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Nighttime Noises

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It’s late at night, and they’re not exactly sober anymore. Objectively, Ryuu knows that this is a terrible idea. Subjectively, however… he has Atsushi pinned against the balcony railing, the small of his back arching across it while one of his legs is slung around Ryuu’s hip and the other braced against the small table he has out here. Ryuu squeezes Atsushi’s ass, held firmly in his hands, and relishes the gasp that escapes his boyfriend’s mouth. Atsushi’s fingers are clenched tight around the railing and Ryuu is reminded once more of how stupid they are being. And yet, Atsushi thrusts up against him, their clothed crotches rubbing together and erasing any thought of stopping from Ryuu’s mind.

“Need you,” Atsushi whines.
Ryuu bites down on his neck, eliciting a keen. “Here?”
The darkness of the late hour is shrouding them somewhat, the only illumination the candle flickering in the jar on the table, jostled by Atsushi’s leg whenever their arousals grind together in a particularly toe-curling way. However, Atsushi is… not exactly quiet. And Ryuu’s balcony is by far not the only one on this side of the building. Several stories below them, there’s a patch of grass with a swingset, then another apartment block beyond that.

“Nobody’s out here,” Atsushi groans. “And even if they were, I don’t care! I don’t wanna wait!”
Fuck. Atsushi’s desperation and neediness gets to Ryuu, same as it always does. He’s hard, and the thought of untangling himself from Atsushi and taking those few steps to the bedroom is too cumbersome. He pulls down the loose neckline of Atsushi’s old t-shirt to suck a mark into his collar bone, and he feels rather than sees his boyfriend's arms tense up.
“Please Ryuu!” Atsushi whimpers. “We don’t even need lube, it’s only been a couple hours, just— get in me!”

Ryuu groans, the last of his hesitation chased away. There’s nothing he can do when Atsushi gets like this, vocal and demanding. Vulnerable and open, yet always, always so strong and stubborn. Ryuu loves him so much that sometimes he doesn’t know what to do with himself.
“Can you be quiet for me, Atsushi?” he whispers into his ear. Atsushi nods frantically, and Ryuu marvels at how hot his body is, feeling rather than seeing the blush that must be all over Atsushi’s beautiful face.

Ryuu pulls back, shushing Atsushi before he can voice his displeasure. There’s a frown line between his eyes, the pupils blown out from both arousal and the dark.
“I’m not fucking you like that and having you fall to your death. Turn around and bend over that railing for me, will you?”
Atsushi bites his lip and pulls down his sweats and underwear. His cock is hard, and Ryuu is sure that he’s already leaking precome, even if it’s too dark to see for sure. Atsushi turns and braces his forearms on the railing, shoulder blades jutting up as he lowers his head.

The plane of his back, lit by the golden glow of the candle, is breathtaking. Ryuu runs a finger down his spine, lip curling up in delight when Atsushi shudders. He pulls his own pants down far enough to free his cock and gives himself a few strokes.
“Suck,” he commands and taps his fingers against Atsushi’s lips. The other complies with eager noises, lathering them in spit while Ryuu grinds his cock against Atsushi’s perfect ass. He’s nearly trembling by now, the naughtiness of what they’re doing going to his head. He pulls his fingers from Atsushi’s mouth, nudges his legs a bit further apart, and spreads him open. Atsushi grunts, but he does a fairly good job of muffling himself, just as he promised.
“Good boy,” Ryuu whispers into his nape. He kisses and bites the area as he makes sure Atsushi is as loose as he claimed. He knows he’s hit the right spot when Atsushi gives a full-body shiver, legs shaking.

Ryuu pulls back, spitting on his cock for some extra lubrication before he carefully nudges against Atsushi’s opening. Atsushi shifts and Ryuu sees him biting down on his arm as he slowly begins to slide in.
“Are you okay?” Despite everything, it’s tight, and the last thing Ryuu wants is for Atsushi to regret this.
“Yesss,” Atsushi hisses out. “Burns a bit but feels so damn good, too.”
Ryuu slides his hands under Atsushi’s shirt and rubs his sides while he slips the rest of the way in, stopping to give both of them a moment to adjust. He can feel sweat pearl on his forehead, his heart thumping in his chest. Atsushi always feels so fucking good.

“Move!” comes the muffled command, and Ryuu pulls about halfway out before thrusting back in. Atsushi tenses deliciously around him and Ryuu has to muffle a moan of his own between the other’s shoulders. Atsushi arches his back to press his ass closer, going up on his tiptoes, and Ryuu lets loose. He fucks him hard and fast, one hand placed lightly on Atsushi’s nape, the other gripping his hip. Atsushi’s chest is heaving, quiet sounds escaping him whenever Ryuu hits his prostate. The railing shakes a bit and Ryuu swears to himself that this is a one-time thing, never to happen again. He snakes his hand around Atsushi to grip his cock and a shocked wail manages to slip past his lover’s lips, quickly shushed by Ryuu’s own. The angle is less than comfortable but neither of them takes much longer, both tumbling over the edge and slumping against the poor balcony railing.

Ryuu pulls out, unable to avert his eyes from the trail of cum that leaks out of Atsushi’s ass and down his leg. His sweatpants have slipped down all the way, pooling at his ankles. He hangs over the railing like a seasick boat passenger. Ryuu tucks himself away, then carefully rubs his hands over Atsushi’s back. He pulls him to his chest, peppering his neck with small kisses, telling him how good he’s been, how quiet. Atsushi hums comfortably, nuzzling his head under Ryuu’s jaw.

“Come on, let’s go inside. Let me clean you up.” Atsushi steps out of his pants, and Ryuu bends down quickly to pick them up. Despite Atsushi’s insistence that he can walk just fine, he still helps him on the short way to the bathroom. He wipes off the worst of the mess before drawing a bath for the both of them, Atsushi sitting between his legs and leaning back against Ryuu’s chest. Atsushi plays around with the rings on Ryuu’s fingers while Ryuu follows the lines of Atsushi’s tattoos with his eyes. He’s added to them a few weeks ago, the sleeve now reaching past his elbow on one side.

“I love you,” Ryuu says quietly into Atsushi’s hair. Atsushi laces their fingers, squeezing Ryuu’s hand.
“Love you too, Ryuunosuke.” They bask in the peaceful quiet of the late night. “Let’s go to bed. I want to be the big spoon tonight.”
“Mkay,” Ryuu agrees easily. He loves being held by Atsushi’s strong arms as they drift off to sleep.