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Let's Play Pretend and Live Our Lives

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Things don't get better in the morning. A-Yuan is cranky and Lan Wangji is quiet. They dance around each other carefully as they get ready for the day. Wei Wuxian is half afraid of saying anything in case he tips the fragile peace into the disaster that seems imminent.

The worst part of it, however, is not the anxiety writhing under his skin, or arguing with a four-year-old over the appropriateness of pants. It's not knowing what set things down this path.

Yesterday, Wei Wuxian thought things had been fine, getting better even. He can't pinpoint what he did or said that is making Lan Wangji act like there's a chasm between them that he wants to but can't cross. Wei Wuxian asks again what's wrong, but Lan Wangji is tying A-Yuan's shoes while the kid wails that he doesn't want to go to school today, he's sick (he's not sick) and either doesn't hear him or is ignoring him. Wei Wuxian doesn't want to repeat himself and find out which.

So he swallows his doubts and gets on with their day.

With A-Yuan dragging his heels they're running late, so Lan Wangji goes on ahead to the office while Wei Wuxian drops him at preschool.

At lunch, Lan Wangji texts him that he has an unexpected meeting. It's not unprecedented, but Wei Wuxian doesn't believe in coincidences.

When they see each other at the end of the day, all his words have left him. He should say something, ask after Lan Wangji's day. He's wearing a more conservative gray suit today, brightened by a bright pink and baby-blue paisley tie and matching pocket square. But despite not having a hair out of place, Lan Wangji looks bruised around the edges.

Wei Wuxian's tongue feels thick and useless in his mouth.

The one bright spot is that school has cheered A-Yuan up. He fills the silence between them all the way home and through dinner, and things feel normal again. Lan Wangji asks what he learned at school and listens carefully as A-Yuan rattles on about what he and his friends got up to. When A-Yuan pauses to shovel food in his mouth and Lan Wangji reminds him to not talk with his mouth full, he lifts his gaze to Wei Wuxian.

"And how was your day, Wei Ying?" he asks carefully, like he's not sure he should.

"Good, good," says Wei Wuxian, his shoulders relaxing a little. "I missed you at lunch."

"I am sorry about that. The ten-day prediction model finished its run with some abnormal results."

Wei Wuxian's attention snaps to him. Lan Wangji works in the technical group that forecasts potential disaster hotspots based on data from satellites and ground stations that report on the weather and other conditions. "Everything okay?"

Lan Wangji shakes his head, but it's not a no. "We are rerunning and will know more tomorrow," he says.

"Mn." Wei Wuxian nods, glancing at A-Yuan and back at Lan Wangji, the understanding that they won't go into detail now passing between them. He takes another bite of noodles, and it's quiet for a moment. His anxiety has shifted to worry; Lan Wangji wears a neutral expression but seems tired underneath. "Are you okay?"

"Of course," Lan Wangji says immediately, his face impossibly smoothing out even that small hint of fatigue. "We will resolve the issue tomorrow."

"No, I meant—" But Wei Wuxian doesn't know how to finish that thought. How does he name a nameless feeling of something being off? How does he ask about something that's probably a figment of his imagination, a product of his own stupid insecurities?

Maybe everything really is fine, and his bad feeling is just Lan Wangji when he's really tired. Faced with Lan Wangji's placid regard, he lets it go. "Never mind."

"Baba, Baba," A-Yuan breaks in. He's got sauce smeared all over his cheeks, "I was really good today."

"You were, were you," Wei Wuxian gratefully takes the distraction. This, at least, he knows where it's going.

"Mn. I was." A-Yuan nods his head very firmly. He turns his big innocent eyes on Wei Wuxian, who returns the look coolly. "Can we have dessert tonight? We didn't have dessert last night."

They had in fact had little mints that came with the take-out for dessert last night.

"It's a weeknight," Wei Wuxian points out.

"But we didn't have dessert last night!" A-Yuan whines. Giving up on Wei Wuxian, he turns his pleading eyes on Lan Wangji.

"Lan Zhan," Wei Wuxian says warningly, shaking his head. He lets A-Yuan get away with far too much.

Lan Wangji hesitates, but in the end he shakes his head. "Not tonight. Don't pout," he adds when A-Yuan's lip comes out. "I'll read you a story after dinner."

A-Yuan sighs and continues to pout, but at least he doesn't whine about it, so Wei Wuxian calls it a win.

After dinner, he cleans up while Lan Wangji reads A-Yuan his promised story, distracting him back into a good mood. He happily goes to play with his bunnies, afterward, reenacting a dramatic fight of some kind that involves a lot of yelling, "Now go! Do your best!"

Wei Wuxian smiles, watching him, and grins when Lan Wangji joins him in the kitchen. Clean-up done, Wei Wuxian put the kettle on for tea and is leaning against the counter waiting for the water to boil.

Lan Wangji nods to him, and something about the way he's looking at Wei Wuxian sets the nerves that had settled back on edge again.

For once, Wei Wuxian doesn't fill the void with restless chatter. He turns to the cupboard to get the tea cups, looking for the fancy ones with the traditional dragon motif in the back that Jiang Cheng got him for his housewarming, saying Wei Wuxian needed to have a proper adult tea set. Wei Wuxian didn't see what was wrong with the everyday set of mismatched cups he'd had since grad school. He thought the chipped one was especially charming.

"I think I should go back to my apartment."

Wei Wuxian stills, his hand frozen with the chipped tea cup in his hand. The words sink into him like rain soaking into soil. He sets the tea cup on the counter and finds a fancy dragon one behind it and pulls it out, too. A mismatched set indeed.

"To get the vacuum?" he asks casually, without turning around. The silence behind him is deafening.

"Wei Ying—" Lan Wangji starts, but Wei Wuxian can't bear to let him finish. He pastes on a smile and turns.

"Oh, that's fine," he says, waving his hand in an expression of I get it, no need to say it out loud and ruin my heart even more.

Lan Wangji doesn't look particularly overjoyed, but then he's being very careful to not look any particular way at all at the moment. Wei Wuxian hates it. He misses the warmth in Lan Wangji's eyes that was there just yesterday, that disappeared with no reason that he can understand.

"I should water my plants," Lan Wangji says weakly.

Wei Wuxian smiles wider. "Right, right. Wouldn't want them to get lonely."

"Unless you want—"

"No, no, you should go! It's fine. We've kept you from your real life long enough." WWX laughs because it's that or cry. "Don't look so forlorn. We'll still see you! Won't we, radish?" he calls to the living room where A-Yuan is paying them no attention what-so-ever. Fuck, how's he going to explain this to him. Wei Wuxian takes a breath and lets it out with another big smile that's like a slash across his face. "We'll still be," he swallows, "still be friends."

"Of course." But Lan Wangji is still determinedly not revealing what's going on behind his solemn eyes.

Fuck. Wei Wuxian really fucked up.

Lan Wangji is only this fixedly unreadable when he's really upset. He hopes he gets a chance to apologize once he figures out what for. He hopes this is only the end of their fake marriage and not of lunch and afternoons in the park and hanging out.

The loss of Lan Wangji in his home hurts, but is understandable. He should be allowed to set his own boundaries, get back to the things he likes doing. The loss of him in Wei Wuxian's life, however, well, he might not survive that.

"Are you taking your things?"

For the first time, Lan Wangji flinches, but he ends up nodding. "I should take a few."

"Great, great—oh, some of your laundry is mixed up with mine. I'll go sort it out, while you—" Wei Wuxian gestures vaguely at the kitchen that Lan Wangji has made his own.

It won't take but a few minutes to sort out the laundry, and taking a minute to get ahold of himself is probably a good idea.

But the moment he crosses into the bedroom and dumps out the laundry basket on the bed, it hits Wei Wuxian like a mountain falling on his head that Lan Wangji is going to take home his beautiful billowy shirts and the slotted spoon and the non-stick pan that fries dumplings so well. His hair gel and face moisturizer are going to disappear from the bathroom. He's not going to be here to bring Wei Wuxian tea in bed or give in to A-Yuan begging for dessert every night. He's never going to hold Wei Wuxian in his arms again and kiss him.

And every damn thing in his apartment is going to be a reminder of what's he's missing.

The tears when they come are as fast and furious as they are surprising, like an undertow pulling him down till he can't breathe, can't feel anything but overwhelmingly horrible, choking on feelings he's been stuffing down the last two weeks to try to avoid this.

Wei Wuxian presses his hands against his eyes trying to make it stop, bites his lip to keep from making a noise. There's a lead weight in his chest and a lump of coal in his throat and everything tastes like ash.

"Baba? Lan-gege said to ask you if we can have buns for breakfast. Can we have buns?" A-Yuan runs through the partially open door at speed, knocking it into the stopper on the wall with a loud clatter.

Wei Wuxian jerks his head up in surprise, then turns away when A-Yuan's eyes widen.

"Why are you crying?" his son asks, clearly spooked. Wei Wuxian tries to remember if A-Yuan has ever seen him cry before, gross and sticky like a kid himself.

He hastily wipes his face. "I'm not crying. See?" He smiles. "I'm okay." But the tears don't actually stop, putting lie to his words.

A-Yuan frowns. "Okay, Baba, but why?"

Wei Wuxian doesn't know whether to laugh or wail in despair at how good his son is, how big his heart. If he didn't fervently not want to talk about it—how does he even begin explaining to his son when he's such a mess?—he'd shower him in kisses and tell him he's so good for checking on him. But Wei Wuxian really needs an extra minute to make himself less of a disaster before Lan Wangji comes in and sees him.  

"I'm fine, radish. It's just grown up stuff, okay? You don't need to worry. Why don't you go play with Bai and Hei? Build them a house?"

"Okay," A-Yuan says doubtfully. But he goes, and that's all WWX needs.

He lets himself wallow for one more minute before he makes himself start separating out Lan Wangji's clothes. The first thing he grabs, though, is Lan Wangji's bunny T-shirt that he still hasn't heard the story of, which somehow makes everything worse, because he desperately wants to know why the ever-fashionable Lan Wangji has this old, wretched shirt and now he never will.

The door creaks again.

"A-Yuan, I'm fine!" he says as he looks up.

But it's not A-Yuan at the door. It's Lan Wangji.

"Wei Ying?" That terrible neutral expression has finally dropped away, but what's replaced it is worse: concern.

"Oh no." Wei Wuxian looks resolutely at the laundry, his eyes welling up again. "I'll be just a minute."

"He was crying!" A-Yuan says running out from behind Lan Wangji to hug Wei Wuxian around the legs, rocking his body against the bed. His chin digs into Wei Wuxian's hip, and with terrible earnestness, he says, "Baba, if you're hurt you have to tell us. You have to use your words, Baba, or we can't fix it."

His own son, turning his own words against him. It'd be funny if it weren't so terrible.


"Wei Ying, what's wrong?" Lan Wangji takes a hesitant step closer.

"Nothing!" But Wei Wuxian can't hold up in the face of Lan Wangji's concern.

"Words, Baba!" A-Yuan insists in the exact same tone of voice that Wei Wuxian uses when he's coaxing A-Yuan to tell him what's wrong. His own son!

"Please tell me, Wei Ying. We're—"

Lan Wangji stops on an inhaled breath.

Wei Wuxian finally looks at him properly. The unsaid "married" falls like glass to the floor between them, its absence shattering and final.

"Married?" Wei Wuxian says at last, and it tastes bitter.

He takes a deep breath. The game is up. He doesn't know how to fix this, but as he cradles A-Yuan's head and runs his hands reassuringly through his hair, he smiles for his son who's looking at him like this can be fixed if he just uses his words. He owes A-Yuan this much. He can't think of just himself in this anymore.

"A-Yuan, go play in the living room. Lan-gege and I need to talk."

He takes another breath while his son retreats with worried eyes. Lan Wangji closes the door after him. There's a long pause when their eyes meet. Wei Wuxian, heartsore and tired, takes another deep breath, and says, "We're not married, Lan Zhan."

Lan Wangji's lips part, like he's going to say something, but he doesn't.

Wei Wuxian gives him a moment and watches emotions too small and new for him to interpret, that he's too tired to read into, cross Lan Wangji's face. His mouth closes with a press of his lips at the end.

"I know I have no right to ask," Lan Wangji says after a long moment. "But I would still like to know why you are upset." He hesitates, then adds like he's not sure, "We are still friends."

"Yes," Wei Wuxian agrees too quickly. "Still friends."

Lan Wangji takes another hesitant step forward. "Will you tell me what's wrong?"

"Why are you leaving?" Wei Wuxian says in a rush. He can't meet Lan Wangji's eyes, so he looks at the floor between them instead. "I thought we had a good day yesterday. I thought—" But his throat closes up and he can't finish his thought.

"Wei Ying?"

"Why are you leaving?" His eyes dart up to Lan Wangji's face and away, and he offers a wan scrap of a smile to paper over how exposed he feels just asking that much. "If I have to use my words, then so do you."

"I—" Lan Wangji stops and swallows loud enough for Wei Wuxian to hear it. "Yesterday, with your sister." He stops again and his voice drops even softer. "You said you were waiting for me to leave."

Confused, Wei Wuxian does look up at him then, but this time Lan Wangji is the one avoiding his gaze. "I only meant I didn't think you'd stay!"

"Which is why I'm leaving."

"But do you want to?" Wei Wuxian asks, feeling like he missed a step somewhere in the conversation.

"It doesn't matter what I want," Lan Wangji says, still staring past him. "If you do not want me to be here then I will not be."

"But—" Wei Wuxian splutters as his world turns sideways, grasping for a picture whose edges are taking shape but is still out of focus.

Lan Wangji finally looks at him, something raw and wanting in his eyes.

Wei Wuxian doesn't know how they got here, but that little bit of yearning is enough to rest hope on, it's enough for him to blurt out, "But I don't want you to leave!"

Lan Wangji's eyes widen, just the little bit more that on him is as good as a gasp of shock. "Then why did you tell your sister—"

"Because you keep saying we're married, but we're not!" Wei Wuxian interrupts. He throws his hands out, suddenly unable to stay still as the words flood out of him. "We're not. And it started as a joke and a dare and I don't know where that ends for you or if it's all still a joke, because you haven't said anything else but that. I keep waiting for you to get tired of me and leave because that's what always happens, and I honestly don't blame you. Who would want to stay with me? I'm a lot! I was terrible to you before! I'm a disaster and a half, and I impulsively adopted a kid without telling anyone—"

"I would." Lan Wangji, who never cuts people off, cuts him off. He closes the last couple steps between them and grabs Wei Wuxian's flailing hand, searching Wei Wuxian's face with an intensity that is unnerving. He squeezes Wei Wuxian's hand. "I do. It's not a joke."

"Then what is it?" Wei Wuxian hears the pleading in his voice. He feels that stupid feeling in his chest rear its terrifying head. He licks his lips and pushes on anyway. "When you say we're married, what are you saying?"

Lan Wangji looks like he's scared too, but he doesn't look away. "When I say we're married, I'm saying I want to be married. To you. Wei Ying. I want to marry you."

Wei Wuxian can't breathe for a second. He's not sure he's heard right, but then Lan Wangji squeezes his hand again, and he's there and real and holding his breath too.

Wei Wuxian has to close his eyes on the tears he already feels streaming down his cheeks. He shakes his head and doesn't know whether to sob or laugh. In the end, it's the laugh that wins out, a hard, painful sound that shakes something loose, making space for the words to work their way in. Land in his heart.

He wants to marry me.

"Lan Zhan." Wei Wuxian opens his eyes, a smile spreading across his face that feels too small for the sudden surge of joy that overtakes him so fast Wei Wuxian is dizzy with it. He tries wiping the tears away, but then Lan Wangji is there, stepping into his space and using the cuffs of his fancy draped cardigan to wipe them away for him.

"Lan Zhan," Wei Wuxian tries again. "Do you mean it? Do you want me? And all this?"

Lan Wangji nods, his smile gentle as he cups Wei Wuxian's face in his palms.

"Yes. I want you. I want all of you, and all the joy and chaos that comes with you. You make my life worth living. Wei Ying. I'm in love with you."

"Oh good," Wei Wuxian murmurs, his heart full and beating too fast. "Because I'm in love with you, too, and I never want to be apart from you again."

He catches the bloom of Lan Wangji's smile, happiness glowing from him as he leans in. His lips land softly against Wei Wuxian's, full of tenderness for a moment before Wei Wuxian kisses back, and then they are surging against each other. Lan Wangji's arms come around Wei Wuxian, and when the kiss breaks they hold on to each other, warm and tight, in an embrace that feels like coming home.

As soon as the door creaks when they emerge from the bedroom, A-Yuan comes running. Lan Wangji holds Wei Wuxian's hand and doesn't let go when he slams into them, one arm around each of the legs.

"Are you all better, Baba?" he asks, his pointy chin landing on Wei Wuxian's hip. "Did Lan-gege fix it?"

"He did!" Wei Wuxian can't stop smiling. "He kissed it all better," he adds with a wink for Lan Wangji's whose ears go delightfully pink. But he can't seem to stop smiling either.

"Good!" A-Yuan declares, letting go of them. He steps back and nods seriously. "But if you're still sad, dessert could cheer you up, too."

"You have a one-track mind." Wei Wuxian ruffles his hair. He squats down so he's at A-Yuan's level, and Lan Wangji does the same beside him. "Hey radish, I have a question for you. You know how before Lan-gege moved in I said we would be a pretend family for a little while?"

A-Yuan looks back and forth between them. "You said Lan-gege would stop pretending he was family but he'd still be our friend. Is pretend over?" His little face pinches into an anxious frown.

"Hey, it's okay," Wei Wuxian rushes to reassure him. "Pretend is over, but in a good way. What do you say to making Lan-gege part of our family for real?"

"You want to adopt him?" A-Yuan's eyes go round and big, and he turns an awed excitement on Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian stifles his laughter in Lan Wangji's shoulder.

"Not adopt, marry," says Lan Wangji fondly. "I want to marry your baba. That would make me your baba, too. Would you like that?"

"Yes!" A-Yuan throws himself at Lan Wangji who catches him with his free arm while A-Yuan does his best to strangle him in excitement. "So you'll be ours and we'd be yours forever and ever!"

"That's right," Lan Wangji agrees, bringing up Wei Wuxian's hand he's still holding to kiss his knuckles. Wei Wuxian melts against his side, wrapping them both up in a hug, so happy he could burst with it.

"But what will I call you, Lan-gege?" A-Yuan asks, squirming back upright with the urgency of this new thought. "If Baba's baba, and you're baba, how will you know who I want?"

Lan Wangji smoothes back a stray hair from A-Yuan's eyes. Watching him with A-Yuan, Wei Wuxian can't believe he gets to have his two favorite people together with him.

"We can try different names till we find one that fits," Lan Wangji says. "We have time."

Wei Wuxian still isn't sure it's not all a dream when at last bedtime rolls around.

In their bedroom with the door closed, Lan Wangji is kissing him like he needs it to breathe. He holds Wei Wuxian with gentle yet firm hands, tilting his head where he wants it so he can lick into every crevice of Wei Wuxian's mouth.

Wei Wuxian is a puddle, he's goo, held up only by those hands cradling his face and the press of Lan Wangji's thigh between his legs that puts a delicious pressure on his cock. He aches from sweetness, yearns for it to both continue and for things to speed up.

But when he makes a move to get his hands under Lan Wangji's shirt, Lan Wangji pulls back. His lips are shiny and he's breathing hard. His eyes are dark desire and they focus with an intensity that Wei Wuxian is helpless to resist.

"Let me," Lan Wangji says, no more than a breath that ghosts along Wei Wuxian's cheek. He follows it with a kiss, then another to the corner of Wei Wuxian's eye. "Let me take care of you. I've been trying so hard to take care of you. All I want is to take care of you."

Wei Wuxian's breath is stolen from him, like a wave pulling back from shore only to be followed by its return in an overwhelming surge of love for this man. His head lands on Lan Wangji's shoulder with a thump; he can't look at him while feeling this much. Lan Wangji wraps his arms around him and squeezes, his arms sure and strong, holding him up, which doesn't slow the rush of feelings coursing through him. Wei Wuxian hates it. He loves it.

"Lan Zhan! You can't just say that!"

"Mn." Lan Wangji rubs his back. He tilts his head so his cheek rests on Wei Wuxian's head. "I tried not saying it, tried showing you, but you didn't hear."

Wei Wuxian lifts his head and gives him what he hopes is a stern look but knows his smile is probably ruining it. "Telling Su She we're married and then moving in with me is not saying it!" Then another realization hits him. "Oh shit! You said we were married over a week ago and you meant it! A week and you didn't tell me!"

"And what did you mean when you said A-Yuan was my son? And then kept letting me move in?" Lan Wangji's mouth curls into a smile with such fondness that Wei Wuxian has to bury his head in his shoulder again. "I was not sure how long you would let me stay. I was worried you would turn me away again."

Like he had all those years ago when Lan Wangji had come after him in Yiling. Neither of them had been able to say the right things then either. Now, moving in without asking, the cooking, the chores and calming Wei Wuxian down when he was freaking out about dinner with his family. It finally sinks in that Lan Wangji has been as desperate for it to be real as he has. As scared of rejection.

"Maybe we were both hoping the other would hear," Wei Wuxian says looking up again. He feels a little ridiculous, but Lan Wangji's expression is sheepish around the edges, so he's not alone in feeling silly at least.

"Mn. Now we've both said it. I'm going to keep saying it," Lan Wangji says. He leans in to kiss Wei Wuxian again. "I love you," he whispers against his lips.

Wei Wuxian feels his pulse race and leans forward into another kiss, one that's deep and dirty, pouring every scrap of terrifying, amazing feeling into it. Lan Wangji's arms tighten around him, his hips press flush against him. Want floods Wei Wuxian's veins.

When at last they break, Wei Wuxian is breathing hard. His cock is flushed with blood and aching. He can feel Lan Wangji's hard length against him. His forehead thunks against Lan Wangji's. "I love you too."

"Let me take care of you," Lan Wangji whispers, and this time, Wei Wuxian nods in eager agreement.

"Yes. Take care of me. I want you so much, Lan Zhan. I've wanted you for so long."

Once he's started, he can't stop talking while Lan Wangji undresses him, undresses himself. He can't keep his hands to himself, runs them over Lan Wangji's perfect chest and stomach, feels Lan Wangji's hands leave trails of desire down his flanks. He babbles every thought that comes into his head until Lan Wangji quiets him with another kiss and presses him into the bed.

He kisses Wei Wuxian as he fingers him open, trails love bites down his neck as Wei Wuxian arches onto his two fingers on a fluttering gasp. Wei Wuxian's words sublimate into moans as Lan Wangji fingers find his prostate, lighting him up until his skin is buzzing.

"You're so beautiful," Lan Wangji murmurs.

"Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan." Wei Wuxian was going to say something else, he swears, but another of Lan Wangji's fingers is stretching him open and they feels so good.

He reaches blindly until he finds Lan Wangji's cock, thinking he should do something about that, just as soon as he can concentrate again. He manages a couple strokes—and fuck, Lan Wangji is big, and soon he's going to take Wei Wuxian apart with his dick.

Lan Wangji's moan when it comes is abrupt and deep, a sound straight from his chest that sends Wei Wuxian spiraling higher.

"Come on, Lan Zhan—" is all Wei Wuxian gets out before Lan Wangji's fingers leave him, gaping and bereft for a moment before Lan Wangji manhandles him into position—fuck fuck fuck, he's so fucking strong, and Wei Wuxian is going to die. Lan Wangji hooks Wei Wuxian's knees over his elbows, folding him nearly in half as he thrusts home in one long, slow stroke. Wei Wuxian's breath is fucked out of him—the stretch and burn are a lot, but he's so full, as full of Lan Wangji's cock as he is of his love. His head is going to explode.

Lan Wangji doesn't waste any more time. Once Wei Wuxian adjusts and urges him on, he thrusts hard and deep, so deep Wei Wuxian can feel him in the back of his throat.

"Wei Ying, oh Wei Ying," he groans, the sounds wrung from him, and Wei Wuxian opens his eyes to see him. The flush on his cheeks, his lips parted and panting, his eyes locking on Wei Wuxian's and seeing straight through him, straight to his bruised and messy heart.

"Yours," Wei Wuxian pants. "Lan Zhan, my heart, it's yours, me, I'm yours—"

Lan Wangji pounds harder, stirred into a new frenzy, and pleasure builds and spikes. Wei Wuxian feels every inch of him, feels the cascade of pleasure within him wind tighter and tighter as each stroke hits that perfect spot.

"Marry me, Wei Ying," Lan Wangji gasps, eyes still on his.

"Yes. Lan Zhan. Yes!"

Lan Wangji gives a cry, his hips stuttering frantically. His hand pumps Wei Wuxian's cock and his lips find Wei Wuxian's as he comes, hot jets filling Wei Wuxian's insides as he grinds against his prostate. Overwhelmed, Wei Wuxian crests a moment later, pleasure flooding over him in wave after wave. Lan Wangji peppers his face in kisses, and it's more than pleasure overwhelming Wei Wuxian as tears leak from the corners of his eyes. He wraps his arms and legs around Lan Wangji, who rolls them to their sides and wraps him up in turn.

Joy swells in his chest, too much to contemplate. Wei Wuxian breathes through it and kisses Lan Wangji and presses their sweaty skin together, wrapped up in Lan Wangji's warmth and love, and the promise of forever.

Nie Huaisang:
so when are you going to tell me how dinner with lan qiren went
it's been three days and all dage can get out of xichen is that it went fine
he always says everything is fine
i'm dying here

Nie Huaisang:
wait you're not dead right
lan qiren didn't bury you in the backyard

Nie Huaisang:
wei-xiong if you don't tell me you're alive I'm gonna assume I can pick up my couch now

Wei Wuxian:
hands off my couch!

Nie Huaisang:
so dinner

Wei Wuxian:
it was fine. not great but fine
lan zhan stood up for me when lan qiren got started

Nie Huaisang:
still worried he's going to abandon you

Wei Wuxian:
about that
turns out you were right

Nie Huaisang:
of course I was
did you get a look at his dick yet

Wei Wuxian:
you're the worst
I want that on the record

Wei Wuxian:
and yes
even though that's none of your business
it turns out he wants to marry me too
if you gloat you're not invited to the wedding

Nie Huaisang:

Wei Wuxian:
what's this? nie-xiong's wedding invitation getting burned

Nie Huaisang:
I'm going to plan your wedding so just try to keep me out

Nie Huaisang:
congratulations wei-xiong

Wei Wuxian:
Thanks :heart:
I'm still not sure how this all happened

Nie Huaisang:
I'm rolling my eyes at you
only you wei-xiong
okay gotta go dage's home
lunch this weekend
bring your kid
and your husband

Wei Wuxian can't contain the grin that overtakes him as he reads the last message and replies with a sparkle of emojis. He sets his phone on the coffee table. He's been floating all day.

In the kitchen his future husband is cooking dinner. At the table, their son is industriously coloring. While Wei Wuxian continues to wrap his brain around the fact that it's not a game anymore, A-Yuan gets up in a flurry.

"A-die, a-die, look!" he shouts, running to Lan Wangji with his drawing and showing it off proudly. Lan Wangji sets down his spatula and gives it a proper look, his face softening. He glances up at Wei Wuxian and turns the paper so he can see too.

There, drawn large with A-Yuan's four-year-old enthusiasm are two tall figures and three smaller ones standing on a colorful field with crooked hearts above their heads. The largest of the small ones is in A-Yuan's favorite royal blue. The tall ones, one in black and one in pale blue, are holding hands. The two of the smallest figures probably have bunny ears, if past drawings are anything to go by. But from this distance, they could be anything—bunnies, cats… kids.

As Wei Wuxian goes to join his family in the kitchen, soaking in his son's smile and the warm gaze of the man he loves, the possibilities seem endless.

the end