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Wei Ying brought his work home all the time. It didn't help that he could write code on his phone anywhere and anytime if he had to, and inspiration for a way to fix a persistent bug could come suddenly in the middle of the night. But he supposed bringing the office laptop home was very different from bringing a sexbot home, and Lan Zhan couldn't be blamed for freaking out in his own silent, dignified way when he had seen two Wei Yings walking through the door.

“I did ask you, though. You know that I usually have to test the sexbots on my own because A-Cheng refuses to do it and you agreed to help me this time. And a few weeks ago, when I asked you what kind of person you’d find attractive if we had a third person join us in bed, you said you didn’t want anyone else but me."

"So you had Huaisang make you a sexbot that looks exactly like you?” Lan Zhan asks, and even though Wei Ying has gotten very good at reading his expression now, he doesn’t really understand why Lan Zhan looks so exasperated.

“Well, not exactly. He doesn’t have my mole, see?”

Lan Zhan takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. “I wasn’t aware that it was the same conversation, Wei Ying. Since you asked me these questions on two separate occasions, more than a week apart.”

“Ah. Yes, I see now how that could have been confusing,” Wei Ying says sheepishly. "I could send this one back to the factory and put the code in a different bot.”

Lan Zhan frowns. "What will happen to this one?"

"Huaisang will have to scrap it, of course. Don't worry, he won't let it fall into the wrong hands, it's his ass on the line too." He owes Nie Huaisang a huge favour for breaking the law and making a sexbot that looks like a living person, but honestly Huaisang will probably breathe a little easier once they get rid of this evidence of his law-breaking.

Lan Zhan doesn't look much happier about that. "Have you already activated the imprinting protocol?"

"No. Actually, that's what I wanted to test out," Wei Ying says.

He has explained this to Lan Zhan before, but all sexbots, imprinted or not imprinted, have a government-regulated safety protocol in their code to follow all human voice commands for keywords like 'stop' and 'please' and to scan the humans they interact with for certain visual cues to minimise the chances of injuring them. Even the most talented hacker would find it impossible to override this... but Wei Ying isn't the best sexbot programmer in the industry for nothing. He understands the allure of feeling out of control but still safe, of free-falling with the knowledge that someone will catch him, and while he wouldn't actually disable the safety protocol completely, sexbots are all about fulfilling fantasies. He's been trying to code a sexbot that can behave as if it has a mind of its own just by reading body language, initiating actions without direct commands and ignoring the keywords depending on context and inflexion, and so far he's managed to achieve that with an imprinted sexbot.

“Sexbots are always imprinted to one person, though. I wasn’t sure how it would behave around someone it isn’t imprinted to," Wei Ying explains. “But if it makes you uncomfortable we don’t have to do this at all, I’ll think of something else."

Lan Zhan takes a moment to consider this carefully. “No, of course I’ll help. I know you prefer to test them on your own to make sure they meet your standards.”

Wei Ying grins and kisses Lan Zhan soundly. “You're the best fiancé a man could ever hope to have! Let’s not leave the bot out there waiting, then."



The sexbot is sitting in the middle of their sofa in an insouciant slouch, legs spread wide and arms resting on the backs of the seats on either side to take up as much space as possible in a typical show of dominance, but it's all just programming. The bot is too still and doesn't seem to be looking at anything in particular because a sexbot can't show curiosity, although it does immediately make eye contact with them when they walk out of the study. Wei Ying was being honest when he said that the sexbot doesn't look exactly like him - in his opinion, Huaisang has made its cheekbones too prominent and its eyebrows are sculpted in an arrogant arch that looks odd on his face. He can see all the behavioural quirks that make the bot come across as confident and domineering because he put them in, but he can sense Lan Zhan's wariness.

He takes Lan Zhan's hand and seats him in the armchair to the right of the sexbot, then sits on the coffee table so that he can supervise the imprinting. It's a simple process - Lan Zhan takes one of the sexbot's hands and reads out the imprinting sequence, and the sexbot blinks slowly.

"And now you actually do own a sexbot version of me that you can use however you please," Wei Ying jokes. Lan Zhan hums in acknowledgement, but his eyes are on Wei Ying.

"What would you like to name me?" the sexbot asks.

Lan Zhan raises an eyebrow at Wei Ying and Wei Ying shrugs helplessly. He normally just picks a random number for the bots he tests. “Whatever you want," he tells Lan Zhan.

“Whatever?” Lan Zhan asks.

"Alright. Then you may call me Suibian," the sexbot replies.

"Oh, wait. No-"

"It doesn't matter," Lan Zhan says. He's observing the sexbot with interest, and Wei Ying can feel him relaxing slightly. Wei Ying thinks Lan Zhan can see it too now, how this is clearly not a human being even if it's a very good mimic. "Let's go to the bedroom."

"Right now?" Wei Ying asks, flustered.

"Unless you want to do it here instead?" Suibian suggests with a smirk.

Wei Ying looks from Lan Zhan to the sexbot. The sexbot is obviously getting its cues from Lan Zhan and they're both looking like they want to eat him alive. It's slightly unexpected but not in a bad way. "Uh..."

"Here is good too," Lan Zhan replies, and Wei Ying doesn't even get to respond before the sexbot pulls him into its lap, guides him to face it with a finger under his chin and claims his lips in a bruising kiss.

Wei Ying makes a small sound of surprise. The sexbot is a much more aggressive kisser than Lan Zhan, plunging its tongue into his mouth and cradling the back of his head so that he can't get pull away. Wei Ying can feel the sexbot's cock getting hard rapidly since he's sitting right in its lap and when it slides one hand up the front of his shirt to play with a nipple, Wei Ying gasps and only just manages to break free to look at Lan Zhan.

But Lan Zhan doesn't look like he's planning to stop the sexbot from ravishing his fiancé. He's leaning back in his chair, watching the sexbot hold Wei Ying in place on its lap while it pinches and teases his nipples under his shirt, and Wei Ying suddenly realises that the sexbot is keeping its gaze on Lan Zhan the whole time, reading his cues to extrapolate what Lan Zhan wants to see it do to Wei Ying. Wei Ying suddenly feels hot all over.

"Lan Zhan," Wei Ying moans as the sexbot grinds its cock against his ass.

But Lan Zhan speaks to the sexbot instead. "Strip him."

Wei Ying's t-shirt is pulled off over his head but the sexbot twists it behind him, trapping his arms in them. It makes quick work of his jeans and boxers and hooks one arm under each knee, holding his legs spread and displaying him to Lan Zhan while it plays with his nipples. Wei Ying knows Lan Zhan can see the sexbot's clothed cock rubbing against his entrance while the sexbot fucks his mouth with its tongue and there's no way to hide that all this is turning him on with his cock standing hard and proud for all to see. Judging from the way the front of Lan Zhan's pants are tented, Wei Ying isn't the only one.

"Bring Wei Ying to me."

The sexbot manhandles Wei Ying off the sofa and puts him on his knees in front of Lan Zhan, and Lan Zhan tilts Wei Ying's chin upwards and sucks on his lower lip, kissing him much harder than he usually does. Wei Ying has to spread his legs wide to keep his balance and he gasps into Lan Zhan's mouth as the sexbot pulls his ass cheeks apart and rubs its dry thumb over his entrance. Then Lan Zhan breaks the kiss and unzips his fly, freeing his cock from the confines of his underwear, and Wei Ying doesn't resist when Lan Zhan grabs a fistful of his hair and guides his face down to his cock. There is an answering hiss of a zipper behind him, and as Wei Ying closes his lips around the head of Lan Zhan's cock, he feels the wet, blunt head of a cock rubbing against his rim.

Sexbots produce a lot of lubrication to make sex easier. Wei Ying knows it's not really precome that the sexbot is smearing all over his entrance but the sweet taste blooming on his tongue from Lan Zhan's cock is real, and the wetness that Suibian is teasing from his cock as he strokes it is real, and he can't help himself from sucking Lan Zhan's cock a little harder and spreading his knees wider as he thrusts into Suibian's hand to get more of it. He takes Lan Zhan's cock all the way to the root until his nose is pressed into the hair at the base of Lan Zhan's cock, breathing in the musky scent, and Suibian presses in a finger slick with a mixture of his own precome and the lube spread around his ass. He moans around Lan Zhan's cock; Lan Zhan tugs at his hair to pull him off then presses his head down again and he relaxes his jaw and throat, keeping only his lips tight around Lan Zhan's cock so Lan Zhan can use his mouth for his own pleasure.

Suibian is two fingers deep inside his ass, and he knows where this is going but he still shudders in anticipation when Lan Zhan tells Suibian, "Fuck Wei Ying with your cock."

The sexbot's cock is modelled after his own, slightly shorter than Lan Zhan's but thicker, and eyes flutter shut when he feels it sliding into him, stretching him open easily. Lan Zhan presses his head down so the head of his cock is pressing into the back of Wei Ying's throat as Suibian bottoms out behind him and for a moment they hold him there like this, stuffed full of cock on both ends. Wei Ying jerks in surprise when Suibian closes a fist around his cock, giving him a few firm strokes.

"You liked that, huh? I think you'll like this even more," the sexbot says as it pulls out halfway and thrusts back into Wei Ying, fucking a loud moan out of him that's barely muffled by Lan Zhan's cock in his mouth.

Both Lan Zhan and Suibian are still mostly dressed while Wei Ying is completely naked with his arms bound behind him and it's turning him on like crazy. Wei Ying bobs his head up and down on Lan Zhan's cock in time with Suibian's thrusts but Lan Zhan only allows him a few good sucks before tightening his grip and yanking him off. Wei Ying can only reach the head of Lan Zhan's cock with the tip of his tongue now, and he laps eagerly at the precome beading at the tip of Lan Zhan's cock as Suibian grabs his hips and aims right for his prostate, pounding him so hard that the sounds of pleasure he make seem extra loud without Lan Zhan's cock gagging him.

"Lan Zhan, I want-" he gasps, his breath stuttering with every sharp thrust of Suibian's cock into him, but it's too embarrassing to voice out what he wants.

"I think he's trying to beg for your cock," Suibian says with a laugh. "If you want it, beg properly for it."

Lan Zhan is waiting expectantly. Wei Ying's cheeks grow hot but if Lan Zhan wants him to be shameless, he can be.

"Lan Zhan, give it to me, however you want," Wei Ying pleads, and opens his mouth wide, sticking his tongue out. Lan Zhan inhales sharply.

He cups Wei Ying's face, pulling him up for a kiss, but extricates himself gracefully from the chair and moves behind Suibian, pulling its pants down to its knees. From the way Suibian grunts suddenly, Wei Ying figures out that Lan Zhan has just thrust his cock into the sexbot instead. He can feel the impact of Lan Zhan fucking the sexbot while the sexbot fucks him, and his jealousy and hurt spikes even if it's just a sexbot, and one that's wearing his face at that.

"Lan Zhan fucks so good, doesn't he?" Suibian murmurs breathlessly in his ear, adding fuel to the fire.

"Lan Zhan!" Wei Ying complains.

"Be patient. I'm just using Suibian's self-lubricating features," Lan Zhan replies calmly, already pulling out of the sexbot. "Suibian, stand up with your cock still inside Wei Ying and hold his legs open."

The sexbot hoists him up like it's nothing, hooking his legs over its arms as Lan Zhan instructed so Lan Zhan can see the sexbot's cock buried in his ass. The sudden change of position is making Wei Ying a bit light-headed and Lan Zhan moves into the space between Wei Ying's legs and steals the last of his breath with a sloppy kiss, tangling their tongues together. Wei Ying assumes that Lan Zhan is just going to jerk them off together, until he feels the head of Lan Zhan's cock prodding at his rim, seeking entry.

"Oh fuck, that's not going to fit," Wei Ying moans in part exhilaration and part trepidation.

But Lan Zhan's cock is slick with lube and Suibian has worked him open so well, and with gravity doing half the work it does, and Wei Ying cries out in surprise and pleasure when he feels Lan Zhan breaching the tight ring of muscle. He is being stretched to his limit, both his entrance and his insides aching as Lan Zhan's cock pushes insistently into him. Lan Zhan's brows are furrowed in concentration and the sexbot lets out a low moan as Lan Zhan's cock slides in next to its cock; their cocks are enveloped in the tight heat of Wei Ying's body while Wei Ying's neglected cock can only twitch against his stomach, leaving a trail of precome across his abs. By the time Lan Zhan bottoms out, Wei Ying's brain is mush. He's so unbearably full, and the way Lan Zhan's eyes darken when his fingers trace the shape of where Wei Ying's hole is stretched around two cocks makes the heat twist low inside his belly.

"Don't move," Wei Ying pants, struggling to adjust to the stretch and arching against the immovable strength of the sexbot holding him up. "Please don't move, fuck fuck fuck-"

"Just relax and take it," Suibian says, ruthlessly grinding up into him.

"Wei Ying can take it," Lan Zhan agrees quietly, swallowing Wei Ying's moan with a kiss as he pulls out a little and thrusts back in.

Suibian lifts Wei Ying up a little and guides him back down onto its cock while Lan Zhan thrusts in tandem, and the sexbot falls easily into a rhythm with Lan Zhan, each of them taking turns driving their cocks into Wei Ying again and again. Wei Ying's cock is achingly hard but he can't touch himself or get any friction to get off. All he can do is go limp in Suibian's arms and take the relentless fucking they're giving him, moaning and chanting Lan Zhan's name.

"I can feel your tight little hole sucking our cocks right in," the sexbot murmurs in his ear. "Maybe after this you'll always need to take two cocks up your ass to satisfy you."

“Shut up," Wei Ying hisses back, partly out of embarrassment, and Suibian's voice mechanism immediately cuts off with gratifying abruptness.

Suibian pinches and tweaks his nipples viciously in retaliation, adding even more sensation on top of everything, and Wei Ying cries out, shuddering helplessly as the intensity of the pleasure takes on a knife-edge of pain. He's so close and so overwhelmed, but he still needs something more.

"Please touch my cock. Lan Zhan, please, let me come," he whimpers.

Lan Zhan's hand closes around his cock. He strokes Wei Ying once, twice - and Wei Ying comes with a wordless shout, spilling his release all over Lan Zhan's fist and clenching hard on the two cocks inside him. Both Lan Zhan and Suibian thrust in deeper immediately so that he can't push them out, and Wei Ying cries out again as he feels them come inside him, flooding his insides with their spend.



He's a mess of come and lube when they're done with him, aching everywhere and feeling like his legs have turned into jelly and won't hold his weight. Lan Zhan just picks him up, heedless of the mess.

"I'll take it from here," Lan Zhan informs the sexbot and carries Wei Ying to the bathroom carefully.

He runs a hot bath for them both and strips before he climbs into the bath with Wei Ying, holding him tight, and the warmth of Lan Zhan's embrace is better than the hot water at soothing the aches in Wei Ying's body.

"What did you think of the sexbot? Well, other than the fact that I've apparently created a massive asshole. Do you think my code worked?" Wei Ying mumbles sleepily.

"Inconclusive. But luckily we have the android for thirty days," Lan Zhan replies, and Wei Ying groans with laughter. His ass can't take much more of this, but there are plenty of other things they could do and between Lan Zhan and him, he's sure they'll have no lack of ideas. And from the look on Lan Zhan's face and something suspicious poking at Wei Ying's lower back, Lan Zhan is completely on board with it.

"You might break my sexbot, baobei," he tells Lan Zhan, although considering what an asshole Suibian is... Wei Ying grins wickedly at Lan Zhan and kisses him. "I'm looking forward to breaking it with you."