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I would do anything for you

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Harsh winds blew throughout Jinlintai that evening, growing particularly strong near Koi Tower. Jiang Yanli stood in the balcony and looked out at the view spread out before her. Like this, she could see the entire Lanling Jin Sect, their land stretched out beyond what her eyes could see.

She knew she should be thankful, to finally be married into such a flourishing sect, to finally be married to the man she had secretly been harbouring a crush on for ages. But all she could think about was Wei Wuxian, currently settled down somewhere in the horrible remains of the Burial Mounds with a small group of Wens.

“A-Li?” A familiar deep voice called out to her, catching her attention. She pulled the thick robes she was wearing tighter around herself. She wasn’t used to Jinlintai’s cold winters. She had been fortunate enough to have stayed in the Cloud Recesses during the summer and to have travelled back to Yunmeng just before winter had hit Gusu.

Jiang Yanli turned around to look at Jin Zixuan’s handsome face etched with concern. His eyes showed his worry, and in his arms, he carried a thick sleeping bundle. Their baby.

“Are you alright?” Jin Zixuan asked her, and she swallowed softly. She didn’t want to lie to him.

“I was just thinking about him,” she spoke. Her voice cracked a little and she had to blink away tears. “I miss him.”

“Wei Wuxian?” Jin Zixuan immediately understood. Of course, he did. He always did.

She nodded her head. She took the small bundle of joy out of Jin Zixuan’s hands and pulled it into her own arms, kissing the baby gently on the top of its head. “I love you,” she whispered to it. Then she looked up at its father. “And you.”

As a gust of wind blew past her again, she shuddered and froze as she felt Zixuan’s thick robes wrap around her shoulders. He had removed them from his own body.

His hands slowly surrounded Jiang Yanli’s waist as he dropped a kiss on the base of her neck. “I love you too. Both of you.” He looked down at their child, resting his chin on her shoulder. She smiled. “We should invite Wei Wuxian. To Jin Rulan’s one-month ceremony.”

Jiang Yanli turned around in Zixuan’s arms, brightening up immediately. “You think so? Will that be alright with the rest of your family?”

“I will convince them,” he reassured, dropping a kiss on her forehead.

“A-Xuan, are you sure?” Yanli asked, her eyebrows furrowing as she blinked up at him.

Her husband nodded at her. “For you, my A-Li. I would do anything. Is there anything else you wish for?”

Jiang Yanli bit her lip as she looked down at her baby and then up at Jin Zixuan. “I miss A-Cheng too. I worry he has been working himself to the ground. Could we visit him before the ceremony? He would be overjoyed to see Jin Rulan again.”

Jin Zixuan laughed into her hair. “Alright then. We shall go visit him after I receive permission from my father.”

Jiang Yanli felt her shoulders relax, her worries and concerns finally taken care of. She leaned up and pressed a deep kiss to Zixuan’s lips. “Thank you.”