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Broken Wings

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Ten minutes. Just ten more minutes. He can do this. Only ten minutes more and he can leave.

Bakugo sighed and sat forward in his seat, tapping his fingers against the desktop. His eyes continuously flitted toward the clock and back down at his notebook. His page was blank, unlike his classmates'. Bakugo was supposed to be taking notes, but he had too much on his mind. Then again, he always had a lot on his mind.

Mr. Aizawa had been standing at the front of the classroom for the past half hour, explaining the history of Quirks. Half of his classmates were paying attention, let alone Bakugo himself. Bakugo rolled his eyes. He already knew this stuff. Did his teacher think he forgot? It's pointless to have to learn it again. It's not like it'll help him later on.

Five minutes. Bakugo's leg began to bounce up and down anxiously. He was in such anticipation. All he wanted was to go to his dorm, lock the door, and hunker down for the weekend. No homework, no stress. No need to go out, except maybe for takeout meals. Just relaxing with a book. Perhaps he can try to go to the library tomorrow morning—early morning so he doesn't have to socialize—and find something new.

Propping his chin on his hand, Bakugo death glared at Mr. Aizawa, knowing well he won't even glimpse at him. He figured out a while ago that Mr. Aizawa doesn't even look at his students during his lecture. He looks past them, speaking in that droning voice of his.

Not that it mattered to Bakugo.

"Please try to make an effort to study your notes for the exam in a few weeks," Mr. Aizawa's dull monotonous voice floated through the room. "Given that you do, there should be no problem with the exam. You are dismissed." He immediately dropped down into his chair and dug under his desk for his dirty yellow sleeping bag. Bakugo often wondered if he didn't sleep enough. That would explain the constant coffees and random naps.

"Man, the exam?" a goofy sounding voice made Bakugo look to his right. He found a friend of his, as well as the biggest idiot in the class—no, strike that. The biggest idiot in the entire damned school. Denki Kaminari.

Kaminari continued. "I've never gotten anything higher than seventy-five percent!"

Another boy, with slick black hair and a wide grin, slapped Kaminari on the back. "C'mon man! You got an eighty-six on that one test, remember?"

"Only because Iida-san made me study for six hours straight, Sero!" Kaminari whined, looking pointedly at a blue-haired young man with glasses nearby.

The blue-haired boy, Tenya Iida, chopped his arms. "Kaminari-Kun, studying is good for you!"

Sero grinned even wider and laughed. "Iida, not everyone is brainy like you." He looked fondly at a pink-skinned girl with fluffy cotton candy-colored hair and little horns. "Even Ashido-chan agrees with me."

Ashido giggled, her inverted black and amber eyes sparkling. "Yeah, Iida. We're all idiots here."

Kaminari crossed his arms and frowned. "I am not an idiot." He then turned to a tall, black haired girl. "Hey Yaoyorozu, think you'd do that study group again?"

The girl, Yaoyorozu, got a sparkle in her eye. "Really?"

"Sure," Kaminari grinned stupidly. "You helped me that one time."

Yaoyorozu blushed slightly out of embarrassment and gratitude. "I did my best."

"Hey! At least I didn't leave anything blank!" Kaminari cracked up, making his friends laugh, too. "See? Not an idiot!"

Bakugo scoffed and cut in. "You are an idiot, all of you are, so quit your damn giggling and grow up." He stood up, his chair scraping against the floor behind him, and shoved his notebook into his bag, ignoring the taunting looks from the group next to him. Of course, he didn't mean it. He loved his idiots.

He hadn't been alert then, so he jumped a little when he felt a warm hand on his shoulder. Bakugo relaxed a second afterward, for he knew only one person on Earth who wasn't afraid to touch him.

"Someone's grumpy today." His soft, teasing voice is comparable to a song. Something that can get stuck in Bakugo's head for hours and never leave.

The hand on Bakugo's shoulder was attached to a young boy by the name of Eijiro Kirishima. He was a sort of bizarre sight to see, yet it's become natural to Bakugo. The spiky crimson hair, the lithe ruby eyes, the sharp teeth. However, recently, Kirishima's hair had begun to lose its red dye at the roots, so his natural black hair was beginning to show.

Bakugo liked that. Especially when Kirishima had his hair down. It made him look like a little boy. It was sweet.

Kirishima's eyes lit up when Bakugo flashed a rare and wholesome smile at him. Bakugo never smiled, only at Kirishima. "Nice to see you, Shitty Hair," Bakugo said softly. The nickname had stuck for a while, yet Kirishima didn't mind one bit. As a matter of fact, Kirishima had called Bakugo "Explosion Boy" in return.

"Want me to walk with you to your dorm?" Kirishima's teeth poked out when he spoke, giving Bakugo a warm feeling. He reminded him of a shark, of the sorts.

"Sure," Bakugo nodded. He reached for his bag and slung it over his shoulder. Not wanting to make eye contact with anyone else, he pushed his chair back in with his shoe. Surprisingly, he enjoyed Kirishima's company. Normally, he'd hate anyone else's. Maybe it's because he'd gotten used to Kirishima following him around like a lovesick puppy.

Kirishima beamed and waved at Sero, Ashido, Kaminari, and Iida before walking out of the classroom, Bakugo trailing after him.

There was quite the difference between Kirishima and Bakugo. For one, Kirishima knew everyone and treated them kindly. On their way to the dorms, he had waved to everyone passing by, offering that sharp grin that seemed to be contagious. If Kirishima smiled, everyone else smiled.

Bakugo was different. He kept his head low and entirely ignored the world's existence. Well, other than Kirishima. Other than that, he ignored the friendly gestures of everyone else. It made him nervous.

Once the pair had reached the quiet hallways of the dorms, Kirishima tossed his arm over Bakugo's shoulders and gave a squeeze. Bakugo leaned into Kirishima slightly, enjoying his closeness. "You all right today?" Kirishima questioned gently.

Bakugo bit his lip a little and nodded. "About as 'all right' as I'll ever be," he muttered. It wasn't entirely a lie, but it was vague.

Kirishima frowned as they reached the stairway. "Yes... but you did wake up screaming last night after that nightmare. That's why I was worried."

"Oh... right." Embarrassed, Bakugo looked down, allowing Kirishima to lead him up the stairs. He was right; Bakugo had woken up at around eleven that last night from a vivid nightmare. Half asleep, he screamed until Kirishima had rushed into his room to calm him down. Although Bakugo has loathed to admit it, Kirishima had held him until he fell asleep again.

They stopped in front of Bakugo's door and waited while Bakugo fumbled for his key. Somehow, the key always managed to get lost in his pocket. Once he found it, he pulled it out and stuck it in the door. The door unlocked with a click, and they stepped into the pleasantly cool room.

Kirishima walked over and sat on the edge of Bakugo's bed, while Bakugo took the seat at his desk. He sat backward on the chair, his arms resting on the back of it. He set his chin down on his forearm and looked at Kirishima.

And for some time—perhaps it was a few minutes, perhaps it was fifteen minutes—they merely stared at each other in silence.

Kirishima was the first to break the silence. "So... can you help me study for the exam?" he asked sheepishly.

This squeezed a smile out of Bakugo. "Yeah, of course, you dork," he chuckled, standing and looking in his bookcase for a textbook. Once he had found the right one, he sat on the bed with Kirishima, opened it, and began to study with him.

They studied for hours until dark, when they both grew extremely tired and fell asleep. The position they fell into, anyone could make fun of. Of course, neither boy cared what other people thought of them.

Bakugo had fallen asleep in Kirishima's arms.