers he felt the pressure of having everybody look up to him and looking to overthrow him. It gets a little much at first but most champions get over it, some champions like former champion Blue loved it.

"Alright I gotta go, man, got some challengers tonight," Brendan said.

"Anybody stand out to you?" Mike asked.

"Eh not really, May said that Alola is full of amazing trainers," Brendan said.

"How is she doing?" Mike asked.

"Doing good, she visits every once in a while but for the most part I think she lives in Alola now," Brendan said.

"Good for her, meanwhile I'm in the fucking cold," Mike laughed.

"Summer doesn't happen there?" Brendan laughed.

"Barely, even in summer the highest here is like in the '70s," Mike said.

"I could never, alright talk to you later," Brendan said.

"See ya," Mike said, ending the video call.

No one's taken that championship from him yet...being champion sounds cool.

Before Mike joined Team Galactic, he did have aspirations of becoming a trainer and while he technically is one, he felt he was more a member of Team Galactic with being a trainer on the side than the other way around.

Mike had been recently thinking about the future, his deal with Looker would ensure that after Galactic fell he would be okay but what would he do? He had been in Team Galactic for so long that he never really gave it much thought on what else he would do.

"Oi Mike," Cyrus said, knocking on the door.

"Yeah come in," Mike said, leaning back on his chair.

"Are you busy today?" Cyrus said.

"I wanted to see my family later," Mike said.

"Cancel that, I need you to head to Pastoria to oversee the bomb travel, the admins tell me Lucas and Barry could be approaching there soon and I don't need them messing with anything plus the IP has been giving us a lot more attention lately I want everything secure," Cyrus said.

"Alright boss, I'll take care of it," Mike said.

"Make sure those bombs arrive at the lakes by the end of the week, that's your big assignment. It's time we finish preparations," Cyrus said.

"After we capture the Lake Guardians what happens next?" Mike asked.

"Spear Pillar...then we change the world forever," Cyrus said with a grin.

"Everyone already sees us as crazy," Mike laughed.

"People don't understand us, Michael, once we achieve our goal everyone will see my way," Cyrus said.

"Again with the fortune cookie talk," Mike smirked.

"...just get to Pastoria," Cyrus said, leaving.

"Yeah yeah," Mike said.

Cyrus left and Mike was left alone in his thoughts again. While he did have a legitimate friendship with Cyrus he did worry that his plans were going too far. As the advisor it was Mike's job to ensure that all their plans were safe and benefit them, he couldn't do that if they were hiding the plans from him. It goes to show that sometimes even Mike isn't in the loop. Whatever Cyrus had plans for it definitely was kept top secret.

Route 213

2 pm

Mike was walking through the route, admiring the area. While Mike wasn't a big fan of the cold, the scenery in Sinnoh was amazingly superior to Hoenn. He found himself falling in love with the gray, cool, and deep nature of the forests. The snow was bright and gave the environment a crisp soothe feeling to it. Route 213 itself was nothing special but that was only because the rest of Sinnoh was so beautiful.

Route 213 was a nice beach where the sand was in the middle of cold and warm. The sounds of the tides were calming as people were playing in the water. Sinnoh people were naturally adjusted to the cold so the cold water didn't bother them as much. The smell of saltwater and the feel of cool air made Mike think he was in a resort. He decided that he wanted to make a stop here, he released Silver to play in the water, he was always one to enjoy the beaches.

"Don't be too rough, and be quick we aren't staying for long," Mike commented.

Silver responded by quickly freezing some water secluded from the rest of the beach. 

As Mike was relaxing in the sand he noticed some commotion over by the small cliff. He looked over to see a person, presumably a rock collector laughing at discouraged trainers.

"NO ONE CAN BEAT ME, YOU ALL SUCK!" The trainer laughed.

The people around the trainer seemed to be both discouraged and annoyed by his rant. Silver went back to Mike with a smirk

Mike's battle style was something he was very proud of. He knew he was a good trainer and ever since becoming a more prominent figure in Team Galactic he didn't have much time for battling anymore.

"Should we?" Mike asked.

Silver nodded with a grin.

Mike made his way over to the cocky trainer, he already knew how this battle would end.

"What's all the commotion here?" Mike asked.

"You're looking at the best trainer on this beach, the name is Leroy Tyson. No one has ever beaten me, this beach is my land," Leroy said with an annoying grin.

The best at being an annoying asshole maybe.

"Oh well, I dabble here and there in training, mind fighting me?" Mike asked.

"Give it your best shot, Rampardos beat this guy so we can get ice cream," Leroy shouted at Cranidos.

"Silver, show our friend here what happens to annoyances," Mike said.

"Rampardos, get in with a Headbutt," Leroy said.

The crowd of people gathered around the two, the thought of seeing Leroy beat was enough for them to have their interests piqued.

"," Mike said calmly.

With one swift move, Silver dodged the headbutt and with one attack, smashed Rampardos to the ground.

"...w-what," Leroy said, looking at the fallen Rampardos.

"Is that it?" Mike asked.

"N-no, Bastiodon, come on out," Leroy said, sending the massive Shield pokemon out.

"You know what to do," Mike said, petting Silver.

Bastiodon ran headfirst and slammed his whole head into Silver but to everyone's shock, Silver stood his ground and almost looked like he didn't move one step.

"WHAT?!" Leroy shouted.

Silver grabbed Bastiodon and used some water from the ocean to propel a suplex, slamming Bastiodon to the ground. Mike called this move the Ocean Slam

The crowd was both in shock and cheer. Finally, someone was shutting him up. The sheer power of the stater Mike possessed was enough to make anyone a little intimidated. While Mike was a Team Galactic member he had been told many times he was champion level in terms of trainer status. His pokemon team was carefully chosen to combat almost any situation and Mike was a master in sheer power training.

Moves like the Ocean Slam were so fun for Mike, he loved creating new combos with his team. Creating unique moves was something he thought every amazing trainer should do. Every one of his pokemon had at least one or two unique moves that he had perfected over the years.

"Anyone else?" Mike smirked.

"So's not possible," Leroy said.

"I mean I had the type advantage, plus my Silver is severely more powerful than anyone on your team," Mike said.

"He..he didn't even use any moves, just one slam...," Leroy said in shock.

"Well, he used a move I created called Ocean Slam. It's where he lifts an opponent and uses water to give himself slamming momentum, he spent a lot of time working on it," Mike said.

"You sound so experienced," Leroy said.

"Well I do have some history," Mike said, revealing all 8 Sinnoh badges.

It's something Mike didn't tell a lot of people, over the years he did collect all 8 badges of Sinnoh. Some gym leaders had changed since he received them but the prestige of them was no less different.

"Oh my god, you're the real deal, but your Swampert...he's only a water and ground type and he seems to be fluent in ice moves how is that possible?" Leroy asked.

"I don't limit my team's potential to just typing he may have two types in his blood but he can specialize in other areas.  Such as ice, Silver here has mastered Ice along with his other types," Mike smirked.

Silver looked down at his foe and with one step towards him froze the ground around him, ensuring that his foe knew it was over and to the impressed look on everyone in the crowd's face.

The crowd looked on in admiration as Mike showed them his badges, this must be the attention Brendan and Cynthia get. Having 8 badges in any region was a sign of an intense trainer and a show of hard work. Most trainers in their lifetime only collect an average of 4 badges.

Mike left the route with a group of people whispering behind him. Most people who had all the badges were somewhat known in the Sinnoh region but Mike had almost no presence in Sinnoh for obvious reasons.

"Don't think I didn't see you trying to show off," Mike smirked.

Silver looked shocked and turned away, denying the allegation.

"Oh please if this was a serious battle you would have taken less time to ice that dude," Mike laughed.

Silver was the flashy one on Mike's team, he was his starter pokemon or his star player and was always trying to show off to the rest of the team.

"Atlas is gonna kill you, he hates that shit," Mike laughed more.

Atlas or Mike's Salamence on the other hand was the opposite, with undying loyalty to Mike he preferred to be left alone despite his massive size.  

"Flare would be jealous, she would love all the attention," Mike smirked.

Flare or Mike's Flareon was like Silver, she loved to show off but unlike Silver that bold attitude sometimes went too far and she had a tendency to think less before acting, even as an Eevee she would try to battle larger foes. Mike gave her the name Flare even before she became a Flareon because of that fighting spirit.

Silver grunted.

Mike and Silver continued to walk the path as the sun was starting to set, one more thing about Sinnoh was that it would turn night very fast. Even at 6 pm, the sun was setting, and soon after it was dark.  The area around them becoming increasingly cold from Silver but at this point, Mike had gotten used to it.

After a while of walking, he arrived in Pastoria City. A much more remote city than Veilstone City, Pastoria City was on the smaller side of Sinnoh places. Team Galactic chose Pastoria City mainly because, nothing happens there the IP didn't have much presence there despite it having a major Sinnoh attraction, the Sinnoh Safari Zone or The Great Marsh, the large area of the ground made it easy for them to hide their activity.

Mike walked into the building and walked over to the secret area where it was all happening. The bombs were being loaded into trucks and being transferred in an underground road system made with the underground mines. Using all these explosives was both dangerous and frankly stupid to Mike. Having some of the most intelligent scientists in their hands you would think they would have a better way of blowing up a couple of lakes.

Great Marsh Entrance Building, Pastoria City

6 pm

Mike stopped by the Pokemon center and left his pokemon two hours earlier for them to relax. He figured he could handle this himself. He made his way to the Great Marsh Building and approached a grunt who looked to be patrolling the area.

"Can I help you?" A grunt asked, guarding the upstairs.

"Yeah move aside, I'm in charge here," Mike said.

"I have never seen you in my life, you have no business here move along," The grunt said.

"Oh really," Mike said, pulling out his ID card.

Team Galactic had special ID cards given to the admins and lead scientists. With so many members they had to create a system for grunts to recognize higher-ups. While Mike wasn't an official admin he received the Admin Card which granted him access to mostly everything in Team Galactic's possession. The only thing higher than the Admin Badge was the Master Badge which only Cyrus and Charon had.

"M-my apologizes," The grunt said.

"Eh whatever, so give me an update," Mike said, looking out through the cameras.

"So far, all of the bombs have been loaded onto trucks we are just waiting on getting them all out," The grunt said.

"Doing it all at once would be stupid, they are doing in shifts right?" Mike asked.

"Yes sir, only travel at night and in small groups," The grunt said.

"Good, how long until all the bombs are at the lakes?" Mike asked.

"In my opinion, I'd say we need at least a couple more days," The grunt said.

"Why are we using trucks and not Pokemon?" Mike asked.

"Too expensive, borrowing Pokemon from the black market is too much however renting these trucks was on the cheaper side, long process but it's none of my business," The grunt said.

"You know a lot for a grunt," Mike commented.

"More or less a higher grunt if you say, I am in charge of making sure this building is secure for our watching," The grunt said.

"Anyone give you trouble?" Mike asked.

"No, we blackmailed the owners of this building to ensure nobody is allowed upstairs, so far no one has even checked," The grunt said.

"That's because the IP has almost no presence here no random searches but we need to be quick, a couple of days should be fine, we have until the end of the week to get it done," Mike said.

"That should be more than enough time sir," The grunt said.

"Excellent," Mike said, sitting down and watching the cameras.

Mike was observing the travel from upstairs when he noticed that there were some explosives planted to the entrance building.

"Hey," Mike said to the grunt.

"Yes sir," A grunt responded.

"Why are some of our explosives in this entrance building, are you crazy?" Mike asked.

"Sir our orders were to blow this building up as soon as we finish moving all the explosives," The grunt said.

Mike observed the explosives and noticed they were poorly set as if on purpose.

"Someone fix this, it's gonna trip early and blow us all to hell," Mike commanded.

"Yes sir," The grunt said, kneeling down to fix it.

Mike was thankful that the Safari was closed today so no one was there but who on Earth would rig these explosives so poorly?

"Sir it's all snagged on something," The grunt said, tugging on it.

"WAIT DON'T MOVE I-" Mike shouted.

It was too late an explosion went off, sending Mike into the wall and knocking him out. Setting the building on fire and catching the attention of everyone in Pastoria City.


Mike limped his way through the building, he noticed that the front entrance was blocked off. The back entrance was his only way out. He made his way through the second floor. He pushed a piece of wood off the ledge.

"OW FUCK!" Someone screamed.

I thought I was the only one in here, surely all the Team Galactic members would have been gone by now.

Mike knew he needed to get out of there. Once the fire was gone agents would storm the area. If he was caught not only was he screwed but the whole operation.

His only chance was to get to the back entrance and escape to the underground area and get escorted back to Veilstone from there. Mike made his way through the fire, coughing from the smoke even through his shirt. The heat was starting to get to him when he reached the downstairs. He was close to safety, with the motivation he busted down the door to the central area. Only to see something he didn't expect.

Chapter Text

Pastoria City, Sinnoh

Barry Platinum

No way am I letting Lucas beat me!

Those words kept shifting around in Barry's head, the thought of beating Lucas gave him a rush. Sometimes he felt guilty for having such desires to beat his best friend but the competitive side in him made it impossible to push it away. The two boys kept racing, the city was in sight and neither of them had an advantage, Sierra and Star were on the same level when it came to speed. The two kept racing and racing until finally, someone got their first. Staraptor flew down and Barry got off, soaking in his victory.

Chapter 29: Barry Platinum

COF: Barry Platinum

"HAHA EAT IT LUCAS!" Barry shouted.

"Yeah yeah, you got lucky that time," Lucas chuckled.

"Just skill my friend, I'm full of it," Barry said.

"You sound like that Ethan guy," Lucas laughed.

"Oh don't say that if I become that obnoxious promise to kill me," Barry said.

"So I'll kill you now?" Lucas said.

"Shut up," Barry said.

The two boys wandered around Pastoria City, normally Barry would be the first to arrive at a new city. He would race right for the gym but right now he just wanted to take in the sights. At this point, Barry was so far from home he didn't recognize the places he was in. That feeling of homesickness was starting to seep inside him, he figured the best way to combat it was to slow down and find things to appreciate being so far away.

"How's your dad?" Lucas asked.

"I don't know man, I don't follow his life," Barry said a little coldly.

"...sorry, a sensitive thing I forgot," Lucas said.

Barry sat on a rock for a second, he had been doing a lot of thinking as of late, and the more he thought the more he hated being compared to Palmer. It wasn't that Barry didn't love and even admired his dad, he just couldn't stand being called a second coming or a specific nickname that he held so much disdain for.

"Sorry...just me and Professor Rowan had a little talk about it," Barry said.

"What did he say?" Lucas asked.

"He thinks me being a hero and trying to take down Team Galactic is good to separate myself from him," Barry said.

"It is," Lucas said.

"You know for the longest time I wanted to become the best trainer around to show people that I was better than him and I thought maybe that would get people to stop calling me a "Palmer Jr." but I don't know," Barry said.

"I haven't heard that one in a while, you always hated that nickname ever since we were kids why?" Lucas asked.

"10 years ago," Barry started to go off.

Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh

10 years ago

Barry Platinum: Age 8

My dad had been the leader of the Battle Frontier for a couple of years now, he was already renowned.

"MOM MOM MOM!" Barry shouted.

"Yes, Barry?" Rita called from the kitchen.

"Dad's on TV, come on you're gonna miss it," Barry said, running in circles.

"Okay okay, I'm coming," Rita laughed, coming out with popcorn.

On the tv was Palmer defending his title as a leader against another Brain of the Battle Frontier. Barry never missed one of Palmer's fights on tv. He always scheduled them in his room.

"He's so gonna win," Barry said with a smile.

"I don't know this guy seems tough," Rita said, trying to rile Barry up.


"You wanna be just like him when you get a pokemon?" Rita asked.


Barry and Rita watched the battle, Barry was glued to the screen he loved everything. The fighting, the bonds people had with pokemon, the fame. Barry stared at the screen with one thought in his mind.

I'm doing that one day!

I idolized him for so long, and I still admire his strength, I thought I was supposed to go into the Battle Frontier never really gave it much thought on anything else but then one week I was invited to the Battle Frontier and that's where things started to go...downhill I guess for me wanting to be just like dad.

Battle Zone, Sinnoh

Barry Platinum: Age 10

"Welcome to the Battle Frontier," Palmer greeted his family.

"Wow, dad, this is amazing!" Barry said, looking in awe at the area.

"It's your future Barry, one day you'll be the captain of these areas," Palmer smiled.

Barry ran around the zone. He looked at stands, talked to people, and was in pure awe at the scenery. He could hear the ocean and the sounds of battle. The mix of the calm sea and the chaotic battle noises made Barry feel welcomed as anyone could come here.

"Barry!" Palmer yelled.

"COMING DAD," Barry said, looking at two Battle Brains.


I don't even remember their names. Obviously, the battle brains of now are different from the ones I met 8 years ago.

Barry ran up to the Battle Brains like a fanboy. His heart was racing, not only did he admire his dad he admired all of the frontiers.

"HITHERE!" Barry shouted.

"Oh hi there young man," The Brain said with a smile.


The brains looked at each other with amused looks on their face, this kid was something else.

"Oh wait I know you," The brain said.

Barry's eyes shot open, they knew him?!

"Palmer Jr. right?" The brain said.


"Yeah Palmer's son," The other brain said.

"My name is Ba-" Barry was trying to say.

"Man your dad is something else, he told us that you're gonna be just like him," The brain said.

Something felt off to Barry, he wanted to be like his dad but hearing it from someone else gave him a bad feeling. He couldn't explain it but his insides knotted up. He felt a bad taste in his mouth and his head filled with dread.

"Barry, what are you doing?!" Palmer said, running over to him.

Barry just looked up at Palmer and for the first time in his life...he had nothing to say.

"Sorry about that guys, it's his first time here," Palmer said to the other Brains.

"No problem Palmer, I always wanted to meet your son," The brain said.

"Agreed, his personality is so different compared to yours though," The other brain said.

"Yeah he gets the hyper side from his mom," Palmer laughed.

Barry was quiet, he couldn't shake it. it just kept ringing in his head Palmer Jr Palmer Jr Palmer Jr. They didn't even know his name.

Palmer took Barry and scolded him for running off alone, Barry wasn't even listening and an overwhelming feeling of dread was over him.

"" Barry asked.

"What?" Palmer said, still upset for him running away.

" they even know my name?" Barry asked, looking up at him with immense sadness.

"...of course they do, what's with that face," Palmer said, kneeling down.

"Son, I didn't mean to yell but you can't just run away like that," Palmer said.

"No...they just called me Palmer Jr like they didn't know my name," Barry said.

"Well I gave you that nickname here," Palmer said.

"Is that all they see me as?" Barry asked.

"What...Barry what is this what are you talking about?" Palmer asked.

"...nothing sorry for running away," Barry said.

After that week, I didn't know what to think. The people I admired the most in this world only knew me by my dad's name. Seems petty I know but to me, it was just like a shot to the heart. From then on everyone in my family would call me Palmer Jr. Dad made sure to tell everyone how much I loved that nickname. Soon my grandparents called me it, my aunts and uncles, cousins, the only people who didn't were you, Dawn, Mom, and Dad. And then I got the worst news of my life a couple of years ago.

Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh

Barry Platinum: Age 15

April 19, 2005

"I'm sorry Barry...we decided you are not getting a pokemon," Professor Rowan said with a heavy heart.

Barry was already on the ground to his knees. The moment he had been waiting for his entire life, just ripped from him. His parents and the professor thought that Barry's over eccentric personality would get him into trouble with a pokemon. Tears fell on the floor, the one thing he had been waiting for. He had been told that this would be his birthday present and now on his 15th birthday he received some of the worst news of his life.

"Sorry dude," Lucas said, kneeling down with him.

"I studied so much...stayed up nights learning about battling and types...all for nothing...," Barry said, tearing up more.

"I thought you could have been a great Battle Brain," Palmer said.

Barry just felt rage, he just heard the worst thing he could ever hear and all Palmer could think about was his legacy that he wanted Barry to take? How could someone be so selfish, so heartless, so uncaring?

"You think I wanna be like you...," Barry said.

"Barry chill," Lucas said.

Barry shoved Lucas's hand away and stared a hole through his father. Palmer looked at his son with confusion.


"Barry, do not raise your voice at me," Palmer said sternly.


"I thought you did..," Palmer said.

Barry with the coldest look to Palmer spouted only 3 words.

"I HATE IT," Barry said.

"Barry, stop it," Rita said.

"It's like I don't even exist I just have to be like you...everyone in the family just says who long is it gonna take for me to take over for him...," Barry said.

"Sweetie, this family expects a lot from you," Rita said.

"Did anyone ever ask what I wanted?" Barry asked.

'You said you wanted to do this," Rita said.

'Yeah when I was like fucking 8 one ever noticed how much it hurt inside to not even be called my own fucking name at family own birthday," Barry said, picking up a present with the name Palmer Jr on it.

Everyone else in the house looked at the room Rita, Palmer, Rowan, and Lucas were in with Barry. The yelling was heard all across the house. Barry kept his hatred in so much and it blew up in his face.

"H-how long have you felt like this," Palmer asked.

"Ever since we went to the Battle Zone...I just got the worst news of my life, my dreams crushed of being a trainer and all you can think about is your own legacy...," Barry said crying.

Barry ran off into his room. He locked himself in, he just wanted to be alone. He just ruined everyone's time, how could he be so selfish?

"You idiot should have just let it go," Barry said.

"Maybe I'm not meant to be a trainer...," Barry said, collapsing on his bed and falling asleep.

11 pm

Barry woke up to the darkness, he must have slept through the rest of his party. He left his room to see the house was as quiet as a mouse. Rita and Palmer had already cleaned the place up. He went to the fridge to eat and realized he skipped dinner after his shameful episode. He looked at his phone to see a text from Lucas.

Hey, call me back when you see this. I hope you're alright. I'm sorry about what happened, let's hang out to forget about it!

"Heh, idiot," Barry said, calling Lucas back.

The phone went to voicemail as expected, Barry knew Lucas always went to bed at around 9:30. Barry sat in the living room and turned on the tv. He just needed something to get his mind off of what happened. He turned on to a battle channel broadcasted from Kanto.

"I don't even know if I should watch this," Barry said, grabbing the remote.

He was about to change it when he saw a trainer being interviewed.

"I am standing here with a recently acclaimed Pokemon Trainer that goes by the name Blue, Blue you've just one your 5th badge. How does it feel?" The reporter asked.

"Feels awesome, I mean I know I'm best here but come on I didn't think it would be this easy," Blue said, laughing.

"Cocky son of a bitch," Barry chuckled.

Barry sat down with his food, something about Blue's charisma made him want to keep watching.

"Blue you have been criticized for not following in the footsteps of your grandfather Professor Oak, any words for that?" The reporter asked.

"I know how you feel about that man, it's tough isn't it," Barry said.

"So what, in this world you only got one go at it, I didn't like the destiny people put on me so I carved my own I'm gonna be the best pokemon trainer in the world and show everyone that I didn't need to follow anyone's rules," Blue smiled cockily.

Barry was wide-eyed, he felt the same way. Someone who was expected to take something over and do something of their own accord.

"People used to call me the Professor's kid, but just wait, sooner or later everyone around the world will know my name Blue Oak, the best goddamn trainer Kanto has ever seen," Blue said.

Barry dropped his food on the floor, he thought he was alone and had no one. But seeing Blue go through his own situation lit a fire in him. He did have a choice, he didn't have to be Palmer Jr forever. That nickname that dragged him down for so long, there was a way to change it. Barry slowly smiled as tears ran down his cheeks, Blue wasn't the best influence but to Barry, he was the symbol he needed to see, he said the words he needed to hear, this wasn't the end.

"Who's there?" Palmer said, walking out.

Barry stood there frozen both with embarrassment and fear.

"Oh...Barry, I thought we wouldn't see you until morning," Palmer said, walking over to him.

"Look, dad...he isn't a shadow," Barry said, pointing to Blue.

Palmer looked over at the tv. He sighed and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Barry...I'm sorry I didn't know this situation was so pressuring to you," Palmer said.

"He was supposed to be the new professor and he didn't do it, everyone judged him, and look how happy he is," Barry said.

Palmer smiled, once again he saw that fire in Barry's eyes again.

"Barry, I want you to be happy," Palmer said.

Barry felt the tears rolling down his cheeks, his dad wasn't mad in fact Palmer was happy that Barry had that look again. Then Palmer said the words Barry needed to hear.

"Barry you can carve your own your own person," Palmer said.

Barry collapsed into his arms, he looked at the tv once more.

"Instead of being the second coming of Professor Oak I'll be the one and only Blue Oak," Blue smiled into the camera.

"I'm gonna be the best dad, even better than you and people will see me for myself not you," Barry said gripping his back.

"I look forward to that day," Palmer said, hugging Barry.


"My dad may have given me a legacy I didn't want but he also taught me that I could make my own, I am going to be the best Lucas and no one's gonna stop me from that," Barry said.

Lucas smiled, that was the Barry he knew. The one that would do anything to be seen as the best at least now he knew why Barry was so hellbent on being the best.

"This turned from a sad story to an inspirational ted talk huh?" Lucas said.

"Isn't that your job?" Barry laughed.

"Heh, but we have a problem...I want to be the best too," Lucas said, standing up.

"Looks like we are gonna have to fight for it," Barry said.

"I'll go higher than you," Lucas said.

"I'll go higher than that," Barry said with a grin.

The two rivals smirked at each other, Lucas despite knowing Barry for so long found a new level of respect for him. He never heard this story before and suddenly it made sense. His personality, the need to rush into things and want to go faster than anyone else. His drive to be the best was justified. He turned his sorrow into determination and that was something Lucas knew firsthand heroes did.

"My goal is to be better than my dad but it's also to show people around the world don't have to be like someone else, you can be you," Barry smiled.

"And I wouldn't want ya any other way dork," Lucas said, punching his arm.

"What does your dad think of you now?" Lucas asked.

"He still looking forward to the day I beat him, it's gonna happen one day I'm gonna wipe the floor with him, and then I'll be the best and people will see that I am the one and only Barry Platinum, I'm gonna find something to distinguish myself from him and beating him will show him that I found it," Barry said.

"And then I'll wipe the floor with you," Lucas smirked.

"WHAT!" Barry shouted.

"YOU HEARD ME!" Lucas shouted back.

"Wanna settle things right now?" Barry said.

"Let's go, you may have beaten me in the race but I'll kick your ass right here," Lucas said.

RIVAL BATTLE: Lucas Diamond vs Barry Platinum (4 on 4)

"Sierra, let's win again," Barry said, releasing her into the field.

"Star, avenge our failure," Lucas said, sending Staraptor into the field.

The two birds stared at each other, while Lucas and Barry had a rivalry their respective teams also viewed each other as rivals. This time Sierra was becoming rivals with Star.

"Star, Quick Attack and use some talon scratches!" Lucas shouted.

Star rushed into close and used her talons to inflict scratches, Lucas was becoming better at using moves as a basis for bigger attacks. Instead of just using Quick Attack, Lucas thought he could use other attacks as well.

"Sierra, grab Star, remember our training!" Barry shouted.

Sierra took the scratches and grabbed Star, with this she flew up and threw Star into the ground. The townsfolk were intrigued with the battle and before Lucas and Barry knew it they were surrounded by people. Bets were being placed and cheers for both trainers. By this time, people already knew about Lucas and Barry from Eterna City but they never knew that as Trainers so it piqued their interests.

"Star, roll out of the way let's do an Aerial Ace," Lucas shouted.

Star rolled out the way and slashed through the air before Sierra could get done. The cut of the wind hurt the left-wing of Sierra. Barry planned for this and did extensive durability training with Sierra just like Lucas.

Sierra got back on her balance and used a takedown on Star, slamming her to the ground again. The two slams hurt the back of Star but quickly used a left-wing punch to get Sierra off, she retreated back to her trainer for guidance.

At the point, Lucas's team didn't need their hands held the entire time of fights, Lucas was still in charge of his pokemon but at this point in their career, he was more of a coach in fights only interfering for the benefit of the pokemon.

"Star, she's fast, try to dodge and get in close combat attacks, improvise and use that speed training," Lucas said.

"Don't let her breath Sierra, do it," Barry shouted.

Sierra flew in a circle around Star, confused as Lucas tried to observe what Barry was up to.

"Creating new moves isn't something you are only doing Lucas," Barry smirked.

Sierra used her new speed and created an air tornado surrounding Star. With such speed, Star was blown into the center of it.

Sierra then flew down the tornado slamming onto Star. Barry called this move the Brave Tornado, mixing Brave Bird with a tornado.

Move: Brave Tornado

Creator: Barry Platinum


The user creates a tornado of air that traps the enemy then the user slams down onto the user using the air for momentum!

"Pretty awesome isn't it," Barry smirked.

"Yeah...holy shit, but," Lucas said.

"Huh?" Barry said.

Sierra couldn't fly away, Staraptor had a grip onto Sierra with her talons after taking the hit.

"I've done better endurance training," Lucas smirked.

Star grabbed Sierra and flew up as fast as she could, she then sped like a bullet into the ground slamming Sierra into the ground making this the most devastating Brave Bird she ever hit.

"Still need to work on that one huh," Barry said.

"It was really cool, might steal that from ya," Lucas winked.

"Leafy, take her down," Barry said, sending his Roserade into the field.

"Leafy, Toxic Spikes quickly!" Barry shouted.

Leafy sent out Toxic Spikes that landed on the ground, Star avoided it due to her flight.

"What are you planning?" Lucas asked.

"I'll never tell," Barry smirked.

One thing Lucas knew he could count on with Barry was his unpredictability, he could never tell what he was thinking. It was both comforting...and annoying.

"Star, keep your distance," Lucas said.

"Let's do this, Leafy, try it out," Barry said.

Leafy released what seemed to be vines out of her hands, grabbing Star, Lucas had never heard of such a thing. The crowd was going crazy for them, cameras were out and people were yelling and cheering.

"What the hell?" Lucas said.

With one move, Leafy slammed Star into the spikes using a move Barry liked to call Toxic Slam.

Move: Toxic Slam

Creator: Barry Platinum


In conjunction with Toxic Spikes, the user grabs the enemy with vines or any kind of restriction, and the foe is forcibly slammed into the spikes!

Star yelled out in pain as the spikes were stabbed into her back. The poison was already getting to her and not before long she was down for the count. Lucas was impressed by Barry's new moves; it was something he both hated and loved.

"Nice work Star," Lucas said, returning Star to her ball.

"Alright buddy you're up, Mon, burn this plant," Lucas said, releasing Infernape into the field.

His strongest pokemon...always intimidated me.

"No waiting, Mon, destroy her," Lucas shouted.

Mon rushed into action, using his training he used 25% percent of his fire, hitting a devastating Burning Mach Punch. The hit hurt but Mon was still going, no visible injuries.

Move: Burning Mach Punch

Creator: Lucas Diamond


The user lights their hand on fire and releases the flame during a Mach Punch amplifying its power and punch!

"LEAFY GIGA DRAIN," Barry shouted.

Leafy latched onto Mon and started to drain power from him, healing herself in the process. Mon glared at Leafy, he hated moves like these. The two of them exchanged punches and kicks. The two trainers watched from the sidelines. The crowd at this point was going absolutely crazy cheering for one or the other. Lucas and Barry exchanged glares wanting to beat each other so much.


Mon was thinking the same thing and increased from 25% to 35%. He had to be careful not to go over 45. With this he used Flamethrower, it worked his flames were both brighter and bigger with the increase. The flames scorched Leady and were too much, with the type advantage already in his favor Mon won that round.

"You want my best, you got it, Emperor Water, drown em," Barry shouted, releasing his Empoleon into the fight.

"...what's his name?" Lucas asked.

"Emperor Water...don't hate asshole," Barry said.

Lucas chuckled a bit, he knew Barry was creative with names but this was something else.

"You'll see, Emp go get him!" Barry shouted.

The two starters locked eyes, while Sierra and Star were rivals so were Emperor Water and Mon. They gave each other looks of respect, Mon stretched out a bit and Emperor moved his flippers around, they were both getting ready for a fight.

You got this Mon!

Get 'em Emp!

One more look was shared and then it began. Mon got in close with some punches he knew his fire would not only be anything to Emp but his water was no joke. While close-range fighting was something he normally would avoid with type disadvantages this was his only option because fighting moves like a Mach Punch would inflict real damage. Emp took this into account and started shooting water everywhere, trying to get Mon a little damp. He knew once he had the water on him it would make it hard for Mon to move and fight.

Mon kept fighting instead of using a Burning Mach Punch he just tried to use a regular Mach Punch, smashing his fist into Emp's beck. Lucas shouted in excitement as it visibly did a good amount of damage. Barry gritted his teeth but knew it wasn't over for them. Emp noticed some blood leaking from his beck and spit it into Mon's face. With this he unleashed his own new move, the used water on his flipper to make parts of its rust, with this he smashed his flipper into Mon's face. The punch was hard but the rust added to it by cutting Mon's cheek.

Move: Rust Flipper

Creator: Barry Platinum


User in cases flipper, fist, or any attacking part in rust adding more damage to a punch and scratching the area causing it to bleed!

The attack hurt badly, Mon's cheek was now slashed open, blood running down his face. He retaliated with a swift roundhouse kick, fighting moves always came easy to him thanks to his dual typing. Emp took the kick and used a Metal Claw, slashing on Mon even more. The two starters kept going at it, any advantage they could get; punches, kicks, long-distance, close range, it didn't matter, both of them were trying to make their trainers proud.

"GO MON!" Lucas shouted.

"DESTROY THIS GUY EMP!" Barry yelled.

Little did Lucas, Mon, and even Barry know that Empoleon had a plan, while they were fighting, they were getting closer and closer to a small pond. Empoleon had been training his water moves and while he didn't need a body of water to use Surf it would definitely help. With a swift move, he raised a massive wave from the pond. Mon couldn't escape, it was too fast and before he knew it he was covered in water. The wave hit Lucas too and a couple of bystanders.

"WOAH WOAH TOO FAR!" Barry shouted.

Emperor Water looked in awe, it was an accident.

"LUCAS!" Barry yelled.

Lucas emerged from the water, his clothes drenched and his hat was washed off. People were shocked, whenever they saw Lucas it was with his trusty hat, now the crowd saw his spiky dark hair.

"Tryna drown me, not gonna work," Lucas laughed.

"Shit man sorry about that," Barry said.

On the bright side it worked, Mon was down and he was too drenched. Barry ran over to Lucas, ignoring the fight, and helped him up.

"Too far I know, stupid move," Barry said.

"It was pretty cool though," Lucas coughed.

Emperor Water walked over to Mon and helped him up with a nod. Mon punched him on the flipper as if to say "good one you got me". Mon walked back to Lucas with a mental note in his mind, "don't fuck with Surf".

"SORRY, EVERYONE!" Barry shouted to the crowd.

The crowd didn't seem to mind, they even laughed it off, as if this is normal.

"Hey...this fight isn't over," Lucas grinned.

Barry looked back to see Lucas taunting Barry with a "bring it" gesture. His soaked clothes and wet hair made him even more intimidating. It was the first time Barry was actually intimidated by Lucas's newly found grit.

"Well then, your move Diamond," Barry said, running back to his side.

"Lux, shock this fucker back to his trainer," Lucas said, tossing Lux out.

"Emp, be careful he's electric," Barry said.

Emperor kept his distance but Lux was all charged up with a grin on his face, he looked like he was gonna explode. Lux was so excited to try out his new abilities, use his electricity, and flashed right up to Emperor Water, taking him off his guard. Emperor threw a flipper at Lux but he latched onto it with his teeth and smiled at him.

"What the hell is going on?" Barry asked.

"Electric Bite, a move I created!" Lucas said.

"WAIT YOU'LL KILL US!" Barry shouted.

"Don't worry about it, me and Lux have done some training, he can control his electricity to not surge through everything...just the things he wants too," Lucas winked.

Lux sent out volts of electricity from himself, electrocuting Emperor Water.

Move: Electric Bite

Creator: Lucas Diamond


The user latches onto its opponent and sends electricity shooting out of its own body into its foes, keeping a hold on them until the move is done!

"Keep at 25% hold it, Lux!" Lucas shouted

Lux held on and kept shooting electricity through Emperor Water until he collapsed, ending the round quickly with one move.

"Nice job Emp, take a rest," Barry said, returning Emperor Water back into his ball.

This is it, my last one I still got this!

"Firecracker come on out!" Barry said, releasing his Rapidash.

"Wow amazing," Lucas said, recording the Rapidash in his Pokedex.

"I know right, Firecracker, he should be stunned and end this quickly we still got one more to go!" Barry shouted.

Firecracker ran towards Lux who was stunned by his own electricity.

"Hey watch out!" Lucas shouted.

Lux snapped out of it but it was too late, Firecracker sent out a Fire Spin inflicting serious damage on Lux. While Lux wasn't super affected by fire, it still hurt if it was done right. Firecracker's fire wasn't like Mon's; it wasn't on a power scale so she could use it as much as she wanted with basically no consequence.

"Keep on him, go!" Barry shouted.

Lux dodged an incoming attack and launched a Thunder, striking Firecracker. Firecracker was sent back but overcame it with Flamethrower, this kept pushing Lux. He wanted to launch all he had but he knew he couldn't; he had to save and release when needed.

I need to stay on him, Lux won't attack as long as he is pushed away.

"Firecracker, keep on the offensive, he isn't very good with defense," Barry said.

"HEY FUCK YOU!" Lucas shouted.

Firecracker kept pushing more and more forcing Lux back and back until she had him where Barry wanted.

"That's it, do it now!" Barry shouted.

Lux didn't even notice it but he was standing in a puddle of a substance. Lucas was confused and so was Lux.

Back when Emperor shot all those people with water I noticed a lady dropped a bottle of something, I didn't think much of it until I saw the bottle's name.

"You're standing in a little puddle of nail polish remover!" Barry shouted.

"SHIT GET BACK!" Lucas yelled.

It was too late Firecracker blew more fire towards lighting the puddle on fire and giving Lux a bad burn, with this Firecracker used stomps and Lux was down.

"HA HA NICE, WE'RE STILL IN THIS," Barry shouted.

"Don't worry about it Lux you held your own," Lucas said, putting Lux back into his ball.

Last one but it's bad for my type.

"Alright Bibi, let's end this," Lucas said, releasing Bibarel.

Bibi came out with a big goofball grin on his face, It made anyone fall in love with him.

Bibi got right to work, launching water attacks at Firecracker. Firecracker luckily was fast and was able to dodge most of them. Bibi however had been training for something like this. He put his hands on the ground and focused, Barry was confused and watched. Firecracker felt rumbling and was shocked to see a geyser shoot out from the ground. It was Bibi's new move.

Move: Geyser

Creator: Lucas Diamond


The user captures water from underground and shoots it up from the ground creating a miniature geyser (power depends on environment)!

"FIRECRACKER!" Barry yelled.

The smoke cleared and Firecracker was still standing, weak but standing.

"Nice one Bibi, finish this," Lucas commanded.

Bibi ran in close and got off some big punches, Firecracker did her best to dodge but took some of the hits, she managed to push Bibi back with a couple of fire attacks, while Bibi was a water type his fur could catch fire and inflict some damage. Barry was thinking he had to end this quickly so he used up all of his methods.

I don't have anything left...damn it...wait I have one more card to play!

"TIME OUT!" Barry yelled.

"...what?" Lucas asked.

"I call a timeout," Barry said.

"There are no time-outs," Lucas said.

"Come on man, just 30 seconds to regroup you do it in all our battles!" Barry shouted.

"...alright fine 30 seconds," Lucas sighed, signaling for Bibi to back off.

Barry called Firecracker back over to discuss, he whispered in her ear and Firecracker looked back at him with an uneasy look.

"I know you can do it, this is our last chance if you hit this we win," Barry said.

"You're doing great Bibi, just keep the pressure up more water attacks," Lucas said, petting Bibi.

"Alright I'm ready," Barry said.

The crowd was confused. Normally timeouts are not allowed in battles but this wasn't an official battle with regulations so the crowd went with it and were still highly invested.

"Go for it," Barry yelled.

Firecracker rushed at Bibi, Lucas tried to read his moves.

"Easy strategy, Bibi water momentum over," Lucas commanded.

He's trying to read my moves...perfect.

Bibi jumped and shot himself over Firecracker landed in front of Barry, Bibi was shocked to see a grin on his face.

"Behind you dumb fuck," Barry said, pointing.

Bibi looked around to see Firecracker sprinting at him at full speed this time with her head on fire.

"How did she get there so fast?!" Lucas asked.

Before Bibi could do anything, Firecracker smashed his head into Bibi's stomach inflicting both physical and fire damage. Barry gave this special move to Firecracker, they only practiced it a couple of times but it seemed to work.

Move: Flamin' Spear

Creator: Barry Platinum


The user spears the foe with his or her head on fire inflicting burn and physical damage. The fire also adds momentum when running!

Bib was sent down to the ground and didn't get back up, Barry had won. The crowd went crazy and Barry was so happy, he won the race and the battle today was just his day!

OUTCOME: Barry Platinum is Victorious

"2 to me and 3 to you, I'm gonna catch up," Barry said.

"Uh-huh you wish, good fight though," Lucas said.

The two brought their teams to the pokemon center to be healed normally it takes about an hour for a complete team to heal. The two decided to walk around the city, they discussed battle strategies and moves. Before they could get far they heard a loud boom and ran to the Great Marsh to see it was on fire.

"What the hell is going on?" Barry asked.

"I don't know...something tells me Team Galactic," Lucas grunted.

"Crap, look at the size of that fire!" Barry shouted.

A crowd formed and watched in horror, the fire was massive reaching all the way up to the trees. The townsfolk called for anyone with pokemon to help, Barry and Lucas couldn't do much with their teams recovering. As they were watching the fire they heard a voice over the crowd.


Lucas tried to run in but was stopped by pain in his chest, his ribs were still giving him problems.

"Woah dude easy," Barry said.

"His daughter is in there, someone's gotta help," Lucas said.

"I'm sure someone is gonna help," Barry said.

They waited and no one moved, Barry couldn't comprehend it.

Why is no one moving, there is an innocent girl in there...someone's gotta help her!

Barry's mind was racing as the guards held the townsfolk back from going into the building, the thought ran in his mind over and over, an innocent person was yelling for help. Something in Barry's mind gnawed at him, something he had never felt before. He kept waiting for someone to go in but no one did, all of a sudden he found himself walking towards it.

"Barry..?" Lucas asked.

He went faster and faster until Barry was in a full run mode, going straight for the building. Barry ran, he didn't even know why he was moving. His legs ran without hesitation, it was a feeling he couldn't explain. The guards tried to stop him but he raced through and ran straight into the building, right into the flames.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU MORON!" Lucas shouted, grunting and holding his ribs.

Barry panted as he finally stopped in the middle of the first floor, he put a shirt over his mouth.

"WHERE ARE YOU!" Barry shouted.

He heard footsteps upstairs but crying from a room down the hall. Were there two people in here? Barry ran down the hall and busted down the door to see a little girl in the corner-blocked off by burnt wood. Barry sighed and grabbed the hot wood and grunted from the burn.

"...fuck it," Barry said, grabbing it again and not letting go.

Once he moved it aside he looked down to see burn marks across his hands, it hurt a lot but he didn't care his body was running on adrenaline right now.

"Who are you?" The little girl asked.

Barry kneeled down and smiled through the pain he was in.

"I'm Barry, let's get you out of here sweetie," Barry said, opening his arms to the girl.

The little girls crawled into Barry's arms and he lifted her up. He ran out of the room and as he walked out of the room he was hit with a falling piece of debris, hitting his back.

"OW FUCK!" Barry yelled.

"Are you okay?!" The little girl asked.

"Yeah, don't copy what I say alright," Barry said.

The little girl hid her face in Barry's chest as they ran through the area. As he was running he noticed that the front entrance had been blocked off by debris. He looked around, no way out insight. Finally, he noticed a window, it was too big to fit through it but she wasn't.

Barry put the girl down and looked as if she was scared.

"Hey it's gonna be okay," Barry said, taking off his scarf.

"Take this and cover your mouth okay," Barry said.

The little girl nodded and wrapped Barry's scarf around her mouth.

"Look away," Barry said as he busted open the window with a piece of debris.

Barry lifted the girl to the window.

"Climb out and run to your daddy okay sweetie," Barry said with a smile.

"What about you?" The little girl asked.

"I'll be fine just go, keep the scarf as a present from me," Barry said with a smile still on his face.

The little girl climbed out and ran to the crowd both crying and yelling for her daddy.

Barry fell back and panted as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. He looked down, his clothes were covered in soot and his pants were ripped or covered in burn marks.

"Now I gotta get the fuck out of here," Barry said, he made his way through the floor, trying to find a way out.

The back entrance, it's the only way out.

Barry ran through the door to the back entrance to see someone he didn't expect. The man was wearing a long sleeve green shirt with dark pants on. His description matched only one person...Michael Rollins, the man Lucas told him about.

"What the fuck..." Mike said.

"You," Barry grunted.

"So you're Barry huh?" Mike asked.

"You're Mike, Lucas told me about you," Barry glared.

"Oh yeah...him, I heard you're even more annoying than Lucas," Mike said.

"You caused this didn't you," Barry said.

"No, I don't know who did but I plan to find out," Mike said.

"You're coming with me, you can talk to the police about it," Barry said.

"Somehow...I don't see that happening," Mike glared.

Barry rushed Mike and got him to the ground, he didn't know him but Lucas described to him, he was bad news. Mike grabbed a piece of debris and smashed it on Barry's face and kicked his stomach. Mike was no stranger to fights; he had been in plenty of them outside of pokemon. Barry swept his legs and tried to tackle him but Mike knew his way around a hold. The two kept fighting while debris fell on them from the ceiling.

"Look...I'd love to continue this but I think we're both gonna die here if we don't leave," Mike panted, coughing from the smoke.

"I hate that you're right," Barry said, spitting out blood.

"Let's make a deal we both walk out here and go our separate ways...let's face it we'll see each other again," Mike said with a grin.

Barry hated to admit but he was right, they couldn't stay here. The two limped out through the back entrance. Mike found the truck Team Galactic was moving bombs in and made his way to it.

"Mike, wait," Barry said, propping himself against the wall.

"Ugh, what?" Mike asked.

"What's Team Galactic after?" Barry asked.

"Something I don't even know...I'd stay out of it, you two are already pretty high up in our target list, you made some powerful enemies Barry Platinum, I'll see you again soon," Mike said, getting on the truck and signaling it to leave.

Barry watched as the truck left, nothing he could do now. He limped away from the building as it exploded, collapsing on itself. Lucas stood by with tears in his eyes, did he just lose his best friend?

The crowd went silent, both in awe and panic. Finally, a fire team arrived to put out the rest of the flames. A news team arrived and started reporting, Lucas kept staring at the building.

"Barry...," Lucas whispered.

Someone yelled and pointed to the side of the now-destroyed building, it was Barry! He limped away from the building. The crowd cheered for him and Barry was in awe. People were cheering for him. Apparently, the little girl he rescued was the daughter of the Mayor of Pastoria City. Medical professionals rushed to Barry's aid, they assisted him to an ambulance where he was treated. A reporting team came up to him looking at him in awe.

"You okay kid?" A reporter asked.

"Y-yeah," Barry said, in shock.

"That was a stupid thing you did...but also very heroic you saved her life, why?" The reporter asked.

"I don't know, I just couldn't stand there and do nothing...then my legs just took off," Barry said.

"Wait I know you...didn't you help Lucas free Eterna City?" The reporter asked.

"What? Oh..yeah," Barry said.

"Then heroic actions aren't something new for you, what was your name again for the millions watching at home," The reporter said with a smile.

"...Barry Platinum," Barry said, with a small smile.

"Barry Platinum as a resident of Pastoria City and a reporter for Sinnoh, thank you," The reporter said.

Lucas looked on from the background and smiled, the one thing Barry wanted to be noticed for his own be his own person.

"Where is he?!" The mayor said frantically.

The mayor made his way through the crowd to Barry and hugged him with tears in his eyes.

"Thank you, Mr. Platinum, you saved my daughter's life," The mayor said.

"Of course, it's no trouble at all," Barry said.

Barry smiled and shook his hand and looked down to see the little girl.

"How are you doing sweetie?" Barry asked.

"I'm okay...thank you, sir," The girl smiled.

"Anytime be careful from now on," Barry said.

"I will, what was your name again?" The girl asked.

"I'm Barry," Barry smiled.

"I'm Jade, you're my hero Barry," Jade smiled.

"And mine," The mayor said.

The event would be broadcasted all around Sinnoh. It was a big event even Looker saw it at Team Galactic HQ. Sooner or later everyone in Sinnoh will hear the name Barry Platinum. Lucas made his way to Barry both happy he was safe and upset he would do something so reckless.

"And you were giving me lectures on this kind of stuff," Lucas said.

"Hey, I still got it," Barry laughed.

The two boys looked at the destroyed building and were quiet for a bit until Barry finally spoke.

"You know Lucas...maybe being a hero isn't so bad," Barry smiled.

"Feels good doesn't it," Lucas said.

"Yeah, it does...I figured it out, my dad will forever be known as a trainer. Me? Well, how about Barry Platinum the Hero of Sinnoh?" Barry asked.

"Now that is your own legacy Barry," Lucas smiled.

"Let's take down these Team Galactic assholes," Barry smirked.

Chapter Text

Fireteams suppressed the fire with sand, killing the rest of the flames. During the fire, fireteams confirmed that the bombs used to start the fire were covered in petrol water would have made the fire even worse. Medics arrived on the scene to treat anyone affected by the smoke and soot put into the air. The panic had finally calmed down, IP agents arrived on the scene to investigate Team Galactic in the area. Unfortunately, any evidence they could have used was burned away. This was an intentional explosion, even though Mike had triggered it early the plan was to always burn down the building.

Pastoria City, Sinnoh

Barry Platinum

"Okay, Mr. Platinum almost finished," Dr. Wyatt said, applying medical tape to Barry's hands.

"Anything permanent?" Barry asked.

"You suffered burns on your palms probably from lifting that piece of debris, you'll have scars on them unfortunately they will be permanent," Dr. Wyatt said.

"Just scars I'll live, I can still throw a Pokeball right?" Barry asked.

"Oh yes definitely," Dr. Wyatt said.

"All that matters," Barry said, looking over at Jade.

"How's Jade?" Barry asked.

"She's fine, a couple bruises nothing too serious, you saved her life, good work kid. You and your friend both get into trouble don't ya?" Dr. Wyatt chuckled.

"Hey don't worry I'm already fining he cares," Barry laughed.

"You too, running into a burning building, takes a serious pair," Dr. Wyatt said.

Barry agreed, he couldn't explain what happened. His legs just ran without him thinking, by the time he realized what was happening he heard Jade screaming and that kickstarted what he liked to call the "Heroic Instinct". With this he also didn't seem to care about the massive burn damage on his hands all he cared about was saving Jade. When he did he felt so happy for himself, happiness only matched by battling and training, he felt like he impacted someone's life.

"Is this where I'm supposed to fine you?" Lucas said, walking in.

"Nah that's my job still also that's 7 million for having me lug your passed-out ass here," Barry laughed.

"Yeah yeah, how are you feeling?" Lucas asked.

"Fine, the doctor said I would have permanent burn scars," Barry said, looking at his hands.

"Shit that sucks," Lucas said.

"Nah it looks badass," Barry said.

"God to see you feel the same," Lucas chuckled.

As Lucas and Barry were talking they were driven to the door when a man in a mask who seemed to be out of breath ran into their room.

"Br-give me a," The man said.

Barry had his eyebrow raised and Lucas did for a second until he remembered who he was. The man who sounded a lot like a professional wrestler was the Pastoria City gym leader.

"Oh yeah I remember you, you're Crasher Wake right?" Lucas asked.

"Yes sir brother I came looking for you two," Crasher said, walking up to them.

"Wait...YOUR Crasher Wake?" Barry asked.

"Sure am brother," Crasher said.

"...let's fight," Barry said in the most serious tone he had ever spoken.

"You're feeling better alright," Lucas said.

"In time brother but I came to see you two, I met Lucas here but I really came to meet you," Crasher said, looking at Barry.

"A celebrity wants to meet me, man I am awesome," Barry laughed.

"Brother what you did was one of the bravest things I have ever seen as a gym leader," Crasher said.

"Wait, why didn't you help put out the fire? You guys are water-type trainers," Lucas said.

"Normally I would be but after inspection, a team pointed out that the bombs used to blow the area up or were covered in petrol, making it a petrol fire," Crasher said.

"So?" Barry asked.

"Idiot, you can't put out petrol fires with water, it'll make it worse," Lucas said.

"Correct, I felt bad for standing by but sometimes there's nothing you can do but make sure the panic is at a minimum and that was my major role," Crasher said.

"Heh I wouldn't call what I did brave, stupid maybe I was the only one," Barry chuckled.

"Brother sometimes being the only one is the bravest thing you can do, it took a brave soul like you to rush into there for ONE that is manly," Crasher grinned at Barry.

Barry smiled at himself, not only was he getting praised by reporters and civilians but gym leaders. Was what he did really that special? Maybe this is what Lucas felt back in Eterna City and Floaroma Town. Of course, Barry was happy and proud of himself for what he did in Eterna City but Lucas seemed to enjoy it more but now Barry finally understood why Lucas liked helping people so much. The feeling of happiness you get when someone was impacted positively by your actions is something Barry cherished.

Crasher went on to explain how Team Galactic was using the Great Marsh as a front to transport bombs. Barry and Lucas had the same thought, where were the bombs going?

"This can't be good," Lucas said.

"No duh where are those bombs going?" Barry asked.

"Maybe Looker can help with that," Lucas said, pulling out his phone.

Barry just stared into the air. After he helped Jade out of the building, he saw Mike for the first time. That smirk on his face when he left not only made Barry want to go after him but smash anything he ever built. What struck him odd was his response to his question.

What is Team Galactic after?

Not even I know

He doesn't even know, from what Barry heard, Mike was a higher-up in Team Galactic. If he didn't know, who did?

Chapter 30: Aftermath

COF: Michael Rollins

Team Galactic Medical Bay, Veilstone City

Michael Rollins

"Ow, easy," Mike grunted.

"Almost done, Advisor Rollins," A medic said, cleaning up his face cuts.

After Mike received medical attention he was told he had cut across his face, a swollen eye, sprained arm, bruised ribs, and cuts on his back. It seemed a lot worse than it actually was, the only major injury he had was a sprained arm. Mike hated being hurt, he saw it as an obstacle with him being hurt he couldn't work as well. While his injuries thankfully weren't that severe an injury was an injury to Mike. On the other hand, he was thankful that he was even alive. He was shocked that Barry could throw a good punch.

"You've looked better," Cyrus said, walking into the room.

"Tell me about it," Mike sighed.

"How are you feeling?" Cyrus said.

"Fine I guess, one of your goons rigged the bombs wrong, it went off with some just tugging on it," Mike said.

"I see, you think it was on purpose?" Cyrus asked.

"Only logical explanation for it, our people are trained with explosives. Having one go off because it was rigged badly is not very common," Mike said.

Mike thought about who would want him dead. The answer is probably a good amount of people, a lot of grunts didn't like him and a couple of Commanders didn't seem too fond of his presence, and then there was Looker. Looker wouldn't have done it, one it makes no sense for their deal, and IP agents don't just kill people. He figured most of the grunts don't have the independence to rig bombs alone. That leaves the Commanders and Mike knew that there was one Commander who hated him the most.

"I gave Rome the week off, I wish I could do the same for you but we need you too much," Cyrus said.

"Look at you, you seem so soft when it comes to employee injuries," Mike chuckled.

"Michael, I understand the world views me as a terrorist and most of our employees fear me, that's for good reason I'd say but one thing I have always prided myself is I am not a tyrant or a monster, our team members are here optionally, most of them, and it's my job as a boss or master as they call me to keep our retention levels up. Do I visit everyone who gets hurt here, no I can't, it's impossible but I want our members to know that I care about them," Cyrus said.

"Call Saturn for a meeting, I need to talk to him alone," Mike said.

Mike's Office, Team Galactic HQ

"You wanted to see me, Rollins?" Saturn said, entering the room.

"Yeah...sit down," Mike said, having a face of disgust.

"You look like shit," Saturn smirked.

"Gee thanks, you know those bombs that were in the Great Marsh weren't rigged properly on purpose," Mike said.

"Someone has an agenda against you," Saturn said, glaring at him.

"Yeah they do," Mike said, getting up and releasing Silver.

"Damn he's big," Saturn said, looking at him.

"Yeah he is, Saturn I almost died you know, I'd say that was the plan of whoever rigged those bombs," Mike said.

"Look if you got something to say, Rollins, just say it," Saturn said.

Mike responded by leaning into Saturn's face, his own face covered in disgust and rage. Two things Mike could not stand more than anything were a job not finished and traitors.

"I think you did it," Mike glared.

"You get hit on the head too, you must be overthinking things," Saturn smirked.

Mike snapped his fingers and Silver grabbed Saturn and smashed him against the wall. The impact caused Saturn to shout in pain as Mike stood by for interrogation.

"You messed up, you blue-haired dunce, give me one reason why I should let you live?" Mike asked.

"I...I di-didn't do it," Saturn said, coughing up some blood. He was stupid for not bringing his own team with him but even if he did Saturn knew it stood no chance against ONE of Mike's pokemon.

Silver slammed him down on the ground even harder, not enough to break anything just enough for it to hurt.

"You expect me to believe that shit, the window now," Mike commanded Silver.

Silver dragged Saturn out and held him out the window, Saturn looked down to see the ground as he was hundreds of feet above it.

"I SWEAR MIKE IT WASN'T ME," Saturn yelled, struggling in Silver's grasp.

"Then you better start talking, you self-loathing son of a bitch," Mike said.


"...drop this fucker," Mike said.


Mike nodded at Silver and he returned Saturn to the room. Mike sat back in his chair as Saturn fell to his knees trying to calm himself down. His breaths were heavy and fast, his heart was racing, and he had never come that close to death before.

"Oh get up you big baby," Mike said, kicking him in the gut.

"You're fucking crazy," Saturn cursed, getting up.

"Sorry you're my first suspect it's not like you've hated me from day one," Mike hissed.

"Yeah and to be honest I would do something like that to you, but this time my hands are clean," Saturn said.

"Call Farid here now," Mike said.

"You don't order me around," Saturn hissed.

Mike snapped his fingers and Silver took two steps towards him, Silver himself had a look of rage he hated when someone hurt his trainer.

"Okay okay okay, give me five minutes," Saturn said.

"THREE GET HIM HERE!" Mike shouted.

Saturn made a call and Looker came into the room, he looked much better because of his week off from Team Galactic and he looked more energetic from his promotion and the day off he had.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" Looker asked.

"Yeah come in here," Mike said.

Looker walked into the room and was on edge because while he knew Saturn and Mike didn't get along, two Commanders in the same room was not a good sign.

"Pull up footage of the latest grunt training," Mike said.

Looker pulled up the footage to see Mars and Saturn training. As much as Mike likes to be right and hates Saturn, he checks out and he was wrong.

"Alright Saturn, get the fuck out of my office and you're welcome I didn't kill you," Mike glared.

"I'll take that as an apology," Saturn said, walking out.

Looker waited until the coast was clear and walked over to Mike's camera in his room and turned off the audio.

"Audio is off, you wanna fill me in?" Looker said, breaking character.

"Someone tried to kill me in the Great Marsh," Mike said.

"The bomb incident? I thought it was an accidental explosion?" Looker asked.

"You're an agent, how does a bomb go off early?" Mike asked.

"A couple of factors, jerry-rigged, bad timer, unstable build. It would be impossible for me to determine it without the bomb," Looker said.

"They all burned away in the petrol fire," Mike said.

"You think someone figured you out?" Looker asked.

"Nah they don't target you and this is the first time something like this has happened," Mike said.

"I'll keep an eye out, if you are compromised we need to get you out of here," Looker said.

"Yeah yeah I know I'll keep you updated," Mike said.

Looker nodded and turned the audio back on and left the room. Mike sat back and analyzed some plans for Team Galactic. Mostly just heists and imports nothing too important, Mike really wanted to know the major plan they had for Spear Pillar. Mike thought about it the bombs were being sent to the three lakes where the mysterious Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit were said to be.

"No way, they don't even exist," Mike said to himself.

Mike thought more about it, Cyrus was always one to believe in those myths and Spear Pillar was infamous for being the gateway to call upon Dialga and Palkia. Were they involved? He needed to learn more so he decided he was gonna do some personal investigating.

"Not in this condition Mike, give it a week," Mike told himself.

As Mike was working he got a call from someone. Busy he didn't even look at who it was before answering it.

"Hello?" Mike answered.

"Hey," Cynthia said on the other line.

"Cynthia! Hey how are ya sorry I was expecting a call today," Mike said, putting the phone to his ear and working.

"Me neither, I had some challengers today but a couple of them backed out and now I am free for the rest of the day if you wanna grab some food," Cynthia offered.

"Um yeah I can hang out today just let me finish up some work and I'll meet you somewhere," Mike said.

"How about Sunyshore?" Cynthia asked.

"Sure they have a nice beach restaurant there, I'll meet you there at 6?" Mike asked.

"6 is fine with me, see you there," Cynthia said, hanging up.

Maybe this was good for Mike, relaxing with a friend would be a nice way of getting a hit on him off his mind.

Sunyshore City, Sinnoh

6 pm

Cynthia arrived in Sunyshore to a sea of fans, all asking for autographs and pictures. Attention like this was something she had gotten used to ironically when she was younger she was much more reserved and didn't like a lot of attention. Now being the champion all eyes were on her. With the current Team Galactic situation, stress levels were high for her.

"Thank you all for the kind words but I am just here meeting a friend," Cynthia smiled.

"Potential boyfriend Champion Cynthia?" A reporter asked.

"Oh..oh no we are just friends," Cynthia answered with a little blush.

A sea of questions came rolling in as normal when Cynthia was in the presence of the press.

"Champion Cynthia, what are your thoughts on Team Galactic?" A reporter asked.

"Well I can't say much about my involvement but rest assured the Elite Four and the IP are working together to try to figure out a solution to their terror," Cynthia said.

"Champion Cynthia, what are your thoughts on Trainers Lucas Diamond and Barry Platinum constantly trying to thwart their plans?" A reporter asked.

"I have personally met the two and I must say that while I do not condone people going after Team Galactic I admire their bravery and believe that they have the potential to be future Sinnoh Champions," Cynthia smiled.

As Cynthia was talking she noticed Mike waiting at the restaurant observing the scene with a smirk on his face.

"Please excuse me and I please ask all of you to give me and my friend some privacy when we are eating, that's all for now thank you," Cynthia said, making her way to the restaurant.

Due to the overwhelming respect Sinnoh had for Cynthia her request was granted and the reporters left her and Mike alone. Mike just had a smirk on his face, he could see that despite the front she put on sometimes reporters annoyed Cynthia.

"Sorry about that, it happens all the time," Cynthia said, sitting down.

Normally Cynthia would have on a long black coat over black clothing but due to Sunyshore's normal warm temperature, she sported a blue short-sleeved top with breathable pants. Her normal attire was always black and long due to Sinnoh's cold weather. The black would absorb and keep the heat around her, but she can really change her outfit in places like this.

"Changed it up with the outfit huh?" Mike asked.

"Oh this I just threw these on it's not normal for me not to wear black so sometimes I don't know what to wear," Cynthia laughed.

"I think the colors could match better," Mike said.

"Oh Mike you know how to flatter a girl," Cynthia laughed sarcastically.

"Hey, just being honest," Mike laughed.

"All eyes are on me recently with the whole Team Galactic situation," Cynthia sighed.

"Oh yeah what's your involvement in that," Mike said, sipping his water.

"The IP limits our involvement in situations like this, it sucks because I would give anything to be like Lucas and Barry, they aren't held by the IP," Cynthia said.

"Rules like what?" Mike asked.

"Well the Champion and the Elite Four can only get involved with matters like that if the IP has granted permission, it a stupid rule arguably the most powerful trainers in the region can't even lift a finger," Cynthia said, drinking some water.

"That is stupid," Mike said.

And a blessing.

"Lucas and Barry...those kids are gonna get hurt," Mike shook his head.

"Hey at least they are doing something, again I'd be doing the exact same thing if I was confined...god it's frustrating, people ask me of my involvement and I can even say anything," Cynthia said, rubbing her temples.

"You know the IP they look to keep things quiet if they can," Mike said.

"Yeah and I get that but come on let us help a bit, it's not like I can't take care of myself," Cynthia said.

I don't want to have to hurt you, just please stay away.

"So summer is coming up soon, do you have any plans?" Cynthia asked.

"My cousins asked me to go visit them in Unova but I don't have anywhere to stay so I don't know," Mike said.

"Um well, I stay in Unova during the summer. Sometimes my friend has a villa I use...maybe you could use that," Cynthia said, with a little blush.

"What no I couldn't," Mike said.

"Oh please I insist, there is an extra bedroom there," Cynthia said.

"...that would be very nice of you," Mike chuckled nervously.


"Send me the dates and I'll plan accordingly," Cynthia said.

The two carried on their time together laughing and talking about potential things to do in Unova. Cynthia was happy that she had someone to share the villa with, normally she was rather lonely. But she was also happy for a reason she could not explain, happy that Mike was accompanying her.

Team Galactic HQ, Sinnoh

9 pm

"Of course they were there," Cyrus said.

"Lucas and Barry prove to be bigger problems than we originally thought," Mars said.

"They aren't going away," Jupiter stated.

"We need to deal with this now, or else we could have our own Brendan situation," Saturn said, grunting a bit in pain.

"Something wrong Commander Saturn?" Cyrus asked.

"No master, all good," Saturn said.

Cyrus looked at Lucas and Barry's photos, he felt himself getting annoyed. Why can't they just stay away? Time and time again they prove to be thorns in their side. Especially Lucas, Team Galactic took a huge hit from Eterna City. Their only base left was the Headquarters.

"These kids...we worked so hard our plan is finally in motion I will not have them ruin it," Cyrus said, clenching his fist.

"What should be done about it, sir?" Charon asked.

"From this moment on, Lucas Diamond and Barry Platinum have been moved to top target status, no longer are they normal targets, they have priority to be eliminated," Cyrus said.

As the meeting concluded, Cyrus walked out of the room with a glare on his face, it had been years since someone had gotten underneath his skin as Lucas and Barry did. He wanted it gone, he wanted Lucas and Barry gone.

Chapter Text

Chapter 31: Downtime

COF: Michael Rollins and Lucas Diamond

5 days later

Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

Michael Rollins

9 pm

"According to our teams, Dialga and Palkia are attracted to the spiritual energy given off of the three lake guardians," Charon presented to the other admins.

"How are we supposed to get that energy?" Mars asked.

Charon turned to another slide with glowing red chains, for years he had been plotting these chains.

"These chains contain massive amounts of energy, the same energy that a Pokeball uses to store pokemon, using these chains we will attach the three guardians down forcing them to use their energy to attract the two beasts," Charon said.

"Can they break?" Saturn asked.

"So far the only thing we found that can break them is massive amounts of electricity, however other than that they seem to be unbreakable by traditional means," Charon said.

"Excellent Charon, once we have the lake trio we will bring them to Spear Pillar and commence with our plan," Cyrus said, observing the meeting from his head chair.

Along with the admins was Mike, with him, now being an informant for the International Police he was wearing a wire that recorded the whole meeting, while it was nerve-wracking the only thing that seemed to bother him was the lack of comfort he had while it was attached to him.

Meanwhile at the Sinnoh IP Counter-Terrorism HQ, Jubilife City

Agent Hunter "Looker" Langley

9 pm

While this meeting was going on, Looker was observing this meeting with the new Captain Murphy, being promoted due to his success in discovering Team Galactic secrets with Looker. They sat in a meeting room listening in on the meeting.

"Lake Trio huh, do we have agents on the lakes?" Murphy asked.

"Yes sir, two groups per lake and 24/7 surveillance, however, I don't know when they plan to attack and neither does Rollins or so he says," Looker said.

"Nice work, you should take the Sergeants exam," Murphy laughed.

"I just got 1st-grade captain, gonna be a while for me," Looker laughed, sipping his energy drink.

"Okay well keep on digging because we do know that this isn't the masterplan they have, that is still to be discovered and with these psychos, I don't wanna be blindsided when we eventually close in on them," Murphy said.

As Looker was listening in on the meeting, Murphy received a call saying that someone was there looking for him. Perfect timing he thought.

"What's our plan?" Looker asked.

"Wait for them to initiate their Spear Pillar plan, that's when you'll break cover, our goal so far is to arrest Cyrus and the rest of the admins and stop whatever the fuck this is," Murphy said.

"Looks like I got my work cut out for me," Looker smirked.

"Yeah about that," Murphy said, looking at him.

"What is it?" Looker asked.

Murphy knew Looker preferred working alone and since he transferred to Sinnoh he was okay with it because there haven't been many cases like the Team Galactic situation but this was turning into something much bigger than he wanted. With the rising danger and scope of this case, Looker can not be allowed to work alone.

The International Police states that all agents require a partner for both safety and effectiveness in handling cases, Looker has gotten away with not having a partner for too long and Murphy knew he had to change that.

"Looker, you need a new partner," Murphy said.

Looker sighed, he knew this was coming he was just so used to working alone that all he could think about was having to catch someone up to speed with the situation, his temporary partnership with Chester Tung was the first time working with someone since his time in Kanto.

"Sir with all due respect it would take an immense amount of time to catch someone up on this case, it would waste time," Looker said.

"I understand that but right now I'm short-staffed as is and this case is going to get bigger with the threats and capabilities these people are making, I understand you like working alone but it isn't happening anymore, I already brought in your new partner," Murphy said, walking towards the door.

"Who is it?" Looker asked.

Murphy gestured Looker to follow him to the elevator where they went down to the first floor of the building. There he showed Looker his new partner and just as he thought, Looker was shocked.

"Captain," Chester Tung said, walking up to them with a box in his hands.

"The hell are you doing here?" Looker asked Tung.

"Agent Tung is transferring in from Pokemon Rescue, he's gonna be here during this case and after, say hello to your new permanent partner," Murphy said.

Tung looked at Looker, he didn't expect this either. After going back to Kanto following the Roman Winters case, he received a call from Murphy a week later bringing up the idea of transferring. While Tung loved Pokemon Rescue he did always want to work in Counter-Terrorism.

"Oh great," Looker said.

"Shocked to see me?" Tung laughed.

"Oh yeah," Looker said, still cold to the idea of working with someone permanently.

"Tung let me show you to your desk," Murphy said, leading them back to their floor.

Murphy gave Tung the desk across from Lookers, much to Lookers dismay, he did like the extra space.  Murphy had 50 agents to use for his division, that's less than normal for a Counter-Terrorism area but he had to work with it, not many agents were in line to work for the most dangerous area of the IP, even narcotics agents stayed away.  Everyone else had a partner or was occupied, as a courtesy Murphy figured Tung and Looker would get alone quickly because they already worked together.  He would have them work together while he worked on getting more agents to do this case that weren't already busy handling other assignments.  

"I'll leave you too to get acquainted with each other I'll take the rest of the meeting," Murphy said.

"I can take it really," Looker said.

"Not your call," Murphy said, going into the meeting room alone.

"Cold here," Tung said looking around, shivering from Sinnoh's temperature.

"Yeah that's normal," Looker said, in a monotone voice.

"So...where are we at with these guys?" Tung asked.

"Pretty bad to be honest, I'm still undercover so I don't know how this is gonna work," Looker said, crossing his arms across from Tung.

"Well I'll try my best to stay out of your way, I wasn't told we would be permanent partners either," Tung said.

"Working with you for a week was nice but try to keep up," Looker said, walking away.

"Good to see you too," Tung said, putting his stuff away.

It was clear that these two needed time before they would call each other partners.

Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

Michael Rollins

10 pm

"Before we wrap this meeting up let's discuss the...rather irritating problem of Lucas Diamond and Barry Platinum," Cyrus said, mildly annoyed just saying their name.

Cyrus had been good at keeping his feelings from showing but there was a deep hatred for these boys ever since Lucas meddled with Floaroma Town. Every time he heard their names it was something bad, it had been so long since he felt like this about anyone, it was shocking.

"They're getting bolder, it seems that they are full-on hunting us down now," Mike said.

"I won't tolerate this, I don't care what we have to do, we are putting an end to this now, I want you to send Lucas a little message, understood?" Cyrus scanned the room.

"How can we do that master?" Saturn asked.

"Who are the most important people in his life?" Cyrus asked.

"Kid doesn't have much, his father passed away when he was born and only talks to his best friend the other thorn in our side, and the new professor Dawn Rowan," Mike said.

"What about a mother?" Cyrus said

Mike felt uneasy, he knew where he was going with this, he didn't even notice that his wire cut out 5 minutes prior.

"Um sir, I don't think that is needed," Mike said.

"Did I ask for second opinions...," Cyrus said, menacingly.

"He...does have a mom in Twinleaf Town," Mike said hesitantly.

"Interesting," Cyrus said.

"What about Barry?" Jupiter asked.

"We captured Lucas...that didn't work let's see if we can put the screws to his friend, find him and bring him here, let's make these boys know who they are messing with," Cyrus said.

"Cyrus going after the mom is too much," Mike said again.

"Rollins shut your mouth I am the boss here unless you have a problem with that," Cyrus said with a raised voice.

Mike had never heard him raise his voice before, he really was angry at these two.

"No sir," Mike said, leaning back.

"Good, just looking at these two reminds me why I am the way I am," Cyrus said, balling up a fist.

Pastoria City, Sinnoh

Lucas Diamond

11 pm

"And then I got free Moo Moo milk," Lucas said over the phone.

"Lucas, you can easily buy that stuff," Joanna said over the phone.

"I know Mom but they insisted on me taking it, I get a lot of free stuff in places, not to mention pictures and people smiling when they see me," Lucas said, tossing his Pokeball in the air.

"Sweetie, you are famous now people look up to you and see you as a symbol of hope, I'm sure Barry feels the same way you do," Joanna said, pressing the phone to her ear while washing dishes.

"Are you kidding, he can't shut up about the popularity we have, he loves it and it fuels his ego honestly it's interesting," Lucas laughed.

Lucas tried to call his Mom more, he missed her very much he missed her smile, being able to see her every day, her cooking; everything he had was now gone since he chose the path he took.

"Sweetie just remembers you are a role model now and you have to be responsible," Joanna said.

"Yeah Mom I know," Lucas said, rolling his eyes sometimes he would forget he was still just a kid entering adulthood.

"I know you have all this power with your team and popularity but you must promise you won't let it go to your head," Joanna said.

"What makes you say that?" Lucas asked.

"Lucas, I can hear in your voice that you are much more confident in yourself, and with that, I know for a fact you can be more rebellious, honestly your attitude seems to go from adult to teenager sometimes," Joanna laughed.

"Okay okay maybe sometimes I...use what I have to my advantage but nobody is getting hurt," Lucas said.

"Keep it that way, what you are doing to Team Galactic is one thing, these people deserve to be dealt with but you are doing it in the name of good for the people not for your own personal gain," Joanna said.

"I don't do that Mom," Lucas said.

"And let's keep it that way, you understand young man, it took for me to accept you as a crime-fighting hero like something out of a video game but I won't accept you as a vigilante that only fights to benefit himself to many people already do that in the International Police," Joanna said.

"Yeah did I ever tell you about that Looker guy?" Lucas asked.

"Yes he seems like one of the good ones but you hear all the time about how when people get guns and badges all the laws go out of the window," Joanna said.

"Oh my Arceus Mom stops watching that news channel," Lucas groaned.

"Well, what else am I supposed to watch? It seems every time I turn on the tv there it is," Joanna said.

"You're addicted," Lucas laughed.

"Sweetie I'm not saying I think you are becoming power-hungry, but I am saying that anybody CAN become power-hungry, keep yourself in check...and Barry," Joanna laughed.

"Oh I'll try, he seems to have his head on straight though ever since that burning building incident," Lucas said.

"Lucas you have the power to change the world...and you are, that's something people would kill to have because of the leverage and benefits that come with it, don't abuse it, your father always use to say that whenever he felt that he could do something right he would have a moral obligation to do those things, not by choice but because he was given the responsibility by God, I'm holding you to that same standard," Joanna said.

"Yeah I know, don't worry I'm all good still gonna be the best trainer with kicking Team Galactic's ass on the side," Lucas laughed.

"Language," Joanna said sternly.

"Hey mom.....what was my dad like?" Lucas asked.

Joanna sighed, she knew eventually Lucas would ask about him.  She loved him so much and it was and still is a huge hit when he left this earth.

"He was the perfect man for me, Lucas, you are so much like him and I wish you did get to know him more," Joanna said.

"Me too, I wonder if he would be proud of me, I hate saying it but I don't really mind if he did or did not I don't know why," Lucas said.

"It's natural Lucas, you never did know him so you never developed an emotional attachment but yes he would be proud, you know your name was his idea," Joanna said.

"What did you wanna name me?" Lucas asked.

"Sheldon," Joanna said.

"Oh fuck no," Lucas said in disgust.

"Lucas!," Joanna shouted.

"Sorry, mom but come on Sheldon?" Lucas laughed.

"Don't mock your mother, you're gonna be 19 soon you should know better," Joanna said, sternly.

"Yes mom, I gotta go though got a gym battle tomorrow," Lucas said.

"Okay sweetie, do well stay safe, and come visit more, I miss you," Joanna said.

"I will Mom after this gym I'll come to see you," Lucas smiled.

"You better, get some rest," Joanna said.

"Mom I'm not a kid," Lucas said.

"1," Joanna said, counting.

"I'm a little old for th-," Lucas said.

"2!" Joanna said.

"OKAY OKAY!," Lucas said, caving.

"Goodnight sweetie," Joanna said.

"Night Mom, love you," Lucas said, hanging up.

Lucas got into his bedtime clothes and laid down on his cot, now when he enters a city he is allowed an actual nice hotel room, it was better than the endless nights of sleeping in the woods or in a shitty motel room.

Maybe use it to my advantage a little bit.

Lucas thought about what his mom said about staying humble and how his father was. He never did know him, he passed away when Lucas was very young from an unfortunate case of cancer. His moral obligation to do things if he thought they were right sounded so familiar because Lucas was doing just that. Maybe he did get something from his dad. But again she was right, he had the power to do stuff people would dream of doing, it's not like he wanted to be Team Galactic's number one enemy but it just seems that way. Sometimes it was exhausting, the threats and the fear that he still had deep down, these were dangerous people but despite all of that Lucas saw the impact he was having on the people of Sinnoh. He was talked about on the news, people in cities and towns he passed by were happy to see him and be rid of Team Galactic's control and that was so important to him because, without it, he probably would have backed out of the whole hero thing by now. It's like Lucas had two sides to his mind, one would do anything to help somebody and the other would try to tell Lucas to mind his own business and stay out of danger and they normally conflicted with each other.

One of these days Lucas, something is gonna happen...but I can't quit matter how scary it is sometimes.

"Alright guys, roam time you got one hour," Lucas said, releasing his team into the room.

Lucas liked to give his team time to roam outside of their balls, let them explore even if it was just a hotel room.


So this will be a new thing in the story, Pokemon will begin talking amongst themselves. For storytelling and character development. Only two rules

-Pokemon can understand human language and talk amongst other pokemon

-Humans can not understand pokemon

Okay good? Good!

"Finally, my favorite time," Mon said, stretching out.

"You wanna fight?" Lux said, looking on Mon.

"Please I'd kick your ass," Mon laughed.

"Can we go one day without you two fighting, lets just all be civil and happy," Bibi tried to reason.

"Oh don't start with these two Bibi they both have rare candies for brains," Star said, watching from the bed.

Gabite himself was silent and stood in the corner, watching the team bicker. He seemed to be used to it already.

"Hey, new guy let's brawl!" Lux said.

"Shut up idiot," Mon thumped on the head.

In the group, they all had their own roles. While Lux and Mon would fight everyone saw Mon as a leader being Lucas' starter pokemon. Bibi was the tank that would also try to reason with everyone and prevent conflict. Star would be the brains while occasionally insulting everyone with her superiority complex but deep down she loved her team well except for Lux, they had their issues. Lux was the wild card, he would be the unpredictable one to start fights and try to rush in headfirst which proved to have its own benefits. Gabite's role was not really defined yet as he had not been used in battle, he wouldn't really speak around the group but when he did it was with passion and pride.

"Hey I know you don't trust us that much but you have to open up eventually we are a team," Mon said, looking at Gabite.

"Unwillingly," Gabite snarled.

"Well get used to it, Lucas isn't letting you go, might as well try to like us," Star said.

Gabite sighed and stayed in his corner, while he grew to respect Lucas and would acknowledge him, he still didn't care much for the team.

"Mon he will open up eventually, leave him be," Bibi said, putting his hand on Mon's shoulder.

"Bibi, if you weren't such a tank I'd sucker punch ya," Mon laughed.

"Well then," Bibi laughed.

Mon and Bibi were the closest of the team, they saw themselves as brothers more than teammates. While Bibi would try to reason and hear everyone out he was the first in the group to acknowledge Mon's leadership.

"You two need a room?" Star asked.

Star was one to make comments on everyone but she did see that everyone was useful, she never showed it but has a deep care for everyone and especially Lucas. It took a long time for Star to realize that she wasn't the leader of the group but eventually she knew in terms of leadership and power she couldn't beat Mon.

"Ahhhh come on someone fight me I'm dying over here!" Lux said, rolling around the floor.

"Have you considered that all the electricity you have causes your brain to be smooth," Star said.

Mon let out a short chuckle, normally he wouldn't encourage Lux and Star fighting but that one was good.

"Lucas still has yet to pick a sixth member of our team, wonder what he's waiting for," Bibi said, laying on the ground.

"You know him, he likes a specific type in his team we were all chosen for a reason...yes even Lux," Mon sighed.

"Fuck you," Lux said, clawing at the carpet.

"We have our next gym leader tomorrow, here's hoping we can score another badge," Mon said to the group.

"Please, with our skills and experience at this point, we'll be fine," Lux said.

"Not to mention Lucas has a plan for literally everything, that kid has something for every situation it's insane," Star chimed in.

"But we all love him, he took us in, and with his guidance and leadership we will be the best," Bibi said.

Lucas was listening to music when sat up to his team talking, he didn't know what they were saying but it was probably something about the fight tomorrow. Off to the side, he saw Gabite staring out the window, uninterested in conversing with his teammates.

You can't keep him out forever Lucas, you have to try.

Lucas got up from the bed and walked over to him and leaned on the window still.

"Chilly night huh," Lucas said.

Gabite just responded with a nod.

"You don't have to like them but you have to talk to them, I know you can understand me," Lucas said.

Gabite didn't even respond.

"Tomorrow, I'm putting you in, I know your kind you like to win, to fight, to be the best right?" Lucas asked.

Gabite looked at Lucas as if saying "I'm listening."

"I'm not giving up on you, I know how useful you'll be, show me what you can do tomorrow," Lucas smirked.

Gabite gave Lucas a small smirk, barely visible, he could at least respect Lucas. The whole Garchomp line is not stupid, Gabite could see Lucas' character through his actions.

Lucas patted him on the shoulder and returned to bed, putting his headphones back in.

"Oh, I'll show you," Gabite mumbled.

"HEY CATCH," Lux said, swatting a cup at Gabite as a joke.

With amazingly fast reflexes Gabite caught the cup and chucked it at Lux's head causing the whole team to laugh.

"Oh man, that was good new guy," Mon smirked at him.

Gabite responded with a small smile to Mon.

"I WASN'T READY!" Lux stammered.

The whole continued to laugh and talk with Gabite even saying a few sentences. Mon figured it wasn't much but it progressed, anything to help him get more comfortable. They talked until they were returned to their balls. Everyone needed good rest tomorrow was a gym battle.

Office of Michael Rollins, Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

2 am

Michael Rollins

Mike was doing some paperwork, financial paperwork. Cyrus' plan required a lot of money even money Team Galactic didn't have. Cyrus knew that and asked Mike to find an estimate as to how much more they would need. So far it was in the hundreds of thousands.

"This better be worth it, putting every cent into this, I'm gonna have to figure out a contingency plan in case his goes south so that we don't go bankrupt," Mike said to himself.

He yawned as he held his pencil, long nights like this were becoming more common as their master plan was coming closer and closer. As he was crunching some numbers his cell phone rang.

"I'm working on it boss gimme a minute," Mike answered, working as he put the phone to his cheek, he assumed it was Cyrus

"Hey it's Cynthia," Cynthia said on the other line.

"CYNTHIA?!," Mike said, taken aback by her calling at this hour, so much so he fell off his chair, deep down he thanked himself for not saying, Cyrus.

"Um, everything okay there?" Cynthia asked.

"Yeah, all good, sorry I was expecting someone else to be calling," Mike said, getting back up.

"Another girl?" Cynthia said jokingly with a hint of curiosity in her voice. 

"What, no," Mike responded.

"Good, sorry it's so late but you seem to be up, what are you doing?" Cynthia asked.

"Ummm some poke shipment work, long hours, overtime you know," Mike said, that was a bad answer he thought.

"Okay? I was wondering if you were free this weekend?" Cynthia asked.

"Um this weekend, on Saturday I think I am why?" Mike asked.

"Well I am and I wondering if you maybe wanted to do something," Cynthia asked.

"Um...yeah sure I know exactly where to take you, I actually was going to eventually ask you ou-THERE, to go with me," Mike said nervously.

Normally Mike was very confident and spoke with no stutter and assertiveness but when he was talking to Cynthia he felt his words leave his mind like he constantly trying to come up with something. He was always speechless around her...he hated it.

"Great what time?" Cynthia asked.

"Well Atlas, my Salamence, is annoying about flying in the dark but I think I can convince him so I'll pick you up at 7?" Mike said.

"Sounds like a date," Cynthia said, flirtatiously.

"...yeah cool, wait don't you have challengers on Saturdays?" Mike asked.

"Meh I'll be done with these people by 5, seriously Mike I feel like sometimes I'm too good, no one has even made me lose one pokemon before, it's oddly empowering," Cynthia shrugged.

"Eh, my team would wipe you," Mike said.

"Oh, really you have all 8 badges why not give it a shot?" Cynthia asked.

"Um well busy with work, training is really only on the side you know," Mike said.

Also being a part of organized crime doesn't help my chances.

"Well if you ever want to, let me know I'll book an appointment myself for you," Cynthia said.

Mike then decided to do the absolute dumbest thing he could think of...try to be seductive.

"I can book an appointment with you all I want girl," Mike said in a charming voice.

Cynthia was silent, her face red with blush and eventually caved into laughter, she never heard Mike so forward she found it both funny and oddly romantic.

"SHUT UP!" Mike said.

"How many other girls have you used that one, Mike?" Cynthia said laughing, her face still red.

"NONE...this month...I'll pick you up at 7," Mike said, his face redder than an angry cartoon character.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Cynthia asked.

"NOTHINGBYECYAGOODBYE," Mike said, hanging up.

Well, it kinda worked, plus you got a date with her, I know just the place too.

Mike looked down at his phone who had a text from Looker, the IP bugged his phone and office, they could hear everything. Mike looked down to see the text saying one thing.

"That's the best you got?"

"Shut up dick," Mike said.

Chapter Text

Chapter 32: Lucas vs Crasher Wake

COF: Gabite & Lucas Diamond

"This sucks, it's too early for this," Lux moaned.

"Will you shut up with your whining, god with your energy levels I'm surprised you aren't a morning person," Star said.



The two went back and forth as Mon and Bibi watched, they took a break from their training session. It was tradition for the group to work out a couple of hours before a big gym fight. Normally they would do it as a group but as the team got older, they tried to do more solo sessions to work on individuality. Lucas at this point in their lives was more of a mentor and guide for them rather than a trainer that constantly tells them what to do. While he was still the boss of the group he trusted them to be able to handle themselves in a fight. 

"I know it's entertaining but come on everyone stay focused we need to be at the top of our game for the gym battle, back to work, I'll handle those two," Lucas commanded the group, rushing in between Lux and Star.

"Damn I wanted to get some licks in," Mon laughed.

"Oh please, you really think you can take both of them?" Bibi laughed.

"Of course I's that ice work coming?" Mon asked.

Bibi recently had discovered he was capable of learning ice moves, as someone who is classified as a normal type he tried to learn every new skill he could even Lucas was shocked to see Bibi was capable of producing ice. However it was very hard for him, he only did it once and he doesn't even really know how to make water into ice let alone produce ice itself.  He could never do it again after that one time 

"It's going....slowly, I can make water very cold but no luck yet, I don't know how I did it last time," Bibi said.

1 Month Ago

Eterna Forest

"Alright come on Bibi, let's go!" Mon shouted.

"You're on!" Bibi shouted back.

Mon smirked and rushed at Bibi with fire in his hands, sparing for them was common due to their difference in moves, Mon had fighting which was very effective on Bibi and Bibi could produce water moves, it was good for them to strengthen themselves. Mon punched Bibi back but Bibi shook it off easily, his defense was his strongest asset so much so often the group called him a tank. Bibi in retaliation controlled water and rushed it towards Mon, his mastery of water was getting better every day, Mon quickly dodged the water trying not to touch it.

"Son of a bitch," Mon smirked, dodging the water.

"I'll cover you in water, no fire means no problem from you," Bibi smirked.

"Dumbass I can still fight and I'm faster than you," Mon said, still dodging the water and landing right behind Bibi and hitting his back with a Mach Punch.

Bibi winced in pain, those always hurt when they land but over time learned to fight while taking pain and in retaliation shot some more water on Mon.

"Crap," Mon whispered as he got doused in water, the pressure of Bibi's water moves made it both effective and physically strong.

"Don't seriously hurt each other you two, this is just a sparring match," Lucas said, watching from the sidelines.

"Come on Lucas, we got this and I got you!" Mon said as he rushed at Bibi, he had learned to use his fire to dry himself off quickly after being doused.

Mon's weakness for water was more than just typing disadvantage, if his body gets doused he can't produce fire which is the source of his strength. So he taught himself how to turn up his body temperature to dry off the water.

"Crap he's fast," Bibi said, having his back to a tree.

"35 percent fire, eat this Bibi!" Mon smirked, rushing at him with a Burning Mach Punch.

Bibi quickly moved out of the way only for Mon to smash the tree.

"Quit moving!" Mon shouted, hearing a rustle he turned around to see he overdid it a bit and knocked the tree down.

The two both watched as the tree was quickly falling towards Lucas.

"FUCK LUCAS!" Mon shouted.

"CRAP, WATCH OUT!" Bibi yelled.

Lucas looked up to see a tree hurtling toward him.

"OH SHIT!" Lucas shouted, trying to move out of the way but tripped on a rock and fell to the ground.

"LUCAS!" Mon shouted, rushing to his trainer.

Bibi watched in horror, he never wanted to see Lucas hurt and here a tree was falling on him because he didn't watch his surroundings before dodging Mon's attack.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!" Lucas shouted, crawling back.

Mon tried to go as fast as he could but he wasn't gonna make it so instead he loaded up a flame wheel, hoping the fire would hit the tree first and burn it away. As Lucas closed his eyes waiting for him to be smashed by a tree. Just as he thought he could potentially die, he felt cold...oddly very cold.

Mon stood wide-eyed, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Lucas opened his eyes to see an ice barrier of some kind, catching the falling tree.  The ice was bitingly cold and made almost a hissing noise.  Water vapor came off of it as the cool blue ice caught the tree just as it was about to hit him.  

"What the...fuck?" Lucas whispered, looking over at Bibi.

Bibi stood there in awe, he didn't even know what happened he just smashed his hands down on the ground, and suddenly ice came out, fast too even faster than Lux. How did he do that? He can learn ice? Is that even possible?

" can do ice?" Mon asked.

"Um...apparently," Bibi said, still shocked.

Lucas quickly moved out of the way, as he did the ice shattered and the tree fell. He looked over at Bibi in shock. Not only could Bibi learn water somehow and someday he could learn ice.

From that day on, he tried so hard to replicate what he did but had no luck. Bibi couldn't even make an icicle. But he knew he could do it, he did it in the past so he would keep trying.

Meanwhile, in his own area, Gabite was training, he liked to be alone while training so he could focus. As a Gabite he still couldn't really do Dragon moves very well. Dragon's breath was a no, the only ones he could do effectively and seemingly limitlessly was Dragon Claw and bite infused with a dragon-type attack he named Dragon Bite.

"I know most Gabites aren't masters in dragon typing but come on, I train every day trying so hard, what's the secret?" Gabite shouted at himself.

"Having trouble?" Lucas said, walking over to him.

"No I got this, just leave me alone Lucas," Gabite said.

"I don't know what you're saying but I assume you want me to leave," Lucas said.

Gabite sighed, he forgot humans can't understand pokemon. But he could understand him, it was a weird dynamic in their world.

"Look this is your chance, Lux is my strongest pokemon for this gym but you're going in first, show me what you can do," Lucas walked off but not before showing a smirk to Gabite.

"Prove to me you are the strongest," Lucas smirked while walking away.

Gabite waited for Lucas to leave before smirking back, oh he will see.

Pastoria City Gym

2 pm

Lucas stepped foot into the gym, it smelled of chlorine and sunscreen. The walls were blue and the place was covered in water, his shoes started to squeak as he walked around the entrance much to his annoyance.  It was big, the biggest gym he had seen so far with a deep pool swarming the place like a moat.  Crasher Wake stood at the end of it, noticing Lucas and eyed him.  Lucas slipped a couple of times just trying to get into the main entrance, didn't anyone clean this place?   Lucas rolled his eyes at the inconvenience and looked over to see the gym navigator in the entrance.

"Hey, you're that Lucas guy, welcome to the Pastoria City gym home of the water gym leader Crasher Wake," The navigator said, shaking Lucas' hand.

"Thanks, man, so what do you got for me?" Lucas smiled.

"Well, this gym is based on water as you can see, see those switches placed around the gym?" The navigator asked.

"Yeah, I assume that I have to hit those switches to get to Crasher Wake," Lucas guessed.

"Right, it is difficult to find the right ones, you'll likely have to try them all and find the right combo, each trainer you beat will give you a clue on what the right order is," The navigator said.

"Great another puzzle, so this first one gets it started huh," Lucas said, going over to the first one.

"You're a genius aren't you," The navigator sarcastically said.

"Any hints?" Lucas asked.

"Sorry Lucas, no can do, good luck," The navigator said.

"So be it," Lucas looked over to see Crasher Wake at the far end of the gym smiling at him.

"So you think this is funny?" Lucas asked.

"It's amusing to see how long it takes trainers to figure out my puzzle brother, I'm waiting for you brother," Crasher smirked.

"I do respect you Crasher and we may have worked together during the assault and maybe even after this we can be friends, but today right now...I'm gonna kick your ass," Lucas said sternly, staring him down.

"I'd love to see that Lucas Diamond, I'm right here, what are you waiting for brother," Crasher grinned.

Lucas took a view of the whole gym studying the positions of the switches, in his mind, there is no way the order is randomized every time it would be impossible so there was obviously a right way to do this. He broke it down into three areas: left, right, and center. There were 12 switches 4 in each lane, he had a 25 percent chance of guessing right in each lane. But which one was right?

"Obviously he isn't that smart so his code can be simple or he is just putting up that act to throw me off, it's confusing at first but I can crack it," Lucas said pacing back and forth.

"Should I do right, middle, or left first? Left has the most trainers so it's the hardest and I need to save my pokemon's energy," Lucas went on and on.

"Kid...just pick one," The navigator groaned.

"It's a difficult option you know," Lucas said, continuing to pace.

Lucas kept pacing, forgetting about the slippery floor, as he was lost in thought he slipped into the deep pool, much to the laughter of the navigator, Crasher Wake, and the trainers. As Lucas was in the water cursing at himself he saw something, something that gave it all away. He quickly swam up and climbed up.

"Screw you," Lucas hissed at Crasher Wake, chuckling a bit himself.

"It was funny brother," Crasher Wake said, laughing more.

Lucas was laughing for a different reason, he had a plan that he knew wouldn't fail. Quickly he moved to the right lane and carefully picked which switch to go for. Easily wiping out the guard with Lux he hit the switch. He heard a click and the water drained, the first one down.

"Lucky guess maybe?" Crasher Wake said to himself.

Lucas methodically made his way to the middle lane, easily wiped out the other guard, and picked correct again.

"How is he? So quickly? It's almost like he knows exactly which one to hit...that's a first," Crasher said.

Lucas looked over at Crasher and had a smug grin as he easily hit the last switch and cleared a path to him. Lucas completed a puzzle that normally took trainers a half hour to complete in 5 minutes.

"Holy crap how did you figure that out?" Crasher Wake asked.

"While I was in the water I noticed the three drains, each other was connected to a pipe, I followed each pipe to the corresponding switch, maybe hide it better for the future," Lucas smirked.

"It took your friend 45 minutes to complete it," Crasher said, recalling Barry frustratingly hitting every switch until he got it right.

"Of course it did, he's an idiot sometimes," Lucas laughed.

"Well you're here brother, you have a reputation too so I won't hold back on you brother," Crasher grinned.

"I don't want you to, I wanna beat you at your best, come at me Crasher Wake!" Lucas shouted.

GYM BATTLE: Lucas Diamond vs Crasher Wake (5 on 5)

"Ludicolo, show them pain, brother!" Crasher shouted, sending out Ludicolo.

"Gabite, take this guy down," Lucas shouted, sending out Gabite.

Gabite came out, battle stance ready, finally some action.

"Ohhh a dragon type, never seen one in person before," Ludicolo smirked.

"Yeah this one's gonna kick your ass, water what a joke, what are you gonna do shoot some rain at me," Gabite hissed.

"Nope I got just the thing for you," Ludicolo said, shooting out an Ice Beam at Gabite.


"Gabite dodge it, watch out!" Lucas shouted.

Gabite dodged quickly, he didn't expect a grass and water type to have ice, this was gonna be more interesting.

"Gabite, Ludicolo uses a lot of physical attacks, try to keep your distance before attacking!" Lucas yelled.

"Shut up, I don't need your advice," Gabite shouted back.

"You dare talk to your trainer like that," Ludicolo said, rushing at Gabite with some punches covered in ice.

"Don't tell me how to talk to him," Gabite said, dodging most of the punches but missing one and taking a punch to the gut.

Shit, that hurt.

"Ow, that hurt!" Gabite shouted, slamming his fist into Ludicolo's face.

As soon as Ludicolo hit the ground, Gabite quickly used an Earthquake.

"Walk it off Ludicolo!" Crasher encouraged.

"You think an Earthquake is gonna help you?" Ludicolo smirked.

Normally that always works?!

"He's a grass type! The ground moves won't help try more physically hard-hitting attacks since you don't have range moves, as long as he doesn't hit you, you'll be fine listen to me!" Lucas shouted.

Maybe he does know what he's talking about...fine.

Gabite took his advice and dodged, he noticed that Ludicolo had a small window where he didn't attack, that was his opening. Gabite slowly ate away at him.

"Damn you really are great," Ludicolo smirked.

"That's because I can read you, my kind is smart," Gabite grinned.

"No it's because your trainer told you how to approach this fight, I can sense you don't trust him as much, maybe you should work on that," Ludicolo said to Gabite.

"I don't need your advice, now stay down!" Gabite said, slamming Ludicolo with a Take-Down.

"Ha, you got me a good job but you won't get far, trust me, you'll need his help, good luck," Ludicolo grinned as he returned to his ball.

"Excellent, however, he seems to not listen much at first," Crasher commented.

"Heis very.....strong-minded, we still have to work on that," Lucas glared.

Gabite glared back. Ludicolo was right, the only reason Gabite got the upper hand was by following Lucas's advice. Right now his pride was clashing with his common sense.  He hated that Lucas tried to tell him what do to do, he would have figured it out eventually.  

"Let's go, Sharpedo, slay this dragon," Crasher shouted. sending out Sharpedo.

Sharpedo launched himself at Gabite, locking his jaws on his side and dragging him into the water.

"CRAP GABITE!" Lucas shouted.

Gabite slammed his fist on Sharpedo's jaws trying to get him to let go.

"GET OFF ME!" Gabite grunted, trying to hold his breath.

"I won't let you drown but I ain't losing," Sharpedo said.

Gabite grunted more and more, getting angrier.

"ERRRRRRRR LET GO!" Gabite yelled, biting down on Sharpedo as well using Dragon Bite!

Move: Dragon Bite

Creator: Gabite/Lucas


The user bites down on target with the strength of a dragon's mouth inflicting a good amount of pain!

Sharpedo winced in pain and let go, Gabite used this opportunity to swim out, getting further out of the water. He looked down to see his side bleeding from the bite, the stinging pain kept eating at him.

"Ow, my mouth," Gabite said, holding his jaw, normally the Dragon Bite hurts the opponent more than him.

"Sorry for that, my rough skin inflicts pain on those who use moves like that, I will say that's a new one I'm impressed with," Sharpedo grinned.

"Shut up!" Gabite yelled frustrated at the pain, using Dig and punching Sharpedo from behind.

Sharpedo retaliated with a Night Slash, slicing open his chest.

"GABITE MAYBE IT'S TIME TO SWITCH!" Lucas shouted, concerned for the dragon type. His side was bleeding and how his chest was sliced, he knew even Gabite couldn't handle that much pain for very long even with his stubbornness.

"Shut...up...I don't need your help," Gabite said, staring at Lucas.

"It's not your call, come back," Lucas commanded.

"," Gabite, disobeyed and rushed back to Sharpedo.

"What are you doing? He said to get out of here?!" Sharpedo confusingly dodged.

"He doesn't tell me what to do, you hurt my jaw and sliced me open, you're gonna pay!" Gabite glared, slamming Sharpedo to the ground and staring at Crasher Wake.

"What the hell is with your 'mon Lucas?" Crasher asked.

"I'm sorry for this, Gabite, come back here NOW!" Lucas ordered.


This wasn't good. What Gabite was doing wasn't a gym battle, he was seriously gonna hurt someone. Lucas needed to get this under control or else.  Lucas could only put his pokemon back in his ball if the Pokemon consents to it as well.  


Gabite didn't listen again and stared a hole through Crasher Wake.

"I'LL WIPE YOUR WHOLE SQUAD!" Gabite yelled, despite knowing neither Lucas nor Crasher could understand him.

"AQUA JET!" Sharpedo shouted, rushing at Gabite, knocking him down.

"This is just a test but if you wanna threaten my trainer, you can forget about the mercy I normally show, watch your step pal!" Sharpedo yelled.

That was it, the snap.  Gabite at that moment had so much rage and so much anger that he didn't care about the battle anymore, he turned around and stared at Sharpedo with a look of pure rage.

"Screw you!" Gabite said rushing at Sharpedo, the pain seemingly making him angrier thus increasing his speed.

Gabite slammed Sharpedo to the ground with the most force he had ever used out of anger. Lucas and Crasher were shocked, that wasn't a battle move that was a move to kill.

"GABITE STOP!" Lucas screamed.

Gabite didn't listen he kept slamming Sharpedo over and over again, roaring with fury.  


Gabite finally let Sharpedo go and immediately came back to his senses.  He had no idea what happened, he never lost his cool like that before.  Shocked he looked down to see Sharpedo badly hurt and physically in the ground from the power slamming.  All that, just because he was losing and someone gave him a few orders.  What was wrong with him?

"...I'm...I'm sorry," Gabite said, coming to his senses.

"SHARPEDO!" Crasher yelled, running over to his friend.


Gabite was too shocked to react, he just watched the aftermath of what he had done.

"GABITE, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NOW," Lucas ordered with anger in his voice.

Gabite looked down at Sharpedo, he had never gone overboard like that before. He knew his kind had immense strength and he knew that he could seriously hurt someone if he went too far and he did. All for what? Because he was frustrated at Lucas for trying to help? Because he was losing to Sharepedo?

Gabite walked over to Lucas with regret on his face.

"You are done, you hear me!" Lucas said to him.

Gabite nodded and went back into his ball with shame.

"Sharpedo, talk to me buddy," Crasher said.

Although pokemon can be healed at a pokemon center it is possible for them to be too hurt thus leaving permanent damage and multiple slams that break the floor could be one of them.

Sharpedo coughed up blood but was responsive he obviously was done. He was more shocked by Gabite's power and this was only his second form.

"How is he?" Lucas said, running over to Sharpedo.

"I don't know, what the hell was that?" Crasher asked.

"I don't know, I'll talk to him. I'm so sorry he's never done that," Lucas said, helping Sharpedo up.

"Are your other pokemon like that?" Crasher asked.

"Absolutely not sir!" Lucas said.

" lost control of your pokemon under gym leader rules that is an immediate disqualification...," Crasher said.

"No no no Crasher please don't I swear that was an accident," Lucas pleaded.

"I'm sorry brother I can't overlook that, Lucas Diamond you are disqualified from this battle and thus have lost," Crasher regretfully said.

Lucas's heart dropped now he had to wait 2 weeks before trying again. This was all his fault he lost the battle, a chance at the badge, and more importantly, Sharpedo could be permanently damaged all because of his recklessness as Gabite's trainer. The people in the gym looked on in fear, what had they just seen?

"...I understand...I'm sorry," Lucas said somberly and walked out of the gym.

Lucas had this new feeling, something he never felt before. It wasn't good, it was...shame.

Battle Outcome: Lucas Diamond is disqualified due to Lack of Control (disqualification reason #16)

Later that night

Lucas healed his pokemon and went to the hotel he was staying at, he had texted Crasher Wake so many times but never heard anything back. He released all of his team but not Gabite.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM!" Lux said seething.

"So reckless because he was losing, what's with this guy?" Star said.

"Let me get some licks in him I swear to god, now we have to wait 2 weeks to get another chance at that guy," Mon cursed.

Bibi didn't say anything, he went to Lucas' side to comfort him. He knew what Gabite did but right now his priority was Lucas.

"Don't worry about me Bibi," Lucas said, petting him.

Lucas took Gabite's ball and went outside to somewhere private and released him.

Gabite stood up and faced Lucas, shame still haunting his face.

" you realize what you did...," Lucas said.

"....yeah," Gabite nodded.

"You could have killed him, why cause you were getting your ass handed to you because you refuse to listen?!" Lucas scolded.

Gabite started to get mad, he knew what he did was wrong but he didn't need to be released to be lectured.


Gabite roared in anger and punched the tree next to Lucas out of anger. Lucas stared a hole through Gabite, not scared.

"Is that supposed to scare me?!" Lucas said, getting in Gabite's face.

Gabite had a look of rage on him, he couldn't lose control again though.

Lucas backed off, he sighed. He didn't think he would ever do this but it's come to this.

"Gabite, I thought we could work together but...I can't control you, and I don't want to but in my career, I need to trust you...and I don't," Lucas said, disappointed.

Gabite sighed as well.

"...I know," Gabite said to himself.

"I can't risk another pokemon getting hurt because of you, that's not me I care too much about other pokemon," Lucas sighed.

Lucas grabbed his Pokeball, and pressed the eject button, releasing Gabite.

"I'm sorry but I can't be constantly worrying if you are gonna do that, you got what you wanted, you're free," Lucas said, tossing his old ball.

Gabite watched as the Pokeball was thrown into the woods. He was free again.

"Goodbye," Lucas said, walking off with some tears in his eyes.

Outside on the balcony, the others watched as their team was down one.

"...shit," Lux said.

"I mean he deserves it but I never thought Lucas would...," Mon said in shock.

"Guess we are back to four," Star said.

Bibi looked on in silence, he didn't like losing a friend but it was Lucas' wish so he had to honor it.

Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh

3 am

Michael Rollins

"We are here...," Cyrus said.

"Is this really necessary?" Mike asked.

"It is, stop questioning me...where is it," Cyrus asked.

Mike sighed, he didn't want to resort to this but it wasn't his choice, Cyrus has lost it when it comes to Lucas. And as a punishment, Lucas was going to suffer at the hands of Team Galactic.

"That one," Mike said, pointing to a house in the distance.

"...excellent," Cyrus said, walking towards it.

This was the moment it happened, the consequences of Lucas' actions were catching up to him. First the gym battle now something even worse, Cyrus wanted to ensure Lucas knew the wrath of Team Galactic. A dark storm cloud appeared over Twinleaf Town and Mike and Cyrus walked towards Lucas' home in Twinleaf Town.