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A Year in Perdition

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Haven't we met You're some kind of beautiful stranger You could be good for me I've had the taste for danger If I'm smart then I'll run away But I'm not so I guess I'll stay Heaven forbid I'll take my chance on a beautiful stranger


Harry smiled at his drunk friend, who was currently slapping him on the back with enough force to cause Harry’s drink to slosh over his shoes.

“…bessst idea ever maate” Ron slurred, a huge grin plastered on his slightly flushed face.

Harry didn’t attempt to answer him; there was no way that Ron would be able to hear him over the thumping base of the song that was currently being blasted throughout the muggle club they were at. He was glad that Ron was starting to enjoy himself; at first the red head had been rather adamant that he didn’t want to go to ‘Poison,’ one of the hottest clubs in London, stating that muggles didn’t know how to party like wizards did.

Thankfully with the help of Dean and Neville, Harry had managed to convince a rather reluctant Ron and Seamus to give it a try. It had been two months since the epic ‘Hogwarts battle’ and subsequent death of Voldemort- an event that had just made the ‘great Harry Potter’ even more of a hero in the nation’s eyes. He could hardly step out of his door these days without getting completely mobbed by fan-girls (or in some cases boys) and the press.

In truth, a muggle club was the only plausible option for the group of boys if they hoped to be able to relax and have fun for once…at least Harry didn’t have to watch his drink as closely out of fear of getting drugged with love potion amongst the muggles.

He knew that it would help decrease some of the attention of his more ardent fans if the public didn’t think he was single. And he didn’t mean to be…at least not for long. He had known since the end of the war that he was attracted to both sexes (thank you Draco) but it hadn’t really been that much of a life changing discovery, it didn’t really change all that much; for he was still in love with Ginny and he planned on remaining that way.

While they weren’t together at the moment- in fact Ginny was currently seeing some other bloke she had met during the Hogwarts clean up (and wasn’t that a bit of a blow), he knew that in the end they would be. He didn’t begrudge her the fact that she was dating someone else at the moment, he wasn’t really capable of being what she needed right now.

Too much had happened to him during the war, and he was still in the process of grieving for those he had lost and sorting himself out…but he still planned on ending up with her. They had talked about it, what she had with Garret was casual and they both knew that they were just having a bit of fun. She had hinted to Harry that he do the same until both of them were ready to settle down and commit to a serious relationship…hence the reason that he was here now….to find something casual and fun. A bit of stress relief, really.

But that was it, in his head Ginny was what was at the end of the road…a fact that was simply reinforced by his purchase of a ring…It was in no way meant for now or even a few months from now…but eventually. Eventually there was Ginny, and a brood of redheaded children running around.

But for now he was interested in finding someone who just wanted a one-off, or if they were really good perhaps a two-off….it didn’t really matter in the end. A muggle was his best option; someone who didn’t know his name or wouldn’t go running to Rita with an exclusive ‘I slept with Harry Potter’ story the morning after… someone who wouldn’t get the idea that a night together meant they were in love. So yes, a muggle was the safest option.

He scanned the club looking for potentials but not really finding any…he wasn’t worried about what his friends might think. The only one who might begrudge him this was Ron (Seamus had known about his inclinations since he stumbled upon Harry giving Draco a blowjob in their sixth year…apparently that hallway wasn’t so deserted after all) but he wasn’t overly worried. He had told Ron he was Bi back when they were hunting horcruxes; the red head had blown up as expected and it was probably one of the reasons he had chosen to leave for a few months.

But Ron had gotten over it and had come back, tail between his legs an apology ready. Harry had forgiven him- like he had so many other times in the past…the red head had a narrow world view and hot temper but in the end his heart was in the right place. Ron had also spoken to Ginny and while he was not thrilled about their casual, ‘seeing other people’ phase he said he would stay out of it.

Ron had stumbled away by now, making his way over to where Neville was dancing with some blond girl (Neville had filled out during their last year in Hogwarts; muscle replacing fat)… when Harry saw him.

He was exactly Harry’s type. He was gorgeous, of that there was no doubt, but what really drew Harry’s attention was the arrogant confidence he was giving off. Harry wasn’t sure why, but he found cockiness in another person was a major turn on. Maybe it was to do with the fact that up until recently (aka: when the war really started) he had never had much confidence in himself (thank you Durselys) but whatever the reason he found it irresistible.

He downed the rest of his drink and slowly made his way onto the dance floor- while he had his eyes on the blond, he would never approach him….no he would make the man come to him if the blond was interested. Sometimes it was fun to be both predator and prey.

As he started to dance, allowing his body to move with the music he saw the pale green eyes catch sight of him and the boy they belonged to started making his way over to where Harry was dancing.

Harry smiled to himself….this was what he wanted- no, needed; a bit of fun with a gorgeous stranger.

What’s the worst that could happen?


Sebastian was pissed, and not in the ‘I’ve had a few too many shots and my head is a little fuzzy’ kind of way either. No, he was the bad kind of pissed.

The ‘my asshole of a father is making me go back to Lima, Ohio’ kind of pissed. Well okay, he could add his pathetic excuse of a mother to that statement as well he suppose. At least with his dad, Sebastian knew that he meant well…or at least Sebastian thought he did. His mother on the other hand….

Well. Whatever, so what if his mom didn’t want him around for more than a summer? So what if he couldn’t stay and go to school in a cultural Mecca (aka: clubs and people who didn’t drive pickup trucks) like London? Sure, his father stated that Sebastian needed to learn from his mistakes ‘bla bla bla.’ And indeed what had happened last year in Ohio had been a mistake.

A mistake that Sebastian spent most nights in places like this, drinking and fucking as much as he could to forget. A mistake that had cost him the only true friend he had ever had….yes, that kind of mistake. He told himself he didn’t care that Blaine no longer wanted anything to do with him, that it didn’t hurt to know that his beautiful friend had chosen the stuck up princess over him…of course the stuck up princess hadn’t almost blinded Blaine either…so there was that.

Nope. Sebastian didn’t care…not one iota.

Which was why he was going to spend the last few days he had in London getting wasted and fucking every beautiful man who would have him. And London was full of beautiful men…of that there was no question.

So far the night had been a bit of a doozy. He had spent the first hour or so with some bloke named matt…or mike…or something with an m anyway. He was cute, in an ordinary sort of way…brown hair (too light), brown eyes (too dull) and a toned body (not compact enough)…an unmemorable blowjob in the bathroom later and Sebastian was over it.

He was actually considering leaving…maybe trying his luck out at another club…. when he saw him. He felt himself take a sharp breath when he caught sight of the dark haired beauty dancing by himself on the dance floor. He stood out despite the fact that there was a mass of people crushing in from every side. And yet he seemed to take no notice of them.

Oh, there were people who tried to dance up beside him but the man ignored them. He looked young; Sebastian suspected a fake id….but who knew? maybe he was in his twenties and just one of those eternally youthful looking people.

What really caught Sebastian’s attention was the silkily black hair…hair that curled just so at the base of the man’s slender neck. He was petite too….not the scrawny kind but the compact, wiry type…perfect. When Sebastian met his eyes they were the wrong color….a deep eye catching green, far more vibrant then Sebastian’s own pale green, but surprisingly Sebastian didn’t care. They were gorgeous enough to make up for not being the warm golden hue he was really after.

He knew in that moment that he wanted him….and for once he was going to get what he wanted. Screw Lima, his father, his mother and….Blaine, for tonight he was going to just have fun and forget. Forget about everything but him and the gorgeous man on the dance floor.

It was a solid plan….really what was the worst thing that could happen?