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Nerds of the Earth, take note! (podfic)

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A wonderful gift from forzando!


53 minutes, 54 seconds.


Direct download (right-click and save) a 36 MB mp3 file or a 36 MB m4b podbook from Dropbox.

Backup links: get the file(s) from a Google Drive folder.


Listen to a sample:

Or listen to the full podfic:

Backup links: stream sample only at or at the Google Drive folder linked above.

Reader's notes

This story makes me happy on so many levels. (It was actually the first thing I started recording after [community profile] kink_bingo, because it's gen and has great voices, but took longer in the editing.)

Feedback and constructive criticism: better than meeting Nick Fury.

(Also announced at: my journal, amplificathon @ DW, and amplificathon @ LJ.)