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To Love's End

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Inuyasha was her protec friend, and somehow meant more than words could say.

Songo was her comforter, her sister, friend, yet still, these words were hollow. Their bond of sisterhood and friendship was soul-deep, quiet talks, and strength they found within each other were precious moments that connected them.

Shippo was their kid brother, bratty, cowardly, annoying sweet, loving, and strong of heart. Shippo provided them all with someone to protect, to test their patience and spoil rotten, or in InuYasha's case, vent frustrations. Shippo cheered them up with his fox magic and artistry. In the end, he was the boy they'd all rush to defend, and whose smiles they shared, even if his mature and ignorant moments came at the most inopportune times, often embarrassing them all with his bluntness, that was what little brothers did right?

Miroku had done many things, worried them, comforted them, angered them, protected and consoled them. His guidance was sought after whenever confusion and uncertainty plagued them, his words often granted the listener a glimpse into their thoughts and actions.

Leaving everyone had been something she hadn't thought about, never knowing it'd be the end to everything.

Touching Goshinboku, Kagome smiled.