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A Trainer Named Lucas

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Chapter 1: Lucas Diamond

COF: Lucas Diamond

It was a usual day in Twinleaf Town, wind breezed through the small but content town. The trees rustled as leaves were falling. It was quiet but it was a peaceful quiet. Unlike the rest of Sinnoh, Twinleaf Town had always been a forgettable town but to the people who lived there, that wasn't a bad thing.

6 pm (Thursday Evening)

"Honey, dinner is almost ready!" Johanna shouted.

"Okay, thanks, Mom," Lucas shouted back.

Lucas Diamond was an average young adult in the Sinnoh Region. He always was so quiet and reserved and not one to stand out but he has a heart bigger than anyone could imagine. But one thing kept him from being like most kids, he didn't have any pokemon. Honestly, he never wanted to become a professional Pokemon trainer. He loved Pokemon as much as everyone else but he never imagined himself as someone to be a great trainer, so he focused on other things.

Lucas ran down the stairs and sat at the table with his mother.

"Mmm smells delicious Mom," Lucas said, eating his food rather quickly.

"Thank you, Lucas, so any plans tonight?" Johanna asked.

"Not really, Barry asked me to stop by his house tonight," Lucas said, cleaning his mouth.

"Oh my well that sounds fun make sure you have your key," Johanna reminded him.

"The last time was an accident," Lucas laughed to himself.

One time when Johanna was out of town, Lucas locked himself out and had to stay at Barry's place for the weekend. Never in his whole life did he want to rip his own ears off then at that moment.

Lucas finished his meal and cleaned up the dining room and kitchen for his mother, she had always supported him even when he denied being a pokemon trainer. Being a trainer was every kid's dream and Lucas always admired people who did it but he never wanted to do it.

While Lucas was getting ready he looked back at the text he got from Barry on his phone.

"Hey loser, meet me at my place tonight I got something big to announce! Be there by 9 and if you're late I'm fining you 10 million!" The text read.

Barry Platinum was Lucas's best friend and to him, he was like a brother. They always had each other's backs no matter what. Barry loved pokemon even as a kid and as he grew that loved as well grew. Barry always had on the same black pants and brown shoes. Along with his favorite orange and white striped sweatshirt with a white scarf. He was moderately tall with blond hair and almost orange eyes. Barry was so full of energy that even Lucas found it exhausting at times but in the end, he wouldn't change a thing about him.

8 pm

"Mom, I am leaving!" Lucas shouted.

"Okay honey, be careful," Johanna shouted back.

"Okay, sweetie has fun, and don't forget your cap," Johanna said while watching tv.

Lucas put on his favorite red cap and headed outside the cold wind hit Lucas's face and to a lot of people it would discourage a lot of nighttime traveling but to him it was normal. While walking he noticed his other neighbor, Dawn playing with her pokemon in her front yard.

Dawn Rowan was another one of Lucas' best friends. She had pokemon in her blood. She's the daughter of the renowned Professor Rowan. They met when they were kids just like Barry and from then on their relationship grew. Lucas never considered dating her though, she viewed her as too much like a sister. She always had a white cap on and a red and pinkish coat with a skirt underneath. Lucas always thought she was crazy about wearing a skirt in the Sinnoh region but hey whatever.

"Hi, Dawn!" Lucas said while jogging over to her.

"Oh hi, Lucas what are you doing out this late I thought you would be in bed by now," Dawn jokingly laughed.

"Haha anyway, Barry asked me to stop by his house tonight you know him," Lucas stated.

Dawn, Lucas, and Barry all had a sibling-like relationship and they all had their "roles" so to speak.

Dawn always kept the two boys from fighting and she always found a way to lift everyone's spirits in bad times.

Barry was the rowdy one and always led them on crazy adventures and most importantly he always defended Dawn and Lucas no matter what.

Lucas was the brains of the three. He always was two steps ahead of everyone and the one who put himself in the face of danger if it means doing the right thing. He found ways to keep the three from getting in trouble from their "amazing" adventures that Barry always seemed to find for them.

"Well don't keep him waiting otherwise he'll fine you like he usually does," Dawn laughed.

She wasn't wrong, Barry had this thing where he would fine people for not being fast enough. It was odd but Lucas found it funny and sometimes even fined him back to go along with it. Barry had his flaws but Lucas loved him like a brother, they might as well be brothers out of the three friends Barry and Lucas had the strongest bond. That isn't to say that Dawn was left out but it speaks volumes about the relationship they had as kids and even as 18-year-old young adults.

"Yeah, I am good though it's only…. 8:15," Lucas looked back at his watch.

"Well I have some things to do with dad tomorrow, catch up with ya later?" Dawn said looking back at him, smiling.

"Sure thing dork," Lucas laughed as he headed for Barry's house.

Lucas politely knocked on Barry's home door and waited and waited and waited and waited for at least 5 minutes.

Is no one home? I know I'm early but Barry should be here.

Lucas looked at his watch and raised his eyebrow, he was about to walk off but then the door opened quickly that even he was a little startled by the sudden opening.

"LUCAS…..oh my Arceus dude I said 9 and it's 9:05, that's it I'm fining you 10 million," Barry said in his usual energetic voice.

"Ugh, dude it's only 8:20," Lucas said while showing his watch.

"Wait what?" Barry looked at his watch and then back the clock and realized his watch said the wrong time.

"Ah, fuck dude this thing sucks," Barry cursed at himself.

"Yeah….wait did you wait an extra 5 minutes just so you could fine me for being late?" Lucas questioned.

"What…...noooooo…...not the point," Barry said as he almost dragged Lucas up to his room.

Despite Barry being an adult at this point he still had the energy of a 12-year-old.

"Dude, watch the scarf man," Lucas brushed himself off.

"Sorry bro but I got something amazing to show you," Barry said excitedly.

Barry handed Lucas a letter. Lucas looked at the letter and was amazed to see it was from Professor Rowan.

Dear Barry,

I know you have waited your whole life to get a pokemon but we believed you just were not ready. However after seeing you grow up and take on jobs and more responsibilities I, your father, and your mother finally believe you are finally ready. Barry, I want to give you your very own starter pokemon. I know it is a bit late but hey better late than never right. I will be at your house tomorrow with two pokemon for you to choose from. We are all super proud of you.

-Professor Rowan

It was almost surreal. Lucas knew Barry wanted his own pokemon but he never thought he would be getting the rarest type, a starter pokemon.

"Wow, dude congratulations," Lucas smiled.

Maybe now he'll stop talking about pokemon every 20 seconds…..probably not.

"Thanks, bro I can't wait finally I can go on my journey and become the champion," Barry shouted.

"Be sure to visit me when you're on top," Lucas laughed to himself.

"Oh don't worry you'll be like an assistant...yeah," Barry laughed and punched Lucas's arm playfully.

"Oh yeah, that's my big plan," Lucas laughed sarcastically.

"I hope you'll stay for when the professor comes over," Barry said

"Sure why the hell not finally you'll quit yapping about it," Lucas laughed.

"You're just jealous that I, Barry Platinum, am going to be the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world," Barry pointed to himself.

"Sure you are," Lucas chuckled.

The two boys stayed up talking for a couple of hours. Barry kept going on and on about his soon-to-be new pokemon and Lucas smiled through it but in reality, wanted to sew his mouth shut up but he also had this sort of admiration towards it. He found inspiring how much passion Barry had for something he never got to do. Barry must have drilled his way into Lucas' head because for a split second Lucas considered thinking of getting his own pokemon as well.