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Starry Night

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Taehyung jiffles in his bed to sleep, but he can't sleep no matter what he does. He stares at the lifeless damp ceiling as he sighs deeply. He hadn't slept for days because something- something that he can't name, occupies his mind, his heart beats faster, he tingles with excitement, but he doesn't know the reason...

Instead of finding the source of this vibrant feeling, he tumbles out of his bed and drinks the water from the glass he left on the wooden table, tries to calm his heart.

But it is useless.

He decides that he needs to go outside and paint in his favorite place. He generally does that in the morning, at 6 am when the deep blue sky changes its color to light blue and stars become the sun, sun becomes the only jewel- brightest jewel on the sky.

Then, he opens his tatty wooden wardrobe with creaking doors and put on his brown shirt and his black trousers full of painted spots and goes outside.

There is eery silence outside, but he isn't afraid, he actually like this silence, like when he sees only darkness and relucent stars on the deep blue sky.

His house is far from the others, he has no neighbours. He is thankful for that because nobody wants to talk with him, adults turns their head when they see him, their children make fun of him since their parents call him lunatic. Whenever they see him, they sing a mocking song that they made up, all together: "lunatic, Taehyung is a lunatic, nobody loves him, he is lunatic".

He seems lunatic for the others, because he doesn't have a decent job like the others, he isn't working in the field, he doesn't smile, he doesn't prefer to talk, because he feels different. People never see his smile, rarely hear his deep husky voice.

All he does is painting in his cottage, go out to the forest and paint there. He doesn't know anything but painting. He doesn't know how to live any other way, he couldn't live without it. Painting makes him have a will to live, have hope, dream. But the others can't understand this, they don't understand his soul. They never listen him, never treat him as a human.

His only friends are the relucent stars smiling at him on the sky, the flying birds that try to speak with him time to time, the trees that don't push him when he hug them, the flowers that allow him to smell their beautiful scents, the moon that always listens to him. They never judge, instead, they always embrace him.

So, he decides to do what he is good at. Maybe he can hug his friends, maybe he can talk with birds again.

He takes his stool, canvas, palette, paint brushes and oil paints with him, walks slowly as he looks at the sky time to time, saying hello to the stars.

He places his stool in front of his favorite view, this time he will paint his dear friends, stars and of course the moon.

He squeezes his dark blue, yellow and white oil paints into his palette. He picks up his paint brush that will help him to create his next work, albeit a bit old, it does the job and he starts his creative process.

He enters the world of dreams every time he starts painting, every time he holds his paint brush and his palette until his painting ends. He feels safe in there, nobody judge and hurt him. He goes deep into his mind and imagination, this world of dreams helps him finish his painting, helps him to isolate and protect himself, he escapes from everything.


Taehyung tingles with excitement every time he paints, he keeps stroke on his white canvas with his frequent brushstrokes. Sometimes he talks with himself, sometimes he sings...

This time, just before he finishes his painting and get out of his world of dreams, he feels the presence of someone behind him.

He becomes restless. He thinks all the possibilities:
It isn't possible for the children to bother him at this time, adults hate him and they never come here either, so he reluctantly turns his back.

He meets a pair of curious black eyes. They belong to a handsome man, his jet black hair shines under the moonlight, he looks a bit older than him and he wears clothes that look elegant which look like they belong to a city man.

Taehyung had never seen this handsome man before, if he did, he would remember him. It is impossible not to remember such a beauty, he thought.

Suddenly he stops himself, what is he thinking? He can't trust anyone, surely this man come here to annoy Taehyung and he will make fun of him and call him lunatic like everyone does. Just because he feels different from others. Just because he is different.

The handsome man tries to get closer to him, but Taehyung looks away and continues to painting, he hopes the man won't say anything rude to him and goes his way.

But the man speaks.

"Please let me watch you sir, I know I bother you but I couldn't help myself. You are creating such a magnificent painting that I would like to see it when it is completed. I won't make a sound, just let me watch you sir, please. "

The gentle voice of the handsome man and what he said surprises Taehyung. It is the first time that someone praises his painting, someone is interested in his painting and the first time someone treats him as human. He can't believe, it must be his imagination. An illusion, a mind game that his brain creates.

He keeps whispering himself "this is not real, this is not real. Wake up."


He is afraid to turn his back and look into the man's starry brown eyes, and tears down his walls that he built for years, for the first time. But, he turns his back, after a while. He just nods, he doesn't know why he did that but something about this man is making him curious.

Although Taehyung continues to paint, he can't silence the voices in himself. He thinks he should turn his back one last time because he still thinks it is just his mind's game.

So he turns his back slowly and looks out of the corner of his eye to the man. But the black-haired man is still there, sitting on the grass and watching him silently with his big brown eyes.

Their brown eyes meet and Taehyung sees the man's eyes are glowing and sees little starts dancing in them, but he thinks it is probably because the man is sitting under the moonlight.The man smiles brightly, even though it is dark outside, his enchanting smile, lights something bright in Taehyung's heart. He feels as if a sun rises on his chest.

His heart beats faster, he thinks this man deserves to be painted. He whispers to himself "my muse."

The man doesn't say any word, Taehyung finishes his painting after hours. But it feels like a minute for Hoseok. Nothing feels enough since he has seen this lovely, shy man.


It is time to name the painting he had painted... Taehyung puts his brush and palette aside and thinks deeply as he put his hand on his chin.

While Taehyung thinks about what he will name his latest painting, Hoseok sees that the man has finished his painting and he is mesmerized.

He had went to many exhibitions while living in a big city, but he never saw such a marvelous painting like this. He realizes the painter used mostly dark blue and blue tones and yellow color is intense, it looks like painting is almost alive and moving.

His jaw drops and he claps, although he doesn't want to scare the man, he can't stop showing his excitement, he thinks everyone should see this painting. It should be in an exhibition.

"Sorry sir, if i disturb you again, but I admire your painting. Thank you for letting me watch you." Hoseok put his both hands on his chest.

"Have you given a name to your painting? Are you going to do exhibition? You should definitely do it. I have visited dozens of exhibitions and I haven't seen such a magnificent work like this."

Hoseok thinks he should stop talking because the man is looking at him intensely with his deep brown eyes without saying anything, he can't understand whether the man is angry or not.

But then he sees the man's cheeks turn pink as he puts his hands to the back of his neck, he thinks the man looks like an angel under the moonlight and the stars.

Hoseok gulps. The man is as beautiful as his painting. Hoseok has never seen such a pretty man in his life.

He gets embarrassed and blushes because he talked too much and couldn't stop himself. He looks away, he can't look at the man's eyes right now.

Just when he will say goodbye and goes his way, the man starts to talk to him.

"I think I'll call it Starry Night and thank you." The man's face turns even pinker. He speaks without looking at Hoseok's face, but that is enough for Hoseok. The man's unexpected deep voice melts his heart.

"Starry night ... It's a really beautiful name." Hoseok looks at the man with his starry eyes.

After a moment of silence, their eyes meet again. This time the man doesn't look away and smiles slightly.

"I have to go now, but could you tell me your name, sir? And if I come back here to watch you again, is it okay?"

Hoseok wants him to say yes, he needs to see the man again. He doesn't know why but something about this man, makes him interested...

"My name is Taehyung and you can come tomorrow, sir. By the way, what is your name?" Taehyung asks shyly, as he blushes more. He looks so adorable with his red cheeks.

"My name is Hoseok, sir. Nice to meet you." He stretches out his hand. Taehyung hesitates, but they shake hands. Taehyung's colds hands meet with warm hands of Hoseok. They look at each other's eyes and stay still for a minute.

Hoseok waves his hand and says goodbye while looking his back cheerfully.

"Then I'll come back at this time tomorrow, Taehyung-shi."

Taehyung gives a slight smile as he waves his hand hesitantly.

He can't tell Hoseok that he named his painting "Starry Night" because of the dancing stars he saw in his eyes.



The other day Hoseok comes while Taehyung is painting at his usual place. But he is so immersed in his painting that he doesn't notice a pair of shining brown eyes behind him.

But when he completes his painting, Hoseok put his hand on his shoulder and says, "Taehyung-ssi, this painting is amazing."

Taehyung notices him and looks into Hoseok's glowing eyes. He still can't believe that Hoseok is real and talking to him.



That day, Hoseok excitedly tells him that he brought a red wine, snacks, and cloth for them to sit on and that day Taehyung feels peaceful and happy for the first time in his life.

While drinking red wine and chatting with Hoseok, he forgets his fears and anxieties, and only focuses on Hoseok.

Even though it is dark, only the moon and stars illuminate them, Taehyung notices the brightest yellow light emanating from Hoseok.

Like a sun, Hoseok shines.

As Hoseok talks about his own past, he gets caught up in his stories, he doesn't notice the mesmerized eyes staring at him, lovingly.

Time passes quickly, both of their cheeks turn pink, they feel slightly drunk.

Hoseok looks into Taehyung's eyes, he sees shining stars. Then, he sees Taehyung pretty red lips which slightly reddens because of wine.

He prevents himself doing something wrong and scaring Taehyung, but he realizes that he can't stop himself as he lightly touches Taehyung's pretty lips with his finger.

"You're so beautiful." he blurts out. Taehyung's ears turn red and his heart beats rapidly. He can't look at Hoseok's eyes.

"I am not."

Then he realizes Hoseok is going to fall asleep soon because he is looking a way to get closer to him and Taehyung lets him lean on his shoulder. He holds Hoseok tightly by his tiny waist. As if he scares of letting him go, as if maybe Hoseok will want to go.Someday...

"I wish you could see yourself through my eyes." Hoseok whispers and falls asleep on Taehyung's shoulder.

Taehyung's heart melts and gets so much sunlight. He whispers to Hoseok's ear, "please don't leave me."

After that day, Hoseok wakes up in Taehyung's bed, the sunlight coming from the window warms him, he hasn't felt this comfortable and peaceful in a long time.

He searches around for Taehyung but he can't see him, so he panics. But soon, Taehyung arrives with firewoods in his hands.

"Good morning Hoseok-ssi" he says shyly. "You fell asleep yesterday, and I don't know where you live, so I thought it would be appropriate to let you sleep in my bed. It's not comfortable bed for someone like you, sorry for that. "

Taehyung looks embarrassed at Hoseok. He tries to ignore what Hoseok said yesterday, trying to silence his heart that keeps wanting more.

Hoseok smiles as he folds the sheets on the bed.

"I slept really comfortably. Thank you, Taehyung-ssi."

Taehyung smiles slightly and scratches his head. He seem nervous and wants to say something.

"You can just say Taehyung."

Hoseok smiles with his blinding heart-shaped smile.

"Okay, Taehyung, let me make breakfast, please. Let me repay you. "

Taehyung protests at first but then accepts. He realizes that it is impossible to say no to Hoseok when Hoseok looks at him with his starry brown eyes and he later tells him that he will help him.

While Hoseok sets the breakfast dishes on the table, his eyes keep looking at the vase filled with sunflowers on the wooden table.

Taehyung notices. He touches Hoseok's shoulder. "I'm going to draw this today."

Hoseok seems to want to say something. Taehyung wants Hoseok to stay more. So he says, "you can watch me, if you want. "

Hoseok claps his hands happily "I was going to ask that."

And, Taehyung laughs, really laughs loudly, for the first time in his life and Hoseok blushes, he thinks Taehyung is so beautiful, especially when he smiles.



After having breakfast, Taehyung starts to painting...

From that day, Hoseok and Taehyung often spend their days like this, Taehyung learns that Hoseok came here because he is the new doctor of this cottage and he rented a small house. Hoseok tells him that he is more comfortable in Taehyung's house than in his own. Indeed he is. Hoseok has never felt so good.

Hoseok admits that before coming to this small cottage, he didn't want to leave the city, but he is grateful because he get to know Taehyung.


As time passes, both become aware of their feelings. Sometimes they hold hands while eating instictively, their hearts beat faster when they look into each other's eyes, their sparkling eyes shows that their feelings are intense and real. That they are deeply in love.




One day, while Hoseok examines his patient, he hears the voices of children laughing and mocking someone outside.

He tries to hear more, understand but he can't. The patient realizes that Hoseok is trying to understand what is going on, so she says " Ah, They are doing it again, they are making fun of that lunatic, he deserves though, he is so weird. Don't even try to talk to him, sir. He is a loser. " as she laughs loudly.

Hoseok glares at the woman.

"What did you say?"

The woman get surprised by Hoseok's reaction.

"Ah, Doctor, don't be so angry. You will understand when you try to talk to him like everyone else here. He's a weird, crazy man. I wish he disappears some day, all he does is painting and they are not even good, they are worthless. It's obvious from his poverty, from the way he dress."

Hoseok's face turns red with anger and he points to the door at the woman, and shouts "Get out of here!".

After the woman runs to the outside while whispering somethings, he runs to outside too and sees the children throwing small stones at Taehyung that they had picked up from the ground. Taehyung looks terrified and Hoseok notices the red wounds on his legs.

Immediately he runs to Taehyung's side and covers him with his jacket, protects him from the children's stones and hugs him, realizes that Taehyung is trembling so much, he hugs him more tightly. He keeps whispering "I am here, i am here."

He doesn't even notice the painting of sunflowers in a vase, lying on the ground.

Hoseok puts Taehyung on the examination bed and tells him that he will take care of his wounds. Taehyung still can't look at his face. He thinks he is embarassing and doesn't deserve Hoseok. Doesn't deserve his help. But he nods.

Hoseok notices.


"Taehyung, look at my face please. Don't worry, everything will be okay, I'm here. I won't leave you." he wipes Taehyung's tears with his hand and caresses his cheek.

When Taehyung looks into Hoseok's eyes, he begins to cry. He is still trembling.

Hoseok hugs Taehyung and caresses his head.

Taehyung starts to cry more.

"I wanted to see you. I wanted to surprise you, they didn't let me. They hate me. They hate me Hoseok. What did I do? What is my fault? I wanted to give you a gift. I wanted to give you a gift. They say I am weird, Hoseok please don't believe them. Please, I can't lose you. I can't lose you. "

Taehyung tries to speak with his shaky voice, with his last remaining strength.

Hoseok caresses his face, "I don't believe them Taehyung and I will never believe them. Because you more precious than them, more precious than everyone. Taehyung, please look into my eyes."

Hoseok holds his chin and smiles softly. "You are the prettiest and loveliest person in this world. You deserve everything, you deserve to be loved and I love you the way you are. I love you Taehyung. Nobody, nothing can change my feelings. Let's wipe your tears now, please smile for me, i love your cute box-shaped smile. "

Taehyung can't believe what he hears, he thought he'll always be alone all this time, but for the first time he realizes that he won't be lonely anymore, now, he has Hoseok.

His trembling stops, his cheeks and ears turn red, and he stares at at Hoseok's handsome face and his lips.

And he kisses Hoseok.

He cannot believe what he has done, and immediately stops after giving a light kiss. But this time, Hoseok kisses him and he melts.

A new page opens for Taehyung, his life starts now, he feels like he starts to breathe again.



From that day, they start to live together and collect their belongings from that cottage and go back to the city where Hoseok lives. They buy a beautiful little house and every time Taehyung paints, Hoseok watches him. Taehyung feels so happy in Hoseok's arms, he finally receives the love he always wanted. He finally finds his soulmate.


Months later, Taehyung opens an exhibition and his exhibition goes pretty well, people likes his works, buy all of them so his reputation spreads throughout the country.

Hoseok can't go to his exhibition but Taehyung knows Hoseok is feeling sad about that and he wants to make surprise for him.

Hoseok comes from work and Taehyung opens the door. He sees the sunflowers in Hoseok's hand, Hoseok smiles with his heart shaped smile and gives them to Taehyung.

"Thank you sweetheart." Taehyung says and kisses Hoseok on his lips, he immediately runs with a joy, puts them in a vase.

Hoseok smiles softly. The happiness on Taehyung's face makes him the happiest person in the world and he hugs Taehyung tightly, caresses his cheek.

Taehyung says I have a surprise for you too, and enters his workshop in their home and brings the sunflower painting from inside.

"Year ago, I couldn't give you that painting. I wanted to paint it again for you. Hoseok, I am your sunflower and you are my sun. I just came to the world to watch you and love you. Thank you for entering my life and saving me. I love you so much. "

Hoseok's eyes fills with tears, he can't hold his tears. He kisses Taehyung deeply.

Taehyung continues to speaking as he looks at Hoseok's beautiful brown eyes.

" And you know, the first night I saw you, I was doing a painting, my most famous painting. You asked me why i named it Starry Night. I named it Starry Night because you inspired me. You are the inspiration of my most famous painting. That night I saw the stars dancing in your eyes. You are my starry night Hoseok. You are my sun and my starry night. "

Hoseok breaks into tears and he hugs Taehyung tightly as he caresses Taehyung's pretty hair.

"You are so precious to me, Taehyung. You are the brightest thing on earth. You are my moon and my light, I love you and always will love you. Thank you for loving me, i am the luckiest person in the world."