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From the first moment he had set foot into the hospital room, he had Kawase’s attention.

That little boy with the round face and the tousled black hair, who was supposedly his age, but acted like he had not a single worry in the world. Who naively talked about the weird things he was seeing. Who innocently befriended the two strangers he was sharing a room with right away. Whose mere presence emanated purity in every sense.

The polar opposite of Kawase, who had been coated in filth, beaten, and defiled. That boy’s mere existence was enough to make him feel ridiculed.

He hated him. He hated him enough to wish him dead.

And yet, there has been something about that boy that caused Kawase to keep feeling drawn to him.

Knowing only fear and hurt, he hasn’t understood what it meant that he found himself unable to take his eyes off that boy.

That to him, Tamamori was beautiful.



The moonlight flooding through the window cast a soft glow on Tamamori’s delicate frame. A veil made of finely spun silver rays was draped over his shoulders, embracing his body from behind as he was moving it in a steady rocking motion on Kawase’s lap.


Between his suppressed moans, Tamamori has been repeating this name like a chant. Outright hypnotized by his lust, he was clawing into Kawase’s back as if he were holding onto the last fragment of his sanity.

For Kawase, the ache of Tamamori’s fingernails digging into his skin was a most welcome sensation.

One hand on Tamamori’s hips, the other holding his hand, fingers interlocked, Kawase responded with rhythmic thrusts. The way their bodies moved in unison resembled a lascivious dance. Tamamori might have tried to guide him to his favorite spots, but ultimately, it was Kawase who was leading the dance: always pushing a little harder, going a little further, introducing his lover to unknown pleasures.

Having him sit on his groin, Kawase was planting kisses on Tamamori’s chest, biting and sucking on his skin in some places. Then, whenever Tamamori let out an irritated gasp, he licked the blemish apologetically, only to repeat his actions. He proceeded to work his way up alongside Tamamori’s sternum, then his collarbone, all the way up to his neck.

“Not there…” Tamamori said meekly. “Everyone will see.”

“Everyone will see, and everyone will know” Kawase replied undeterred, with a hint of mischief in his voice.

“Exactly that is the prob- ah!”

Originating from his lower abdomen, a shiver went through Tamamori’s whole body. He didn’t have time to shake off the tingling feeling before Kawase pushed once more to elicit another cry from him.

Not only would Kawase do whatever he wanted anyway, but he also knew in which ways to touch him to make him shut up. Tamamori pressed his lips together. There was no point fighting it. He averted his face abashedly, revealing his neck in silent capitulation.

Kawase cast a satisfied glance at the marks scattered all over Tamamori’s neck, which were vividly standing out against the paleness of the skin they had been sown into. Like flowers, they were blossoming in various colors, before withering and fading away, only to be replaced by fresh seeds immediately after. Each one was a testimony of a poem Kawase had written on Tamamori’s skin with his lips. Little oaths of love more permanent than spoken words could ever be.

Brushing with his lips over the bruises, Kawase left fleeting kisses here and there.

As long as Tamamori was in his care, he would make sure there always were flowers blooming for him.

“You’re beautiful,” Kawase whispered.

A surprised groan was Tamamori’s reply. He had forgotten his words and clenched his jaw to keep the sounds from spilling out of his mouth, without success.

“Look at me.

Although Tamamori lifted his head, he was avoiding Kawase’s eyes, being fixated on some spot on his collarbone instead. Kawase placed his free hand on Tamamori’s chin, and in a gentle, yet assertive manner, made him look up at him. Tamamori obeyed wordlessly, and Kawase’s gaze was met by eyes which seemed to beg for sweet release with their hazy expression.

It was endearing. Despite having heard these words countless times, he still got flustered so easily.

And Kawase would tell him countless times more just to see the bewildered look on that face that he loved so much.

“I want to come…”

“Not yet.” Kawase leaned in for a kiss, just to come to a halt before their lips could meet. “Maybe if you asked a bit more nicely.”

In a futile attempt to stifle his lust, Tamamori swallowed visibly. However, the damp shimmer in his eyes gave away how needy he was.

Kawase decided to give him a little nudge in the right direction. He pulled Tamamori closer, his flat hand pressing against the other’s lower back, so his crotch would rub against his lower stomach.


While Tamamori protested, Kawase seized the opportunity to lock lips with him. Playing with his tongue, they panted into each other’s mouth, minds hazy from the lack of oxygen. Their bodies in a tight embrace, swinging back and forth, they carried out a balancing act on the edge of their mutual arousal.

By now, they both were at their absolute limit.

It hurt how Tamamori was digging his fingernails into Kawase’s back. Kawase released him from the kiss, and pressed his forehead against Tamamori’s, staring deeply into his teary eyes.


He wouldn’t say one word.

The pleading look he was giving Kawase was enough, though.

Tamamori waited with bated breath.


Without delay, he let go.

A shared bolt of energy went through their bodies, making them tremble.

Tamamori’s pupils dilated, and with each breath, a moan left his throat.

Something warm splattered on Kawase’s stomach. He didn’t dare to as much as even blink, not wanting to miss a single frame of this gorgeous sight.

Exhausted, Tamamori sunk into Kawase’s arms, burying his head in Kawase’s shoulder. It seemed he was slowly coming back to his senses, together with the dawning realization of what they just did, or, as he called it, their “embarrassing act”. It was downright adorable how he was avoiding eye contact since his blue eyes would give away immediately how much he was enjoying himself.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” Kawase murmured, stroking Tamamori’s hair lovingly. “We’re not done for tonight.”

Tamamori let out a low grunt against Kawase’s collarbone. “Maybe if you asked a bit more nicely,” he mimicked Kawase’s earlier words.

“Did you say something?” Kawase placed his hands on Tamamori’s crotch and pinched him.

Ekch!” Out of reflex, he dragged his nails along Kawase’s back, who inhaled sharply upon the sudden pain. “Aah… My bad, b-but it’s your own fault!”

There was silence.

“Nya… haha…”

Kawase reveled in the burning sensation of the scratches. Actually, he liked the thought of Tamamori leaving his marks on his body. It was a pity he wouldn’t be able to show them off, though. Which meant he had to make up for it another way.

Then, with a swift motion, Tamamori found himself pinned down.

“I think a bit more color on your skin would suit you, don’t you agree, Tamamori-kun?”