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Dean's Bad In Bed

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It all started when Pruk came to swim practiced and, as soon as he took off his shirt, everybody started catcalling and whistling at the rather impressive scratches down his back. “Damn, Pruk finally lost his virginity. I’m so proud!” Mew said with a mock sniffle and wipe of a tear.

Pruk turned bright red. “Who says I was a virgin?” he muttered, taking his pants off.

Win smirked. “The fact you were too scared to talk to a girl for three years and it took you half the term to strike up the courage to talk to the one you got now.”

Pruk rolled his eyes, taking off his glasses. “I’m not her first so why do you assume she’s mine? Fuck off.”

“Damn, really telling the world your girlfriend got laid before you did,” Newyear said with a grin.

“Shut up!” Pruk argued, and Dean rolled his eyes.

“Stop teasing Pruk.” He snickered. “Besides, clearly he did the job well, so virgin or not, you should be more concerned none of you ever show up with scratches down your back.”

“I do, you just can’t see them cause of the tat,” Win said. “And besides. You’re kinda outing yourself there, too.” He leered. “Although I already knew that.”

Dean paused. “Knew what?” he asked in confusion.

Win snickered. “Dean, Dean, Dean.” He shook his head. “Poor Nong Pharm. Manaow is going to brag and he’s going to be so depressed she’s getting something he’s not.”

“What the fuck, Win, shut up about my sex life,” Dean said with a glare. “Do you want me to tell them about the Great Piercing Incident from high school?” he threatened.

Mew burst out laughing. “Wait, wait, wait, you mean Dean is bad at sex?”

“Also, what did you pierce?” Toby asked, looking at Win’s nearly naked body for a sign of a piercing other than his ear ones.

Win smirked at Dean. “I pierced my nipples and one got ripped out by my girlfriend when we were having sex. I’m not embarrassed as easily as you think, Dean.” He looked at Mew. “And bro, a source of mine mentioned they got Pharm drunk and he admitted he fakes it sometimes.”

Dean’s eyes widened. “What?! Fuck you, that’s not true. I think I’d fucking notice that,” he said pointedly.

Win smirked. “You suuuuuure?”

“I will reveal your source,” Dean threatened.

Win shrugged. “Do it. I want to show him off to the world, he’s the one who wants to keep it secret. He only just told his friends about us. I just can’t betray his trust, but if you do, I just get to kick your ass if he cries about it,” he said warningly. “You know I will win, too.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Whatever. That’s bullshit. He doesn’t fake it. Also, stop thinking about my boyfriend and sex,” he said, pointing a finger at him. “All of you, do not think about him that way,” he added to the whole locker room. “Now get your asses out to the pool!”

Dean left and heard them all start laughing and he shook his head.

Pharm faking it. What nonsense.


It really all started when Team, Manaow, and Pharm went to a laid back bar they had heard served weird cocktails, and Team learned Pharm was a lightweight and really liked cosmopolitans. Pharm was also more open when he was tipsy. Manaow brought up the topic of how she thought her boyfriend might be ready to take the next step soon since he didn’t stop her from taking his shirt off when they made out and definitely got hard.

Team never needed to think about Pruk’s dick, but oh well, he was on his fourth drink, too. “I can’t believe the man in the relationship is the one shy about sex,” he said pointedly.

Manaow shrugged. “He’s never had sex before and I have, so he says he’s nervous.”

“You’ve had sex?!” Pharm spluttered, gaping. “With who?!”

She giggled. “Not here, silly. I had a boyfriend in high school,” she explained. “He was sweet, but not that bright,” she said with a hum. “P’Pruk is so smart and handsome. I just know we’ll be compatible,” she said, wiggling her eyebrows.

Team blushed. “I don’t have any way to compare, but my boyfriend is really good,” he admitted. “I guess we’re compatible, too.” He shrugged. “And if you’re not, you can just fake it to spare his ego.”

Manaow snorted. “Oh please. I’ve never faked it.” She sipped her drink.

“God knows I have,” Pharm blurted out, and Manaow spewed her drink almost all the way across the table at Team.

“WHAT?!” they both cried.

Pharm flushed and sipped more of his drink. “Nothing. Nothing. I just-“ He groaned. “Sometimes it’s… not good.” He groaned. “At all,” he admitted.

“Holy shit, P’Dean is bad at sex?!” Manaow asked.

Pharm shrugged. “Not always. Sometimes it’s good.”

“Oh my God, not even ‘most of the time’, just ‘sometimes’?” Team hissed. “Wooow.”

Pharm pouted and drank more. “I know. I hate it. But I’m not going to tell him and hurt his feelings.” He scrunched up his nose. “He just… doesn’t always have the right moves. Most of the time I don’t fake it, but I never finish first. Usually he has to do other things after he’s finished to get me there.” He rolled his eyes. “He’s good at using his mouth and his hands, but not his you know,” he clarified.

“Dude. This is surreal,” Team said, almost dazed. “But… he’s… him?” He shook his head. “Wait, is it cause he’s too big? Like does it hurt so you can’t enjoy it?”

“No,” Pharm said, then hummed. “Well a few times it’s hurt, but I stop him because he doesn’t like it when I’m hurting. But it’s like he doesn’t know that the point is to do it so it’s good for me, too. Like, his pace constantly changes right when it’s getting good, he can barely find my ‘spot’, and he doesn’t ever want to do it any different. Always missionary so he can ‘look at my beautiful face’,” Pharm rolled his eyes at that, “And never anything to spice things up. And I’m too fucking shy to ask for it,” he groused, pouting grumpily. “I’m just not confident to say, ‘P’Dean, I want you to spank me or hold me down or try roleplaying.” He snorted. “I’m not even confident enough to ask to try it on my knees.” He downed his drink, smacking his lips and Team shook his head.

Pharm was going to regret telling them all this tomorrow.”

“Okay, but how do you fake it?” Manaow asked, wiggling her eyebrows pointedly.

Pharm snickered. “He’s cute but not very bright, especially when he’s just had an orgasm.” He scrunched his nose. “I tell him I finished in my hand and just keep it shut and immediately reach for a wipe and pretend I really did.”

Team and Manaow both burst out laughing at that, because only Pharm would come up with something that sneaky. “Oh my God, I can’t wait to tell Hia his best friend sucks at sex!” he said, then slapped a hand over his mouth.

Manaow and Pharm both gaped. “YOUR SECRET BOYFRIEND IS P’WIN?!” Manaow cried, and he blushed but nodded.

“Wooow. He’s sexy,” Pharm said, then slapped a hand over his mouth as well.

“So,” Manaow asked, wiggling her eyebrows. “Compatible, huh? I bet you’re so lucky. He’s rumored to be really experienced. I bet he knows all the right moves.”

Team groaned but nodded. “Yeah, definitely no faking it on my end.”

Pharm sighed. “Lucky,” he mumbled, and then looked around. “I want another drink!”

“I think it’s time to cut you off, little guy,” Manaow said, keeping him from getting up by refusing to move and making Team do the same.

He was going to be so embarrassed tomorrow.


Dean put what Win said out of his mind for two days, and the thought only came back to him right after he and Pharm finished having sex. He lay panting on his back beside Pharm, and glanced over with a dopy smile, only to noticed Pharm had simply cleaned his hand and then grabbed his phone, yawning as he checked his messages.

Dean rolled over and leaned over him for a kiss and Pharm let him, but kept distractedly looking at his phone with one eye. “Pharm, really?” he asked, pulling back to look down at him. “We just made love and you’re more interested in the phone?”

Pharm gave him a bashful smile. “I’m sorry, you’re right, P’Dean.” He put his phone aside and tipped his chin up for another kiss. He sighed into it, and Dean smiled against his lips.

“Was that good?” Dean asked him, rubbing his hip under the covers.

Pharm pulled back and looked at Dean in confusion. “What good? Kissing you? Always,” he said sweetly.

Dean smiled. “That’s sweet. But no, I meant the sex.”

He saw a flash of something in Pharms eyes before his smile turned flirty. “Of course it was, P’Dean. You know how much I love you,” he said.


Dean knew when Pharm was lying. Apparently he hadn’t ever noticed Pharm lying about sex because he didn’t push him to talk about it since he was still shy even in bed. But that sure had been ‘panic’ not ‘pleasure’ in his eyes when Dean asked.

Dean pulled Pharm into his arms and held him close, kissing his hair with his eyes closed as he looked back through the encounter. Maybe he didn’t focus on Pharm enough if he missed that Pharm wasn’t even hard by the end of it. He just liked to look into Pharm’s eyes so he rarely looked down at his erection. But what about Pharm cleaning cum off his hand? Surely he wasn’t faking that, right?



Dean started paying more attention to Pharm and noticed a pattern. When Dean was sucking his dick, Pharm whined and arched and tugged at Dean’s hair with an almost pained look of pleasure on his face. “Oh God, yes. Just like that, please don’t stop. Oh God, P’Dean!” he moaned.

It sounded a lot like his moans during sex, but there was something less breathy and more sturdy about his voice. He really listened the next time they had sex, and Pharm’s moans near the end begging Dean, “You’re so big, come for me, P’Dean. Please come in my tight ass,” were breathy and he didn’t toss his head around or pull Dean closer.

This time, when Dean came, he snuck a look between them before Pharm could move, and saw nothing other than Pharm’s closed fist as he quickly pulled his hand up and held it shut before Dean pulled out, and then he immediately reached for the wipes. Dean was in shock to realize Pharm really might be faking orgasms. This time he didn’t stop Pharm from grabbing his phone after a little, ‘that was nice, Phi’. He just lay beside him, staring at the ceiling and wondering if he was bad at sex.


“I think I’m bad at sex.” Win looked up, raising an eyebrow when Dean sat down across from him while he studied outside. Dean looked flustered. “Win, I think you were right, I’m bad at sex.”

“I mean, not everybody always has the best movies,” Win reassured him. “I’m sure what Team said was mostly exaggeration. I really doubt Pharm is faking orgasms, for example.”

“But I think he is,” Dean confessed, and Win’s eyes widened. “Obviously not always, but I noticed he keeps his hand closed down by his crotch then immediately grabs a wipe. I don’t always see any proof he finished,” he stressed. “Win, what the fuck? What if my boyfriend is faking it for me.”

Win whistled. “Damn, Son. Dude, how are you bad at sex to the point he fakes it to get it over with?”

“I don’t know!” Dean groaned, then fell onto the table. “I thought I was good! At least good enough! I know I’m not hurting him, but it can’t be that bad if it doesn’t hurt, right?”

Win just stared at him. “Dean… yes. Sex can be bad. Hell, everybody has bad sex sometimes. Just because you’re fucking soulmates doesn’t mean you won’t have down days.” He cringed. “Just seems you have, uh, a lot of those.” He put his hands together. “Okay, let’s go through this and figure out the problem,” he reasoned. “What kind of things does he like the most?”

Dean blushed. “Uh… blowjobs,” he muttered. “He’s going to rip all my hair out, he pulls so hard. And he almost choked me out with his thighs once when I went down on him.”

“Okay, that’s good!” Win encouraged. “So you’re good at sucking him off. What else does he like second best?”

Dean looked pensive. “Probably my hands. He’s obsessed with them, sexual or not.”

Win nodded. “Big hands, big man. Your dick is huge, so that’s not the problem if it doesn’t hurt him.” He thought for a minute. “Okay, what’s his favorite position?”

Dean looked away. “We, uh. We kind of only do it missionary.”

Win’s brain screeched to a halt. “What?” he asked carefully.

Dean nodded. “Yeah, I just- I like looking at his face. He’s so beautiful. We don’t do anything else.”

Win slapped himself in the face. “Okay, red flag right there buddy. You don’t even do it doggy style? Bro, you’re gay and you’ve never even did him from behind? Jesus Christ. Fuck, so the entire time you stay in one position? No wonder he gets bored!”

Dean looked annoyed. “Well, how am I supposed to know, Sex Guru?! I was a virgin!”

“But even virgins watch porn!” Win groaned. “Okay, moving on before I strangle you for being stupid. What kind of extras do you use?”

“Huh?” Dean asked, and Win’s expectations somehow sunk even lower.

“You don’t have any sex toys, do you? Never tied him up? I bet you don’t even use like textured condoms to spice it up, do you?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“Well, we don’t use condoms anymore-“ Win rolled his eyes at the monogamous virgin soulmates not even bothering with condoms. “And no. I’ve never wanted to do anything like that. It’s about making love. Why would I want to tie him down instead of feel him hold me?”

“God, you’re more vanilla than my grandparents, and they’re eighty,” Win said, shaking his head. “Dean. Pharm is still shy, right?” Dean nodded. “He’s probably too embarrassed to ask you for something different! It’s like pulling teeth to get Team to tell me what he wants in the bedroom and he’s so far less shy than Pharm!”

Dean groaned and attempted to become one with the table. “Then how do I fix this?!”

Win thought long and hard for a moment before it came to me. “Leave it to me. I’ve got you,” he said, taking out his phone to text Team.


Dean was going to kill Win for getting Pharm drunk with him and Team without Dean even knowing they had gone out, but he had to help Dean out and give poor Pharm the sexual relationship he deserved.

“Hey, Pharm, is this the bar you guys were at when you told Team about your ‘bedroom problems’?” he asked, handing Pharm another shot.

Pharm giggled and swayed. “Yep!” He leaned against Team. “I’m still mad you told him but shhhhh, it’s our secret,” he said to Team, putting a finger to Team’s lips.

Win smirked. This was so working. “So, tell me about it. You know me, I’ve been around the block. What exactly is the problem? Maybe I can give you tips.”

Pharm pouted. “He won’t do anything good to me,” he complained. “Like, he won’t hold me down and go hard and- and he always changes pace right when it’s getting good. And he sucks at finding a good angle. In porn I’ve seen bottoms come without even being jerked off and I know it’s porn, but I can’t even stay hard sometimes. I’ll get bored and start thinking about homework.”

Win winced. “Oh boy.”

“And I want him to like, turn me over at least!” Pharm slurred. “Or do me on the couch. Or the table. Or at the counter. Shit, the fanciest thing he’s done is blow me in the shower.” Pharm smirked. “Now that? That he’s good at. He can put it all the way in his mouth and swallow,” he said, and Win snorted at Pharm talking about Dean deepthroating. “And with his fingers, he finds it so easy! Why is it so hard with his dick?!”

“Probably doesn’t put a pillow under your hips to help the angle,” Win said, and Pharm blinked.

“Oh, that’s a thing?” He hummed. “Might have to sneak one under me and see.”

Win nodded. “Alright, so the angle being bad is probably the problem with missionary. Have you thought of telling him you want to try other ways?”

“I’m shy,” Pharm mumbled bashfully. “He doesn’t even like dirty talk. I only get away with it when he’s close. I’ll tell him I want him to come in me and talk about how big he is, but that’s only when he’s too distracted to kiss me and talk sweet instead of dirty. And I tried getting on top once, but he laid me down instead and held me. And I like it!” Pharm pressed. “I love him holding me and making me feel special. But fuck, just once can he spank me or pin my wrists down?! I want to be fucked, not just ‘made love to’, you know?”

“Yeah, I get it,” Win said, snickering. “What about by yourself? What do you like?”

“My vibrator,” Pharm said without shame. “It’s almost as big as his dick and it has a remote so I can put it in me and just lay there rocking down on it. It’s so good,” he moaned. “God, he won’t even eat me out. I tried to suggest it but I got too shy. That’s so embarrassing, you know?” He sighed. “But I wanna sit on his face.”

Win snickered. “Well it is a nice face.”

Pharm looked at Win seriously. “I want him to wreck me and he just wants to coddle me. He’s that fucking big of a man, he could throw me down and fuck me until I can’t scream anymore, but noooo. Gotta be all stupid and romantic every single time.” He took another shot. “One day I’m going to snap and jump his ass and I’ll be the one holding him down and riding his dick into the sunset.”

Win burst out laughing and Team looked absolutely appalled by Pharm’s language when he was this drunk.


Dean stared at Win’s phone in utter disbelief. Team had been filming Pharm from the seat between them when they took him out – and Dean almost killed Win over that – and the things his sweet, innocent little boyfriend were saying were so dirty his face was bright red.

“One day I’m going to snap and jump his ass and I’ll be the one holding him down and riding his dick into the sunset.”

“Oh. My God.” Dean looked at Win in utter shock. “What the hell?! What did you do to my sweet boyfriend to make him sound like you?!”

Win smirked. “Liquid courage. Oh, by the way, I owe you one. Team went and bought a vibrator after that and fuck I love playing with him with it.” He sighed. “Pharm has good ideas.”

Dean just looked back at the phone, still utterly stunned.


Pharm smiled when Dean came in with the groceries. “Thank you, P’Dean!” He went over to greet him with a kiss. He took the bags to start putting in the cabinets. “I’m going to cook you a really good dinner for heling me out.”

“I’d rather have you.” Pharm squeaked when Dean’s hands wrapped around him and Dean pressed up against him, his husky, flirty voice right in his ear.

“P-P’Dean?” Pharm asked, surprised. He turned and looked at him, and saw him looking at him with hunger in his eyes. “P’Dean, really? Before dinner?” he asked in confusion.

Dean smirked and kissed him slowly. “I just feel like having some fun. I want to try something.”

Pharm’s mouth fell open and he blushed. “O-okay? Something different?” he asked, excitement mounting at the thought of maybe doing anything different.

“Are you ‘ready’?” Dean asked him pointedly and Pharm blushed, because he had used his vibrator in the shower, so he was definitely still good to go.


“Mmmm, good.” Dean kissed his neck, pulling his shirt. “Arms up.” Pharm blushed and did as he asked.

“In the kitchen?” Pharm asked, and Dean nodded. Pharm swallowed hard because holy shit, he was about to get bent over the counter. It was a fantasy of his he thought he might never get to experience.

When Dean pulled his shorts down, he knelt down and Pharm looked down at him as he helped Pharm step out of them. Dean was still fully dressed. “Mmmm, my Good Boy looks so pretty like this,” Dean said. Pharm waited for him to stand back up, but to his utter and complete shock, Dean grabbed his ass and squeezed it hard.

“P’Deaaaan,” he moaned, because Dean never got rough like that after that one time he did it when Pharm didn’t like it.

And then, to his absolute disbelief, he felt Dean blow on his hole. “Phi,” he moaned, only to yelp when something hot and wet touched it. “P’DEAN! What are you- Ooooh,” Pharm gasped and moaned when Dean licked him to get him wet. “Holy shit.” Pharm gripped the counter to keep from stumbling. “Oh God,” he panted as Dean started to eat him out in earnest. Pharm had seen it in porn and it looked good, but he had no idea how the real thing would compare. “Yes, yes, yes,” he chanted. When Dean put it inside of him, Pharm reached back blindly and grabbed his hair, pushing him closer.

“Like it, Good Boy?” Dean asked, kissing his cheek.

“Don’t stop, please,” Pharm begged. He cried out in pleasure when two thick, long fingers slid into him and then the tongue was back, licking around them. “DEAN, FUCK!” he cried when he found his prostate. “Oh God, oh yes. Don’t stop. Fuck, I could come just from this!”

“Do it,” Dean said, then went back to his work. Pharm gaped at the cabinet in front of him, and cried out when a hand fell down hard on his ass, the slap resonating through the condo. “FUCK!” he cried out, rocking back against the mouth and fingers even faster. “Like that, just like that, just like that, like- like- like-“ Pharm saw fireworks behind his eyelids as his orgasm hit. “YESSSSSSS!”

Dean didn’t stop until Pharm tugged his hair away. “Sensitive,” he mumbled.

Dean smirked and stood up. “Feel good, my Good Boy?” he asked, and Pharm leaned back against his chest, moaning pleasantly.

“Fantastic.” Pharm giggled, smiling as he looked up at Dean. “I’ve always wanted to have a prostate orgasm. I’ve gotten close on my own before but you’re so much better.”

Dean kissed his cheek. “You clean up and start on dinner. I’m going to go shower.”

Pharm frowned, pushing his ass back to press against the bulge in his pants. “But I haven’t taken care of you.”

Dean slid a hand up to circle Pharm’s nipple, making his eyes fluttered. “I’m not done with you tonight,” he whispered, then kissed Pharm on the shoulder before pulling away, taking his warmth away from Pharm’s bare back.

Pharm turned to look at him going and turned back, only to flush when he saw cum on the cabinets. “What in the world has come over him?” he muttered as he put his shorts back on and got a washcloth to clean off the cabinets.


Dean was truly an idiot, he thought to himself, because this was the hottest thing they had ever fucking done.

They were cuddling on the couch when Dean pulled Pharm into his lap and started kissing him. It led to making out, which lead to stripping. Before Pharm could get up to go to the bed, Dean shushed him and started fingering him right there.

Now, Pharm was bouncing on his cock, moaning and arching and looking hotter than he ever had before. “P’Dean, oh God, its so good,” He moaned. “You’re hitting everything just right,” he said, and Dean rubbed his thighs as Pharm rode him hard and fast. “So good. So fucking good. Mmmm, harder,” he moaned, playing with his own nipple until Dean took the hint and leaned in, sucking that little peaked nub. “YES!” he moaned, tugging on Dean’s hair.

“You like that, Good Boy?” Dean panted against his chest, biting lightly. “You want it like this?”

“Mmm, yes,” Pharm gasped. “Shit, my legs are getting sore, but I don’t want to stop. I like it hard like this,” he said, and Dean had noticed he was smacking his ass against Dean’s lap so hard it was audible.

Dean got an idea. In a show of strength, he picked Pharm up, making him cry out in shock and grab onto him. Dean carried him to the bed, his cock still inside of him, and he picked him up off of his erection and tossed him on the bed. “P’Dean, what- oh!”

Dean grabbed his wrist and flipped him over, pushing him until he was kneeling with his ass in the air. He then caught his wrists and crossed them at his lower back, holding them in one hand. “Don’t move them or I’ll tie them together with my tie,” he growled, and Pharm shuddered.

“Do it. Please do it. I want it. Tie me up, P’Dean,” he moaned and Dean was pretty sure he almost fainted. “Please, do it. Daddy,” he begged and Dean nearly did faint that time.

“Shit.” He fumbled for his tie from the couch and turned back around. He tied Pharm’s wrists together – not tight enough to hurt him – and Pharm moaned. “Fuck, you really are a Good Boy, huh?” Dean spanked his ass and Pharm moaned, rocking back.

“Please give it to me! I need it!” Pharm looked over his shoulder and smirked like a brat. “Daddy.”

Dean gave him no warning as he shoved his cock all the way inside, eliciting a wail from him. “You tell me to stop if I hurt you, yes?”

“Yes, please, just fuck me!” Pharm whined.

So Dean did. He held his little waist and started slamming into him, hard and fast. Pharm almost screamed this time, and Dean growled, really putting his back into it as he fucked him as hard and fast as he dared to. “Fuck, your ass feels so good. Your light little ass. And it’s all mine. I can fuck you however much I want when you’re tied up for me. Fuck, I could leave you here and fill you again later.”

“Please, please, Dean. Fuck me,” Pharm begged. “Oh God, use my tight little ass. I want your cum. I want to come on your cock. God yes, this is so fucking good. My God, what happened to you today?”

“I love you and want to make you feel good,” Dean panted.

“Mmmm I love you so much. Thank you, God, thank you,” Pharm panted. “Don’t stop, just like that. I’m gonna come. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” he whined.

Dean had sweat running down him like he’d just been swimming, and Pharm wasn’t much better. His back was wet with it, and Dean realized he’d never made Pharm get so sweaty during sex. Clearly he was a moron.

“I’m going to fuck you like this every fucking day if I can,” Dean panted. “Keep your perfect little ass open and ready for me. Wake you up just to fuck you again. Make you scream for me every fucking day.”

“YES! YES PLEASE!” Pharm squirmed, trying to meet Dean’s thrusts. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, I’m coming, I’m- I’m- DEAN!”

Dean was in awe of the fact Pharm came without him touching his dick once again. He watched his cock disappearing into Pharm a little longer before he finally shoved in, nearly pressing Pharm into the bed with a loud shout. “PHARM!” He gasped raggedly as he came, his cock pulsing deep inside his boyfriend.

When he finally caught his breath, he pulled out of Pharm, who was shivering, and he shushed his whimpers and whines. “Shhhh, I’ve got you my good boy.” He untied his arms and gently straightened them out. Pharm weakly lifted himself up on his hands and knees and Dean rolled him onto his back. Dean leaned over him, and Pharm was smiling drunkenly. “Mmmm, I think you enjoyed that, huh?”

“So good,” Pharm slurred. “Mmmmm,” He wiggled his hips. “God, whatever came over you, I need it to come over you again.”

Dean shuffled him onto the bed properly, and crawled onto it. Pharm smiled up at him, then bit his lip. “I’m too shaky to go clean up.”

Dean reached between his legs and slid two fingers back into him, feeling his cum inside of Pharm. Pharm shuddered. “P’Deeeeaan,” he whined.

Dean got a good idea and smirked. “Hey Pharm?” He rubbed at his prostate slowly and Pharm whined and squirmed. “Can I make you come again?”

Pharm gaped. “P’Dean! That’s twice already! We never do that!”

Dean got up and knelt between Pharm’s thighs. He looked down and thrust harder against his prostate and saw how his softened dick twitched again. “But I didn’t go down on you. It’s your favorite.” Pharm squirmed, but Dean leaned down and sucked his slowly growing dick into his mouth.

“God damn it, how are you so good?” Pharm groaned. Dean looked up at his eyes as he slid a third finger in while his tongue traced the head of Pharm’s cock. “You’re insatiable,” he said, but he didn’t stop Dean. He reached down and petted his hair, just looking at Dean as he hollowed his mouth and sucked all the way up, making Pharm moan. He kept doing that until Pharm was hard again, and then he really started working him. He pulled every trick he knew.

Pharm rocked between his fingers and his mouth and tugged at his hair, “Yeah, just like that. Mmmm, Go faster,” he instructed.

It took longer than usual since Pharm had already came twice in one night, but it didn’t take long before Pharm’s legs were shaking on either side of his head and his cock was twitching. “Gonna come. Gonna- FUCK!” Dean went all the way down, nose touching Pharm’s skin, and swallowed repeatedly until Pharm gasped and thrust up with a cry of, “DEAN!” and came.

Dean swallowed everything he gave him and didn’t pull off until Pharm tugged pitifully at his hair. Dean grinned as he crawled up to kiss Pharm, who moaned into the kiss and pulled Dean into his arms. Dean smiled, laying beside him and Pharm giggled. “I love you, my Good Boy.”

“P’Dean, I have no idea what the hell that was tonight, but I hope you keep it up,” he said, snuggling close. He held Dean’s face in his hand. “Fuck, you have no idea how good that was. All of it. What changed?”

Dean cringed and blushed. “It may have been pointed out to me that you, uh, you fake it sometimes.” He smiled apologetically. “I’m so sorry I don’t know what I’m doing with sex. I should have noticed.”

Pharm flushed and groaned. “Oh God, Team told Win didn’t he?” He hid his face in Dean’s chest. “I know I should just talk to you but I just- I’m still so shy,” he mumbled. He tipped his head up. “Talking about sex makes me shy. Having sex is fine, but I don’t like to talk about it.”

Dean rubbed his back soothingly. “We have to communicate about everything, Pharm. I know you’re shy. But I could have changed a long time ago. I didn’t know I was so bad. I mean you were faking orgasms,” he stressed. “That’s so shitty of me to do that to you. To be so bad you fake it so it ends.”

Pharm smiled sadly. “I love you so much I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“I know,” Dean said. He stroked his soft little cheek gently. “You love me so much it amazes me. That I get to be this lucky. I get to have your smiles and your kisses. You’re mine forever, Pharm. I just- I love you so much,” he stressed. “And clearly I enjoyed tonight. It’s not like you’re making me do anything I don’t want to. I mean fuck, you riding me was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I just… I thought it was enough. And didn’t bother trying to get creative. I’m just as new to sex as you are.”

Pharm smiled. “I know.” He kissed him sweetly. “I should communicate better and not get frustrated. If I can have sex, it’s silly I can’t talk about it. Never again.”

“Never again,” Dean agreed. He hugged him close and kissed his damn hair. “We can shower in a minute. I just want to hold you for a bit.”

“I want to be held, too,” Pharm said, and they both just closed their eyes, basking in how they somehow felt even closer.


“Thanks for the tip about the textured condoms.” Win turned to gape at Dean for saying that out loud when he came into the locker room, but before he could say a word, Dean took off his shirt, and everybody started cackling and pointed.

Dean’s back was clawed up like he’d been attacked by a lion.

“Shit, Dean must be even better than Pruk!” Mew blurted out, and they all started laughing, Dean included.