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team 7 shenanigans

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“Ouch!” Sasuke said as Naruto, who was sat behind him, was using every ounce of his focus he could muster (which wasn’t very much) into braiding the hair of his teammate. He had yanked on Sasuke’s strands a little too hard, causing Sasuke to try to turn around and scowl at him. 


“Face forward, asshole.” Naruto said, turning Sasuke’s head before he could receive his death stare. “Stop being annoying.” 


“How the hell am I being annoying? You just pulled my fucking hair.” Sasuke returned, irritated. 


“You just are. Now shut up and let me focus.”

Naruto squinted back at his attempt at a french braid, and stuck his tongue out of the corner of his mouth as he tried to work with Sasuke’s hair. 


“I’m literally just sitting here, Naruto. How could I possibly be annoying you right now when you’re the one who pulled my hair?” Sasuke retorted. 


“Sakura, Sasuke’s being annoying.” Naruto complained, like a kid telling on their sibling.


Their bickering was usually meaningless and served only to annoy those around them. By those around them, Sakura was usually the unfortunate soul who had the pleasure of bearing witness to it the most often.


She had been waiting for her nails to dry and reading a magazine on her couch that Naruto sat on and that Sasuke leaned against while settled in between Naruto’s legs. She joined the conversation before they fell into the endless cycle of stupid comments, which she knew they definitely would.


“Both of you better cut it out,” She began in a level voice, still Naruto flinched and in the process, once again pulled on Sasuke’s black locks. He had just been about to open his mouth to complain but decided against it when he saw Sakura’s warning gaze piercing through him. “This is the first time we’ve been all together like this in a while. The last time was on the fucking battlefield during a war and I thought it would be nice if we could hang out without having to worry about saving the world.” She said, and with each world Naruto shrunk farther into the couch. “So can we please just enjoy each other’s company without the two of you giving me a headache?” Her tone was overly friendly, so Naruto especially knew not to try to challenge her. 


“No promises.” He said anyway. Sakura leveled him with a look, but he only smugly grinned. Naruto’s smile was contagious, and Sakura couldn’t fight against the urge to smile when she saw it if she tried. Sakura rolled her eyes as she scooted closer to Naruto.


“Here, gimme.” Sakura said, swatting Naruto’s hands away and replacing with her own. 


“‘Gimme’? What am I, an object?” Sasuke said in his dry tone that if someone didn’t know him well enough, they probably wouldn’t register it as sarcasm. 


“Oh, hush.” Sakura said, tapping her fingertips on his cheek in what was the lightest smack. She then turned slightly to Naruto to make sure he was paying attention. “Do you remember what I showed you before?” She said.


“Yeah, I remember.” He said. “I just think my fingers are too big.” He scratched the back of his head and chuckled. 


Sakura then proceeded to demonstrate how to properly french braid, Naruto listening intently. Sasuke didn’t mind because he actually liked having his hair played with, but he would never admit that.


Sakura watched proudly as Naruto finished the braid and triumphantly smiled.


“Aw, Sasuke, you look so cute!” Sakura said before she pinched one of Sasuke’s cheeks. Naruto snickered.


“Yeah, Sasuke, so adorable .” Naruto mocked. 


Sasuke put on the most dramatic pout before pouring all the sarcasm he could into saying, “You really think so?” Naruto shoved the back of his head.


“Your turn, Naruto.” Sakura said, and Naruto looked at her like she had grown three heads. 


“Uh, in case you haven’t noticed,” He brought his hand up to gesture around his hair. “My hair is way too short.”


“So?” Sakura said. “It always feels nice when someone plays with your hair.” She said simply. Naruto shrugged.


“Alright, sure.” He said, and he joined Sasuke on the floor. Sasuke immediately made himself comfortable by laying down and using Naruto’s leg as a pillow. Sakura continued to read her magazine with one hand while the other inattentively fiddled with Naruto’s short golden locks. 


They settled into a comfortable silence, and after a few minutes had gone by, Sakura glanced down to find that Naruto had fallen asleep. She was surprised to see that Sasuke had too, still using Naruto as a pillow. 


Sakura smiled at her two best friends, and yawned before she got up to join them. The floor was hard, but Sakura didn’t mind, wherever her teammates were, a feeling of comfort was sure to follow. She seamlessly melted into Sasuke’s side as he sleepily raised his arm to make room for her, eyes still closed. She smiled when she felt his warmth, and then smiled again when she felt Naruto throw his arm protectively over the two of them. 


Sakura felt overcome with love for the two most important people in her life, and sleep came to her easily.