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I Used To Hate You, But I Changed My Mind

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Sometimes the days, they feel so long
Over and over and over and over again and again
Give me a kiss like a kick in the teeth
Because this feels like this might last forever
My bloody lip never tasted so sweet
It's tragic, get used to it

Day by day, smothered in peace
I don't wanna be myself
It feels like a lifetime
Oh my love
I've been waiting so long
We don't, we don't have to do this again

Please don't, please don't make me start this again
And now it hurts what we've become
I'm sorry, so sorry for what I've done
See there's no one left
And nothing happened


What if we were living?
I'm starting to think our luck could change
It goes a little bit deeper
And gets a little more dark
I can do anything

Give me just a minute
Even if I've lost the fight
There's just a little more danger
You might kill me with desire
You overwhelm me and I don't know why
If there's something
I can't see it

Show me something
If you're a nothing don't ask for something


I made my peace with sorrow
It's in my pocket, it keeps me safe
It's something that you do to me

Hey you, watching me
If you're a something, don't ask for nothing
'Cause I've lived without you once before
Piece by piece
With all the layers of dust

Then you gave me something
It's just like home
But there was nothing
It's better than nowhere