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Quid Pro Quo

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Duke winced slightly as he got up. He wouldn't say it'd been a bad night, exactly, although he might say it'd been a hard one. So to speak.

Nathan was, of course, awake and watching him with the kind of smug expression Duke neither needed nor wanted to see this early in the morning.

"Okay, now who's being a pain in the ass?" The bastard hadn't even made him breakfast. Admittedly, Nathan making breakfast would have involved Nathan using Duke's kitchen – which was a big no-go, as far as Duke was concerned; with his kind of luck (or rather: with Nathan's annoying single-mindedness), Nathan'd likely as not just happen to pull the lever to open one secret compartment or another, and then there'd be harsh questions and harsher answers.

"You can't stand the heat, don't sit next to the fireplace," Nathan said, which, okay, nice bit of folksy wisdom that had absolutely nothing to do with the present situation.

At least he hadn't said sorry. Duke was pretty sure that offering an apology would kill Nathan and, smug bastard or not, he did like the man. Occasionally. When he was using his mouth for something other than talking.

"For that, you can make your own damn coffee. At your own damn home."

Nathan didn't grin. If he had, Duke could have thrown him out and felt lots better after, most likely. Nathan definitely looked like he wanted to grin, though.

"Actually, I was hoping for a shower and a cup of tea."

Duke put on his 'more jaded than you'll ever be' face. "You were, were you?"

"Breakfast, too, maybe," Nathan said, appearing unimpressed. "Pretty sure I can make it worth your while."

Right. Well, if he put it like that ... "Given that you ask me so sweetly, how could I possibly refuse? Fine. Shower first, tea second. Pancakes, third. And you'd better make it worth my while."

"I always do."