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Dean wasn't in love with Win. This he knew with the same certainty with which he knew there was someone out there for him, someone who'd fill that empty spot inside his heart.

Still, Win was one of the few people Dean felt truly comfortable with, and he was handsome, smart, funny and flirted as easily as breathing. So when late one evening, after the rest of their high-school swim team had left, Win stepped into the shower cubicle with him, smirking and naked as the day he was born, Dean didn't push him away. Instead he simply raised an eyebrow and inquired drily, "Do you need help?"

"Hey, that was my line!" Win protested playfully, shoving his shower gel at Dean. "Who knew you had game? I thought I'd have to butter you up."

"Win, I'm a virgin, not blind," Dean responded matter-of-factly. "But sure, you can 'butter' me up. As long as you use my shower gel; yours smells like something you eat, not something you wash yourself with."

"But of course, Team Captain Virgin, whatever you want." His grin growing wider, Win reached around Dean to grab the bottle behind him. "Although for the record, I wouldn't mind eating you."

With that he squeezed some shower gel on his palm and began to lather up Dean's chest, his hands wandering up over his shoulders and down his back. The entire time he kept up eye-contact, a clear challenge that Dean wasn't going to back away from. Also, no one had ever touched him like this, not since he was old enough to wash himself, and Win's touch had an entirely different quality. It felt good, more than good, and Dean allowed himself to enjoy every moment, even when he felt his body begin to react.

After all, that was what Win had intended, so Dean refused to be embarrassed. Instead he took the initiative by wrapping his palm around the back of Win's neck and hauling him in. Their first kiss was awkward, their noses bumping together, but then Win recovered from his surprise and took over. Considering his friend's considerable experience with all things sexual, Dean let him, his eyes sliding shut as Win thoroughly explored his mouth.

All the while he continued touching Dean, and while Dean kept one hand in Win's hair his other began a meandering journey of its own, exploring Win's slim but muscled chest and stomach. When he touched his nipples for the first time, Win hissed into their kiss, and with a smirk Dean repeated the gesture, teasing huskily, "I guess I know now why you're thinking of getting your nipples pierced."

"How are you still so coherent?" Win complained, a darkening of his eyes the only warning Dean got before his friend pulled away from his hands and dropped to his knees. A stuttering sigh escaped Dean, even before he felt Win's triumphant chuckle gust over his dick, which was quickly rising from half-mast to fully hard. "Let's hear you talk shit now!"

With that Win closed his lips around Dean's erection, and as much as Dean hated to admit it, talking really became impossible. Although he had nothing to compare it to, he was pretty sure Win was extraordinarily good at this, hollowing his cheeks and sucking hard. He also made an incredibly appealing picture, on his knees in front of Dean, the water from the shower plastering his blonde hair to his skull and making his tattooed skin glisten. He seemed determined to make Dean lose the last vestiges of his cool, rolling Dean's balls in one hand while he kept his hips immobilised with the other, stopping him from bucking into Win's mouth.

It was all too much, and Dean had to grip the shower pipe to stop his knees from buckling. Obviously noticing his predicament, Win pulled off his dick with a wet sound. Unable to help himself, Dean groaned in protest. But even Win's answering laugh was a turn-on, because it sounded hoarse and wrecked, proof of Win's attempts to swallow Dean's not-inconsiderable length. Then Win grabbed Dean's free hand and put it on his head, ordering, "Hold on before you fall over, you big lug. Don't be afraid of hurting me - I'll tell you if I don't like it, believe me."

Knowing his best friend, Dean had no doubt about that, so he nodded, albeit a bit shakily, and tightened his grip on Win's hair. It proved to be the perfect length for him to dig his fingers into once Win resumed his efforts, and soon Dean could feel his ever-growing desire tighten into a spiral deep in the pit of his stomach, tighter and tighter. Letting his head hit the shower wall with a thud, Dean squeezed his eyes shut against the torrent of water hitting his face and gasped, "Win, I... I..."

Win's only response was a humming sound, one that sent vibrations from Dean's erection outwards. It was enough. It was too much. It was everything Dean needed and more, and with a low groan he emptied himself down his best friend's throat. To his credit Win managed to swallow most of it before letting Dean's softening cock slip from his mouth, only making a face when one last spurt hit his chin.

Since it was immediately washed away by the still-running shower, Dean couldn't find it in himself to feel bad, especially since his entire body continued to thrum with the aftershocks. It wasn't just the physical release, it was also the knowledge of what they'd just done, that his best friend had just given him a blow-job - and that it had felt amazing.

Dean wasn't stupid, he knew that a lot of people had casual sex, Win among them, but he'd never considered it an option for himself. Not when he knew with every fibre of his being that he was waiting for someone. Yet here they were, Win getting off his knees with an exaggerated groan, complaining about the hard tiles hurting his knees and the size of Dean's dick hurting his throat.

"No one forced you, asshole," Dean groused, but he didn't hesitate to haul Win close again. Kissing him was a bit strange, the taste of his own semen not something he'd ever tried. Still, he licked determinedly into Win's mouth until the last trace of it was gone, at the same time wrapping his palm around the erection poking into his thigh. Canting his hips encouragingly, Win sighed contentedly into their kiss when Dean began to jerk him off with quick and efficient strokes, asking, "Good like this?"

It didn't take long before Win was too breathless to continue kissing properly, which Dean took as confirmation that he wasn't doing too badly. After a few more twists of Dean's wrist Win cursed and came, his fingers digging into Dean's biceps while he shuddered apart. Dean held his friend until he'd recovered, then kissed him one more time before wordlessly uncapping the shower gel and rinsing both of them off. Grinning, Win allowed himself to be man-handled, giving Dean a thumbs up. "Not bad at all for a virgin, man."

"Shut up," Dean shot back without heat. He might not be in love with Win, but he and Win did love each other in their own fashion. And if there was ever a repeat of this encounter? Well, Dean had nothing but time until he found the one he'd been looking for all his life.