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War for the Youth

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Newt’s eyes grew all the more watery from the relief of having his friends return to him. He knew, deep down, somewhere that they all were stubborn enough to find each other again, but even then… It was a beautiful, beautiful surprise to Newt. Hearing Thomas’s voice, through the static, made him feel something he thought died along with his humanity that dreadful night in Denver. 




Even though his consciousness tackled back and forth through reality and a void, he spoke to Thomas, the simplest motivation being hearing his voice. That higher pitched voice that’d have an occasional crack or waver. The same one that carried him across the Maze, the Scorch, and the city. And now? There was hope that he’d carry him across the Safe Haven too. Thomas could cure him, and… he could actually feel free. Free with his generation. 


Soon after the thought of salvation, two hands gripped both of his shoulders in a bruising hold, pushing him down towards a metal floor. An angry man leaned over him, eyes ablaze with madness.” Sorry to break up the little reunion, but you’re not going anywhere.” That’s when Newt felt a sudden surge of emotion. That very same angry resonated through his bones, making once faded gray veins turn a deadly ink. Letting out a roar, he sent his fist to slam into the other’s left cheek. The man was knocked back, winded by the man’s heightened ferocity. 


“ Do you have any idea what you bastards put us through? We’re humans too!” 


Janson visibly rolled his eyes at that.” Please… your teenagers. If it weren’t for the trials, everything, you’d be in high school right now, wishing yourselves for dead. Maze or no maze, you’re all product of the same sad meaningless existence.” Smirking down at his bad leg.” But you already knew that, didn’t you?” Newt shut his eyes tightly, refusing to remember those dark… dark feelings within the maze.” No. I’m better now.” He defended, making Janson shrug.” Say whatever you need to say to make yourself believe that, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re both aware of things the others aren’t—“ 


“ DON’T EVER COMPARE ME TO YOU!” The blond bursted with a horrified expression.” I’m leaving, Janson. Your last hope for a cure. It’s over. You should know when you’ve lost.” He spoke, relieved to see the veins retreating to a regular gray hue. Janson growled at the echo of familiar words.” I’ll decide when I’ve lost…” He spoke, the flare growing stronger at the illusion of a familiar face. A haunting face, one that made him feel anger, guilt, frustration, and betrayal. 


When the truck came to a stop, Newt’s eyes widened with joy, pressing two palms to the door leading out of the bus.” Guys I’m here!” He chanted with disbelief. Hearing the commotion of the drivers and his friends on the outside, he eagerly pounded his fist on the metal door that separated him from his future. There wasn’t a word in the world to describe Newt’s happiness in that single moment


That was all stolen from him by the echo of a single bullet. 


Slowly turning to find a smirking Janson pointing his gun triumphantly to his torso.” I was going to say that we both know deep down that we can’t escape ourselves… who we are. You? Are a lab rat. Property. Me? I’m someone who knows what they need to do to make sure they survive. Sympathizers are weaker beings. I for one know what must be done for the good of myself and my allies.” 


Newt fell to his knees. 


“ Sorry A5. Really, you’re a fighter, I’ll give you that. But I have my own problems.” Newt was blankly aware of the sudden surge of pain that erupted through his shoulder.” That being a cure. If you’re selfish enough not to give the world that, then at least I should get my end of the bargain. As promised by that woman. ” 


Muffled shouts of alarm at the commotion grew more distant in Newt’s ears. 


And then the doors opened to light. 

“ Gally hurry!” Both he and Minho simultaneously shrieked, making the man place both of his knees onto the tail end of the vehicle as he used his muscle to pry at the metal. A large roar echoed through the brute’s throat as he continued to pull a trapped metallic towards his chest. Suddenly, the lever came undone, sending the redhead to plummet to the dirt below. A large smog escaped the back of the vehicle as a shadow coughed and wheezed. Minho and Jorge readied their weapons as Thomas stood alert in front. The silhouet then took a single step forward to reveal its beauty within the vibrant sunset of the Scorch sky. The pink rays of the sun met with the blond’s swept golden locks, making it sway and glisten gently. Paler skin contrasting against a beautimous pair of onyx eyes. The man smiled proudly despite an apparent pain hiding within the corners of that… beautiful, beautiful face. The same one that made Thomas melt and collapse in shock. Sinking to his knees, Thomas spoke disbelievingly.” Newt.” 


Hey Tommy.”


Suddenly, Newt collapsed into Thomas’s arms. The brunet barely had anytime to react before the beloved blond’s hair was coming in contact with his face. The man instantly shot up, checking for any apparent wounds, but suddenly, felt his fingers wrap around something warm. A warm ooze, and what felt like a piece of plastic. Reeling his hand back to face he, Gally, and Minho, he was horrified to find crimson blood mercilessly being stolen from the man’s left ribs, a hasty, uncertain incision that seemed desperate and all the more heartless.” No. No. No…” Minho instantly sunk to his knees to inspect his fallen friend.” What the hell happened to him?!” The man was all the more panicked when he didn’t get a response, only incoherent murmurs from Thomas, almost insane. He shivered at the madness that lingered in the man’s eyes as he coddled the unconscious blond possessively. Letting out a frustrated growl, he suddenly gripped the tube with a force that showed he was ready to undo it. Thomas’s eyes widened to supernovas as he shoved the man backwards.” What the hell Minho!”


“ He’s dying Thomas!”


“ There has to be a smarter way about this hermano.” Jorge spoke up, all five turning their head at the ominous shadow that chuckled maliciously from the back of the truck.” Hey Thomas…” Thomas’s eyes showed with a deathly stare that, if possible, would have Janson six feet under. Instinctively, he pulled Newt closer to his chest.” You… you— you better tell me what the hell happened to him,”


“ I shot him.” 


Thomas saw red, simply staring into the boy’s paler face for a sign that he’d indeed wake up from his painful slumber.” It was an accident at first… but then, I decided, if I can’t have him alive… I alone, can at least have the cure.” Brenda’s eyes watered with fury.” You're a monster!” The man shrugged.” Nothing I haven’t heard before. But it doesn’t change a thing. The boy’s death will be my promise of a long life.” Slowly, he picked a damaged comm from the floor with a nonchalant grin.” I’ve got Thomas and his friends with me. Fall back, I want them all.” 


“ We aren’t going anywhere with you.” Thomas spoke with a wavering loathing in his voice, pushing Newt closer to his chest, the action earned a sarcastic apologetic smile to grace Janson’s face.” See, that’s where you’re wrong lad. You are coming with me.” Thomas was immediately made aware of the surrounding trucks coming closer and closer in a world of dust and dirt. He stared into the closed eyes of an amazing, amazing Individual. One that deserved his happy ending.


Please, Newt. You’re my best friend. I can’t lose you again. Not now… when I just got you back… please. 


Jorge, Brenda, Gally, and Minho huddled close to the pair, eyes glaring down the glaring white lights that showed harshly through the smog of the desert dust beneath sodden tires. It was clear enough that time was bleeding out from Thomas’ reach. He couldn’t hear anything, only the world focused onto Newt’s pale face. It wasn’t fair, Dammit. Newt made it this far, to have it stolen from him in the very threshold of hope. There wasn’t an apology, a beg, a plea in the world that’d suffice the amount of guilt and longing he had for the boy that deserved so much more than given.


The approaching tires roared thunderously angry-like, making the group exchange last minute dialogue; desperate to search for a solution that wasn’t there. Janson, once in the midst of his doom, flipped the switch in an instant. The bastard is good about turning tables… Staring even deeper into Newt’s eyes, he let out a soft and emotional smile as he started to speak to him in a sense that only Newt would hear. 


Remember how much you used to obsess over sunsets in the Glade? At the Safe Haven, Jesus Christ Newt, the sun literally sits on the water, just… it always made me think of you, you know. How the small blessings in life always made you so happy and appreciative. Flowers, sunsets, stars, rain… You were always positive, and not even in an annoying way. Your sister’s like that. Oh my God… Newt, did you know you have a sister? Her name is Lizzy. We know her by Sonya, but I specifically remember you hating that name over her original. It was incredible. I was doing my chores, and then suddenly, she said “Tommy” and then I remembered. You, Sonya, and how much you two loved each other. I’m so sorry you didn’t remember each other. 


We all remembered you, Newt. 


I hope you know that. 


Come back to me.


Suddenly, a large cable snaked its way down from a larger aircraft above, sending Jorge backwards to glare up at the ship.” Son of a bitch… it’s Vince!” 


The group collectively froze before they heard the impatient man howl from the speakers.


“ Get your asses up here before I leave you!” 


Janson’s was immediate to snap out of his state of bewilderment. Cocking a pistol, he aimed for Thomas’ head, making Brenda screech and barrel into the man.” Get your head out of your asshole and help us Thomas!” She shouted harshly in his ear, snapping the brunet out of his disembodiment. Immediately, he shot off his toes with a sudden gasp. Newt’s body was being tugged by the very same cable that was collecting his blood. Grimacing, he spoke.” You’ll thank me later for this…” He muttered, grasping cold metal, to yank it out of feverish flesh. The blond’s eyes shot open with a roar of pain, instinctively, his eyes turned an inky black. Grasping at Thomas’ shoulders, he growled animalistically before falling back into a slumber. 


That… that face, was like—


“ Please… Please Tommy, please…” 


Gally’s strong grip pulled him into the Jeep as it slowly lifted from the ground. After what seemed like hours of triumphant cries and happy shouts, Thomas was instantly made aware of—


“ Thomas we did it!” Minho laughed tearfully.” We shucking got Newt back.” He spoke, glancing down at the paler boy in the man’s arms. Jorge glared at the wounds, eyes showing subtle concern.” He’ll be okay, Hermano. He’s been through hell and back to get to you, a bit of a cold won’t stop him now.” Thomas could see through the eldest man’s eyes.


Newt was in bad shape.


‘ When is he not? ’ He thought to himself bitterly, brushing a strand of crusty blond hair, making the rest of the group exchange thoughtful glances. They suddenly became aware of the motivations running through Thomas’ head, Newt wasn’t just Thomas’ friend… he was—




And then his eyes betrayed him, Thomas could feel his eyes growing ever so slowly overwhelmed with tears of anger and grief. There was too much, happening too fast, without Newt here to witness it… 


“ Can you give me a sec with him?” 


His fellow companions nodded solemnly, before exiting to the cockpit. There, Thomas lay, Newt limp in his arms as a feverish halo developed over his brow. Soft groans of discomfort were both a symphony of relief, and nails against a chalkboard in Thomas’ ears. It showed evidence that Newt was indeed still with him, but it also came to show that he was in a world of hurt. 


“ Newt.” 




“ I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you where you are right now… we’re in a WCKED airship,” He quickly corrected his words.” OUR WCKED airship. Vince saved us… again, believe it or not.” 


“ You wouldn’t believe how nice of a place the Safe Haven is… it’s always beautiful there. You’d love it, you will, love it.” He didn’t remember when the tears stared to fall from his eyes, the only way made aware was by the tiny droplets that hit Newt’s face.


“ I need you to come back to me… It’s been hell. Absolute hell without you here… Every day I wake up, I always expect to see you there, somehow, I find a way to forget… And it’s killing me. I’ve read your note at least three hundred times… It scared me that that was the only thing I had left in your memory. Minho, the lucky shank, snatched your jacket…” He laughed, not knowing the difference between it and a sob.


“ I relive that night, every time I close my eyes…” He confessed with a choked cry.


“ … I do too.” 


Thomas’ eyes shot awake to see Newt reflecting his tearstained expression.” Every second of every day.” He smiled brightly, snapping the man holding him to instantaneously pounce on his. Newt laughed a triumphant cry, careful not to touch his fatal gash. The two then simply held one another, close, careful, as if the other would disappear if the embrace was ever weakened. 


“ You’re going to the Safe Haven, Newt.” 


The boy huffed disbelievingly,


About, bloody, time.”