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Steele Wanting More

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It was impossible to imagine yet it was happening. Laura, here with him doing a sting, at the behest of another con!

He had always known Laura’s willingness to follow the rules was somewhat of a gray area, it was just that he’d never realized how far she was willing to go for her morals, and the people she cared about.

Of course, after tasting her coffee, he could understand, at least where Mildred was concerned.

He shouldn’t have been surprised at her instant agreement, after all, they had stolen paintings together, more than once at this point. Laura was one of the best partners in crime he’d ever had.

So why couldn’t she admit that to herself? It was a mystery Steele had yet to solve. He’d admitted to her that he cared very deeply for her, so what was holding her back?

At first it was clear that she was nervous he may leave her on a whim, or a flight of fancy. And now, the whole unfortunate happening with Anna had left them in a worse situation than when they started. He was back to square one, with Laura unsure of her ability to trust him.

It really wasn’t fair. It seemed that Laura knew him better than he knew himself. He knew he wasn’t going to leave with Anna, but his anger and fear that something would happen to the woman he used to love, again, had driven him to go to her, consequences be damned.

If it weren’t for Laura, he probably wouldn’t even be alive today.

He feared asking her how she felt now, afraid she would give him the cold shoulder, or worse, eject him from her life altogether. He had to admit to himself that didn’t seem likely, especially given their current activities.

He’d simply have to do something to catch her off guard, maybe knock her off her feet a little. To hell with not mixing business with pleasure. Their relationship could use a little romance.

Flowers were always nice, especially this time of year, the most colorful buds would be in bloom.

Yes, this would be perfect. He made a mental note to find the best florist in town at first light tomorrow.