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Pink Lace

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Zuko bit his lip as he watched the dark blue tennis skirt sway around Sokka’s legs as he walked around the art room, returning their supplies. His sweatshirt was pulled up over his elbows, showing off his muscular forearms. Zuko loved how happy Sokka had been since he started dressing however he wanted again, but it did increase the amount of times Zuko wanted to drag him into a bathroom stall like a horny teenager. He exhaled through his nose as Sokka walked back over, his hips swaying more than usual. He smirked at Zuko as he stood over him. Zuko resisted the urge to slide his hands under Sokka’s skirt. Instead he stood up and grabbed his bag. “Ready to go, sweetheart?” He snaked his arm around Sokka’s waist, wanting to get him back to his apartment as soon as possible. 

“Yeah, can we stop for lunch? Sokka hungie,” he said and rubbed his stomach. Zuko made a face of confusion. 

“We can go to lunch if you never say that again,” Zuko said. 

“We’ll see.” Sokka winked. Zuko rolled his eyes and led Sokka out of the classroom. He fiddled with the waistband of Sokka’s skirt as they walked. 

“What are you gonna get?” Zuko asked, half heartedly. 

“Well, the pizza is, unfortunately, garbage, so I’ll probably get the pasta.” Sokka shrugged. Zuko waited outside the cafeteria while Sokka got takeout. When he got back out he draped his arm over Sokka’s shoulder and they walked out to Zuko’s car. Sokka shivered a bit against the biting December wind. When Sokka sat down, Zuko pulled him into a kiss. Sokka cradled Zuko’s face in his hand and ran his tongue across Zuko’s bottom lip. Zuko opened his mouth to accept Sokka’s tongue. Zuko pulled back a moment later, panting lightly. 

“You look so fuckin’ pretty in that skirt, darling.” He slid his hand up said skirt, his eyes going wide when his fingers ran across soft lace. “Are you wearing lingerie?” Zuko could feel a light flush spreading across his cheek. He looked at Sokka’s face, his cheeks also darkened. 

“Maybe,” he smiled. 

“Holy shit,” he whispered. “Th-that’s, wow.” He sat back in the driver’s seat. “Maybe I should have gotten a car that was easier to have sex in.” 

“But cha didn’t.” Sokka said in the exact inflection of the vine. Zuko sighed softly and wonder how his boyfriend could be so smart and so fucking stupid at the same time. “So now you have to wait to fuck me until we get to yours.” He smirked and let his hand fall into his lap. He trailed his fingers lightly over his cock. Zuko clenched his jaw and turned the key in the ignition. He drove a little bit too quickly back to his apartment while Sokka reached under his skirt to rub his cock, soft sighs falling from his lips. 

“How are you gonna hide that, sweetheart?” Zuko asked as he pulled into his parking lot. He smirked down at Sokka’s half hard cock. 

“You’re gonna lend me your coat.” Sokka smiled. Zuko parked before he took off his coat and handed it to Sokka, leaving him in his white collared shirt. Sokka quickly shrugged the long overcoat on and wrapped it tightly around himself. They got out of the car and went up to Zuko’s apartment. Zuko set his bag down before grabbing Sokka’s hips and shoving him against the door. He ground his hips down onto Sokka’s, shoving a thigh between his legs. Sokka moaned softly and grabbed Zuko’s biceps. He tilted his head up to kiss Zuko and they rutted against each other. Zuko planted a hand on the wall beside Sokka’s head and broke away from the kiss. 

“Bed?” He cocked his eyebrow. Sokka nodded, his breathing heavy. They kicked off their shoes and Sokka threw Zuko’s overcoat on a nearby chair before he grabbed Zuko’s wrist and led him toward the bedroom. Zuko watched the sway of the skirt as he walked. He wanted to push the soft cotton over his hips and fuck him. When they got into the bedroom Zuko pulled him into a deep kiss, his hand wandering over his ass, feeling the soft lace again. He snapped the waistband against Sokka’s skin, making his hips jerk. Sokka undid the buttons on Zuko’s shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. He ran his hands over his chest. He pressed his face into Zuko’s neck as Zuko rubbed Sokka’s cock through his panties. Sokka kissed him one more time before dropping to his knees. He undid Zuko’s belt and the button on his pants. He mouthed at Zuko’s cock through his pants as he slowly dragged the zipper down. Zuko took out his hair tie, letting the soft brown waves fall around his jaw. His fingers threaded through it and he pulled lightly. A soft sigh slipped from Sokka’s mouth. He pulled off his gloves and unwound his arm wrappings. Then he pulled Zuko’s cock out of his briefs and looked up at him, his pupils blown wide with arousal. 

“Can I?” He whispered. His warm breath brushed over the head of Zuko’s cock. Zuko nodded, tightening his grip on Sokka’s hair. Sokka took his cock into his mouth, sucking lightly at the tip. Zuko’s mouth fell open as Sokka sucked his cock further down. He guided Sokka’s movements as he started to bob his head. 

“You’re so pretty, Sokka. You look perfect sucking my cock.” Zuko purred. Sokka hummed around his cock. He brought his hands up to hold Zuko’s hips, taking him deeper. Zuko felt his cock slid into Sokka’s throat, making him gag a little. He squeezed his eyes shut as Zuko started to thrust into his mouth, tears forming at the corners. When Sokka’s nose brushed the hair above Zuko’s cock, he held him in place until the tears rolled down his cheeks. Zuko let go of him and he panted when he pulled off. Zuko wiped away the tears with his thumb. Sokka leaned into the touch, his eyes sliding shut. “Do you want me to fuck you, pretty boy?” He ran his thumb along Sokka’s bottom lip. 

“Shit, yes.” Sokka nodded. He stood up and kissed Zuko. He could taste his own cock on Sokka’s tongue as they kissed. He guided Sokka back into the bed and pushed him onto it. He walked over to the nightstand and grabbed lube and a condom. He took off his clothes and climbed onto the bed. 

“Take off your shirt,” he said. Sokka pulled off his sweatshirt, exposing his toned abs and sculpted chest. Zuko dragged his eyes down his body. “On your knees and elbows, baby.” Sokka complied, revealing a peak of the soft pink panties. Zuko pushed the blue tennis skirt over his hips, leaving his ass exposed. He pulled the panties down his thighs and slicked up three of his fingers. He ran feather light touches over Sokka’s hole, his other hand stroking his thigh. He teased Sokka until he couldn’t take it anymore.  

“Fuck me, Ko, please.” He shook his hips, the skirt swirling. 

“‘Course, baby.” He said and pushed a finger into him. Sokka let out a soft whine as Zuko’s long finger pressed him open. Zuko slipped his thumb under his lacy panties and stroked the soft skin of his hips. He slowly fucked his finger in and out of Sokka, drawing pretty noises out of him. 

“Shit, feels so good, Zuko.” He gasped when Zuko prodded his prostate. “Right there.” Zuko rubbed the bundle of nerves, making him moan. “More, please, need more.” Zuko slipped another finger into him, scissoring him open. He leaned over Sokka’s back, pressing soft kisses to his neck. He fucked Sokka harder, wanting to make him feel good. 

“How does that feel, pretty thing?” He mumbled into Sokka’s neck. 

“G-good, need more.” Sokka pushed his hips back against Zuko’s hand. “K-ko, your fingers, ah, fuckin’, ngk,” he slurred. Zuko pushed a third finger into him, relishing the whimpers that fell from the boy's lips. He enjoyed making Sokka devolve into a whimpering mess, a far cry from his usual cocky self. He rubbed his fingers against Sokka’s prostate. “Shit, babe, so good,” he gasped. 

A few moments later Zuko asked, “Are you ready, darling?” 

“Y-yes, please, Koko. Fuck me,” Sokka begged. “Need your cock, Ko. P-please.” Zuko smiled as he babbled. He pulled his fingers out and kicked off his pants. Sokka looked over his shoulder, his soft brown eyes wide and glassy. Zuko quickly swept his hair up into a ponytail before he tore the condom open with his teeth and a light growl, hoping to make Sokka laugh. He succeeded. “You’re an idiot,” he mumbled. 

“So are you.” He smiled and pressed a kiss to Sokka’s ass. He stroked his cock a few times before rolling the condom on. “Okay, baby?” Sokka nodded. “Good boy.” He knelt behind Sokka and lined up his cock. He grabbed his hip with one hand and pressed into him. 

“Shit! Zuko, mmph, so big,” Sokka gasped. He shifted his weight to one elbow and reached up to stroke his cock. Zuko grabbed his wrist and held it against the small of his back. Sokka grunted in time with Zuko’s slow and deliberate thrusts. His skirt swished against his thighs and his cock rubbed against the soft lace of his panties. Zuko reached around him to pull his other arm out from under him and he fell onto his chest with a soft ‘oof’. Zuko held both of his wrists against his back, the shift in his position allowing Zuko to fuck his prostate. Sokka squeezed his eyes shut, meaningless words tumbling from his lips. Zuko’s free hand pressed Sokka’s shoulder deeper into the mattress, his fingernails digging into the firm muscle. He clenched his jaw as he thrust in and out of Sokka, occasionally letting out a soft grunt. 

“You’re so fuckin’ pretty, sweet thing,” he groaned. “Look so good on my cock.” He slid his hand up Sokka’s neck and pulled his hair. Sokka whined, his head tilting back. Zuko leaned down and bit his neck.

“Zuko, babe.” Sokka moaned as Zuko ran his tongue over the bite, assuaging the pain. “H-harder.” His hands clenched and unclenched against his back. His eyes cracked open, unfocused and clouded with lust. Zuko bit Sokka’s neck again, fucking into him harder. He nibbled the cartilage of Sokka’s ear, tugging on the silver piercing with his teeth. He dropped Sokka’s hands, pulling him up onto his knees. Sokka leaned into Zuko’s chest, his mouth hanging open and his eyes shut. He let out pathetic whimpers as Zuko fucked him. One of Zuko’s hands pulled on Sokka’s nipple piercing, the other held him up. Sokka reached over his shoulder and plunged his fingers into Zuko’s hair. 

“You can touch yourself, y’know,” Zuko mumbled into his neck. “Or are you too concentrated on my cock to realize that?” 

“Y-yeah, your cock is so fucking perfect, Zuko,” he panted, finally reaching under his skirt to stroke his cock. “Harder, Ko, please. M-more.” Zuko pulled on his nipple ring harder, sucking on his shoulder. As Zuko neared his orgasam, he lowered Sokka back onto his elbows. He grabbed Sokka’s hips and pounded into him. Sokka gripped the sheets underneath him, his eyes squeezed shut, and long eyelashes wet with tears. 

“Are you crying, pretty thing?” Zuko smirked, a sick satisfaction building his gut. 

“‘S just fuckin’ perfect, Zuko.” Sokka whimpered in response. “F-feels so fuckin’ good.” Zuko reached under Sokka’s hips and rubbed his cock through the lace. A predatory grin spread across his face when he felt the wetness of Sokka’s release cover his hand. Sokka’s asshole clamped around his cock as he came, cries and tears spilling out of him. Zuko felt himself getting close and he slowed his thrusts. 

He leaned over Sokka’s back and wiped a tear from his cheek with his clean hand. “Can I cum in your panties?” He stroked Sokka’s cheek with his thumb. Sokka nodded. “Use your words, baby.”

“Yeah, please,” he said. 

“You’ll have to keep them on. You wanna feel my cum for the rest of the day, sweetheart?” 

“Y-yes,” he breathed. Zuko clenched his jaw as he pulled out of Sokka and took off the condom. He pulled down Sokka’s panties and stroked his cock into the pink lace. He braced himself on Sokka’s ass with one hand, his nails digging into the supple skin. He finally came into the panties with a soft groan. He panted for a few moments, jerking himself through the aftershocks, before he pulled the cum-filled panties back over Sokka’s hips. He fell into the bed next to Sokka. 

He rested a hand on Sokka’s cheek and looked deep into his glassy brown eyes. “Are you okay, darling?” Sokka blinked slowly and smiled. 

“Yeah,” he sighed. He leaned up and pressed a kiss to Zuko’s forehead. “You owe me new underwear.” 

“That’s reasonable.” Zuko smiled. After they laid in bed for a bit, they went out to the kitchen to work on their homework until Sokka got too worked up by the way the mix of cum felt rubbing against his sensitive cock and he pulled Zuko back to bed. 


“When you said I owe you new underwear, this isn’t what I expected.” Zuko chuckled at the three pairs of fleeced lined long underwear in Sokka’s arms. 

“Oh if I’m having someone buy underwear for me, I’m going to exploit it for personal gain.” He smiled. He leaned in close to Zuko and whispered “We can get some more panties after this, babe.” Zuko clenched his jaw, a light flush spreading over his cheek. 

“S-sounds good.” He tightened his grip on Sokka’s hand. 

“Y’know, I never thought I’d get a sugar daddy this early on in life.” He snickered. 

“Oh my god.”