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Diaclone: The Series

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The year was 2145. Earth as humanity knows it has changed. A forward base was finally established on the moon as well as humanity making major advancements in certain fields like robotics. Thins looked good for the human race. However, they weren't at all prepared for what was coming from the stars.

One day, a hostile alien race called the Warudaros invaded Earth from the blackness of space. No one knew where they'd come from, but they showed their intent when they began stealing Earth's resources. It was wave after wave of alien attacks as their weapons and technology had never been seen before. However, this caused humanity to  once again, like history has shown, prove their resilience to hardship.

Uniting at last, they started building the weapons to fight back against the Warudaros. Humanity started winning battles, defending their planet against the invading forces. Obviously, the Warudaros fought with everything they had. In the end, what started as small skirmishes became a full-scale war as the Warudaros attacked cities all over the planet for resources, but humanity was now there to defend them and their innocents. Ultimately, the war became a stalemate as neither side gained any ground over the other.

The year is now 2160, and Earth hasn't suffered any major attack from the Warudaros in fifteen years now. Maybe they're gone for good, or are they...