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A Trainer Named Lucas

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Chapter 31: Downtime

COF: Michael Rollins and Lucas Diamond

5 days later

Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

Michael Rollins

9 pm

"According to our teams, Dialga and Palkia are attracted to the spiritual energy given off of the three lake guardians," Charon presented to the other admins.

"How are we supposed to get that energy?" Mars asked.

Charon turned to another slide with glowing red chains, for years he had been plotting these chains.

"These chains contain massive amounts of energy, the same energy that a Pokeball uses to store pokemon, using these chains we will attach the three guardians down forcing them to use their energy to attract the two beasts," Charon said.

"Can they break?" Saturn asked.

"So far the only thing we found that can break them is massive amounts of electricity, however other than that they seem to be unbreakable by traditional means," Charon said.

"Excellent Charon, once we have the lake trio we will bring them to Spear Pillar and commence with our plan," Cyrus said, observing the meeting from his head chair.

Along with the admins was Mike, with him, now being an informant for the International Police he was wearing a wire that recorded the whole meeting, while it was nerve-wracking the only thing that seemed to bother him was the lack of comfort he had while it was attached to him.

Meanwhile at the Sinnoh IP Counter-Terrorism HQ, Jubilife City

Agent Hunter "Looker" Langley

9 pm

While this meeting was going on, Looker was observing this meeting with the new Captain Murphy, being promoted due to his success in discovering Team Galactic secrets with Looker. They sat in a meeting room listening in on the meeting.

"Lake Trio huh, do we have agents on the lakes?" Murphy asked.

"Yes sir, two groups per lake and 24/7 surveillance, however, I don't know when they plan to attack and neither does Rollins or so he says," Looker said.

"Nice work, you should take the Sergeants exam," Murphy laughed.

"I just got 1st-grade captain, gonna be a while for me," Looker laughed, sipping his energy drink.

"Okay well keep on digging because we do know that this isn't the masterplan they have, that is still to be discovered and with these psychos, I don't wanna be blindsided when we eventually close in on them," Murphy said.

As Looker was listening in on the meeting, Murphy received a call saying that someone was there looking for him. Perfect timing he thought.

"What's our plan?" Looker asked.

"Wait for them to initiate their Spear Pillar plan, that's when you'll break cover, our goal so far is to arrest Cyrus and the rest of the admins and stop whatever the fuck this is," Murphy said.

"Looks like I got my work cut out for me," Looker smirked.

"Yeah about that," Murphy said, looking at him.

"What is it?" Looker asked.

Murphy knew Looker preferred working alone and since he transferred to Sinnoh he was okay with it because there haven't been many cases like the Team Galactic situation but this was turning into something much bigger than he wanted. With the rising danger and scope of this case, Looker can not be allowed to work alone.

The International Police states that all agents require a partner for both safety and effectiveness in handling cases, Looker has gotten away with not having a partner for too long and Murphy knew he had to change that.

"Looker, you need a new partner," Murphy said.

Looker sighed, he knew this was coming he was just so used to working alone that all he could think about was having to catch someone up to speed with the situation, his temporary partnership with Chester Tung was the first time working with someone since his time in Kanto.

"Sir with all due respect it would take an immense amount of time to catch someone up on this case, it would waste time," Looker said.

"I understand that but right now I'm short-staffed as is and this case is going to get bigger with the threats and capabilities these people are making, I understand you like working alone but it isn't happening anymore, I already brought in your new partner," Murphy said, walking towards the door.

"Who is it?" Looker asked.

Murphy gestured Looker to follow him to the elevator where they went down to the first floor of the building. There he showed Looker his new partner and just as he thought, Looker was shocked.

"Captain," Chester Tung said, walking up to them with a box in his hands.

"The hell are you doing here?" Looker asked Tung.

"Agent Tung is transferring in from Pokemon Rescue, he's gonna be here during this case and after, say hello to your new permanent partner," Murphy said.

Tung looked at Looker, he didn't expect this either. After going back to Kanto following the Roman Winters case, he received a call from Murphy a week later bringing up the idea of transferring. While Tung loved Pokemon Rescue he did always want to work in Counter-Terrorism.

"Oh great," Looker said.

"Shocked to see me?" Tung laughed.

"Oh yeah," Looker said, still cold to the idea of working with someone permanently.

"Tung let me show you to your desk," Murphy said, leading them back to their floor.

Murphy gave Tung the desk across from Lookers, much to Lookers dismay, he did like the extra space.  Murphy had 50 agents to use for his division, that's less than normal for a Counter-Terrorism area but he had to work with it, not many agents were in line to work for the most dangerous area of the IP, even narcotics agents stayed away.  Everyone else had a partner or was occupied, as a courtesy Murphy figured Tung and Looker would get alone quickly because they already worked together.  He would have them work together while he worked on getting more agents to do this case that weren't already busy handling other assignments.  

"I'll leave you too to get acquainted with each other I'll take the rest of the meeting," Murphy said.

"I can take it really," Looker said.

"Not your call," Murphy said, going into the meeting room alone.

"Cold here," Tung said looking around, shivering from Sinnoh's temperature.

"Yeah that's normal," Looker said, in a monotone voice.

"So...where are we at with these guys?" Tung asked.

"Pretty bad to be honest, I'm still undercover so I don't know how this is gonna work," Looker said, crossing his arms across from Tung.

"Well I'll try my best to stay out of your way, I wasn't told we would be permanent partners either," Tung said.

"Working with you for a week was nice but try to keep up," Looker said, walking away.

"Good to see you too," Tung said, putting his stuff away.

It was clear that these two needed time before they would call each other partners.

Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

Michael Rollins

10 pm

"Before we wrap this meeting up let's discuss the...rather irritating problem of Lucas Diamond and Barry Platinum," Cyrus said, mildly annoyed just saying their name.

Cyrus had been good at keeping his feelings from showing but there was a deep hatred for these boys ever since Lucas meddled with Floaroma Town. Every time he heard their names it was something bad, it had been so long since he felt like this about anyone, it was shocking.

"They're getting bolder, it seems that they are full-on hunting us down now," Mike said.

"I won't tolerate this, I don't care what we have to do, we are putting an end to this now, I want you to send Lucas a little message, understood?" Cyrus scanned the room.

"How can we do that master?" Saturn asked.

"Who are the most important people in his life?" Cyrus asked.

"Kid doesn't have much, his father passed away when he was born and only talks to his best friend the other thorn in our side, and the new professor Dawn Rowan," Mike said.

"What about a mother?" Cyrus said

Mike felt uneasy, he knew where he was going with this, he didn't even notice that his wire cut out 5 minutes prior.

"Um sir, I don't think that is needed," Mike said.

"Did I ask for second opinions...," Cyrus said, menacingly.

"He...does have a mom in Twinleaf Town," Mike said hesitantly.

"Interesting," Cyrus said.

"What about Barry?" Jupiter asked.

"We captured Lucas...that didn't work let's see if we can put the screws to his friend, find him and bring him here, let's make these boys know who they are messing with," Cyrus said.

"Cyrus going after the mom is too much," Mike said again.

"Rollins shut your mouth I am the boss here unless you have a problem with that," Cyrus said with a raised voice.

Mike had never heard him raise his voice before, he really was angry at these two.

"No sir," Mike said, leaning back.

"Good, just looking at these two reminds me why I am the way I am," Cyrus said, balling up a fist.

Pastoria City, Sinnoh

Lucas Diamond

11 pm

"And then I got free Moo Moo milk," Lucas said over the phone.

"Lucas, you can easily buy that stuff," Joanna said over the phone.

"I know Mom but they insisted on me taking it, I get a lot of free stuff in places, not to mention pictures and people smiling when they see me," Lucas said, tossing his Pokeball in the air.

"Sweetie, you are famous now people look up to you and see you as a symbol of hope, I'm sure Barry feels the same way you do," Joanna said, pressing the phone to her ear while washing dishes.

"Are you kidding, he can't shut up about the popularity we have, he loves it and it fuels his ego honestly it's interesting," Lucas laughed.

Lucas tried to call his Mom more, he missed her very much he missed her smile, being able to see her every day, her cooking; everything he had was now gone since he chose the path he took.

"Sweetie just remembers you are a role model now and you have to be responsible," Joanna said.

"Yeah Mom I know," Lucas said, rolling his eyes sometimes he would forget he was still just a kid entering adulthood.

"I know you have all this power with your team and popularity but you must promise you won't let it go to your head," Joanna said.

"What makes you say that?" Lucas asked.

"Lucas, I can hear in your voice that you are much more confident in yourself, and with that, I know for a fact you can be more rebellious, honestly your attitude seems to go from adult to teenager sometimes," Joanna laughed.

"Okay okay maybe sometimes I...use what I have to my advantage but nobody is getting hurt," Lucas said.

"Keep it that way, what you are doing to Team Galactic is one thing, these people deserve to be dealt with but you are doing it in the name of good for the people not for your own personal gain," Joanna said.

"I don't do that Mom," Lucas said.

"And let's keep it that way, you understand young man, it took for me to accept you as a crime-fighting hero like something out of a video game but I won't accept you as a vigilante that only fights to benefit himself to many people already do that in the International Police," Joanna said.

"Yeah did I ever tell you about that Looker guy?" Lucas asked.

"Yes he seems like one of the good ones but you hear all the time about how when people get guns and badges all the laws go out of the window," Joanna said.

"Oh my Arceus Mom stops watching that news channel," Lucas groaned.

"Well, what else am I supposed to watch? It seems every time I turn on the tv there it is," Joanna said.

"You're addicted," Lucas laughed.

"Sweetie I'm not saying I think you are becoming power-hungry, but I am saying that anybody CAN become power-hungry, keep yourself in check...and Barry," Joanna laughed.

"Oh I'll try, he seems to have his head on straight though ever since that burning building incident," Lucas said.

"Lucas you have the power to change the world...and you are, that's something people would kill to have because of the leverage and benefits that come with it, don't abuse it, your father always use to say that whenever he felt that he could do something right he would have a moral obligation to do those things, not by choice but because he was given the responsibility by God, I'm holding you to that same standard," Joanna said.

"Yeah I know, don't worry I'm all good still gonna be the best trainer with kicking Team Galactic's ass on the side," Lucas laughed.

"Language," Joanna said sternly.

"Hey mom.....what was my dad like?" Lucas asked.

Joanna sighed, she knew eventually Lucas would ask about him.  She loved him so much and it was and still is a huge hit when he left this earth.

"He was the perfect man for me, Lucas, you are so much like him and I wish you did get to know him more," Joanna said.

"Me too, I wonder if he would be proud of me, I hate saying it but I don't really mind if he did or did not I don't know why," Lucas said.

"It's natural Lucas, you never did know him so you never developed an emotional attachment but yes he would be proud, you know your name was his idea," Joanna said.

"What did you wanna name me?" Lucas asked.

"Sheldon," Joanna said.

"Oh fuck no," Lucas said in disgust.

"Lucas!," Joanna shouted.

"Sorry, mom but come on Sheldon?" Lucas laughed.

"Don't mock your mother, you're gonna be 19 soon you should know better," Joanna said, sternly.

"Yes mom, I gotta go though got a gym battle tomorrow," Lucas said.

"Okay sweetie, do well stay safe, and come visit more, I miss you," Joanna said.

"I will Mom after this gym I'll come to see you," Lucas smiled.

"You better, get some rest," Joanna said.

"Mom I'm not a kid," Lucas said.

"1," Joanna said, counting.

"I'm a little old for th-," Lucas said.

"2!" Joanna said.

"OKAY OKAY!," Lucas said, caving.

"Goodnight sweetie," Joanna said.

"Night Mom, love you," Lucas said, hanging up.

Lucas got into his bedtime clothes and laid down on his cot, now when he enters a city he is allowed an actual nice hotel room, it was better than the endless nights of sleeping in the woods or in a shitty motel room.

Maybe use it to my advantage a little bit.

Lucas thought about what his mom said about staying humble and how his father was. He never did know him, he passed away when Lucas was very young from an unfortunate case of cancer. His moral obligation to do things if he thought they were right sounded so familiar because Lucas was doing just that. Maybe he did get something from his dad. But again she was right, he had the power to do stuff people would dream of doing, it's not like he wanted to be Team Galactic's number one enemy but it just seems that way. Sometimes it was exhausting, the threats and the fear that he still had deep down, these were dangerous people but despite all of that Lucas saw the impact he was having on the people of Sinnoh. He was talked about on the news, people in cities and towns he passed by were happy to see him and be rid of Team Galactic's control and that was so important to him because, without it, he probably would have backed out of the whole hero thing by now. It's like Lucas had two sides to his mind, one would do anything to help somebody and the other would try to tell Lucas to mind his own business and stay out of danger and they normally conflicted with each other.

One of these days Lucas, something is gonna happen...but I can't quit matter how scary it is sometimes.

"Alright guys, roam time you got one hour," Lucas said, releasing his team into the room.

Lucas liked to give his team time to roam outside of their balls, let them explore even if it was just a hotel room.


So this will be a new thing in the story, Pokemon will begin talking amongst themselves. For storytelling and character development. Only two rules

-Pokemon can understand human language and talk amongst other pokemon

-Humans can not understand pokemon

Okay good? Good!

"Finally, my favorite time," Mon said, stretching out.

"You wanna fight?" Lux said, looking on Mon.

"Please I'd kick your ass," Mon laughed.

"Can we go one day without you two fighting, lets just all be civil and happy," Bibi tried to reason.

"Oh don't start with these two Bibi they both have rare candies for brains," Star said, watching from the bed.

Gabite himself was silent and stood in the corner, watching the team bicker. He seemed to be used to it already.

"Hey, new guy let's brawl!" Lux said.

"Shut up idiot," Mon thumped on the head.

In the group, they all had their own roles. While Lux and Mon would fight everyone saw Mon as a leader being Lucas' starter pokemon. Bibi was the tank that would also try to reason with everyone and prevent conflict. Star would be the brains while occasionally insulting everyone with her superiority complex but deep down she loved her team well except for Lux, they had their issues. Lux was the wild card, he would be the unpredictable one to start fights and try to rush in headfirst which proved to have its own benefits. Gabite's role was not really defined yet as he had not been used in battle, he wouldn't really speak around the group but when he did it was with passion and pride.

"Hey I know you don't trust us that much but you have to open up eventually we are a team," Mon said, looking at Gabite.

"Unwillingly," Gabite snarled.

"Well get used to it, Lucas isn't letting you go, might as well try to like us," Star said.

Gabite sighed and stayed in his corner, while he grew to respect Lucas and would acknowledge him, he still didn't care much for the team.

"Mon he will open up eventually, leave him be," Bibi said, putting his hand on Mon's shoulder.

"Bibi, if you weren't such a tank I'd sucker punch ya," Mon laughed.

"Well then," Bibi laughed.

Mon and Bibi were the closest of the team, they saw themselves as brothers more than teammates. While Bibi would try to reason and hear everyone out he was the first in the group to acknowledge Mon's leadership.

"You two need a room?" Star asked.

Star was one to make comments on everyone but she did see that everyone was useful, she never showed it but has a deep care for everyone and especially Lucas. It took a long time for Star to realize that she wasn't the leader of the group but eventually she knew in terms of leadership and power she couldn't beat Mon.

"Ahhhh come on someone fight me I'm dying over here!" Lux said, rolling around the floor.

"Have you considered that all the electricity you have causes your brain to be smooth," Star said.

Mon let out a short chuckle, normally he wouldn't encourage Lux and Star fighting but that one was good.

"Lucas still has yet to pick a sixth member of our team, wonder what he's waiting for," Bibi said, laying on the ground.

"You know him, he likes a specific type in his team we were all chosen for a reason...yes even Lux," Mon sighed.

"Fuck you," Lux said, clawing at the carpet.

"We have our next gym leader tomorrow, here's hoping we can score another badge," Mon said to the group.

"Please, with our skills and experience at this point, we'll be fine," Lux said.

"Not to mention Lucas has a plan for literally everything, that kid has something for every situation it's insane," Star chimed in.

"But we all love him, he took us in, and with his guidance and leadership we will be the best," Bibi said.

Lucas was listening to music when sat up to his team talking, he didn't know what they were saying but it was probably something about the fight tomorrow. Off to the side, he saw Gabite staring out the window, uninterested in conversing with his teammates.

You can't keep him out forever Lucas, you have to try.

Lucas got up from the bed and walked over to him and leaned on the window still.

"Chilly night huh," Lucas said.

Gabite just responded with a nod.

"You don't have to like them but you have to talk to them, I know you can understand me," Lucas said.

Gabite didn't even respond.

"Tomorrow, I'm putting you in, I know your kind you like to win, to fight, to be the best right?" Lucas asked.

Gabite looked at Lucas as if saying "I'm listening."

"I'm not giving up on you, I know how useful you'll be, show me what you can do tomorrow," Lucas smirked.

Gabite gave Lucas a small smirk, barely visible, he could at least respect Lucas. The whole Garchomp line is not stupid, Gabite could see Lucas' character through his actions.

Lucas patted him on the shoulder and returned to bed, putting his headphones back in.

"Oh, I'll show you," Gabite mumbled.

"HEY CATCH," Lux said, swatting a cup at Gabite as a joke.

With amazingly fast reflexes Gabite caught the cup and chucked it at Lux's head causing the whole team to laugh.

"Oh man, that was good new guy," Mon smirked at him.

Gabite responded with a small smile to Mon.

"I WASN'T READY!" Lux stammered.

The whole continued to laugh and talk with Gabite even saying a few sentences. Mon figured it wasn't much but it progressed, anything to help him get more comfortable. They talked until they were returned to their balls. Everyone needed good rest tomorrow was a gym battle.

Office of Michael Rollins, Team Galactic HQ, Veilstone City

2 am

Michael Rollins

Mike was doing some paperwork, financial paperwork. Cyrus' plan required a lot of money even money Team Galactic didn't have. Cyrus knew that and asked Mike to find an estimate as to how much more they would need. So far it was in the hundreds of thousands.

"This better be worth it, putting every cent into this, I'm gonna have to figure out a contingency plan in case his goes south so that we don't go bankrupt," Mike said to himself.

He yawned as he held his pencil, long nights like this were becoming more common as their master plan was coming closer and closer. As he was crunching some numbers his cell phone rang.

"I'm working on it boss gimme a minute," Mike answered, working as he put the phone to his cheek, he assumed it was Cyrus

"Hey it's Cynthia," Cynthia said on the other line.

"CYNTHIA?!," Mike said, taken aback by her calling at this hour, so much so he fell off his chair, deep down he thanked himself for not saying, Cyrus.

"Um, everything okay there?" Cynthia asked.

"Yeah, all good, sorry I was expecting someone else to be calling," Mike said, getting back up.

"Another girl?" Cynthia said jokingly with a hint of curiosity in her voice. 

"What, no," Mike responded.

"Good, sorry it's so late but you seem to be up, what are you doing?" Cynthia asked.

"Ummm some poke shipment work, long hours, overtime you know," Mike said, that was a bad answer he thought.

"Okay? I was wondering if you were free this weekend?" Cynthia asked.

"Um this weekend, on Saturday I think I am why?" Mike asked.

"Well I am and I wondering if you maybe wanted to do something," Cynthia asked.

"Um...yeah sure I know exactly where to take you, I actually was going to eventually ask you ou-THERE, to go with me," Mike said nervously.

Normally Mike was very confident and spoke with no stutter and assertiveness but when he was talking to Cynthia he felt his words leave his mind like he constantly trying to come up with something. He was always speechless around her...he hated it.

"Great what time?" Cynthia asked.

"Well Atlas, my Salamence, is annoying about flying in the dark but I think I can convince him so I'll pick you up at 7?" Mike said.

"Sounds like a date," Cynthia said, flirtatiously.

"...yeah cool, wait don't you have challengers on Saturdays?" Mike asked.

"Meh I'll be done with these people by 5, seriously Mike I feel like sometimes I'm too good, no one has even made me lose one pokemon before, it's oddly empowering," Cynthia shrugged.

"Eh, my team would wipe you," Mike said.

"Oh, really you have all 8 badges why not give it a shot?" Cynthia asked.

"Um well busy with work, training is really only on the side you know," Mike said.

Also being a part of organized crime doesn't help my chances.

"Well if you ever want to, let me know I'll book an appointment myself for you," Cynthia said.

Mike then decided to do the absolute dumbest thing he could think of...try to be seductive.

"I can book an appointment with you all I want girl," Mike said in a charming voice.

Cynthia was silent, her face red with blush and eventually caved into laughter, she never heard Mike so forward she found it both funny and oddly romantic.

"SHUT UP!" Mike said.

"How many other girls have you used that one, Mike?" Cynthia said laughing, her face still red.

"NONE...this month...I'll pick you up at 7," Mike said, his face redder than an angry cartoon character.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Cynthia asked.

"NOTHINGBYECYAGOODBYE," Mike said, hanging up.

Well, it kinda worked, plus you got a date with her, I know just the place too.

Mike looked down at his phone who had a text from Looker, the IP bugged his phone and office, they could hear everything. Mike looked down to see the text saying one thing.

"That's the best you got?"

"Shut up dick," Mike said.