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The Misadventure of the Avengers (Spades Side Story, 100 Fanfiction Prompt)

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Meg brushed through her short and shaggy dark blue hair, surveying her surroundings with her orange, pupiless eyes.
The little girl shifted on the couch, watching the time tick by.
“4:30.” She said once the clock changed, and sighed, bored.
Usually her days were fun filled with the Avengers living in her mansion, but she quickly realized that she woke up before even Captain America.
The scream behind her made her jump, looking back quickly.
Tony stood hunched near the wall, one hand on the wall and the other over his heart.
“You scared me so much, it’s not even funny.” Tony said, still heaving.
She cocked an eyebrow at the genius billionaire.
“Cause I was sitting on my couch?” She annunciated the ‘my’ in her sentence and Tony gave her a glare.
“Why were you just sitting here in the dark, then?” Tony looked at the clock and his eyes widened. “At 4 in the morning!”
“4:34.” She corrected flatly.
“Do you not sleep or something?”
Meg looked away and leaned back to lay on her couch, wings curling up to fit.
“Not really.” Meg shrugged.
Tony gave a sigh before moving over to stand over her.
He hesitated a moment, before picking up the now 8 year old in his arms and carrying her to his room, forgetting his resolve to get a drink momentarily.
Bruce lay sleeping in the bed they shared, and Tony set her next to him before laying on her other side.
“Seriously, Tony?” Meg asked, slurring slightly out of sleep.
“Nightmares, right?”
Meg froze, looking up at Tony with wide childish eyes.
“How did you…?”
“If you’re with me and Bruce, you won’t be so scared. We’ll keep you safe.”
Meg smiled softly and snuggled into Tony.
Bruce looked up sleepily, getting a face full of soft black feathers.
He immediatly recognized them as Meg and looked over her wing to see her clutching onto Tony, asleep.
Tony looked up at him and smiled softly.
“Was she awake and you decided to bring her to our bed so she could sleep?” Bruce asked, and Tony gave a nod.
“Do you think she’ll be alright? These nightmares are now taking away from her sleep.”
“She seems to sleep better when she’s with people. Maybe the whole team will take turns.” Tony suggested, and Bruce hesitated before nodding.
“Do you think everyone will agree, though?” Bruce asked worriedly.
Tony shrugged. “She is allowing us to live in the mansion- it’s the least we can do to get her some sleep.”
Meg nestled into Tony further, snoring softly.
“Yeah.” Bruce said, playing with her hair softly.