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Smothering You with Love

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Nie Huaisang could spot the exact second Wei Wuxian got bored and distracted during Lan Qiren’s lecture. He noticed Wei Wuxian’s gaze shifting to Jiang Cheng, who was sitting in front of him, for a second, before focusing on him.

He gave Nie Huaisang a quick wave and stifled a yawn, probably to show him exactly how he felt about Lan Qiren yapping on and on in a monotonous voice during the lecture. Nie Huaisang hid a smile behind his fan as his eyes flickered from Wei Wuxian down to his table. Hidden beneath the table was a beautiful canary he had spotted singing on the ground near him before the lecture had started. He had been sitting under one of the thousands of trees planted in Gusu, painting the mountains that he could spot in a faraway distance, when the canary had come to him.

When Nie Huaisang looked back up at Wei Wuxian, his gaze had settled on the Second Young Master of Lan. Nie Huaisang perked up at that, straightening in his seat as he wondered which tactics Wei-xiong would use this time to catch Lan Wangji’s attention. Lan Wangji glared at Wei Wuxian but that didn’t deter him. He scribbled something onto a plain piece of parchment and sent it flying to Lan Wangji when Lan Qiren’s back was turned to them.

Nie Huaisang watched Jiang Cheng’s attention turning to Wei Wuxian as he became aware of what his brother was doing. He immediately rolled his eyes heavenwards and turned back to Lan Qiren to listen to what he was saying. The piece of parchment reached Lan Wangji, and Nie Huaisang was on the edge of his seat, wanting to know what Wei Wuxian had scribbled on it and what Lan Wangji’s reaction to it would be.

The Second Young Master of Lan turned red before standing up and furiously bellowing, “Wei Ying!” Wei Wuxian’s eyes widened and he scrambled to stand up. “Come outside right now and fight me.” The paper in Lan Wangji’s hand burst into flames and he began to pull out his sword. Nie Huaisang had never seen him this angry.

“No, thank you, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian had the gal to blink up innocently at him. “I think I would like to listen to Professor Lan Qiren teaching us about the difference between exorcising ghouls and ghosts.”

“Wangji, what is going on? You and Wei Wuxian come with me this instant. Class dismissed!” Lan Qiren said before marching off with both the boys in tow, one of them glaring daggers at the other, who smiled cheekily in response.

“Wei Wuxian can never stop getting into trouble,” Jiang Cheng huffed as he walked back to their rooms along with Nie Huaisang.

“Ah, let it go Jiang-xiong. Wei Wuxian was just having a little fun,” Nie Huaisang said, trying to placate Jiang Cheng’s anger.

“Having fun? Having fun?!” Jiang Cheng seemed to grow even angrier. “Did you see Lan Wangji? He looked like he was about to kill Wei Wuxian! And if he hasn’t already done it yet, I’m sure Lan Qiren will be more than happy to do it for him.”

“I wonder what it was that Wei-xiong drew on that piece of parchment that made the Second Young Master of Lan react in such a hostile way,” Nie Huaisang questioned out loud.

“I drew us kissing,” a voice interrupted the conversation.

“Wei-xiong!” Nie Huaisang delightedly greeted him. “We were just waiting for you.”

“No, we weren’t,” Jiang Cheng grumpily muttered. “We were just leaving you to go back to our rooms.”

He was lying. Nie Huaisang and Jiang Cheng both knew it. They had been walking across the path that led to Lan Qiren’s office and they had been going slower than usual. They had been waiting for Wei Wuxian, and Wei Wuxian knew it too.

“Oh, my adorable didi. It’s so sweet that you were waiting for me.” Wei Wuxian caught up with them both and put his hand over Jiang Cheng’s shoulder, pulling him close and pinching his cheeks. “Isn’t my didi the greatest, Nie-xiong?”

Wei Wuxian let go of Jiang Cheng, who had been trying to shake him off anyway, to lean on Nie Huaisang’s shoulder. Nie Huaisang and Wei Wuxian shared a look and they both smirked as Nie Huaisang responded. “Of course! Jiang-xiong is the greatest didi and friend. I think he deserves a hug for that. What do you think Wei-xiong?”

The three of them were almost near their rooms which were hidden behind the dense foliage near the entrance to them. The tree leaves had changed colour, going from their usual green to all sorts of different colours, some dark reds and oranges, some pinks, and violets. There were a bunch of leaves fallen next to them, in the shape of the mountains Nie Huaisang had been trying to draw.

Nie Huaisang’s canary chirped from his robes, as if in agreement, before Wei Wuxian even spoke.

“Look Jiang Cheng, even the canary agrees,” Wei Wuxian said, pointing to the bird cage as Nie Huaisang put it down on the ground next to him gently. “Now we have to give you a big hug.”

“No!” Jiang Cheng yelled as Wei Wuxian threw himself at his brother. Jiang Cheng, taken by surprise, couldn’t handle Wei Wuxian’s entire weight and the both of them toppled straight into the collection of leaves that had fallen onto the ground. “WEI WUXIAN!!!” Jiang Cheng roared as he fell face first onto the leaves and Wei Wuxian fell on top on him. “You are dead. You’re a dead man.” Jiang Cheng stated as a few leaves entered his mouth.

Wei Wuxian didn’t move from where he was sprawled on top of Jiang Cheng, laughing too hard to respond. Nie Huaisang thought, what the hell, things couldn’t possibly get any worse for Jiang Cheng, and if anyone was going to be on the receiving end of Jiang Cheng’s wrath, it was going to be Wei Wuxian.

Besides, Nie Huaisang had promised Jiang Cheng a hug. So, he quietly walked over to the two boys covered in colourful leaves, spread his robes wide, dramatically—

“No, Huaisang, don’t!” Jiang Cheng called out in alarm.

Wei Wuxian, on the other hand, made a come-hither gesture. “Come on, join me. Let’s smother Jiang Cheng with love.”

“It isn’t your love that’s smothering me you fucking—” Jiang Cheng responded, but he cut off with an “—oooff!” as Nie Huaisang fell on both of them and joined the smothering of love. “Ugh, I hate you both,” Jiang Cheng muttered from underneath them both.

“But we love you, Jiang-xiong!” Nie Huaisang sang with a smile on his face.

“Yes, we do,” Wei Wuxian cheered as they both continued to smother him with love and their entire bodies. He could never hope to escape them or their unending love for him.