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all these things that I've done.

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She looked akin to Reneesme, but the limited allure the hybrid had was decrepit compared to hers, Benjamin noted as his eyes remained trained on her small frame.


She was gorgeous, over and above any woman he knew, her tattooed face and the ornaments on her head only adorned her figure but ultimately blended in the background as her distinctive red and black eyes took the spotlight and her virtuous smile gained the hearts of all. He could see why, such a stainless and lovable little angel was difficult to loathe, he started to fathom why entire covens had to be killed in order to exterminate an immortal child, he himself would not allow anything bad happening to her if only to keep being in her presence. 


She had become an essential part of his life in less than ten minutes.


As nonsensical as it sounded, Benjamin was enamoured of the young vampire.