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The Saichi Chronicles

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It's not like Sugimoto didn't know anything about sex. 

He was in his 20's, so of course he knew what sex was and how it worked. He knew some people liked it vanilla, and others liked taking it to extremes. He knew about STI prevention, pregnancy prevention, and proper hygienic procedures. Hell, he even knew what intercourse between two men was like, so that put him leagues ahead of most men. Yeah, Sugimoto knew all about sex.

He'd just, uh. Never really. Had it before. 

Not because he couldn't! No, no, that wasn't it; he could have sex whenever he wanted- if, uh. Well. If anyone wanted to, was the thing.

Was he ugly or something? Seriously! He knew he was scarred up pretty badly, but that didn't make him unfuckable, did it? He thought he was pretty damn handsome! 

(Little did Sugimoto Saichi know that every person in his crew wanted to have their way with him.)

So, the immortal sought out to fuck and be fucked. And here's how it all went down.