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Heart behind the Wheel

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Baby sat in the car, watching the road and aimlessly humming the song on one of his many mp3's. Unlike usual, he drove slowly, peering through the mist of the forest road he was on. Occasionally, he cast a glance at the man next to him. Joseph smiled knowingly. Baby was finally free to get on with his life and live like a normal teenager. No more robberies, no more getaway driving. He was done, and now headed off to the middle of nowhere.

We there yet? Joseph signaled through sign language. His pseudo father was never the most patient of people.

"Almost," he said, putting a little more speed into the car.

Oh shit. Joseph stated as Baby worked the stick shift and threw the car through the oncoming turn. The wheels screeched against the asphalt while Baby barely flinched in his seat. It was nearly impossible for him to go the speed limit, regardless if he was being pursued by cops or just enjoying himself. 

Once out of the turn, he upshifted, pressed the accelerator, and gunned the engine to max speed on the straightaway. Baby could hear the engine groaning as his pushed the car to its fastest. To a common bystander, all they would see is a blur of red as the vehicle zoomed along the road. Joseph had made a massive mistake when he let Baby choose the Dodge Challenger as his "retirement car." Then again, at heart, he was a kid, and all kids liked to go fast. The only difference was that the current driver actually knew how to bend speed and the road to his will.

Reeling Joseph from his thoughts, a deer sprinted into the road a yards ahead of the oncoming Challenger. Remaining cool as a cucumber, Baby brushed the brakes, downshifted, and sent the car drifting around the animal, before working the clutch again and accelerating forward. Devil behind the wheel, Baby thought remembering when Doc had said that two months ago. 

SLOW DOWN NOW! Joseph exclaimed, placing a hand on the driver's arm. Knowing they would soon reach their destination, Baby eased his foot off of the gas, letting the Challenger reach an acceptable speed limit, or at least one that would not earn a ticket. 

Thank you, Joseph said, finally relaxing in his seat. Baby only nodded. His attention was on the sign before him. It read Welcome to Forks. They had finally arrived.