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Alone at the Pond

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It was no secret the boy was scared of her. She didn't know why, but she didn't particularly care. He was adorable, young, and naïve enough to do whatever she told him to. That fear worked to her advantage. 

It is why she's there now, sitting on the floor next to him while they watch the fish from the pond swim slowly around. The mat they're sitting on is sturdy, and the pillow under her is firm. She's sitting on it in such an angle that she can easily grind down, feeling the fabric shift against her clit and rub at her in such pleasing ways. 

But the child is right next to her. Obanai Iguro is small for his age. It's very improper, she thinks. She can't help how horny she is in that moment, the deep-seated ache in her is a constant whenever she's around him. She can't help it, either. Ever since her good friend Shinjuro told her that he rescued an adorable orphan, she's been intrigued by the snake boy. 

Knowing that he was afraid of her made everything more exciting. Mitsuri would go out of her way to interact with him because seeing him freeze up and stutter let shivers run up her spine. Once, she purposely dropped her chopsticks when she was invited over to eat and leaned over to pick them up. At the time, the boy was right next to her and she could feel his eyes avoiding her breasts nearly slipping out. Shinjuro's other son, Kyoujuro, wasn't shy about looking. And little Senjuro was too focused on his food to do anything. Too young that he was still breastfeeding anyway. When she sat back up he was looking down at his plate and she could see his blush peeking out from behind his bandages. 

Now with both of them outside, there's plenty of places the boy can look that isn't her. He's sitting on a pillow with his legs folded underneath him. He's in his loose indoor robes, and with the way he sits, his thighs slip out of it. They're so white and milky. Mitsuri wants to touch them so bad, thinks about how soft they'd and squishy they'd be around her shoulders. Her imagination runs a little wild while she imagines sliding her hand underneath his robes, feeling up his thighs until she gets to the sweet honey between his legs. 

Iguro's hands are fisted in his robes against his thighs. He's nervous as hell, she can tell. She can't resist when she lets out a deep breathy sigh. No one's home except them. Shinjuro put her on babysitting duty while he and his wife took their other boys to a doctor for a mild flu. No one would know.

That's the final nail in the coffin as her hand quickly reaches out and grabs onto Iguro's small arm. Her hand completely wraps around it as she pulls and yanks him across her thighs. Iguro yelps, put off guard by the sudden jostling and tries to squirm away violently. Iguro tries his best to kick himself off and push away from her, but she's a hashira. Nothing he will do will be able to get him away from her tight grip. In fact, all she has to really do is push her arm against his back. Her elbow presses between his shoulder blades while her hand grabs his waist. Her other hand is gripping his ankles, keeping him from kicking out.

Iguro stills. Mitsuri can feel him shaking under her. "W-what are you doing, K-Kanroji-sama?" he asks. His voice breaks, and Mitsuri can tell it's taking a lot on him not to cry out in fear. 

"I’m going to make you feel so good, Iguro-kun. but you can't tell anyone, okay?" she coos in her baby voice. 

"I’m. I’m scared. I don't want to..." his voice dies in a whisper as Mitsuri lets go of his ankles. He doesn't know what he doesn't want, too scared and naive to understand what's going on. Her hand slides down his leg, fingers slipping into his sock and she slowly slides them off. She can hold his entire foot in her hand, and the idea makes her slightly dizzy. He's so small. "Please let me go," he says while pushing his arms against the ground and trying to get away. 

Mitsuri clicks her tongue and applies more pressure on his back while her other hand grips his thigh in a vice. He stills completely, and she can hear him audibly swallow. "Good boy," she says. "Don't move, or else."

Her hand begins to slide up his warm thighs. His breath hitches when she touches the back of them, gripping the childlike chubbiness there. Ruka's been feeding the boy good. The boy is scared out of his wits, but he's always been of her. Mitsuri knows that the boy will do anything she says.

She flips his robe over his butt, grabbing his cheeks in the process. He whines, and one of his hands tries to move back to cover himself while he squirms. She ignores him and squeezes his asscheek. It's so soft, like a toy. His panties are light blue and that just sets her off. Her hand comes down in a hard slap against his cheek and he jerks forward, yelping out loud. 

"k-Kanroji-sama!" he yells. Her hands comes down again on the same cheek, turning it slightly pink. Her eyes don't leave it as he continues to spank him. He lets out yelps at each slap until his screams turn watery and she can hear him openly sob and shake in her arms. 

She lets him go slightly, moving her elbow off his shoulder blades to just let her hand press into his lower back to keep him in place. She knows by now he won’t move, to scared of her to do anything but stay still and take it.

Her hand kneads at his ass while she bites her lip. She's so wet at the sound of him crying, she wants nothing more than to flip him over and watch his tears run down his face. Instead her hand slips down the slope of his ass to press her fingers against his clothed sex. 

Iguro lets out a long whine. "S-stop! Don't touch me there!" 

Mitsuri clicks her tongue and gives him a hard spank on both cheeks. Her palm is starting to tingle and feel warm. His ass was no doubt red now, and she wondered if he would bruise badly. 

She coos down at him while she rubs at his cheeks. The fabric feels slightly scratchy against his heated skin and he lets out a broken whine. "P-please, I don’t, I. I-" the poor boy can't even get out a full sentence between the sobs.

Her fingers trail up and down his cheeks before sliding back down between his thighs. His sex is radiating heat as she presses her fingers into his clothed slit. The boy bolts, and she presses her hand back down harder against his lower back, stilling him. 

He goes still while she starts to slide her fingers up and down his slit. She listens closely while her hands dip further and further down until she feels the little bump of his clit. She nearly squeals when she feels it, shocked at how tiny it is. But she's relentless if nothing and begins to rub it in wide circles.
Iguro lets out a sound, choked out and stilted. She keeps rubbing his clit until she starts to feel his panties become wet. "K-Kanroj-ji-sama, I feel funny. Please stop. Please stop!" his voice pitches as she quickly grabs the back of his panties and yanks them down over the curve of his ass and down his thighs. They curl against his ankles and she grabs the back of his thigh, spreading his legs further. 

Mitsuri pulls her fingers into her mouth, lavishing them with saliva before bringing them down back to his slit, rubbing through his folds. 

"Ah~!" the boy moans. Mitsuri pauses and she hears him gasp. Oh. That sound went right through her. Suddenly she's desperate to hear him cry out more. 

Her fingers start to rub in smaller, tighter circles around his slit until she can slip one of her fingers into his tight, virginal cunt. He lets out a small sound before suddenly thrashing again. "no, no! Stop you can't touch me there, stop it! Please!" 

It only spurs her on more, letting her shove her entire finger inside him. He's so tight. So warm. She can barely move her finger back out again and so desperately does she wish she had a cock to shove inside him. He would milk her so well that she wouldn't be able to help cumming deep inside him. Just the fantasy alone makes her wetter. 

He's still thrashing while she forces her finger out. She can tell that hurt him, but she doesn't relent before sliding it back in again, building up a pace. Eventually he starts to get really wet. His legs begin to shake slightly as he holds still. 

"I... I feel funny! I’m..." 

"Shh, be a good boy for me, okay? You will be a good boy, right?"

Iguro sobs instead of answering her. She twists the index finger that's inside his cunt and uses the other three to slide back down and rub at his clit while her thumb presses against his asshole. "Answer me, baby boy. You want to be good for me, right? You want me to stop hurting you and make you feel better?" 

"Yes." Iguro says, nearly wrenching the word out while he sobs. 

"That's it...that's a good boy," she says under her breath while the smell of his slick hits her nose. It's so fresh, smells nothing like her own. It smells milky and clean, and that sends her to a near dizzy spell. 

The wet sounds of her fingers playing with his holes get louder alongside his high-pitched moans. It's music to her ears. Suddenly the boy starts jerking, his legs shake intensely while he squeezes down on her finger tightly. Mitsuri almost feels like the circulation is going to get cut off while the boy lets out a shrill moan before going still. 

Mitsuri blinks. Oh, oh my. He just came. She just made him cum for the very first time. She sits up straighter as she slides her wet fingers out of him. He doesn't move, just shivers slightly, and lets out a small sigh. 

Without thinking, she brings her fingers up to her mouth and licks them. Her eyes sparkle at the taste and as the smell hits her nose more strongly. He tastes so sweet. Her eyes don't leave his spent cunt, pink and shiny with his juices. Her eyes slide down the back of his thighs, pausing at his knees to admire how cute they are before seeing his panties that were discarded still tangled around his ankles. 

She slides them the rest of the way off and holds them up to her nose, smelling them. Then she rolls it and stuffs it between her cleavage to hide them while she slips his rob back over his butt, she tells him "You can’t tell anyone, ok? This will be our little secret." The boy only nods, sniffling. 

She pats him on his now covered ass before grabbing him from under his arms and moving him back into a sitting position. He weighs virtually nothing. He's shaking slightly, tears and snot running down his face into his mask. He looks up at her, eyes dazed and fear evident. Mitsuri bends forward and plants a soft, chaste kiss over his bandages where his mouth would be. She pulls away and looks into his eyes before smiling.