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As the world caves in

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Feet aching,


head throbbing.


Pain so deep it’s hard to breath, pain so so intense you can’t move, you’re shaking, trembling.


We’re gonna die, the world’s caving in. We’re gonna die and there’s nothing we can do.


The world’s caving in, but at least I have you.


Burning, the earth’s burning but it’s fine, cause I have you, if we die we’ll die together.


That’s what  you promised but you disappeared.


Betrayal, you betrayed me, you left.


Betrayal burning, burning inside me, hot white.


You left me.


We were gonna die together, we lived together and we vowed to die together.


But you lied, you’re not here, the world’s caving in and your not here.


I’m gonna die, alone, and there’s nothing I can do,


you left me, I’m gonna die and you’re not here. (You promised, you promised, but promises can be broken.)


The world’s caving in and I’m alone.