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What are the babies’ names?

We didn’t come up with any baby names! The twins idea was actually super on the fly while writing the last chapter!


How long after bonding did they get pregnant? 

Not long! Hehe essentially 2 months after they started working again as independent investigators (I mean are we even surprised by these horny rabbits?) Nakyum was already about 10 weeks preggers 😈


How does Nakyum not become crippled from getting dicked so well?

Great question! Nakyum’s bussy is made out of vibranium and cannot be destroyed by mortal dick. Seungho is going to have to try a lot harder if he wants to make Nakyum feel it. 


Are you guys going to make a sequel with the babies? An epilogue?

We have no epilogue planned! We’re a bit burnt out at the moment, so a sequel is pretty much out of the question. 

(We’re also reading Eleceed, watching The Untamed, and playing Genshin Impact at the moment to decompress if anyone wants to join us)


How do you guys write a fight scene? How do you maintain the detail while ensuring it's not just plain commentary?

For me, I watched fight scenes in movies or TV shows and a few self-defense videos on YouTube for inspiration. It’s quite hard to put the action into words and write the fight scene diverse enough to not get boring. For all the fight scenes I personally wrote, I went over it numerous times to make sure that I could see it playing out in my head like a movie instead of it sounding like pure commentary. I made sure to put enough dialogue to break up the paragraphs full of action, which also helped maintain detail. (Arvosia)

I remember specifically youtubing this video: . I also try to think about what the coolest moves would be and aim to have build up toward the most badass/unexpected maneuvers later on. (electrictea)


Would you guys write another AU together?

It was super fun writing this story together and definitely gave us motivation when we were struggling but as with 4) we’re both a little tuckered out by writing long fics at the moment 😅


The pedophile case, does it perhaps have any correlation to the Nth Room case?

It doesn’t, but that’s an interesting correlation! The pedophile was created to be a worthy victim Seungho could murder. We wanted to create a character who no one would care if they died and a pedophile fit that description perfectly. We all know he deserved it <3


Why the name "Aphrodite's Kiss?"

The name “Aphrodite’s Kiss” came up when brainstorming ideas for the name of the aphrodisiac. We wanted to have the name be reminiscent of the effects the drug has. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, pleasure, and beauty, so using her name seemed fitting. Receiving ‘a kiss from Aphrodite’ became the main catchphrase for the aphrodisiac and it just stuck. 

Btw we didn’t get to seeing this until after we wrote the fic but if you want a cool documentary about drug distribution to watch, The Business of Drugs on Netflix is really interesting!


What will happen to their tattoos?

Honestly, they probably would keep them. It reminds them of what they went through and why they decided to become vigilantes. They are also couple tattoos, in a way, which is fitting for our two horny lovebirds~