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From His Lips

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It is generally known that Hanguang-Jun does not consume alcohol. The tolerance of the Second Master Lan is so poor that offering him a drink is considered a provocation. Therefore, whenever there is an invitation to him, it is necessary to have a good cup of tea at the table. 

Not that he pays much attention to such things, but every sect takes care to maintain the best reputation and secretly fights to receive praise from the former His Excellency. Of such an event, there is only one record. However, the hope that it will happen again is alive and wherever he goes he is offered the best of the best. 

For the next cultivators' conference in Gusu, Lan Wangji has been chosen as the protocol officer. The voice is spread so quickly that the juniors are quick to alert Wei Wuxian about the comments around the streets of Caiyi and shared by their fellow cultivators night-hunts. The cause of such a commotion is not Lan Wangji's choice, but his return to protocol life. Few have seen him since he resigned from his position as Chief Cultivator and went off to walk the world with Wei Wuxian. Very few are aware of his return to Gusu. 

“They don't waste any time,” Wei Wuxian refutes as he finishes arranging his belongings in the Jingshi. The return trip has been long and the work for the next conference cannot wait. Unpacking has taken more than a week.

Lan Jingyi talks non-stop when he has a chance to be alone with Wei Wuxian. He knows that he will not discipline him or remind him of the rules. He can vent with complete confidence. After his long report, he retires to complete his tasks and leaves Wei Wuxian lying face-up on the floor, trying to catch his breath. Organizing demands more energy than fighting demons. He has no doubts.

The sound of some well-known steps brings Wei Wuxian back. Lan Wangji returns at the exact moment to save him from having to lift his ass off the floor. 

“Ah... Lan Zhan... my handsome Lan Zhan... can you get me a jar of Emperor's Smile?” 


Lan Wangji disappears for a moment and then comes back with a white jar in his right hand. While Lan Wangji places the jar on the table and prepares to serve the wine, Wei Wuxian gets up and sits cross-legged, rubbing his hands together like a happy child waiting for his favorite dish. 

Before handing the cup to him, Lan Wangji brings his lips closer to Wei Wuxian's. It is a light touch, a greeting after a whole day without seeing him.

“How was your day?” Wei Wuxian asks before a first sip. “I didn't think preparing a conference was so tiring.”

"I was able to make a lot of progress. Tomorrow we're choosing food and beverage, so I need you to go to Caiyi with me.”

“Of course!” Wei Wuxian's smile doesn't wait. Since they returned to Gusu the occupations keep them apart almost all the time. Spending a full day with Lan Wangji is what he wants most. “You look so tired, Lan Zhan. Would you like some wine?”

Lan Wangji nods and waits for Wei Wuxian to settle into his lap. Once settled in Lan Wangji's lap, Wei Wuxian takes a sip of wine and lets it roll down his throat with an almost orgasmic expression. Lan Wangji looks at him in wonder as if it were the first time. The way Wei Wuxian enjoys wine has always awakened in him an almost overwhelming warmth. His head tilted back, the glint on his lips, his squinted eyes invite Lan Wangji to be part of the ritual.

Lan Wangji's right hand holds Wei Wuxian's neck and tenderly draws him in until the distance between their lips is shortened. With his tongue, he runs over Wei Wuxian's lower lip and an "Mn" of approval comes out of his throat. Wei Wuxian smiles, but not for long. Lan Wangji kisses him thirsty, making Wei Wuxian's lips separate, while his tongue invades in search of more liquor. 

It is generally known that Lan Wangji does not consume alcohol. But only Wei Wuxian knows that Lan Wangji enjoys a good wine. 

When the two separate, Wei Wuxian understands that he will most likely not finish the jar. So for his next drink, he skips the glass and drinks directly from the jar, deliberately dropping a couple of drops down his chin. It was not the plan when he saw Lan Wangji so tired, but Wei Wuxian has never respected plans. Some nights they share the wine calmly, between kisses and conversations. Other nights, like this one, the wine is the prologue and for the rest, only the two of them are enough.

Before the drops reach Wei Wuxian Adam's apple, Lan Wangji's mouth is claiming what belongs to him. If there is anything more erotic than Lan Wangji tasting wine from Wei Wuxian's lips, it is Lan Wangji tasting wine on Wei Wuxian's neck, licking the drops and leaving small bites, leaning his body forward, until Wei Wuxian's back meets the wooden floor and two pairs of hands are lost between layers and layers of clothing.

If Wei Wuxian ever said he would never leave a jar of the Emperor's Smile, he could add that to the list of bullshit coming out of his mouth. 


From early morning, Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Lan Sizhui walk the streets of Caiyi following a strategic map designed by Wei Wuxian with the best flavors of Gusu. As sect leader and Chief Cultivator, Lan Xichen wants to hold a memorable conference. Lan Wangji cannot let his brother down.

“This is Gusu's best chef.” Wei Wuxian points to the last restaurant on the list. 

All three enter and are greeted by the chef in question. After tasting the dishes, Lan Sizhui takes notes of his parents' impressions and his own. Being part of this commission was not a random decision. If anyone has a balanced palate between the two opposite poles represented by Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian, it is Lan Sizhui. 

After sending Sizhui back home, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are left alone for the second mission of the day: the beverage. 

“The most fun part.”

“Where do we go first, Wei Ying?”

Wei Wuxian touches his nose with his finger again and again. Lan Wangji can hear his neurons spinning. 

“We'll do it just like with the food,” Wei Wuxian explains after he has finished thinking.

Lan Wangji nods and looks at him for a few seconds. Wei Wuxian thinks something is wrong when he sees how he looks away, but it is enough to notice the pink tone in his ears and neck to understand his behavior.

“Ah, Lan Zhan... you’re desperate to start the best part, right?”

Lan Wangji chooses to ignore him and moves on to the next place. Before taking another step, he feels Wei Wuxian's arm entwine with his and the vibration of his laughter run through his entire body. The best part is yet to come, also the most difficult.

As a connoisseur of the subject, Wei Wuxian made a list of the taverns with the best wines of Gusu. The Emperor's Smile is the best known inside and outside the region, it is also Wei Wuxian's obsession, but it is not the only one. Contrary to popular belief, Gusu has a lot to offer and it is precisely this diversity that Lan Xichen wants to exploit in the next conference. 

For Lan Wangji it is a surprise to realize that Wei Wuxian knows some areas of his hometown much better than he does. The positive thing is that he can learn new things and this morning he is more than receptive.

For the beverage, the journey is shorter. Wei Wuxian only marked three places and when he reached the first one, a middle-aged woman made them go directly to the warehouse. 

“I asked everyone to be as discreet as possible,” Wei Wuxian whispers, “because this is a very important event, we want to surprise the guests.” 


Lan Wangji knows there is no need to be so careful. No one sends spies to find out what they are going to eat or drink at the next conference. That does not stop him from playing along with Wei Wuxian.

“These are our best wines,” the woman says, pointing to some jars on a table. “If you need anything else, I'll be cleaning the tables in front.” 

“Thank you,” Lan Wangji says. 

Wei Wuxian does not wait well for the woman to come out of the warehouse when he is sitting and grabs the first jar. He pours a little and spends a few seconds smelling the wine. 

“Mmm... this one looks promising.”

Lan Wangji sits down next to him, not missing a single detail of Wei Wuxian tasting process. When he finally sees him take a sip, he counts to five in his mind, approaches him, and captures his lips among his. In a quick movement, he moves his tongue around them, then moves away to appreciate the taste. If he wants to be objective, he cannot last any longer, no matter how much he craves it. The taste of wine is always better on Wei Wuxian's lips, but that is a pleasure that conference guests will not have.

“I don't like it.” Lan Wangji expresses.


So they proceed with each of the five jars that were prepared for them. Only two are to Lan Wangji's liking and in the end, only one remains on the list. After setting aside the chosen liquor, they leave for the second tavern, where three more types of wine await them.

When they reach the third place, Wei Wuxian asks one of the young men who work at the tavern for a fan and he blows air with almost exaggerated expression, setting his long hair aside. 

“Do you want to stop?” Lan Wangji asks, a little worried.

Wei Wuxian turns to see him and notices that the blush from his ears has spread to his cheeks.

“No... no. This is the best place. This is where they have a special reserve of The Emperor's Smile and I don't want to miss it. Are you okay? Can you continue?”

A “Yes” comes out of his mouth, even though his face denotes otherwise. 

The place is not strange to Lan Wangji. It is one of Wei Wuxian's favorites for both eating and drinking after a strenuous day. Lan Wangji also likes the food, although he never expresses it. The warehouse is the most complete of the three they saw this morning, the cleanest too. Without tasting the first sample, Lan Wangji is almost certain that most of the drinks served at the conference will come from there.

“I leave you the four samples promised. The last one is a special reserve.”

The owner of the tavern retires, leaving them alone to proceed with the selection. After tasting the first wine, they both realize that they have undoubtedly left the best for last. 

“This will be hard.”


Wei Wuxian pours the second wine and waits for Lan Wangji, who with each passing wine extends the duration of the kisses. Before reaching the last one, they pour a little water and take more time to cleanse the palate. Not only have they come a long way, but the expectations with the special reserve are very high. 

After a couple of minutes, Lan Wangji serves the long-awaited version of The Emperor's Smile. Wei Wuxian brings it to his nose first and lets out a moan that does nothing to help the inner battle that Lan Wangji is waging. He approaches the glass slowly, like a shy boy about to give his first kiss, and Lan Wangji holds his breath. 

“Lan Zhaaan... you're going to love it!”

Lan Wangji has no doubt. And as if attracted by a powerful magnet, he goes to Wei Wuxian and tastes the wine, which resembles the one he usually tastes at the Jingshi, but has something different, something special that when combined with Wei Wuxian's lips has a similar effect to removing the ribbon from his forehead. Without realizing it, his fists are clinging to his clothes and his heart is racing.

Wei Wuxian moves far enough away to speak and Lan Wangji takes advantage of this to hide his head in Wei Wuxian's neck.

“Lan Zhan…”


“Are you drunk? Too much wine?”

Lan Wangji shakes his head and Wei Wuxian barely notices the movement.

“Too much Wei Ying.”

Wei Wuxian laughs and puts his arms around Lan Wangji. There are many things he wants to say, but seeing that the one who normally maintains control is losing it, he doesn't want to tempt fate.

“Let's go home, Lan Zhan.” 

“Get a room,” Lan Wangji says against Wei Wuxian’s skin, “I want to taste that wine better.”


Once the conference is over, Lan Xichen doest not fail to receive praise from the representatives of the various sects. At his side, Lan Wangji also hears congratulations after congratulations on such an unforgettable event, especially the closing dinner. No matter how much they boast about the cultivation and the rules of coexistence between the clans, in the end, the only thing that remains in the memory is a good meal and a good wine. 

Nie Huaisang is the last one to approach them.

“Zewu-Jun, Hanguang-Jun... everything has been perfect. Especially the dinner.” His eyes turn to Wei Wuxian, who is standing next to Lan Wangji, in total silence to the surprise of the guests. “Although I imagine that the wine selection was in charge of Wei Wuxian.”

“You're wrong, Nie Sect Leader.” Wei Wuxian intervenes with a huge smile. “Hanguang-Jun was personally in charge of selecting everything, including the wines.” 

Both Lan Xichen and Nie Huaisang look at Lan Wangji with some disbelief. Lan Wangji simply nods his head slightly, confirming Wei Wuxian's words. Then he lays his eyes on Wei Wuxian in a way that does not go unnoticed by Nie Huaisang. 

“I repeat my congratulations then.” Nie Huaisang bows back and wishes to leave as quickly as possible. With his reading history, his brain is capturing and processing information that he does not want to have. 

With the three of them alone, Lan Xichen refuses to be left in doubt.

“Wangji, how did you manage to select the wines?”

The question does not take Lan Wangji unawares, as it does with Wei Wuxian, who still needs a little more time to get used to Lan Xichen treating him as part of the family. He knows that there are no secrets between the two brothers; however, he is puzzled by how direct they can be.

“There are things that are better left unsaid, brother.”

Lan Wangji takes Wei Wuxian by the hand and they both retreat to the Jingshi. Lan Xichen smiles, understanding the non-response very well. What is most amusing is that most of the guests during dinner regretted that Lan Wangji could not taste such good wine being one of the hosts. Even he, during the toast, came to have a similar thought. 

It is generally known that Hanguang-Jun is cold as jade, strict, and attached to rules. But Lan Xichen knows that his younger brother is a chest of wonders.