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The Twin Files

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Spoilers: This chapter contains spoilers for the pilot.




*Mulder’s Apartment, 7:27 AM*

The Mulder twins were enjoying their breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon when their dad sighed heavily, “Girls we need to hurry up and get you to daycare. Daddy has to meet the new agent who will be helping him.”

“Otay daddy!” Amelia and Cordelia exclaimed. They loved daycare. 




*Mulder’s Office, 4:17 PM*

Mulder heard the knock on his basement office door. Oh great… Here we go , he thought to himself. “Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted,” he yelled at the door.

His new ‘partner’ entered his office and walked towards him, “Agent Mulder. I'm Dana Scully, I've been assigned to work with you.” He reached out to shake her hand and sarcastically remarked, “Oh, isn't it nice to be suddenly so highly regarded? So, who did you tick off to get stuck with this detail, Scully?”

“Actually, I'm looking forward to working with you. I've heard a lot about you.” Mulder knew he was being slightly harsh with Scully, but he wasn’t looking forward to working with someone who would be reporting everything he did back to the men in charge, “Oh, really? I was under the impression... that you were sent to spy on me.”  Mulder finally smiled at her.

“If you have any doubt about my qualifications or credentials, th…” Scully responded.

Mulder stood and took a file from his desk, “You're a medical doctor, you teach at the academy. You did your undergraduate degree in physics.” He removed his glasses, “Einstein's Twin Paradox, A New Interpretation. Dana Scully Senior Thesis. Now that's a credential, rewriting Einstein.”

Now growing irritated, Scully questioned him, “Did you bother to read it?”  

“I did. I liked it.” Mulder said as he loaded up his slide projector. “It's just that in most of my work, the laws of physics rarely seem to apply.”  Mulder saw Scully slightly glare at him as he moved past her to turn the lights off. “Maybe I can get your medical opinion on this, though.” Mulder began his presentation on what would be their first case together. She didn’t seem convinced of the extraterrestrial nature of this case, but Mulder was used to people not believing him or his ramblings. Once he finished the slideshow, he looked at Scully and said “See you tomorrow morning, Scully, bright and early. We leave for the very plausible state of Oregon at eight A.M.” With that, Scully smiled and left his office.




*Mulder’s Apartment, 5:18 PM*

“So, Lia. Ari. What should we have for dinner?” Mulder asked his daughters upon their return home.

Cordelia requested her favorite food, “Pa-get-ee!” While Aurora requested hers, “Pete-sa!” In order to prevent any fighting, Mulder suggested his favorite instead, “Hmm. How about grilled cheese?”

“Otay daddy!” the girls responded smiling up at their dad. 

Mulder smiled down at his daughters, “Why don’t you two go play in your room while I make dinner.”

Once the grilled cheeses were done, Mulder walked into the only room in his apartment—the room that the twins called theirs. “Dinner is ready. Let’s go eat. I have something to tell you.”

“Daddy has to go away for a few days, so you will be staying with Uncle Langley, Uncle Frohike, and Uncle Byers. Doesn’t that sound fun, girls?” Mulder told his daughters as they were munching on their grilled cheese sandwiches.

The twins looked at their dad with sad smiles. They loved going to the house of their goofy yet lovable ‘uncles’. However, they would miss their dad. “But why, daddy?” asked Cordelia, the outgoing twin. Mulder rolled his eyes while talking about his new partner, “because daddy has to go out of town with his new partner for work. I will call you two every night and tell you a bedtime story while I’m gone. How about that?” Mulder waited for a nod of acknowledgment from the girls before continuing, “now let’s go get you both packed.”




*Dulles International Airport, 7:58 AM*

Mulder arrived at the airport with barely enough time to catch his 8 AM flight. “Is everything okay, Agent Mulder? You almost missed our flight.”

“Yes, Agent Scully. Sorry, I was running a little late this morning and had an important errand to run before coming to the airport.” Mulder responded, still not telling his new partner about his daughters.  He needed to be sure he could trust her as a partner before he entrusted her with the information of his life. Very few people at the bureau even knew that he had children. Mulder was not really the favorite of anyone at the bureau, so he never saw the point in mentioning his twins.




*Mulder’s Hotel Room, 7:27 PM*

Mulder dialed the all too familiar number of his babysitters. “Lone Gunman,” Richard Langley answered.

“It's Mulder. Turn the tape recorder off. I know it’s later than I said I would call, but we got a little caught up on the case. Could you grab the girls and put me on speaker phone, please?” Mulder pleaded into the phone. He loved his daughters more than life itself and he hated having to leave them.

Mulder heard the sound of feet running on the other side of the phone followed by “Daddy! Daddy!”

Hearing his daughters immediately put a smile on his face, “Hi girls! Are you having fun?”

Aurora yelled into the phone, “Daddy, we eat pete-sa!”

“Oh, is that so? You love Pizza,” Mulder responded to his shy daughter. “What else did you do?”

Cordelia responded, “We play Legos! We build UFOs wif uncle Hick-ee!”

“Well that sounds fun! Okay, girls. I will stay on the phone. Go put on your pajamas and brush your teeth. Then settle into bed and I will tell you a bedtime story,” Mulder told his precocious two-year-old daughters. The phone was still on speaker, so Mulder could hear the girls rustling around through their bedtime routine.

Mulder was brought out of his thoughts of his daughters when Aurora spoke up, “Otay daddy, ready!”

“Hey, Mulder, the girls are asleep,” Langley said to the FBI agent once he made it about halfway through his story about alien princesses.

Mulder softly smiled, “Good, good. I hope they weren’t too much trouble for you guys today.”

“Nope, not at all. We never have any problems with the little Mulders. How is the case going?” Langley asked.

“The sheriff and the medical examiner aren’t being that cooperative and my new partner is very skeptical, but other than that, fine I guess,” Mulder answered before hearing a knock on the door. “Langley, someone’s at the door. I’ve got to go. I hope to be back tomorrow, but if not, I will call the girls. I will let you know. Bye.” With that, Mulder hung up the phone and carried a candle to open the door. There he saw Scully standing in nothing but her bathrobe, shaking.