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They were made for each other

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At first, one might not understand the relationship between the two. Might think there is some sort of venom behind the snarky remarks and glares they traded daily. How could the Harvard honor student and the aggressive, punk, street racer get along, much less be in a committed relationship? But as time goes on, you will begin to pick up on the little things. How Adam will try to hide a laugh when Ronan makes some out-of-turn comment. How you can see some of the ever-present tension leave Ronan’s shoulders when Adam touches his arm. How those dark circles under Adam’s eyes become less prominent when he stays at the barns during his school breaks.

It is most prominent behind closed doors though. Where they waltz in the kitchen together. Where Adam lets his Henrietta accent show. Where Ronan softens when Opal runs to hug Adam. Where Ronan smiles fondly at Adam’s sleeping figure when he falls asleep during movies. Where hands are interlocked perfectly. Where the laughs are loud and proud.

You can see it when things begin to go sour. When one has another nightmare and they go for a late-night drive, windows down and music blaring, ignoring the speed limits. When they fight and still find themselves going to the other for comfort.

It’s not perfect. It’s not always happy, but it’s family. It’s home.