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T's and Sarawat

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“T’s Residence”
Sarawat snickered despite himself as he read the ridiculous nameplate. His nervousness forgotten for a moment and his posture relaxed. Maybe this won’t be that bad, he assured himself.
“It’s just tine’s parents.” He murmured then turned to his boyfriend, who was fidgeting himself.

“Why are you so nervous?” Sarawat asked, His boyfriend was supposed to reassure him, not get scared himself.

Tine’s face was flushed, his nose and ears tinted rosy pink with a blush. He was clutching Sarawat’s arm tightly as he stared at his own house,

“If they say no. I will run away with you.” He whispered

“And that’s supposed to assure me that this will be ok?” Sarawat asked, exasperated.

Tine pouted and pinched his arm, making sarawat draw his hand back with a yelp.

“My parents can be super overwhelming, you are even allowed to think they are crazy but don’t ever say it out loud”

Sarawat shook his head, “Stop being dramatic, if you are this cute, I am sure they will be super nice” he said, giving tine’s head a pat and tine snuggled into the touch and opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by a giggle.

They both turned around to see type standing there, his face turned into a mocking smile,
“Oh my god, this is going to hilarious. He thinks they are going to be cute”

“P’type” Tine whined, giving a reassuring pat on sarawat’s shoulder.

Right, they can’t be all cute if they had raised Type too, Sarawat thought and all his nervousness flooded back.

“Believe me, you are going to find them anything but cute.” Type laughed as he pushed past them and rang the bell.


“Ai’Typeeee. I kind of get how your father must have felt when you first took me home, now. I already want to scare this guy off” Tharn whined as he placed the food on the table.

Type smirked, “Do you want to?” He asked, eyebrow raised and lips curling into a teasing smile.

Tharn eyed him and sighed “But I am not going to give him a hard time like your father na. If tine is bringing him we must try our best to know him.”

Type nodded, “Fine. You be the good guy then because I am sure as hell giving him a hard time”

Tharn shook his head, he could see his husband’s childish side coming out and felt bad for Tine’s boyfriend already.

“Then if he takes his boyfriend and runs away saying we are going somewhere you geezers can’t see us and doing a lot of coupley things..”Tharn trailed away, reminding his boyfriend of the time when type had said the same thing to his father.

“Ai’shia tharn, like hell he would do it. Our tine is too vanilla for that”

Tharn smiled, “But maybe his boyfriend isn’t” He suggested earning him a scowl.

“I will throw a bottle at his head if he even thinks of taking tine away” Type said, gripping the table tightly.

Before Tharn could reassure him, he heard the doorbell ring, he looked at type and nodded. It was time to see who their son had chosen.

Sarawat felt his nervousness spike the moment he saw a small man with hawk like eyes staring at him.

“Hello” he said and the man just nodded in acknowledgement but didn’t take his eyes off of him.

“Papa, you are making him nervous” Tine whispered, sidling close to his boyfriend.

Type’s features softened a little when he saw tine pouting in annoyance.

“Let’s go in, your father is waiting” type said and strutted inside.

Sarawat took a deep breath, he bowed to whatever god was listening for not making tine have the hawk like glare, not that he would love him any less with it but just, his tine was perfect the way he was.

“Will you make it through the day?” Type jr. asked and Sarawat returned it with a glare, he was convinced that this devil was raised by that man.

He followed tine and they entered a small living room with a orange couch in the middle, surrounded by a light yellowish paint. A huge television took the wall facing the small cupboard kept behind the couch, touching the wall. The room looked warm and sarawat could imagine tine sitting in this room, doing his homework, waiting for his favourite programme to start or even just taking his afternoon nap. This brought a small smile to his lips.

“You must be sarawat” He heard a very husky and deep voice call out and turned to see, a man taller than everyone in the room with an amazing physique and a lazy smile, talking to him.

“Dad,” Tine smiled and a little relieved, his eyes darting to type who was glaring staring at his boyfriend. Tharn turned to his youngest son and smiled, then nodded, giving him a reassuring look.

“Hello, da.., sir” Sarawat corrected, he thought he saw type snicker but was soon fixed with a stare.

“Sit down” Tharn said, gesturing towards the couch “type get the drinks from the kitchen” Tharn told his oldest son

“Me?” type asked, “Tine you go and get it”

“Daad” tine whined

Tharn eyed him and type jr. walked out of the room, murmuring something along the lines of tine being a daddy’s boy.

Sarawat settled down on the couch, expecting, hoping tine to sit with him but tine the betrayer that he is, just moved next to his father who pulled him in a one arm hug, leaving sarawat with type next to him.

“So when did you two meet?” Tharn asked,

“Two years..”

“three years..”

They said simultaneously and type’s eyes narrowed, Sarawat gulped, visibly uncomfortable and rushed to clarify.

“I saw him at a scrubb concert three years ago,” He said clearing his throat, he decided he didn’t want these two to know about his love at first sight, borderline obsession and then fake dating story, this was awkward enough. (And scary).

“And he fell in love with me and even tried to find me by going to every scrubb concert” Tine said, proudly but sarawat could see Tharn’s grip on his shoulder getting firm and a question marring his handsome features.

“I actually did not think that I would meet him again, it was just that I wanted to see him again.” He blurted the first thing that came to his mind.

“And what were you going to say to him if you had met him again?” type asked, a scowl set as he gave sarawat a once over.

Sarawat looked sheepish, “I hadn’t even thought of that. He just looked so beautiful that I wanted to just meet him.” he added truthfully.

“But you asked him to be your boyfriend” Tharn added, with a little smile.

“No. I asked him to be my fake boyfriend first?” Sarawat could see both tharn and type’s eyes widening at that as they gawked at their son.

Sarawat groaned, this cutie was a dork. An adorable dork. He groaned mentally,

“We are not fake dating now though” Tine added when he realised what he said,

“Baby. What have you been up to in college?” tharn asked a little worried, tine had always been naïve and do first and think later kind of a person, just like type but his type was fierce and could anyone’s ass unlike tine who would get scared easily. Tine bit his lip but snuggled closer to tharn when type’s loud voice rang in the room
“Why would you ask him that?” Type looked between the two.

“Because someone asked me out and they wouldn’t take a no for an answer..” Tine blabbered but then added to save green “They are not a bad person just too..clingy. Anyway I asked him out so that green would leave me alone”

“Green” Type gritted the words out like poison and tine was scared that he would actually follow him to college and hit green, his papa had done it on more than one occasion when he had got bullied in school. Even his older brother had become too protective of him because type kept on telling him to protect tine.

“Is that person still following you?” Tharn asked concerned,

“No, he left me alone when Sarawat and I started dating”

Now all the eyes were back on sarawat and he gulped,

“HE even taught me how to play the guitar, he even sings scrubb songs for me” Tine told tharn.

“Did he now?” Tharn smiled and ruffled his hair, this was another thing about tine, he always tells or more or less blabbers everything to tharn. When he and his brother had been adopted, tine unlike his brother had been scared of type because of his sharp looks. Type though had worked hard and made his way to tine’s heart and slowly made tine open upto him. Until then tine took to cling to tharn, he would just follow him around the house and wait patiently for tharn to notice him.

Little tine soon realised tharn liked to talk and he would tell tine everything about his day, about type and describe them in a very dramatic way which would make tine fascinated and so he too followed in tharn’s footsteps getting all the dramatics.

“He even plays in the bars like dad used to” Tine added looking at type “You told me dad looked super cool when he played”

Tharn threw a snicker in type’s direction who scowled, his ears turning red.

“So you said yes to tine’s stupid fiasco too?’ type asked earning him a pouty tine.

“He was too adorable not too” Sarawat blurted before correcting himself “I was just trying to help”

“What help? You just wanted to woo me” Tine giggled and sarawat really wanted to smack him.

“You know I had to follow him for days before he said yes. I even got into music club and I can even play a song”

“Barely” Type jr. said as he came into the room and put the drinks and snacks down,

“It’s more like a dying squeak of a guitar”

“You knew about his fake dating thing too?” Type asked and type jr shook his head super fast

“Even I came to know after he posted that big fat I like sarawat on ig”

“you posted it on ig?” Tharn asked

“It was a bet I and sarawat made, “

“Even fong knew about this?” type asked, of course the little traitor was his papa’s informant

“He was the one who suggested sarawat as a candidate”

“Are you even studying in college?” type jr, butted in “even fong has a boyfriend papa, you know that tall, senior. P’ton or something, yep. That’s all this four are always doing just stalking everyone’s ig and dancing around college”

“P’type. Don’t forget you haven’t told them about man yet” tine blurted out and type jr. cursed his brother a million times in his head.

“I guess I don’t have to anymore”

Type eyed his oldest son who made a dash towards the kitchen,

“Type, come back here” Type shouted. His scowl more set and his eyes narrowed.

Tharn on the other hand was eyeing sarawat who was staring at his boyfriend fondly, he met sarawat’s gaze after a second who adjusted himself on the sofa, and uncomfortable that he was caught ogling.

“He is a good guy na” Tharn whispered in tine’s ear and gave him a sniff kiss on his head before getting up to go after his types.

“We have a lot to talk about na. So wait a few minutes, I will bring those back and then we can have dinner. “ Tharn smiled at sarawat.

“Tine show him around the house till then”