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Wei Ying always does everything excessively.

His slight stature is inversely proportional with his loud presence. He can hold the attention of a whole room. He eats a lot, drinks a lot, talks too much, and never does anything half-heartedly.

When he cooks, he adds a ton of chili. He would always make a little extra, claiming he would always mistakenly estimate the ingredients used. As if he doesn’t give it to the homeless mother and child a street over.

When he sings in the shower, he sings in a way the four-tiled walls can’t contain, that it would resonate outside. He would say that “Bathrooms are for shower concerts Lan Zhan!” as if he isn’t covering his distaste for bathrooms from the number of times he got sick as a child.

On our first anniversary, he gave me an incredibly expensive watch, expensive enough to buy a kidney. He said it’s because he loves me, but in our years together I would discover the other part of the truth. That maybe if he keeps me satisfied, I won’t tire of him, and leave him like so many people did.

I reassure him as much as I can.

“When I first met you, you were too much for me to process.” I told him, as the credits roll on the television while we cuddle on the couch we picked together. “You smiled brightly, more cheerful than any other barista in Starbucks than I’ve seen. You were too loud, and I can’t help but stare every time I see you behind the counter.”

“So you were already stalking me back then, huh?” he teased, blush high on his cheeks from the uncharacteristically long spiel from his normally reticent lover.

I pinch his nose in retaliation. “Ok, ok, I get it Lan Zhan! Stop!” he whined. Huffing, he hid his smile on my chest as he cuddled closer.

“Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” Wei Ying whispered, insecurity hidden beneath drowsiness coloring his tone.

I took his left hand, kissing the silver glint on his ring finger. He’s been wearing it for only a day, but it suits him perfectly with an ease of years of wear on his finger.

“You do everything excessively.” I said, lacing our fingers together. “But maybe that’s exactly what I needed.”

I am not deaf in what my colleagues talk about me behind my back. I’ve been steadily climbing the corporate ladder in our family’s company. Gossip is forbidden in the office, but it still persists, no matter how small.

“You know how… unapproachable I am to other people.”

Wei Ying looks up to me, a wrinkle between his brows. “You’re not. They just don’t know you.” He grumbled. “They’re just jealous, my Lan Zhan better than all of them combined.”

I smile fondly. “Where I am cold, you are warm. Where I am withdrawn, you are outgoing. Where I am sometimes selfish, you are too generous.” I kiss him and tug him closer. “I’ve never been sure about anything else in my life than my desire to marry you.”

He hides his face again. “How many times do I have to tell you Lan Zhan! You can’t say things like that! My poor heart!” pouting, he mutters, “How do people not know you are this cheesy?”

Wei Ying does things excessively. He smiles like a supernova, hugs everyone he holds dear in his ever-forgiving, magnanimous heart that always has room for one more. Most of the time forgetting to take care of himself in favor of his family and friends.

“Because they are not you.”

It’s alright. With how Wei Ying loves excessively, I will make sure to love and care for him just as profusely.