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Improper Use of the Thinking Chair™️

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“Okay, that’s it for today. See you tomorrow,” the director said, walking off the set with a pleased smile. “You did well.”


Josh smiled, waving at the director’s retreating back and letting his expression turn devilish as he needlessly beckoned me over from where I’d been watching. “Come here, sweetheart.”


I didn’t reply, instead staring at him with love-filled eyes as I kissed him softly, arms wrapping around him tightly as I pulled away. “Joshy…”


“Yes, sweetheart, I’m right here,” he soothed, guiding me over to the Thinking Chair before things could get too heated. “Come sit in your Joshy’s lap.” 


I laughed, standing in front of him with a wink. “You know we do have our own at home, right?”


He grinned, dimples filling his cheeks and making me whimper from desire. “Are you going to be able to hold on till then?”


“I…I have to,” I said. “I don’t want us to get caught, or worse, for you to lose your job.”


He closed his eyes, thinking my words over for a minute before standing up. “You’re right. Let’s go home, my love.”


Our ride home was mostly silent, as both of us were far too worked up to say much. The only sounds were the radio and the soft kisses I was trailing over the back of the hand not on the steering wheel. After a few minutes, I turned his hand so its palm faced up. Josh swallowed, watching me out of the corner of his eye as I started to suck on each of his fingers, using my tongue to help and pressing kisses to the tips. 


Josh moaned softly, swallowing again as he pulled the car into the garage. “Banal na tae.”


My eyes widened; he only spoke in Tagalog when something I was doing had a strong effect. “Banal na tae…”


I looked at him. He had parked the car by now and was resting his head on the headrest, eyes closed and lips slightly parted as another soft moan escaped. 

“I know you were worried about me not making it, but now I’m wondering if you’ll be able to hold on till we get inside,” I said, feeling a sense of pride over the effects I was having on him.


He swallowed yet again, eyes opening as he took a deep breath. “Oh, I’ll make it, sweetheart, but not for much longer.”


"Then let’s go,” I replied, undoing our seatbelts to save time and hurrying out of the car as fast as I could.


We managed to make it into the house with minimal interruptions, kicking off our shoes as we headed towards the Thinking Chair for the second time. 


“Now,” he murmured, his voice deepening from desire. “Where were we?”


“Just about here, I think,” I said, straddling his lap as best I could with the limited room. “Kiss me…”


He smiled, pressing his lips to mine in a soft, tender kiss. I moaned, breaking the kiss and shifting closer to gently start humping his thighs in hopes of some much-needed relief. I’d been beyond desperate since that morning when he’d very first pulled out his notebook and held the matching crayon between his fingers. I whimpered, lost in thoughts of the way his fingers had held and caressed the crayon like the finest gem, and slid my hands under his shirt to run my hands over the curves of his chest. 


He closed his eyes with a gentle smile, content for now to let me do as I wished. I continued to run my hands over his chest, sighing in mild frustration as his shirt got in the way and finally coaxing him to move forward a bit so I could lift it but not take it off. His bare chest, lightly muscled but curvy, felt warm and soft as I pressed kisses down the sides of his neck and across his shoulders.


“God, you’re beautiful,” I murmured, now kissing and nuzzling at the hollows of his collarbones. “How did I get so lucky?” 


Josh laughed, momentarily opening his eyes to watch me. “I could say the same about you, my love.”


“Joshy…” I murmured, happy tears filling my eyes as I kissed his lips. “I love you.”


“I love you, too, sweetheart,” he replied, kissing my tears away with a soft smile. 

“Let’s go to bed,” I said, a sly smile on my face as I thought for a moment. “And don’t forget the crayon.”


He nodded, seeming to guess what was going through my mind as he grabbed said item and followed me to the bedroom. I was laying naked on the bed when he entered, two fingers rubbing at my clit teasingly. I turned my head, watching as he removed his pants (momentarily forgetting to breathe when I recognized his underwear as a borrowed pair of mine) but leaving the blue-striped shirt around his neck alone. 


“Mmm,” I moaned. “Joshy…please…color me blue…”


He giggled, climbing onto the bed and tossing me the crayon to hold while he retrieved the necessary items from the bottom drawer. “With pleasure, my darling. Let your Joshy take care of you.”


My only response was another moan as he carefully slicked two fingers up with lube before sliding them inside, loving the way he was always so gentle and respectful of my needs and limits. I lifted my arms to pull him closer, hands wandering to his ass and squeezing gently as he kissed me. 


“Joshy,” I mumbled. “Please…I won’t last much longer.”


He pulled away, carefully removing his fingers in the process and soothing me with another kiss when I made a sound of protest. I handed him the crayon, licking my lips as I watched him cover it with a condom to keep it from becoming unusable. He pressed the flat end to my clit, stroking it gently and sliding his fingers inside me again.


“C-color me blue,” I moaned, our little code signaling I was ready for more than fingering. “Please…I’m so c-close…”


Kissing his lips, I watched as he prepared himself, hard and warm against my entrance and looking into my eyes to be sure I was okay. I nodded, moaning softly as he filled me up and smiling when he let me adjust to his size. 


“Color me blue,” I murmured, handing him the crayon as an afterthought.


He began to move then, using the crayon to help and moaning as we came together a few minutes later. He pulled out gently, getting up to chuck the condoms in the bin and use the toilet, already knowing I’d follow cause I didn’t like to be away from him. He was just about done brushing his teeth as I took my turn on the toilet, watching him rinse his mouth before kneeling in front of me. 


“Was that okay?” he asked, cupping my cheeks in his hands. 


“It was wonderful,” I murmured, standing up and letting him flush just because. “But you might need a new crayon.”


He laughed. “I can get one tomorrow, sweetheart, don’t worry. I’ll just say I misplaced it.”


I yawned in reply, prompting him to gather me into his arms and tuck me in. “Get some rest, my love. I’ll be here when you wake.”