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Snack Break

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    “Taiga sweetie, I made cookies for you and your friends!”

    Ultrawoman Marie ducked into the doorway, a tray of snacks perched in one hand as she opened the door with her other. “Hey grama!” her son said, intently focused on the large display in front of him. He laughed loudly, shouting “take that!” as he jammed at the buttons on his controller.

    “Hi Taiga’s dad’s mom!” Fuma waved energetically without moving his head, almost falling off the top of the bunk bed he was currently hanging upside-down from. A long-empty juice pouch sat in his mouth, more to look cool than to actually nourish him. 

    “Good evening, Mother of Taro.” Titas greeted, pausing the game they were playing, much to Fuma and Taiga’s vocal annoyance. It quickly faded when the two saw the plate in her hand, and Taiga bounded up to grab it. There was an attempt from Fuma to join him, which only ended in him falling on top of Titas in a heap.

    “Yo Miss M with the clutch snack break!” Fuma grinned as Titas picked him up single-handedly. The buff Ultra gently set him down, and he eagerly shoved three cookies into his mouth.

    Titas took the tray from Marie, using his free hand to grab a few of the carrot sticks in the corner for himself. “Thank you kindly.” he nodded happily before munching on his food.

    “Thanks, grama!” Taiga said, smiling brightly. He began munching away with the others, the few moments his mouth wasn’t full being used to talk smack about whatever game they had been playing. Something about being seconds from knocking Fuma off the track. The ninja retorted, claiming he’d dodge the attack proudly.

    “Did someone say drinks?” Before anyone could ask, Ken paraded in, a selection of juice pouches in his arms. He lent over and kissed his wife as she helped pass out the juices to the young kids.

    “Graaaaaam, Paaaaapaaaa, not in front of the Tri Squad!” Taiga moaned embarrassingly, covering his face like the young teen he was. 

    “Not what in front of the Tri Squad?” Ken playfully replied. There was a split second where the two made eye contact before they smothered their grandson in a round of kisses. The young ultra blushed profusely, sputtering half-hearted attempts to get them to stop.

    When they pulled away, Taiga was nervously looking away. “Something wrong, Tai?” Marrie frowned, realizing he was upset.

    “It’s fine, I just-”

    “Fuma and I didn’t… have the greatest relationship with our parents.” Titas quietly filled them in. “I never knew mine, and he…” The U40 trailed off at Fuma’s growl of displeasure.

    “It’s fine, You can do whatever, they’re your grandparents n’ all.” He was trying to sound unbothered, but the tone of his voice betrayed him.

    “I… I’m sorry, We didn’t think about that.” Ken rubbed his head awkwardly, realizing how it must have looked to the two. 

    “Although, if you’d like, we can be your grandparents too.” Marie quickly stepped in. “There’s always room for more in the Taro family, We’ll always welcome you home with a plate of cookies and kisses if you’d like.” 

    “Yeah! Gram and Papa don’t have the titles ‘Mother of Ultra’ and ‘Father of Ultra for nothing!” Taiga smiled, patting his friend’s arms excitedly. “Tri Squad may have different parents, but we’ll share the same Grandparents like we share the Taiga Spark!”

    “That- You can’t just- That-” Fuma started multiple times, but never got more than a few words into his sentence. 

    “I’d say we’ve already been adopted into the family, Fuma.” Titas munched on the last of the carrot sticks, placing the now-empty platter down. “You did say a while ago pinwheel cookies are your favourite, right?” 

    Fuma looked down to the last cookie in his hand, realizing how Marie had made his favourite without asking. Taiga was munching on his last chocolate chip cookie, and Titas had gotten carrot sticks as his usual preference. Even the juice pouches Ken had brought were their respective favourites. They’d always been bringing the same snacks every time they came over to hang out, for as long as he could remember.

    Before he could stop himself, Fuma flung himself at the couple, Enveloping them in a wide hug as he began to sniffle.“T-thanks Miss M, Mister K.”  She gave him a kiss on the forehead, whispering reassurances to the sobbing teen. “You’re the best.”