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The Witchy Harem

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The sunlight filtered across the tall treetop canopy from above, piercing through the leaves and sprinkling the pathway of the forest floor as the twosome gathered the flora and fauna, preparing for the journey they would undertake tomorrow. Bakugou was ready to embark homewards, but his companion, Midoriya continually stop and would gather additional material. He was one of those overeager types that had to over-prepare before undertaking any challenge.

Right now, the familiar was kneeling as he pulled out his knife scraping dried moss into a leaf pouch as he mumbled to himself distractedly.

Bakugou scoffed, leaning against a thick tree trunk as he crossed his arms. "C'mon nerd, let's pack it up or I'll leave your useless ass." He groused, eyes glaring.

"Kacchan we should gather a bit more before we head back home."

"Screw you Deku, I'm out." The witch pushed from the tree he was leaned on adjusted his satchel strap as he began to march away. His hands fell into the pockets of his tunic.

"Wait Kacchan!" Midoriya rushed after, breaching the distance as his hand fell on the blonde's shoulder. He was shrugged off, expecting the lukewarm reaction. The green haired boy sighed, rolling his eyes as he fell in step. "You've been – um extra cranky lately. Um, do you – ah need me to take the edge off for you?" He scratched shyly at a freckled cheek.

Bakugou instantly bristled, shoulders rising and cheeks burning. "NO!"

"You sure?"

"Yeah! I'm sure, now fuck off," he began to walk faster down the dirt path mumbling 'fucking hell' under his breath as his ears turned red.

Midoriya didn't miss the flush, his own face doing the same. All he could do was smile to himself as he caught up once again.

The forest hummed with life as the trees swayed and rustled from the calm breeze, the birds chirped an upbeat melody and the woodland creatures watched the twosome curiously, keeping a cautious distance. Much of their walk was filled with comfortable silence, both thinking about the upcoming journey they would undertake.

Bakugou couldn’t wait, itching to become the most powerful of witches. A grin split his face.

As they hiked back, the dense forest began to change, thinning out as it gave way to a humble village. Before them was their hometown and as they entered deeper, Midoriya greeted all passerby residence with a wave and smile while Bakugou glared as if looking through them. He grumbled about annoying extras as they cut a straight path through town and headed towards the back end.

This is where they lived, the cottage, a two-story looking large and homely building. The smell of spices waft on the air and fragrant smoke puffed from the chimney as they entered their home. The sounds of the kitchen filled the house as Inko cooked, humming gently, next to her was Mitsuki as they were making dinner.

Masaru entered from the back garden carrying various veggies. He smiled, placing the vegetables down before ruffling both boy's heads affectionately. "Have a good hike, boys, did you get everything that you needed?" The brunette asked gently, soft smile on his face. He was a mild manner omega unlike his son.

The blonde scoffed but gave a slight nod of acknowledgement. While Midoriya beamed brightly.

Inko dried hands on her apron as she stood before both. "You boys should go clean up."

Bakugou dropped his bag on the ground while Midoriya scrambled to pick it up. "Kacchan careful, you don't want to damage what we've foraged." He placed the satchel on the countertop along with his own. "We'll need these materials for our travels." He reminded as the omega waved him off in disinterest.

Masaru sighed loudly but smiled. "I got this Izuku, please head on up."

"Thank you, sir," Midoriya gave a quick bow of his head as Bakugou was already heading up.

"Be nicer you damn brat!" Mitsuki yelled only for her son to growl.

"Shut up you ol' hag!" The shout came from the top of the staircase.

"Kacchan be nice," Midoriya admonished as he went up. The alpha disappeared up the winding stairs –.

The rest of the day passes uneventfully, they wash up and had a large dinner with their tasty favorites prepared for them. They gorged and filled their bellies as it would their last family dinner, afterwards they prepare, packing all last-minute items in their large travel sacks, completing their packing. Once done, they relax until bedtime —.

The moon is bright and the stars twinkling like complimentary glitter, the light spills into their shared room as Midoriya gazes at it as he lays in bed. He can't help but think how beautiful it is, but his eyes drift looking at the omega's wide back and tiny waist. He swallows. "Kacchan are you awake?"

It's silent for a moment before the other bed shifts. "What is it Deku?"

"You can't sleep?" There's a lull of silence, no answer from the blonde. So, Midoriya continues. "We could – um – mm y'know." He mumbles off before his eyes land on the other's backside.

Bakugou shifts, half turning and twisting as he looks at the small alpha with a red glare. He licks his lips, but his expression is unchanging. "You're a horny bastard, aren't ya?"

"No! I mean –, we have to do it once a week to um regulate you."

"Whatever, get your ass over here already." Bakugou turned over, giving his back to Midoriya.

The familiar tosses his covers away as he throws his legs over the side of the bed before he's closing the space between them. Pulling the covers open, Midoriya crawls in behind the larger body before his arms are wrapping around and his pelvis pressed flushed to the other's ass. He huffs, his nose smelling the fiery scent of Bakugou. He always smells of campfire, cinnamon sticks, and wild vanilla. His hands go under the blonde's nightshirt tracing muscles.

Midoriya's calloused hands found sensitive nipples, tracing areolas before pinching the nubs and bringing them to stiff peaks. Bakugou makes a soft strangled noise, body jerking as his breathing picks up. The familiar huffs, knowing that Kacchan was simply being stubborn by acting non-responsive. This was his typical behavior as Bakugou would come alive once things truly escalated. Midoriya wasn't easily put off, continuing to tease those full nipples as he knew how sensitive the other could be.

Bakugou bit his lip trying to stifle his moans as he arched his chest into Midoriya's large hands as his nipples were tugged on, twisting, and pulling as he make soft muffled sounds. He squeezed his eyes shut and rocked his hips back, grinding against Midoriya's front and feeling how hard he was in his sleeper pants.

If Bakugou were being honest with himself, he was pent up and needing relief. His nerves were heightened, he was about to embark on a new chapter of his life, and he didn't want to screw this up. This would take the edge off as Deku had put it. The thought left him quickly as Deku's mouth found his scent gland, mouthing and nibbling at it. The alpha was eager, more than usual and it didn't get passed the blonde. One calloused hand left his chest and went down, briefly stopping to squeeze his slender hip before cupping him between his legs. Bakugou crushed his thighs together.

"You're wet already," Midoriya supplied quietly. "You really did need this."

"Shut up," he moaned as he was rubbed, teased through the cotton of his clothing. He bucked, rocking back instinctually, and feeling an edge creeping over him. A hand pushed passed his waistband, a hand wrapped around his cock and he groan, arching as he clawed at the bedding, the hand stroking him teasingly. He could feel Midoriya's smile against his skin as he was fondled, making a leaking mess with both his cock, and opening. He crooned softly before biting his lip. He wanted to keep quiet, the walls were thin and their parents below, downstairs.

It was weird to sneak about like this, but they all knew that both, Midoriya and Bakugou prevent either from slipping into a rut/heat by regularly messing around. It was known both had been active since they presented, and it kept their hormones in check.

Again, Bakugou pushed his thought aside as he pulled his pants down, freeing himself. His nightshirt was hiked up, resting above his collarbone as Midoriya continued to tease one nipple.

The alpha rutted against his ass; he could feel the thick column of flesh wedged between his cleft.

Midoriya's mouth continued to map his neck, sucking his scent gland, and nibbling softly before pressing wet kisses up and then nabbing his ear. Bakugou groaned low as his hips rocked without his consent, he was getting swept up into the sensations. The alpha pulled away, dragging the omega's sleeper pants all the ways off as Bakugou tried to regain his breathing. Then he heard the other rustle around behind, no doubt removing his clothing.

Then he felt the heat of Deku's body as he pressed against Bakugou's wider body. Bakugou felt heat plant between his thighs, the alpha’s cock pressing at his folds before rocking back and forth against him. Then Deku's calloused hand wrapped around the blonde's cock, stroking as he teased. Bakugou chewed his bottom lip, fighting his moans as he jerked against the smaller body.

He was slowly losing his mind before he was rolled onto his back staring into darken green eyes, the moon casting enough light into the room to see Midoriya’s face.

Their lips met and they both groaned, tasting one another as they rutted. "Kacchan," Midoriya whispered, kisses pressed to his flushed face. Then those lips began to move downward, mapping the hard planes of muscle as he worships with his mouth as Bakugou watches with heavy eyes and large eyes look upward while he descends. His hands spread those strong thighs as Bakugou’s cock stands proudly between.

Midoriya gaze never wavers as he lets his mouth fall open, taking the solid column of flesh between lips, mouthing the side of Bakugou's dick tracing wetness. The blonde hisses, bucks as he feels liquid heat pool at his center. Deku opens his mouth and swallows the omega thick cock.

He's at the nerd's mercy and he hates it.

Bakugou gasps quietly, not wanting to wake everyone else in their house. The head of fluffy hair bobs quickly between his legs and Bakugou twitches below. Not able to do much else.

"Fu-fuck! Deku," he groaned softly. His hands fell into fluffy strands, tightening as he fisted hair and pressed that hot mouth further down his cock. He gasped as the other adjusts and swallows around him, bobbing his head to the demanding pace of those hips, those hands tighten further. Bakugou felt the pressure building in his stomach, his cunt leaked below as he fucked Deku's face on his cock. He groaned, his head tipping back.

He was going to come! He could feel the mounting pleasure. His breathing picked up, panting wildly.

Midoriya slapped Bakugou’s hands away from his hair and pulled off with a gasp as his mouth was shiny with his own spit and Bakugou's pre-come.

The freckled boy licked his chops before Bakugou watched him wordlessly, though his brows lowered as he glared. He was close to coming, he wasn't happy to be denied such and he better hope his familiar got on with it.

Midoriya's head drop down again, but this time his tongue flicked out and grazed his clit. The blonde arched as if zapped by lighting, his body being far too receptive and responsive. He felt his thighs quiver, squeezing as the alpha's hands held them open.

Warm, wet surrounded him as his clit was lapped, several swipes before lips closed around and he was sucked. Bakugou's teeth clenched, he growled, feeling his body twisting tight, coiling as Midoriya wound him up. That mouth was eager, lapping and sucking on his clit and then swiping from his opening up. "Oh fuck," he felt words on the tip of his tongue, he wanted to beg and say more. He wouldn't give the nerd the satisfaction, instead he bucked his pelvis feeding his pussy into that enthusiastic mouth.

He was brought achingly close again and he wanted to come on Deku's tongue. His teeth once again bit into his bottom lip, digging deeply as he keens. Midoriya groans as he slurps at Bakugou. He growls and his mouthing turns frenzied as the omega gasp. The blonde arches and quakes as he began to come, his opening contracting on nothing as he leaks a mess between his legs as Midoirya continues to lap him up. He can feel a damp spot develop under his ass.

Bakugou begins to dip into over-sensitivity as a messy mouth continues to lap. He groans and growls hands threading through hair as he yanks upwards. "Stop you freckled bastard," he barks roughly as his voice sounds thick with use.

Midoriya nods, licking his lips as he surges up, crawling over the blonde. His scarred hand falls around his cock, squeezing his knot. "Can we now Kacchan?" Deku's own voice is deeper and Bakugou can smell himself on his breath.

"Horny bastard –." His eyes glance sideways. "C'mon then." Bakugou encourages roughly before parting his legs wider. "Ya waiting for invitation or something? Afraid I'll break your dick off?"

"No," the small alpha scrambles, hovering as he strokes his drooling cockhead against the omega's swollen opening, he eases forward and there's a bit of resistance as Bakugou is tight, but his cunt yields, parting beautifully. The glide inwards is slick and smooth, Bakugou groans low in his throat.

Midoriya voice changes to a soft hum and then rumble as he presses flush with his pelvis.

Bakugou is holding on tight without knowing, nails digging into a strong back, and his legs locked around Midoriya's narrow hips. He’s panting, crooning as he feels stretched wide. Yet the alpha's knot isn't in him, resting against his dewy lips for now.

A swift heel to Midoriya's ass, spurred him to action as Bakugou glared upwards at him. “Move damnit!”

The familiar nods, draws back and then pushes forward as he rolled his hips, making sure to rock back and forth, stroking deep. Midoriya's eyes bore down, taking in Bakugou's state.

The omega immediate bit his lip, making barely audible sounds as his face twisted in a pleasured grimace, seemingly fighting back his voice. His brow lowered and eyes closed.

In all the times they had done this, Midoriya had only heard Bakugou let loose twice, being loud and uncaring. It was when they were absolutely alone at home. Midoriya did enjoy trying to make Bakugou cry out or moan, but the other was so stubborn. Midoriya enjoyed a challenge.

Mind made up he drew back and slammed in, ramming the other's deep hidden cervix as he watched those red eyes open and widen in shock. A startled sound left him.

Bakugou's mouth drops into a silent scream as he arched, throat straining as he held back his voice. He strained and as Midoriya pounded into him, sound of skin slapping skin fill their room. Midoriya grunted as he exerted himself fucking faster and deeper, but mindful of leaving his knot outside of the omega’s body as he took him. Bakugou’s wooden bed creaked and groaned from each thrust.

It wasn't time yet for him to fully sink in with his knot, they weren’t at the point to be tied together.

"Asshole," Bakugou choked. "Warn me next time," he breathed as he groaned, eyes closing as he savored the feel. "Uh fuck!"

"Sorry Kacchan." He continued to pound the large body into the bed, the blonde jerking with each push, hips rocking. "I don't know what came over me."

"Mm fuck!" He gasped as he covered his mouth. “Stupid alphaa!”

That wouldn't do! Midoriya doubled his efforts and as Bakugou cried against his palm, hand cupping his mouth.

"Don't cover your mouth." Midoriya purred.

The other fixed him with a questioning look, trying to cut through the haze of pleasure as he was confused by his familiar’s behavior. "Wha –? Are you fuckin' stupid? Do you want them to hear us?"

"No –, I just wanna hear you." He whispered quietly.

Bakugou blinked but chuckled laboriously. "Stop thinking with your knot, shitty Deku." Then the blonde brows pinched, and he arched below, his cunt growing wetter as he was stuffed deep with each pass of Deku's cock. His hand reached down wrapping around his omega cock. Biting back a moan the omega stroked himself out of sync, the feeling was a double edged sword, it took the spike out of the pinpoint pleasure punching the tar out of his cunt, but it added something toe curling as his hand stroked over his own flesh. It divided his attention; it could distract him or push him ever closer to the apex.

Bakugou was playing with fire.

He knew it was dangerous, but Bakugou was also confident he could outlast Deku, making the nerd come before he did. He groaned, biting his lip hard as he rolled his hips. The blonde's red eyes watched as the freckled face twisted and pinched. The other's soft lips puckered in a pout and a soft ‘oh’ left his mouth. Those hands near his head, fisted the covers in a tight ball.

The familiar began to rut hard as he growled low in his throat and Bakugou felt his pussy squeeze as he felt more slick leave his opening. He crooned softly and the alpha leaned in scenting him. A sweaty face nuzzled into his neck before a hot mouth and fangs touched his swollen gland.

"Hugnh!" A strangled sound left the omega, he stuttered on stroking his cock as he clenched the base of his dick to negate coming prematurely.

Midoriya's hips were starting to fuck erratically as they began to lose the gyration and rolling, he was battering into him now.

A curse left Bakugou, it still felt amazing. His cervix was being piston into, and he was being edged closer. His hand sped up around his cock while he oozed messily, so close to coming, he could feel his breathing increase to panting, his opening flooding wetness messily between his thighs, and his toes were curling into his blankets.

"Oohn Kacchan," Midoriya's voice whined, high and reedy. "Please," he begged as his big eyes bore into Bakugou's own. "Katsuki – please," he breathed, and the omega felt undone instantly.

Those lips surged, covering his and he felt his mouth part, inviting Midoriya in, just like his body did for his alpha. Bakugou groaned drawn out and low as the ache settled finally and he began to come, his hand sped up on his cock as he clenched, gushing slick as he came. His cock erupted between them, painting them in liquid heat. He growled and nipped at Midoriya's lips as the alpha whimpered above, rutting wildly before three deep pushes smacked into his saturated cunt before his knot, pushed through locking them. Midoriya shuddered above, hips giving aborted thrusts as he came. Bakugou felt each thick spurt coat his inside with Deku's spunk as his cunt clamped down and contracted rhythmically, sucking the come deeper. Instantly slacken, Midoriya's body collapsed on the larger body.

Bakugou warm arms held him loosely.

Did Midoriya imagine a nuzzle and kiss to his sweaty curls?

Yeah, he had to have imagined Kacchan being soft.

Midoriya smiled and rested, their legs tangling as they both basked in the afterglow. He's dimly dishearten he didn't make Bakugou get loud, but there's always next time. He smiles, glad his head is hidden in the nook of the other's neck. He presses kisses, before letting his teeth graze carefully.

The blonde sighed before swatting at his head. "Hey! Cut that shit out!" His voice sounds thick and raspy, probably from the strain of holding his voice back. "We're a mess, ya better clean me up once your shitty knot goes down. Or maybe I should make you lick it up?" He finishes with a groan and his eyes closing, body going lax. Midoriya doesn't want to disturb him, but he doesn't want to become too heavy. "Stop overthinking, just relax for now." Bakugou murmurs as if he knows what's being thought.

He does, Midoriya knows Kacchan knows him better than anybody else.

They've been childhood friends since they were four.

He rests his head, closing his eyes for now until his knot deflates.

The morning arrives quickly, bright, and full of life as the bustle fills the two-story cottage. As the boys climbed out of bed, bathed, and get dressed, they begin to situate their travel-packs, readying for the trip. Today is the day for their departure from home! It would take them about a week to get to Ultima Academy, a place of study for the magically gifted and inclined.

Bakugou stood up as Midoriya tucked a knife behind his back, clasping it. Smiling with a determination glinting in his emerald eyes, Bakugou snorted and grin. "C'mon let's go, nerd."

It was time to wish their loved ones a farewell so they could turn the page on the next chapter of their lives.