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Seen by Her Eyes

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Chapter 2- Heartfelt Tones and Shattered Bones

“Who’s a good boy?! Who’s the goodest booooy in the whole wide world? Who’s my handsome snuggly wuggly poooooo?! Ahh that’s right baby you are!”

Riding in the passenger seat of Jake’s Rabbit on their way back from Port Angeles, Leah was currently cuddling her new puppy, who had yet to be named. She had asked Jake politely (and threatened his capability to produce children one day when he initially refused) to take her into the city in order for her to pick up the baby Corgi she had seen on the internet the day before. She was contentedly stroking his head while trying to think of the perfect name…

Hmmm. What about Ollie? Or Dixon….Rolli?

“Honestly Lee, do you really think getting a dog was the best move right now?
I mean we’re just about to rearrange the patrol schedules and you offered to pick up shifts for the younger kids.”

Jake was driving the car and Leah thought he had a lot of audacity asking that question for someone who had a half vampire hybrid as a pet- well, imprint.

“Honestly Jacob, do you really think your brain can handle driving and talking at the same time?” Leah shot back though she was sure that any bite in her tone was useless while getting licks on her cheek from her new puppy, “Besides, my baby needed me. I mean just look at him!”

Grabbing him under his front legs and turning the full force of the adorable face towards Jake, Leah watched as the almost 7 foot Alpha of a pack of wolves melted at the sight of her dog lolling his tongue out.

“Plus, the Pixie said she would get me whatever I wanted as a ‘thank you’ for almost dying for Edweirdo’s and telenoBella’s freaky yet somewhat charming love-child. Gosh that family is weird, even for bloodsuckers.”

“Really? Since when are you and Alice on speaking terms?”

Turning her pup over and giving him all the belly rubs, Leah counters with, “Since when is she ‘Alice’? And since when do you want to know who I talk to? And we’re not…”

“Since I’m your Alpha and it is your duty to inform me of every aspect of your life,” Jake jokes, which earns him a smack on the back of his head which Leah was sure he did not feel, “And ‘we’re not’ what?”

“On speaking terms. Me and the Pixie. Or any of the leeches for that matter. She emailed me.”

Jacob doubles over laughing, swerves and takes the exit into Forks way too quickly.


Wiping tears from his eyes, Jake says “Oookay Lee, well first of all, the Rugrat is not baby, ‘sides, he looks fine to me, and second, I can’t believe she emailed you! How did she even get your email?”

“Well he IS a baby, look at him! And she probably knew I would not interact with them, hence the email.” Leah shudders. Jacob is silent after this, so Leah goes back to scrolling through names in her head.

Caesar, Macbeth, Romeo…hmmm maybe Shakespeare is not the way to go. But ‘Shakespeare’ does have a nice ring to it.

“Hey Jake, what do ya think abou-” Leah cuts off as she turns to look at Jacob. He looks rigid in his seat and his hands were clenching the steering wheel with a little too much force.

“Everything okay Alpha Prime?” Leah asks tentatively.

“Hmm? Oh yeah Leah it’s all good,” he pauses, looking straight ahead at the road, and then, “It’s just, do you really hate them? Like seriously? I mean I know it’s like in our DNA to despise them but if this last year has taught me anything, it’s that maybe our legends don’t have it all right, ya know?”

Jacob looks to her and she sees something in his eyes that makes her pity him. Since joining his pack, Leah has come a long way from using her pack brother’s thoughts and feelings against them. The Pack’s mind link is yet another unfortunate side effect of being a shapeshifter, and while she was in Sam’s pack she had used it to her advantage to ridicule and humiliate them to the best of her ability. It was a knee-jerk reaction for having to hear and feel all Sam’s thoughts about Emily. Even worse was hearing all of Sam’s thoughts and regrets about herself. But in being a part of Jake’s pack, she has learned to block out their thoughts, as well as her own, giving them all some much needed privacy. That didn’t mean some things didn’t slip through the cracks of the walls they had all tried to create.

While he could never resent Nessie, and while he was happy for the half-vamp’s existence, Leah knows that Jake wonders why their ancestors chose to give him an imprint so different from everyone else’s. Moreover, he worries what the others think of him, and what a burden it causes his Pack.

Sighing, Leah cuddles her pup closer to her and looks out the window. She really didn’t think giving Jacob a pep talk was on the to-do list today, but he did take her to Port Angeles, so she figures she could try to be nice to him, just a little.

“Look Jacob, I’m not the happiest person on the planet. Hell, I’m probably more miserable than like 67% of the world’s population,” she sees him smirk at this, “so I’m not the person to ask about holding a grudge. Especially if you’re talking about our sworn enemies.” Taking another deep sigh, Leah continues, “I will say this though. You’re happy. And despite what my attitude may otherwise indicate, that means something to me. You’re my Alpha, and my pack brother and my fr-friend.” She hesitates at this and she doesn’t have to look at him to know that Jacob’s face has broken out into the dumbest smile. Ugh. She powers on and says, “Seth adores them too. And while he can be naïve at times, I trust his judgment.”

She looks towards Jake and judging by the sheer happiness on his face, she is going to regret being nice to him.

Damn I’m getting soft.

“So no, to answer your question. I don’t hate them. But that doesn’t mean I want to be their friend either. They can exist and I can exist, and I will do everything in my power to help you protect them but that’s as far as I’ll go. I chose to go with you Jacob, for my own selfish reason’s yes, but it was still my choice. My loyalty is to you and our Pack and right now, you need me to look out for them. For your sake and for your imprint’s. So that’s what I’ll do.”

Leah stops, not wanting this conversation to continue. She noticed that they were parked in the driveway of their house. Her mom’s car was gone, like it usually was now a days, most likely at Charlie Swan’s place. She could hear her brother and Embry playing a video game inside. Holding the puppy more securely in her arms, she moved to open the door when she felt Jake’s hand grab her to stop her.

Turning to tell him off for holding her back, she looks into his eyes and the sincerity she sees there stop the words in her mouth as he says, “Thank you Leah. You have no idea what that means to me. You know, Bella and the Cullen’s have been the catalyst to a lot of things in my life. It’s because of them that I even took my rightful place as Alpha. And I will always be grateful for that. Especially because it gave me the privilege of being your Alpha and becoming your friend.”

With that, Jacob pet the top of her puppy’s head and got out of the car, heading to the front door leaving behind a not-emotional and not-teary eyed she-wolf.

Uhhhgghhh. I am really becoming soft. Stupid Jacob Black and his stupid dumb friendship.

Looking down at her still unnamed dog, she says “Well honey, welcome to the Soap Opera that is my life.”



TWO HOURS LATER found Leah sitting on her couch taking photos of Lancelot as Seth and Embry tried teaching him how to fetch, while Quil and Jake ate all her food.

“You guys better leave something for Seth to eat,” She shouted back towards the kitchen, “QUIL THOSE ARE LANCELOT’S TREATS!”

And sure enough, the big oaf was snacking on some bacon flavored kibble bites she had gotten at the pet store in Port Angeles for her puppy.

“Really? Oh hey they don’t taste half bad,” Quil states shoving another one into his mouth.

“Oh my god, Jake please do something before I castrate him” groans Leah, looking away from them as they enter the living room.

She hears an “Oomph” and the bag of treats lands on her lap with a “There ya go Lee” from Jake as he lays on the ground for Lancelot to climb on top of him.

“What kind of name is Lancelot anyways, Leah. You couldn’t have named him something cool, like Turbo? Or Tank?!” Quil asks, plopping down next to her and massaging his stomach where Jake must have hit him.

Leah stares at him, annoyed, “This coming from a guy named ‘Quil’? Okaaaay. Anyways, Lancelot was a brave and loyal knight. It’s perfect.”

“Hey! My name has been in our family for generations!’

“Oh I’m sooo sorry for you guys.”

“Well I think its cute Leah! He really is the sweetest little guy. What made you decide to get him?” Seth interjects her and Quil’s argument as he tries to engage Lancelot in a game of tug-of-war with the rope toy she got him. Before she can answer however there was a knock on their front door. Embry jumps up to answer it.

“Oh hey Sam, what’s up man?”

Sure enough, in comes Sam, all solemn and handsome just like always. Jake immediately stands, no doubt not wanting the other Alpha to see him cuddling a puppy on the floor.

“Everything good Sam?” Jacob asks, moving forward to greet the other Alpha with the “bro hug” thing that men do.

Sam locks his eyes with hers and Leah feels the all too familiar pit growing in the middle of her stomach. She knows what he wants before the words ever leave his mouth.

“I would like to talk with you, Leah, please. It will only be five minutes.”

All the guys in her pack look towards her, Embry looked ready to personally escort Sam out if that’s what she wanted.

“Actually Sam, ya see I have this new puppy, Lancelot,” She points towards him zooming around her feet on the floor, “and I don’t think I should leave him alone right now. Maybe some other time?”
“Lee-Lee, please. Just 5 minutes.”

She feels her face break, but she quickly masks the pain she felt at her old nickname. Her weakness. Reminders of her Sam. She hears Jake crack his knuckles, ready to pounce on Sam she’s sure, but sighing, she shakes off Seth’s hand that had found its way onto her shoulder, and says “Okay, just five minutes.”

Stooping down to Lancelot’s level she pets him vigorously “Okay you hear that baby, momma is going to be back five minutes. Oh who’s a good boiii!”

Leah led Sam outside, going deeper into the woods for some semblance of privacy.


EIGHTEEN MINUTES LATER found an ashen looking Leah standing in the front doorway of her house, “Ummm hey Jacob?”

All the boys were looking at her, shocked. Jake moved forward to inspect her closer.

“So I think I broke my hand on Sam’s nose. It hurts, like a lot.”

Taking her arm gently in his hands, he cringes as he sees the blood dripping down her knuckles. She sees him shaking with suppressed rage, and Leah knows he is fighting to stop himself from phasing. She watches him as her grabs his keys from the coffee table and tells the still silent pack, “Quil, Embry, watch over Lancelot. Seth, you’re coming with us.”

Jacob guides Leah out the front door and into his car, as she asks, “Where are we going?”

“Well, while I drive, you’re going to explain to me why you punched Sam hard enough to shatter all the bones in your hand. And I’m taking you to see Dr. Cullen.”



Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Still no Carlisle but he will most definitely be in the next one. Leave me a review about how excited you are about THAT! And why do you think Leah punch good ole Samuel?