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When you feel my heat, look into my eyes

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Jungkook has never been more grateful for his liking to be prepared than he is when a handsome young man enters the apartment he’s currently in. Jungkook hears the keys in the lock and Pixel gets up from where she has been sound asleep on his lap. She stretches her paws in front of her small, black body and looks back at Jungkook.

That’s him. Remember what I told you – he’s easily terrified, so just be patient. The cat tells him.

Jungkook smiles, his cheeks hurting a little and nods. When the owner of a cute kitty and this surprisingly tidy place walks in, he doesn’t notice Jungkook at first. He has earphones in and he’s humming to a song Jungkook doesn’t recognize. Turns around to lock behind himself and take them out of his ears.

When he goes to greet his cat, he spots Jungkook and lets out a sound even Jungkook – being a 438 year old demon hasn’t heard in his life before.

“What the fuck?!” the man screams and drops his bag on the ground, staring at Jungkook, petrified.

Honestly, his reaction is normal. Jungkook is a demon who is usually summoned, which means people at least expect him to some degree. It’s rare for him to just flop into someone’s apartment on a usual fine Tuesday evening. Then again – he has no one but himself to blame for this mess.

Jungkook is quick to hold up the paper where he scribbled his message and hand it to the man, stepping back so he feels at least a little safer.

This beautiful, yet somehow deprived of touch and sex – Jungkook notes quickly – stranger takes it and starts reading out loud with a shaky voice.

“H-Hello there, my name is Jungkook and I’m a demon who just had his wisdom te—“ he stops and looks at Jungkook with equal amount of fear from before in his eyes, but— There’s also something else there. Anger? Disbelief? Hell if Jungkook knows, he specifies in horny emotions only. “Who the fuck are you and how did you get into my apartment?”

“Please just read till the end.” Jungkook tells him, his jaw hurting with every word.

The man takes a deep breath and goes through the rest of Jungkook’s message pretty quickly. “I’m a demon who just had his wisdom teeth removed and I somehow managed to transport myself up here when I was under the anesthesia and talking all kinds of shit. I promise I’m not going to hurt you. I talked to your cat, I know you call her Pixel. I’ll be out of your way as soon as possible, but I’m in a lot of pain right now and could really use your help.”

When he’s done, he looks back at Jungkook, who shows him how swollen his cheeks are with probably a bit too much enthusiasm for someone with bloody teeth, buff muscles and a few centimeters of height over this man.

“Okay, clearly the wisdom teeth part is true.” He says and places the paper back on the counter. “What’s my name if you’ve spoken to Pixel?”

“Your cat doesn’t know your name. She doesn’t speak human.”

“Oh, but she speaks demonic?”

“Yes, actually. It’s a cat, what do you expect?”

“I see you’re perfectly capable of talking, why write all this?”

“Because it still hurts and it’s easier if you can take the information in calmly than to have me say it.”

Jungkook’s words are slurred around the edges.

“Okay, I’m not buying into your shit for one second but I can see you’re in pain so I’ll help you. Sit down.” The stranger says and Jungkook listens, sitting back on the couch where he was before.

He leaves the room, comes back in a few moments. Gets Jungkook a glass of water and a pill, which he happily swallows down.

“Why didn’t you help yourself?”

“Because it’s impolite. It’s your house.”

“Oh and it’s not impolite to get into my house?”

“I already told you, it was an accident. I didn’t plan to come here.”

“From all the crazy stories I’ve heard, I’ll admit, this is probably the most imaginative one. What I don’t understand is – you didn’t steal anything important, I don’t keep cash in my house and I wear my jewelry with me, you didn’t flip the furniture, you didn’t even hurt my cat. Are you a psychopath who is just waiting to kill me now?”

Despite his words of caution, he does a completely paradoxical thing and actually sits on the couch next to Jungkook.

“I’m not a psychopath. And I didn’t break into your apartment either. How would I have done that?” Jungkook struggles to talk, but he swallows and swipes his tongue over the upper set of his teeth to remove any blood. “Your door was locked. You can check your windows. I swear I didn’t break in.”

“I live on the 7th floor, you probably wouldn’t be able to climb any windows.” The man says matter-of-factly.


“Then if I call the police right now? Are you gonna sell them the same story about an accidental transport from hell?”

“You can, but they might lock you up. See, the only person who can see me is you.”

“Oh, now we have that rule as well?”

“If you don’t believe me, why don’t you video call one of your friends? I’ll be in the shot. See if they notice me.”

The man stands up and turns on the light, finally. Jungkook blinks a few times, used to the moonlight shining on them through the window until now. This way, the stranger is even prettier. Lovely, black hair parted in a well thought-out way that shows his forehead just right. He’s wearing simple jeans and a sweater.

He looks around, calling for his cat and Pixel emerges from the shadow, extending her neck and rubbing her small head against his leg. He scratches under her chin and when he goes to open the fridge, spots that her bowl is already half full.

He raises an eyebrow at Jungkook. “And this isn’t impolite?”

“She told me she was hungry.”

“That, I believe you. She’s always hungry.”  

Pixel turns to Jungkook and meows. He should really complain less about someone who can scratch half his furniture. You’d think humans have more sense than that.

Jungkook giggles. “You’re right.”

The man – whose name he still doesn’t know – frowns at him. “You know I can easily answer when she meows. That doesn’t mean I speak with cats.”

“Exactly. I do. You’re not a demon. I am.”

He shakes his head and gets his phone from his back pocket, walking back to the couch and typing something. Pixel waddles away, out of the area that’s the living room and the kitchen. Jungkook scoots closer to him and when he shivers a little, Jungkook simply smiles, as if to say that he’s just trying to prove his point.

Jungkook can hear when the stranger’s heart skips a beat and he can smell his blood running in his veins, arousal spreading all through his body. Which only means that his visit here will be much longer than he anticipated but given how beautiful this man is, he really doesn’t care.

“Hobi-hyung.” There’s a man on the phone screen in front of them. He has a round face and orange hair. “What’s up?”

Jungkook stores the name in his memory for later and observes Hobi’s reaction as he waves to his friend, pulling silly faces and getting closer to the camera. The orange haired man doesn’t react and it only serves to scare Hobi even more, but also to arouse him at the same time. Jungkook bites down a smile and leans backwards.

“Um, nothing, just calling to check where were you today.”

“Well, I sent you a message. I took a few days off, I think I have a cold.”

“Aw, Jiminie.” Hobi’s voice goes high as he coos. “Are you alright? Do you need hyung to come and get you anything?”

“No, it’s okay, Tae is taking care of me. But thank you. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay, take care of yourself well.”

They continue talking for a few more minutes about trivial stuff, but Jungkook zones out. He’s in pain and he hopes the pill Hobi gave him will work soon. He still can’t believe this happened to him of all demons. He could have gotten in trouble. His biggest worry right now is – how is he going to explain what does he have to do in order to leave?

“Okay, so. Jimin can’t see you. That’s just great.” Hobi sighs and fidgets with his phone mask. “What the fuck?” he whispers, as if he’s telling himself.

“I mean – I told you so. Don’t know what else to do to prove it to you. I’m a demon. Look, I know this can be a lot to—“

“Shouldn’t you have horns?” he interrupts Jungkook. “I mean, well—“ he scratches the back of his neck and grows seemingly embarrassed but Jungkook can smell that he’s really turned on at the prospect of Jungkook having horns. It shouldn’t be surprising, really. “Whenever demons are mentioned, or, or the Devil, in all books and stuff, you guys usually have horns. So I figured… I mean, it might not be true, I didn’t even believe demons are real and we mostly think aliens are green when they could be any fucking color—“

Jungkook decides this man is cute when he rambles.

“I do have horns, Hobi-hyung.”

“It’s Hoseok.”

“Alright, Hoseok. I do have horns, but… They come out only when I’m having sex.”

Hoseok blushes quickly, both his neck and cheeks as he coughs and rubs his forearm aggressively. Jungkook decides he’s cute when he’s shy as well. Still, under all those thick emotions Jungkook can smell Hoseok likes his attention and he likes that Jungkook is sitting next to him. Likes how Jungkook looks.

“How’s your jaw?”

“Better, thank you.”

“Great, now that you’re lucid, when will you be leaving?”

“Actually that might be a bit of a problem…”

“Of course it is.” Hoseok sighs and palms his face.

“See, I’m a lust demon. And when I transferred to Earth, while it was an accident, I ended up in your house because— I’m saying this with best intentions, please don’t get offended, but. I’m here because you’re deprived of sex.”

“What?” Hoseok all but yells at him, his voice breaking and making a weird, amusing screeching sound as he jumps up from the couch. “How dare you?”

“I’m telling you, it’s not an insult!” Jungkook gestures with his hands. “I promise! There’s nothing bad about not having sex and wanting it. I mean, you are a professor, you don’t have much free time and Pixel tells me you’re not exactly the type of guy to bring home one night stands—“

“Oh my god, shut up!” Hoseok actually covers his ears and honestly, could this man get any cuter? Come on. “I am not discussing my sex life with a stranger who calls himself a lust demon and who got information about me through my cat when I’ve had a long day at work and all I wanna do is take a shower and get into bed. You have no right to tell me am I or am I not deprived of sex!” he points his finger at Jungkook and his voice is stern, he’s clearly upset but still—

Turned on. Jesus. Is this man ever not horny? No wonder Jungkook fell down here.

“Yes, sir.” Jungkook nods, not in the mood to argue with him.

“Okay. Good. Now what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna take my shower and I’m gonna go to bed. I’ll get you a pillow and some sheets and you can sleep on the couch. If you are in fact a demon, as you claim you are, I want you gone before i wake up. Transport, teleport, fly back to hell for all I care.”

“Yes, sir.” Jungkook repeats and tries not to chuckle.

“Good. Are you in pain?”


“Alright. I’ll be taking my shower now.”


The next morning, a sleepy Hoseok emerges from his bedroom. He seems displeased to see Jungkook still here but also not awake enough to react with a lot of energy.

“You’re still here.” Is all he says.

“Still here.” Jungkook nods. “Couldn’t sleep much, I was in a lot of pain. I made you breakfast and coffee.”

“Did you eat anything?”

“Ah, just drank some milk. Can’t chew a lot because of this, I barely even swallow.”

Hoseok sits at the small table in his kitchen and takes a sip of his coffee, humming appreciatively. “Did my cat also tell you how I like my coffee?”

“She did, yeah.”

“Still, you need to eat something, you can’t take painkillers on an empty stomach. Why didn’t you go down to the store to buy some acceptable food?”

Hoseok is acting as if Jungkook is his roommate of years and not an actual lust demon who he found in his home last night and who won’t be able to leave until he fucks him. Jungkook writes that to his sleepiness.

“Because no one but you can actually see me, remember?”

“Right, right.” Hoseok nods, his mug in both hands and eyes freakishly open, staring in front of himself at the wall. He licks his upper lip.

He’s not all that horny this morning. Not much than most of humans on daily bases, that is. Certainly less than last night.

“There’s some cereal. You can drown them in the milk until they become soggy, try eating that. I’ll see what I can get on my way back from work.”

“Um, thank you?” Jungkook tilts his head, confused at complete change of attitude from last night.

“What?” Hoseok must notice, as he lowers his mug and looks at Jungkook. “I have no idea what or who are you, but you are hurting and I feel bad.” He shrugs. “Besides, you made me breakfast and didn’t hurt my cat. So, as I said – get some cereal while I’m at work and I’ll come back in the afternoon with more food you’ll be able to stomach.”

“I thought you were coming in the evening?”

“Well, I certainly don’t work at the university until 10 o’clock. I was at my gym last night. Don’t worry tho, I won’t take long today. Only got a few classes.”

“What do you teach?”

“Pixel didn’t tell you that?” Hoseok raises his eyebrow and he’s so pretty in the morning light, still on the brick of sleepiness, his bare face unbelievably clean and skin smooth.

“She said she doesn’t care about it all that much.”

“Ouch.” Hoseok clutches his hand over his heart and stands up to leave the empty mug in the sink, next to Jungkook. “New rule: if my cat talks shit about me, don’t tell me. It hurts my feelings.”

“Deal.” Jungkook snorts.

“I teach history. Now, I’ll show you where the painkillers are. They are not strong, but you can’t take them on an empty stomach, so please at least try to get something inside yourself first, okay?”

“Okay.” Jungkook nods. “I gotta say, I’m really surprised. You seemed really determined that I gotta leave last night.”

Hoseok heavies a long, dramatic sigh. “My friends say I’m too good. I mean, Jimin didn’t see you, so I either entered some weird alternative reality or all that smoking with hyungs and Joon is finally getting to me. The way I see it – I have someone in my home who could use my help. I’m not just gonna sit and watch you suffer, am I?”

Jungkook bites his cheek and decides to stay silent on the fact that it’s gonna end up being exactly the opposite – Hoseok is the one who needs Jungkook’s help here. But he doesn’t want to disturb his good and somewhat peaceful mood today, so he just nods and follows him to the bathroom, so Hoseok can show him where he keeps his medicine.  


Jungkook stays.

Well, it’s no surprise to him, he knows he can’t leave until Hoseok is no longer burning with the want to get dicked down, but every morning Hoseok wakes up and greets him with you’re still here. Some days it sounds like a question, most days like a statement.

They don’t talk about anything Jungkook told him that first night of his stay, because Hoseok doesn’t mention it and Jungkook, naturally, doesn’t want to upset him again that way. Because Hoseok is a really nice human being and frankly Jungkook has all the time in the world.

While they don’t touch on the subject of Jungkook being a lust demon assigned to him because Hoseok is deprived and wanting sex, they do talk. For two weeks, they watch movies and Hoseok fusses about him as if Jungkook were his best friend and makes him smoothies, soups, buys tasty yoghurts and practically shoves them down Jungkook’s throat.

Jungkook listens about Hoseok’s students, his friends and family, how dearly he misses his sister. He pets Pixel every night she blesses them with their presence in the living room. He learns while he is a sunny and overall social person with a lot of friends, Hoseok gets lonely easily.

Not to mention how his insides are on fire every time he sits next to Jungkook or clutches his biceps or squeezes his thigh if he happens to fall over Jungkook’s lap in the fit of laughter. Accidentally, of course. Hoseok still keeps a straight face and doesn’t mention it.

Until he does.

It’s Friday night when he yawns and asks Jungkook. “So if you think about it, it’s like it’s your personal mission to fuck me, right?”

Jungkook startles at the change of subject they have been obviously avoiding, but he doesn’t miss a beat when he replies. “That’s exactly my mission.”

“That’s so funny.” Hoseok proclaims and starts laughing that loud, beautiful laugh of his, mouth wide open and presenting a lovely set of straight teeth, eyes closed and face red, hand slapping his thigh. “Does every human get their individual demon to fuck them, or do we share?”

“I mean, it depends who is mostly suited for your likings.”

“So, you’re seriously not gonna leave until we fuck?”

“No. But I’m also not gonna do anything to you unless you give me explicit consent. Demons can’t actually be with someone who doesn’t want them a lot.”

“See, that’s a good rule. I like that rule.” Hoseok nods and points his finger at him as if Jungkook is his student who just gave him a correct answer.

“It truly is.”

“Wait a minute.” Hoseok frowns and looks back at Jungkook. He has the cutest, most expressive face ever. “How did you know I’m into guys? Or do you also have that information before you stumble in someone’s home after having your wisdom teeth removed?”

There’s tease and slight mockery in Hoseok’s tone, but it’s lighthearted. Jungkook explained him humans usually summon them and it hasn’t happened that someone just flops in someone’s living room because they were under a strong dose of medication. Still, it’s exactly Hoseok’s energy that pulled him here once he got on Earth.

“Hyung.” Jungkook smiles at him and takes a deep breath when Hoseok’s blood starts boiling again under his soft skin, laced with thick arousal because Jungkook just shifted just a little bit closer to him on the couch. “There’s no gender in lust. My genitals don’t matter. You wanna fuck me either way.”

“Well, I know quite a few people who would disagree on that and actually be offended at your offer.” Hoseok chuckles, feeling awkward but not too much, not afraid. He’s the sweetest thing ever, Jungkook just wants to eat him up. He folds his legs under his petite body.

“Not you tho, right? You don’t care.”

“I don’t care.” Hoseok confirms what Jungkook already knew as he locks eyes with him and his want for Jungkook to grab him, throw him over his shoulder, take him to his bedroom and absolutely raw him is so strong at the moment, Jungkook can practically taste it at the back of his tongue.

But, not yet. Hoseok is close to giving in, but not yet. Jungkook knows that.

“Well, goodnight Jungkookie.” He abruptly stands up and Jungkook just bites down a giggle. Hoseok ruffles his hair and walks away towards his bedroom, tempted and turned on. “Sweet dreams.”

“Yeah. You too, hyung.”  


Jungkook really doesn’t expect to be woken up by Hoseok’s arousal.

He slowly comes to his senses and rubs his eyes, stretching his too big body for a too small couch, taking little sniffs, like a puppy. Is Hoseok… masturbating? Jungkook frowns. That can’t be it. He wouldn’t masturbate with Jungkook in the house. He has made it his personal mission not to, even tho Jungkook could smell he was dying to every day for the past couple of weeks.

Taking the cover off of himself, Jungkook sits up and pops the kinks in his neck. The smell isn’t coming from Hoseok’s bedroom, but… The bathroom? Oh. That makes sense. Maybe he thought the water will mask it. Or maybe he’s too loud so he decided to seize the opportunity while Jungkook is still asleep and hop in the shower.

Jungkook wonders how does Hoseok act in bed. While he can sense what humans like and what they want from him, he doesn’t have the ability to actually know how they behave when pleasured. Which has always been a very stupid feature of his demon life, if you ask Jungkook.

Because he would really like to possess that knowledge. Especially about Hoseok.

As things are now tho, the arousal of his human fills up his nostrils and he realizes – Hoseok just came. Which is hot. Would have been hotter if he let Jungkook do all the hard work for him, but he’s all about respecting boundaries and giving Hoseok all the time he needs.

Soon enough, the shower stops running and in a few minutes Hoseok emerges in the small hallway, face flushed red, hair damp and sticking in all ways, in a huge white T-shirt. Jungkook wonders if he’s wearing anything else. Knowing Hoseok and his love for hygiene, especially personal, he most likely is, but a boy can dream.

“Morning, hyung.” Jungkook grins at him from his position on the couch, as Hoseok walks into the kitchen and opens the fridge.

“Morning. Had a good night?”

“Terrific. Had a good shower?”

Hoseok drowns half the bottle of water, puts it back and shrugs with the most innocent expression on planet Earth. “Have no idea what you’re talking about. Breakfast?”

Jungkook figured denial would be Hoseok’s strategy. He is an Aquarius after all. But still, Jungkook knows. He can smell that Hoseok likes Jungkook noticed and asked. He can act oblivious all he wants.


It’s that same Saturday afternoon that Hoseok finally initiates the conversation. “Can you stop sniffing the air like a puppy?” he asks, not picking up his gaze from his phone.

“I can’t help it hyung, I take what I can get.” Jungkook chuckles, going through the channels on the TV. This is seriously a drag. At least when he’s summoned he has time to pack a bag for himself.

Then again, those visits don’t last nearly as long as this one. Jungkook is very happy Hoseok is at least a very neat guy, much like himself, who pays extra attention to have all of his clothes clean and smelling really nicely. It’s also very convenient that he enjoys things double his size, so Jungkook can fit in them.

“So, you were able to smell me, huh?” Hoseok says again, tone still conversational, eyes still glued to his screen. He’s sitting on a lazy bag next to the couch.

“Hyung, it’s not like water has super powers, or anything.”

“I was sort of hoping it would.”

“You can touch yourself in your own house. I told you – I’m not gonna lay a finger on you, unless you ask me to. All I’m saying is – it would be much better for you if you did ask.”

“Do you want me to ask?”

Jungkook’s stomach does a little flip and he finally leaves the remote and shifts his full attention to his human. “Take a wild guess.”

“No, I— I know the whole thing with being a lust demon and all, but what I meant is—“ Hoseok takes a deep breath and locks his phone, letting it fall on his chest. He looks at Jungkook, but doesn’t quite meet his eyes. “Would you want to sleep with me, even if that wasn’t your obligation?”

“First of all, it’s not my obligation. Second of all, of course I would. Have you seen yourself?”

“It kinda is, tho. You can’t go until you sleep with me, right? How is that fair to you? I like the whole deal with consent – about you not being able to fuck me unless I really really want it, but where does your free will fit there?”

Jungkook feels himself smiling even before he registers it. “Hyung, you’re so cute.” He coos and throws his head backwards in a small giggle. “I’m a lust demon. Literally all I wanna do is fuck humans. Especially ones who practically ache for it. And, especially ones so considerate like you.”

“I’m pretty sure you just called me desperate in some a little more poetic way.” Hoseok frowns and Jungkook just wants to smooch him between his pretty, delicate eyebrows.

“Pretty much, yeah.”

“So what, we fuck, then you go back to Hell, then someone summons you and then you fuck them? That’s all?”


“Oh. Hyung, I didn’t know that—“

“No, forget I said that, that was stupid.” Hoseok stands up and starts walking towards his room, but Jungkook follows him.

“No, it’s not stupid, hey.” He blocks the door when Hoseok goes to close it in his face and observes as he climbs on his bed, burying his head in his pillow. Even Jungkook, being as dense about human emotions except for arousal, smells embarrassment on him. “Hyung, is that why you don’t wanna sleep with me?”

Hoseok stays quiet and Jungkook closes the door behind himself, climbing on the king sized bed and going over the soft covers with his palm. “This is a big bed for someone so tiny.”

“I’m not tiny.” He mumbles in his pillowcase and turns on his back. “I like to have space when I sleep, okay?”


“Listen, Jungkook. I know it’s stupid, but I can’t really fuck someone when I know they’re going to leave right after.”

“It’s not stupid, I’m telling you.”

“You’re right, it’s pathetic.”

Jungkook snorts softly and kicks off his slippers, lying next to Hoseok and leaning on his elbow. “I don’t have to leave immediately. I just said I can’t leave unless we fuck. But us sleeping together isn’t going to magically teleport me back to Hell.”

“Yeah, but. You have your life down there, you know.” Hoseok shifts until he’s also on his side and makes shapes with his index finger between their faces, choosing to focus on that. “You have other humans who will summon you and you will fuck.”

“You can summon me too. I can teach you how. And not just to fuck, we can hang out.”

“I’m not going to summon centuries old demon whose mission is to fuck deprived people so we can hang out.” Hoseok whines.

“Why not? It’s not like I have appointments every Friday or anything. Besides, there’s a bunch of other demons. Hell is a huge place, hyung.”

Hoseok chuckles weakly. “Yeah, but no one can see you here.”

“I don’t care about that. You and Pixel are good company.”

Hoseok heavies a sigh and finally looks at Jungkook. His fingers are very long and in the next moment Jungkook learns his skin is soft, just like everything about Jung Hoseok is. He strokes Jungkook’s face gently and Jungkook really wants to kiss that sad little pout off of his face.

“I do want to sleep with you. But I’m going to be sad when you leave.” Hoseok admits to him.

“Then I won’t leave.” Jungkook says and he means it.

“You have to leave tho. This isn’t your home.”

“Well, sure. I suppose I could stop by to pick up my phone and some clothes, but I can come back. I can come back whenever you ask me to.”

“I can’t ask that of you.” Hoseok shakes his head.

Jungkook takes his wrist and rubs his thumb over Hoseok’s veins. His hands are very delicate. “You’re not asking. I’m offering.”

Jungkook doesn’t expect to be kissed the second he finishes his sentence. But it is what happens. Hoseok scoots just a little bit closer. He doesn’t need much space, they were already so close Jungkook could smell his toothpaste.

He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath through his nose as Hoseok connects their lips. At first he’s unsure, but Jungkook is no stranger to kissing unsure humans and he has been dying to taste Hoseok for fucking forever now, so he slips his tongue inside his mouth and apparently that’s all the green light Hoseok needs.

Suddenly there’s a firm hand on Jungkook’s jaw, long fingers reaching behind his ear as Hoseok surges forward, never breaking the kiss. He wiggles on the bed until he’s lying on top of Jungkook completely. Jungkook pulls back, holding Hoseok’s precious face with both hands, squishing his cheeks.

“What happened with talking?”

“We talked.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t teach you how to summon me, hyung.” He chuckles at his eagerness.

“Oh. That. We can do that later.”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you sure you’re not gonna disappear in a puff of black smoke the second you pull your cock out of me?” Hoseok raises a somewhat challenging eyebrow.


“Then we have no problems. I believe you.”

The last part is mumbled between them, as Hoseok goes back to aggressively making out with Jungkook, but he still catches it. It makes him smile.

“There’s still stuff to talk about. I told you about my horns coming out during sex, right?”

“Oh, right.” Hoseok nods and grins, showing a beautiful set of freakishly straight teeth, looking a little like a kid who was promised he can eat all the candy he wants. To be honest, Jungkook doesn’t mind being the candy if this is the reaction he’s gonna get. “You did, yeah. Sexy. Can’t wait. Are they sensitive?”

“I— I mean, maybe a little bit, nothing special.”

“Can I tug on them?”

“You wanna tug on my horns while we fuck?”

“Yeah, is that a problem?”

“No. I should have seen it coming.”

Hoseok smiles again and rolls over until he’s on his back and pulling Jungkook to come on top of him. Jungkook doesn’t actually drop his whole weight down on him, like Hoseok did, because there’s something about this human that makes him think he could easily break his bones with how delicate and soft Hoseok is. He decides to place his knees on both sides of Hoseok’s thighs and his elbows around his head.

“Do you know what I was doing in the shower, Jungkookie?” Hoseok asks, trailing his fingertip down Jungkook’s jawline.

“Mmm, I know you were touching yourself.”

“But you can’t say what I did exactly?”


“Those are some stupid demon powers, let me tell you that.” Hoseok says.

“Why don’t you tell me yourself, hyung?” Jungkook nuzzles his nose in Hoseok’s neck, inhaling him.

Hoseok is a heaven for Jungkook’s nose. Do you know how lovely someone has to smell to make a demon think about heaven?

“I cleaned myself. Opened myself up. So we don’t have to waste much time on that.” He whispers in Jungkook’s ear and gets even more turned on. Jungkook can smell all his blood rushing south and he’s not far behind either.

“Well that’s just lovely.”

“Wait, if you can’t like— Know what I’m doing as I’m doing it, then what do you know? Or were you just messing with me about all those things?”

“I can tell what you like in bed. I can tell you like it rough. A little bit of pain and you like buff guys. Bigger and stronger than you who can easily pin you down, but you also don’t really enjoy being told what to do. You like to boss around men who can fuck you into the mattress.” he tells him, feeling proud of himself.

“Did you go through my search history?” Hoseok pulls his hair to make Jungkook face him again and he has a tiny frown on his beautiful face.

Jungkook sighs. “No hyung. I keep telling you – I’m a lust demon. I’m not a hacker. Now will you please take off your clothes so I can pin you to the bed and fuck you like you deserve?”

Hoseok bursts into giggles, throwing his head back and slapping Jungkook’s arm. “I’m just kidding, you big baby. Don’t pout at me. Let me go get the lube from the bathroom and you get naked in the meantime, yeah?”

“Good plan.”

Hoseok kisses him briefly as he stands up and disappears. Jungkook has time to only remove his shirt before he comes back. Hoseok’s jaw actually drops at the sight of shirtless Jungkook. He throws the bottle of lube on the bed and climbs it on all fours.

This is what you have been hiding from me?”

“Me? I wasn’t hiding anything, you are the one refusing to talk about this unbearable sexual tension between us for weeks!”

“Well, if I knew you looked like this, I would have thought it over better...”

Jungkook laughs with him. Soon, he’s getting rid of the sweatpants as well, Hoseok is frantically tugging his own shirt and shorts. Then they’re just in their underwear. Hoseok is truly beautiful, lean thigh muscles from all the dancing and going to the gym he told Jungkook about.

His body is evidently strong and capable, probably flexible as fuck too. Jungkook loves it. Wants to lick every inch of Hoseok’s smooth skin, wants to make him quiver with his fingers, mouth, cock, everything. Hoseok seems to be sharing his hunger, because he doesn’t stop touching all over Jungkook’s torso or arms as they lie back down.

“What do you want?”

“Now that is a broad question.” Hoseok snorts.

“It’s okay, we can do whatever you want.”

“Um, kind of an important issue I forgot to mention, I don’t have any condoms.”

“Oh. I mean, we don’t need condoms, demons can’t catch STDs, hyung.” Jungkook says matter-of-factly. “But I totally understand if you don’t wanna fuck a lust demon without one, so—“

“No, no, wait.” Hoseok grabs at his biceps and Jungkook isn’t sure is it to keep him from moving or simply an excuse to feel him up more. “You can’t? Really?”

“Of course not, do you know how many people I’ve slept with? How inconvenient would that be for me?” he smiles gently at Hoseok and leans down to kiss his nose. “But don’t let be the factor that decides. We’re not gonna have unprotected sex if you don’t wanna. You can go to the store and get some. I’d offer but— Yeah, I doubt they’d like floating condoms. Or we can leave it for some other time. I told you, I’m not leaving.”

“Okay, leaving it for some other time isn’t an option.” Hoseok tells him sternly and even goes as far as to hook his leg over Jungkook’s thighs, like he’s making sure to keep him there. “We’re gonna have sex. I mean, I’m clean, I haven’t been with anyone for a really long time, and you – you little slut – are protected, so. If you’re up for it, so am I.”

Jungkook giggles and removes some of Hoseok’s hair from his forehead, tucking it behind his ear. “While I do understand your desperation, believe me. I don’t want you to have sex without protection with me simply because. Even without the fear of catching anything, some people don’t like it.”

“I’m not one of those people.”

“Hobi-hyung. I just want you to be sure.”

“Jungkookie. You’re so sweet.” Hoseok cups his cheek and smiles. “But I promise you. I’m sure. I want this. Okay?”


Jungkook knows he does, can smell it on him how badly Hoseok is dying to stop discussing things and fuck, but it’s in his nature to worry.

“Hey, look at me.” Hoseok tilts Jungkook’s head until their eyes meet. “We might as well just go all out, right?”

Jungkook grins and kisses him, lingering on Hoseok’s soft, delicious lips. “As you say, hyung.”

“There. Good boy. Now take these stupid things off of us and fuck me already.”

Jungkook believes that praise was just something in passing, not deliberately thought out, but he still lingers on it. He loves getting praised. Loves knowing he’s making his partners feel good, loves when they tell him that. Hoseok seems like the talking kind during sex, which means Jungkook is in for a treat.

He does as he’s told, taking off Hoseok’s boxers, his own following. Hoseok isn’t fully hard yet, but he’s getting there and his cock is just— So pretty. You’d think that Jungkook would get used to this kind of thing, being a lust demon for centuries and all, but. Bodies never fail to amaze him. They’re all so beautiful, he loves them. Might go as far as to say he’s a tad bit obsessed with how people look naked.

Hoseok is a work of art. There’s just something about him. Maybe it’s the fact that Jungkook actually spent some time being just his roommate instead of getting down to business immediately like he usually does. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that Hoseok’s thighs flex as Jungkook looks at him, like he’s slightly shy, but he doesn’t close his legs. He wants this. The arousal is building up in his body until Jungkook can practically taste it at the back of his tongue.

Hoseok wants Jungkook to absolutely wreck him and that’s exactly what he intends to do.

The lube is cold on his fingers and he does his best to warm it up. Hoseok gets a pillow and places it under his ass, spreading his legs and holding them up for Jungkook. He goes slow, despite the fact that Hoseok fucked himself with his fingers a few hours ago.

The first one slips inside easily. Hoseok is just so soft and warm inside, Jungkook has to take a deep breath to steady himself and make sure he stretches him well before anything else. He can’t wait to fuck him. Despite Hoseok being the human who is so deprived of sex his energy pulled Jungkook here, Jungkook is still an actual lust demon who spent more than enough time in this fairly small apartment with a beautiful man to be on the same level of desperation as him.

“Hey, where’s Pixel?” he asks.

Hoseok moves his head to look down at Jungkook with an expression of a cartoon character who is confused. “Are you seriously asking me that now?”

“Well, I just don’t want her to walk in.”

“Jungkook, the door is closed.”

“But what if she’s hungry and starts meowing?”

“I filled her bowl. She’ll be fine. She’s out. Now can we please go back to fingering me?”

Jungkook snorts but proceeds. Fingering Hoseok is a lovely experience. He keeps biting his lip and Jungkook isn’t a big fan of that, but he’ll work with what he has. He hopes to make Hoseok feel so good he can’t keep his noises to himself later.

He’s careful, but fast. Hoseok tells him when it’s okay to add more fingers (even tho he doesn’t actually have to, Jungkook can feel him stretching and relaxing more, not to mention being able to smell how turned on and ready to get fucked he is).

By the time Jungkook has three fingers inside Hoseok and is spreading them, the human is shivering, digging his own fingers in the meat of his thighs and curling his toes in the air. Jungkook takes them out slowly, watches as Hoseok’s hole gapes around nothing and feels his heart beating excitedly.

“How do you want me, hyung?” he looks at Hoseok’s face with a smile.

“Uh, I dunno. Is there any position you prefer?” Hoseok asks him, with that thinking expression again and Jungkook thinks it’s dangerous to adore someone this much.

“I want whatever you want.”

“That hardly seems fair.”

“Let me rephrase that, I wanna fuck you, I don’t care if we do it upside down.”

“Oh, that sounds like fun.” Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows and finally lets go of his legs, holding Jungkook by his shoulders and bringing him down for a kiss.

“How about.” Jungkook says between little pecks. “I fuck you while standing up?”

Hoseok actually physically pushes him back, as if to take a good look at him. His eyes are so wide and Jungkook smells how interested he is in that idea. “Wait, you can actually do that?”

“Yeah. I mean, at least some benefits come with being a demon. Besides, you’re light as a feather.”

“Jungkookie. I’m still heavy. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“I won’t. I promise. I know my limits. Look at it as a full package. I mean, you said we should go all out, right?”

“Yes, but I don’t want you to struggle to keep me up. Are you sure you can do it?”

“Hobi-hyung.” Jungkook smiles and bumps their noses together. “I promise. I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t know I can do it. Okay? Come on, I’m a fucking lust demon, make good use of me. I know you’d want that.”

“Oh, I’d love that. I’m just worried.”

“Don’t be.”

“Promise me that you’ll put me down when you get tired.”

“I promise.”

“And also that you won’t fucking drop me.”

Jungkook chuckles. “I promise.”


“Alright, let’s do it.”

He shimmies down until he stands on the floor and Hoseok follows him, staying on the bed. Jungkook strokes his cock and hisses at the contact.

“Sensitive?” Hoseok looks up at him.

“Just dying to get inside you.”

“The feeling is mutual, sweetheart.”

He decides to get some more lube, just in case, spreading it over his length in a thick layer, thinking about just how wet and messy this will be.

Jungkook holds himself by the base and slowly slides inside Hoseok. He watches his face for any discomfort but all he sees is Hoseok taking deep breaths to relax and unclench. Jungkook loves topping. Well, he enjoys anything, but topping always makes him feel so good, having someone fall apart on his cock is an amazing feeling.

He thrusts in and out of him a few times, moving his hips steadily, to get Hoseok adjusted. Hoseok’s legs find their place around Jungkook’s own, pressing at the back of his thighs, arms up above his head. His lips are parted, the smallest of pants coming out and his eyes are closed. He’s a vision. Jungkook wants to draw him.

Maybe next time, he thinks to himself, smiling at the prospect of coming back.

“Hyung? How do you feel?”

Hoseok opens his eyes and props himself on his elbows, smirking at Jungkook. If Jungkook found him hot before, this is a new level. “Why don’t you tell me, baby?”

With a small giggle, Jungkook fucks all the way into him, staying like that and leaning down to kiss Hoseok. “My senses are telling me you feel amazing.”

“Your senses aren’t wrong.”

“Ready for me to pick you up now?”


“Ever been fucked this way before?”

“No, but I always wanted to.  I mean once, against a wall, but that was more painful than nice because of my back.”

“Understandable.” Jungkook nods, placing his palms under Hoseok’s ass as he moves him slowly off of the bed. “Don’t worry. There will be no pain here.”

“You’re adorable.” Hoseok has the audacity to boop Jungkook’s nose and Jungkook is happy he doesn’t just drop him then and there and his knees don’t give out. Hoseok is just too pretty for his health.

He makes sure he has a secure grip and straightens his legs, Hoseok’s arms wrapped around his shoulders. As he readjusts him in his hold with a little grunt, his cock moves inside Hoseok who lets out a tiny whimper.

“You good?”

Fucking— Splendid. Shit. This is such a good angle, I love it. I think you might have ruined me for other men. This is the only way I wanna be fucked from now on.”

Jungkook laughs. “I haven’t even done anything yet.”

“Don’t care. I wanna die like this. Bury me like this. On your dick. In the air.” He swings his legs like a fucking kid on a swing.

“Just hold on tight, okay? I got you.”

“I know you do.”

Jungkook starts fucking him. It’s slow, he wants to make sure Hoseok is safe before anything else. If he’s squeezing his ass with a little more enthusiasm it’s strictly to make sure he doesn’t fall and not for any other reason.

As expected, Hoseok is much more vocal like this. He’s moaning shamelessly, one hand holding Jungkook’s shoulder and the other one buried in his hair. He has his face in Jungkook’s neck, hot air tickling his skin. His voice goes more high-pitched than his usual, talking tone and Jungkook loves it. Loves fucking up into Hoseok, having his body tremble in his arms.

“God, hyung— You’re so tight, it feels amazing.” Jungkook says, his voice strained a little.

“And you’re so strong.” Hoseok replies, moving his head so they are face to face, his lips practically brushing Jungkook’s own. “Like what the fuck? You have a baby face and you’re this strong.”

“I don’t have a baby face.”

“You do. But you also have these fucking muscles, which is a fantastic combination, you ask me.” He smiles and places his hand on Jungkook’s biceps, squeezing it and making an appreciative sound. “Strong baby Jungkookie. Fucking me so good.”

“You’re still able to make coherent sentences, that’s not good enough in my book.”

Hoseok laughs, an airy and bright thing, throwing his head back. That’s when Jungkook’s horns decide to come out. He’s really lucky it doesn’t hurt, just a tingling sensation on top of his head. Hoseok watches in awe, eyebrows raised and lips parted in a curious o shape.

“You’re not scared?” Jungkook asks him.

“Scared?” Hoseok huffs a disbelieving laugh. “Don’t be ridiculous. Can I touch?”


He stops moving for a little bit, lets Hoseok touch his horns. They are black, matching his hair color, not too long and slightly curved at the end. When Hoseok takes one with a steady grip, Jungkook’s dick twitches.

“Are horns an erogenous zone?” he asks him, an amused smile playing on his heart-shaped lips.

No, your hands just feel good everywhere.” Jungkook fires back with a smug grin.

Hoseok leaves his horns be, at least for now, and locks his fingers at Jungkook’s nape, kissing him and stealing all the breath away from Jungkook’s lungs. Jungkook goes back to bouncing him on his cock. As much as Hoseok gets off on being manhandled, Jungkook enjoys giving him what he wants even more.

Hearing Hoseok whine right into his mouth, bite Jungkook’s bottom lip slightly and try to gather enough words for a full sentence makes Jungkook go even harder, his arms flexing and Hoseok’s whole frame jumping in his hold. He keeps whispering little oh’s and Jungkookie’s, which is the cutest thing in the world. Every time Jungkook grazes his prostate, Hoseok shuts his eyes tighter.

“I don’t wanna cum like this.” he says.

Jungkook places him back on the bed, slipping out of his ass in the process. He hovers above Hoseok’s body, quickly sliding back inside and proceeding to fuck him.

Hoseok is close, Jungkook can smell it. That and Hoseok can’t seem to shut his mouth. He doesn’t know what to do with his hands, tracing them from Jungkook’s stomach, his chest, arms, head, horns, all the while moaning and clenching on his cock with every thrust.

“Such a pretty boy, Jungkookie, fucking me so good, gonna make me cum fuckin’ untouched, oh my god—“

Jungkook finds he loves when Hoseok is blabbing without a filter, opposite to how he’s usually pretty calm and composed in his everyday life.

He does cum untouched and Jungkook almost cries because he doesn’t have a camera with him to capture Hoseok’s face controlled in pleasure, eyes rolling back, eyelids fluttering but not completely closing and his mouth parted open but no sound coming out of it.

He goes to pull out when Hoseok rides out his orgasm, but fingers dig into his shoulders and Hoseok shakes his head, still catching his breath. “Keep going. Cum in me.” He manages to pant, voice raspy.

Jungkook starts fucking him faster, feeling his own climax approach now that he made Hoseok so good he came without even touching his cock. The familiar, warm feeling spreads through his lower tummy and makes his whole body vibrate with electricity as he fills Hoseok up.

His human is still breathing deeply, his chest rising and falling when Jungkook looks at him. Jungkook has always believed there is a special post-orgasmic glow to people, the way their skin shines with a thin layer of sweat and they have a lazy, tiredish smile.

Hoseok is no exception.

“Come here.”

“Gonna fuck up your sheets.”

“Don’t care. Come here. Cuddles.”  He makes grabby hands at Jungkook and this is seriously becoming dangerous.

Jungkook pulls out and spends only three seconds watching his cum leak a little out of Hoseok, before his dick gives an exhausted twitch and he looks away. He climbs up the bed until he can nuzzle his nose next to Hoseok’s and give him a gentle kiss.

“When do they disappear?” Hoseok asks him, stroking one of his horns.

“Well, given that I intend to make you cum once more today, not soon.” Jungkook answers honestly.

Hoseok chuckles, swinging his leg over Jungkook’s own and scooting closer. “I like that plan a lot. Give me some time, tho.”

“All the time you need.”


Turns out all Hoseok needs is roughly 15 minutes, half a bottle of water and some very indulgent and passionate making out with Jungkook to be hard again.

It also takes some convincing to get him to let Jungkook eat him out.

(“Hyung, come on.”

“You just came in my ass, Jungkook.”

“Exactly, that’s partly why I wanna eat it. Your ass, of course, I don’t care about my cum half as much.”

“You’re such a gross boy.”

“Please, you’re forgetting I can feel you want it too.”

“God, this is so unfair.”)

Either way, here he is, tongue in Hoseok’s ass, hands spreading his cheeks. To his credit, Hoseok only whined a little bit about how dirty and outrageous it is, how he’s never done it before, but as he was saying it, his heart kept speeding up and Jungkook only smirked when he huffed like a disappointed child and presented himself.

He’s on his elbows and knees, or at least that’s how it started. Now he’s pretty much a piece of useless mass on his mattress, drooling on his pillow as Jungkook sucks on his rim. He’s obviously sensitive from getting fucked minutes before and that’s what makes it even better, what makes Hoseok’s whines louder and on the verge of crying.

Jungkook doesn’t mind his cum. It’s not like that is the actual reason he’s doing it, but it is a nice addition to a special folder he likes to call: Jung Hoseok – your favourite, secretly perverted history professor. It’s a title in progress, okay?

The thing is – despite his denying and fussing, Hoseok is so turned on by all of this, by the mere concept of what is Jungkook doing right now. And Jungkook? Well, he just likes making Hoseok feel good.

When he blindly searches for the lube on the bed and coats his middle finger in it before slipping it next to his tongue, Hoseok almost screams. His hand flies behind himself and he pulls Jungkook’s hair, right between his horns. He keeps him in place, as if Jungkook would want to be anywhere else right now.

Granted, there’s cum and spit on his chin and his jaw is starting to ache just a little bit, but all of that fades to the back of his consciousness, making room for delicious sounds leaving Hoseok’s mouth and the way his cock hangs between his legs, hot and heavy.

Jungkook finds his prostate and gently massages it with his fingertip, focusing more on making things as wet as possible with his tongue rather than to just thrust it in and out. His other hand finds Hoseok’s cock and he spreads the precum collected on his tip over his length, stroking it and making small circles with his fingers.

That pushes Hoseok over the edge and he warns Jungkook “Oh my god, I’m cumming, yesyesyes, I’m gonna cum, oh fuck yes—“ before he spills into his hand and on the sheets, once again clenching his ass.

Jungkook slowly takes his finger out and wipes his mouth and chin with the back of his hand. Hoseok isn’t nearly as exhausted as Jungkook expects him to be when he turns on his back and skillfully escapes the mess he made. He’s rather impatient to make Jungkook cum it seems, pulling him up and kissing him.

“Thought you found it gross?” Jungkook giggles between the kisses.

“I do. Want me to suck you off?”

“No, I’m close, just touch me.”

“Whatever you want baby.”

Hoseok’s beautiful, soft hand wraps around Jungkook’s cock and his hips jerk. He immediately starts fucking into Hoseok’s fist, feeling like a rubber band so tight it’s ready to snap any second. Hoseok keeps kissing his neck and his touches are just perfect, making Jungkook whimper and close his eyes.

“Hyung, I’m gonna cum.” He whispers weakly in the small space between them.

“That’s right baby, you were such a good boy, made hyung cum twice, fucked me so well, you deserve to cum, come on sweetheart.” Hoseok’s voice is stern yet very soft and affectionate and Jungkook believes he’d explode even if he wasn’t touching him as well.

He cums a lot, thighs shaking and sucking in air like his life depends on it. Hoseok smiles and kisses both his cheeks, nose, his forehead.

“This was amazing.” He tells Jungkook.

“Yeah. It really was.”

“I have the urge to thank you.”

“No, please don’t do that. I loved every second of it.”

“So did I.”

“I meant what I said tho. I’m not gonna leave. And I’m gonna teach you how to summon me whenever you want. Okay?”

Hoseok nods, tucking his head in Jungkook’s neck. “Okay, Jungkookie.”


They take separate showers, despite Jungkook’s complains. They also change the sheets and order some food, because Hoseok says he’s too exhausted to move. It’s still early evening, so they decide to just cuddle up on the bed while takeout is on its way.

“Can’t believe you’re a little spoon.” Hoseok chuckles as he pressed his chest to Jungkook’s back, arm safely snug between Jungkook’s own two, on his stomach.

“Really?” Jungkook smiles, twisting his head slightly to look at Hoseok.

“Okay, I probably should have seen it coming.”

Jungkook goes to say something, but Pixel deems that moment a perfect one to walk in Hoseok’s bedroom and jump on the bed. She looks Jungkook straight in the eyes and meows.

This wasn’t a deal, Jungkook. He’s supposed to be cuddling me.

Jungkook snorts. “There’s room for everyone.”

The cat looks at him, offended, like he’s out of his mind.

She walks out with her tail up high.

Hoseok bursts into giggles.