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The Demon King

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A powerful demon who just wants to be left alone. Enjoys romance novels and dick jokes. Overwaters his plants but doesn’t wash his hair. Makes awful decisions and looks terrible doing it. Claims he wants to destroy the world but has a good heart… probably.

A magical elven princess. In her thirties but takes great pains to look younger. A wine mom without the children (please don’t let her near children). Will romance anything that moves and many things that don’t. Makes excellent decisions for all the wrong reasons.

A big buff axe-wielding orc. The aunt friend who wants you to be happy and causes trouble in the name of having a good time. A veteran warrior who appreciates crude humor and wants you to eat your vegetables.

An elven wizard who intended to challenge Balthazar but ended up sticking around to observe his dysfunctional lifestyle. Adventure is definitely not his middle name. A flashy dresser who enjoys the finer things in life. Gives good advice but can’t take a hint.

A close confidant of Ceres. Murders people for hire but manages to have a good sense of humor about it. Nonbinary cold-blooded fashion icon. Insists that they abide by a stern code of ethics, but by “ethics” they probably mean “knives.”

An orcish farmer blessed with a green thumb and a slight talent for magic. Has a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach to the challenges life throws her way. An excellent pastry chef who somehow manages to keep her girlish figure (hint: it’s the magic).

Tharsirion Daewyenes
An elvish noble who holds the title of viscount granted by his stewardship of the five lakes of the Mwyngil Basin. Loves parties and is laughably bad with money. Probably too handsome for his own good.

Ava Daewyenes
Tharsirion’s daughter. Would very much like to inherit the family estate. Enjoys drinking and hatching schemes to force her father into an early retirement. Changes her appearance at will.  

Urhaugh iffan Matuk
A former student at the Lyceum who was exiled from Whitespire after having been (rightfully) accused of anti-monarchist sedition. Studies the origin and practice of ancient magic. Has an enormous ego and a pretentious way of speaking.

Professor Abbas
A researcher of magical science at the Lyceum. Appears to be friendly with Ceres. Melchior says he's an asshole.

A gargoyle hailing from the large community that lives under the mountains to the west of the desert. Has learned to speak the common tongue after more than a century of practice and serves as a guide through the tunnels. Generally good-natured and has a special fondness for dogs.

A bear-sized spider who serves as a tree shepherd in the Forest of Silent Decay. Means well but sometimes can’t stop herself from speaking in riddles. Generous to a fault. Very proud of her fine fur and enjoys being complimented.