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Catra sat at the long dining table, Adora to her right, Castaspella to her left. Glimmer sat at the head of the table, Bow flanking her to the right. The rest of the table was filled with high-ranking Bright Moon guards and soldiers, various members of Glimmer’s court, and others who were probably partners or spouses. Opposite Glimmer at the other head of the table was Captain Antilles, a strong-looking older woman wearing ceremonial armour. She was retiring from the palace guard, the reason for this particular dinner.

Glimmer stood, tapping a spoon against a glass, and everyone at the table turned their attention.

“Thank you all for coming to celebrate the retirement of Captain Antilles, a loyal and long-standing member of the Bright Moon royal guard.” Glimmer continued her speech, listing off the Captain’s many accomplishments. Everyone listened attentively, except maybe Catra.

This was, in her opinion, the worst time to have such a dinner.

Adora had recently pointed out that some of the women in the book that started their BDSM adventure were wearing a collar, something that made Catra’s cheeks flush rather visibly. Adora immediately measured Catra’s neck and sent out to have a custom collar made and sent to Bright Moon. That was two weeks ago.

It was delivered 10 minutes before the dinner.


When Glimmer’s speech ended, Juliet, the Bright Moon general, stood to deliver one herself. Catra couldn’t help but not pay attention, thinking instead of the leather collar tight around her neck. Adora grabbing the metal ring and tugging her closer. Maybe a leash, tied to the bed, making her-

Adora placed her hand on top of Catra’s, which had been drumming absentmindedly. She gave it a squeeze, and a look Catra couldn’t quite place. Perhaps sympathy, perhaps pity, perhaps humor, maybe even a bit of all three.

Her mistake was letting Adora know she was feeling impatient.

Adora began to slowly, softly run her fingers over Catra’s. A simple touch, something nobody at the table would think twice about. But it practically drove Catra crazy, knowing that she’d have to sit through this dinner to finally wear that collar for Adora after fantasizing about it incessantly. Adora’s touch kept reminding her of it, reminding her of the fact that she had to be patient.

But eventually the speeches finished and the feast was brought out. Catra did her best to act like normal, throwing sarcastic remarks at Glimmer and teasing Bow when she caught him making puppy eyes at the Queen. She nearly forgot about the collar, when plates were being cleared away and conversation was winding down.

Until Adora’s hand ended up resting on Catra’s upper thigh, making her stumble over her words and lose her train of thought. Adora nudged her playfully, receiving an angry glare for her troubles. Catra could practically hear Glimmer’s eyes roll around in their sockets.

Catra nearly jumped when Adora told the other guests she and Catra were going to head to bed. The look Glimmer and Adora exchanged made her think that her fidgetiness didn’t go unnoticed, but at this point, she didn’t really care.

Adora wrapped an arm around Catra’s waist and pulled her close as they walked down the hall, pressing her mouth up to the cat’s ear.

“You were so desperate, Kitten,” she whispered, sending a shiver down Catra’s spine. “I bet you’re nice and wet thinking about that collar.”

Catra managed to gulp out a yes Mistress when they arrived at their room.

She went and sat on the bed, waiting for Adora’s orders.

Adora began taking off her dress. “Undress for me, Kitten, and we’ll see how our new toy looks on you,” she said. Catra obeyed, eagerly pulling off her pants, shirt, and underwear, neatly folding them and setting them all aside.

When Adora was nude as well, she instructed her submissive to close her eyes. Catra heard some rustling, and then the bed shift as her Mistress knelt behind her. She felt soft leather around her neck, over her throat, and tightening as Adora fitted the clasp.

“How does that feel?” Adora asked.

“Perfect,” she replied, stretching her neck to adjust to the unfamiliar feeling.

“Open your eyes,” Adora said, holding a mirror up for Catra to see herself.

The collar was black leather, about an inch wide, with red stitching around the circumference. A metal ring hung on the front, just begging for a leash or some rope.

Catra admired how it looked around her neck for a moment before turning to face her lover.

“You look gorgeous,” Adora said, running a finger over the soft leather.

Catra leaned in to kiss her, their lips pushing together for a moment before their mouths opened and tongues danced together. They forgot about the rules, and the roles, and let themselves enjoy each other freely.

But only for a moment. Adora looped a finger through the metal ring and leaned back, giving it a tug. Catra let out a gasp, feeling a sudden heat between her legs.

“And you’re all mine,” Adora purred, satisfied with how dilated Catra’s pupils had become.

She stood, retrieving another from the package that Catra didn’t know she’d ordered; a leash, black leather, matching the collar.

Adora stepped forward and clipped the leash onto the collar. “You look wonderful like this, Kitten.” She tugged the leash towards her, pulling Catra into another kiss, rougher this time. She pulled roughly on the cat’s hair, forcing a whine out from her lips.

The collar and leash offered Catra little freedom of movement as Adora began kissing at her jaw, biting and sucking, leaving red marks under her fur. From how rough she was being, Catra figured the dinner made her Mistress impatient as well.

Not that she was complaining. Impatience made Adora rough and needy, made her grab Catra’s hair hard and bite her even harder. Catra adored the attention, adored her possessiveness. She liked feeling like she belonged to Adora, and with the leash held fast in Adora’s hands, she probably did.

Adora knelt on the bed and pulled Catra forward, taking a breast in her mouth and gripping Catra’s ass. She sucked and bit at her hard nipples, circling and flicking her tongue, sending waves of pleasure through the cat’s body.

Catra straddled Adora’s thigh and began grinding against it absentmindedly, relieving some of the pressure that had been building over the past few hours. She moaned and whined, pressing her face into the blonde’s hair.

The grinding didn’t go unnoticed for long, and Adora tugged on the leash to bring her submissive closer.

“That’s it, Kitten,” she purred quietly, pulling on Catra’s hip. “You’re so desperate for me, such a good girl.”

Catra dug her nails into Adora’s back as she rode her leg faster, trying desperately to find relief. “Please Mistress, I need your fingers so much!”

“You’re doing so well,” she praised, biting at Catra’s ear. “I love it when you’re like this. So wet and desperate.”

She gave the leash another tug, bringing her mouth to the cat’s neck, kissing and biting at the soft fur. Her tongue flicked under the collar, where her submissive was most sensitive. “I want you to cum on my leg. Can you do that for me, Kitten?”

Catra nodded, ignoring the burn in her legs and grinding as well as she could. Adora’s leg was wet from her slick but she didn’t seem to notice, too focused on whispering praises and encouragements in the cat’s ears.

With one last bit of effort, Catra buckled forward, pleasure shooting through her body, Adora holding her and letting her ride out the orgasm.

When Catra finally relaxed onto the bed, Adora carefully removed the collar and placed it aside, gently kissing and soothing the girl’s neck. Catra curled into her Mistress’ arms, purring and letting out quiet whines.

As they laid together, Catra’s breathing slowed and her body relaxed, and Adora formulated plans for their new toys, and some more that were on the way.