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E&S Magic BD Cake Factory [HBD Twitch/Fuze]

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You joined the private conversation "E&S Magic BD Cake Factory"


[Julien]: The cake is almost ready, we'll wait for it to cool down and then we can start icing and decorating Tim!

[Glaz]: Great, I'm coming!

[Abominable Snoreman]: Sneaky beaky like, huh

[Abominable Snoreman]: It would be a shame if they found out now

[Abominable Snoreman]: Who bloody changed my name again?

Abominable Snoreman changed their name to Smokin' Hero.

[Smokin' Hero]: Better.

[Glaz]: :eyeroll:

[Glaz]: But anyway Marius, you keep them busy, don't you?

[MS]: Yeaaaah, about that...

[Smokin' Hero]: Oh good Lord

[Taina]: ...

MS is typing...

[Taina]: ...

[Julien]: The cake smells sooo goood <3

MS is typing...

[Taina]: Spit it out ffs!

MS is typing...

[Smokin' Hero]: Are you writing a novel or what Agt. Pretzel?!

Smokin' Hero changed MS’s name to Agent Pretzel.

[Smokin' Hero]: Better.

[Agent Pretzel]: So, I actually had to take care of one last thing for Shu's gift, so I asked someone else to take care of them. And it worked out pretty well, huh. You haven't seen Shu or Emma since lunch, have you?

[Taina]: What did you do?!

[Taina]: That's why she wasn't answering my messages!

[Agent Pretzel]: I'm sure everything is fine.

[Taina]: Where are they?

[Smokin' Hero]: She's about to interrogate you... Watch out!

[Pretzel Agent]: I don't know ^^'

[Taina]: ?!!

[Glaz]: ?!

[Smokin' Hero]: Df?

Agent Pretzel is typing…

[Taina]: And where are you, Streicher?

Agent Pretzel is typing…

[Smokin' Hero]: Here we go again...

[Glaz]: I'll be in the kitchen soon, guys.

Agent Pretzel is typing…

[Smokin' Hero]: Rook is instagraming the cake from every angle.

Agent Pretzel is typing…


[Agent Pretzel]: So I actually asked Dominic to keep them busy, I figured he was going to come up with a good lame excuse or make something up, like always, except I don't know what he actually did. Maybe they went downtown?

[Glaz]: :facepalm:

[Smokin' Hero]: Of all the people you could ask for help...

[Taina]: And where is that jerk?


[Smokin' Hero]: And Ace.

[Smokin' Hero]: That arse's breaking records too.

[Smokin' Hero]: Arce. 

[Smokin' Hero]: lol


[Agent Pretzel]: So that's the other funny thing... I don't know, either ^^'

[Taina]: ?!

[Taina]: Tell me where u are STREICHER. I’m coming.

[Agent Pretzel]: I've sent him messages but he hasn't answered.

[Julien]: image.png

[Julien]: image.png

[Julien]: image.png

[Julien]: image.png

[Julien]: image.png

[Julien]: image.png

[Julien]: image.png

[Julien]: image.png

[Julien]: image.png

[Julien]: Did you receive the photo? I think my phone is buggy :/

[Taina]: ...

[Glaz]: I just ran into Max, he doesn't know where Dominic is, but he said he saw Elias when he came out of the showers. I'm sending him a message.

[Smokin' Hero]: "I just ran into Max" lol

[Smokin' Hero]: I’m not buying it, Glazkov. Not buying it.

[Glaz]: The cake is done, isn’t it?! Can't you get off your ass and help me look for them?

[Smokin' Hero]: Nah, somebody's got to make sure Julien doesn't eat it while we look away.

Glaz has added Elias to the conversation.

Elias changed their name to "Eli"

[Eli]: Hey!

[Smokin' Hero]: Did you change your name to Eli because you're not an arse ?

[Taina]: Where's Bandit?

[Smokin' Hero]: lol

[Eli]: So, the last time I saw him was after lunch, he took his motorcycle and went to town.

[Taina]: And where did you see him "after lunch"?

[Eli]: In our dorm...

[Taina]: Did he say what he was going to do?

[Eli]: No, but I thought that since it was Manu and Shuhrat's birthday, maybe he wanted to grab a gift for them. Or a prank.

[Eli]: Sorry brb

[Glaz]: Guys, I know where Bandit is.

[Taina]: ?!

[Smokin' Hero]: ALLELUIA

[Glaz]: He's with Ela in town. His phone is dead, so I'm talking with Ela.

Elżbieta joined the conversation.

[Taina]: Ela, can you let us talk to that stupid Bandit?

[Elżbieta]: Easy there, gentle ray of sunshine, it's me.

[Taina]: ?!

[Elżbieta]: Dom.


[Elżbieta]: How the hell am I supposed to know?

[Agent Pretzel]: But Dom, didn't you tell me you were taking care of them when I asked you to keep them busy?

[Elżbieta]: No.

[Elżbieta]: You didn't ask me to keep them busy.

[Elżbieta]: You asked me to keep them away.

[Elżbieta]: You thought I'd do babysitting?

[Agent Pretzel]: ?

[Taina]: ?!

[Smokin' Hero]: Btw, Julien is licking the preparation bowl.

[Smokin' Hero] : video.mp4

[Elżbieta]: So I kept them away. And they didn't come to bother you, did they?

[Taina]: BANDIT

[Taina] : WTF DID YOU DO?!

[Elżbieta]: I slipped some sleeping medication in their water canteens

[Pretzel Agent]: DOMINIC!

[Elżbieta]: Dude, I was just giving you a hand!

[Taina]: And where are they?!

[Elżbieta]: I don't know! They could have gone anywhere afterwards, but they must be faaast asleep.

[Agent Pretzel]: Oh my God, what if they tried to take the car, Dom?!

[Tania]: Get your balls back to the base and I'll cut them off, you fucking idiot!

[Agent Pretzel]: I'm going to the garage, checking on the cars left.

[Glaz]: I'm waiting outside Harry's office, I’ll explain the situation and ask for access to the surveillance cameras...

[Eli]: I’m back

Elżbieta left the conversation.

[Taina]: What a useless asshole!

[Smokin' Hero]: I'm calling Mark, see if he and Grace can locate their phones...

[Agent Pretzel]: I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...

[Agent Pretzel]: I'm at the garage. There are 3 cars missing, but no reservation is in their name.

[Agent Pretzel]: Only Tori, Ela, and Adriano.

[Eli]: Guys

[Eli]: I didn't understand

[Eli]: You were looking for Emma and Shuhrat in the first place?

[Glaz]: ...

[Eli]: Because I know where they are

[Eli]: They were sleeping on the couch in the old rest room, near the gym.

[Taina]: ?!!

[Agent Pretzel]: You couldn't have said that earlier?!

[Eli]: But I thought you were looking for Dominic!

[Smokin’ Hero] zh6@^#{^d687]

[Taina]: I'm already there.

[Taina]: They are still here.

[Agent Pretzel]: :relief:

[Agent Pretzel]: omw

[Glaz]: What an adventure...

[Smokin' Hero]: How are they?

[Taina]: Emma woke up, she's still a little groggy. Shuhrat drooled on her. It's disgusting.

[Glaz]: details.

[Glaz]: <3