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Drabbles, Extras, and Side Stories

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CHAPTER 2: The Pillow Fort

     Acnologia lets the kids start to renovate the cave while he runs an errand, and they make a pillow fort.

          [Takes place between ODAF chapters 5 and 6]

     Characters: Gajeel, Wendy, and Rogue


CHAPTER 3: Wendy Drabble: X778

     Wendy contemplates the meaning of family.

          [As of ODAF 8]

     Characters: Wendy

          Minor Characters: Acnologia, Gajeel, Rogue, Charle, Natsu, Grandeeny, Roubaul


CHAPTER 4: Laxus Drabble: X778

     Laxus from age eleven to seventeen.

          [From ODAF 1 to ODAF 8]

     Characters: Laxus

          Minor Characters: Porlyusica, Makarov, Bickslow, Natsu, Lisanna, Acnologia, Ivan


CHAPTER 5: Laxus Learns Dragons Are Real

     After their first training session, Laxus gets invited to the "dragon's den" for dinner—and answers to secrets he wasn't even aware of.

          [during ODAF 11]

     Characters: Laxus, Acnologia, Gajeel, Natsu, Wendy, Rogue, Charle, Happy


CHAPTER 6: Acnologia and Gildarts Level a Mountain

     Acnologia and Gildarts attempt at engaging in a friendly spar—that doesn't destroy the environment.

          [between ODAF 11 and 12]

     Characters: Gildarts, Acnologia


CHAPTER 7: Dragons' First Christmas

     The Christmas of the year X778 in the house of the dragons.

          [between ODAF 11 and 12]

     Characters: Acnologia, Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Rogue, Happy, Charle


CHAPTER 8: Meeting Mystogan

     Acnologia meets Mystogan, and Wendy finds him again.

          [between ODAF 12 and 13]

     Characters: Mystogan, Acnologia, Wendy


CHAPTER 9: Natsu's Secret

     Natsu was never very good at keeping secrets. Not from his closest friends.

          [between ODAF 8 and 9]

     Characters: Natsu, Lisanna, Happy


CHAPTER 10: Plight of a Guildmaster

     Makarov isn't sure what to make of Acnologia. 

          [ODAF 11- 13]

     Characters: Makarov, Porlyusica, Acnologia

          Minor Characters: Gildarts, Wendy, Rogue


CHAPTER 11: Rising Thunder: Part I

     Laxus encounters Bickslow for the first time.

          [X775, pre-series]

     Characters: Laxus, Bickslow, Bickslow's Babies


CHAPTER 12: Dragon and Child

     The dragons observe Acnologia. 

          [ODAF 2 - post-TET]

      Characters: Grandeeny, Metallicana, Weisslogia, Skiadrum, Igneel

          Minor Characters: Acnologia, Wendy, Gajeel, Sting, Rogue, Natsu, Laxus


CHAPTER 13: Birthday Bash

      Cana's 14th birthday.

          [August 16, X779; between ODAF 12 and 13]

      Characters: Cana, Natsu, Gajeel, Gray, Wendy, Lisanna, Sting, Rogue, Erza


CHAPTER 14: Rising Thunder: Part II

      Laxus and Evergreen go on a job.

          [February 27, X778; early ODAF]

      Characters: Laxus, Evergreen

          Minor Characters: Bickslow


CHAPTER 15: Anna

      Anna continues her search for the children and finds more than she expected.

          [June 3, X780; post-TET]

      Characters: Anna, Gajeel, Wendy, Rogue, Acnologia

          Minor Characters: Erik, miscellaneous townspeople


CHAPTER 16: Rising Thunder: Part III

      Laxus encounters Freed.

          [July 18, X778; between ODAF 9 and 10]

      Characters: Laxus, Bickslow, Freed, Evergreen


CHAPTER 17: Rising Thunder: Part IV

      They finally become a team.

          [April 8, X779; between ODAF 12 and 13]

      Characters: Laxus, Bickslow, Evergreen, Freed


CHAPTER 18: Death in the Family

      The Strauss siblings go on a job.

          [June 4 - 5, X782; post-TET]

      Characters: Lisanna, Natsu, Mirajane, Elfman


CHAPTER 19: Loke

      Loke wasn't expecting there to be other people besides him pretending to be human in Fairy Tail, much less a dragon.

          [early to mid X782; post-TET]

      Characters: Loke, Acnologia


CHAPTER 20: Sting Drabble: X779

      Sting after coming to Magnolia. 

          [between ODAF 12 and 13]

      Characters: Sting


CHAPTER 21: To Join a Guild

      Jellal joins Fairy Tail.

          [immediately following TET]

      Characters: Jellal, Erza, Mystogan

          Minor Characters: Gray, Erik, Natsu, Wendy, Lisanna, Makarov, various guildmates


CHAPTER 22: Natsu Drabble: X781

      Natsu finds his family.

          [past - December 26, X781]

      Characters: Natsu, the rest of the dragonlings, Natsu's mom, Zeref (sorta)


CHAPTER 23: Virgo's Key

      Virgo delivers her key.

          [between TLS 3 and 4]

      Characters: Virgo, Erik, Gajeel, Happy


CHAPTER 24: Twinkle Little Star: Aftermath (Natsu)

      Natsu needs some comfort.

          [immediately post-TLS]

      Characters: Acnologia, Natsu, Happy


CHAPTER 25 & 26: Twenty-Four Hours

      The end of the twenty-four hour endurance race doesn't go well.


      Characters: Erik, Jellal, Acnologia, Levy, Wendy, Natsu, Gajeel, Sting, Rogue, Happy, Charle, Cubellios, Porlyusica, Erza, Evergreen, Freed, Bickslow, Jet, Droy, Makarov


CHAPTER 27: Laxus and Makarov Finally Talk

      Now that Makarov knows that Laxus is a dragon slayer, it's time to actually address.


      Characters: Laxus, Makarov; Bickslow, Acnologia


CHAPTER 28: A Few Times Rogue Found Something in the Woods

      Rogue finds things in the woods, and then the one time he found a friend.

          [ODAF 10 to post-TET]

      Characters: Rogue, Acnologia, Sting, Gajeel, Erik, Natsu, Wendy, Frosch, Charle


CHAPTER 29: Before the S-Class Trial of '82

      Jellal and Erik talk.


      Characters: Jellal, Erik


CHAPTER 30: Lucy Meets the Guild

      Lucy gets acclimated to Fairy Tail.

          [post TLS 3 to post-TLS]

      Characters: Lucy

          Minor Characters: Natsu, Gajeel, Erik, Cana, Laxus, Evergreen, Freed, Bickslow, Levy, Sting, Rogue, Wendy, Charle, Frosch


CHAPTER 31: Mudball

      Somebody else finds something in the woods.


      Characters: Acnologia, Natsu, Sting, Happy


CHAPTER 32: Lacrima-Born

      Laxus meets Erik.


      Characters: Laxus, Acnologia, Erik

          Minor Characters: Bickslow, Wendy


CHAPTER 33: Acnologia and the Svit: Part I

      Two hundred years ago, Acnologia had a life-altering discovery. The transition from beast to man was not an easy one.

          [between ODAF prologue and ODAF 1]

      Characters: Acnologia, minor OCs


CHAPTER 34: Acnologia and the Svit: Part II

      Acnologia's experience with the Svit did not end after three days.

          [between ODAF prologue and ODAF 1]

      Characters: Acnologia, minor OCs


CHAPTER 35: Mystogan and Jellal

      Mystogan tries to figure out what to do about Earthland’s Jellal.


      Characters: Mystogan, Jellal

          Minor Characters: Acnologia, Rogue







  • Acnologia finds out about dragon tamer magic; stops being a murder-hobo (ODAF 1)



  • Acnologia is nursed back to health by the Svit. (Ch.33)




  • Acnologia attends the Svit's Moon Dance Festival. (DT Prologue)



  • Ivan plants the lacrima into Laxus (ODAF 1)
    • Acnologia encounters the scene




  • Bickslow joins Fairy Tail (Ch.11)




  • Acnologia adopts Wendy (ODAF 2)
  • 27th—"Rising Thunder: Part II" (Ch.14)


  • Gajeel and Rogue adopted (ODAF 4)
  • "The Pillow Fort" (Ch.2)


  • Natsu found by Acnologia (ODAF 5 – 8)
  • "Natsu's Secret" (Ch.9)


  • Acnologia and kids move to Magnolia. Start building house. (ODAF 9 – 10)


  • 18th—"Rising Thunder: Part III" (Ch.16)


  • (Early) House is finished. (ODAF 10)
  • Wendy, Rogue, and Gajeel join Fairy Tail. (ODAF 10)


  • Acnologia joins Fairy Tail. (ODAF 11)
  • 25th—"Laxus Learns Dragons Are Real" (Ch.4)


  • Laxus passes S-Class trial (ODAF 11)
  • 17th—"Acnologia and Gildarts Level a Mountain" (Ch.6)
  • 25th—"Dragons' First Christmas" (Ch.7)




  • 8th—"Acnologia and Gildarts Level a Mountain" (Ch.6)
  • Sting found and adopted; joins Fairy Tail (ODAF 12)


  • 3rd—"Meeting Mystogan" (Ch.8)
  • 8th—Thunder Storm officially becomes a team (Ch.17)


  • 16th—"Birthday Bash" (Ch.13)


  • Acnologia becomes S-Class (ODAF 13)




  • 22nd—Acnologia brings Erik home. (TET 1)


  • 2nd—The Tower of Heaven is destroyed (TET 8 - 12)
  • Erik joins Fairy Tail
  • Jellal joins Fairy Tail (Ch.21)
  • 12th—"Lacrima-Born" (Ch.32)


  • 3rd—Anna discovers the whereabouts of all five children (Ch.15)


  • Jellal properly meets Mystogan (Ch.34)


  • Erza becomes S-Class.




  • Mirajane and Mystogan tie in the S-Class trials. Both ascend to the rank.




  • 7th—Loke joins Fairy Tail (Ch.19)


  • 5th—Elfman dies; Lisanna 'dies' (Ch.18)


  • "Twenty-Four Hours" (Ch.25-26)


  • Jellal becomes S-Class. (Ch.29)




  • Gajeel becomes S-Class.




  • Frosch joins the fam. (Ch.28)


  • Mudball adopted. (Ch.31)


  • 2nd—Lucy meets Natsu, Gajeel, and Happy. Bora is arrested. [TLS 1 - 3]
  • 3rd—Lucy joins Fairy Tail
  • 8th—"Virgo's Key" (Ch.23)
  • 9th—Erza initiates a mission with Gray and Natsu. [TLS 4]
  • 22nd—Erza leaves with Jellal, Lucy, and Gray to Galuna Island. [DT 1]