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Iwaizumi would definitely sleep badly that night


When Iwaizumi agreed to receive that trio at his home on a Saturday night, he did not expect that he would end up sleeping tight in bed.


Oikawa hugged his left arm, lying on his chest, on the other side, Hanamaki hugged his waist and Matsukawa used his pillow arm while holding his hand.


It wasn't as if Hajime was hating that, but he certainly wasn't being very comfortable. Soon that position would be bad, his arms would start to tingle. He thought about getting up and giving the bed to the three of them, and going to one of the mattresses on the floor that he had prepared earlier. But he couldn't move.


Iwa sighed tiredly, moving a little, trying to change his position slightly, in a way that would not wake the three. At that moment, he wondered why he didn't wake them up and kick them out of his bed.

The answer was simple: He couldn't do it. Much less wanted, not really.


Hajime would not admit out loud, that he was loving the smell of Tooru's shampoo so close, nor that he was loving to caress Issei's hand, much less that Takahiro's breath in his belly made him shiver.


Iwaizumi definitely slept well that night.